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What if McDonalds opened a location in Gensoukyou?

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Gross. Smile Burger on the other hand, now that would be nice.

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Unlike some people they know how to control themselves from overeating.

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This, just like how real Japan is in the top 5 thin countriest despite being the country with most McDonald's, KFCs, Domino's, Pizza Huts, Burger Kings etc. after America.

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Reimu would totally pig out and you know it. Poor people don't have good self control or inhibitions.

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SEX, with Marisa

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this but unironically

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dragon engine gameplay is pretty bad but my god

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they still had their neck. clearly not fat enough.

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i would kill you slowly

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No one's ironic here.

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Yuyuko would be their most frequent customer.

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My god kiwami 2 is so fucking ugly

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God I wish there was a fat epidemic in Gensoukyou. Imagine getting squished by Yukari's belly rolls.

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Fatchouli discovered ubereats...

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Sanae would get the gang to come so she relive her high school days.

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good things

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This is what happens when you fly everywhere instead of walking.

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I would ask to get hired and help the fattening of Gensokyo!
I would work for free in this case!

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you have a spot reserved in hell for your crimes against humanity

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that's the spirit, anon, 2hu fattening is a very noble goal

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Fatfetishists are the worst

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how likely is it for Flan to be a fat-hu? she's locked in the basement and can't get out much, plus probably has no concept of restraint. seems pretty likely to me

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No they are the best, a fatter 2hu is a 2hu with more to love.

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there's never always a good point that immediately gets crossed and treads on inflation territory

now i just avoid it entirely

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this one is hot but prolly smells terrible

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it's certainly possible, but seems far to active for it to be anything significant, if you ask me Remi is the fatty of the two

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Are you surprised that a game looks ugly when the graphic settings are turned down to minimum?

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have you ever experienced fear?

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Pleasantly Obesehus
Architect's Masterpiecehus

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It's a price worth paying to make the tohous well fed

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Its a crime against humanity to not plump up all the 2hus.

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if plumping touhous is illegal then I'm as law abiding as it gets

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this is the look of a happy raymoo

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if not plumping up touhous is a crime then I'm as law abiding as it gets

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I admit I just like them to be chubby. I can only see a few of them, a minority, being actually obese.

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perfectly reasonable, all levels of fathu are welcome, I just tend to lean towards the more extreme examples

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You think we are fucking joking here on the /jp/?

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I want to play with the fat of the fathus and run as they waddle towards me

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careful, some fathus are still very fast!

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aya has been grounded

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smelly patchy

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imagine the smell after she tried jogging

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aya can't spread fake news if she's too fat to even fly anymore

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aya will become gensyoko most famous mukbanger

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i want to fall into fatty gensyoko and slap fathus asses to see 'em bounce jiggle

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Oh please, Reimu lives off of berries and twigs. There's no way she'd turn down a double cheeseburger if you offered her one, and she definitely wouldn't mind you coming back the next day with more. Once she gets used to enjoying your meals, you could bring her an entire picnic basket full of treats and she'd devour it all in one sitting like a potbellied pig.

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Sanae is your feede sex friend

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Sanae does seem like that type of girl doesn't she? One of those curvy little sluts who are blessed with great genes to have a killer body but then with the corruption of being a hedonistic little piggy, lapses into a completely sedentary life style of gladly porking up and fattening herself out of laziness.