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Genuine question: Would you castrate yourself if it meant living with your favorite 'hu for the rest of eternity? You would be together like a married couple, but you'd never be able to have children.

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Stop what? I haven't posted a thread in three days.

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>castrate yourself
fuck off. go fantasize about cutting off your balls on your own.

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Be nice, "please". It's just a simple question.

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disgusting creature get out

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No. I don't want children but I want to fuck my 2hu

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So many mean people today, what did I do?

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You don't need balls to fuck your 2hu.

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I want to have normal libido and hard cock

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That's fair.

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only if my favorite 'hu is the one doing the castrating

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She might not be into that.

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>She might not be into that.
Yuuka is officially the castratrixhu

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shitty fetish nigger neck yourself
shitty fetish nigger neck yourself

besides my answer would be yes because
hu existing = one trip to eirin for ball medicine or magic healing springs

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I don't need to cut off my dick just to not have sex with a 'hu.
Children deserve the rope.

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You already had your /cuckgeneral/ last Yuuka thread give it a rest

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