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Temma is still live on his Hard playthrough of Nier

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>60k damage endurance
apex saiko!!

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Tick-tock Seaweed

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why does Robesan keep ignoring this one Pochi daughter?

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He can't leech from her now and he didn't in the past so there is no reason to keep up appearances

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Why should he when Pochi herself disowned her?

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>Pochi herself disowned her?
please elaborate

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well it's going live so get yourselves strapped in. It's going to be a long one as usual.

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Full RAG is in. Seaweed continues his APEX brainwashing

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rag returns nice

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Good morning Apex
Good afternoon Apex
Good evening Apex
Good night Apex

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>4208 damage.
>Started streaming 45 minutes ago
This is going to take a while.

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Keep rocking baby.

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>Astel punches and kills "Shota_Enpire"

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Watch Roberu beat up Temma Ky Kiske

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I dream of Ras/Kawase - Astel on one team...

>> No.33223638

Max is 24, so he can still join either one since he should only be 4 points (low diamond) unless they rank him higher because he's clearly at least Master level. It all comes down to whether they can find a girl though.

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May no!

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He's going to finish ahead of the 10h mark at this rate.
But pizzadad is leaving for his stream

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Another one, he's doing amazing

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>kusogakis got paired with a fan who watched the tournament
>they pretend to be fakes eventhough seaweed is streaming

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Rob's too scared to enter the online lobby ww.

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Wtf, how come leona is only 4 pts?

>> No.33224348

What's her peak rank? Is it D4?

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Dia but I don't know which one

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is he playing with Arcsys staff and Koe?

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Yeah, he also joined Robe's membership at the end.

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Any chance of Roberu going full autist on this game?

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less than on horses

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Oga is next https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0WrGzIX1bU

He fought dogura too. Dogura was kind enough to hold back.

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Shien or Temma are the ones who would take it seriously.

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eternal Guilty Gear Strive day

>> No.33224947

much better than game permissions arcs

>> No.33224957

better than nier or undertale

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If only there were more fights and less training mode

>> No.33225017

it's the first day, please understand

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believe in Oga, he knows how to play fighting games

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It's the first day. The choices are either training or get your ass whooped.

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https://youtu.be/jzcslWaMaGg it's time for Rikka's airdashing

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Oga was on wifi so he didn't enter the online lobby.

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Seeing Astel nail people is satisfying

>> No.33226664

I want to get nailed by Astel

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i wish astel would nail me

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>rikka enters lobby
>go1 and kazunoko

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Who are you quoting?

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hey why dont you stupid fucks go to your newboard you have a board now why dont you fuck off you piece of shis just kidding but why dont you go to your board

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already halfway there, sasuga apex addict

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>rikka on the sweat lobby
Oh boy

>> No.33227204

seeing astel's octane is some of the most fun i've had watching apex in a while (besides the tournament of course)

>> No.33227236

Octane's buffs last season+ this season has really made him great, he's a real speed demon now

>> No.33227304

>picking the pro-players lobby
I need to check that later

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Inui-dono is taking this seriously. He has been on training mode with Chipp for a good while.

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If you recheck the GG website, you can see that they now categorized the streamers and he apparently applied to play the beta. It helps for the motivation

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Apex Seaweed is thinking about rounding it up to 100k instead of 60k. "It's not like 40k more is a big difference" or so he says.

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60k, 100k, 200k, it's all the same APEX anyway. Literally no difference.

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So how about a 24h viewer participation stream? He's up for it, but even Izuru is shocked by that idea.

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his brain is truly broken

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God I love this seaweed

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I'm sure you guys will be glad to hear that he had a lot of fun with the viewer participation stream, so much that he's thinking about doing it EVERYDAY.

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Personally I'd rather he focus on getting to Master, but APEX 3150!

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There goes Astel's APEX cupid dreams...

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In any case, his average viewers numbers increased and remained stable for a while now. It is nice to see that people are visibly enjoying his streams and staying around

>> No.33228392

I've formed a dependence on his Apex streams, can't get through the day without one. I've even resorted to pulling up Hal's or anyone else's apex streams when I have nothing better to do

>> No.33228402

You mean Astel could carry me everyday? Sign me up.

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Pochi describes the vtubers she's designed as her family but she completely ignores Meteo's existence, she didn't even congratulate her for her recent debut anniversary.
there's a few mamas and papas that have a strict "it was a job" relationship with the vtubers they created. Hiro (Luna's papa) is the same way for example with his first daughter, Tsukimiya Shizuku

>> No.33228588

She doesn't describe Reine as family either does she? She only lists Ulta, Yuki, and Lenri

>> No.33228592

Apex syndrome...

>> No.33228639

But why. She’s pretty hot

>> No.33228676

Rikka is playing among us

>> No.33228710

she does, it was made official on their first collab. Reine was also added on her channels page

>> No.33228825

I see, I was going by the people she had listed on her overlay a while back

>> No.33228905

and is dead now

>> No.33229285

Has Astel ever played other FPS games? Or at least mentioned wanting to?

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Nice rhymes from our flowerboi.

Spellbreakers when it came out of beta, if you can even call it FPS. He's been tweeting about Tarkov as well.

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cute hanakishi

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Temnyan...sounds like someones stepping on his tail

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naughty kitty got punished for being out of basement without permission

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Anybody following this surprise zatsudan from Astel? I got bits and pieces about him talking about 3D, but I'm kinda zoning out since it's pretty late for me.

>> No.33230167

While eating he talked about his synergy with the other stars and wondered how much of a chaos Roberu, Shien and he would become if all of them became 3D since they get really loud together when offline.
He reminded everyone his 3D would probably be the last and also talked about how all his projects (cover songs etc.) are paid out of his own pocket so he will be poor this year.

>> No.33230224

I remember him talking about Second Extinction a few times on stream

>> No.33230385

Watching him get spanked by this Adam and Eve fight in the Nier archive is a pretty good punishment. Multiple sighs of relief after its over, the later 9s hacking segments on hard are going to be such a pleasure to watch if he continues after the first ending.

>> No.33230426

>and also talked about how all his projects (cover songs etc.) are paid out of his own pocket
WTF... that's so shady. I had no idea.

>> No.33230485

Astel getting triggered at a cheater is a mood.

>> No.33230503

I thought it was common knowledge at this point that all holos pay out of pocket for things like covers and stuff. Shits rough man.

>> No.33230520

It wasn't a cheater, it was two parties intentionally queuing together and teaming up. What really got him was that there was no "teaming" option when he tried to report them.

>> No.33230561

Of course, all this talk will be lost to oblivion soon given his damage dealing pace
That's the standard almost everywhere, most nijis also pay events and songs by themselves too

>> No.33230623

Man watching him play Octane makes Apex feel like a different game

>> No.33230643

He said he would leave the archive while he witnessed the crossteaming so he might open a new frame in case he can't reach his goal in time.

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>> No.33230739

Good on the seaweed for turning apex into another main attraction.

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is for breeding!

>> No.33230901

Astel ordered Ollie to go to bed, but the zombie won't do it until he gets champion.

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Members only breeding for the highest tier when?

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>highest SC’r gets breeding rights with the knight

>> No.33231533

he's gotta survive the initial gangbang when he opens up membership before that

>> No.33232079

Shinove is a natural at Apex....

>> No.33232150

Not him but they could have had a falling out. Maybe that's why Roberu ignores her now so he stays on good terms with Poochi.

>> No.33232155

Seaweeds influence continues to spread.
APEX 3150!

>> No.33232211

shinove is gonna kick your ass if you dont archive this astel

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>> No.33232357

holy grass

>> No.33232371


>> No.33232385

that's what you get for singing gurenge

>> No.33232406


>> No.33232434

The madman finally did it!
What will be the next big challenge?

>> No.33232510

That was pretty much the funniest way the stream could have ended. GG, Seaweed.

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>astel 67k

>> No.33234805

So based on temma’s reactions to shiens valentines voice, the knight is very weak to that type of teasing
Imagine sexually bullying the knight...

>> No.33234895

>temma’s reactions to shiens valentines voice

>> No.33235052


>> No.33235146

Anon I already picture the knight in too many situations, but that reaction really makes you want to push him onto a bed fondle him, if hes weak to the idea of being sniffed I wonder if he likes to be gently bitten, imagine all those cute sounds.
Pinning down the knight and forcefully kissing him would probably be enough to kill him.Flustered knight begging you to stop...

>> No.33235503

Morning Roberu in 10 minutes

>> No.33235578

apparently Oga was fighting Koefficient this morning

>> No.33235691

That's hilarious, the world really feels small. He did tweet that he has been playing since he woke up earlier, must be having a good time.

>> No.33235768

Kaze no sakana had been stuck in my head for fucking hours. And it’s just KAZENO SAKANA I~MA on a fucking loop

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>> No.33235831

Damn, those were some pretty close matches actually. Was expecting to see nothing but chuubas getting bodied today

>> No.33235848

wait until Inui came out of training mode

>> No.33235891

I'm surprised there aren't more fighting game pros doing vtuber stuff. People like sonicfox seem like that type to go for it, plus half them are unwashed and unappealing enough to benefit from it

>> No.33235903

Omito has been doing it for a while.

>> No.33235939

Another lifemorotomo collab for the 19th? this week

>> No.33235961

He really is a VOMS member.

>> No.33236072

Look at the chat fly.

>> No.33236093

Roberu please not more Xenoblade

>> No.33236260

Please stop making me feel old every other morning stream, Roberu.

>> No.33236368

Son I'm not a fan of your toilet reports.

>> No.33236436

Nice speedrun away from breakfast superchats, Roberu.

>> No.33236679

Robel only do morning stream today because of Bloom?

>> No.33236880

Seems that way, unless he suddenly does something after it. I dont actually remember him mentioning it this stream, though my memory is also shit.
Shinove also made sure to mention it in his tweet.

>> No.33238287

Keep on Rockin' with Oga in half an hour.

>> No.33238549

Is his stream lagging? feels like it

>> No.33238590

I'm not seeing it but I'm sleepy enough that it may just be going over my head.

>> No.33238594

Maybe it was just for that moment, I'm not noticing it anymore. Oga's pretty decent at fightan games huh?

>> No.33238644

Hes not bad, he is doing alright considering who he is going up against, wasnt expecting to see Infiltration, assuming its the one Im thinking of. Hes been using a lot of his resources poorly at times and missing some big stuff for little gain but once the demo is open to everyone youll see some more even matches.
I'm very mediocre at fighters though so everything I just said should be taken with a lot of salt.

>> No.33238693

i hope they actually do a strive tournament

>> No.33238784

That would be fun, hoping that some of them stay interested for release too. It would be nice if one of them wants to pick it up as a semi regular game to stream but its hard to keep most people interested in the practice/grinding part of learning a game probably.

>> No.33238828

safe to say Oga is the best holo at this game

>> No.33238832

Oga says Shiepi is better than he is

>> No.33238842

papa papers please

>> No.33238852

I feel like Shien will probably be better but Oga is putting in a lot of early work, he is facing a lot of different level fighting game pros.

>> No.33239278

Come watch the theoretically strongest Holopro kakuge player: https://youtu.be/1uE7oTvHs-4

>> No.33239404

I like how the first thing he does is load up his main and check which moves have changed. Really hammers in that he's not new to this.

>> No.33239443

The difference is that nijis are salaried and people under cover aren't

>> No.33239512

>Nobody will notice anything if I spout bullshit confidently

>> No.33240150

Boss is starting online

>> No.33240252

Damn is Shien playing against THE Infiltration?

>> No.33240255

The wife-beater himself. What a god.

>> No.33240337

ive always been a casual viewer of the FGC over the years, but it still feels surreal to watch how the stars are playing against all of these big names

>> No.33240365

Shien isn't putting up a great fight against THE big names, but he's doing pretty alright against some of the smaller ones.

>> No.33240490

Roberu and Oga's (let's not talk about Mori...) streams were entertaining don't get me wrong, but seeing someone somewhat competent like Shien at the game reminds me of why I got into FGCs.

>> No.33240515

What happened with Mori?

>> No.33240546

Your everyday unga bunga player, no blocking CPU May's "Iruka!" spam, leading to multiple losses and multiple replays. She didn't even touch online.

>> No.33240668

Damn these staffs sure really love him.

>> No.33240701

tfw no one cares about the old man to post that he's streaming Guilty Gear too

>> No.33240843

Shien VS Inui!

>> No.33240861

Inui finally came out of the training room

>> No.33240900

Is Oga picking on the old man?

>> No.33240947

Can't believe Shien got fucking bodied by IGN

>> No.33240949

Shiepi vs Ogapi!

>> No.33240958

MaFia match!

>> No.33240959

MaFia battle now

>> No.33240960

>everyone but Roberu playing

>> No.33240966

Shien defending his title as Holostars Fight Club King

>> No.33240982

And getting picked on by Shien in return

>> No.33241004

Oga, your blocking reps...

>> No.33241080

Dogman vs Robotman

>> No.33241087

The Holostars fighting game tourney is looking more and more possible

>> No.33241092


>> No.33241265

Ah, I remember this. The one that bullied Roberu was a regular

>> No.33241292

There are only nine Holostars, and good luck convincing Astel to play anything that is a complete time sink other than Apex. A vtuber tournament is more likely, but funny enough, Cover is the only place that has talents that openly play FGCs.

>> No.33241334

Shinove can always join in to round out the members.

>> No.33241354

YAGOO can join as well

>> No.33241356
File: 36 KB, 400x400, 1609062327857.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>managing the boys
>plus time needed for labbing
You're gonna kill him.

>> No.33241372

Dude was playing Apex in the middle of the night, he can handle a bit of GG

>> No.33241395

What are the chances one of the stars joined a FG tournament like Robesan?

>> No.33241411

Inui was playing earlier as well, though he seems new to the game.

>> No.33241419

If he has time to check up on Astel during dead hours and become infected with the Seaweed Apex virus im sure he can squeeze in some time to play GG with the boys

>> No.33241424

They're actually making this shit look fun

>> No.33241432

They can also invite Inui to round up the numbers

>> No.33241439

I'm probably picking it up at launch despite being dogshit at FGs just because of them

>> No.33241478

Hey, who says that there are just one Shinove? He can do it

>> No.33241483

>good luck convincing Astel to play anything that is a complete time sink other than Apex
astel has put an ungodly amount of hours into different games throughout his channel, and let's not forget how he even tried to learn league of legends at one point. time isnt an issue at all for him

>> No.33241538

Shinove is like the cameramen from extreme environment shows. They're like the strongest member of the cast, having to keep up with the host, except lugging around filming equipment everywhere. He can take the punishment that would make mere mortals kneel.

>> No.33241657

People who enjoy the game they're playing (and somewhat competently) always makes the game look better.

>> No.33242051

A GG vchuuba tournament sounds fun. Just keep Omito away to make it fair.

>> No.33242111

I always like the idea of having the top players commentate and then having a bunch of show matches after the tournament where you can have the top players play with the winners/each other

>> No.33242194

I'd actually prefer Soulcalibur tourney instead since they can be themselves using Character Creator

>> No.33242359

izuru scheduled a stream for later, will zatsudan finally filter the underage EOPs for now or is that still too optimistic?

>> No.33242430

he uses the slow mode. from his last utawaku stream, its quite effective to filter those thirsty underage EOPs

>> No.33242442

Izuru's teenage girls don't care what he's saying, they just keep shouting their undying love for him.

>> No.33242516

They just ask if he's sick and point out how cute he sounds so I see little hope ;_;

>> No.33242538

He needs to find a way to communicate to his EOP fans and have the new ones know as well.

>> No.33242762

Do you think they care? EOP weebs go watch Japanese shit even if they can't understand anything.

>> No.33242982

Shien lost to a bamco rep in strive lobbies, I'm afraid the permissions are not coming.

>> No.33244193

Astel, the idolfags will get angry. Calm down.

>> No.33244216

I'm retarded. This is the actual link.

>> No.33244272

You make it sounds like the idolfags like her.

>> No.33244298

What the fuck Astel came inside of Towa and impregnated her with deformed kids?

>> No.33244486

Astel supporting his sisters

>> No.33244507

towa baby...

>> No.33244654

That's cool of him.

>> No.33244841

she watches his unarchived disney streams after all, based space seaweed

>> No.33244874

Towa constantly praised him and Izuru through the entire apex vtuber tourney. You are worrying for nothing.

>> No.33244914

Now that I think about it, how the hell did Shinove get the license for Strive anyway? Or why did Arc Sys give it to them? The homos are not that popular, hell, they're not even that good at this game.

>> No.33244936

They are friends it's not a secret

>> No.33245003

They've had arcsys permissions for a while and they are the only ones, plus Calli, willing to stream fighting games.

>> No.33245098

>he still believe idolfags are the issue
fuck off to reddit

>> No.33245171

They have always had permissions for ArcSys. It's just barely anyone played FGC. Subaru was saying she was practicing, but she has never streamed it. Also, ArcSys were handing out beta keys to influencers and Cover happened to get some because why not.

>> No.33245563

Arcsys wanted to give early access to influencers before pro-players this time, I bet it's because lots of people in the FGC didn't like the game after the first gameplay trailers and Bamco had good publicity after using vtubers playing shinymas

>> No.33245673

I checked through some of the pro-players twitters and their responses seem pretty positive. Everyone is enjoying the netcode especially

>> No.33246092

Watching smooth matches from Japan to West Coast was a treat. Arcsys knew shit was fucked if they couldn't get it right during this covid time where people can't have offline gatherings.

>> No.33246215

Honestly, if Astel ever starts posting on Reddit, I'll go there.

>> No.33246280

On the astronomically low chance that it happens, he'd probably be hanging around the APEX and Disney subreddits more than the Hololive/Holostar ones.

>> No.33246607

Hopefully cover isn't stupid enough to make their own Gacha game.
I don't want something bad happens to the stars if this project somehow fail

>> No.33246729

I hope the boys gonna get the chance like thia next year.

>> No.33246750

Don't worry, they will never be implicated with them. And if that project fails, everyone dies anyways

>> No.33246862

turns out it's just recruitment ads

>> No.33247010


>> No.33247074

What's this? A slightly better Pacify?

>> No.33247194

pizza-oji mogumogu

>> No.33247216

I took a look at the steam page when they put the frame up and honestly it looks like its trying to be pacify lite except its very short and not that great according to reviews. Never saw it myself though seems like itll be an okay one time play for now.

>> No.33247238


Don't get my hopes up like this Yagoo.

>> No.33247274

the fuck did Yagoo mean by this?

>> No.33247374
File: 32 KB, 186x125, hanginthere.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This nigga playing with my feelings.

>> No.33247387

Just lip service, it was never denied that 3D and live are coming, especially since RIkka already has one. It is more of a matter if this will be in the near future or much further. You are still gonna need to wait for Nene first anyway

>> No.33247488

or worst case scenario, the IDs and ENs get their own 3D and live before them

>> No.33247527

Tbh, I would really happy for ID if they got everything first. They are really talented, have the right mindset and deserves the exposure

>> No.33247593

Worst case scenario is they never got another.

>> No.33247600

Calli might got one early since she sing the theme song for Alternative.

>> No.33247668

As long all Holostars got the 3D at the same time/simultaneously, I don't really mind. Also, ID is really kind and talented (very supportive to our boys too), they deserve that

>> No.33247752

Its fun having a situation where Temma is the horror game instructor but its also a shame hes played this before because bumbling knight in co-op horror is cute.

>> No.33247850

ID deserve it for the hard work they have done inside and outside of hololive.

>> No.33248012

true enough, I also personally hope they get theirs someday too

>> No.33248383

Ngl I’d love to see Moona’s hair in 3d

>> No.33248469

I would especially want to see her dance, given her past, not even to speak about her singing skills. Check out her new original song btw

>> No.33248836
File: 218 KB, 1200x1869, EtzvOYKVEAUK9hm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

shogun zatsudan

>> No.33248866


>> No.33248939

Astel is joining the cock's singing stream live!

>> No.33249017

holy shit seaweed making moves

>> No.33249051

Thanks for the link anon

>> No.33249092


>> No.33249102

>First eng chat I see is about the sniffles
Why are they like this

>> No.33249118

Oh nice thanks anon. That was beautiful. What a nice harmony

>> No.33249161

>came in, swooped everyone off their feet and then left

Sasuga seaweed.

>> No.33249168

I missed it

>> No.33249176

Son of a bitch, I was too focused watching Yurustars and missed it.

>> No.33249256


>> No.33249295
File: 1.25 MB, 800x800, C806B0AA-7D6A-41F6-95BD-E2AFBBBD4F31.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

First time watching the chicken, she’s pretty funny as fuck

>> No.33249344
File: 174 KB, 731x489, 92347DE3-9A60-45CF-BACE-B6C58A55E5ED.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33249353

is there anyone recording the twitcast? he said he wont archive the stream i think

>> No.33249381
File: 578 KB, 624x886, EiX5DzHVgAE5hNg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kuku's great. I started watching her after the first couple RobeKuku collabs. Too bad they don't get together as often anymore compared to LifeMoRoTomo.

>> No.33249390

Very rough Seaweed+Chicken Whole new world, I panicked because both youtube-dl and streamlink need updating. So here is a rough sound only that youll probably need to turn your volume up for.
I think I grabbed it from the start, recorder Kun took a moment to start for some reason

>> No.33249416

She's a great girl.

>> No.33249432

based fujo alien supporting the homos

>> No.33249438

thank you so much anon. Bless you

>> No.33249444

Ah fuck, it won’t get archived right because of disney? Thanks anon

>> No.33249462

Iofi love. Hololive ID love.

>> No.33249501

No archive singing stream in 13 minutes

>> No.33249531

Thanks anon.

>> No.33249546


>> No.33249553

Goddamnit Leda

>> No.33249558

Of fucking course. ASTEL LOVE

>> No.33249561
File: 105 KB, 1280x720, EfTQ4exU4AAaa7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

guess that duet got him in the mood to sing more disney

>> No.33249573

Not now seaweed I need to update everything!

>> No.33249581

Tell me the timestamp and I can cut this back out again when the stream finishes. I'm downloading the audio since the beginning of the stream

>> No.33249582

Thanks anon!

>> No.33249652

This alien's guerilla powers are manifesting in other vchuuba channels.

>> No.33249788
File: 458 KB, 692x689, Screenshot from 2021-02-17 23-01-18.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Space Seaweed's powers grows stronger by the day.

>> No.33249821

Astel's BGM reminds me of that one Tsukihime OST

>> No.33249831
File: 163 KB, 1617x1451, Eok7yrLXMAQNU31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

don't forget that time he showed up for one of temma's unarchived utakawas, expect he didn't dip after a single song

>> No.33249867

>Izuru's live viewer count dropping after Astel started singing
Thank you seaweed

>> No.33249874

>Yurustars Devour
>Izuru zatsudan
>Shien twitcast
>Astel no archive utawaku

Kill me.

>> No.33249877

When Temma sang Disney, right? Nothing attracts a wild Leda like Disney and/or Apex.

>> No.33249912

Maybe announcement tomorrow for seaweed

>> No.33249945

I'm sorry I'm not too sure since I closed everything, it has to be around 30-40 mins in at the most.
Are you using the script that overides the dvr being disabled or the network tab way of downloading? I really need to look into the latter one.

>> No.33249976

>tfw you’ll never be a vtuber and lure a wild seaweed into collabing

>> No.33249995

>One more pattern for his NY costume on the 21st

>> No.33250050
File: 829 KB, 1301x1080, darknesst.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's about time suntempo hoods are really the best.

>> No.33250121

that must be why there's no sc for today's stream, he wants the flood for the reveal. devious seaweed

>> No.33250170


>> No.33250185

He straight out admitted that he turned off SCs for today so that Astellas can unload it on the reveal stream.

>> No.33250195

Wait what did I miss

>> No.33250214

His thinking process in general is alien to me

>> No.33250266

I get it tho, it’s more satisfying to get it in one load than trickles

>> No.33250324

Astel nearly doubling views of recent karaoke streams, is this the power of apex?

>> No.33250361
File: 331 KB, 383x399, 1609658321862.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the alien really is a mastermind

>> No.33250405


>> No.33250429

Ever since that collab with Ollie, Astel's live viewer count has consistently doubled. APEX works in mysterious ways.

>> No.33250438

I noticed in general that subs are snowballing for all Stars in general once they reach the 50k until now. You need to have interesting content to validate it though

>> No.33250498


>> No.33250515

>2k watching seaweed

Happy for him.

>> No.33250525

That Shien twitcast from earlier, at most its missing 5 minutes, I dont think its even that much. I didnt really look over the file so if something is off let me know.

>> No.33250550

thank you anon! I missed the time when he talked abt wanting to have 3D and live

>> No.33250560

His stream of Ender Lilies had an average of around 450~500 viewers, is that more than normal for him for that kind of game? (I didn't watch Papers Please live so I don't know how many for that one)

>> No.33250598

>A-chan is dead

>> No.33250624

I think he used to pull around 200 to 500 for these kind of games a few months ago.

>> No.33250671


>> No.33250696

This utawaku is fantastic so far.

>> No.33250790

That Hajimete no Chu cover is siding my sides on orbit

>> No.33250823

And a few months before that he was pulling 80-90. His growth has been pretty meteoric overall

>> No.33250835

The voice changes for this song never gets old.
I also hope someone else is also recording, couldnt get streamlink update working and while I trust myself not to hit ctrl-c twice on youtube-dl I still get nervous.

>> No.33250839

I feel like he's singing exceptionally today

>> No.33250851

I hope someone clips this to showcase his range

>> No.33250866

Disney starting

>> No.33250880
File: 41 KB, 280x80, 1609253839348.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kuku shows in chat and this motherfucker instantly goes full Disney prince(ss).

>> No.33250885

They did have faster growth at this stage, however the only ones that retain high views so far are only Roberu and Astel.

>> No.33250896

I can't get it now but there already is one from when he sang it before.

>> No.33250998

Honestly, today Izuru's stream had good numbers before Astel started. Ma-fia also usually do fine. Roberu and Astel are doing especially well is because their streams have own flair compared to the other members. I would be personally more worried for most first gen members.
The fact they don't often stream over each other is their strength for the moment.

>> No.33250999

I think it's because Roberu and Astel have a very solid core to their streams, zatsudans and APEX/utawakus, respectively. You go to any of their streams and you can expect to see them do what they're the best at, which as a viewer is very enticing.

>> No.33251031

I feel like Astel got really motivated to sing after watching Bloom. Can't blame him, it was really exciting and fun

>> No.33251071
File: 7 KB, 356x62, Screenshot from 2021-02-18 00-24-46.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


That, and then Kuku's Disney duet pushed him over the edge.

>> No.33251095


>> No.33251148


>> No.33251175
File: 185 KB, 560x202, EqPZTD7UYAIYHe7.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Even the official account is going emo after the live.

>> No.33251224

I love this mystery status astels unarchived utawakus have reached

>> No.33251227

Come on Astel I know you want to go for that octave higher

>> No.33251230
File: 217 KB, 960x1706, EoGyF0OVQAEsUVl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33251233

Shien and Izuru have good numbers too (above 500 usually). The other members mostly around 200-400. I hope they all keep growing

>> No.33251247

did I miss usseewa?

>> No.33251287
File: 12 KB, 133x134, 05642E6A-DCEE-4B2B-8EF5-9BAFD30A1742.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33251294

Permissions arc never ends...

>> No.33251331
File: 157 KB, 512x512, 1598688142777.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No matter how many of them stream Undertale again, it won't bring back Subaru's run...

>> No.33251366

All these fucking "somedays" make me think they have something planned

>> No.33251380

Subaru is so powerful she brushed that shit off when it happened. I would have been livid.

>> No.33251389

I wouldn't be against someone who already played it but setting a challenge on the game to make it more interesting, instead of a nth blind playthrough with some cancer chat who spoils or spouting memes
Why not for example playing it in English, speedrunning it or with items restriction?

>> No.33251395

eops like to spam the dumbest ‘jokes’

>> No.33251411

Didn’t they make Subaru apologize too? THAT would have made me lose it

>> No.33251442

Bros please help, did Seaweed just compared Holostar situation to Marine Snow?

>> No.33251487
File: 67 KB, 454x532, 1606450937520.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Subaru's been through a lot more, she's been tempered through fire at this point. Pity about the manager though, nobody expected them to suddenly run into a flock of migrating Canadian Geese...

>> No.33251515

He said that he joined holostars right after losing someone important in his life, and he was still affected by that incident. Then he found Marine Snow, and it helped him come to terms with losing that important person and move on.

Please check an archive of this after though, I was shocked upon hearing that and it was kind of difficult to translate

>> No.33251556

The English stream is what I expect Aruran to do

>> No.33251585

It feels weird when they get serious and emoi. My heart...

>> No.33251599

His voice acting could make things interesting

>> No.33251637

Our seaweed got a reply from Twappers. Too bad about the rest of the reply chain though.

>> No.33251663

I wish he would do those songs from sister act again, he hasnt revisted those in any singing stream since and Id like to hear a new Astel version.

>> No.33251684

I’m glad someone immediately put that idiot in his place

>> No.33251712
File: 26 KB, 212x222, 505ED0C5-4E58-4D55-8F5F-2354E7F11CE0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine he sings Mononoke for the new crowd

>> No.33251734

Cute friends. Nice to see Astel interacting more with vtubers in general, and being proactive about it.

>> No.33251748

That day was great

>> No.33251805

Toliet Freesia...

>> No.33251813

Based yukimin putting that clueless nigga straight.

>> No.33251825

This isn't the first time right? and the sound of those water droplets hitting the surface of water doesn't help.

>> No.33251837

He also did it during the 24 hour stream, Im pretty sure another after that too.

>> No.33251849

Yea, several times in the past kek

>> No.33251889

I think the first time was the 24h utawaku, then it just became his go-to toilet music after that.

>> No.33251894

What's with Suntempo and Toilet?

>> No.33251940
File: 6 KB, 281x79, belive.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Toilet tete is the highest form of tete and a true sign of the suntempo bond.

>> No.33252058
File: 137 KB, 2048x1152, EriahaCXcAgkDDE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's not true camaraderie if your bonds haven't been tested through toilet fire.

>> No.33252129
File: 5 KB, 139x54, 4546D7E1-2084-4EFB-A075-B446127BA0B6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I beliv

>> No.33252308

Ive listened to the Temma/Astel version of this too much and now I hear phantom Temma every time, same with under the sea.

>> No.33252464

Seaweed is in top shape today.

>> No.33252481

Bloom probably got him pretty motivated

>> No.33252598

I don't trust that April 1st Astel, cant wait for your dual sudden membership opening and unarchive stream on the 2nd after complete silence on the first.

>> No.33252618

It will be a long unarchived utawaku where he suddenly opens up his membership and announces it at the very last minute of the stream

>> No.33252628

>Trusting anything on April Fools
>Especially the seaweed

>> No.33252744

I absolutely need the archive of this when it's done archive bro.

>> No.33252758

Youtube please

>> No.33252763

Sorry I forgot about it, here's the full audio from Astel showing up to leaving.

>> No.33252781

Thank you anon!

>> No.33252805
File: 223 KB, 401x437, Screenshot from 2021-02-18 02-18-58.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>When you Ponyo a bit too hard

>> No.33252841

Thank you seaweed.

>> No.33253346

Ollie isn't sleeping because she wants to watch the unarchived stream even though she has an endurance stream tomorrow...

>> No.33253372

I like Ollie

>> No.33253397

Dont worry if shes doing a champion endurance Astel and always bail her out by shitting on the entire lobby

>> No.33253633


>> No.33253673

Thank you anon!

>> No.33253706
File: 56 KB, 365x403, E328525A-3CA3-46D6-A028-194572D839BD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like that extra level of cute/politeness to Astels voice when he talks to someone new

>> No.33253850

Does any of the mods or kuku know good english? They seem to delete the "policing" messages.

>> No.33253913

Are the mods fans or people that work for Cover? And what kind of messages were deleted?

>> No.33253940

I would imagine Astel would have a mod that knows the most English due to his Kaigai percentage

>> No.33253957

most were simple english anyone can do
like no clip/no spamming song requests
but there were 1-2 with more advanced english.

>> No.33253962

If you see "message retracted" that's because the user himself deleted the message not the mods

>> No.33253978

meant for >>33253850

>> No.33253982
File: 385 KB, 436x477, CFA2FEDD-8E17-4A70-8370-C0F5B5464B57.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Astel has a mod?

>> No.33253984

I wouldnt be surprised if it is simply Youtube's artificial "intelligence" which tries to guess spam. Spanners are just there to be more easily spotted in the chat

>> No.33254130

More like "fellow vchuuba who pays a visit every now and then" than a real mod like Ina has.

>> No.33254224
File: 77 KB, 527x937, IMG_20200819_232333.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33254303

Why does it look like he’s going to make me suck his dick

>> No.33254306

I like this silly self echo self dj remix version

>> No.33254451

During Papers Please he hummed a bit of Hail Holy Queen and it made me really want to hear him sing it, glad to know he actually has sung songs from that movie before.

>> No.33254489

Would that be an issue anon?

>> No.33254566


>> No.33254654
File: 811 KB, 1605x902, Astel babbu shien.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shien baby

>> No.33254724

Or y'know, Ollie, who was in chat just now.

>> No.33255193
File: 296 KB, 517x490, 1603385891157.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kuku's being unfaithful again

>> No.33255210
File: 113 KB, 241x241, nie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.33255268 [DELETED] 

I know their interactions are cute but this shit's getting old real quit.

>> No.33255286

I know their interactions are cute but this shit's getting old real quick.

>> No.33255312

dumb EOPs thinking chinchin is yabe

>> No.33255347

Maybe because pp was appropriated by discord degens

>> No.33255659

It sucks when he talks a lot during unarchived streams since I like to go back to those kinds of things once the stream is over and listen to them in closer depth. I know I could just download the ripped archives and listen there but that's kind of a pain.

>> No.33255697

We have hit all the parts of the Astel no archive singing stream at this point.

>> No.33256018

Yeah, he has good interactions with his chat, despite the language barrier

>> No.33256351

His earrings are so wobbly

>> No.33256361

Finally singing after talking about anime he has or hasn't seen for like 30 minutes

>> No.33256412

Thank fuck I was about to fall asleep with the anime talk

>> No.33256422

I actually did for a bit

>> No.33256472

Coming home to Astel's singing is pure healing. Glad I arrived in time.

>> No.33256506

Pretty much only saying mittenai for who knows how long... lol
But I think he was just using the time to recharge himself

>> No.33256521

Astel sound only and video archive file part 1
I apologize for the size I forgot to do 720p

>> No.33256676

A whole new woooooooorld

>> No.33256873


>> No.33256895

Bohemian Rhapsody was inevitable

>> No.33256904

Thank you anon!

>> No.33256912

Its a nice sign that we are hitting the true end usually too.

>> No.33257085

He started singing Frozen. We'll be here forever.

>> No.33257086

>Pyra & Mythra in smash bros
Welp know we knew what game Robe-san will play after he done with Horses

>> No.33257173

>All homos reached 50k by now
>Bloom is over
>It would be more expensive to give hololive global 3d
After Nene's 3d Cover has no fucking excuse not to give the homos models

>> No.33257181

holy shit thank youuu

>> No.33257220

Maybe he can stream Splatoon 3 this time around as well

>> No.33257655

Is this 5h 59m because you used youtube-dl or streamlink to record it? There's a script that been getting worked on in the /t/ thread over the past few weeks that archives a stream from the start and auto-refreshes the URLs at the expiration time, if you want to try it.

>> No.33257728

Yes, its youtube-dl. I wanted to try that script but streamlink is giving me an error right now even on latest builds, once I figure out what stupid thing Ive messed up with streamlink I was going to switch over to that.

>> No.33257771

Hm? What does streamlink have to do with it? The script I am talking about is its own Python and the only dependency is having ffmpeg so it can mux the final files.

>> No.33257792

All it misses is chats reaction desu would’ve liked to see

>> No.33257878

I'm sorry anon having lack of sleep related stupidity and was thinking of something else. Will probably switch over to that soon thank you.

>> No.33257956

Astel giving us his word...
I believe in our boys and we will get our big events.

>> No.33257966

Good morning Ollie

>> No.33258092

Did Astel said there will be new anouncement today from Holostars official?

>> No.33258096

Something will be announced tonight from holostars official account

>> No.33258101

Astel “am i tired?” Leda

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