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No netplay threads?
I somehow thought that /jp/ played UNL 24/7.

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No, shit sucks.
Play mahjong.

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Can't we have some tiger love thread instead? ;_;
She's so overshadowed by the other UFO gals.

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I almost thought that was mota artwork for some reason.

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Mahjong is /jp/ current flavor of the months.

Play that now before everyone got bored and moved on to other stuff.

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Something else less furry?
Not my kind of pics...

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You can play mahjong anytime. You're acting like it isn't popular with people who aren't 25 year old NEETs.

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>/jp/ current flavor of the months

Just like Touhou or VNs, right?

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You know that is true.

You hardly see any UFO thread anymore or Family Project thread anymore.

By next month there won't be anymore X Channel thread and it will be replaced by the current VN of the month.

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Yeah, I know that's true. It's not like there are a few Touhou gameplay thread every day. And it's not like I actually remember the time when /jp/ was first created and how I came here mainly for mahjong at first.