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In other news, papa's considering making Duolingo streams to learn English.

>> No.33538272

That'd be pretty dope, I love watching foreigners improve their english, so long as they enjoy it.

>> No.33538450

Surfer miyabi is so manly

>> No.33538610

Not bad, I suppose this is a better choice than playing a full game in english.

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>NY's Miyabi
I love my bride!

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The lineup for today.

>> No.33538939

So many external collab today...
RobeRikka with Onoyuu, Aru Among Us, Shien with Kuku & Kanon, and Oga with Deep Blizzard

>> No.33538945

I know duolingo isnt great but I wish I knew of another accessible english learning service thats also easy to make a stream around. Looking forward to whatever the next morning show ends up being.

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So many streams... we still don't know if Astel gonna have a guerilla...

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I'm going to personally teach him english if you're picking up what I'm putting down.

>> No.33539200

Can Lingodeer do JP to EN? Cause it's far better than Duolingo.

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God Tenma is so fucking pure

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Seems like it's gonna happen sooner than later

>> No.33539690

God fucking dammit seaweed.

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I forgot about lingodeer, that would be a good one, it seems to do so maybe someone will suggest it to him.
Here I was thinking it was too soon to expect it but of course I shouldnt try to predict seaweed.

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Morning Roberu

>> No.33540194

Always singing at noon, and always past midnight in my time zone... please seaweed I need some sleep.

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Temma’s laugh when “hiyamaru”’s on discord...hnngh

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>even son was unsure about izuru's birthday
Poor shogun...

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https://streamable.com/76bvbp All Temma laugh types are wonderful.
Really looking forward to suntempo show.

>> No.33540468

Theres a lot more yes to the marriage question in the chat than I expected.

>> No.33540546

I’m going to commit a crime

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Where did he go????

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File: 683 KB, 1280x720, Morning Roberu minigame.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Up there! In the corner! I see a cutie!

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That was a cute bit, I feel like I'm 5 for enjoying that as much as I did, surprisingly good distraction from the superchats too.
Good job anon! Your prize is this cute random Roberu fanart.

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Cool! a-although that came-chan in the back feels vaguely threatening

>> No.33541410

Seems like no singing for today https://twitter.com/astelleda/status/1367664351763517441

>> No.33542165

Poor seaweed, though I have to admit when I first read that I was expecting a prank.

>> No.33543237

It is a shame they are overlapping each other, especially since external collabs are a rare occurence

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Imagine if one of the 4th gen member is a horse kemo, who would be in 7th heaven, Astel or Roberu?

>> No.33544131

depends.. will he be a shota?

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Miyabi unarchived utawaku

>> No.33545589

Live pafu nya nyas very cute, it's surprising to get another Miyabi singing stream so soon after the last, not that I'm complaining.

>> No.33546248

RAG, your coach is live, join him every once in a while

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Star Sweeper cover premiere

>> No.33546475

bossu's killing it

>> No.33546487

Very cool rap, especially from Bossu. Nice visuals too.
Otherwise, migabi is on a roll with those covers

>> No.33546492

That was nice.

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Should Izuru, Aru and Oga do a HypMic cover?

>> No.33546642

The music is a little loud as usual, but it was a good cover. Bossu really needs more covers, his singing voice is fucking amazing.

>> No.33546690

I am still disappointed that his last cover felt barebones, especially on the visuals side, but yeah, he is above average among the Stars, just outshined in the podium with Rikka-Izuru-Astel

>> No.33546752

Roberu-Rikka DBD collab
Onoyuu POV: https://youtu.be/sEmmWLJqyH8
Tenkai Tsukasa : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x84fTtqI74I

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Don't forget the DbD Collab with OnoYuu, Roberu and Rikka.

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Look at the post above you, anonchama.

>> No.33546921

For what it's worth, I did press the Update button before I posted, and saw no links posted yet.

>> No.33546968

> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpaQQW_9AnM
Meanwhile, nobody posted Papa when he is just about to start. Business as usual...

>> No.33546996

I was about to post him along with Oga, but here you go.

>> No.33547085

It is still a fucking shame that they all start at the same time...

>> No.33547190

JP viewers want to watch streams at 21:00 JST after all.

>> No.33547250

Yeah, but they will be competing with all the other streamers, including Hololive. I am not totally sure if airing in primetime would attract them more people than if they chose another less overcrowded timeslot. Just my two cents

>> No.33547327

Its all collab tho, they have to match schedule so its probable that they only free today at this time especially for busy ones like onoyuu.

>> No.33548028

Shien Phasmophobia collab
Kanon POV: https://youtube.com/watch?v=OJATcQ7gMrg
Kuku POV: https://youtube.com/watch?v=CNbSTUoo_pY

>> No.33548067

Based on the Kuku Roberu Phasmo collab, this is going to be another comedy stream isn't it?

>> No.33548724

Miyabi vocaloid sound and video archive file

This one was really nice, outside of the music seeming a bit loud I really enjoyed everyone in their parts especially that Miyabi solo part, oddly calming.

>> No.33548846


>> No.33548997

Izuru with his guitar

>> No.33549404

How long more until he removes chat from his stream?

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Looks like shogun is trying something.

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File: 482 KB, 677x376, shogun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chat Removal RTA

>> No.33549484

I fucking knew it. He hates heart spams and the tards started heart spamming

>> No.33549613

At this point he should know his teen fans refuse to be policed and can't be reasoned with, it's been months of this shit.

>> No.33549673

Take it easy and just enjoy the songs. The first one was amazing!

>> No.33549776

Old man APEX 3150

>> No.33549831

> Izuru, Oga and Aruran
Interesting combo, they havent collabed as a group yet but Oga rapping could be good. Anyway, more hypmic cover is always welcome, or just group cover in general.

>> No.33549876

Apex sai- wait that's not Astel. Old man caught the Apex bug, I see.

>> No.33549915

Why does he look so sad...

>> No.33549944

I wish shogun didn't hate me so much...

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Why do you feel like it’s directed to you anon? Are you a filthy eop spammer hmm?

>> No.33549994

I do that. I just think it's time he gets a set of rules and enforces moderation because those pinned comments sure aren't working.

>> No.33550018

From the last Aruran utawaku, I am highly confident that he would do really well rapping segments. The real challenge would be to harmonize them though

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Genius Asmr with the knight.

>> No.33551081

Knight is getting dangerously good at this...

>> No.33551113

I wish I had a cute shotalike knight to make tops for me.

>> No.33551121

>that "ah"
Knight... Have mercy...

>> No.33551224

Miyabi please contain yourself.

>> No.33551321

How can anyone do so against this dangerous Knight

>> No.33551327

I love this silly knight, holy shit.

>> No.33551372

Why does it sound like i’m in a creaking haunted house...

>> No.33551526

Astel pat pat
>It feels like the world is tilted all the way. This may be emo

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>> No.33551552

That's not possible when you have the knight being unintentionally lewd.

>> No.33551575

Those people who spam is either newfags who didn't know his rule or those who didn't have enough self-awareness to know that they're spamming. Izuru cracking down on the chat wouldn't even matter because there always will be newcomers who don't know his personal rule and proceed to shit up the chat, It'll just be an infinite timeloop of him cracking down and more newfags spamming. The only thing Izuru can do without being too aggressive is to pin "please don't spam" and the only thing the chat should do is to ignore those people entirely.

>> No.33551578

The licking sounds, then you have this over dramatic knight, truly a genius

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All the exhaustion from the crazy shit he did the past few months finally caught up to him.

>> No.33551739

Resident Apex addicts Aruran and Astel are joining Rikka

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File: 1.81 MB, 1920x1080, あ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The knight does so much for us, Im crying from laughing

>> No.33551859

Please explain this image anon

>> No.33551913

The knight is gracing us with paper spinner asmr, he wanted to spin both at once so he has one side of the string attached to his desk and was holding the other side in his mouth as he used his hands for the other one.

>> No.33552060

That oyasumi was too cute...

>> No.33552091

It was really good, he has perfect voices for things like that, what a dangerous knight. It was unexpected to after the everything of this stream, the talking and superchat/member thanking was also quite nice.
I love the Temma asmr rollercoaster experience

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>> No.33552437

Is there even a better ship than Astel and smurfing?

>> No.33552459

APEX 3150

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His new smurf isn't gonna get itself to Plat -so he can stream snipe Controllerstars- by itself.

>> No.33552580

No stopping till plat

>> No.33552932

Why is Astel trying to rank up on this account? To play with Rikka?

>> No.33552985


>> No.33553242

Izuru and Shien are going to fight over waifus...

>> No.33553253

Fucking grass at Astel getting 11 kills and then proceeding to fall off a cliff.

>> No.33553362

Not only that, but the full-on panic escalation. I think he would've easily survived if he just took his hands off the keyboard and waited until Horizon's skill was off-cooldown.

>> No.33553577

Mad Trigger Crew would be neat

>> No.33554080

That fucking beast...

>> No.33555059


>> No.33555149

Thank you for your service

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File: 126 KB, 371x314, EAC68E23-837E-4DC9-91E6-4C3A137BC9F0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tenchan laugh

>> No.33555630

I see knight school drawing classes are paying off

>> No.33556593

They always have the cutest interactions.... and if I remember correctly Izuru also likes Nino (+ Miku & Ichika), they really had to fight over her lol

>> No.33556609

Seaweed unarchive stream:

>> No.33556647

oh what the fuck

>> No.33556708

I guess Apex made him power through the low pressure sickness

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File: 51 KB, 374x407, 9862510B-004C-484B-97E3-6F72AD93486E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seaweeds soft voice...

>> No.33556761

This is a very nice non-toliet Freesia.

>> No.33556785

oshiete yo....

>> No.33556852

Has Astel ever sung Baka Mitai? Just wondering.

>> No.33556869

He's going full anime today.

>> No.33556918

I dont think so, at least not that I can remember.

>> No.33556924

I dont recall him ever singing it even during the 24 hour one

>> No.33557025

He tends to recycle his set-list and I don't recall a time he ever brought it up

>> No.33557136

I was doing my nihongo reps and didn't see stream alert, what did I miss?

>> No.33557157

Kasabuta (gash bell)
Donten (Gintama)

>> No.33557166

Also black rock shooter

>> No.33557222

Huh its not Ollie this time around

>> No.33557253

Has Anya dropped in and commented in Astel's utawakus before?

>> No.33557257

Thank you dagger for the good request.

>> No.33557258

Astel asking for requests is always cute

Thanks anon

>> No.33557286

I dont think so. Ive only ever seen Ollie pop up due to her being a disneyfag

>> No.33557288

Yeah, she's been in his chat before

>> No.33557320


>> No.33557323


>> No.33557333

AAAAAA too fast my ears

>> No.33557340

It's going faster ... ?

>> No.33557343


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>> No.33557346


>> No.33557350

So this is what powers the Leda Engine

>> No.33557354

FOUR TIMES THE SPEED??? LET'S GO FOR- oh shit six times... EIGHT TIMES???

>> No.33557358

Astel is now Octane.

>> No.33557372

The best part is that he actually kept up with the lyrics.

He played Octane so much he learned how to use his skill irl.

>> No.33557375

that dolche gabanna song!!!

>> No.33557377

This crazy alien

>> No.33557381

It explains why he can play for so long he just regens HP passively

>> No.33557382

I got it.
He's just avoiding copyright.

>> No.33557395

Seaweed has become Speedweed

>> No.33557400

Good watch. He can archive the songs now. Just singing at twice the speed does the trick

>> No.33557446

I cant keep up anymore....

>> No.33557450

he did the talk fast thing!!!

>> No.33557452

>disappearance of haruhi
Cover your ears Shien.

>> No.33557545


>> No.33557603


>> No.33557606


>> No.33557613

The strongest weapon in Apex

>> No.33557615

I mean

>> No.33557617

Look forward to hage astel costume in the future.

>> No.33557626

Those screams, he is fucking nailing them

>> No.33557672

I haven't listened to hitman reborn shit in such a long time.

>> No.33557683

Holy shit, thought I would never hear that song again

>> No.33557782
File: 27 KB, 281x328, 9486934.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This set-list is making me feel fucking old.

>> No.33557830

Yeah theres a lot of nostalgic stuff in here this time.

>> No.33558029

>Alive a life
This utawaku is fucking awesome.

>> No.33558033


>> No.33558079


>> No.33558121

This wasnt what I was expecting after all those high energy songs, but not complaining.

>> No.33558188

The fucking oil barons are coming out.

>> No.33558198

That's some fast rainbow

>> No.33558202

Chat bullying the streamer with superchats, sasuga.

>> No.33558206

Without Roberu the focused SC bullying changes their target to Astel

>> No.33558216

SC just went brrrrrrr

>> No.33558233
File: 272 KB, 844x921, EvP4HMmVkAEDqnP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seaweed suffering from success

>> No.33558246
File: 111 KB, 214x478, 412312414.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sasuga seaweed

>> No.33558314


>> No.33558326


>> No.33558327


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File: 143 KB, 283x355, 84693.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33558360


>> No.33558407

Really cute Seaweed

>> No.33558417

Which song did he sing?

>> No.33558428

I'm too old for this song.

>> No.33558440

Dude is dancing for real isn't he

>> No.33558448

Cant wait for him to hit the mic again.

>> No.33558457


>> No.33558479


>> No.33558498


>> No.33558518

Idk if you keep comparing them on purpose or just new to Astel in general

>> No.33558570


>> No.33558573


>> No.33558585

They don't know little mermaid. Who are these kids?

>> No.33558761


>> No.33558762


>> No.33558773


>> No.33558791


>> No.33558819

His eigo pronunciation is on point

>> No.33558875

I always sound like a fag when it comes to Astel but I need to see this seaweed perform in 3D before I die.

>> No.33558881
File: 157 KB, 512x512, 1598688142777.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Fell asleep during the APEX grind
>Fucking missed 3 hours of no-archive utawaku

>> No.33558883

same.... my oshi is a girl but I feel funny when I tune in to astel's streams

>> No.33558890

Anon you missed out on Utawaku RTA...

>> No.33558910

>wants to be last to get a 3D
This perfectionist seaweed...

>> No.33558912

He is.....GAR

>> No.33558914

I'm kind of a fag though and Holostars is to blame.

>> No.33558918
File: 167 KB, 344x373, 1601470189459.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know, I back read thread. Archivebros tasukete.

>> No.33558925

I can't look at rikka in the eyes

>> No.33558933

Im still convinced he wants to bring in all the guys for his 3D with his electone

>> No.33558949

and make it unarchived

>> No.33558950

I do wonder what's the ratio of male vs female for his streams

>> No.33558965

I'm legit curious if he could pull off a musical if he were to get his 3D.

>> No.33558973

and make it unarchived?

>> No.33558996

Shinove would kill him if he made his 3D unarchived

>> No.33559002

>Unarchived 3D debut with a musical performance
If I'm being completely honest here, that sounds like a very Astel Leda thing to do. God save Shinove from all the headaches though.

>> No.33559007

>Astel's 3D debut ends up unarchived thanks to a Disney medley

>> No.33559011

I'm betting on a half archived half unarchived 3D debut.

>> No.33559051

>Be me
>Alien that fell into the earth
>Wtf is this idol shit
>wtf I love it
>fast forward three years
>today is my 3d debut
>everything goes as planned, everyone is here with their 3d, half the staff is crying from the stress of being in the same room as izuru but he hasn't punched anyone yet
>40 mins in, no one expects nothing. We sing painter.
>everything has been going too well
>fuck it
>shinove rushes and tackles me

>> No.33559061

This liar knows he is going to sing 3-5 more songs.

>> No.33559065

he has the third highest female audience within the stars right after shien and izuru according to his 50k stream iirc and izuru had 55% female audience in january

>> No.33559068

The legendary Shinove 3D Debut

>> No.33559069

>the violent one
>highest female audience
oh yeah?

>> No.33559077
File: 19 KB, 167x230, 39D2E3B5-00EB-4CE3-873D-2690CB4DF786.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33559083

I can't listen to Shien's voice anymore anon it's too dangerous for me now.

>> No.33559088

2nd highest but yes have you seen his live chat?

>> No.33559093

I feel like posting THOSE clips would be too predictable now

>> No.33559095

as of recent? No he always removes it wwwww

>> No.33559103

Shinove and the staff would take turns to strangle him.

>> No.33559111

>Last song
>electone outro
>Starts another song
Never change, space seaweed.

>> No.33559115

Didn't Coco buy her own 3D set-up? How much does that cost? Seaweed could do unarchived musicals all he wants instead of having to schedule the studio.

>> No.33559116

does the archive really matter as long as he can rake in money?

>> No.33559120

Where do I sign up

>> No.33559126

I fucking wish

>> No.33559129

>having that kind of money

>> No.33559131

Anon you're being mean ;_;

>> No.33559138

in japan the issue is not the domestic tracking for 3d stuff but the room needed to do it. The cost per square meter is just too high to have an empty room to set everything up

>> No.33559145

As long as Shinove has a 3D model for the tackle then all is good with the world.

>> No.33559147

This is how Holostars get 1 Million subs overnight

>> No.33559151

i kneel....

>> No.33559155

how can I confirm whether or not he was playing with stuff and electrocuted himself

>> No.33559170

Coco also bought a $9000 bed because she can afford it. Our Seaweed wishes he has that kind of spare change so he can spend it on more Digimon cards.

>> No.33559194


>> No.33559195
File: 217 KB, 960x1706, EoGyF0OVQAEsUVl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33559202

Astel's 3D debut will be interesting if he does as many fakeouts as he does for his regular utawakus

>> No.33559208
File: 113 KB, 285x401, bloatlord.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33559214

Made me chuckle

>> No.33559219

kinnikuman nisei op 1

>> No.33559220

He knows we fucking love this song.

>> No.33559239

Real ending
24 hour digimon card opening twitcast would be incredible.

>> No.33559248
File: 2 KB, 326x46, brave_2021-03-05_19-13-03.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

McDonald saikou~~~

>> No.33559250

You really think Astel would spend all that money on digimon cards if he had Coco-tier cash flow, enough for a 24 hour stream?
I believe it

>> No.33559264

It would be his master plan to buy and make decks for everyone so they have no reason not to play with him.

>> No.33559295
File: 215 KB, 610x562, Screenshot from 2021-02-09 17-21-10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did this dumbass seaweed archive the wrong stream? The APEX one is gone while the utawaku is still up.

>> No.33559306

works on my machine

>> No.33559307

not like this.... oh sht and he will probably pass out!!!

>> No.33559316

I would like to confirm it myself if you catch my drift.

>> No.33559323

Yes? Especially if it's his 3D debut, otherwise any new audience that he gets later will never see it. Also, 3D are guaranteed Youtube algorithm boosters with the amount of viewership it gets.

>> No.33559335

I wonder if Shinove does such a good job because the boys manage themselves quite well, or they help out where they can.

Or if he's a literal Atlus of a man and the boys are just as chaotic on stream as they are off.

>> No.33559381

I assume they all love and respect Shinove and wouldn't want to burden him by being little shits on purpose when it's uncalled for. No one of them has an actually bad personality or else they wouldn't be here.

>> No.33559423

He probably had a stash of alcohol to deal with the headache from dealing their antics.
Apart from the graduates, which is no fault of his, Shinove had done a good job of managing the boys.

>> No.33559461
File: 164 KB, 1034x1364, EvZimkyXAAIChHX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Astel sound and video archive file

>> No.33559462
File: 2.32 MB, 2480x3000, ErjGcgIUUAEIuuq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33559470

Now, why is anon saying that Izuru is violent? lol

>> No.33559472

Thanks archivebro. I'll be using yours once the utawaku archive actually goes down.

>> No.33559490

I would say both. The boys are a lot more mentally sound and other than Astel, their sleep schedule is not so fucked. Besides the graduations, the homos are drama free. The girls are menhera mania, and I don't think Shinove would have survived this long with them.

>> No.33559574

To give credit where credit is due, some of the menhera mania over on the girl's side is probably less than it really is, but no doubt if Shinove was a hololive manager, he'd be one of many no doubt.

>> No.33559749

Just curious, do you watch stream from all of holostars? If not, which boy do you watch the most?

>> No.33559773

I mostly put on Rikka/Izuru/Astel whenever they sing as BGM, and then prioritize Shien > Astel > Roberu > The rest. I do watch the girls as well though, so my time is wholly consumed. I haven't had a proper sleep in months.

>> No.33559783
File: 237 KB, 1500x1500, EoJrANbUcAgShy1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, as long as it looks interesting, though I watch SunTempo the most, probably attributing to the fact that Roberu/Astel put in lots of hours. The beautiful thing about the boys is that their streaming schedules seldomly overlap, so they don't cannibalize views that much.

>> No.33559885

I've watched almost every single stream from Shien, Astel, Izuru and Miyabi (in that order) for the past couple of months and my sleep is completely fucked. I do try to watch a stream from the rest of the members every now and then, though. [Spoiler]I cannot miss the knight's ASMR.[/spoiler]

>> No.33559898

And I'm a retard and messed up the spoiler tag.

>> No.33559900

I watch all of the stars (and have membership for everyone who has it) but I've been missing a few so I could catch up on sleep. I always make sure to be there for all of Roberu's streams though, that guy cheers me up and I just really like watching him. I appreciate the chill distance he establishes since I know how dangerous parasocial relationships can get.

I think I can safely say he's my oshi but Aruran, Shien, Oga, Temma, and Astel (SUNTEMPO SAIKOU) come close but by a relatively big margin. I usually end up focusing on Roberu and his streams in the end when simultaneous ones happen though.

>> No.33559906

I tend to put their streams in my background as I do things, but I tend to watch Roberu, though I didn't watch his Uma Musume and Winning Post streams, so I can't say I "watch everything" per say.
I enjoy having Oga and Roberu's zatsudans playing louder than just "background noise", though.

>> No.33559957

I watch Temma the most, after that I think it would look something like Miyabi,Aru,Roberu,Oga. Ive really enjoyed Rikkas hollowknight playthrough so I ended up watching him a lot more lately.
Even for Temma I dont have a drive to consume it all but I do also follow his roomate and it's a lot of content so I often still have content from him to watch or put in the background.
Izuru and Shien are my least watched.

>> No.33559986

Oga and Shien if they are streaming, then Astel and Aruran

>> No.33559987

I don't have nearly enough free time for that. for most of the week I have ~4 hours a day that aren't either work or sleep (with the former occupying a much bigger chunk of time than the later). I decide what stream to watch (if there are any live) or archive to watch first based on who its from and then by content.

>> No.33560021

Not really, I mainly watch Roberu and Arusan, but I always leave an utawaku on as BGM whenever someone is doing it. I watch the girls as well, usually Kanata and Miko.

>> No.33560050

forgot the second part to that. Rikka, Astel and Roberu are priority for what I decide to watch

>> No.33560087

I don't really watch all the streams, I make it a rule to myself to only watch streams that are about something that interest me (this goes for stream ouside holopro too btw), though I do try to visit their streams at least for a few minutes to show some support, unless it's something that really doesn't interest me (like undertale and winning post for example).

The ones I watch the most are easily Aruran, Roberu and Astel, thery are hilarious and depending on the stream they make for great background noise, which is what I use streams in general for, special mention to Oga and Rikka too, Oga's streams can be pretty comfy to watch for a little while and Rikka's karaokes are among my favorites and his playthrough of Hollow Knight was easily my favorite from holopro.

>> No.33560250
File: 2.10 MB, 2269x3000, Et8jVH-UUAMDHDP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I watch all of them, but roughly Astel > Izuru > Roberu > Shien = Miyabi = Temma > Aruran > Oga > Rikka from highest to lowest priority.
I do try to take a peak at everyone's stream when I can though.

>> No.33560348

Izuru is my main but I frequently watch other Stars stream, depends on the content. Recently I watched Astel a lot too

>> No.33560765

Yurustars APEX at 3 PM

>> No.33561381
File: 1.04 MB, 1279x724, 1597608749487.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What a great first game, they're communicating well. Miyabi is doing great as always, I knew he was the dark horse.

>> No.33561392

It helped that the roof wraiths foot clipped through the ceiling eliminating any 3rd party issues

>> No.33561396

Well it was a solo wraith anyway, it was unlikely she'd be able to do much.

>> No.33561499

If someone can dig up the average stats from Controllerstar's scrims during the first VTuber APEX tournament, you can see that Miyabi was doing as well as the other players above his rank.

>> No.33561553
File: 899 KB, 917x980, 1609349872206.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Another champion under the belt.

>> No.33561581

Miyabi can definitely get to diamond solo if he put in the time. He's not a bad player at all.

>> No.33561612

Sadly(?), his love and time is for FFXIV not APEX.

>> No.33561892

Boss Splatoon

>> No.33563252

Bless you for the reminder, I was just about to go to bed before I saw it. I was able to make it in and had a fun time

>> No.33564710

when there is a collab I am always there. Each boy by himself is not as attractive to me but they really shine when they interact with one another.

>> No.33566402

Dead day compared to yesterday around the same time

>> No.33566432

Hopefully it's because they have something planned and are preparing for it... right?

>> No.33566559

Friday night vs Saturday night, makes sense to me

>> No.33566581

Weekends usually feel pretty empty

>> No.33566725

Post covers you’ve listened to most so far

>> No.33566837

The guys don't stream as much on the weekends compared to the girls. Most of them have better social lives to keep them busy during the weekends.

>> No.33566842


>> No.33566900

For the girls, probably Matsuri's Kaze Fukeba Koi from the Imagination vol. 3 album and Okayu's Wakusei Loop

>> No.33566931

only the best

>> No.33566954

I miss his Kaze no Sakana streams

>> No.33567010

son... utawaku stream onegai, it's been months

>> No.33567015

Izuru's Imperial Girl and his Melt clip has always been repeated daily for me, I even converted them to mp3

>> No.33567024

Painter, Blessing, and Osaka Dreamin' Night for the boys. Miosha's Sparkle for the girls, and there was also a time I was hooked on Peko's Discommunication Alien. And I wouldn't say I've listened to it a lot, since I don't really like the song itself that much, but Risu's KING was fire.

>> No.33567033

Same as >>33566900 but also add

>> No.33567038

Matsurikka: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j84IEsVYGyE
Holostars Only: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VI1ZWkQadTc
There are also gems in the 50-150K views older covers, but for the most listened ones, that's the ones above

>> No.33567068
File: 101 KB, 236x233, 1609293646354.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He even said he was gonna do a NOT SONZAI utawaku a couple of Morning Streams ago. And another Uma Musume watchalong. Where did my son who couldn't stop streaming if it saved his life go...

>> No.33567073

Oh man I had Risu’s king on a loop. Gave the others a listen as well but I felt like Risu’s had the most power and melody(?)

>> No.33567095

I prefer Kanatan's but I might be biased. Risu is up there with Kuku's version though

>> No.33567097

Undertale saikou...

>> No.33567123

I used to think so, but Towa's version is surprisingly good. Give it a try if you want

>> No.33567151

I spent x amount of hours listening to Izuru's on repeat and I fucking love saga jihen.

>> No.33567152

Same, I think only Kuku's rivaled Risu's version. The way they sang it and the changes in the depth of their voices gave it energy that no others could emulate. I think Shien's was cool too, but that's just it, there was only cool and not enough power.

>> No.33567160

eh it's alright, streams are still high quality and he's not slacking on collabs membership is still lacking though

>> No.33567212
File: 504 KB, 2772x2216, EvTh9wmVIAQKHU8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For the girls, I like Friend's cover of Bitter Choco Decoration

>> No.33567249

I agree with your points, but I've long since gotten used to him doing 3-4 normal streams per day, dropping to just the usual asakatsu just makes me feel starved for more.

>> No.33567299

And that's a good thing, you should member your oshi mainly to support him, not to expect any bonus stream in exchange. The execution is usually bad, what Sora did was in my opinion the best compromise.

>> No.33567451

to each their own
as long as he does the asakatsu, it's fine by me
I'm sure those that love horse racing appreciate the past weeks

>> No.33567459

I did! I love Towa’s voice in general, even live she sounds good and powerful

>> No.33567477

the community tab is so fucking empty...

>> No.33567625

I watch Arupapa the most, the rest depends on what they are doing. I only watch if the content interests me.

>> No.33567643

I always watch Astel's Apex when I'm awake and Roberu's asakatsu when I'm awake.

>> No.33568036

Aruran uma musume

>> No.33568866

Astel always, Papa most of the time. Izuru and Shien pretty much never. The rest when I'm free.

>> No.33568945

Izuru twitcasting now

>> No.33568953

Is he deepfrying something this late at night?

>> No.33568991

He is really making karaage huh

>> No.33569081

Fuck this kusogaki, now I'm hungry too.

>> No.33569086

I guess Twitcasting is a good place for him to talk to JP fans alone.

>> No.33569175
File: 8 KB, 287x77, 1604674170354.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oi oi oi, Astel what the fuck are you trying to do, stop trying to APEX SAIKOU everyone.

>> No.33569188

This shogun really likes being called cute, huh. He also likes pink color. I hope someone recorded this twitcast so I can hear him more because I'm not too focused rn

>> No.33569190

Which stars do you think will get along well with Anya the most?

>> No.33569197

Didn't he say he likes being called cute sometimes, but not always? Like there's appropriate situations for being called cute or something like that.

>> No.33569233

Yeah true, I just find it rare to see a guy who likes being called cute. I also remember someone on twt shared their experience in shabefes with Izuru and he said the compliment he likes the most is being called cute. he really is cute tho not complaining

>> No.33569261

Ngl I want to see Anya on Roberu's stream. Her Japanese is fucking good and I bet she also could understand Japanese jokes. They're gonna be funny together I guess

>> No.33569296

I am recording but missed a few minutes. I'd have cried if this talk about the cuteness he likes would have been lost forever.

He doesn't like being called cute when the cuteness results from messing up something for example when he messes up while playing guitar or piano.
I am so glad he is thinking about it so thoroughly because that just shows that he genuinely enjoys being cute.

>> No.33569309

I heard the phone camera noise go off, there better be a karaage image up on his twitter soon.

>> No.33569326

He said recently he had no guests planned for the moment in his bar, because they need to find available times for both streamers IIRC

>> No.33569334
File: 3.52 MB, 1920x1080, 1613373122111.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This just went up, his eating noises are great.

>> No.33569369

Wouldn't that make him easier to invite ID girls because different timezone?

>> No.33569415

Thank you so much anon
>I'd have cried if this talk about the cuteness he likes would have been lost forever.

He also really wants to be a girl right? I wonder what made him think like that. Maybe he wants to wear cute clothes as a girl because its more "acceptable" and easier? Since he really likes cute clothes

>> No.33569783

I also have a recording going, should be from the start, didn't even notice at first that someone was twitcasting. Meal looks really great.

>> No.33569992

Roberu, but that maybe attributing more to Roberu than Anya.
I don't know Anya well at all, but probably Oga and Aruran, especially since she already has experience talking with them. Although, no clue on Shien.

>> No.33570034

>no clue on Shien
Anya is very sassy, it'll be funny to see her react to bossu stupid hijinks

>> No.33570185

Tfw he could take lessons from Kira...

>> No.33570543

Izuru's taste in woman is pretty based.

>> No.33570699
File: 542 KB, 3952x3104, EbcWHyEXgAAx0Fw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>missed izuru being cute and cooking

>> No.33571054

Izuru twitcast

>> No.33571123

Next Ritunes labo

>> No.33571286
File: 155 KB, 1751x1566, EpRxiGvU0AALn6A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thank you anon

>> No.33571444

Thank you!

>> No.33571828

how can izuru be cute and violent at the same time

>> No.33572573

Reverse gap moe saikou!

>> No.33572682

I've been pretty much addicted to this cover since it was posted.
And I'm glad Izuru's It's My Life cover can still be watched here.
What did he say? Sadly I missed the twitcast and I don't have too much time to watch the archive right now.

>> No.33572704

Linked the wrong video, my bad.

>> No.33573207

Izuru likes older woman and describes the type he might like as "dame na oneesan" as in women who do their job properly but slack when it comes to housework.
The character that made him elaborate a lot was Evangelion's Misato. He would like to live with her to repeat the following routine:
>come home from university
>buy ingredients for dinner
>cook dinner
>watch her eat while she gets drunk
>collect the empty beer cans afterwards to throw them away
>poor her a glass of water before sleep
>clean dishes in the morning
He described it as the dream of every man and admitted that he likes doing housework for other people much more than for himself.

>> No.33573334
File: 12 KB, 133x134, EEA97C95-41AE-4DB3-8EFD-136F064A2C4A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not what I expected of Izuru, at all

>> No.33573451
File: 152 KB, 1500x1032, ElqBOv_U4A09QlW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ywn have a cute college boy with a nice voice who will cook and clean for you
why live

>> No.33573495

he has good taste

>> No.33573537

In his debut stream he already said that he likes oneesans so that part wasn't really a secret but it might have been the first time that he elaborated this much on the topic.

>> No.33573937

Thanks a lot anon
I think he said that he also likes Kazuto from Non Non Biyori (the teacher) though he forgot her name and called her Kazume, but since he said "the teacher in Non Non Biyori" so I guess its Kazuto. Also Tsugumi from Nisekoi if I heard correctly. IIRC he also likes Elichika the most in LL girls
anyway why does it seems like he is the housewife and his "oneesan" type is more like a husband lol

>> No.33573961

My rough voiced catboy can’t be this cute!

>> No.33574223

Nothing wrong with wanting to be a wife(male). Miyabi has said more than once that Izuru is like a mama.

>> No.33574390

Thank you for the summary anon. I already knew he liked the older type of woman but I don't think I've heard him go in so much detail before.
What's the point in living if I can't have a cute Izuru wife(male) that will clean and cook for me? ;_;

>> No.33574580

>tfw no cute autistic jackal boyfriend to cook for you
>tfw no cute rough cat boy to cook for you and do your housework
Why live

>> No.33574790
File: 208 KB, 344x373, 1613281885147.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ywn be received by the both of them with the dinner, bath or me line

>> No.33574896
File: 28 KB, 209x247, 94C5E91B-4754-4C25-A4D4-01552F6AFC47.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jfc anon why don’t you just kill me now

>> No.33574924

no naked apron izuru... no naked apron shien...
It hurts...

>> No.33575056

holy based

>> No.33575303

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4Ft_m50FCY this should be good

>> No.33575366
File: 61 KB, 750x168, D6606893-2C96-4201-B22A-257808B0E9F4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33575450

it still feels like he hit 60k just very recently, proud of our boy

>> No.33575803
File: 388 KB, 2060x2000, EDFA93CD-924C-4630-B5A1-7FFC6B76DB50.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’m in love with a seaweed

>> No.33576013

Its like the boom from "Winning Son" all over again

>> No.33576612

You could call it the "APEX 3150!" boom. Also the "legendary utawakus" people seem to talk about but no one knows if they are real helped. It's still funny to me, Astel really ended up doing something special by going unarchived/no clip.

>> No.33576758

I'm in gachikoi with him.

>> No.33577040

Astel ruined all other versions of osaka dreamin night for me

>> No.33577662

Right now, I've been unable to catch any streams since the beginning of February but when I'm not completely occupied, I make sure to catch every Roberu streams and try to watch Shien when he's not streaming at inconvenient times. Plus, collabs are a must watch since I think it's their best content.

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