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Hololive thread for Japanese Hololive members only.

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Prease meidooo

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Please watch bossu's APEX stream!

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I'm pretty sure OP is falseflagging but I'm going to post here anyway.

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Get gud

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This also counts as Homo thread

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2JU4b8ctj4 Okayu Birthday

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2PYx5R7hK4 Shut the fuck up and watch bossu!

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I hate APEX you autistic baby

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I love Roboco! And threads that don't get deleted

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Don't care who OP is as long as the place remains.
So they can actually use the studio freely, sadly Subaru still isn't allowed there to have her anniversary live.

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>luna is done
>miko supacha
>you can't understand korone
Just watch APEX.

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Subaru had heart problem pls andastd.

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Is thought that got cancelled long ago.

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Korone streaming?

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She's making song for Okayu right now... b-but she'll be there right? Right?

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But she performed excellently at Beyond the Stage and especially Bloom.
It got "postponed" with reasons Subaru couldn't disclose. It has no reason to be cancelled or postponed in the first place.

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is the song Korosan's making for this 3D Live?

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Dunno, it's her birthday gift.

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She won't be in the studio

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I'm gonna post here ok?

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korone stop playing the last part of this poem over and over again please

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Just don't metapost and don't bite baits.

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>last part
You mean the second line

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she's really getting into it

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4 minutes

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Is korone making a dirge?

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Can Korone finish recording before the stream?

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She'll be giving Okayu her real present after the stream is over

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is she really speedrunning this just to make it for the celeb? also it's starting

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Here we go, it's been too long.

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>ogayu stream is 360p

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>idol costume

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Is Okayu streaming from 2005?

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Fuck whoever at cover is making this a 360p stream

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It's for that nostalgic NND feel

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Holy shit you're right. What the hell

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2010 anon

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Don't tell me they are mirroring it to NND and can't do more than 360p

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>it's real
wtf underpaid interns!?

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The audio quality is a bit shit too, right?

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I think it's funny that they only have only one cake model for every stream.

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No and even if they didn't that wouldn't be the reason for it because AZKi has had the same.

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So it's really because of Covid? They have only 1 intern and Okayu in the studio?

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What the fuck is Cover actually doing?

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now that was a celebration

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why is japan internet so shitty

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i never forgive the chinese

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I had the same problem with an indie vtuber yesterday

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based as fuck kanata

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God I wish I was alone with Okayu

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I'm watching a 2hu vtuber instead. Yuuhei Satellite's vocalist.

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wrong board

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Okayu didn't deserve this.
Am I a faggot if I say I'm glad Shuba's got cancelled/delayed because of this?

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Right board

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She's back on NND

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so it really is 2005

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It was definitely not because of this. It got postponed three times even when she already asked subatomo to pick the date for it and she took it really bad when she couldn't do it.

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I mean, because of this kind of fuckup.

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>it took them 10 minutes to redo the stream
If this was any of the holos doing their daily streams it would have happened in a couple minutes

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New frame.

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This is pretty embarrassing...

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okayu makes more in a month than I make in a year

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that's sad

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korone gonna break some skulls over this

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I think she stormed the studio already and beat up the staff, ogayu said they were crying

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Now it's cute cat in full glory.

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hopefully the audio issues are resolved too

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