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Previous thread: >>33254661

This thread is for the discussion of untranslated Japanese visual novels.

What are you playing? What are you looking forward to? What have you finished? You know the drill.

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>えー。あとは『パルフェ』のシナリオ書いた丸戸さんの最高傑作と言われる『White album2』ってゲームがかなりハートウォーミングでオススメかなぁ。雪奈可愛いよ。かずさ人気だけど。あと主人公が誠実で好感持てるね。
Sca-ji is a bully

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Can't wait until Doukyuusei remake comes out and people raging about Satomi not being a virgin childhood friend heroine.

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Does it even have any virgin heroines

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>good art wasted on a kusoge I'll never read

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Will Avesta ever be turned into a VN?

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What again?

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I mean the only people buying this shit are nostalgiafags so I don't think people will care, if anyone buys it knowing nothing about the original they'll be disappointed at other stuff before even reaching that.
The cute one.

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Some people get pretty autistic with these like counters, there seems to be a fight between loli and black hair while the other two are still below 10k

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Best taste at least.

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I wonder more if the H-scenes are going to be 10 lines long like in the original, slightly beefed up or essays like modern-day eroge.

I'm guessing 1:1 to the original although that probably wouldn't satisfy new players.

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Can anyone share 田舎でシよう! 鳥取編 -ボクと妹たちの夏休み-?
I've managed to find the other 3 games but the first one eludes me.

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They already said the scenario is supposed to be unchanged from the original and with no new CGs, I don't know if that includes the h-scenes but I image they would have warned/advertised if they did anything to them, or at least put some in the trial.

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Shinkon seikatsu is great. I like how you can taste variety of flavors in the same game because there are multiple couples with different kinks.

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lol. I bumped hers from ~400 to 1337 on day 1. Glad to know someone else likes her too.

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White or Black?

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塵骸魔京 Windows 10対応版
anonfiles com/V9G5m12cqe/
since none of the guys with an ab account uploaded it even after a lot of requests for it
reuploaded from the chinese

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Why is no one talking about Reminiscence? It has second best art after biman games.

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Let the dead rest.

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Why do people say Biman has great art?
Other than the coloring they aren't nothing to write home about.
It's good to look at but doesn't really strike as the greatest.

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You again. The coloring is the only bad part about the art.

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I'm reading through Chaos;Head Noah right now, is Love Chu Chu worth reading through or should I just go straight to Chaos;Child after that?

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It's pretty decent and not too long, child also has a small reference to it. And one of the routes is just a complete rehash

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You've never read anything from Niijima, have you? If anything, it's a kamige.

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I started Hatsusaku but only made it through the common route. Some comedy scenes were good but the rest was meh.

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I'm interested in checking out pic related, just because there's apparently a nun/teacher/ older childhood friend heroine all-in-one, but it's chuable-soft, so I'm hesitant. Anyone know anything about it?

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only sena and ayane routes were good according to common opinion, I fucking hated sena though especially in the true route.

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thought you meant koikake oops. Hatsusaku is probably his best work so far, i'd at least do ayas route.

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Can't be worse than SukiSuki

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Why would someone want to read something with such a shitty art?

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But that mid-2000's style is kino.

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Thank you anon

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This looks like a great way to give yourself chronic back pain.

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Try asking on the abandonware vn thread on /t/

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Different guy.
Everywhere I go I see people cream over the art but I don't get why people think so.
It's probably the animations that make people overrate it.

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Better read that Honoo no Haramase game with the nun oneesan.

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>Different guy.
Nope you aren't. And it's mostly EOPs like you who only played the first game who cream themselves over it.

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There's just not that many games that have that exact specific combo of character traits I really like. But it's a chuable-soft game so I wanted to check to see if people had any thoughts on it first in case it's a disaster.

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What was the name of that game where MC hides in teh closet and watches his gf get fucked right in front of it with her knowing you're there? Came out last year I think. Swinger shit.

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It's one of those games which has more production values than games have today, with actual animations here and there and an opening also interspliced with animations.
But that's it. I dropped it pretty fast.

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If you like background porn, biman games are awesome. The attention to detail is staggering.

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are the girls cute?

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Yeah that's the one. On vndb and getchu it's 俺 not 僕. Were you trolling me or did they actually use different titles ingame and in marketing? Also does it have bad ends like other swapge? Those really brought the games down for me.

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File: 1.94 MB, 1600x900, 僕の彼女は他人棒が気になるようです。_Ver_1.00taninbo (9).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> Were you trolling me or did they actually use different titles ingame and in marketing?
Apparently, although I never noticed until now.
>Also does it have bad ends like other swapge?
Yes, albeit only one.

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Okay thanks. I'll just hope the bad end isn't as badly written this time.

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Sure, name your games with top-tier art.

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I certainly dont play porn games for the fucking backgrounds lmao, the most worthless part of any VN.

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Sometimes I won't play a VN because it has bad backgrounds

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Bet you're fucking moebuta-virginfag. Off yourself.

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I hate NTR but this OP song is so good. What a waste.

>> No.33337260

I certainly like good scenery porn.

>> No.33337714

As a moebuta, I like backgrounds. I love crowded backgrounds.

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Are there any games for this feel besides Kakyuusei 2?

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Give me some good momcest recommendations. I've only read the musumama series so far

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Bare and Bunnys stuff

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Any game when you can have a threesome with one of the girls being lesbian?

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VenusBlood Brave has a pair of princesses who are also sisters. The older is the usual stuck-up knight while the younger one is a parody of Kuroko from the Raildex series (if you were curious what Aoba Ringo imitating Arai's voice acting sounds like). The protagonist eventually makes her fall for him but also lets her rape her sister and the ending is a threesome.

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New lolita game might never come out at this rate. I guess that's divine punishment for NBR.

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Currently playing amatsutsumi. Good so far.

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>if you were curious what Aoba Ringo imitating Arai's voice acting sounds like
lmao, picked up

>> No.33343219

>if you were curious what Aoba Ringo imitating Arai's voice acting sounds like
I am now, been meaning to try Venus Blood anyway so I guess I know where to start now.

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Guy needs to relax and write a braindead nukige for once instead of trying so hard.

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What's up with lose making naked sprite patch for one heroine at a time? They've been releasing them for 3 months for fuck's sake.

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The appeal of porori is that he tries to do something with some substance, I think it's fine.

>> No.33343643

Wait, there isn't like a IP filter or something?

>> No.33343690

His pure nukige like the stuff he did for eRONDO are good too.

>> No.33343692

It's like nyanpassu. Click it till you're dead. Hell, just leave an autoclicker overnight.

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Of course not.
The loli is now at 80k and osananajimi at 40k, poor big tit kouhai doesn't have single autistic fan and is still sitting at 7k.

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I picked up mamagoto for my backlog but I was looking for something with pure ichaicha love with mommy, no competition/harem with sisters

>> No.33344134

Anyone played this? The premise sounds hot. https://vndb.org/v11224

>> No.33344153

Can't we have VN with loli osananajimi heroine instead?

>> No.33344167

picked it right up. thanks

>> No.33344188

>10+ years later
>daughter looks 20
Way to waste a great premise.

>> No.33344227

20 years is still 10+ years. but she JK so more like 15 years

>> No.33344315

Well 12 is also 10+, what's the point in oyakodon if the daughter and the mom look the same?

>> No.33344374

Probably to have fake twincest or sisters-cest.

>> No.33344502

Yeah I agree with the other guy. Hag daughter is a disappointment.

>> No.33344566

To be fair, the "sister's/crush's/person I wanted to fuck in the past's daughter looks exactly like her and now I want to fuck her" plot is usually not a loli one.

>> No.33344694

There are enough lolige to go around. I think having the daughter being at the age where she understands romance and sex could leave room for some interesting dynamics between the characters in the story. Not that I expect it to actually leverage any of such opportunities

>> No.33344855

Tried it when I was looking for revenge VNs. Pretty meh, the revenge motive doesn't feel justified enough to go after the daughter, and ended up dropping it early. At least with https://vndb.org/v12933 which has somewhat similar premise, one of the daughters found out MC's past relationship with her mother up to the point where she left him for his brother, then she's like "my mom doesn't deserve him or his attention" and willingly getting closer to him, to both the mother and MC's surprise. I ended up dropping it too because it barely feels like a revenge VN even in the mother's route because MC softens up eventually, but I enjoyed it more.

>> No.33344971

>She left Souchi because she was afraid that he would leave her because she did not consider herself a woman so good as to deserve him. In desperation she thought to console herself with Souchi's brother, however, despite marrying him and having two daughters, she never stopped loving Souchi.
What a retarded bitch.

>> No.33345538

>sitting at 7k
already too high

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>You can fuck the trap ala Saishuu 3
>You can fuck Shizuku
GotM confirmed.

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>Vtuber pandering

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File: 1.85 MB, 1920x1080, 9-nine-はるいろはるこいはるのかぜ_2021-02-22_20-45-17.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oi oi

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File: 1.60 MB, 1280x720, primhearts_2021-02-22_20-54-10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She loves my battlestation

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Mother-in-law material.

>> No.33346436

That's actually much better than when heroines say the same about dick.

>> No.33346678

If you've got a graphics card stuck up your urethra, you've got much bigger problems.

>> No.33347328

This is what I imagine having a daughter in the modern world is like.

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Idol best girl

>> No.33347864

People didn't reee back then, and they won't rage now. People raged about Tamaki because she is a two-timing slut.

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If they ever remake Kakyuusei, I hope they rehire Aya Kadoi, and that they give Tiina an actual route this time.

>> No.33348753

Is the dokyuusei remake actually changing anything? I thought it was just new art.

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>> No.33352005

Apparently nothing. Which is a good thing in my opinion. We can finally go back to the halcyon days of flamewars about the morality of saying "I love you" to over a dozen girls at once in the span of a week.

Mind you, this is why Kakyuusei 1 was made. People would rather connect with a likeable girl over a long period of time than just pump and dump her.

>> No.33352931

Fuck I have every Marmalade game + appends and haven't started a single one yet. Which one's best to start?
Also is Marmalade kill after the Study Steady bugfesta?

>> No.33353658

Thanks, I needed to laugh.

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File: 67 KB, 603x579, 彼女は友達ですか? 恋人ですか? それともトメフレですか?_Version_1.0.0.0_[daTomefure (21).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

After a shockingly long time, I've hit the first actual h-scene in tomefure. Is it all just porn nonstop from here on out, or is there still some plot left?

>> No.33353967

that guy doesn't look well, is he sick?

>> No.33353975

Jaundice. Alcohol abuse is no joke.

>> No.33353980

jesus, high schoolers these days are out of control...

>> No.33354343

90% porn. We warned you.

>> No.33354388

I'm not upset, I just wanted to know so that I don't fap then start up the VN and be stuck with nonstop porn.

>> No.33354486

Adding the cosplay 10 days before the master-up, are those niggas serious? Though the existence of cosplays and the option to have comfy sex with the heroines outside the main story sounds very appealing. I may have to try this game on top of Clarias, Lupercalia and Doukyuusei R.

Whats up with February packed with kamiges?

>> No.33354578

It's almost good Wagahime got delayed since February is this packed already, wouldn't be able to finish everything otherwise

>> No.33354587

Yeah, imagine if they'd all come out this week like they were supposed to.

>> No.33354999

>Though the existence of cosplays and the option to have comfy sex with the heroines outside the main story sounds very appealing.
I wouldn't get your hopes up. If it's anything like the first game than it's basically just a single vanilla CG where you can change up the outfit the girl wears. It doesn't really have any replay value .

>> No.33355582

Thank you very much anon, if it's not too much trouble, would you be able to upload the windows 10 edition of Muramasa?

>> No.33355748

Not that anon, but there's no resolution improvement or anything in Muramasa, it's just the original version with the latest patch pre-applied.

>> No.33355794

Huh, I got my hopes up after seeing the 塵骸魔京 windows 10 re-release. Thanks for letting me know though anon.

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Doubt it, DMM has Takei and Aya on their back working on their gacha games and they don't include him on Doukyuusei remake development for some reason. Maybe it's just him, and Aya probably more willing to work on Kakyuusei remake. I don't know, ask Aya on twitter.

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Reminder that this is the "person" you give attention to. This cancer feeds on attention that you give it.

>> No.33358463 [DELETED] 

Fuck off along with all the other attention whores.

>> No.33358469 [DELETED] 

Plural rights matter!

>> No.33358482 [DELETED] 

Totopo posted about his mutant rat army on kastelcord

>> No.33358615 [DELETED] 

commit lovers' suicide with the schizo, hata

>> No.33358689 [DELETED] 
File: 27 KB, 781x127, YAANOKiSIK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's a reminder that you're choosing to deal with someone who's literally fucking mentally ill. Just like with Hata, an attention addict who NEEDS people to know he's around. He couldn't keep away from his Discord for a week, even after driving all his active members away because of his whoring that he seems utterly oblivious to for whatever reason. I swear half the drama on this site nowadays would fizzle out within minutes if people stopped giving "people" retarded amounts of attention.

>> No.33358718

Kazusa a best. Also, were there rumors that the translation team are nearly done with Coda? I hope it's at least serviceable, since it could revive the series somewhat.

>> No.33358726 [DELETED] 

Yes, I just replied to you. The same person as is in your screenshots. A mentally ill samefag. I regret it, truly.

>> No.33358758 [DELETED] 

These people are mentally ill and need help

>> No.33358874

>We’re nearing the end of the first month of 2021, and we’re pleased to provide you with a short update and roadmap of what’s coming.
>As of now, CODA has since been fully translated with the exception of its H scenes, which primarily includes the retranslation of CODA Common by @frogstat from the ground up. I myself have been busy with @Krizs tinkering with CC side girl routes (which were admittedly heavily flawed in quality), sometimes nearly retranslating entire segments, and since then, Koharu is now fully edited, Chiaki is very nearly complete, and Mari will follow shortly after. H-scenes and the digital novels in the base game are what remain of translation work for our intended patch, with the bulk of the remaining work being editing from here on out.

>> No.33358897

Kazusa a slut. A huge manchild slut.

>> No.33359106

Yep, god I ended up hating her in her true end

No, just no.

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File: 516 KB, 670x600, 1584490402555.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone playing this in 2021? How the fuck do I get it to work? I downloaded girlcelly's upload from a 10 year old Nyaa torrent, but there's no crack.

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>> No.33360328

got any recs? looking for stuff centered around denpa or 鬱, preferably like sayooshi and swan song respectively

>> No.33360390

Fuck sakuretto
It's a kusoge

>> No.33360411

Fucking sakuretto, gonna end up reading it now.

>> No.33360561

It has the greatest OP.

>> No.33360588

I will now read Sakuretto. I'm easily influenced

>> No.33360613

Hamidashi over Kuso Royale. That's all I needed to know.

>> No.33360623

haven't read anything released in the past ~4 years and probably won't either

>> No.33360777

Gonna read sakuretto instead of amegure now. I feel tired of time loops.

>> No.33360820

From this list have only read KnS more than ten years ago.

>> No.33360901

You are so cool and your taste is very unique

>> No.33360942

what a trash year. Gacha truly is the future.

>> No.33361106

There's a disturting lack of noshoujo in this list.

>> No.33361224

What's wrong with the readhead from Hamidashi? She's the only one not in the character top 20.
And what did people like about koirowa if none of the girls were good?

>> No.33361254

>What's wrong with the readhead from Hamidashi? She's the only one not in the character top 20.
No route.
>And what did people like about koirowa if none of the girls were good?

>> No.33361299
File: 25 KB, 250x300, 109523.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Meant her, though I guess this is pink?

>> No.33361318

Yes, that's pink. No idea, I thought she was great. Second best after Hiyohiyo~

>> No.33361769

Fucking windows defender. It ate my crack and when I turned it off, my disk got completely fucked. And they say microsoft is the eroge OS.

>> No.33362013

I enjoy playing my eroge ridden with 100+ virus with a virtual machine snapshot disconnected from the internet.

>> No.33362292

Looks like I'm reading sakuretto, I've also read dohna dohna from this list anything else worth reading?

>> No.33362372


>> No.33362401


>> No.33362402

Enough samefagging, you sakuretto shill.

>> No.33362432

Now I will read it twice

>> No.33362461
File: 4 KB, 413x140, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33362474

In 10 years there's only 1 eroge I read twice.

>> No.33363274

How many new releases do you read each month?

>> No.33363296

1 new and then backlog.

>> No.33363312

0. There's virtually never any new releases I care about.

>> No.33363366

Aproximately 0,25

>> No.33363627

Depends, if I like the premise and it has childhood friend heroine, 1, otherwise 0.

>> No.33364949

Depends on the month, but usually 1-2. More if nukige count.

>> No.33365101

When Norton Security eats a crack I just add it to the exception list and restore it right away

>> No.33365814
File: 46 KB, 640x480, royal13.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you guys like bittersweet endings?

>> No.33365923

usually bitersweet endings in VNs are just "this one girl isn't allowed a happy ending for no reason at all"

>> No.33365924

Depends on the execution like with anything. Contrived bittersweetness is just as lame as contrived happiness.

>> No.33367044

No, I only like happy endings.

>> No.33367069
File: 278 KB, 710x440, 1609511902789.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33367999

I only like hopeless bad ends

>> No.33368086

That's what real life is for

>> No.33368898

Is there any way to get Kishin Hishou Demonbane to run on Windows 10? Or do I have to use a virtual machine?

>> No.33368992
File: 1.54 MB, 1162x655, syugaten_2BcBonEmsD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love generic moege.

>> No.33369144

Wait do you just need the crack anon? I had to find it from some obscure as fuck blog site deep within duckduckgo somewhere. I can upload it for you.

>> No.33369204

I'm not sure, but nothing happens when I try launching it. I assumed it was because the game is too old for Windows 10

>> No.33369282

Sounds like the problem I had with it. I don't think any of the usual uploads of it have the crack with it for some reason. I played it on Windows 7 64-bit so I assume it would on 10 too. Anyways try this exe file.

>> No.33369349

It worked! Thank you anon

>> No.33369606

P.S. If you want to know the strategy for the gameplay parts, use the double sword mode for everything* except for the very final boss. Use the guns for that and shoot the fireball.
*Not counting the parts where you control Ambrose instead of Demonbane. Those are all easy anyway and you can just spam attack to win.

>> No.33369735

So is Sakuretto any good? What even is it? Some kind of time travel mystery moege?

>> No.33369745
File: 119 KB, 800x600, jun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nigga looks like a Saint Seiya character or some shit.

>> No.33369768

Moege can never have time travel. Time travel always means it's a nakige. No exceptions.

>> No.33370017

chrono clock
da capo

>> No.33370076

CC is """time travel""". Going back by 15 minutes is obviously not what comes to mind when someone says time travel. It means going to a different time period.
And Da kuso is a charage.

>> No.33370080
File: 28 KB, 256x300, 1598627941621.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does it count if the time traveler is neither MC nor a heroine?

>> No.33370084

I cried while reading Chrono Clock. It's a nakige.

>> No.33370102

Did Hulotte actually make the same story twice?

>> No.33370113

Wait, I thought https://vndb.org/v10876 was by Hulotte but it's a different one.

>> No.33370136

Is there any game with this setup but full of oyakodon with the daughter from the future?

>> No.33370206

>Last update:

>> No.33370394
File: 926 KB, 1566x2085, Screenshot_2021-02-24 巨乳ファンタジー 10th Anniversary Box.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

will this ever be uploaded?

>> No.33370519

oh nooo random cowtits nukige doesn't get uploaded noooo time to kms i don't want to live anymore

>> No.33370576

Usually happy endings in VNs are just "activate asspull. Give this girl a nice abrupt happy end already. gotta pack up soon".

>> No.33370758

It's pretty common for the normal end to be the asspull and the happy end to actually be the logical conclusion. It just depends.

>> No.33370772

more games should have endings like koikake

>> No.33370821


>> No.33370836

Clarias doesn't have any heroines that would allow for framing that sort of end.

>> No.33370854

You never know. Niijima works in mysterious ways. He might have another bullshit twist in store for us.

>> No.33370871

can anyone tell me what does "むちむち" mean?
It gets translated into "whip whip" which doesn't make any sense
what is the context of this word?

>> No.33370880

>It gets translated into "whip whip"
Get a better dictionary.

>> No.33370902
File: 876 KB, 827x1169, 87671085_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stands for "thicc", as in plump/voluptuous.

>> No.33370905

thank you

>> No.33370909

Never ask pointless shit in a thread for people who already know JP. Ask in DJT.

>> No.33370933

It might sound silly, but when you find such terms I suggest looking for it on pixiv. Lots of old and new slang in there.


>> No.33370942

I think you can easily guess what it means from situations where it is used. Just take it easily and feel the words bro. Use Japanese dictionaries if possible.

>> No.33370972

Blame the three retards that respond and make people think this is the correct place for those questions.

>> No.33370982

All these writers from late 10s are plain in terms of style. Back in the day we used to have legends who wrote with style. Even if what they were writing wasn't anything special or anything, how they wrote it made it tasty and flavorful.

>> No.33370997

this is a one time thing only, this is like my 3rd visit ever to this board in +13 years, so no need to foam at the mouth, you rabid dog

>> No.33371029

Immediately reminded me of Fuyuakane tom. He has interesting ideas but when he puts them into writing the end product is bad.

>> No.33371030

There is virtue in sharing knowledge freely.

>> No.33371041

then go to a fucking library

>> No.33371071

Is https://vndb.org/v585 as good as moogy claims?

>> No.33371108

imagine if all people were like you, there'd be no civilization as we know it because everyone would be fucking dead
if someone asks a question, you are not obligated to answer, but neither are you obligated to throw a tantrum when someone else answers that question as if all information is sacred and should be protected like it belonged to a fucking death cult

>> No.33371140

I think that game's supposed to have very adhd-friendly narration.

>> No.33371187
File: 150 KB, 800x600, fucking_kenzo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>absurd 00s humor
>chuuni as fuck
>bad ass 80s-style heavy metal OST
Okay I'm fucking dying here. This is actually hilarious.

>> No.33371253

Let guess, he is the owner of the establishment and is the master of magic kung fu? I love that shit.

>> No.33371323

店長さん but yeah exactly. It's funnier if you've played KimiNozo. I'm sure this is parodying/referencing stuff I'm not really familiar with. Saint Seiya jumps to mind but probably other battle shounen from that era too.

>> No.33371712

No one gives a fuck about style except few pretentious fags, fuck off.

>> No.33372216

Im pretty sure Giga has Nijima on a leash to not allow unexpected bullshits. Team Baldrhead rep is more important.

>> No.33373299

What is ドーナドーナ like? The bright neon style has kinda piqued my interest.

>> No.33373310


>> No.33373311

It's a fandisc right? some Waffle games didn't get uploaded for some reason. It's weird that part of Kyonyuu series of all things got shafted in this case.

>> No.33373318

Disappointing. Looking at the screenshots the art looks pretty cool.

>> No.33373383

Please don't listen to that schizo. It's good game but because there side characters that are prostitutes this idiot has been triggered for months now.

>> No.33373413

whats the best one of Giga's kiss games?

>> No.33373417

it's cuckshit, don't play unless you're fucking hardcore cuckold and loves used goods lol
non-virgin protag is a trash too

>> No.33373528

Seems interesting, never really played a vn with gameplay before unless you count danganronpa. Gameplay vns usually come off to me as kinda weak because they all seem to have the same slow turn based stuff. But for one I've never actually played one so what do I know and two I play an obscene amount of other more high pace games so maybe I'm just looking at them the wrong way.

Speaking of, where is the line typically drawn between JRPG and gameplay vn?

I've only read Ai Kiss and Kiss Ato and I preferred Ato.

>> No.33373603

In RenAi games gigolo route should be forbidden.

>> No.33373644

I am indeed a hardcore cuckold, I guess I'll have to check it out.

>> No.33373693

i think its more of a canon harem route than fandisk. but yea, its weird that it hasnt been uploaded after so long.

>> No.33373813

Read quof's review on vndb

>> No.33373859

> quof pretentious shit
Fuck off.

>> No.33373892


>> No.33373925

>Speaking of, where is the line typically drawn between JRPG and gameplay vn?
I think the term gameplay vn is stupid and shouldn't be used, Dohna Dohna is an eroge and so it gets put together with the rest of eroge, most of which are ADV, and from a westerner perspective that means it end up being a "gameplay vn" but the term is basically meaningless.

>> No.33374007

Fuck em westerners for coming up with bullshit like this!

>> No.33374485 [DELETED] 

Yo bros. I'm back from my ban.

>> No.33374969

decent story, alright gameplay, top tier h scene and art

>> No.33375355

Just looking this up on jisho.org gives you the right definition, so I was confused as to where this question was coming from, but I tried typing the same thing into google translate and sure enough it spits out whip whip. Do people seriously type stuff into google translate to look words up? Have these people never heard of dictionaries? Is this a zoomer thing?

>> No.33375973

humans are generally incredibly retarded. I can guarantee you. I'm 100% sure anyone from mainland europe can tell you stories of at least one of their classmates trying to solve their english homework by just typing shit into google translate and never stopping to do so no matter how often they are called out by the teachers. They'll even deny doing so.

>> No.33376107
File: 4 KB, 137x267, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mtl pigs lmao.

>> No.33376197

MTLchads use deepl

>> No.33376413
File: 24 KB, 797x481, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sure, here is deepl. Amazing shit, bro.

>> No.33376473

They allowed baldr heart's true end which is still one of my personal favorites.

>> No.33376482

Translation is off but it doesn't lie

>> No.33376708

That was the good kind of bullshit

>> No.33376726

Is baldr heart good compared to sky?

>> No.33376760

I liked it more but I have weird taste.

>> No.33376841

It's about half as long and tries way less to be a grand epic. Gameplay is slightly improved. Honestly if you like your games to be focused it's automatically better because Sky has some real fucking issues

>> No.33376881

Plot is kinda crap and oh god the art and the sprites.
Also the main heroine's route is twice the length because they save literally everything important to it so the other three routes are fairly dull and in the first girl's case it's fucking horrible.

>> No.33376892 [DELETED] 

>the other three routes
oh shit, there was a hidden route I missed?

>> No.33376926

I liked the plot...

>> No.33377601

Sky padding is so fucking awful.

>> No.33377641

Do most games have filler to make up for the 10k yen price tag? Seems like most of them always have countless scenes which contribute to neither the plot nor character/world building. I've played a few Alcot Honeycomb games which all have to seem great pacing and interesting developments, presumably because they're mid-priced.

>> No.33377676

Yet another retard complaining about comfy sol and sweet ichaicha

>> No.33377699

Since when does sky have “padding”? It has the least meandering plot of pretty much any eroge. Oh right, I forgot the translation is out. Yeah sky is fucking dogshit, heart is the real kamige.

>> No.33377723

Is there a 産卵 game with Gacha mechanics already? Like a game where you turn the heroines into living gachapons.

>> No.33377760

Just because SOL exists doesn't mean it's automatically comfy. It has to be well-written. I like ichaicha too, I wish routes consisted of more of that instead of forced drama.

>> No.33377767

Are you an idiot? Oh wait, I shouldn't have asked. You already implied that in your post.

>> No.33377847

haha bro ur so rite it's in en so it's kusoge now hahahah brrrrr

>> No.33377853

I'm always reading the wrong things then, huh. All I ever get is 1-2 hours of separation drama, and the final 2 minutes being "oh, I don't have to move/go back to heaven/die/marry some other guy/study overseas/have a life after all".

>> No.33377855


>> No.33377885

ok jop hope ur lowered ur sky vote already since its kusoge ruined by eops, totally not overrated kusoge since beginning

>> No.33377914

You wouldn't know

>> No.33377923

ok bro haha lol

>> No.33378135

I've played games where the true/happy is locked until you finish other random ends so you just get asspulled into a normal end until you unlock it.

>> No.33378266

Osananajimi was bumped up to no.1 with 200k likes now.

>> No.33378304

In all honesty, games with a true ending that do this shit usually have an even worse true ending full of ass pulls left and right.

Luckily I don't know too many with one. But even Daito, a game I considered generally quite nice, had a pretty shitty true route. Fucking up true routes seems to be a fairly common thing for this medium, though exceptions do exist. Probably because the writer feels like they need to do something SPECIAL now. And that usually goes very wrong.

>> No.33378316

True routes shouldn't exist. The medium is about choosing your path. One path being the "right one" ruins it.

>> No.33378336

You have to think outside of your little moege brain, retard.

>> No.33378370

All VNs should have fixed linear route order, it's impossible to have a proper story with foreshadowing and escalation otherwise.

>> No.33378394

>I've played a few Alcot Honeycomb games
Have you read 1/2 Summer or Aete Mushi? If so how are they? I've always had them on my backlog.

>Since when does sky have “padding”?
Terribly weak bait. Try harder next time.

>> No.33378399

Oh your precious writer can only write one interesting story. Oh no! Poor guy is literally forced to be lazy and make the others routes shorter and weaker to feed the true route.

>> No.33378447

All routes are true routes. No such thing as "one true route."

>> No.33378448

Sky definitely has padding, but it's really not that bad (not counting Reminisce).

>> No.33378509

Yeah, because otherwise tards like you gonna cry about MFW CANT FUG HEROINE WITHOUT ROUTE 8K YEN IS TOO MUCH, TOO LITTLE ERO REEEEE SO SHORT.

>> No.33378534

That's not my point you actual retard. He should make all routes interesting. Not one.

>> No.33378536

Reminiscience is okay if you know when to lightly tap the ctrl key

>> No.33378553

So Chinatsu route being almost copy of Aki route totally isn't padding, yep.

>> No.33378591

>Chinatsu route being almost copy of Aki route
But it's not a copy anymore than the other routes (not couting Sora's of course). Kou is in a completely different faction and spents most of Chinatsu's route being retarded.

>> No.33378635

Whole Chinatsu route shouldn't exist desu. Also would be cool to see Makoto route from Sora pov instead of Kou

>> No.33378712

Well somebody needed to show the GOAT's perspective. Chinatsu's character change from the school days and post Christmas was a good idea, but it definitely could have been executed better. I don't disagree that its one of the weaker routes (I dislike Nanoha's more mainly because I can't stand Nanoha). Actually Dive 2 is much better in retrospect. Every route there is solid. Makoto's highly succeeded my expectation.

>> No.33378925

They could do a cheap single route game if they can't write multiple routes, or better yet, write a book instead since they clearly don't know how to make good use of the VN medium.

>> No.33379002

Baldr sky is meh

>> No.33379017

>they don't know how to make good use of the VN medium
>cheap single route game is better
lol no. And I suppose (You) know better how the VN medium should be?
>or better yet, write a book instead
Or better yet, you fuck off, LNturd.

>> No.33379056

All eroge should be the way I liked it, thinks I don't like shouldn't be made, period.

>> No.33379067

I'm not saying it's better, I'm saying it's the best thing writers that can only write one true route and a bunch of irrelevant other shit can do, but I'd rather have them fuck off instead.

>> No.33379072

It's such a forgettable mediocrity. If not for these idiots who bring it up all the time I would've forgotten about it long ago.

>> No.33379164

Clarias will be the kusoge of the year.

>> No.33379177

why the fuck are these such a pain to play on linux, i tried two games already, one can't get to the title screen, other can't into fullscreen

>> No.33379205

Porter will be the kamige of the year

>> No.33379242
File: 183 KB, 1145x700, linux.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33379307

Just use a VM. Wine with VNs is kind of spotty.

>> No.33379309

like i didn't see this picture thousands of times already
how hard is it to add support for wine at the very least

>> No.33379473

Maybe for you, but I don't think so. Even if you overall dislike it, it's a pretty big story with a lot of content and gameplay so it's not surprising people would still remember it.

>> No.33379481

it would be a great bother since i would also need anki, browser, etc. i'll try flyable heart, and if it doesn't work - set up a qemu vm

>> No.33379557

Just put the VM on a separate virtual desktop and switch back and forth.

>set up a qemu VM
Just a warning, I've never been able to get sound to not be crackly garbage with a windows qemu VM. I gave up and just use Virtualbox (works for me).

>> No.33380092

Having to read everything 4 times is actually a good way to remember it later. People who don't care hold ctrl, while people who somehow do, read it, again and again and again.

Like I'm actually curious. How many here who actually played Baldr Sky went through it without without ctrl? I feel like ctrl is your best friend in Baldr Sky, as over half the text is pointless. (well, unless you consider it fine because the plot idea literally is to get bored by repetition)

>> No.33380261

I didn't even ctrl through Reminiscience. But other than that, it's really not the "again and again and again." It's nowhere near the worst plotge I've played that has had repetition between routes. Off the top of my head, the first Demonbane and Muv-Luv Unlimited are way worse.

>> No.33380731

>Muv-Luv Unlimited
You're supposed to just pick one girl (preferably Meiya), see her ending, and go straight to Alternative after that.

>> No.33380770

I did everything because I have autism and must finish it all. But yeah clearly they wrote everything for Meiya and lazily copy and pasted the lines for ever other heroine. On the bright side, it's kind of funny to see Ayamine act completely out of character and go on long monologues.

>> No.33381614

alternative reads your unlimited save without telling you to change some small things depending on which girl you cleared last so depending on how you do 100% you might even fuck yourself in the ass.

>> No.33381649
File: 727 KB, 800x600, AI6WIN_9BXCgpzHnp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What does "タプンタプン" mean ?

>> No.33381670

Shit I didn't know that. I haven't done Alternative yet, but I saved Meiya for last so hopefully that works.

>> No.33381722

You need to pick good games. I'd suggest something like Totono, which deliver a concise 15 hour product that doesn't waste your time at all.

>> No.33381782

This. The best vn of all time just have 1 linear plot for routes. Look at Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi. It's godtier because it has 1 perfect experience, no chance for suboptimal playthroughs. You get the perfection the devs intended, and it shows.

>> No.33381836

Either way it's nothing major, if there's no save it just defaults to Meiya

>> No.33382175

Usually the same as たぷたぷ. Kinda weird use of it here but i'd interpret it has his dick not getting hard. Not 100 procent sure though.

>> No.33382384

Thanks anon

>> No.33382422

Finally, someone that tells it like it is.

>> No.33383359

Bladr Sky is kamige and better than Heart. Heart had potential but was lacking in many aspects

-No full voice MC
-Added those gacha style fairies
-Art was not as good
-Story is not as epic and complex as Sky

>> No.33383410

Why do usedgoods- and cuck-ge have such great art? It's not fair.

>> No.33383428
File: 178 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's just how it is. If a woman is irresistable and flawless, she'll be attracting others too. The best women are the ones you need to share.

>> No.33384424

the gacha fairies are an improvement over Sky's retarded unlock system and also tie into the story
>Art was not as good
>Story is not as epic and complex as Sky
That's a good thing.

>> No.33384478

>The best women are the ones you need to share
Cuck mindset

>> No.33384535

The Heart true route was better than any single route in Sky

>> No.33384697

If you're the only one in the world who wants your waifu, it's a shitty waifu.

>> No.33385394

>No full voice MC
That depends on if it's good or not. Sky Dive's MC was awful whenever he actually had to act and not just normally talk. Game is so much better with him muted, which I did way too late, because in theory I like fully voiced games.

>> No.33385447

I thought he was fine for everything except crying which is no big deal since most seiyuu are bad at crying anyway.

>> No.33385509

There was one girl whose wailing cry gave me goosebumps in the good kind of sense. Amazing display of voice acting. But I can't remember.

>> No.33385650

The translation thread died?! Guess I'll be here now

>> No.33385659

fuck off

>> No.33385680

how about toto no.

>> No.33385864
File: 486 KB, 637x500, Screenshot (3596).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Been trying to install Sengoku Hime 7 and for some reason the install keeps failing. Couldn't find any information for my error. Any help?

>> No.33385885

try reading the error, especially the part in the brackets

>> No.33385944

I'm an EOP, I just wanna try out the Sengoku series since I like SRPGs.

>> No.33385985

Too bad.

>> No.33386002

Come on anon, please help a fellow anon out

>> No.33386011

Fuck off totopo

>> No.33386020

No, fuck off and die. This is really really not the thread for this shit.

>> No.33386023

look for the title of what u downloaded in vndb

>> No.33386070

Fuck off, go to /hgg/ or someplace instead of begging for help here for a game you can'te ven read.

>> No.33386104

no wonder the vn community is so dead, you guys fight against people trying to learn and join

>> No.33386206

why cant i see your post trying to help him then

>> No.33386503

I'm still lost, is there a NoDVD patch I should be using? I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.

>> No.33386739
File: 85 KB, 1000x245, dks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33386859

what are the most vanilla VNs of ClockUp?
I know they are known for their gore, rape , NTR derived games,
but I really like this company character design and mature story's, I just don't like the shitty fetish clusterfuck they have

in my backlog I have
>Dead Days
Those looked the most "vanilla" ones

>> No.33386942

The ero series (eroge, erogoods, erovoice), and the kenzen series are pretty vanilla. Same with the sapo series if you like gyaru sluts.

>> No.33387082

You need to install the thing mentioned in the brackets first

>> No.33387125

bro just read totono if you want something only mildly fucked up

>> No.33387136

The body of the game? But the CD is mounted, that's what I'm trying to install.

>> No.33387192

I have no idea what this game is but it looks like you are trying to install an addon without having the main game installed

>> No.33387200

install the version that doesn't have "遊戯強化版" at the end of the title

>> No.33387258

>eroge, erogoods, erovoice
Don't those have scat and trannies?

>> No.33387269

Only 1 scene per game, which still puts them on the vanilla side.

>> No.33387359

already read it, it has NTR tho, but it was cute so
I will check those out, btw, have you played Nemurenu? It looks cool but reminds me of Maggot Baits and that was dogshit

>> No.33387398

>>already read it, it has NTR tho, but it was cute so
It's a plotge. The "NTR" scene in Totono (really a threesome with a cute girl and a trap) is not supposed to make you happy any more than watching a character you like die in other plotge is. Sometimes bad things happen in plots. I don't know why so many people struggle with the concept that 1 NTR-ish scene isn't a flaw, the game doesn't expect you to jerk off, it expects you to be grossed out a bit and shocked so you are off-center and even more shocked when Miyuki crawls out from under the bed and murders you

Like, do you guys watch game of thrones and go "wow they cut a guy's dick off, how do they expect me to jack off to that"? No, it's meant to be obvious that sometimes scenes involving sex are supposed to be shocking and plot-focused and not something to jerk off because of. I don't know why people can understand that for western media but not eastern media.

>> No.33387400

go back to /vn/

>> No.33387408

Who told you I post in /vn/?

>> No.33387416

I'm honestly confused as all hell right now, since that's the disc proper, there's no other MDF file that came with the archive. The only other torrent to grab is smaller in size and looks like it has the same content on a glance. I'll give it a rest and see if I can figure it out later.

>> No.33387417

>No, it's meant to be obvious that sometimes scenes involving sex are supposed to be shocking and plot-focused and not something to jerk off because of.
This would be a stronger point if the game did not have a special menu for you to easily access scenes intended for you to jerk off to, with said scene included.

>> No.33387555

Yes, it's a sex scene and like every other sex scene it's in the gallery. That doesn't change that it's a scene very obviously designed to shock the player, and it ends with you literally being murdered, I don't get where the confusion comes from where you view that scene and don't understand it's not a basic H-scene, later in the plot the MC is mocked for it while Miyuki calls Aoi a terrible VN heroine, obviously the game looks down on it. Are you implying they should have left a sex scene out of the sex scene gallery just because it's not vanilla sex like the dozen other H-scenes in the game all are? The gallery has fucking anything noteworthy in it, including the CG of the tomato juice can, so I don't get why you're acting like a sex scene being there means it MUST be there solely to jerk it to. It's 1 scene in a game that never advertises itself as even containing that content, obviously it's there for shock value. Hell, people rage about it a year later, it obviously did it's job.

>> No.33387672

True, looking at the scene again it's played as a shock, even Aoi is reacting as if it's weird. My NTR senses are barely being tickled.

>> No.33387686

>people rage about it a year later
The game came out 7 years ago.

>> No.33387690

If you're talking about the three torrents on sukebei then they're all add-ons. If you knew Japanese or had half a brain you'd notice.

>> No.33387703

Right, but us JOP never really complained about that scene. The focus was always about what happens right after, that was what all the discussion was about. It was thin-skinned moebuta EOP that overreacted to it when it was translated last year. Honestly they didn't deserve Totono.

>> No.33387714

How do you know what EOPs oevereact to? I haven't seen any discussion about that game here in years.

>> No.33387741

There are discussion locations other than /jp/. There's Discord with a lot of vn discussion forums, but it's still chaotic. Last month a server I used got taken down, they accept nudity but not for loli, and people couldn't handle that rule I guess.

>> No.33387874

The fuck? Who the hell would upload an addon that doesn't work without the base game while not uploading the base game too? Did it get removed? Fuck, where the hell am I supposed to find that.

>> No.33388058

>do you guys watch game of thrones
Why the fuck would anyone in this thread watch game of thrones? If you do, please neck yourself..

>> No.33388061

Yeah, what kind of person has more than 1 interest?

>> No.33388082

Being interested in the most banal, brainless garbage of normalfag western tv isn't something to advertise. Even nukige is more sophisticated.

>> No.33388097

If you didn't realize it yet, most people have some normalfag tastes. It wouldn't be normalfag if people didn't like it.

Also, you're behind on the times, people hate on GOT hard these days for the final season.

>> No.33388109

I know this is an old complaint but normalfags don't belong on 4chan. Certainly not the eroge thread on /jp/ of all places.

>> No.33388131

My point is that fucking everyone likes some normalfag shit. Don't tell me you watch 0 shows that air on TV, 0 movies that make it to theaters, own 0 mainstream consoles, don't have a big brand phone, don't touch any mobile apps or social media, ect. Same shit with pretending reddit is the devil, 90% of the website will tell you reddit is bad but 95% of this website also uses reddit at least sometimes. It's ok to be honest with yourself and each other, we won't mock you for liking a show other people like.

>> No.33388176

>Don't tell me you watch 0 shows that air on TV, 0 movies that make it to theaters, own 0 mainstream consoles, don't have a big brand phone, don't touch any mobile apps or social media
I don't. Also go back to redd*t you fag.

>> No.33388187

Contrarians, everyone.

>> No.33388203

>Don't tell me you watch 0 shows that air on TV, 0 movies that make it to theaters, own 0 mainstream consoles, don't have a big brand phone, don't touch any mobile apps or social media
I have a phone I guess, to keep in touch with family and generating virtual credit cards. Sometimes I forget to charge it for days though.

>> No.33388264

Well he said "big brand phone" which I interpreted to mean like the latest apple product or whatever the flagship is.

>> No.33388369

This. It's about being "trendy". You can't shit on people for liking something mainstream like GOT if you do trendy or mainstream shit yourself, and damn near everyone does. If you're one of the NEET living in a basement playing eroge all day with no exceptions, congrats, you beat the trends, but at what cost?

>> No.33388394

>but at what cost?
Not much, it's a pretty frugal lifestyle.

>> No.33388412

I mean I have a job so I dunno if that makes me normal, but I have no idea how people seriously consume/partake-in current pop culture.

>> No.33388424

Most people would have no clue how you play eroge, it's such a niche that most people literally don't know it exists at all. You might actually have autism, that's some theory of mind shit going on if you can't understand other people's views.

>> No.33388495

My point is that current pop culture is unbelievably bad and basically like 90% propaganda. Even with minimal effort, you can find better uses of your time. Whether that's watching bad sci-fi movies from the 50s, reading foreign porn, etc., you get more intellectual stimulation.

>> No.33388520

>>My point is that current pop culture is unbelievably bad and basically like 90% propaganda.
So are VN. They tell you to love the tropes, reject real women, only accept pure goddesses, ect. And where do you find characters that insanely pure you can pretend to fuck? Only in eroge.

You're removed a bit from it if you're not Japanese, but it's still propaganda.

>> No.33388573

Common themes/cliches/etc. != propaganda. Nobody writes eroge to further some specific agenda/ideology.

>> No.33388760

holy cuck

>> No.33388794
File: 176 KB, 800x600, inwai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.33388894
File: 1.23 MB, 696x5294, elf homepage banner .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wait, we got continuation to this?

>> No.33388933
File: 203 KB, 1000x245, 1610556075333.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who is this blue mascot?

>> No.33389002

I had exactly the same thought. Hiruta is back?

>> No.33389024

hikomaro, check fanza twitter he is hidden in all of them

>> No.33389235

What do you think the odds of a Kimi To Kanojo 2 is?

>> No.33389368

never i hope.

>> No.33389643

Thread went to shit again.

>Don't those have scat and trannies?
Those are vanilla.

>> No.33389733

>need to share
Cucks really are the worst.

>> No.33389739

Should the next OP image be Clarias, Doukyusei or Lupercalia?

>> No.33389748

True, they'd never be able to top the original. It'd be like going from Steins;Gate to S;G 0 all over again.

>> No.33389754

Aoi Totono

>> No.33389759

How bout something good instead? And no that's not your shitty Totono either.

>> No.33389762


>> No.33389846


>> No.33389865
File: 590 KB, 1222x913, 1591324000431.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They haven't come out, you don't know if they're good or not.
This thread should learn to appreciate new releases instead of just posting the boring screenshots from old shit all the time.

>> No.33389886

Totono is based though

>> No.33389920

based on what?

>> No.33389929

Why is Totono suddenly popular again?

>> No.33389953

I don't mind using new releases for the OP but it's obvious you're that EOP schizo because no one here ever asks what to use for the OP. Most of the time the thread stays dead until someone notices and makes one with a game they're reading or plan to read. No one asks what to use lol. That's what /vn/shitters do. Not like you will read those 3 games so fuck off. I've noticed you shitting up at least 4 different boards with your Totono/Aoi bullshit. Get a fucking life and take your meds.

>> No.33389971

It's not.

>> No.33390064

how much rent does that guy (not me) pay you?

>> No.33390604

About 80% of the last 50+ posts are that sperg samefagging. If you can't see that you're a newfag or him. And even if you're really not him you're still a retarded newfag with a /vn/ mindset of "I have to put this new shiny release in the OP because it's new and shiny." The worst case you can get with /jp/ OPs is a retard using the same game multiple times in a row like with ReCation 5 or so times. Again something a /vn/ EOP would do.

>> No.33390655

>About 80% of the last 50+ posts are that sperg samefagging. If you can't see that you're a newfag or him.
Not every post by someone you don't like is 1 person.
>And even if you're really not him you're still a retarded newfag with a /vn/ mindset of "I have to put this new shiny release in the OP because it's new and shiny."
Is there a better reason to make an OP image? You can use your oldfag images when there's nothing new worth using.
>The worst case you can get with /jp/ OPs is a retard using the same game multiple times in a row like with ReCation 5 or so times. Again something a /vn/ EOP would do.
I've never seen /vn/ use the same game 5 times in a row, there's usually 2 or sometimes 3 threads made and people use the least bad one. If someone tries repeating them it won't get reused, because people want variety, aka picking new relevant stuff instead of using the same old shit like you want.
I don't know what your issue is with newer posters but come on, we're all vn fans here and should be celebrating each other, not dragging each other down.

>> No.33390733

There's a prominent /vn/ shitposter who's obsessed with it and he's unfortunately infected this thread too. Ignore and report

>> No.33390949
File: 477 KB, 1920x1080, ichikano_kXanpcRR5A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what eroge gameplay should be

>> No.33391157

Huh, I thought it was just a simple single-heroine eroge, didn't know it had gameplay.

>> No.33391226

Based as fuck

>> No.33391249

What's wrong with the classic dating sim format? It's a shame there aren't more eroge like STS made anymore.

>> No.33391250

there are secret combos as well besides the ones shown in pic,

>> No.33391273

like lovely x cation? I kind of found it breaks apart the interactions too much for my taste. And the stat system locking certain h scenes had me restarting several times in l x c 2, cant say i enjoyed juggling events and training stats for a perfect run.

>> No.33391320

Managing numbers is boring. I want other type of gameplay.

>> No.33391434

That's why I mentioned STS, far less number autism and more "unlocking" things like stats, items, money, and locations through time spent in-game.

>> No.33391633

To be safe, check this link for old vn on linux:

>> No.33392886

>more "unlocking" things like stats, items, money,
Nothing different than crunching numbers bullshit unless you tie them to interesting gameplay

>> No.33392982

Added to the eternal backlog.

>> No.33393508


>> No.33395045

>I don't know what your issue is with newer posters but come on, we're all vn fans here and should be celebrating each other, not dragging each other down.
no, get fucked
purity spirals happen for a reason and of you think otherwise you're probably the model of the "person" who was meant to be excluded
this happens every single time

>> No.33395675
File: 1.66 MB, 1920x1080, 9-nine-ゆきいろゆきはなゆきのあと_2021-02-25_13-30-10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Of course the chuuni itaiko loves Code Gayass.
I love it too.

>> No.33395829

Hooksoft livestream about the new SMEE game.
They actually pronounced her name as Ko-uta. Fucking wow

>> No.33395951

I guess the fact that the fake loli is voiced by Tsukino Kiiro will save her.

>> No.33395995

Clarias, the true promised kamige that will elevate the medium beyond all other art forms

>> No.33396005

She doesn't need saving, those sample scenes were great already.

>> No.33396010

Because of the seiyuu

>> No.33396053
File: 1.61 MB, 2160x1080, Screenshot_20210225-080044.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn this blonde looks like shit, they should have used K子 for all the girls.

>> No.33396068

Same setting as the first game. Now that's an economical way to save on assets.

>> No.33396074

Lupercalia of course, Lucle is the best writer in the medium by far

>> No.33396090
File: 2.00 MB, 1332x751, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33396313

Sumire is under Hooksoft?

>> No.33396672

So now that the dust has settled, what's the verdict on Clarias?

>> No.33396676

Nevermind, I understand. They just shilled it because SMEE's writer also wrote Sumire's new game.

>> No.33397864

To be fair STS ties them to a few dozen minigames. Like, you can earn money through multiple different jobs, and if you hate the jobs you can earn some money and leave it in the bank to get interest while you do routes and things that don't drain money to passively build more.

>> No.33397877

It's ok but it's no kimi to kanojo

>> No.33398196

Greatest work of fiction ever produced

>> No.33398220

I thought that was the cancelled To2no?

>> No.33398341

I randomly played a game that had a system like this but it was nowhere this sophisticated and basically all you had to do was move the mouse in circles.

>> No.33399154

Follow this guide:


It's very up to date. Make sure you're getting cracked versions from nyaa or ab.

I play eroge and vns on wine exclusively and I've yet to encounter one that hasn't worked.

>> No.33399174

Who's ready for Clarias?

>> No.33399224

i'm ready clarias bros

>> No.33399336


>> No.33399563

You could power a rocket to mars on my hype. This is basically the next baldr sky, clarias is going to be the kamige that defines this decade.

>> No.33399726

I still haven't finished the VN I'm currently reading and here I am a mere day before the release date, having wasted 8 hours of my supposed eroge reading time on the internets.

>> No.33399803
File: 460 KB, 1920x1080, 冥契のルペルカリア__2021-02-25_09-26-45.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.33399832

What the hell is wrong with her eyebrows?

>> No.33399843

stroke moe

>> No.33399862

That's one of the cringiest things I've ever read. Imagine someone saying that in real life.

>> No.33399880

>that chin on the left

>> No.33399903

I'm more focused on how fucking massive her forehead is.

>> No.33400021

Why did the artist forget how to draw faces?

>> No.33400104

Finally a sharpener for my pencil

>> No.33400780

They always look like they are melting.

>> No.33400912

I can't wait for niijima to nuke your hype rocket.

>> No.33400921

Will Wagahime be kamige?

>> No.33400950

I look forward to seeing how you cope next week.

>> No.33401022

It better be, it's not every day that I actually preorder a game.

>> No.33401057

One word: NBR

>> No.33401075

Only if every girl gets an h-scene.

>> No.33401089

What bearing does that statement have on anything? Who the hell is preordering new games every day?

>> No.33401136

I was trying to express my wish that the money I'm going to pay for the game is well spent.

>> No.33401148

That phrase is a common idiom in English which simply means that whatever the person is referring to is a rare event.

>> No.33401381

I was being facetious, you esls. Don’t you dare eslsplain my own native language to me.

>> No.33401479

Now that's cope.

>> No.33401487

With the amount of autism in these threads, you can never be too careful.

>> No.33401531

Doukyuusei remake this month
Parfait remake next month
What remake after that month???

>> No.33401602

I only care about the Tsukihime to settle the question if Nasu is a washed up hack once and for all.

>> No.33401741

lmao all-ages

>> No.33401918

Subahibi remake :^)

>> No.33401978

I wouldn't put it past sca-ji

>> No.33402261

tenmei append when

>> No.33402336

meh, it's no totono