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name your favourite touhous and how drunk you are

my favourites are the SDM especially patchy, alice, and marisa, and I'm several beers in and hoping you are all doing well. i love you guys. thank you for putting up with me for so many years. how are you? sorry for bumping a thread off the board

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Can I post in this thread if I'm completely sober?

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Yes obviously, you are among friends. "wch 2hu wud u fuk" anyway to keep us from being del'd?

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this thread comes sadly late since i am out of booze and about to take a nap, but i guess i could just wait until i can go buy more and continue.
Been awake whole night and now i have 8 0.33l beers and 2 0,5l beers done on my desk. i might go buy more if manage to stay awake one more hour without eating since i probably just drop if i eat something. Too many favorite 2hus really but suika or yuugi for drunken state and i guess parsee since its valentines and i find her relatable more often than not.

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My favorite is Yuuka.
I was drunk earlier, but now I just feel like I've gone insane.

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drunken state usully leads to mild depressive state or such after day or two, also alcohol eats water and other building blocks from your body, so it is wise to drink water and get some vitamins and trace elements in body afterwards, or atleast eat well.

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I like drunk patchy too!

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Water is so Cthnoic so feminine. I drink it more than most but it is important show reverance for the Sun, you must go outside and say hello to the disc in the sky the neverending cycle of bringer of life. He is our God. I am drunk on fermented wheat perhaps.

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So drinking water lowers my masculinity?

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No, you drink it, even to excess, but you should still revere the masculine, the Light that gives us life. Without it we are lost. Tell your sons this. See you again in 10,000 years.

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Answering. Give me a minute.

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I know this is pretty generic but Cirno is my favorite. I just want to hug her and teach her math.

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>name your favourite touhous and how drunk you are
Sakuya is my favourite. I thought about the other possible candidates, but Sakuya is my one and only.
>how drunk you are
I don't drink. I don't really have a reason to drink either.
I have in the past, but I didn't know at the time since I was ignorant to the world.
In my life, I probably had a drink twice. The first was Whiskey and I don't remember it all. The second was probably Wine. I'm nowhere close to Wizard status, but lets say the little rule in Japan about kids drinking so long as their guardian allowed it applied to me at the time, although just that once since. That is, if what I read wasn't a myth.
I've seen what drinking does to people and I know the effects. It's not for me.

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My favorite 2hu is Marisa and I'm only high right now.

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Never drank. Never will.

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Water and Sun are both essential for Life

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I take cancer medication for my arthritis so I haven't been able to drink since I was 18.

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never let a character being a "generic" choice dissuade you from liking them, the unpopular ones are typically unpopular cos they suck

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>cos they suck
That depends really
>never let a character being a "generic" choice dissuade you from liking them
or the game they come from

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Remilia is my favorite 2hu even though I'm not a secondary and have 1cc'd most of the games. I have been sober for more than 2 years because I am an alcoholic and I intend to keep this streak going until my death.

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Suika's my favourite, followed by Yuuka and Saki. suprisingly I'm not drunk, infact I don't think I've ever actully had alchohol.
would change that, but I don't want to be even more retarded than normal

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I'm getting loaded again. I can't seem to be sober more than two days.

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walked to the Wawa and got a pack of natty ice 6%, they stopped carying steel it seems.

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Steel Reserve, watchyouknowbout that, prolly nothin.

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waking up at 8pm, mamajuana hangover is too powerful.

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Never mixed with my blood, never will.

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Looks to be split between drunk and not drunk. I can't really say I'm surprised.

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I thought we'd have more people who imbibe, or at least people who just don't drink because it's expensive. I didn't think that so many NEETs would be straight edge

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2hu is a drunk man's game. What would are these dudes living in?

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This feels a little low for such a good question.

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Alcohol is bad for you though.

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So is water and oxygen when you take too much of them.

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100% of people who breathe air, die. Why do you still breathe?

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But it doesn't hurt to not drink alcohol. For most people.

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I could ask same question from you.
Point was though that alcohol like pretty much anything else you can put in your system also is bad for you if you just take it too much, moderation is key in any consumption for staying healthy. And yeah breathing slowly wears/burns our body and organs down, its just takes like 100 years to kill us, depending of course what we breathe, usually sooner though.

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>moderation is key in any consumption for staying healthy
You think most of these anons know what moderation is?

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Moderation doesn't exist if you're an alcoholic, 1mL of alcohol could ruin your life

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Well there is no really reason to restrain yourself with reasoning "its bad for you" considering you gonna die anyway sooner or later. It wont really hurt to take some now and then either, considering some of alcoholic drinks have health benefits as long as they are taken in moderation.

well i just mentioned that in general moderation is way to go, then there is people who can't practice it efficently for reason or another, every addiction can be won but there is no going back for moderation for most people.

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>1mL of alcohol could ruin your life

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just got off a 12 hour army detail, drunk is my middle name tonight

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Well when someone have really bad case of alcoholism, they really have to restrain themself to not take any of it. If they take even small amount of it it usually leads them to same habits and on really hard drinking spree, thats why moderation is not option anymore for really bad cases since if they take even small amount they can't stop from taking more.

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I have conditions that prevent me from drinking either of these.

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Enjoying a nice glass of cut brandy, so I won't be sober or drunk in a few minutes, but somewhere between the two.

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