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Do you like Yuka?

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Bottom five.

Of course I really don't DISLIKE any Touhoe.

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The real question is "does Yuka like you?"

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She has no reason not to. I'd never harm a flower.

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Sure she does.

Broiled, marinated, mincemeat. And with a nice vintage, of course.

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of course

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I like Yuka.

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Thats like asking do you breathe air?

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How could you not love the Youkai of Flowers?

She's an energetic young woman who just happens to like beating the living hell out of things.

And is hot.

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oh you, stop flattering her.

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With such a bad reputation, it really is a shame that Yuka hasn't appeared in another game to show off some ridiculous spellcards. Even Medicine made it into Shoot the Bullet.

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Yuka refused to have anything to do with the filthy crow.

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Really? There has to be at least one!

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Well, this Youkai is rather passive (even if extremely agressive/powerful). You would need to have someone messing up with the Garden of the Sun or endangering flower life in gensokyo to make her leave her territory.

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Why would Yuka ever want to leave her field, when there are so many people willing to come to her? Even treat her to dinner.

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>Half-wits stumbling into her garden? They eventually become plant food.


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Their thick skulls are most delicious.

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How can you say you love her if you won't even let her brutally murder and devour you?


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she can eat me.