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You wake up in bed. It's probably not your bed, nor any bed you've actually ever encountered before, yet, it's a bed all the same.

Dispensing with unnecessary concerns as to how or why you arrived in this slightly uncomfortable and oddly shaped wooden-bed, you notice a pair of breasts.

Hovering before your eyes are a juicy *large* pair of breasts... temptation asserts itself within your mind, how do you act?

[ ] Breasts
[ ] Go back to sleep
[ ] Check beneath the bed
[ ] Breasts

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[X]raep teh loli

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it has breasts.

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[x] Damnit, GM still hasn't started yet?

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All roads lead you too fucking your own ass.

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[x] go back to sleep.

what the fuck would a pair of flying breasts with nothing attached to in a bed where I slept ?

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They're not really breasts. Someone decided to hang two large Oppai Balls from the ceiling above you.

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No matter how tempting the breasts, a pair of breasts is simply that, a pair of breasts, without the attached body it lacks something of the usual luster.

Deciding against interacting with the objects above you, your eyes slowly close and you attempt to return to sleep...

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[x] Check beneath the bed

Shit guys what the hell are you thinking not checking under you bed?!

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I thought the death of these ads would rid me of this horible memory.

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Was it ten, maybe even fifteen or twenty minutes later... Your mind awakens once more, staring out of bed, however this sight is now oddly familiar as you are once again faced with the sight of... breasts.

You can't help but realize this is likely the exact same situation as you faced not long ago. How or why you've returned to this instead of awakening within your own home is unknown, although possibly due to a certain Gods(Writers) boredom.

The pair of breasts loom above you, however due to your mind having become slightly accustomed to the sight you additionally notice that, there is indeed an upper body attached.

Long golden hair flows down on your forehead, it's almost as if someone was leaning over you, however the lower body almost cuts off mysteriously at the waist, as though emerging from some alternate location of sorts(Read: GAP)

What do you do?

[ ] Breasts
[ ] Go back to sleep
[ ] Check beneath the bed
[ ] Poke

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[x] Knead them

Life-like texture ;_;

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[x] Breasts

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Tell Yukari to give me back the blanket, because it's fucking cold.

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I am so pathetically laughing right now.

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[X] Check beneath the bed
There could be monsters. I can't sleep if I don't make sure there aren't any monsters underneath the bed.

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[x] Check beneath the bed

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[X] Breasts

Your mouth-waters, unable to resist the damning temptation your reach forward, hands outstretched to this god-given gift of... breasts.

The body shifts at the last moment, the breasts evading your grasp, instead your hand reaches forward into the gap.

Given the velocity of your attempted grope being halted on the other-side of the... anomaly, you undoubtedly have reached something...

[ ] Grope Blindly
[ ] Return the hand safely to this side of the anomaly
[ ] Go back to sleep

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[x] grope blindly

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[ ] Check beneath the bed

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[X] Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start

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[X]Check benea... BEWBS!!!!!

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[X] Check beneath the breasts

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[X] Return the hand safely to this side of the anomaly

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[X] Go back to sleep Garfield.

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[X] Grope Blindly

Reaching out blindly with your hand, you grab ahold of something most definitely life-like in texture, yet smaller than your originally intended target.

A small yelping sound echoes through the gap in addition to an outraged yell... did you just hear someone call out "Mistress?"

[ ] Life-like texture
[ ] Withdraw the hand
[ ] Go back to sleep

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[x] Life Like Texture

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[ ] Withdraw the hand

withdraw, withdraw, withdraw!

Fuck you Yukari, Making us grab Remilia's Chest and getting us Knifed.

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Hell! There is no turning back now!
[X] Life-like texture

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[x] Pad

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[X] Go back to sleep, Garfield.

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[x] Life like texture ;_;

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[X] Life Like Texture

It beckons you... your hand continues to grab ahold of the prey beyond this mystical doorway... or rather it would however you sense a presence move in behind you.

Turning at the last moment, hand still in the process of coping a feel from the unfortunate female on the other side of the gap, you feel a push.

Unable to stabilize yourself quickly enough due to most of your focus being focused on more lecherous duties, you fly head-first through the portal, being met with a dazzling light.

Your body lands with a *thump*, crashing into a barely cushioned surface of leaves and dirt. The faint chirping of birds greets your ears, harsh sunlight temporarily blinds your sleepy eyes, and a sharp pain emits from your right arm.

[ ] Groan
[ ] Go Back to sleep
[ ] Check the arm

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ran rape? DO WANT

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[X] Go Back to sleep

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[x]check the arm, mostly the life like texture at the end of it.

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[x] Check the arm

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[x] Check the arm

>> No.334583

[x] Check the arm

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[x]Search for treasue... what I wanted to do but...

[x] Check the arm

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[X] Check the arm

Wincing in pain you look down at your right arm, the one previously thrust through the portal in search of treasure.

A silver knife is stabbed through the hand, the sight of such a thing sending shivers down your spine.

Likely due to shock you find yourself capable of restraining any overt groans and/or writhing in pain, at least for the moment, however your losing blood as well.

[ ] Attempt to seal the wound
[ ] Laugh madly
[ ] Go back to sleep

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[ ] Laugh madly

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[x] Laugh madly

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[x] Laugh madly

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[x] Laugh madly

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[x] Go back to sleep

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seal wound

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[X] Laugh madly

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[X] Laugh madly

Your hysterical laughter rings out through the forest, an unusual tinge of insanity attached to your usual tone.

Perhaps it's because the pain and loss of blood, or maybe it's the fact that your life might end in some bizzare parody world of that odd YWUIG game you've been participating in.

Regardless, it appears to have drawn some attention. Shortly after finishing yet another psychotic laugh you hear a faint rustling from behind you, what do you do?

[ ] Continue laughing
[ ] Run away
[ ] Collapse from anemia
[ ] Look for the source of the noise

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[x] Collapse from anemia

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[ x] Run away

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[x] Look for the source of the noise

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[ ] Collapse from anemia

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this will be some delicious sakuya raep or BAD END..

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[x] Continue laughing

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[ ] Collapse from anemia

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[X] Collapse from anemia

yeah, we're bleeding alright.

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[ ] Collapse from anemia

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[X] Collapse from anemia

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[X] Collapse from anemia

Possible wild animals and/or various other creatures that would likely feast on your bones be damned, you're going to collapse from anemia and thats it.

The world spins, a red haze slowly covering your vision before all turns black. Your body lies cold, life signs away in the mysterious forest.

Yet... at the last moment, you could have sworn you heard something... perhaps merely a figment of your imagination, or against all odds a savior?

[ ] Lake
[ ] Breasts
[ ] Genuflect

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[x] Breasts
i enjoy this thread

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[ ] Breasts


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[ ] Lake

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[X] Breasts

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[ ] Genuflect

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[x] Breasts

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[ ] Genuflect like the motherfucking fist of the north star.

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[] genuflect

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[x] Breasts

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[X] Breasts

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[X] Breasts

You awaken, lying once more in the odd wooden bed that torments you so, the first thought to come to mind is... groundhog day?

However, before you can lament your circumstances once more, you hear a faint laugh, turning to see a captivating sight.

A hauntingly beautiful women stands naught more than a few feet away from you, hands idly playing with a stray lock of golden hair as she stares at you with an undoubtedly seductive gaze.

[ ] Breasts
[ ] Go back to sleep
[ ] Check beneath the bed

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[x] Check beneath the bed
should have done this in the first place

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[x] Check beneath the bed

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[X] Check beneath the bed

>> No.334736

[X] Breasts

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[ x] Breasts

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[x ] Check beneath the bed

>> No.334743

[x] Check beneath the bed
For more breasts

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[x] Go back to sleep

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[x] Check beneath breasts

>> No.334748

[ ] Check beneath the bed

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[ ] Check beneath the bed

>> No.334757

[x] Check beneath the bed

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[X] Breasts

>> No.334770

[X] Check beneath the bed

>> No.334776

[X] Check beneath the bed

Odd, for some odd reason your sex-drive appears to have all but abandoned you, or perhaps it's that nagging feeling you've forgotten something...

Regardless, your first priority is too check beneath the bed, one can never be too cautious when dealing with bed bugs and things that go bump in the night.

Reaching your head under you spot an unexpectedly odd sight, why... is that a skeleton wearing a pink frilly dress?

Possibilities race through your mind, foremost being that, pink dress or not, there *is* a skeleton beneath the bed, and you expect you'd find more should you check the nearby closet... this definitely indicates danger.

Mind racing, you fall head-first from the bed, however instead of face-planting on hard-wooden floor you continue falling.

[ ] Look down
[ ] Look up
[ ] Right

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[x] Look Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start

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[X] Breasts

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[ ] Dennis

>> No.334791

Wait, are we Ran?

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[X] Right

>> No.334795


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[x] Skeleton Breasts

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>skeleton wearing a pink frilly dress

now i lost it


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[x] Look up

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oh yeah

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Fuck this dream, fuck bleeding, fuck anemia, you have full health, armor, and a motherfucking BFG 9000 bitches.

From below the lake races up to meet you, trusty big fucking gun in hand you willingly fall into the mouth of hell itself, ready to defeat your mortal enemy once and for all.

Plunging deep into the lakes chilling waters you are captivated by the sight of an unearthly light before you, yet battle with the eternal enemy you are submerged within also demands your attention...

[ ] Lake
[ ] Follow the white rabbit

>> No.334835

[x] Follow the white rabbit


>> No.334836

[x ] Follow the white rabbit

>> No.334837

[x] Follow the white rabbit

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[ ] Follow the white rabbit

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[x] Follow the white rabbit

tewi rape, fuck yeah!

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[x] Follow the white rabbit

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[x] Follow the white rabbit

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[ ] Follow the white rabbit

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[x] Lake
we need to destroy the lake

>> No.334859

this time take the blue pill

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[X] Follow the white rabbit

>> No.334882

[X] Follow the white rabbit

Fuck lakes as well then, ignoring the icy waters and dismissing any possibilities of a fetish for dieing in lakes, you follow the white rabbit, er light that is.

An uncontrollable groan escapes your lips as you awaken once more, for some odd reason your right hand hurts like a bitch and you're covered in dirt and leaves.

It's dark and cold, stray rays of moonlight are all that serve to illuminate your surroundings. Indeed, you never left the forest after-all, only able to dismiss the previous happenings as some sort of odd fever dream.

Still, your previously bleeding hand has somehow gained a large bandage. You can see evidence of blood soaking the white material, yet the flow appears to have halted for the time being.

[ ] Search for an exit
[ ] Roll spot
[ ] Listen check
[ ] Make your fortitude saving throw

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>>this time grope the blue breast

>> No.334889

[ ] Get ye flask

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[X] Roll spot

>> No.334892

[x] Listen check

>> No.334893

[ ] Get ye flask

>> No.334894

[ ] Roll spot check

>> No.334896

[ ] Roll spot

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[x] Listen check

>> No.334901

[X] Roll spot

>> No.334905

[x] Search for an exit

>> No.334907

[ ] Make your fortitude saving throw

>> No.334910

[x] Physical Challenge

>> No.334912

[x] Get ye flask

>> No.334913


>> No.334914

[x] Make your fortitude saving throw

>> No.334917

[x] Get ye flask.

>> No.334923

I'm going to have to agree with [x] Get ye flask.

>> No.334925

[x] Break the targets

>> No.334926

[X] Roll spot

Shaking off stray leaves, twigs, and odd bugs of some sort, you stand up, finding yourself suddenly and impeccably afflicted with a desire to stare at your surroundings.

Only in doing so do you catch sight of the dark flying object, a creeping miasma of sorts, you shudder as the presence approaches the clearing you stand in.

Upon closer inspection... you can't help but describe it more accurately as an oddly floating 'blob' of darkness, perhaps removing some of the dread attached to it's presence check.

Regardless, it approaches, think fast.

[ ] Charge
[ ] Flee further into the darkening forest
[ ] Make like a tree and leave
[ ] Hide

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[x] Make like a tree and leave

>> No.334930

[ ] Make like a tree and get out of here

>> No.334931

[ ] Charge

>> No.334932

[x] Get ye flask

>> No.334935

[x] Charge


>> No.334936

[x] Surprise round.

>> No.334937

[ ] Cast Magic Missile

>> No.334942

[x] Cast magic missile

>> No.334943

[x] Make like a tree and get the fuck out of there

>> No.334944

[x] hot dickings

>> No.334950

[ ] Make like a tree and leave

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Attacking the darkness might not be such a hot idea.

>> No.334954

[x] Make like a tree and leave

>> No.334955

sage genuflex't !!!!!!!!!

>> No.334962

What do you think you're doing?

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[x] charge

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Floating blob of darkness?
[x] Put it in

>> No.334976

in b4 thread brances off in this direction.

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All she wants is a hug.

>> No.334978

[x] Fire BFG 9000.

>> No.334987

[X] Make like a tree and leave

Shaking yourself free of the captivating... blobs, presence, you decide that it's about time to make yourself scarce from these parts.

Slowly jogging off in some random direction through the forest, you can just swear you heard a slight yelp from behind. Turning you watch as the 'darkness' smashes it's head, or what appears to be the leading section of the form, into a tree.
This impact has apparently halted the creature in its tracks, or floats, or whatever the hell you would call it.

[ ] Continue leafing
[ ] Magic Missile
[ ] Expeditious retreat

>> No.334988

it was only a dream ;_;

>> No.334990

[ ] Magic Missile

>> No.334992

[x] I cast Magic Missile at the darkness

>> No.334995

[y] Magic Missile

>> No.334996

Manifest overchanneled expansion as a swift action and put it in.

>> No.334997

[x] Rape the blobs

>> No.334998

If magic missile mean penis...

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Can it be hugs tiem now, plz?

>> No.335002

[ ] Magic Missile

>> No.335005

[x] rape the blobs

>> No.335011

[x] Put it in

>> No.335016

[X] Magic Missile

An odd power fills your body and moments later you find yourself holding a fairly hefty stick in hand and waving it about in imitation of casting a spell, you always knew memorizing those spell incantations would pay off some day! fuck everyone who called you a nerd.

Or at least... you thought it would work. Unfortunately your spell fails, an obvious conclusion given you can't cast magic in the first place. Loss of blood must have made you delusional.

The darkness however has used this round to free itself from daze, yet again floating around in the distance and working it's way around the obstinantly unmoving tree.

[ ] Re-commence escape
[ ] Collapse from anemia
[ ] Kal vas flam - Cor Por

>> No.335018

[ ] Re-commence escape

>> No.335019

[x] Kal vas flam - Cor Por

>> No.335021

[Ultima Online]

>> No.335022

[ ] Re-commence escape

>> No.335023

[X] Magic Missile

An odd power fills your body and moments later you find yourself holding a fairly hefty stick in hand and waving it about in imitation of casting a spell, you always knew memorizing those spell incantations would pay off some day! fuck everyone who called you a nerd.

Or at least... you thought it would work. Unfortunately your spell fails, an obvious conclusion given you can't cast magic in the first place. Loss of blood must have made you delusional.

The darkness however has used this round to free itself from daze, yet again floating around in the distance and working it's way around the obstinantly unmoving tree.

[ ] Re-commence escape
[ ] Collapse from anemia
[ ] Kal vas flam - Corp Por

>> No.335024

[X] Kal vas flam - Cor Por

>> No.335025

[x] Collapse from anemia
worked last time

>> No.335026

[ ] Kal vas flam - Corp Por

>> No.335028

[X] Kal vas flam - Cor Por

>> No.335029

[x] Re-commence escape

>> No.335030

[y] Kal vas flam - Cor Por

>> No.335031

[x] Kal vas flam - Cor Por

>> No.335032

[x] Kal vas flam - Corp Por

>> No.335036

[x] Collapse from anemia
eat or be eaten, BAD END]

>> No.335051

[X] Kal vas flam - Cor Por

Staring at the red-named blob in utter hatred, your prepare your incantation, utterly certain that in mere moments fire and lighting will expel forth from your hands and smite this unwieldly dark blob of a murderer.


The spell fizzles, however you gain an increase of + 0.1 to your magery skills and your intelligence increases.

All this is for naught as you collapse once more, your vision turning a red-haze and anemia overcoming your pathetic physical capabilities, leaving you at the mercies of... the blob.

[ ] Bed - 1
[ ] Bed - 2
[ ] Bed - 3

>> No.335053

[x] hug

>> No.335055

[ ] Bed - 4

>> No.335056

[ ] get ye flask

>> No.335057

[ ] Bed - 3

>> No.335059

[q] Bed - 2

>> No.335062

[x] Bed - infinity

>> No.335069

[X] Death by Rumia is so moe.

>> No.335072

[x] Bed - 3

>> No.335073

[X] Breasts

>> No.335077

[ ] Thumb

>> No.335087

[X]Go back to potatos go get my fucking power wrists!!

>> No.335092

[X] Bed

You awaken on a bed, immediately finding yourself restrained, arms and legs chained to each of the large wooden posts.

At the end of the bed, a small girl prepares an exceptionally large pot, pouring in various ingredients and things that look like spices into the boiling water. You can't help but notice the pot is reasonably human sized.

The final straw would likely be the slight hum of an odd tune being sung by the cute figure, her back turned to you as she sings of all the wonders to be included in human stew.

[ ] Attempt to free yourself
[ ] Gnaw at the chains
[ ] Go back to sleep
[ ] Check beneath the bed

>> No.335093

[x] Bed - 3

>> No.335094

[X] Check beneath the bed

>> No.335096

bed 1

>> No.335097

[x] Check beneath the bed

>> No.335098


>> No.335099

[ ] Check beneath the bed

>> No.335100

[X] Gnaw at the chains

needs more bad ends

>> No.335101

[ ] Attempt to free yourself

>> No.335104

>You awaken on a bed, immediately finding yourself restrained, arms and legs chained to each of the large wooden posts.

>> No.335109

[X] Check beneath the bed

>> No.335110

[x] Attempt to free yourself
Followed by
[x] Rape the youkai

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[x] operate correct switch

>> No.335129

This has reminded me of the Monkey Island series where you have to check something, spit it, and the spitball bounces, hits a switch, and frees you.

>> No.335136

[X] Check beneath the bed

Straining your neck you find yourself just barely able to catch a glimpse beneath the bed, finding it empty as even your old pal the skeleton appears to have abandoned you.

A gasp of delight comes from the other side of the bed, the girl apparently noticing your wakefulness at last and finding it quite intriguing.

The girl approaches, shining silver knife & fork in hand, it appears that dinner is too be served, you can only hope it ends... soon.

The last words you hear as the girl grabs ahold of your head is, "Welcome to this wonderful killing chamber."



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I see what you did there.

>> No.335147

[X] Back 30 choices.

>> No.335148

[x] Check the toilets on the right

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>> No.335160

go back 18 choices

>> No.335162


>> No.335163
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[x] Resurrection!

>> No.335165

Seriously though, I can continue this if you guys want, so far I've been going off the top of my head and all as I'm sure you've noticed.

My day is free and I'm obviously bored so I'll do my best to keep this going as long as there is some sort of interest in doing so.

>> No.335169


>> No.335180

We're bored too, continue.

>> No.335183

Power is eminating from his crotch.


does that not disturb anyone else?

>> No.335185

cheater - you don't deserve weapons

>> No.335187

Power comes from the man essence

>> No.335195


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You awaken in warmth, finding yourself snuggled beneath the covers of an indescribably comfortable bed.

A small dull ache emanates from your right hand, however this is but a slight distraction from the overall sense of security and joy you take in lying within the bed.

Eyes opening you note that you appear to be within a medium-sized bedroom of sorts, the usual assortment of furniture present within the place such as a wardrobe, closet, etc.

[ ] Sleep some more
[ ] Closet
[ ] Wardrobe
[ ] Dirty laundry

>> No.335206

[x] Wardrobe

>> No.335207

[x] Sleep some more

>> No.335209

[x] Sleep some more

>> No.335211

[ ] Wardrobe
Search for women's clothing. I want to be the little girl.

>> No.335213

[x] Wardrobe

>> No.335215

>[ ] Wardrobe

>> No.335216


>> No.335220
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☒ Sleep some more

>> No.335223

[x] sleep spme more

>> No.335224

[X] Wardrobe

Opening the wardrobe you are greeted with the sight of a fairly large clothing selection, a few notables catch your interest immediately.

The dark-blue uniform in particular appears to hold something in a pocket.

[ ] Robe and Wizard hat
[ ] Pink frilly dress
[ ] Dark-blue school uniform
[ ] Birthday Suit

>> No.335227

[ ] Dark-blue school uniform

>> No.335228

[x] Robe and Wizard hat

>> No.335229

[ ] Birthday Suit

>> No.335230


[ ] Robe and Wizard hat

Screw the rules, I have conjure muffin.

>> No.335231

[ ] Dark-blue school uniform

Perhaps it holds some sort of time-stopping device.

>> No.335232

[x] Dark blue school uniform
[x] Fruit knife
[x] Glasses

>> No.335237

[x] Robe and Wizard hat

>> No.335238

[ ] Dark-blue school uniform

I wish to be the little school girl.

>> No.335239

[x] Dark blue school uniform

>> No.335241

[x] Birthday Suit

>> No.335244

[x] Birthday Slut

>> No.335247

[x Robe and Wizard hat

>> No.335248

[X] My Robe and Wizard hat

>> No.335249

[ ] Dark-blue school uniform

What's in the pocket? Is it a Monster?

a ... pocket monster?

>> No.335252

[x] Dark-blue school uniform

>> No.335253

[X] Robe and Wizard hat

>> No.335256

[ ] Robe and Wizard hat

>> No.335259

[x] dark blue school uniform

>> No.335268

[X] Dark blue school uniform

Pulling out the uniform your dress yourself, wondering a slight amount as to how exactly such a perfect-fitting uniform would exist.

Reaching inside the pocket you withdraw what appears to be a small metal bar, an odd scripture engraved on the side reading : Replica

Returning the item to your pocket you look around the room, now clothed the you could also exit should you wish.

[ ] Exit
[ ] Closet
[ ] Dirty Laundry
[ ] Collapse from anemia

>> No.335275

[ ] Collapse from anemia

>> No.335277


[x] Closet

>> No.335279

[x] Collapse from anemia

>> No.335285


We already tried Anemia and we got laked.

>> No.335290

[x] Exit
Followed by maid raping

>> No.335302

[X] Collapse from anemia
need to practice special skill

>> No.335326

[X] Collapse from anemia

>> No.335352


New thread

>> No.335744


>> No.337970

The 2nd thread is gone, therefore I bump the 1st inorder to get the 3rd started!

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