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based nuke chan

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27 is a powerful number. this thread will be epic.

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accept the funk bros

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i think i've seen iru used as want but my dictionary doesn't seem to cover that usage much. so can it mean both want and need?

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How do you guys split your time learning Japanese?
What percentage of your time is on ANKI compared to reading and listening?

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2 hours anki 8 hours reading

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I do anki at work.
I also read at work, but mostly at home

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you didn't understand my quesiton, i'm asking about the latter

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how do you read at work?

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I use a computer

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you dont seem to understand, 2 different verbs

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you don't seem to understand, i understand that, but that's not my question, for the 要る iru, can it mean both want and need?

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yeah but what about your boss seeing you not doing work or whatever?

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The guy next to me might sees but who cares, he isn't gonna tattle.
Besides I have so little work to do and neither does he.

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sounds pretty good, that's what i would like rn too, some work where i can just do some mindless shit and do japanese at the same. what do you do for work?

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yeah mb still sleepy,要るcan mean both want and need

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20-30 mins/60+ mins

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its used a lot when offering things
its pretty obvious if you just immerse more

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How do you people spend 30 minutes on Anki when the default settings balloon reviews to more than an hour if you're not nailing everything perfectly? You might as well not use the program at all at this point.

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yeah that's how i heard it but wasn't sure when i checked the dic so wanted to double check.

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is this the level of comprehension of how anki works that the average antiankifags has?

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How do you go about continuing to learn kanji after a certain point? Do JP students actually learn jinmeiyo kanji by rote? Should they even be in an anki deck? Whenever I see one I usually delete it but there are some kanji late in the deck that are actually used.

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0% anki

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iie, yomeruyo

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2 hours anki, 1-2 episodes of anime if i'm not too tired from anki

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i can only enjoy jav with niggers

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i see

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it's a decent existence imo, not complaining much

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what's the oboete oide desu ka? is it a set phrase or something? this is from a kenkyuusha example
私を覚えておいでですか?」「ああ, あなたは確かあの時の」 "Do you remember me?"―"Oh, er, I suppose, that time…"

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this is the intermediate thread

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mined チンカス

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Sys admin. Basically I have days I have fuck all to do and days I don't know what to do first.

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that's what i've heard from some other sys admin anons before. might see if i can get into that or something

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Is there a difference between その1, その2, etc. and 第1, 第2, etc?

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I can feel the dekinai in my bones anon.

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yeah, the その.. its closer to 一番目、二番目 than 第一、第二

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usually turn off the vn music when i play so it doesnt grate my eardrums but now im playing a vn about music fug

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I wish I did, but I invested too much to give up now

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look up sunk cost fallacy

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*mounts ciarans severed head on a pike in front of house*

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stop calling me ciaran

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*makes ciaran's severed head suck my dick*

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i would rather fuck ciaran than og

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I'll be fluent in a year, I swear!

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why is Muramasa's difficulty so overrated
you can read it in like a year, year and a half tops
only difficult part was the noh play

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stream it lmao

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wow i want to fuck her, also is it me or does she seem to have really fair skin?

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i nice bit of artisenal bread and a jar of marinara sauce is a full meal

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yeah she's kinda white i guess

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output boy

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wtf there made an iwgp anime?

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wouldn't that be jamal

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>its an otayori kai of a show that has a bad fanbase

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im guts

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khatz's twitter is crazy inspirational

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if you're a literal idiot sure

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叶えたい 胸の中の
描いて 走り出す世界

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was waiting for you to show up at some point so we could be miserable together

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yep this guy needs more meditation

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Is Genki worth the price?
Also, best way to learn mahjong?

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the sinatra version is one of my favorite songs ever yea

>> No.33225522

can't go wrong with old blue-eyes

>> No.33225525

i can play mahjong and beat normal ai quite a lot but dont know yakus
you just need to read a few articles online
i did that and played a bit with a japanese dude who was also just learning

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Have anyone actually tried being an english teacher in japan?

>> No.33225589

just download it for free bro

>> No.33225617

Sorry, I meant more 'Is it a good enough book to warrant the high price point'?
I'm going to download it, but is it a good book?

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>> No.33225650

it is not
there is no reason to use it over tae kim which is shorter and free
look up ajatt

>> No.33225664

i feel like my ime lags

>> No.33225710

https://mahjongsoul.game.yo-star.com/ has an ez tutorial and yaku list

>> No.33225711

it will do the job if you just use it as a grammar guide but then you might as well use tae kim which is made for that purpose

>> No.33225722

how did you find this place? inb4 reddit

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use this as a thumbnail for the next thread

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microsoft ime lagged for me on my mediocre laptop
google ime doesnt

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>not knowing shit about japanese
>do core 3k
>start to understand almost everything
wtf is this lenguage?

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quiz's future

>> No.33225809

restart your browser

>> No.33225814

ime fucks my steam
i cant load games if i have active

>> No.33225833

>almost everything

>> No.33225934

>almost everything
yeah, right

>> No.33225958

n5 texts at most :p

>> No.33226002

>almost everything
even hanahira level shit won't cut it, what are you reading

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>This has the best animation of any anime ever. Period. The animation in every episode shines and is way better than pretty much every other anime. Now when I watch other animes I cringe at how bad they look and can sometimes barely stand watching the episodes. Demon Slayer is truly in a tier of its own. Its art style is also unique because the way they draw the characters and environments is something that hasn't really done before especially in this setting.

>> No.33226099

i still dont like the "chibi" style of kny

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>> No.33226479

was wondering if this was photoshopped but then i saw his keyboard

>> No.33226657

feel bad zoomers dont have living memories of a better world

>> No.33226687

how many cards have you made today djt?

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jamal rn

>> No.33226701

i think this proves conclusively that women are objectively better at language acquisition than men, i mean if this chick learned japanese using such retarded methods and autists here are literally injecting japanese 24/7 into their brain and still can't then what else can you say

>> No.33226726

zero but im planning on reading a lot today so might get one or two before i go to bed

>> No.33226744

I have the same problem, going to quit anki and do something else instead

>> No.33226759

mined ガセネタ

>> No.33226779

u know でま?

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she learned Chinese first, learning Japanese after Chinese is trivial

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>> No.33226887

you are ngmi if you think chinese has anything to do with japanese outside of kanji and i swear to god ill spank your ass raw if you act like kanji has anything to do with the actual language

>> No.33226888

i can only learn through output
i'm not talking about vocab but the grammar, the language OS
the only way to install it in my brain is if i output it a lot

>> No.33226892

I personally repeat aloud the reading a few times to help it stick better for all new words or words I can't remember the reading/meaning so that's a few extra seconds per word.

>> No.33226898

you're installing malware bro

>> No.33226910

thats cause its how you actually make it but it triggers the fuck out of these retards

>> No.33226914

didnt ask

>> No.33226925

strangely i find that i remember words better when they are part of the sentence/phrase that i hear them in

>> No.33226937

still no nip friends

>> No.33226940

stop trying to sabotage gains you filthy bucket crab

>> No.33226987

it is weird but outputting even seems to help reading speed
like because you have said it it gets faster for you to remember when you see it

>> No.33227016

that makes sense active vocab is faster than passive

>> No.33227043

must suck to be you

>> No.33227044

yeah this is why i need lonely OLs in my life

>> No.33227069

i mean i think about just quitting breathing at least every other day

>> No.33227081

i tried to help you guys but you just assumed i was a retard trying to cripple you. think how much progress you could have made in the 4 months of output practice

>> No.33227109

i still dont regret waiting almost two years before speaking for the first time
cause at least i could understand almost everything people said to me

>> No.33227134

men, coronavirus is a hoax

>> No.33227139

so the entire jap internet moved to twitter right?

>> No.33227151

slower progress to theoretically avoid self-imposed embarrassment is pretty fucking low-t not gonna lie

>> No.33227170

you haven't improved one bit since you came here you're not exactly the one to talk

>> No.33227172

more or less and i hate it

>> No.33227180

slower progress output wise definitely but you pretty much cant learn more words than i did in that time without going the qm anki hoard route

>> No.33227193

yah but i dont care about getting past my current level till i get to japan this year. this is a lot of you guys' entire life

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>> No.33227215

>this is a lot of you guys' entire life
true, in terms of watching and reading stuff i care about
and i'm getting better at that every day

>> No.33227269

lol cope you're just lazy and will never learn to read

>> No.33227271

19 but only cause i finished my ln and made cards from everything i marked in it at once

>> No.33227282

>N1 - Proficient (somewhat)

>> No.33227290

post the 19

>> No.33227296

fair assessment what's your problem

>> No.33227306

n1 just means you can read most normal kanji and watch sol anime and understand the plot

>> No.33227309

>this is a lot of you guys' entire life
she says while spending 12 hours a day arguing in here lmao

>> No.33227311

i wont argue with that. good chance i might just chill in "talk about the weather and food" zone since i dont exactly have friends or a plans to get a real job there

>> No.33227313

crazy you're still talking your nonsense, even crazier you're actually going to japan. what are you even going to do there?

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I started learning Japanese to read chuuni shit only to realize I don't like any chuuni shit enough to power through reading sessions where you constantly look at vocabulary and grammar. I tried geimus, lns, mangos, vns reading practice is too painful.

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>> No.33227343

i have only been on these last couple days and not nearly 12 hours
sit in my apartment. practice music. eat good food. go shopping. maybe play a gig at some point as a token gayjin

>> No.33227360

started learning japanese to read n6 nukige shit so ive been having a pretty good time

>> No.33227368

im sure the japanese like twins like og.

>> No.33227391

glad im not u

>> No.33227397

this is most interesting bit of lore about me so far. lemme guess fraternal? lmao do i have a hot twin brother who does the edgy posts for me?

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my gyoza came out ugly as fuck lol i tried this gay ass crimp cause i cant do the regular one but for some reason they expanded a lot when cooking. i think its cause the filling was too wet. i squeezed out the water from the cabbage but i added more sauces to it than recipes call for cause it's bland if you just add 2 tbsp of onions sauce. still tasted great

>> No.33227417

i dont know why i put "hot" in there disregard

>> No.33227431

i was gonna say twink but i mistyped.

>> No.33227440

youre a narcissistic burakon

>> No.33227448

pastry looks too thick, especially on that crimp. id just go the asian market and buy the ajinomoto frozen kind

>> No.33227449

>no friends
>somehow gets gigs
you really didn't think this through did you?

>> No.33227467

shell get scouted

>> No.33227477

the dough was actually a bit too thin after cooking, a few of them broke in the pan. i think its cause of the steam expanding from inside the dumpling

they dont sell the premade ones here i've looked everywhere, i'd love to just use those it'd cut my prep time in half

>> No.33227479

you don't get gigs because of friends its all proper where you have to audition and stuff in japan. they don't have as relaxed a music scene and technically busking is illegal but people still do it.

>> No.33227494

i fuck you not today i had a dream i watched the kny movie and though it was good even though i haven't touched anything kny in my life

>> No.33227508

sorry there is no cure

>> No.33227510

dehydrate the filling as best you can (salt and microwave the veggie mince a bit and squeeze the fuck out of it with a paper towel)

don't overfill them, and cook over low heat. water first, then crisp gently also over low heat.

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>> No.33227521

is this you og talking about things without having experience with them or a japanese level high enough to read about it on forums? crazy

>> No.33227523

what's the they're/their/there of japanese


>> No.33227535

ngmi if you approach language like this

>> No.33227536

tfw og still hasn't posted her thighs as a sneak preview for her jav career

>> No.33227551

i dont have a microwave but i blanched the vegetables and squeezed it hard in a tea towel after. i also do the rest of the stuff you said. like i said its cause i added too much sauce to the filling. i added hoisin, oyster and onions sauce while the recipes have barely any of that. i guess the trade off is that the drier filling is better for the structural integrity and shape but it's also basically tasteless. i might make it like that next time though.

>> No.33227557

wdym approach

i just think you all arguing is incredibly fucking annoying so im trying to change the mood with some funny and light jp-related discourse

>> No.33227558

the 'music talent scout' has a different kind of job for her

>> No.33227562

what's her fucking issue

>> No.33227565

爆笑 at this retard
growing every day btw

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File: 70 KB, 466x480, 1595813665950.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i think it's not a gender thing but guts thing. bravery, etc. it's not charisma because actually to speak to someone in another language takes some stupidity and bravery, so i call it guts.

if you're intelligent then you won't want to make mistakes and you won't try speaking or using it much for fear of getting things wrong, but if you're an idiot then you'll press forth and yolo. and sometimes yolo is the best way.

i mined this wisdom from 2chan, they were talking about learning english but it applies vice versa as well:

>yeh, if you want to speak fluently, make mistake.
>make mistakes is the golden rule. everything is nothing. so nothing, even nothing was perceived to father,
>the baby continues to speak something.
>but mom become to know a little. the baby speaks and speaks and speaks.
>suddenly it becomes grammatical.
>a lot of mistakes are needed to get reach the point.


>> No.33227572

hopefully he posts it on fc2

>> No.33227577

yo og what i don't get is how anal you were about your "great english" and your punctuation, at one point you even started uppercasing again and now you're back to full lowercasing and you even stopped uppercasing your "i" indicating low self-respect, is this really okay?

>> No.33227591

you make friends with similar interests. where are you looking? what are your interests? game discord groups are good.

>> No.33227596


>> No.33227605

this language is impossible

>> No.33227606

lmao japs play shit like lol (is that shit still alive?), apex and fortnite

>> No.33227617

that would honestly make it easier for me since the non-idol music scene is funded by young women
in that case i wouldn't blanch in water i would cook them in a shallow pan or something and that will let you reduce those wet sauces down a bit as well without having to squeeze anything out. still a slow and low process though

>> No.33227618

why the fuck do people do lowercase it's the most stupid thing i've ever heard

>> No.33227626


>> No.33227630

why are you?

>> No.33227632

force of habit at this point

>> No.33227638

Good question, I should probably stop.

>> No.33227643

this one's better

>> No.33227646

fucking gay stfu and kys

>> No.33227674

well, true, a few of my japanese friends do play LoL and i wish they'd play DotA instead. idk about apex and fortnite though

they play a lot of things though. one thing you might not think of is flight sims, there are some communities even for old-ass flight games like il-2 1946. years back i used to play on japanese servers sometimes. and nowadays, flightsimnerds play il-2 great battles (the latest release), DCS and ace combat etc.

>> No.33227684

a few weeks ago you were arguing how uppercasing was a force of habit lmao what a submissive bitch

>> No.33227689
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>> No.33227703

>lol (is that shit still alive?)
its one of the biggest games in the world wtf do you mean is it still alive lol

>> No.33227707

what tags will og's debut av have?
epic can't wait to play some wt with the nipbros in their hayabusas and zeros

>> No.33227710

who would have thought humans acquire habits and muscle memory, maybe that explains why i can output easily :^)

>> No.33227727

a cope to surpass even the copemaster himself

>> No.33227739

nice job running another word into the ground till its meaningless

>> No.33227745

haven't heard anything about it in years really, the game died for me when they started removing old champions from the game

>> No.33227757

save the clenching for the javs

>> No.33227765

WT is pretty awful grinding, but it does have a large fanbase. i don't like the game but oh well. zero's a nice plane, ki-44 and such are paper planes though.

>> No.33227809

this reminds me did that fat fuck yoga fix the problem that you can't find words on forvo with in-bracket pronounciations via the dictionary add-on?
that would be the one reason for me to actually update to the migaku version

>> No.33227822

what's a better game that does what wt does (online battles with a wide range of planes)? i mean the zero is pretty fragile too, that's just the tradeoff for their maneuverability, makes for some fun dogfights if you know how to use them well, i personally prefer american planes but i think they are op

>> No.33227848

i am a white nationalist that uses yomichan

>> No.33227857

il-2 1946 is a better game but it's old, but it has like 300 planes or something. but yeah i guess WT is the best at airquake nowadays.

i like FW-190 and Spitfires otherwise.

>> No.33227894

i think the fw-190 is better than i tend to think of it but the spitfires don't really keep up after a certain raink, mk2b was really op when i got it but everything after that went downhill

>> No.33227902

shup up plane nerds

>> No.33227971

used a connection i had to skip the line for the vaccine lol get fucked

>> No.33227987

living in the 3rd world has its perks i guess

>> No.33227991

wow you got bill gates zombie potion earlier gz

>> No.33227993
File: 2.87 MB, 1280x720, gr8flying.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

in what, WT? i hadn't played much of it but i did fly mostly spitfire in WT.

here's some of my old clips.

[email protected]! and go watch plane anime now! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Nm_mABJJNA

>> No.33227994

dunno what's good about living in america but okay

>> No.33228001


>> No.33228002

this but everyone

>> No.33228004

i mean i watched sky crawlers if that counts for plane anime?

>> No.33228007
File: 631 KB, 635x863, 7181906pqt661[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nuke chan wasn't always based.

>> No.33228020

no life matters outside of a first world nation. you could vanish or get killed and no one would give a damn and even worse you aren't relevant

>> No.33228023

>no life matters
should have ended it there

>> No.33228032

thirdie cope.

>> No.33228034

any good?
wtf are those clips lmfao, either you had really low graphics settings or the game looked really different back in the day. it's looks pretty good nowadays

>> No.33228035


>> No.33228039

nice job running another word into the ground till its meaningless

>> No.33228044

>started removing old champions from the game
they did what!?
i quit playing lol around 2014.

>> No.33228050
File: 122 KB, 554x557, 1540743806654.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hmm, i haven't heard of that. do you recommend it?

also another interesting plane anime is The Cockpit (3 OVAs) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXBbNtj2PfY

>> No.33228054

only knew 畢竟

>> No.33228065

nah i like literally live in canada
you get it

>> No.33228070

i think i ran it without any graphic mods so it looked like a ps1 game.

>> No.33228074

except when i use it, its apt
2nd world commies living off being attached to the us

>> No.33228087


>> No.33228096

it's pretty alright, about what you'd except from an anime of that era but dunno if it's gonna feel the same nowadays

>> No.33228107

living off of*

>> No.33228116
File: 774 KB, 832x936, 1580498308461.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh wait, i forgot to mention the clips were from il-2 1946, not WT

>> No.33228117


>> No.33228118

imagine if canada was floating off near south america and wasn't guaranteed usa military and economic influence see how fast that shit lasts lmao

>> No.33228130

why do esl insist on outing themselves being being textbook correct? embarrassing. i hope you dont do this in japanese

>> No.33228142


>> No.33228156

its my language dont tell me what to do with it, barbarian scum

>> No.33228161

that makes sense

>> No.33228172


>> No.33228174


>> No.33228179
File: 131 KB, 601x508, 1591259797082.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>dont care

>> No.33228180

no one punctuates properly in djt

>> No.33228193

that's not a punctuation problem

>> No.33228201
File: 1.51 MB, 3767x2218, 157423854637.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

*saves anime*

>> No.33228210

You really don't want to play this game with me, friend.

>> No.33228221

you know when shitty ecchi hares were dominating i thought it could not get any worse then the isekai trend kicked off and boy was i wrong

>> No.33228222

more like
*kills anime*

>> No.33228224

you're a fucking retard and you don't know shit about punctuation

>> No.33228251

that's okay cuz we're not talking about punctuation here

>> No.33228276

pedants get raped by dogs in hell

>> No.33228286

crazy, what will they think of next?

>> No.33228291

wanna watch og get raped by dogs now

>> No.33228298

there are plenty of dogs in this thread already
what are you waiting for

>> No.33228302

yeah you've mentioned it before you disgusting zoophile kys

>> No.33228304

look forward to the djt meetup

>> No.33228309

i have watched all of this except hxh, dragonair and dxd

>> No.33228313

idk i cant imagine how anime could possibly get any worse
this but hyenas

>> No.33228327

my cpu fan is struggling

>> No.33228346

although that wouldn't be considered rape cuz she's white

>> No.33228360

for me it's hxh dragonar and anti-magic

>> No.33228364

the only way to save anime is to give soul eater a fma brotherhood style remake. follows the entire manga, reanimated by bones in ohkubo's style at the time of the original anime, because soul eater NOT! clearly showed bitches cant animate his newer style for shit

>> No.33228374

where do you find this info? finding out on djt that matt had two dads was just as creepy.

>> No.33228378
File: 655 KB, 1920x1080, S01E14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dxd is literally the best one on there what are you doing

>> No.33228382
File: 597 KB, 460x657, 1582429673981.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lmfao this shit got a sequel??? are you fucking kidding me wtf?? it's one of the ugliest shows ever

>> No.33228420

at the same time reminder
no kaiji season 3
no rest of akagi anime

>> No.33228440

>畢竟 ive heard before and could read because 畢生
>鑢 never seen in kanji
>鯱張る ive definitely heard but again no kanji
>責任転嫁 (why even mine this)
are the ones i knew

>> No.33228443

wanna take og to a love hotel and give her lots of foreplay and make sure she cums several times before inserting my hot throbbing member inside of her and pleasuring every nook and cranny of her soaked lustful desolate hole for several hours before unloading a thick creamy load inside of her twitching hot sweating body while stroking her face and telling her that she is beautiful and she will be scouted soon even though she is like 30 years old

>> No.33228449
File: 132 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210216-163747.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

btw kitaaaaaa

>> No.33228455


>> No.33228469

phoneshit and not linking
yahari retard

>> No.33228470


>> No.33228478

shut up jamal and im not 30 for fucks sake i dont even wanna be in the public for more than 5 years

>> No.33228482

>責任転嫁 (why even mine this)
i knew both words but had never seen it as a 四字熟語 so i thought i might as well

>> No.33228498

its not new i just finally got here
kakokais are paid too

>> No.33228502

Okay, so I'm a complete beginner. For a while now, I've been stuck in limbo. I've been trying to learn hiragana but for some reason it's hard for me, and so far on average I can get like 50% of the characters correct without looking it up.
What should I do? Should I stick to only learning hiragana (I'm concurrently using Duolingo, Memrise and Hiraganaquiz.com everyday) or should I go into the deep end, and start learning vocabulary with imperfect hiragana knowledge?

>> No.33228518

what a fucking retard.

>> No.33228530

wtf is imperfect hiragana knowledge
can you read them all if the answer is yes then move on to a vocab deck and a grammar guide and start watching jp-subbed anime
if the answer is no play the kana game in the op link until you can it shouldn't take more than one or two days

>> No.33228569

this shit is so boring, couldnt take more than 10 minutes

>> No.33228587


>> No.33228604

idk it makes me laugh quite a lot

>> No.33228610

yea but you're an actual dumbfuck

>> No.33228611

stop. duolingo is fucking trash. there's no reason to use memrise or hiraganaquiz, grind both katakana and hiragana with the game in the op link.
after you can read kana read tae kim, then read imabi, and then go on to regularly consume jp media. get capture2text, read a beginner level manga (or vinnie) first (that you find interesting of course, i recommend squid girl) so that your first time reading isn't too hard. from there just consume whatever media you want, but do it often.

>> No.33228625

>then read imabi
see you in 20 years haha

>> No.33228658

>read imabi

>> No.33228663


>> No.33228667

is it that long? i've heard its what you read after tae kim bc it teaches you intermediate shit or whatever
what do you recommend instead?

>> No.33228677


finna rewatch this soon. its a bit too fresh in my mind tbqh i like rewatching when ive forgotten most of what happens in a show.

>> No.33228696


>> No.33228706

it's long and overly detailed explaining a lot of shit you really don't need to know
i didn't use a grammar guide after tae kim, i just looked up stuff i came across in dojg or with google

>> No.33228718


>> No.33228724

imabi is distilled autism

>> No.33228732

after taking a quick peak into imabi, and what you said... yeah, lol i'm not reading that. thank you for saving years of my life

>> No.33228738


>> No.33228748

even i cant watch this bro come roll with the big boys

>> No.33228757

imabin is pretty good, better than tyler kim

>> No.33228763

it's like fuck dude you gotta do it

>> No.33228772

you have a sick mind get hlep

>> No.33228777

would love to smoke a joint with agf

>> No.33228792

tae kim sucks

>> No.33228795

why im just chilling

>> No.33228808

imabi is objectively the better guide but for someone who wants to watch anime and porn games tae kim is more efficient and useful

>> No.33228812

that clip where agf said he knows people call him stupid made me feel bad a bit lmao

>> No.33228820

Assuming you don't have goldfish level brain, it sounds like you looked at the kana once and now wonder why can't differentiate them, kek. It takes a bit of rote repetition but not much, maybe try writing them by hand a few times each. Keep coming back to it daily and you'll get there in a week tops even if you don't grind more than ten minutes a day. Now stop posting and go practice.

>> No.33228833

who the fuck is agf

>> No.33228835


>> No.33228842

at least post hot busus like 葉月菜穂
yours make my dick go naeru

>> No.33228848

fuck off newfag

>> No.33228852

you're like 15 y/o listening to some 40 year old in micky mouse makeup talking about her lingerie

>> No.33228862

imagining being someone who comes into thread for the first time wondering why the fuck everyone is posting in lowercase lol

>> No.33228864

yeah i dont give a fuck

>> No.33228872

so don't ask cunt
drink bleach

>> No.33228879

i wonder if that would be the case if you just read through the same content on both

>> No.33228881
File: 39 KB, 739x640, 1603997294558.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33228884

i watched the first 5 segs.

>> No.33228898
File: 626 KB, 1920x1080, 1600041185151.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.33228899

I know why, cause they are retarded LMFAO.

>> No.33228909

is that an ona hole

>> No.33228910


>> No.33228912

in a couple of years i will be dating people like her though

>> No.33228913


>> No.33228921

ok but to be fair all of us are retarded
were just a little less retarded

>> No.33228923

read tae kim 4 years, and i still don't know how to conjugate in the past tense

>> No.33228924

>wraps head in towel to dry
>leave sidelocks out

>> No.33228925

>listening to some 40 year old in micky mouse makeup talking about her lingerie
i didn't knew bunko was the one who posted that bitch, she turns me on too.

>> No.33228926

you dont know english either so im not surprised

>> No.33228940

maybe you should have tried reading some japanese instead

>> No.33228945

i like how past tense + もんか means what should i do but there's no answer to as to how this came to be

>> No.33228949

yeah you forgot everything during the periods where you werent reading tae kim

>> No.33228971

>reads tae kim
>doesn't touch japanese for a year
>reads tae kim
>doesn't touch japanese for a year
>reads tae kim
>doesn't touch japanese for a year
>reads tae kim
>doesn't touch japanese for a year
>doesn't know japanese
wow tae kim sucks

>> No.33228992

and you don't know japanese
nah cause just because you take in input doesn't mean you know how to output

>> No.33228996

wtf is this new yomichan update


>> No.33229007

the css of my popup window is fucked, is that what you mean?

>> No.33229009

i know wtf it yomichan closed all the tabs i had open i was like wtf is this shit

>> No.33229023

>nah cause just because you take in input doesn't mean you know how to output
true to a limited extent but not when it comes to stuff like conjugation
you simply haven't read and watched enough

>> No.33229030

is matt gay?

>> No.33229035

dunno man might watch one day

>> No.33229037

auto-update retards deserve everything they get

>> No.33229049

it came with autoupdate on, i was like wtf

>> No.33229052

tae kim sucks, if you want an introduction to japanese then start on japanese the manga way and then on to mining and looking up grammar in a per-case basis in the three dojg books.

>> No.33229063


try this

>> No.33229075

how the fuck do i disable auto-update? i found nothing in the settings!

>> No.33229099

in firefox you go to to your add-ons, click on yomichan and there's an option to disable it

>> No.33229104

iirc just don't get it from Chrome Web Store/Firefox Add-ons, and just install it from the GitHub instead.

>> No.33229118

it's all the same shit dude
what your first grammar guide is really doesn't matter that much as long as you don't spend too much time on it

>> No.33229128

thank you so fucking much jfc

>> No.33229142

imagine investing just for monetary gains and not because you wanna support a specific technology

>> No.33229152

the tranny grammar youtube shit was completely fucking useless. don't waste your time with that crap
now misa on the other hand

>> No.33229156

you should get into onnageinin

>> No.33229162

yea misa (my wife) is pretty based

>> No.33229169

do jp girls mankos taste like miso

>> No.33229177

more like ankoro

>> No.33229181


>> No.33229183

>not even reading
what a colossal waste of time

>> No.33229188

just saw a picture of a nigger while reading
not happy

>> No.33229195

imma kainahineru you and yeet you out of the djt class

>> No.33229207

is this the 15 yo tranny? what a talented kid

>> No.33229211

did you turn your head toward a mirror or something

>> No.33229222

>what your first grammar guide is really doesn't matter that much
also manga way is objectively better since the examples are actually native japanese not the fanfic of some gook

>> No.33229225

wtf is this

>> No.33229226

very original and funny

>> No.33229227
File: 8 KB, 331x53, 1597937585689.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.33229242


>> No.33229246


>> No.33229248

>yomichan update
tags are broken again
fucking clown dev

>> No.33229252

is cityheaven blocked outside of japan or something?

>> No.33229255

yomichan is based

>> No.33229296


does that mean it's going to stop putting audio on cards again

>> No.33229304

the cry of the eternal bag-holder

>> No.33229309

only have a duffel bag

>> No.33229334

true, true. i always say you can have principles or success but never both

>> No.33229336

what are you gonna work in japan

>> No.33229349


>> No.33229370

i wonder if bunkos gf will keep him hidden away in her apartment and refuse to go on dates in public out of the shame of being an old obasan with a little gaijin boy

>> No.33229376

crazy that you've barely started uni and you're already deciding what you're going to do with your life

>> No.33229385

zooms are way more pragmatic than we were. no "i can be anything" shit for them they get their career and relationships sorted out early

>> No.33229392

mutt gaijin at that

>> No.33229399

not him but in europe you pick ur major right away, you dont have those 2 years or whatever of general studies like some people do in the US so you basically decide what ur profession is gonna be at 18 lol

>> No.33229402

you lead a very sad life

>> No.33229409

he's going to love it when some cashier or something confuses him for his gf's son and she has to correct the cashier that he's her boyfriend

>> No.33229412

i mousou about walking through town like that lmao
at least for a few years it would be a shame not to i feel

>> No.33229413

> 2 years or whatever of general studies like some people do in the US
I live in the US and I've never heard of this

>> No.33229416

whats the biggest exam you guys have done? i still have like 500 pages left for the one im studying for an i already have 200 pages of notes in my word doc

>> No.33229435

chill dude i didn't mean it to be nasty, just realistic but who knows maybe she'll be into displaying her conquest
no one is gonna confuse a mostly white kid for a relative, which is why it would be more obvious she's fucking him
just dont let yourself be some guilty pleasure it would be lame for you to deal with japanese social autism like that

>> No.33229440

i mean mutt has pretty much no plans of going to japan at this point.

>> No.33229446


never studied in my life
tests are easy, homework is the hard part (discipline)

>> No.33229450

is there a way to revert yomichan the custom CSS hacks still don't fix everythign they fucked up in the latest one

>> No.33229467


>> No.33229469

you can prolly find old releases on the github

>> No.33229476

>just dont let yourself be some guilty pleasure it would be lame for you to deal with japanese social autism like that
wtf does that even mean
>no one is gonna confuse a mostly white kid for a relative, which is why it would be more obvious she's fucking him
that sounds like some sick sort of fetish where they make it clear to the public what they are doing, gross
say how old you are so i can report you

>> No.33229496

>wtf does that even mean
japanese people have to hold up an image and dont want attention. she'd be ashamed to be seen in public where people would talk about someone her age with a really young western kid
>that sounds like some sick sort of fetish where they make it clear to the public what they are doing, gross
that was my entire point to begin with.

>> No.33229499

he doesnt even like japanese and has said he never does stuff for fun

>> No.33229505


over 30

>> No.33229506

t. social studies or high schooler

>> No.33229521

lmao at the brainlets itt that needed to study to pass tests

>> No.33229561

>mostly white
>it would be more obvious she's fucking him
i bet some would think shes my jp teacher or something

>> No.33229608

why would your teacher be taking you on the swan boats and shit lmao

>> No.33229626

being attracted to ugly women is the most bizarre fuckin fetish ever, like what the fuck even is that

>> No.33229634

its a zoom thing, no idea. i think its the same reason they like an intentionally ugly aesthetic sort of a neo-punk

>> No.33229639
File: 1.21 MB, 1647x2240, google images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33229640

it's probably a low self-esteem/control thing. he wants to be a catch in the eyes of the super ugly obese woman

>> No.33229705

he's not even theoretically attracted to pretty girls tho even though they'll never meet him

>> No.33229717

djt namefag is a freak, what a surprise

>> No.33229745

yeah dno bros

>> No.33229757

just clone the git repo and use whatever version you liked best you can always pull if he makes an update that actually fucking works and adds something

>> No.33229761
File: 25 KB, 687x342, 1608463035.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.33229780


>> No.33229803

never studied in my life
tests are easy, never had homework, all my classes felt like i was in preschool.
art, music, and nihongo are a much more better use of my limited time.

school is useless. drone through it, find what you like to do, find out how to monetize it, and when it's time to go do something useful - going to college - look up what degree you need. life is an easy game, if you're born into a rather well-off household and learn how to disregard your emotions for the majority of the time.

>> No.33229824

underage leave

>> No.33229829
File: 25 KB, 253x444, ss+(2021-02-16+at+09.31.24).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Trying to translate a doujin for the first time, can I get help with this?
My translation would be
"I heard about the circumstances(/talk/this?) but...
you really were there huh."

>> No.33229847

disscuss ni wa listen i te ma si ta ke do ...
book hit ni shop ta n de su ne

>> No.33229848

this is ur brain on social studies courses lol

>> No.33229862

Yes Okay

>> No.33229865



>> No.33229869
File: 281 KB, 2048x2048, 20210210_111436.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33229876

what vn is this from?

>> No.33229885

says the college student

>> No.33229910

i have a masters degree so no

>> No.33229915

jammy died rip

>> No.33229935

wish this were true

>> No.33229936

What are some easy to read manga or books aimed at children? I'm a beginner. Before you tell me about link in OP, that site just has list of manga with no concern for difficulty. For example having furigana over kanji would be nice - or in general having simple vocabulary.

>> No.33229942


>> No.33229955

fuck you never confuse me for that disgusting midget shit fuck you

>> No.33229957

if i sound like a vn mc does that mean i get to have all the bitches at the expense of having a personality

>> No.33229961

this must be bait

>> No.33229962


>> No.33229969


>> No.33230014

wonder how much aika charges to escort

>> No.33230020

Furigana over kanji was always irritating from a learning perspective and I always avoided looking at it when it was there. When I was that new, readable manga that had no furigana would have been more useful than ones that have it. (in retrospect that's probably mostly doujins though)

>> No.33230037

i hated furigana in manga but once u get used to ignoring it unless u need it it's pretty convenient

>> No.33230077

im jamal and i love boys

>> No.33230104

dubs has spoken

>> No.33230123


>> No.33230130

? majority of stuff i read doesnt have it i just dont mind when its there lol

>> No.33230140

jamal only loves pretty boys and only if don't try and become girls on him

>> No.33230141

as a """""prank""""" one of my friends gave me a 100 word mining deck he was making
it looked pretty good so i started mining the words
3 weeks later he apologizes and says all the meanings are wrong
what the fuck am I supposed to do now?
(he's not my friend anymore btw, blocked him on discord and steam)
tl;dr: i studied 100 kanji with wrong meanings and now have now idea how to rewire my brain to accept the correct meanings

>> No.33230148


>> No.33230155


>> No.33230161


>> No.33230162

dont touch japanese for a year
youll forget everything

>> No.33230163

lmfaooo get fucking owned cocksucka

>> No.33230169

another win for og

>> No.33230173

a day for reading and a day for listening

>> No.33230200

>studying 100 things without once looking anything up out of curiosity, which would have revealed inconsistencies
never going to make it in anything ever

>> No.33230209

struggling to maintain a pulse today

>> No.33230218

stick something up ur ass

>> No.33230219

why struggle any longer?

>> No.33230221

this. livestream u playing with fireworks trust me itll be super funny when your true retard kicks in

>> No.33230234

They had catchy op/ed at least.

>> No.33230237

share the deck so i could prank my friend qm

>> No.33230248

come to conclusion the only tolerable american tv is watching freaks and other assorted trainwrecks on TLC

>> No.33230269

just watch old westerns and shit on tcm

>> No.33230280

yeah fuck american tv, for me it's the 1999 new zealand teen scifi drama the tribe

>> No.33230295

they started playing newer "classics" lately so the good kino isn't airing as much. same for amc i just want my black and white movies goddamn it

>> No.33230352

thats a bummer, only american tv i watch anymore is the oldies and ancient aliens cuz that shit is funny

>> No.33230353


>> No.33230370

demi moore on amc right now reminded me of that video of her making out with some 13 year old kid at his bday party. bunko might be into that

>> No.33230391
File: 9 KB, 68x47, smug.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33230402

do not throw souls.

>> No.33230404

shes too attractive for him even in her current old hag state

>> No.33230417

she looks monstrous with the stupid surgery. why dont these bitches realize old but still looking like yourself is still hotter than this bogdonoff shit? you can cash in people still having you at your prime in their mind when they look at you

>> No.33230422

hang on... is cure dolly ... Japanese Gary Ben?

>> No.33230428

no dumbfuck she's an old british cult leader

>> No.33230446

more funk

>> No.33230497

funk and disco grooves under the melody in jpop is godly. thats why the sailormoon osts are nothing but straight up bops for 5 seasons

>> No.33230501
File: 15 KB, 228x228, 1533728139470.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

seems to work for i & g

>> No.33230513

sailormoon does have some damn good osts

>> No.33230515

never heard of her just came across the channel now. what so it's actually a woman? I just heard the accent and guessed it was Gary Ben using a gay voice changer

>> No.33230530

What is this surgery? Its exactly what I am talking about, the line of the mouth goes all the way round your face and you got this weird lumpy chin shit going on. Like every female celeb over 45 has this shit.

>> No.33230535

I think it's some kind of satanic ritual thing desu

>> No.33230571

big chungus keanu reeves

>> No.33230596

Thank you!

>> No.33230633

come back to this video every now and again

>> No.33230650

nobody asked

>> No.33230653

what a cute hougen

>> No.33230697

ok and now it's time for the quiz updaaaaaateeeee *cheerful music playing*
ok who would like to do the honors?

>> No.33230730

bitch sounds retarded

>> No.33230754

quiz's fatherhood の覚悟はどうかな

>> No.33230764

did you hear something?

>> No.33230773

is in 東北 right

>> No.33230785


>> No.33230803

all i know about touhoku is the memes about getting eaten by bears

>> No.33230807

having a kid shouldnt be that hard
i mean every single one of our ancestors had successfully raised a kid to reproduction age right (ignores adoption and the like)

>> No.33230815

cpu fan is spinning fine with no noise and no stopping and going now

>> No.33230818

my first trip to japan and the touhoku earthquake hit

>> No.33230825

lmfao thank you for this golden post

>> No.33230828

full nip experience lol

>> No.33230831

did you die

>> No.33230844

you've any idea what child mortality was though? your surviving ancestors was the 2/9 that made it.

also yeah modern society does make the actual function of having a family a lot more retarded cause we don't live in tribes and clans anymore. used to be the a village raised a child so you can fuck off and hunt or pick berries or whatever

>> No.33230855
File: 837 KB, 1039x720, Screenshot_20210216-200054.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.33230858

just donate sperm as often as you can like i do

>> No.33230862

as for me, it's hilary hahns bach

>> No.33230882

nobody would want my genetics

>> No.33230894

hope he didnt get a metal upa

>> No.33230907

i wonder sometimes. an animal head smashed right next to where i was standing, horns first. but unlike most of the japs i had the sense to get under a table. in retrospect i wish i had gone off the grid and let the world think i was dead so i could have a fresh start in japan

>> No.33230916

my genes wouldve been s tier if it wasnt for the fact that i have shit hair
been having a widows peak since 12

>> No.33230945

its normal for guys to have a hairline like that stupid. you've fallen for 4chan "its already over for me" memes by insecure teenagers. worse than a bunch of girls crying over magazine photoshops

>> No.33230974

as someone who donates sperm regularly i wonder if i already have children but theres literally no way for me to find out
hope they do me proud if they are out there

>> No.33230984

thats not the only problem with my hair
besides i never said i dislike my genes, only that its not perfect

>> No.33230999

can't believe society created a way for men to fulfill their genetic destiny with no drawbacks. in a way its kind of an equalizer you can be a total virgin and have tons of children lmao

>> No.33231030
File: 88 KB, 546x896, 1505155956550.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>clearly understand every spoken word with subs enabled
>turn off subs
>don't pick on any of the words
Now I finally understand about what people warned me a year ago.

>> No.33231037

if you're in the us you can find out when they sue ur ass for child support haha

>> No.33231047

hm which faggot was it telling me to watch anime with jp subs to make sure i "had it right" lmao

>> No.33231052

just start with a very easy show raw like digimon 1999. only took me a few months to get decent at raw stuff though ur mileage may vary

>> No.33231064

think fapping might actually be based
far more than having sex
in fact i'm realizing having sex is ultra cringe

imagine having to ask a women when you want to get off
and imagine settling for a real woman when more beautiful and ideal girls are out there for you to appreciate real feminine beauty with, that is not to say real girls have nothing to offer, but simply none of the beauty of a beautiful 2d :crab: [tl note: crab means kani in japanese which sounds like another word that is a reference to underage anime characters]

>> No.33231065

alright gonna read brb

>> No.33231070

always the same isn't it? beard to hide weak jawline, narrow shoulders, manboobs, bellyfat, no muscles, arm hair

>> No.33231077

Digimon is surprisingly a good recommendation. It's the one show that escaped my childhood.

>> No.33231084

>but unlike most of the japs i had the sense to get under a table
lmao they were looking at you like lol this pussy foreigner has to hide under the table

>> No.33231090

crazy how he basically admits he only likes kids

>> No.33231097
File: 440 KB, 571x525, 1613503339749.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.33231099

digimon turned me into a fujo at like 10 years old and this was the the dubbed version no less. its ok though i grew out of it

>> No.33231105

the op is amazing and the evolution scenes when brave heart starts playing made me tear up a few times but it's pretty hard to watch. its a kids show obviously so its not compelling anymore.

>> No.33231130

you just posted cringe bro

>> No.33231136

my body honestly looks pretty similar to his except maybe a bit more lean and fit
feels bad

>> No.33231143

dont care

>> No.33231151

in all honestly modern girls for the most part have no idea how to keep up the mystique and only show their best to dudes. she's a nasty german whore covered in hair and she probably stinks too. no wonder men are fleeing to 2d when bitches are too lazy to put in effort to keep them interested

>> No.33231153

and there we have it folks another fun quiz update comes to a close, join us next time to find out if quiz managed to impregnate his gf and ruin his life *band plays outro music*

>> No.33231169

just work out bro, shave the beard, dress better, lose weight.

>> No.33231177

i mean the other option is that you could just look good and tease her instead of begging for that manko

>> No.33231179

amazing how quiz manages to say the most retarded things unironically, this guy has a gift

>> No.33231185

dude ur face will just stop being ugly if you lift and wear a nice shirt lmao

>> No.33231187

you forgot the receding hairline

>> No.33231189

she doesn't smell and she isn't hairy, i'm just pretty extreme in regards to my preferences meaning any tiny bit of hair bothers me but i'm not forcing it on her
her smell in fact is probably the best thing about her, love just walking up to her and start kissing and sniffing her makes me hard instantly

>> No.33231190

this good news its easy to make sure a guy really is in love you with i guess and not just in it for sex. when they'd be happier with masturbation but still want to be with you i guess thats true love lmao

>> No.33231195

i was working out before corana shut shit down again
also never had a beard like that and the girls like my fashion or at least they say they do

>> No.33231201
File: 313 KB, 1920x1080, 1612464379593.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

another vn done and i feel nothing

>> No.33231207
File: 495 KB, 860x779, 1587063277457.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

and then you pull out your onahole?

>> No.33231212

>her makes me hard instantly
lmao and what good does that do you

>> No.33231229 [DELETED] 

dunno what you mean we have sex normally and it feels good, i had some problems staying hard in the beginning but it's going fine now i think i was just nervous about performance

>> No.33231233

who's the fucking normie talking about 3d women and relationships. drop it or im gonna crucify you.

>> No.33231246

hi quickmaster

>> No.33231254

yeah cause of the pheromones dude thats how they get you. you don't have to be noble and cover for her i can't see you noticing hair unless there was enough of it for it to be gross. you should have at least a full year of a honeymoon period were she seems literally perfect if there are already idiosyncrasies its gonna get fucking awful quick trust me. you wont even be able to look at her sexually in 3 months

>> No.33231255

what's your gf's iq? make sure that if you're having kids with her it's a eugenic process.


>> No.33231264

>and the girls like my fashion or at least they say they do
be skeptical of what girls say they like
based natsuki poster
you keep saying that you can't cum and that you hate the sex wtf are you on about what are these mental gymnastics or is it just stuff you say on /djt/ to try to save face?

>> No.33231265

it alllllll returns to nothinn

it just keeps tumblin down

>> No.33231293

>im gonna crucify you.
that's a weird way to say you're gonna impotently clench ur asshole

>> No.33231299

>be skeptical of what girls say they like
girls that ive been with

>> No.33231302

Who are some simple to read Japanese writers? Someone who's writing style is basic and straight to the point like Hemingway.

>> No.33231304

what im saying if i say im gonna crush your head with a sledgehammer

>> No.33231313

you're all fucking niggers and not going to get good at japanese

just quit and kill yourselves retards

>> No.33231317

i last quite long in fact the problem sometimes is i last too long and don't get to cum because she is satisfied or my erection wears out, i think the fastest i came once was like 10 minutes

i'll think about it man but i'll ride this relationship out for now i see it working and i do like her but if it gets worse i'll be more pressing

she got an official iq test from a psychiatrist or something and it was over 120, we did one of those semi legit online tests and it was over 140 so i think she is fine in regards to intelligence and she has shown me that she would be capable of rising a child

>you can't cum
that was just the first week or two of having sex, it was fine after that

>> No.33231327

need to start doing upper body exercises again, its gotten all soft and theres no definition

>> No.33231329







>> No.33231332

>she got an official iq test from a psychiatrist or something and it was over 120
alright that's great. hope you guys have lots of kids.

>> No.33231334

i recommend 伏見つかさ

>> No.33231352

still watching wonder egg priority at this point cause it looks nice

the absolute state of me

>> No.33231356

murakami haruki is pretty good because he basically writes like its a translation of english
kyouko by the other murakami is very like that too since its set in america

>> No.33231362

it's a really good show dunno why you wouldn't watch it
i'd say it's the best show airing this season with the most soul

>> No.33231366

not as high as og and she's not hairy and has smaller feet

>> No.33231371

know a lot of really smart people with really dumb shithead kids so make sure you raise them right bro
nature plays a role yeah but you gotta nuture them so learning is a major dopamine source

>> No.33231374

yea but quiz said his gf is attractive, while og is probably an ogre that looks like oriental pearl

>> No.33231376

15 minutes anki, 5 hours reading

>> No.33231380

>she is satisfied
?? so she makes you stop lmao
>erection runs out
how many times did this happen with your onahole?
> it was fine after that
so how is it now?

>> No.33231416

>quiz said

>> No.33231420

im not an ogre and i dont have a big nose or nojaw but whatever dont expect people to believe me till i outright dox myself

>> No.33231424
File: 28 KB, 340x454, 340.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

found a pic of og

>> No.33231434 [DELETED] 
File: 512 KB, 471x827, 1613318190398.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

og is a twink

>> No.33231437

>?? so she makes you stop lmao
no but i get tired because i do all the work and she said she came and is satisfied so it kind of naturally closes at that point
i should press her to do more work and movement but she doesn't seem that enthusiastic, she just wants to get fucked roughly and i lack the physical stamina to do it that long

>how many times did this happen with your onahole?
none i think more good japanese onaholes are more stimulating than vaginas going by feeling alone

>so how is it now?
i cum just about every time and so does she so it's nice for both of us although we are somewhat limited in what we do exactly we have tried various things but it mostly just devolves back to missionary because it works the best for both of us

>> No.33231440

dunno og that photo you posted the other day wasnt ogre tier but also didnt show you as the attractive woman you claim to be
you looked really flat to me and no guy wants that

>> No.33231443

is that jaime pressly? she fucking wishes she looked like her lmao she was a 9/10 in her prime

>> No.33231448
File: 56 KB, 435x401, 1551285380512.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33231453

>, she just wants to get fucked roughly and i lack the physical stamina to do it that long
maybe you need a bull

>> No.33231465

>you looked really flat to me and no guy wants that
uh speak for your own shit taste

>> No.33231466

>she just wants to get fucked roughly and i lack the physical stamina to do it that long
why did this make me feel sad and yet i laughed at the same time

>> No.33231468

man imagine 2 years ago quiz reading the shit hes posting now

>> No.33231483

i do sometimes think we aren't a perfect match sexually because she is as almost as tall as me and wants a bigger man while she perfectly falls into the preference zone for guys that like healthy weight curvy girls, while i am the kind of guy that likes really skinny girls, of course i still find her sexually attractive but it's simply not my ideal and idk if it should be

>> No.33231486

alright let me rephrase:
no straight guy who isnt into children wants that

>> No.33231493

og think's she's a goddess akin to aphrodite just because she's blonde and has blue eyes.
bitch's deluded.

>> No.33231494
File: 34 KB, 307x311, 1576587504392.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.33231495

lolicon shine

>> No.33231497

which one?

>> No.33231499

i'll be your bull any time bro

>> No.33231511

i gotta disagree

>> No.33231517

my 3 sizes are like 34 24 34 but yeah long baggy shirt cope

>> No.33231518


>> No.33231531

honestly this looks exactly like my gf from my behind scarily so, it gave the idea that og is actually undercover playing my gf some credibility
but then she posted that pic of her sitting and i knew it wasn't her because og is much fatter

>> No.33231538

not seeing the appeal in a flat adult with a complex and having the nerve to imply youre the straight one lmfao enjoy your mega milkers

>> No.33231548

im an ass man though, giant tits disgust me

>> No.33231551

lol that "pic of me sitting" was jamal being retarded and posting random bitches again which is why i posted that pic in to correct the fat record
i appreciate the attempt at simping but im not actually flat dude im a 34c

>> No.33231555

i also prefer em T H I C K

>> No.33231557


>> No.33231570

don't understand how to tell whether も particle means also or even

>> No.33231579

tits or gtfo
oppai or bai bai

>> No.33231583

small tits big ass is simply the patrician choice

>> No.33231586

perky medium tits and big ass

>> No.33231591


>> No.33231592

i dont care that the conversation started with you and i dont care what you look like im just offended by shit taste not everything is about you lol

>> No.33231599

imagine if quiz strangled his gf to death because he was convinced it was og trying to take him down lmao

>> No.33231610

lol but nah now i know it's not her because she is doing something next to me

>> No.33231611

why even bother?

>> No.33231612

i like tits and ass.

>> No.33231619

i had that theory about quiz's gf secretly being og trying to kill him ages ago

>> No.33231624

i like tits a lot more than ass and i'm not brown so that makes sense

>> No.33231628

does she have hobbies or just browse her phone

>> No.33231629

in a roundabout way you are saying og is your type

>> No.33231634

mary do you like tummy very erotic ??

>> No.33231648

so djt
tell me about the taitoru kaishuu
when did it become the epitome of kino

>> No.33231649

i dont care

>> No.33231650

i can't really tell what she looks like from that i can only tell that if i had her bent over a table holding her hands behind her back as i was pounding on her ass as she experienced overwhelming ecstatic pleasure i would probably not mind it

>> No.33231653


>> No.33231654

his gf isnt his type
shes just the first to give him a chance lmao

>> No.33231661

can you tell her anon said hi

>> No.33231671

true true

>> No.33231676

not really the thing is i love the female body in genral and have lots of types that i find all sexually attractive including hers but it's simply not my ideal which gets me rock hard instantly which is a sickly thinness dunno it's just a fetish thing

>> No.33231677
File: 265 KB, 1005x691, 1535544652320.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33231680

sneak preview when?

>> No.33231694

dude u didnt have to kill him

>> No.33231701


>> No.33231703

mary are you holding your barrels now or still letting them roll

>> No.33231706

im probably prettier than his gf and definitely more interestingn but i wish him the best anyway at least she's white

>> No.33231708

not holding them sadly honestly i should though

>> No.33231726

when are you going to be a father

>> No.33231731

unless his gf is a literal plank of wood i doubt that

>> No.33231732

don't know yet

>> No.33231745

how is it nearly every time i come check in on the boys you peak with the new most embarrassing post of all time

>> No.33231746


>> No.33231752


>> No.33231755

what can i saw it was a rough sunday im out of sorts

>> No.33231768

whats your issue

>> No.33231774

did you respond to the wrong person

>> No.33231778

i dont like how anilist doesnt include volumes in the activity thing

>> No.33231780

your valentines day couldnt have possibly been worse than mine og

>> No.33231781


>> No.33231788

bro its time to cheer up

>> No.33231790

thats why we're all on MAL https://myanimelist.net/profile/ksesef4

>> No.33231791

yeah i made a post in the forum asking for them to add this but nobody gives a fuck, shits supper annoying. who reads by chapter wtf

>> No.33231800

what a sick fuck, i forgot that this fucker was a lolicon

>> No.33231803

getting better every day but the bitterness remains

>> No.33231805

did you also wake up to hours of your roomate having a loud happy date followed by loud drunk sex?

>> No.33231807

og you've done enough not posting your tits recently. you need to take some time off and think about what you've done

>> No.33231813

how much are you honestly immersing these days
just curious how bad having a gf is in this regard

>> No.33231815

>who reads by chapter
never been up to date with a series downloading rips of syonen jampu or w/e ?

>> No.33231816


>> No.33231824
File: 3.55 MB, 1920x1080, 1591483526666.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

forget why i came here
and i forget why i stay
and wonder if they'd notice
if i slipped away

>> No.33231826

ah shameful masturbation and can no longer look her in the eyes わかるわかる

>> No.33231832

old > new

>> No.33231835


>> No.33231839

pretty bad but i think it's worse for me right now than it is usually because we are living together and i don't have my own room to retreat into, we spend most of the day together
i still watch airing anime which get downloaded to my tablet, sometimes while chilling on the couch or washing dishes or whatever so i still consume japanese in some form every day and i do my reviews

>> No.33231840

nope i just wait till the next volume

>> No.33231847


>> No.33231851

i get that
for situations like that anki actually makes sense

>> No.33231853

good album and decent group. not a fan of their newer stuff though

>> No.33231860

the fuck with this shit im out. @ me u know when

>> No.33231861

she was having sex in the room with you?

>> No.33231864

looking forward to mary settling down with this girl and getting a man cave put in thats just filled with degenerate anime figs and body pillows lmoa

>> No.33231873

lots of intensely feel music like this on there. sunset is also probably still the best song to come out of the whole new retro wave thing

nocturnal and endless summer were both amazing albums. kids was alright. haven't listened to the new one.

>> No.33231876

got a boner thinking about ogs chinese roommate annoying og with her loud moans

>> No.33231889

looking forward to marry settling down with his goddess and getting a little dog house where he gets to sleep when the bull comes over

>> No.33231892

ouch thats pretty rough man. not trying to be "not like the other girls" but i seriously dont know why some of them do this with guys. like i get wanting male friends with nothing sexual sometimes but saying shit like "i want you to be in my life" is intentional mixed signals for the sake of acquiring support orbiters.
no her own room but thin walls.
china moved out this one is white

>> No.33231899

you're 30 years old and living with roommates bitch nobody to blame but urself for being such a fuckin loser

>> No.33231903

feel bad for og, no one asked her to be their valentine

>> No.33231908

you're not like those other girls wow

>> No.33231912

>china moved out this one is white
this season of teraha sucks damn

>> No.33231942

i own an apartment its just temporary since i got wrecked by rona travel restrictions. im moving out end of this month and i guess spending 3 months in korea till japan opens (hopefully)

>> No.33231948

thanks for the support, you aight

>> No.33231954

you own an apartment in korea?

>> No.33231972

tokyo, but pools closed due to aids till summer probably

>> No.33231980

wtf happened to yomichan
it looks like shit now

>> No.33231981

i love kanji

>> No.33231999

eeeh? why the fuck do you have an apartment in tokyo? also why are you going to korea when you don't know when you'll be able to get back into japan? also do the travel restrictions really apply to you? also are you looking for a husband?

>> No.33232006

i used to do that but sometimes no ones dumped volumes in 2 years lol

>> No.33232012

yeah tbqh i mostly read stuff thats already concluded
lurk more

>> No.33232025

>lurk more
sorry babe too busy learning japanese

>> No.33232036
File: 8 KB, 383x180, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.33232041

its def safer to read stuff thats finished cuz rips are so fuckin unreliable and i aint gonna buy shit

>> No.33232044

someone post a screenshot of the new yomichan. i have auto updating disabled

>> No.33232047

youre welcome bro

>> No.33232053

not going into a blog again of why. leave it at the fact i have one.

korea only needs a 2 week hotel quarantine compared to basically everywhere else shut down completely. and its a quick and cheap flight over to japan when it does open. also ive never been and it sounds exciting compared to rotting in my home town for another 6 month lease

yeah property or not im still working out my longterm visa situation and tourists are still kinshi. probably with vaccines withing 4 months they will let me back in olympics or not

im looking for a husband that is rich, socially useful, and wants to live far away from me

>> No.33232060
File: 34 KB, 476x452, 1588438942118.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33232066

wtf is this 着ぐるみ shit

>> No.33232069

>im looking for a husband that is rich, socially useful, and wants to live far away from me
bitch you bring nothing to the table. you're vapid, stupid, uneducated and have a body like that of a man.

>> No.33232080
File: 338 KB, 557x385, 1454156389538.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.33232093

just checked
all i notice is that they moved the back/forward buttons that pop up when you click a word in a definition from the right side back to the top
and they added a fuckin profile button for some reason and it only shows up when the back and forward buttons are visible

>> No.33232095

doesnt look different to me
but i use dark mode

>> No.33232097

hey qms looking for something like that

>> No.33232099

if you fuck up your visa in japan the counter returns to 0 years and youll need to go through the whole 10 consecutive years thing from teh beginning to obtain permanent residency

>> No.33232103

i was just answering the question im well aware ill never find a husband. don't think im built all that manly but thanks for the compliment maybe i should start lifting

>> No.33232105

>im looking for a husband that is rich, socially useful, and wants to live far away from me
lmfao she thinks shes a noble

>> No.33232118

lift urself over the railing of your balcony

>> No.33232121

>rich, socially useful, and wants to live far away from me
ok og but i'll have to see some more skin before we proceed

>> No.33232140

the headings for pitch, frequency and shit are new and they look like complete shit
good thing compact glossaries turns them off

>> No.33232142

1 hour anki
1 hour shinkanzen masters bc i have to take the test.
3 hours reading web novels

>> No.33232172

oh i use compact too
btw holy shit at the settings page

>> No.33232184

i can't even immerse after this shitty yomichan update
i guess it's time to move to nazeka

>> No.33232195

it doesnt look bad but why the hell do some people try to fix whats not broken
just stop texthooking

>> No.33232196

the fuck is yomichan
*boots up kindle*
*consooms isekai ln*

>> No.33232200
File: 83 KB, 600x600, 1571760833546.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33232205

does anyone here actually use nazeka lol

>> No.33232206

fuckin baaaaased

>> No.33232213

why do these autists always have a anime girl pfp, i would get it if it were a cool guy but why anime girl

>> No.33232222
File: 55 KB, 500x489, 1533643710642.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.33232234

i'm not gonna draw some weird symbols every time i want to look up a word

>> No.33232236

true true

>> No.33232240

its funny cause girls are the ones using hot dudes for their pfps. something something anima and animus

>> No.33232243

i used to cause it looks better

>> No.33232258

who's the red girl

>> No.33232259

are they though? i feel like they would use n anime girl too?

>> No.33232279

uh thats just me

>> No.33232284

i can see girls using a really simplified one maybe, like maruko or a cute bunny or something. but a moeshit avatar is always a dude, tranny or otherwise

>> No.33232298

t,h.b i would feel the same if i the things i consume was something that you texthook

>> No.33232356

when they started adding bitch accent it was clear that theyre trying to be "real software" which means they have to bloat everything
how many people is this helping https://github.com/FooSoft/yomichan/pull/440 while there are still problems in deconjugation lol
and btw whats a かっこい

>> No.33232373

never seen anyone with any of these profile pictures

>> No.33232419

maki from love live

>> No.33232433


>> No.33232435
File: 16 KB, 236x377, 98e5be39c666c53805100318330ec129.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

let me hit you with this

>> No.33232442


>> No.33232456
File: 465 KB, 1920x1080, 1576329363577.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.33232462

this one's not that far off

>> No.33232469

see people use her as a pfp all the time
don't even know where it's from

>> No.33232475
File: 799 KB, 1920x1080, 1613497963369.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33232478

actual hot guys use busty anime bimbos of a legal age as their pfps. the cuter the girl the uglier the dude behind it

>> No.33232483

not going to make it

>> No.33232497

hate to defend moe but theres a huge difference and moes pic is extremely based

>> No.33232516

only the hottest dudes have manga pictures

>> No.33232521

another garbage nonsensical episode

>> No.33232530

those those guys also have extremely low iq
anime godfather is the logical conclusion of that path

>> No.33232542

hot stupid guys are literally perfect so sick of high iq autists

>> No.33232556

true ive lost hope in the series but maybe shell kill herself or something

>> No.33232560

just read more is a meme. the truth is just reading more isn’t enough to make it. of course you can’t be a retard like og who can’t even read japanese and is shit in every area. but in addition to reading you still need thousands of hours of raw listening and experience talking to natives to really make it. anything else is just a fraction of the way there.

>> No.33232565


>> No.33232571

lol way to rebound from jamal

>> No.33232575

having sex with low iq is like having sex with a dog
at least youre the white girl youve always wanted to be

>> No.33232579

i like how you had to clench over my dick there to avoid accidentally implying im right

>> No.33232586
File: 3.50 MB, 1920x1080, 1591767547907.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wtf they stole senkus character design from this shitty early 2000s vampire show

>> No.33232592

>extremely based

>> No.33232600

you have to get to intermediate level (which im at) before any of that matters and until then its read more all the way

>> No.33232610

how many djters actually made it?

>> No.33232611

thats メンヘラちゃん or something

>> No.33232612

who said anything about sex? i just think its refreshing to be around stupid hot guys who dont try to fucking sperg off over every goddamn thing

>> No.33232620
File: 1.14 MB, 2480x3707, 1610593335605.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33232628

wow moe is a furry

>> No.33232638


>> No.33232643

not having sex is even worse wtf are you going to do admire their nipples its not like you want to hear anything they say

>> No.33232653


>> No.33232663

i like how they smell and the sounds of their voices and sometimes they lift you up as a flex. at parties anyway

>> No.33232676

wow added to my must watch list

>> No.33232681

must be something that happens when your iq is even lower lol

>> No.33232686

hey dont disrespect me for wearing white tshirts
bet girls love hard nipples on a well trained chest

>> No.33232687

white people parties are so cringe its actually sad

>> No.33232703

thank fuck someone is finally speaking about this

>> No.33232706


>> No.33232707

can u write this in english i havent figured out double negatives yet

>> No.33232724

oh look 2 jews

>> No.33232727

the rock hardness of a guys body is directly opposite of how smart he is. smart guys always too soft like a girl even if they are somewhat built. also they usually have dainty hands and i like thick ones

>> No.33232731

nothing wrong with having big hard nipples as long as your iq is at least room temp

>> No.33232746

this is why i run and weightlift but without having a kanojo

>> No.33232766

not him but the じゃん makes it look like he is expecting affirmation
think of it like 全然basedじゃない じゃん

>> No.33232769

he's talking about being a short manlet not his build lmao

>> No.33232783

i meant to reply to his stamina post my bad

>> No.33232785

dont care

>> No.33232796


>> No.33232798

>t. doesn't have yaoi hands despite watching all that CLAMP

>> No.33232806

look at that schnozz on the left

>> No.33232807


>> No.33232821

good thing most girls arent nearly as picky as you

>> No.33232823

ill become a /fit/ autist for u

>> No.33232825

oh honey

>> No.33232826

why do pb&j sandwiches taste so good?

>> No.33232844

that doesnt mean the same thing but lol

>> No.33232849

30yo and still daydreaming, crazy

>> No.33232859

>the rock hardness of a guys body is directly opposite of how smart he is
says you
in no time ill have both the mind of plato while having the body of plato

>> No.33232863
File: 189 KB, 294x282, 1606851175967.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

girls with the かもめづと hair style

>> No.33232874

do it for YOU bro and good luck. also tone > bulk. bulk is for fags girls just want you to be otter mode but rock hard and with functional strength like you better be able to carry a bitch

>> No.33232882

i dont think i ever had one

>> No.33232895


>> No.33232904

oh shit dont tell /fit/bros that theyll flex you to death with their bulk theories

>> No.33232920

gonna go bear mode because i'm into bois

>> No.33232922

whats in it for me
living longer ?
aint nobody askin for that

>> No.33232932

yeah and they are all fags and no girls browse it for a reason they are all on soc (or were)

>> No.33232945

youll probably live shorter

>> No.33232946

not true my gf said she wants me to gain weight and be a heavy like strength heavy, she has been feeding me properly as well and i've been working out so we are actually working on achieving that lol

>> No.33232947

and now they are on djt
fuck off

>> No.33232948

how the fuck are these people real

>> No.33232954

you will feel better about yourself and it will fix you hormones and brain chemistry when your body remembers its male lmao

>> No.33232962

alright im in

>> No.33232965

>you better be able to carry a bitch
i mean thats every guy right? wtf are u doing bros if u cant throw show hoe around

>> No.33232987

some hoe around*

>> No.33232988

you dont need to lift weights to "remember youre male" lmfao

>> No.33233000

sorry og but your free daily post quote has expired, post some tits if you want to unlock more posts

>> No.33233001

my body remembers its male every day as i watch yuri

>> No.33233009

not true. listening and reading should both be practiced before intermediate lest you risk developing more bad habits. natives already have 1000s of listening hours before they ever start reading.

>> No.33233010

what a loser

>> No.33233013
File: 93 KB, 720x536, a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

me on the right

>> No.33233019

what hormonal reactions do women get to lifting anyway

>> No.33233028

oh god she's a feeder. dude she is literally trying to make you fat she's one of those girls. she is lying about the muscle stuff unless you are like a tiny little boy or something.
if you aren't getting regular exercise your brain and body gets wonky, especially for guys you evolved to be physically active on the regular

>> No.33233030

they become sterile

>> No.33233041
File: 46 KB, 640x480, 1521524113156.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33233048

>my dick
always knew og was a tranny

>> No.33233058

natives start as babies
you arent a baby
you should hear somethin and use based voiced eroge to avoid permanently crippling yourself but read more is the focus long before straight listening

>> No.33233060

og is the new jamal
jesus fucking christ not like this

>> No.33233080
File: 97 KB, 1174x464, a34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

me on the right

>> No.33233083

og is just jamals new voice changer

>> No.33233086
File: 190 KB, 750x934, jennifer-lopez-oscars-2020.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33233087

right about what? you don’t know japanese retard you were mentioned because you’re the perfect example of what every learner should avoid becoming

>> No.33233097
File: 318 KB, 1536x2322, external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

for me its 姫カット

>> No.33233104
File: 96 KB, 751x1000, 1556258156414.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33233110

good on you bro just remember eat big to get big

>> No.33233118

i do next to no exercise yet my brain and body are in perfect condition

>> No.33233121

menkei lol

>> No.33233125

fit girls who aren't that lean is my secret fetish

>> No.33233130

i just want a cute girl with nice abs who does kegels but if she could physically overpower me i wouldnt complain as long as shes still ドM

>> No.33233135

lmfao destroyed

>> No.33233145

thats a lie and you know it
unless you work a physical job or something

>> No.33233149

>i do next to no exercise

>> No.33233150

>i do next to no exercise
not even walking????

>> No.33233156


>> No.33233158

strong women who are dM are into goblin dick, i'm sorry anon

>> No.33233160

>natives start as babies
doesn’t mean shit. still have to develop your ability to comprehend the language from sound alone

>> No.33233163

god twitter was such a mistake

>> No.33233166

my dick is pretty ugly if i do say so myself

>> No.33233173

how can you say this while not hunting every day
no human living a sedentary lifestyle while inhaling 粒子状物質 every day is in perfect condition

>> No.33233193

ive been lean as fuck my whole life maybe you just have the fat genes haha

>> No.33233195

you get most of the way for free from voiced eroge or reading anime though

>> No.33233200
File: 29 KB, 720x540, peakmale.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>i do next to no exercise yet my brain and body are in perfect condition

>> No.33233204
File: 56 KB, 1068x601, 1605891406815.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's the Japanese equivalent word for "Chad"?

>> No.33233205

your chances are elevated by a lot if your's grotesque like you say but it'll still be difficult

>> No.33233216

based take

>> No.33233217

lean aka skinnyfat

>> No.33233223


>> No.33233225


>> No.33233230

4bc has noble (inbred) genes so yea he does look like this

>> No.33233257

fit people of djt:
is a 2pl8 bench enough to become motemote with japanese girls?

>> No.33233260

thats more like "hot/stylish/popular" i always thought chad had more of a basic dude vibe

>> No.33233283

cant watch anything cause im sleepy af but it's too late for a nap and too early to go to bed haha

>> No.33233284

being white is honestly enough

>> No.33233306

japanese women dont care about mukimuki but it doesnt hurt either
also this

>> No.33233310

sounds like its the perfect time for a fap

>> No.33233312

ciaran confirmed he looked like this when i asked him

>> No.33233317

ikemen are the chads of japan
its not the west, at least thats what i think

>> No.33233330

yeah i guess when i think of ikemen its more of a scrawny hipster fuckboy whos a little too fashionable

>> No.33233331

you're correct with your japanese assessment but what >>33233317 said is pretty much the answer

>> No.33233335

what parasocial relationships helped u stay engaged in japanese learning

>> No.33233348


>> No.33233351

dont have any

>> No.33233352

chad is somewhere between
陽キャ、リア充、ヤリチン and チャラ男

>> No.33233358

100% anki

>> No.33233364
File: 193 KB, 1407x692, 1613511876096.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.33233375

lmao just talk to people. i dont have a single japanese friend and still have output in my name

>> No.33233386

whats your point

>> No.33233392

me on the left

>> No.33233395


>> No.33233397

a chad in the west has muscle but none of those make me think of that

>> No.33233413

none but im thinkin its about time to find a rich depressed neet and get married

>> No.33233414

nice cope im not buffed but im objectively very attractive i was approached many times when i was in high school

>> No.33233415

ii otoko was the right answer but im the only one who knows since jamal isn't here

>> No.33233424

too fat for me

>> No.33233432

really her bmi is only like 40

>> No.33233438


>> No.33233458

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJidGp6Dxkw take me back

>> No.33233463

when are the heavens feel and kny blurays coming out aaaaaaa

>> No.33233467

disliked both

>> No.33233476

yeah take me back before that

>> No.33233480

kikoeta ki ga shitaaaaaa

kanjita ki ga shitaaaaaaaandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

>> No.33233486

>i was approached many times when i was in high school
oh like quiz

>> No.33233489

really takes me back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0dS0BAcBM0

>> No.33233492

>Angel Beats!がAB
>(The) Day I became a godでちゃんとDになってるんだな

>> No.33233498

never have i noticed Hitoshi Matsumoto's gyno before wtf

>> No.33233507

*violently pushes shitters out of the way*
now this was an op

>> No.33233515


>> No.33233517

really takes me back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hKi1VlE94A

>> No.33233531

>objectively very attractive i was approached many times
why do people talk like this about things that you should feel out. fucking objective my ass you know if you are hot or not

>> No.33233532

hes still married and happier than you will ever be with a girl prettier than you rich af

>> No.33233533


>> No.33233540

nigger gonna make it

>> No.33233550

i like these out of nowhere vitriolic posts on djt

>> No.33233551


>> No.33233554


>> No.33233558

classic. haven't seen it

>> No.33233575

never noticed how this is in a mezzo-soprano key. lmao nip vocal range is hilarious only teenage boys and women can manage this

>> No.33233576

wtf this version is also really good

>> No.33233579

he's been working out those are his pecs

>> No.33233591

stfu og you stupid whore

>> No.33233592

fuck you you basterd son of a bitch

>> No.33233606


>> No.33233608

yeah but super sad cause he died like right after this was recorded. such a goddamn tragedy the first 3 seasons were good especially cause of his music.

>> No.33233625
File: 76 KB, 1068x569, Ch2qIcwVEAA87rf[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33233633

ぴえんぴえん motherfuckers
you better start posting good shit real soon or else this is gonna be the worst djt ever when i honki mode shitpost

>> No.33233639

are the newer movies worth watching? yeah it's sad though i always lol when i listen to brave heart and see some malodorous white commenting rip koji wada

>> No.33233643

only og can save it as this point

>> No.33233645

shut da fuck up

>> No.33233662

tri. is shit, Kizuna is good, the current reboot is watchable but is as sterile as modern Pokémon

>> No.33233671

>video is age restricted

>> No.33233678

fuckin kino

>> No.33233680

They should have stopped at tamers
if you are gonna call me malodorous, you can suck my 9" twink cock if you want my rec

>> No.33233691

wait i thought kizuna was a sequel to tri no?

>> No.33233696

i just dont care

>> No.33233704
File: 1.05 MB, 1280x720, sex number.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33233711

fate zero is so fucking good
>if you are gonna call me malodorous
i was talking about youtube commenters who think brave heart was his song lol

>> No.33233724

berserker would have no chance against this archer and just die ichikoroni

>> No.33233731

Fire!! is better, probably the best opening barring Butter-Fly

It acknowledges tri. a little bit, but generally ignores it because it was a disaster. I got into Japanese Digimon pretty big last year and I think Kizuna had a much greater understanding of Adventure than tri. ever did.

>> No.33233759

you call me malodorous almost daily since im white not just then

>> No.33233772

no i dont i have no idea wtf you are talking about but i'll put it down to some schizo moent i guess

>> No.33233806

feel bad for illyas VA, the only roles she's been getting for years are illya and some character in strike witches. she was even in a fuckin hentai last year wtf

>> No.33233816

>I got into Japanese Digimon
as opposed to

>> No.33233821

i love this

>> No.33233824

based, what hentai?

>> No.33233829

no one should care about vas

>> No.33233831

why would you ever undergo breast reduction
don't tell me it's because of back pain, that's a cope for pussies

>> No.33233843

damn maybe jamal was right about it being a slippery slide from music to jav
>t. never had back/neck pain

>> No.33233847


>> No.33233850

because breasts are concentrated sin, and they are embarrassed that their vile sinful ways have caused disgusting growths.

>> No.33233861

post some music you made or at least played

>> No.33233876

im assembling a team

>> No.33233883

i have a demo in the works. might post it depends on how the doxable the finished result seems

>> No.33233900

whats this

>> No.33233912

you should start a blog and not post here anymore

>> No.33233922


>> No.33233949


>> No.33233963

breast reduction surgery is based but just chop dem titties off before you get breast cancer
god i fucking love chicks with big asses and no tits

>> No.33233970

oh i dont have it saved but that chunk of yamaxanadu karaoke is out there somewhere i guess that kinda counts even if i wasn't trying very hard
>said the namefag with a universally shilled anime profile

>> No.33233973

i mean i hope you have something that will make people chose you over the millions of other music dudes

>> No.33233988

gay taste

>> No.33233990

my mal is exgtremely important for japanese learning you just talk about your boring ass self all the time despite saying youll quit

>> No.33234001


>> No.33234002

i just read

>> No.33234003

>breast cancer prevention
that's just another cope reason for something that only affects 0.00% of all people

>> No.33234008

i wanna play the bass in this song. vocals too might just do a cover outright
our taste in music and anime is very close and even like your mal im just tried of you hating on me for this blogging boogeyman that i only started to do when i was doing the time for it anyway

>> No.33234036

some of you will never know the joy of fucking a chick with no boobs and it shows

>> No.33234043

calling the police

>> No.33234045

not gonna reply to bait

>> No.33234050


>> No.33234057

dno but this girl has big sale on panties

>> No.33234060

its okay your post already gave me my dopamine hit so thanks

>> No.33234071 [DELETED] 
File: 476 KB, 1000x883, 57acaae00ca46fa9b0a9311d921d5191bc445b36.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

me and og

>> No.33234075

i'm behind nanatsu proxies

>> No.33234077

i think he means he gonna call the police on >>33234036 because its some trannoid that wants to ban flat chested porn because somehow = loli?

>> No.33234080


>> No.33234087


>> No.33234097


>> No.33234101


>> No.33234105

lol my new hair style does look similar to the right

>> No.33234109

og has big benis

>> No.33234113

wow this happened to me with my onahole

>> No.33234116

djt is pro trans

>> No.33234118

so nice to have a thread not completely dominated by jabum for once

>> No.33234125

the biggest in the thread

>> No.33234134


>> No.33234139

not really kinda wish you'd die

>> No.33234143


>> No.33234145

just thinking about it makes it sound rhetorical/self reflecting to me

>> No.33234151

no we're pro trains

>> No.33234155

this meme really doesn't work since you put on the name. you've ruined your otherwise effective posts

>> No.33234156

daily reminder real djt ninjas don't re_ort futa pics

>> No.33234158


>> No.33234166

id fuck a trans-man if he still had a vag and id fuck a trans-woman if she got rid of her penis

>> No.33234182

heterosexual taste but still degenerate

>> No.33234187

i report all grandma pics

>> No.33234190
File: 445 KB, 590x822, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.33234205

yea i love trains *opens maitetu* *unlocks all hscenes*

>> No.33234215


>> No.33234243
File: 91 KB, 700x719, f3a[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

English dub nostalgia Digimon that 90s kids defend to the death as superior to the original because everything they watched as a kid and feel nostalgia for must be superior to every other version, you know, the grandma Goku argument.

>> No.33234250

today i dropped anki drone and picked up genki.

>> No.33234255 [DELETED] 
File: 495 KB, 768x652, 19127369ac559114987d0fd59bdd3b390a18b383.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.33234259

whats ur problem

>> No.33234264
File: 1.32 MB, 971x753, 1613273776170[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wasting your time, buy this book

>> No.33234267

>he doesn't know nsfw poster

>> No.33234268

thats a pretty good meme

>> No.33234276

Thanks, it's yours to keep my friend

>> No.33234282

if you know japanese you can see how this actually works perfectly wtf lmao

>> No.33234304

transitioning does more harm than good

>> No.33234312


>> No.33234314

someone should have shown this to that guy who said no one could ever understand if he said hitotu or futatu in japan

>> No.33234324

ok outside of a few these are way better pronunciations than what we use now simply because of how closely it mimicks native pronunciation but only if you are an english native

>> No.33234326 [DELETED] 
File: 1.75 MB, 1600x1200, b836de2d4b84d2ca837b888816814add6de36a28.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.33234335

this is my dream

>> No.33234342
File: 276 KB, 1326x1080, dbz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33234345

Jiggy jiggy fooney high kin serampan nai rosokoo doko?

>> No.33234346

>jiggly jiggy fooney high kin serampan nai rosokoo doko

>> No.33234348

theyre fucking like rabbits

>> No.33234354
File: 25 KB, 680x456, BoyOfKultur.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33234386

old japanese really dropped a lot of sounds. for 'uma' to sound like 'mar' is pretty crazy but sto and stoats still works today

>> No.33234409
File: 677 KB, 688x795, 1598465173025.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the art in jagaaaaaan is really good

>> No.33234422

definitely gonna start saying クソチンコ now

>> No.33234445

It's been years since I last read it, chapter 60 something or other when they get the dog boy and there are the two guys at the apartment

>> No.33234462

>what we use now

>> No.33234473
File: 21 KB, 326x246, DeeplyGoncerned.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>dog boy

>> No.33234475

hepburn system. makes people retarded when it comes to katakana and hiragana as it sounds in words and the flow of conversation

>> No.33234478

never will make og シーツをたぐる because i'm not 8x6

>> No.33234493

is this some sort of manlet meme?

>> No.33234496

why does the word 船 appear in "Fooney (船) high kin (拝見) serampan nigh (内?) rosokoo (蝋燭)" but not next to "boat"?

>> No.33234510

shed prob be happy if you just put a 2x4 in her

>> No.33234523

hepburn: yoroshii
this guy: your a shee
how is this less "retarded"

>> No.33234554

literally only gay men care about dick size, women just pretend to brag about it but it truly isn't what gets them hot and bothered
t. 6in girth-monster that only ever got interest from gays

>> No.33234559

the worst part of that pic is no regard for mora
youd be crippled for life if you spent months trying to talk to natives thinking of 小さい as cheese eye

>> No.33234563

ok that one isn't one of the better but to a newb the second will still sound better than looking at 'yoroshii' and saying "yoROSHey. hepburn look right here cause he know what is should sound like already

>> No.33234569

dicklet cope

>> No.33234576

wotd: 糠喜び

>> No.33234579

yeah but its clearly like a 1900s rough guide to getting about in japan and asking about the state of servants and horses lmao. its not meant to be a formal language instruction and in that regard its pretty based

>> No.33234581
File: 1.19 MB, 850x1006, 1600287054599.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i know hiragana and katakana and have the pronunciation down, i just need my hand to be held through the basics of sentence structure so i can start reading without too much trouble. i know, im retarded.

>> No.33234591

the reason you only get interest from gays is because you're gay

>> No.33234599

cant imagine anyone using any travel guide or anything like that and being able to successfully communicate anything of value that doesnt rely entirely on hand gestures

>> No.33234615

if i say 'meeds motty koy' to some dirty servant you can bet your ass he's gonna immediately get me some water. don't expect a gaggle of djt dekinais to get how great that book is tho

>> No.33234616

too afraid to meet og irl because i know shed fall for me hard and 俺の心は別の人のものなんです

>> No.33234617

>start reading without too much trouble
you will never be able to read without too much trouble until youve struggled and read
find something fun and consume compelling content not dekinai textbooks

>> No.33234621

genki's not gonna help you with reading. its only objective is practicing simple sentence-building inside of a classroom setting.

>> No.33234630

are you gonna open the book in front of him or do you think youll happen to remember that specific 1 in the moment

>> No.33234633


>> No.33234635

what do you get out of posting this dumb cringe shit

>> No.33234636

it builds on "motty koy" to be brought something if you were stuck in nippon for months (of course you'd be when this book was written) you'd manage to remember it

>> No.33234646

dopamine ofc

>> No.33234648

what did you guys start with? do you reccomend finishing an anki deck for vocab? im about 1/4 of the way through 2k. thanks for the insight.

>> No.33234649

i'll only hold your hand if im forcing you to stroke my shaft

>> No.33234650

'nang eye' also soungs better than how most gaijin start out pronouncing 'nagai'

>> No.33234657

yeah probably true bro i trust your judgment

>> No.33234660

lolling at the thought of some dumb whitoid saying mawdy koy

>> No.33234661

once you finish 2000 you can start watching raw anime and manga forever

>> No.33234677

im a straight man.

>> No.33234682

been reading 束の間 as 床の間

>> No.33234683

can you go test that

>> No.33234699

been thinkin bout セックス

>> No.33234704

there is nothing heterosexual about post-op trans women

>> No.33234714

h-manga might be good material to start with.

>> No.33234723

yeah i mean its more like on his end tho, less gay than preferring one with a dick

>> No.33234737

never gets old, the who wrote this would be shitposting on djt if he was alive today

>> No.33234750

and i'd be on his side and we'd both be one of the few people who can speak lmao imagining the butthurt NOO YOU CANT DO THAT REEE

>> No.33234759


>> No.33234762

if you say anything like in that book you would sound as bad as the gaijins youre strawmanning

>> No.33234763
File: 16 KB, 654x326, notgay.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

as long as you dont personally touch penis any sexual action you perform is not gay

>> No.33234778

>t. roman c. calligula/nero

>> No.33234787

it's literally a parody book, nineteenth century equivalent of shitposting

>> No.33234808

its not a parody, its legit. it is 19th centurish though. they would have had no standardized phonetic system at the time so westerners conversational in japanese would have to transcribe the sounds of what they were saying as best they could to an english audiance.

>> No.33234819

what does this book have to say about meneki?

>> No.33234860

not into 2d, i have a wife, learning this for my new assignment.

>> No.33234861

>It is easy to see the advantage of getting at the dialect actually used in Yokohama, rather than learning by laborious study the Samurai dialect (the one generally taught by professors and books) and which nobody understands beyond a few teachers.
Fucking dead.

>> No.33234865

*beheads ciaran excitedly*

>> No.33234868

When was this written?

>> No.33234876

reminds of this infamous almost-japanese from the mikado in the 19th century

good operetta btw if not at all japanese

>> No.33234879

i didnt mishear anything lol >>33214398 every time you say that youre essentially saying i cant tell i and ei apart which is absolutely retarded lmfao i just had a mental slip

>> No.33234885

>We have feared this. Our currency tampered with, and our hair cut the wrong way; and now this book comes along, and pulls the roof off our language. -Nisshin Shinjisi

>> No.33234887

i must confess to anacreon that i have been using mpvacious.

>> No.33234893

is this that big data ive heard about

>> No.33234913

>Meiji, Secound Cousin of Jimmey Tenno
every page is gold

>> No.33234919

then just fuck off

>> No.33234923

just gonna have to accept that on this community we remember your fuckups forever and ignore you when you are correct
you know you fucked up so now you gotta live with us reminding you forever

>> No.33234942

enjoy sinking 5000 hours into something cause of an assignment lol

>> No.33234944

good movie actually

>> No.33234946

fuck you nigger im overthrowing the us govt. i have to learn jap first help a nigga out.

>> No.33234958

its not for school, i never went to college, im a glowie

>> No.33234959


>> No.33234965

i want to fukck madoka

>> No.33234969

which fucking board do you think we're on?

>> No.33234974

easy homura

>> No.33234977

you're also an idiot apparently

>> No.33234981

watch dolly or ngmi

>> No.33234990
File: 309 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why is this such a common scenario in anime? do the japanese not have ac in their schools or something?

>> No.33234993

was just thinking about how so many great characters could be ruined if you just gave them glasses

>> No.33235014

i live in a first world country and we didn't have acs either

>> No.33235015

we didn't have it in my school and it got up to 30C by mid june when school was finishing up. i'm a third worlder though.

>> No.33235017

where's homoco?

>> No.33235025

oriental hands typed this post

>> No.33235030

gonna orient my hands around ur throat in a second

>> No.33235060

doesn't sound like a first world country to me

>> No.33235073

look at this rich kid doesnt know what a normal school is like lol

>> No.33235074
File: 423 KB, 1077x909, 1581781983897.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.33235082

looking at pics of my highschool now cause those posts reminded me of it, natsukashiiii nee haha

>> No.33235087

nta but you are literally 2nd world at best if you don't have AC in your schools. japan has them but they turn them up high enough to save on electricity to where its still like 80 f and its not central air so there are hotspots in the building

>> No.33235112

my burger high school was built in the 60s and didnt have ac because my hometown was small and didnt have money
only rich city kids got ac

>> No.33235116

new nihongo guide:
tae kim for grammar
yotsubato for immersion
exercises in the yokohama dialect for vocab
cant wait for you guys to gonna make it
i now demand patreon bux for chobber chobber lest i cause a bobbery in the foonev high kin serampan high rosokoo

>> No.33235127


>> No.33235131

eops are crippled from the moment they're born

>> No.33235137

german here, didn't have acs in school
not even at uni

>> No.33235142

why are there so many posts what's goin on

>> No.33235150

i grew up in a poor city in the heart of the usa and our school had ac in the summer and heat in the winter

>> No.33235156
File: 136 KB, 1024x1004, 1553864770559.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i dealt with the holoshitters

>> No.33235161


>> No.33235167


>> No.33235168

> The difference between Wok-kallonai and Wok-kallimassing is really only a difference without a distniction (vide Adams' Japan page 64, vol. II.) but at the same time these words may be so used as to deceive, in their actual meaning, even the best of our linguists.
this is what happens when you avoid learning the samurai dialect

>> No.33235179

dont consume media with samurai in it

>> No.33235223

read this as toho

>> No.33235247


>> No.33235264

sometimes i read 速 as 遠 lol

>> No.33235266

in my school we dont even had desk

>> No.33235274

tell us more

>> No.33235291

yeah these guys need rtk

>> No.33235295

sounds comfy actually my tailbone hurt like hell in those hard chairs

>> No.33235301

why does this thread attract so many third worlders

>> No.33235322

Because they don't want their flags to show in the /int/ djt lmao

>> No.33235326

goverment steal al money from school, we have 6 desk, only the girls and the chads could get them
the chairs were those generic white plastic shit
and we had to pay for food
at least we had AC (fans)

>> No.33235348

dunno bros my 5.5x4.5 looks really big if i look down on it

>> No.33235352

how many huts were in your village and how many times have you got malaria?

>> No.33235353

you sound like a falseflagging burger

>> No.33235368

getting ptsd from people mentioning 4.5

>> No.33235374

lmao someone post a 'weak must fear the strong' meme. seriously though i think this is a good reality check to have to set you up for life

>> No.33235381

big words coming from a sheltered american who thinks she can become an idol princess just like in her cartoons

>> No.33235384

>how many huts were in your village
>and how many times have you got malaria
just once
my mom escape from that shithole that was the guajira the next year
i havent eat a hamburger in my life kek

>> No.33235416

hope norte del valle doesnt find you man

>> No.33235437

letting the world crush your dreams is a sign of weakness. although being american is definitely a luxury i dont regret
you sound like a nice guy, do you want me to buy you a pizza or anything?

>> No.33235451

trust me og you dont want to get involved with colombians

>> No.33235478

og what city is your tinder set to?

>> No.33235492

>you sound like a nice guy, do you want me to buy you a pizza or anything?
i would really like that anon
>trust me og you dont want to get involved with colombians
ya te vi veneco

>> No.33235496

you should know me better than that

>> No.33235501

gonna swipe left on og haha

>> No.33235517

i legitimately dont know what that means
how would we do this anonymously?

>> No.33235526


>> No.33235542

ok what city is your eharmony set to?

>> No.33235547

swiping left means no matter what you wont match with that person so hes saying you doesnt want to match with you
but seriously you shouldnt get involved with that dude unless you wanna end up property of one of the most dangerous cartels in south america

>> No.33235557


>> No.33235567

i dont wanna "get involved" man i just feel bad he hasnt had a burger and want him to have a nice meal on me

>> No.33235586

damn didn't know you were into 女体盛り

>> No.33235601

whatever, dont say i didnt warn you

>> No.33235606

norte del valle has been defunct for a while

>> No.33235613

imagine being a dirt poor third world shitter whose only solace in life is that you have internet access and one day you meet a bitcoin millionaire aryan princess who takes pity on you and buys you a hamburger and then never talks to you again lmfao

>> No.33235624

what the fuck has this cunt been smoking.

>> No.33235631

are these og orbiting posts all the same guy or are there more of you weirdos

>> No.33235632


>> No.33235634

her own farts

>> No.33235637

promise you norte del valle still exists today
they might have a different name but the network they made still exists

>> No.33235640

new thread when? lol

>> No.33235646

hey hamburger guy post you bch/crypto wallet and ill send you like $10 worth of bch that should be enough for a pizza or whatever but make sure you say a few more things so i can confirm its actually you

>> No.33235660

>how would we do this anonymously?
kek you were serious? you are an angel anon
but mi situation has changed, my dad found a good job in chile and he is doing great, he even bought me a pc gamer, i havent eat a hamburger cause i feel like a dont like them

>> No.33235666

og how much link do you hold?

>> No.33235671

skipped anki today

>> No.33235690

i live in cali now, my cousin was killed by one of those fuckers we dindt complain kek

>> No.33235696

what makes you think somebody who theoretically doesn't have access to burgers be able to receive and use your meme internet money?

>> No.33235700

>my dad found a good job in chile and he is doing great
all of your ilk shall be kicked outta here

>> No.33235701

never touched a stinky linky in all me born days
oh ok then if you are sure. glad things are turning up for you

>> No.33235718

they fractured into many cells after the top guys got busted/killed. paramilitary scumbags have always had way more of a foothold in the narco business in colombia than in mexico so a lot of the narcos work for them these days. then you have the mexicans like the guys from sinaloa that have deep connections there etc.

>> No.33235728

did this guy seriously call her an angel when shes treating him like a filthy beggar lol

>> No.33235729
File: 1.83 MB, 1042x1531, 痴漢逆転.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sure sweety

>> No.33235740

wtf og has crypto

>> No.33235748

dont kink shame

>> No.33235750

thats a really cynical perspective but i guess thats your right. i just wanted him to have burger

>> No.33235755

thats some weird anatomy

>> No.33235760

nothing gay about that image

>> No.33235764

yeah there is something seriously wrong with the front of her skirt lmao

>> No.33235778

its only a semi
its hard to get a full erection if you have a monster cock

>> No.33235818
File: 419 KB, 690x1048, 1588610873688.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fancy a dab atm

>> No.33235821

the 3rd worlder english is really rubbing off on ya

>> No.33235824

she looks like her thighs are 3 feet long and the penis isnt coming from her pelvis but instead the chikans got a 2 footer goin between her legs to the front of her skirt

>> No.33235827


>> No.33235836

Acheera sto cheese eye penis high kin

>> No.33235871

whats the point of having a big dick if your body looks like that instead of a cool dude. stupid fetish

>> No.33235872

if its not her penis then its a she prob
does her shirt stop before her belly button too

>> No.33235882

its his penis and its clearly a masculine penis

>> No.33235921 [SPOILER] 
File: 373 KB, 1042x1531, 1613525240109.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

its not her penis

>> No.33235922

feel bad the bum was banned when i only got a warning

>> No.33235929
File: 128 KB, 606x960, 1569992589674.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.33235945
File: 75 KB, 1200x554, EXygEboUwAA_ibt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33235971

you clearly do not have a monster cock
theres no way you could maintain that height from that distance
and there's no way his legs are that short hes got a good foot on him heightwise.
besides he is clearly talking about his erection.

>> No.33235972

anyone notice how most film actresses in japan look the same and are all plain as fuck

>> No.33236015

good anime if you cut out the insufferable main couple and only watch the side character plots
Minene best girl

>> No.33236016

getting raped by an uggo?

>> No.33236018

shes prob squeezing it between her thighs which is keeping the tip hard

>> No.33236025

someone post that jap post going on how jap dicks are the hardest in the world

>> No.33236026

dunno never looked at any

>> No.33236038

once a guy tried to brag his was so big he would get lightheaded if it got fully erect. is that possible or was he full of shit?

>> No.33236064

dude i love your shitty fanfics but the author of that image has done the best 2hu futa doujin i've ever read + his other works are all traps/futa so yeah

>> No.33236069

compare the girth to her thigh gap for gods sake, that kind of pressure would cut the dick in half if thats what was happening
>dicklets not understanding normal people problems

>> No.33236089

this is pretty high up there in the 'stupid fucking arguments' collection, even for djt

>> No.33236091

i mean i aint arguin about what he intended to draw im arguin about the result that ended up on the page lol
squishy thighs

>> No.33236099

nowhere near fat enough

>> No.33236125

my 5er is ookii according local chink girl

>> No.33236144

protip girls dont care about yo dick dimensions

>> No.33236150

im willing to admit my explanation is flawed but you have to see that there are some real problems in that image

>> No.33236166

protip, thats the equivalent of being jouzud

>> No.33236175

protip stfu

>> No.33236181

shit dont drop this on me

>> No.33236186

yes he isnt fucking him while molesting him but thats besides the point

>> No.33236188

why did 4chan x stop working today

>> No.33236200

werks on my machine

>> No.33236202


>> No.33236208

protip no

>> No.33236225
File: 981 KB, 451x256, hirasaka.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33236228

dont take it personally girls dont really care about any dick images they just humor you to keep the flirting going and to make you think they are interesting in bed

>> No.33236237

this convo makes me realize there's probably money in selling miniatrized coke cans and rulers so you can send fraudulent dick pics more easily

>> No.33236240
File: 44 KB, 591x224, matto growth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.33236250


>> No.33236258

a by men, for men industry. why are dudes so gay just get like your teeth whitened and a good job for fucks sake

>> No.33236265

>get a job
normie plz go

>> No.33236277

ok lie about having a good job

>> No.33236283

>give a dentist more money than you need to
>engage in normalized indentured servitude

>> No.33236301

i get paid to have sex with the pretty ladies with my monster cock

>> No.33236311

gotta give him credit hed have a good job making massive cash stacks off desperate dudes who think dick size matters

>> No.33236318

as long as there's a roof over my head and food in the fridge i ain't gonna work a day

>> No.33236319

protip this is a falseflag

>> No.33236325

frugality isn't an attractive quality nor is being a smartass about why you fail at life

>> No.33236328

When I first started doing immersion, I hated sentence ending particles
よ ね な わ
"What the hell are you, you random word sprinkles. You useless salt and peppers."

だろう has like 3 uses and I never got consistent ones in a row for it to sink in.

But that stopped.

Usually what you hate the most is what you get over fastest, because you're paying that much attention to it.
Then there's nothing to say other than "GOT you" "I GOT you now, you bastard."

And then it's just over and the next day you feel like an idiot for ever not getting it.

>> No.33236334

same but gettin a bit worried that wont work out

>> No.33236344

yeah cause guys obsessed with dick size are experts on what women want lmao

>> No.33236352

says a woman whose never worked in her life and isnt even fit for raising a child

>> No.33236356

>yes goyim pay money for things you dont need
i'll send you a picture of my monster cock for 10 bitcoins, if you refuse to do it you're frugal.
ok bad example because that's something you need but you get the polint

>> No.33236358

women want to be raped

>> No.33236363


>> No.33236371

just bang OLs and crash at their place
once nips hit 30 they get desperate

>> No.33236372

feelin real embarrassed for lettin this happen

>> No.33236394

orange jew glad u hab de tism'

>> No.33236407

self conscious after og has accused me of being an esl like 6 times because i dont like her

>> No.33236423

sounds like a big cope for having an ugly smile but thats your life. you can "yes goy" post to excuse anything its a tired meme

>> No.33236466
File: 2 KB, 104x125, NaniTheFuckDidYouJustIimasu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>hebraic treachery is a meme

>> No.33236483

had a really great idea for a jvlogger youtuber inspired buy eiffel tower bro but dont think japan lets aspiring youtubes just live in their country so i guess i gotta do the whole jet program thing

>> No.33236487

having white teeth is attractive and nothing to do with jews retard

>> No.33236500

fuck i cant type today

>> No.33236503

>unless you pay doctor goldbergsteinowitz 100k you cant say you're attractive

>> No.33236513

why dont based nihonjin care about teeth

>> No.33236534

most of its over the counter in america and i got mine done in japan for like $50
this really isnt a great argument they are notoriously for needing cosmetic dentistry. anyway celebs do get work done

>> No.33236548
File: 169 KB, 1024x576, lolbenis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

because their minds are focused on more intellectual pursuits like at what point does a penis become feminine
they dont have as many shekel grubbers so they arent distracted

>> No.33236549

read 6 doujins and watched 1 jav

>> No.33236560

wow thats definitely a feminine penis

>> No.33236563
File: 1.43 MB, 498x280, ReversedWindmillOfFriendship.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>everyone needs to pay my cousin moshe for their teeth, otherwise they're wrong

>> No.33236576

not all celebs get cosmetic work done
we should all be devoting ourselves to these more important pursuits

>> No.33236581
File: 176 KB, 1011x1280, c9c664dd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.33236587

yeah this is what i mean by you saying it for anything. japanese dentists do whitening regularly its not some rare thing

>> No.33236595
File: 277 KB, 112x112, NoSexualContent.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33236609

no its (((chinese))) dentists pushing it for shekels

>> No.33236619

i remember bein real emotionally invested in when ema and chiaki were gonna fuck

>> No.33236629


>> No.33236644

ikr, but one day we will shut their lying mouths
a first holocaust, for real this time

>> No.33236648

how is that not 1jikan ato

>> No.33236654
File: 30 KB, 400x400, もう頑張らなくて良いんだ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33236656

ok thats it im done playing for this side its too cringe where do i sign up to eat the bugs?

>> No.33236659

cant wait for you sick fucks to be forced into mandatory reeducation camps to cure you of your blatant racism

>> No.33236666

some heavy ironing in this post

>> No.33236668

haven't cut my hair in months haven't shaved haven't showered

>> No.33236672

just join a discord, they'll source you some HRT and the rest comes naturally

>> No.33236681

just finished all near side routes in tsukihime

>> No.33236685


>> No.33236688

brainwashing wont change reality being racist friend.

>> No.33236692

how did the meme about eating bugs being part of the nwo or whatever start? if anything that's a lot better than the trash people eat on the regular

>> No.33236703

more like racist implicit
nice try bugman

>> No.33236706

sup bro

>> No.33236707

i agree comrade, all who do not toe the party line must be sent to gulag
hate thought and hate fact are not allowed, party is always right!

>> No.33236718

i havent acquired ato vs go should i google it

>> No.33236721

i bet you wear 3 masks now too

>> No.33236725

guys with stringy thin hair and major bald spots look repulsive with it grown out though

>> No.33236739

the fuck should i wear a mask for?

>> No.33236756

to keep out the estrogen from chemtrails retard

>> No.33236774

you q-anon midwits are why i jumped ship like 3 months into trumps first term

>> No.33236788

>not realizing bad orange man was a jewish shill before he even ran
honestly the libs with their retarded crusade against him are doing more to bring about a hitler than anything else.

>> No.33236795

well there should be 2 choices then, shaved skinhead look, or long grown out look, the in between stuff with non-stop haircuts because it keeps looking retarded is ridiculous

>> No.33236796

the guy who coined the term "midwit" is a q-anon believer

>> No.33236799
File: 256 KB, 1280x1024, 1488144531122.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah being anon aint what it used to be

>> No.33236808
File: 49 KB, 480x360, keef.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

rascism is nature, t. i have no fellow white frens and realized this at the age of 22. its ok though, i just dont argue with their blm stuff.
>y dont you move anon?
im the glowie from previous posts. dc is home. has been, will probably always be when not abroad. i hate queers too. teach me nippongo onegaishimasu

>> No.33236822

i am 100% you are being captain hindsight about this and supported trump. i knew he had jewish handlers but thought he might be enough of a loose canon to do some actual good or at least some of the crazy shit everyone expected him to do anyway

>> No.33236824

>trust the plan goyim

>> No.33236838

he was the best choice at the time, and still is, but I think the US is far gone and will never be a viable place to live anymore

>> No.33236846

no friend, it was clear he was a stopgap preventing true change from occurring

>> No.33236851

as i said you can do this for anything. you sound very low iq a true follower

>> No.33236867

then you were either underrage when he ran or are lying about your politics at the time. you sound way too neopol and aren't nearly as clever as you pretend to be spouting shit we all know now

>> No.33236868

white guy goes from zero to N1 in 1.5 years:


>> No.33236872

embarrassed for you that you ever supported that dumbass in the first place

>> No.33236876

true follower of who?

>> No.33236883

Great call.

>> No.33236885

has no one seriously done n1 in less than 1.5 years?
i mean there isn't even any speaking/writing

>> No.33236887

zion don was a thing well before it was coopted by glownigs

>> No.33236897

the fuck is a qanon

>> No.33236900

probably some edgy chat platform populated with "memes" from edgy kids and reddit reject web developers with a few actual schizos thrown in

>> No.33236904

Just got my covid vaccine so if I don't post tomorrow you know why

>> No.33236910
File: 246 KB, 1336x793, Chud.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so like all islamic gommunists you blindly project your own failings on others

>> No.33236913
File: 61 KB, 277x260, 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.33236915


>> No.33236920

im sure some redditor has<