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Couldn't find any 12.3 netplay threads, so ok here we go west coast
half awake tier

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i was wondering what happened to it, oh well.
West Coast


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About fucking time. I almost made a thread myself but it seemed like a better idea to just complain about it.

But since I apparently got here too late, hostan:
US Central; if you think you've seen enough Cirno today, YOU HAVEN'T.
No tier today, out of all the clever ones.

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GG. Aren't you from mizuumi?

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ggs, bit too laggy for me though

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Can play either a real game or Cirno mirrors if that's what you wanna do, scrub tier.

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shit tier

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Good games, thought my connection shit out on me but apparently not, sorry about that.

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b u m p

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GGs and rehosting.

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Durr Lim, you know it's not very nice to host then leave to go play someone else.
Oh well, GGs anyway but I tossed my controller straight at the wall in the middle of that last match and it nearly hit me in the face when it bounced back so, uh, time to take a break.

Stop that.
She only works so many times before people give up playing and start doing nothing but baiting her. I swear, you have the most bullshit playstyle ever - spamming the most annoying move of every character - and the thing that makes it so bullshit is that it WORKS. Well, it works against me, at least, because I'm an impatient fuckwad and a controllertosser. Tourneyfags? Probably not.
Here's the part where I go into an hour-long rant about how Kanako is the most broken bullshit in the history of broken bullshit because of a screenwide hitbox, bullshit damage, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc.
I don't feel like typing it all out so just imagine what it says.
Goddamn I hate that move so much. Better stick to Cirno mirrors today.

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gg, giant tree. its been awhile since the last fight.

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well, the Sanae's j 2C is an effective zoning and cornering projectile, with this, i can land a safe Kanako's god slap. i seen it works from japanese replays in niconico. I guess, I'll stop using sanae against you then.

the Iku is still having troublesome style, although its fun if I actually win a game with her.

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>I'll stop using sanae against you then.
Hurrdurr, no, I'm just an angry person. Nobody here evokes a "bitches about everything" personality as well as I do so I have to be the one to do it. Really though, you only did that half the time -- the other half was just random Kanakos from fullscreen so I could just sit in one spot and bait it for the entire match if I wanted, but since I'm too impatient to do that I complain on 4chan like a thirteen-year-old losing in Halo or something.

>the Iku is still having troublesome style
pic related
You've successfully earned one of the oldest macros on the Internet.

That move is annoying as fuck, still, but it really is just TOO punishable, ie. Massacre.
More complaining about Kanako, etc etc.

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happy cirno day!

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Which specific skill do you mean?

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The skill where I toss my controller at the wall and it bounces back into my face or the Kanako one?

The former I haven't given a name yet, it's still up in the air. I'd like something that includes "rage" and it'd probably be in all caps, but I may just end up going with something like "FFRHGSJRARBLFFF" for ease of typing. Too bad I whiffed with it this time though; with enough practice I'll get the timing down.

The Kanako skill, though, I was talking about default 623, the rush with the ginormous hitbox. The other two are pretty annoying, but that one takes the cake.
Single most infuriating move in any fightan ever. I dare somebody to try to name one more annoying.
inb4 MUGEN

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Keyboard has a tendancy to die, so if I stop responding, I'll sit twice to tell you it's working again >>;

Stupid USB Keyboard...

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the computer blocking you with their back turned in SCIII

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I agree that Kanako is ridiculous for several reasons which I'm too lazy to list, but it could be worse. She could have no recharge.

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sorry about that Omonynous, a visitor came by i had to attend it. gg though, your patchy got potential, vvav killed me many times with it.

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...I cried a little...

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Your Iku made me cry ;_;

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This'll be my first time netplaying; try not to rape me too hard.

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beginner, Reisen, etc
Have about 40 min time.

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>She only works so many times before people give up playing and start doing nothing but baiting her
That's still playing though. Fighting games are all about baiting your opponent into actions that you can punish. You blocked? Blockstring. You grazed? Melee. You meleed? Bullet. It's just infinitely easier and less interesting when your opponent is fond of a single attack. If you want him to stop, just beat it out of him repeatedly. That's how we all learn and once he stops abusing Kanako he'll pick up more interesting tactics for you to fight against, solving 2/3 of your complaint (his repetitive playstyle and how you repeatedly fall for it).

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Am I doing something wrong? I can't connect to a single game.

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Upgrade to 1.03

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Version 1.03 etc.

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Too laggy for me

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>That's how we all learn and once he stops abusing Kanako he'll pick up more interesting tactics

exactly. if it works, then good. mizuumi punished me many times for it though. i had my rage moments aswell.

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EC, can't combo tier

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I wasn't noticing any lag, but uh okay, gg. (Also I chuckled at that picture for some reason.)

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Looking for an host, as there's not much Mahjong going tonight. Beginner China.

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I'll be back later

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I share your hate, anon, but does this completely go through all your attacks, do damage to you, AND happen constantly?
No. Try again.

Normally, yes. Point being in this case, I DID start baiting and/or punishing it, but it didn't stop. Working it into combos is one thing, but randomly is just plain annoying, and it's worth complaining about more because half the time it's hitting me when it shouldn't be due to its bullshit multiple-character-width hitbox.
Broken, easy to us-- oh come on I say this enough

>It's just infinitely easier and less interesting when your opponent is fond of a single attack.
Go play SDD and his Suika helicopter and say that again.
In fact, pick Cirno against a goofy enough Suika player, roll some ice boulders, and see what happens -- repeating the same thing the whole match is always fun as hell for both sides.

That's because IRC tourneyfags are patient.


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Dumbass who had 1.02 here again, rehostan.

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... You might want to consider posting your location along with your IP.

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Southern California. Wonder why it lagged so bad.

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San Diego.

Suika is soo tiny, I jump OVER her when I use 66C and that (spit)fire is a melee attack (as in non-grazeble)? That's kinda bullshit.
I wouldn't know what to do against a Suika who just fired that fast 6BC (?) bullet whenever I try shooting, since I can't really beat any Suika player in melee.

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>beat Suika player in melee.

Youmu or China can, I think. being primarily melee fighters. it just hurts when it lands.

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What about Remilia the chainsaw?

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Still waiting for someone. Maybe it'd be better if an Amerifag fought me instead...


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u cant update 1.03?

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>> No.3336674 hosting

>> No.3336683 west coast

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If I were to download this on share what words would I use to search for?

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Meh, I'm done. You need to spam less. GG

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After just three games? Oh well. Sorry if you feel that way, my Cirno's far from the best. Didn't help that cards simply did not wish to come in the first two games. My Cirno's not much to look at, but is even worse if I can't get Alt 22+Alt 214 out. GGs.

East Coast host

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/r/ tier list.

>> No.3336923

Broken tier:

Broken and easy to use tier:

Shit tier:
Everyone else

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you don't suppose it's too late to get into this do you?

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Damn, Can't join then. I play Suika.

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Hey wait when did the level 4 version of the geyser get so large? I don't remember that.

ggs, connection felt a bit shaky for me though.

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He means in terms of player skill, not character skill

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Bah. That last one was truly annoying. Thumb jammed the space bar blowing my Flare. Oh well, GGs. So annoying to try and combat Yukari's graze/lasers with Patchy's melee/bullets. Melee's too slow to counter and bullets to too closely packed to destroy the lasers. Needs more practice...

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Someone host

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Doesn't Patchouli's 236 eat up Yukari's lasers?

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GG man, those matches were great.

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>>3336518 hosting.

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Yeah, and Okuu is overpowered.

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Yeah, I hear ya. There where a few bullets that hit me that I swore I had started blocking/grazing, but que sera sera.

When people say "tier" when hosting, they're referring to their own skill level. Shit < Low < Mid < High < IRC. Just a little joke that developed into habit and eventually became understood.

Perhaps, but I'm too much of an idiot to remember to use it outside of combos since 6C is sufficient to eat through almost every other projectile in the game. Bad habit, I know. I can very well imagine it missing the bottom laser and getting counterhit in the foot though.

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>bottom-tier character

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God... I completely fail with Sanae... >>;

GGs Omonomous~

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But isn't there a real tier-list yet?

>> No.3337032

And I fail with everything that's not Patchy, Suwako, or Remilia =o

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>When people say "tier" when hosting, they're referring to their own skill level.
Only nobody really knows their own skill level so they make shit up on the spot. There's no such thing as player tiers in the west; a few try to guess at how good they are but most of us just use amusing phrases in its place because we know there's no way to organize "player tiers" over here.

Japan, on the other hand, has some complicated tier system based on stage bosses or something, or at least that's what I hear. I wish we could just start doing things like that but we're not organized enough nor do we even have serious tournaments; if we did, I'd go around calling myself stage 4 tier. Not a boss, just the stage.
You know the one in every game that's a lot longer than all the others and even on Normal has stupid bullshit bullet patterns that even puts Extra to shame? Yeah, that's me.
Or at least I like to dream. ;_;

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Wouldn't that be stage 5, not stage 4?

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Utsuho is actually midtier in current rankings. But definitely not overpowered.

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I'm pretty much fair with everyone except Alice Marisa Patchy Aya Youmu and Iku.

everyone except Sanae.. good lord.. >>; She irks me so much.

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Do you have a link to said rankings?

In high-level play she just seems WAY too slow to be of any real use. She also has a severe lack of blockstrings.

>> No.3337076

Replay PCB and get back to me.

Nope, it's still too early.
We DO know that Youmu, Suika, and Yukari really are at the top though.
Cirno being low or mid is debatable, and Okuu really is just pure shit tier.
Patchouli and I think Alice are low, pretty much everyone else is still up in the air. Especially Suwako.

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Maybe for you. I suck with her.

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Bored and hosting. west coast

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Freezing it easy~

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This. As much as I hate to admit it, Okuu is definitely at the very bottom.

And Youmu is pretty much broken.

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>Only nobody really knows their own skill level so they make shit up on the spot
Eh, it's not quite that bad. Play with the same players enough times and you get a general feel for who you can/can't consistently beat. Everyone starts as a shit tier and works their way up from there. You'll know when you start getting too good to play with shit-tiers, making you low-tier. Eventually you start getting too good to play with the people who are too good to play shit-tiers, making you mid-tier. It's inaccurate as fuck and varies based on your character selection (since everyone has characters they're not as good with), but it's good enough for the purpose of finding reasonably interesting/even matches.

For 12.3? Not exactly. Here's the last SWR 1.06 list though. Some things have changed since then, obviously:

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Look at the win rates on the right. It's not 100% high tier play but you get the picture.


Patchy actually got a nice boost in soku. HIGH TIER

>> No.3337171

gg, Sad Satsuki, sorry for the cut off(dinner), damn Tenshi hurts. that sanae vs marisa was awesome fight btw.

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High level play involves not getting caught in said blockstrings.

I doubt this will mean much to most people here, but current rankings:

S(56-60% win rate)
Suika, Youmu, Patchouli, Iku

Marisa, Yuyuko, Komachi, Tenshi

Reimu, Yukari, Reisen, Aya, Remilia, Utsuho

Sakuya, Meiling, Cirno, Alice

joke tier(35%)

Keep in mind that this is from mid-high level casual play. The rankings are skewed a bit by people messing around with new characters and such.

There haven't been enough tournaments for a higher quality list.

Also, don't take the categories seriously because I just bullshited those. But the win percentages are real.

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gg. ;_;

>> No.3337192

>S rank - Iku

what?! explain!

>> No.3337194

Someone host

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ggs, I clearly have no idea what I was doing.

>> No.3337201

I'm more curious as to why Patchy is S rank. She's mid-tier at best.

>> No.3337208

I figure Iku gets much better once you figure out the advanced blockstrings with her c bullet.


>> No.3337243

ggs, got a bit laggy near the end though.

>> No.3337247

Someone host please.

>> No.3337256

Good games, bro. Happy 9-day!

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Fuck yeah, Meiling! D for DRAGON tier!

>> No.3337268


You'd think playing Cirno exactly like Meiling wouldn't work. NOPE.
I feel today a shame that cannot be explained in words.


>> No.3337288

Anyone else see 6 fingers on her right hand?

>> No.3337291

You mean Dumbass, right?

>> No.3337295

is there a video demonstrating iku's blockstrings anywhere?

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not very good

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hosting, EC

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"Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

>exactly like Meiling

Hey! There were SOME differences! I actually use Cirno's 66C and 66B. Anyways, just think of me as a more aggressive, melee-based Cirno and you'll probably have an easier time next time.

>> No.3337329


Your doing it wrong or your not hosting.

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>more aggressive, melee-based Cirno
Such a thing does not exist. Therefore, you must not be real.

Ragequitting made me to forget my favorite part of my textwalls though, so here it goes:
During one of those, I fucked up my timing somehow and did a complete SC whiff, right? Well when that happened I yelled "FUCK" at the top of my lungs and threw my controller down; it just so happened that my cursor was on the taskbar at that time and the controller slammed into my left mouse button and minimized my window, so when I finally scrambled for the mouse and reopened it I saw "KNOCK DOWN" on the screen. Durr hurr hurrdurr durr.

Also controller-into-wall happened, this time it bounced twice as far as earlier in this thread. Still didn't hit me though.
Maybe I should stop playing this.

>> No.3337359

fixed hopefully. First time hosting actually.

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>> No.3337368


Says your not hosting, you updated to 1.03?

>> No.3337369

Oh you, Tree.

I was wondering about that SC whiff though, but I wasn't going to complain about having a win handed to me by luck. >:3

Anyways, Cirno's melee isn't as bad as people make it out to be; sure, she has short, stubby limbs, but she also has some solid airmoves that can be hitconfirmed into 1800-1900 damage combos for practically nothing.

>> No.3337374

Anyways, rehostan.

>> No.3337375

You should try playing Youmu, Guy!

She also got the same in your face feeling combat, with softest in the inside!

>> No.3337381

updated to 1.03 about an hour ago.
I'm using Hamatchi if that helps.

>> No.3337389
US Midwest.

>> No.3337390

>Maybe I should stop playing this.
Maybe you should consider medication? I exaggerate and kid, but damn man, how does your controller survive all of that abuse?

>> No.3337391

My failures are solely because I fail to acknowledge j.5A j.8A 5C default 623B, but I'll never give in.
Default 623 is disgusting and doesn't look as cool as icesword. I'd rather be forced into ground-only melee with slow recovery after use than use a move that doesn't look cool.
Then again, they're all pretty cool.

Still, you play like you've been practicing these moves for months on end. I'm suspicious about this.

Either you're the most genius troll in a long time or just made really silly mistakes.
Either way, I like your style.

>> No.3337402

>using Hamatchi


>> No.3337412


>> No.3337418

Good games, gotta go take care of something then I'll rehost.

>> No.3337425

No idea actually, lol.

>> No.3337427

Oh, oops. I thought I froze, sorry. Rehostan.

>> No.3337423 [DELETED] 

Well that was weird. Did you hit escape on accident or something?

Still hosting

>> No.3337432

I think my connection timed out or something

>> No.3337433

Wasn't able to join

>> No.3337454

I think it is my connection.

>> No.3337457

Well, to tell the truth I've only literally thrown my controller exactly eight times since this came out. Of those eight, three were at the wall.
I call myself a controllertosser but I'm an experienced controllertosser; I have some friends who I play fightan - Soul Calibur series in particular - with and IV I played on their 360. Knowing my bad habits could mean death for their poor wireless controllers, I made a habit of instead tossing the controller in the air and catching it in an angry way so as to not break the thing. Most of the time when I say I toss my controller that's all I'm really doing, but the yelling profanity at the top of my lungs is all real.
Having grown up with a football-watching parent who obsessively defends their favorite team in front of a TV screen does that to a person.

Miraculously, though, I've had this controller for over 5 years and it has yet to break in any way. All the buttons and shit work just fine. This thing may just be more unusual than my anger problems.
But see >>3336295 -- I'm only so angry all the time because it's fun to read.

>> No.3337463

We only played for a few minutes but I could tell that you need to block more or block at all. I shouldn't have been able to hit you like I did.

US Midwest.

>> No.3337481

Someone host

>> No.3337484


>> No.3337490

ggs Guy. I had a few comments but I forgot them all as usual, bleh.

Also there's nothing more enjoyable than messing with your opponent until their orbs are low and then hitting them with a surprise train from across the screen.

>> No.3337492

I dunno, I'd feel bad if I were to actually pick up a character that can do a 2.7k damage combo with limit without any spellcards or orbs.

Good games. Sorry I fell for the same shit over and over again, I don't know what was going on. After all, if I'm going to get hit by a 66C, or block it and be unable to punish it, why would you stop using it?


>> No.3337514

This is honestly my second day playing as Cirno. The very first time I played, yesterday, I played against ZomB's Suwako and then Sad Satsuki's plethora of characters. So yeah, I got in a lot of grindan.

>> No.3337535

>I dunno, I'd feel bad if I were to actually pick up a character that can do a 2.7k damage combo with limit without any spellcards or orbs.
What's wrong with Remilia?

>> No.3337553

I realized that I shouldn't use a 360 controller for fighting games. The analog for moving doesn't agree well with me.
That bit in the first match when i was just sitting there was me trying go to keyboard and realizing that my controls were only set for controller.

>> No.3337569

Good games, Omonomous. I don't really have much to say, other than to work on your pressure game, tweak your combos a little, and be more careful on block. Sorry I can't be much help, but I hope you had fun!

>> No.3337578

Remi can do that in 12.3? I thought that IaMP was her heyday.

I started playing when 12.3 came out, so I have no idea.

I'm rather partial to my Dualshock 2, myself.


>> No.3337591

Dual Shock 2 all the way, why would i throw something so awesome.

gg, Harlowne, you're not bad with Marisa. take advantage of her 66a+mixup. its a good starter.

>> No.3337614

Ugh, GGs Anon. This does not seem to be my night, heh. Not that another night would've changed the win/loss ratio.

>> No.3337621

There was a lot of lag, but was very fun.
I've been slower than usual though

>> No.3337625

Good games Duckator, that Cirno Deck certainly has some suprises

>> No.3337635

Good games.
I wish I could tell Cirno's spellcards apart. They all look the same to me.

US Midwest.

>> No.3337636

Yup, real laggy, but it wasn't bad enough to make the match not fun.
Dat Yukari... it hurt my pride so bad.

>> No.3337642


>> No.3337645

Also, GGs; you sunk my battleship.

>> No.3337646


It's okay. You're pretty good player in my book.

My plays were a bit rusty due to playing Umineko/Eroge these a couple of days. Also, sorry for the lag in the middle rounds.

>> No.3337653

Good games again. Sorry for cutting it off so shortly after you rejoined, but I suddenly got very hungry.

>> No.3337659

Way too laggy, sorry.

>> No.3337663

yea i know.


>> No.3337669

OH WAIT, I had my torrent up. DERP.

>> No.3337714

Hey, same here, but that was fun! A bit late though, I don't know if you'll read me.

>> No.3337771
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Continuing my Cirno-day tribute

>> No.3337802

US southwest

>> No.3337807

Iku's always been top. Reach and hitboxes and all that, you know.

I still think Okuu can't be anything but bottom later on. Everything about her is so shaky.

>> No.3337847

fuck you

>> No.3337853

My controls are messed up, I'm gonna quit now.

>> No.3337864

Rehostan, sorry if it looked like a ragequit.

>> No.3337885

GGs, but the lag is pretty intense at some points.

Sure thing, but I'm not just saying that. Show me Okuu can keep up with everyone else and I'll retract.

>> No.3337928

It started to get laggy, so I left

>> No.3337931


>> No.3337934

GG, Onomonous, damn, that patchy and suwako is something else, i had to be apply alot pressure just to keep up. damn.

>> No.3337935

ggs, connection was rather shaky for me though

>> No.3337938
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hosting, EC

>> No.3337960 west coast

>> No.3338005


>> No.3338009

Gosh, those were probably the most intense Cirno mirrors I've ever had. Well, I guess I've only been playing her for a couple of days, so that isn't saying much, but still, those matches were really close and really nerve-wracking.

Thanks for the games, Duck. I love how our both of our Cirnos are incredibly aggressive.

>> No.3338015

What am I doing wrong? Besides using low tier chars, I mean. Everything I did got me raped.

>> No.3338016

Great games Guy.
Those matches were always really close.

>> No.3338057

Nevermind, I gotta pack up. GGs to everyone who put up with me.

>> No.3338060

Well, I didn't watch the match, so I can't really say too much; but since you're facing Lurker, here's probably the rundown of what happened:

You let yourself get hit by 66C. He then either sent out Chen, Ran, or he did a parasol spin. After that, he bunched you up in a corner and did a 5AAA -> shurikens -> laser beams -> parasol hoping to catch you as you grazed.

After you escape, he stays back for a little while firing shurikens and lasers, and once he gets down to 1 or 2 orbs, he dashes in and 66Cs. If it's a counter hit, and he has 5 cards, you'll be kissing a train on wake-up.

So, pretty much, you have to find a way to bait and punish his parasol spins, since punishing 66C is quite hard to do. Other than that, keep an eye open so you don't graze lasers right into a 66C or parasol spin and you should be alright.

>> No.3338091

it aint easy to face Lurker, for some reason his 66C is dead on accurate, and the timing is something even I couldnt do in a middle of a blockstring and mixup..

>> No.3338124

I didn't say it was easy, I was just saying what he typically does and what to watch out for.

For some reason, his 66C always catches me right as I'm about to jump. It irritates me to no end.

>> No.3338131


I got raped too.

>> No.3338133

ggs. might rehost later.

>> No.3338174

Who are you and why are you writing posts about how predictable I am?

>> No.3338186

I'm just someone who's played you before, trying to help out someone who apparently was quite frustrated with their performance. Please note that my post is by no means trying to insinuate that you are not a good player; in fact, quite the opposite, I find you to be quite skilled. I was merely pointing out your more often repeated strategies that he might learn and put up more of a fight next time.

However, just because one is aware of what you do, doesn't guarantee a victory. I mean, I can sometimes predict a bunch of the stuff you're going to do and still lose the match.

>> No.3338223


>> No.3338226


>> No.3338287

Bit confused about what just happened

>> No.3338355

anyone still hosting?

>> No.3338362

rehosting then

>> No.3338379

ggs, I'm done for now though

>> No.3338383
File: 83 KB, 520x457, 1aa9aba0f8f13dc78d11a6f9c67e6e1c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]
Sometimes my A key gets stuck and I dash right over your head tier.

>> No.3338473

Bump for hosts. ;_;

>> No.3338483

I'm bored, so I'll host some more I guess west coast

>> No.3338520

I can't believe I just watched you two whiff 3As at eachother for 10 seconds straight.

Which takes less skill, Cape-chan or Stopsign Bitch?

>> No.3338525

I have some business to take care of. I shall return in no less than 5 minutes

>> No.3338526

I have some business to take care of. I shall return in no less than 5 minutes

>> No.3338528


You trained me ):

>> No.3338559

And again GG's to Lim
I'm going to fix a deck for Marisa...

>> No.3338561

gg, again omonomous. i actually find it difficult to catch suwako at all. damn.

>> No.3338562
File: 173 KB, 678x757, 1228196301320.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3338574


cant connect for some reason

>> No.3338579

Testing my hosting capabilities.... EC

Hopefully you get in...

>> No.3338584

It got taken within 30 seconds anyway. The hosts have all been going ridiculously fast today, probably because all the fags from the other boards that were here to netplay it on the first few days came back for 9/9/9.

>> No.3338585

Fix those spikes. ;_;


>> No.3338596

I'd assume Yukari considering that Utsuho is extremely slow and not very good.

>> No.3338598

Okuu is 3a is very large and chains to 2c for 1800 damage.

Yukari, on the other hand, can at least move around after 3a faster than Okuu. ;_;

>> No.3338603

anyone hosting?

>> No.3338604

doesnt work.

>> No.3338608
US Mountain West
Let's go, Cirno-a-Cirno.

>> No.3338609

Hey. You. Rehost.
And don't play Yukari

>> No.3338619
File: 170 KB, 764x1000, 1252485795304.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Plays Cirno "exactly like Meiling"

>> No.3338623

Uggh I'm not really in the mood for soku at the moment, but okay.

>> No.3338627

how strange for Okuu to be low tier when Iku is high. they are both slow but their melee and projectiles are good. so why?

>> No.3338633

Sorry, had to fix something.
Should be working now.

>> No.3338643

Okuu has terrible movement. She cannot escape from what she needs to, and she cannot get proper positioning to be on the offensive easily, either. Iku denies you space all the time, while Okuu is just OMNOMNOM EAT BULLETS and nothing else.

>> No.3338663

hm. ic. i get it...sort of.

Do u have any vids or replay for Iku's blockstrings, Magister?

>> No.3338694


Can Central, Still haven't fixed my Otsuho problem yet. (That means don't pick her)

>> No.3338697

GGs Satsuki.
The lag between screens was a little strange.
I was picking from who I almost never use, except for Suika.

>> No.3338702

I didn't feel much noticeable lags.
I pick everybody. ;_;

>> No.3338707

I always play on random :D

>> No.3338712
File: 281 KB, 495x700, d43f1ceef81f855ac231831b84d319d3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ggs to the individual i have just played. I feel bad for forgetting people's names right after we have a few rounds.
I have learned that I shouldn't tech every time i find myself in the air.

>> No.3338714


kanako tier

>> No.3338715

I haven't touched Iku in Soku, and nobody really plays her here. Beats in IRC plays her, and he's got a pretty good grasp of the character, but not movement in general, so it doesn't have quite the same effect that makes Iku so hard to beat. I don't have any Iku replays, but I can go looking for some.

>> No.3338719

I'm glad i taught a lesson, that was my first /jp/ match :x

>> No.3338725


>> No.3338744

Who all's hosting?

>> No.3338747

ggs Chibi. I didn't realise I never set my Iku deck...

>> No.3338752


GGs; I always felt I was so close with Tenshi and then...I don't know what.

Your Yukari is awesome. I've never been successfully trained so many times it was great ),:

>> No.3338762

Anyone here hosting and isn't really good? Just asking because I suck and I wanna play someone my level

>> No.3338765

I'm in the exact same position.

>> No.3338843

random tier, probably can't connect tier.

>> No.3338873
File: 94 KB, 942x871, Soku Tiers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3338885

Those are from casual play and will even out eventually.

One of the reasons Suika is so high up there is because shes really easy to play and shits on people who are still figuring out their characters.

>> No.3338891

Port is....


Meirin is pretty badass for those that know how to user her in comboing; I don't see her as shit tier at all after a bit of practice.

>> No.3338895

Suika is also really damn good.

>> No.3338901


Also: surprise surprise, the characters that are hard to use are lower-tier

fuck me sideways and call me Betsy

>> No.3338908

I thought Suwako would be at least mid-tier.
But my mains Suika, Tenshi and Marisa made the higher tiers.

>> No.3338910

Meiling is low tier because none of her projectiles are good for block strings. She relies entirely on wrong blocked melee to break guards. (Also a shortage of grazing attacks)

>> No.3338914 [DELETED] 

Reisen, Reimu, Aya, Komachi, Marisa, Yuyuko, Tenshi, Patchouli, Iku, Youmu and Suika are broken and easy to use.

>> No.3338935

Reisen, Reimu, Aya, Komachi, Marisa, Yuyuko, Tenshi, Patchouli, Iku, Youmu and Suika are broken and easy to use.

I doubt the tier list is really accurate in terms of the new character's placements, the game hasn't even been out for a month yet

>> No.3338955

That's enough for me. Apparently people who jump around and throw out bullets (i.e. zone) bring out my worst habits.

Good games.

>> No.3338959

>Reimu, Komachi
>easy to use

I don't think so, Tim.

>> No.3338966

GGs. You play Cirno more like Youmu than Meiling.

>> No.3338970

I'm tempted to add Reisen and Iku too.

>> No.3338971

Apparently my two best characters are bottom tier and low tier.

Should I be happy or sad?

>> No.3338973

Well, looks like I can't host.


>> No.3338980

I spec'd those matches, your Cirno is top tier, IMO. Had me on my seat for a few matches.

>> No.3338981

Bored, meaning it's hosting time. west coast
50.0 tier

>> No.3338982

I guess that means that I play Meiling like Youmu too, hahaha.


BUT. Isn't Betsy a GIRL'S name?

>> No.3339002

Oh my, thank you. It's always weird thinking that as I play somebody might be watching me. I try not to think about it, or I start really making mistakes. One of my problems with Cirno, though, is that I hate doing 6C when I want to do 5C. It completely throws everything off; also, accidentally doing 236B instead of 623B is rather infuriating, or doing 5AAAA -> sword spellcard when I'm midscreen instead of 5AAA -> 5C -> sword spellcard.

>> No.3339005

Damn, those were good.

ggs omonomous.

>> No.3339009

>Youmu not the highest
>Meiling low tier
>Reisen mid tier
>Sanae low tier
>Marisa, Aya, Reimu high tier
>Iku, Patchy top tier
Mmkay, this list is total shit.

IMO, Youmu, Suika, and Reisen are god tier, Alice, Sakuya, and Patchy are bottom tier, and everyone else is in the middle

>> No.3339018

Yes, and the tier list is shit

>> No.3339021 [DELETED] 

Anyone know where I can find a translation patch for 12.3?

>> No.3339025

...Well I wasn't expecting to fight you of all people. Bah.

>> No.3339028

There's only a weather translation patch out now, I believe.

>> No.3339029

The future. You'd be better off just eating a Japanese person and reading it in moonspeak.

>> No.3339030

God tier

Normal Tier
Everyone else

Shit tier

based on looks

>> No.3339040

Patchy bottom tier. Lol? Maybe not top, but she's far from bottom. And Youmu/Suika are pretty close for the best. Suika just as "better" matchups overall. (For instance, Suika does a lot better against Suwako than Youmu does on the chart.)

>> No.3339069


Your way of spelling "Meiling" is weird.

>> No.3339080

>Meiling vs Utsuho
>Win percentage for Meiling: 29.1%

Hahaha, oh wow.

>> No.3339112


Sakuya is incredibly low compared to her ranking in SWR.


lol tiers

>> No.3339127

I don't really mind tiers. I'm always curious to see everyone's interpretation of just who the best all-around character is.

>> No.3339139

>Patchy bottom tier. Lol? Maybe not top, but she's far from bottom.
I've yet to see a Patchy player with pressure that stands up to instant graze dash attacks. She has almost no melee in her strings, so it's absurdly frustrating fighting against Yukari, Reimu, etc. I just don't see how she can actually force a hit against a careful player. She gets tons of free hits in netplay with delay against casual players, but I just can't see her doing well in a competitive setting at all. She was crap in SWR and she got only a very small buff in Soku.
/opinion of a failed tourneyfag who admittedly would get raped by more IRCfags than not.

>> No.3339147

After 214 Sakuya has a large period where she can't recover spirit. So after limiting someone with a combo which may take 2 or 3 orbs, and setting up a 214 for oki, she's left with 2-3 orbs to pressure. Plus many of her air tight strings are no long air tight. On top of this, she has rather low damage conversion.

She was high before because of her pressure and oki.

>> No.3339152

Good games as always.

I got to stop getting into the habits of 66 a/b/c things. ;_;

>> No.3339160

wow, very good game Sad Satsuki. damn, nonstop why so serious battles. my thumb starting to hurt. i never thought i'll do a serious match up with Meiling, i usually pick her just to fool around.

>> No.3339165

I like to think that I play a halfway decent Meiling, but I still have trouble facing a Patchoulli that knows how to zone, and take advantage of each hit they land. Of course, Meiling doesn't have any instant graze attacks (236B/C has some pretty beastly start-up time), and her 66A/B/C are pretty shit if you want a graze attack.

>> No.3339166

Play against Shy or Dimglow's patchy.

The former baits movements and plays incredibly safely, while the latter uses crystals for tricks. While patchy may not always be able to force a hit, she can certainly play safely against graze attacks, all the while building cards for flare (which is guaranteed damage on an opponent with 2 orbs -> something patchy can do easily.)

Also I've heard rumor of combos which involve up to 3-4 of Patchy's 6C's. (These would do a ton of damage, because 6C is more than 1k, so maybe 3.5k after proration)

>> No.3339182

You'd be pretty much right on why Patchy has problems. I can tell you though, that if Patchy fights someone who knows what she can do, she looks better, because that person won't graze the first chance they get every time. Her damage stops coming from random 5Cs and starts coming from actual guardcrushes and escape punishes. She can be fairly scary sometimes.

I -still- say she loses hard to anyone who can BE offensively.

>> No.3339191

>Dimglow's Patchy

Is goddamn annoying. I spend all this time getting him down to low health, and the bastard has the nerve to be untouchable for the rest of the bloody match. Does he have any idea how hard it is to even approach him?

>> No.3339192

GGs. I wanted to see how much you'd grown.

>> No.3339193

ggs, I just kinda gave up on that last match.

Also I was hoping you'd use Patchouli a bit more, I don't fight good Patchouli players very much but oh well

>> No.3339205

Yeahhh not very much. Though at least I was less out of practice this time.

>> No.3339211

Anyone here hosting and wants to beat the crap out of a shitty player (me)?

>> No.3339224

Trying my best Sakuya

What the hell am I doing? Cirno

>> No.3339230

Well you were a lot more tactical with some of your move use, but your pressure is on the light side. Yukari pressure can never be tight, so you have to focus on deception.
Also I think you may have been a little too cautious, more than a handful of times you stayed in the corner walking back when you had a way out. I wasn't sure if you were afraid or just trying to get a 66C off of my inevitable attack.

>> No.3339232


Also US East

>> No.3339243

Half of the times I was afraid, the other half I was just waiting to see what you would do

>> No.3339247

I have to play like that with Patchy. Letting someone in on Patchy is nearly equal to taking damage.

>> No.3339253
File: 530 KB, 1024x768, QUEEN OF WINTER.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you have enough ice?

>> No.3339361
US Midwest.

>> No.3339471

Don't mind me. I was just frustrated at the time.

Good games, Terminal. You've fully justified my intense dislike of Sakuya. But I swear to God, if I fucking do 6C or 2C when I want 5C one more fucking time I'm going to eat my goddamn controller.

>> No.3339474


Really GGs Guy

I had more fun blocking eachother's attacks than I did actually fighting.

>> No.3339482


I was having the same problem, I kept doing 5C when I wanted 6C or 236C. My controller is getting pretty old, it's time to get a new one.

>> No.3339536

Does anyone know how to use Cirno's alt 22b/c (Frozen Freezing Method)? I can only seem to hit it at lucky times

>> No.3339589

They have to be afraid of your Cirno enough to want to block long enough. Then you use it and they get jittery and will want to jump out of everything.

>> No.3339682

I'm surprised no one is raging about Yukari being midtier.

>> No.3339737

Dunno how much of this will work with better players since I'm not that great, but on /jp/:
1. Learn to predict when your opponent will attempt to escape from the corner and how to punish it. The fear will keep him blocking.
2. Learn to predict how your opponent will tech, exactly where he/she will end up, and get there first.
3. Once they start to fear your unblockable, I like to mix in delayed Alt 214B/C (Ice Charge). You opponent is going to attempt to either graze, jump, or BE in order to escape it and Ice Charge beats two (BE's invincible, right?) of those three and can be used in the exact same places that Frozen Freezing Method can. Unfortunately, this method is highly reliant on good cards, which is why my deck contains 4 grabs, 4 charges, and 4 Suika gourds. It's not for everyone.

>> No.3339751


>> No.3339757

Good games.
I still don't know how to deal with your 5C Patchy or anyone else you played.

>> No.3339766

I went ahead and made a new thread.


>> No.3339793

>5C Patchy
Ya, sorry about that. 5C is the crutch of bad Patchy players. I just tend to throw it out when I'm not sure what to do so I have something on the field.