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kill yourself

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You first, autist

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Shut the fuck up

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Why did my ホロライブ thread get deleted but not this one?

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The mod does that a lot. I don't get why. Every time there's multiple threads. He deletes all of them except for the one people use and the one with the indog OP. I wouldn't be surprised if he's the indog spammer in the threads, or if he's the one spamming the indog OPs

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>the dense faggot is still trying

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Unironically take your meds.

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I love zombie

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Ogey ?

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Then why didn't he delete this one? He deleted the other ones. This isn't first time he has done this.

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Azki now owns this thread

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>It's been a long time since you were transported to the Holoverse, unfortunately the price to pass was to become a girl
>Flare has been a trustworthy companion since you met her, making you feel at home and at ease
>Every night you sleep with her, you notice she's hiding something, Flare is sweating
>Flare confesses the presence of her special tool and her indomitable elven urge to procreate
>You confess in turn that you've always loved Flare, and will help relieve her urges
>Flare moves on top of you and slides it in, all you can do is moan into the pillow you're hugging, her girth is incredible
>Lie there and get prone boned by the professional thrusts of your elf lover, poking your inner gate
>Flare groans as she prods through your womb's entrance and fires her essence until there's a pressure, her ears wiggling happily
>You can feel her muscles tense up, her hard nipples prodding into your shoulders, her soft lips nibble down on your ear
>The toned coffee elf takes a rest on top of you, her superior genetics waste no time worming themselves into your eggs
>You fall asleep with Flare. Inside you, your quarter-elf children are rapidly taking shape
>Over the next months, you are both preparing for your new life, you've married as well, taking her family name
>Flare is always taking care of everything, making sure you're comfortable and giving you bellyrubs
>When the time comes, you can feel the children are elven before they are even visible, the ears tickling you before flopping free
>Soon enough you've got two cappuccino elves on your chest, both born with a full head of blonde hair
>There's only traces of you left in your own children, sealed inside Flare's perfect DNA
>Flare is smiling confidently, her urges haven't subsided, and to be truthful, neither have yours
>Fast forward, you're brushing your eldest, half a dozen are waiting in line
>Almost lose balance as the brown elves in your tummy punt your wall
>Nothing should change

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What are you guys angry about today?

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i like sora

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You get 20 minutes alone with Risu. What do you do?

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Which one

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this whore is streaming during Sora's reveal

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sora love

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Noel a cute

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She's a selfish cunt. We've known that forever

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I never understood this kind of accusations. There is too many bitches to keep an eye for every one of them and their strems. At most, this is supposed to be a work for manager.

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I can't believe Risu would do such a thing...

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