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daily japanese thread. this board is too fast edition


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what are some good n5 level reading material?

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is this the thread

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the subtitles of these shows http://anacreondjt.gitlab.io/docs/miscimg/#a-list-of-anime-on-animeloncom-ranked-easiest-to-hardest

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a couple small fixes, and damn this is feeling hella polished now. definitely recommend updating to the latest version if you're using this texthooker http://anacreondjt.gitlab.io/docs/texthooker/

shouldn't be any major new bugs or features unless i get some epic suggestions from you guys

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how do i do this

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damn its so disappointing to have a nice convo with someone then find out you wouldnt like them if you knew the other things they talk about

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u should put a japanese test in it to be allowed to use it

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gonna get on hello talk and tell japs i love trump

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your script doesnt work if i change the av sync you think you could fix that

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gonna get on hello talk and tell japanese ppl that they are furniture thats why they sit on the floor

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>please type the one and only correct reading of 方

what script? what is av sync? aren't you the guy that uses my mpv script with shit streamed from 9anime?

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tha best op iv evr seen holee shet

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jamal add me on hello talk

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the mining script
av sync is audio delay sometimes the dub and sub files are of different durations so i have to adjust the delay in mpv

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dude stop streaming your anime holy shit

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actually streaming anime is fine i set up plex on my server and its a lot simpler than dealing with media players lol

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like imagine dealing with files and media players in 2021 lmfao

whats a codec ? never heard of it *watches anime in browser window*

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Is there any better way to say this??

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>whats a codec ? never heard of it
does this grandpa really think codecs are a problem any more

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never dealt with a media player just double clicked and it plays the anime

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what do u mean in order to watch anime u have 2 install divx player and then the k-lite codec pack

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i use plex too but this guy is literally watching all his anime off of 9anime in 260p with logo watermark in the center.

he actually streams two streams at once by going into the source code and finding the sub and dub stream links then combining them in mpv so he can use my script and not see the english subs

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kids these days lmao

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its not 260p lmao the drop in quality isnt really that significant ive done a few comparisons and the logo watermark is tiny and in the corner stop making shit up
free vpns either dont let you torrent or have really tight data caps and if theres a dub then i can easily stream the show raw its the most sensible setup for me

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anime encoding scene is really dead
couldn't even find a 720p x.264 bluray version of a recent anime

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cant u at least stream from crunchyroll where the subs aren baked in so you dont need 2 streams?

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djts so embarrassingly bad at technology

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crunchyroll doesnt have a lot of shows besides they fragment the file idk how to deal with that

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im better at technology than u could ever hope to be

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wtf is this winamp?

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it really whips the llamas ass

>> No.33177385

imagine making thousands of anime cards with a 9anime logo

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video showcasing the soaplands section of the guide is now out!
it was too large for streamable so i had to make a youtube channel lmao

if you have any recommendations for the layout or material you want added to this section just @ me itt

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imagine paying for a vpn

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just read 声高 as seikou

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lmfao epic

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xdcc is also an option you noobs

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never heard of it

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sometimes i wonder why am i even here
look at this size
holy shit some people really are blessed
>tfw a fucking crossdresser has a dick almost twice my size
just fuck my shit up

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you also never heard me fucking ur moma (which is surprising), but it's true

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just read read as read

>> No.33177454

you sound like a computer voice

>> No.33177455

wonder how much he fucks

>> No.33177456

ngl eiffel tower bro raspy voice makes me feel things

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fuck off u sick sex tourist i knew there was something wrong with u

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its my real voice, no filters added
you mad i gave you two 0's while testing my review feature?

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fuck off im finally gonna have sex

>> No.33177486

casual sex havers and prostitution enablers will get whats coming to them
i am of course referring to aids

>> No.33177487

anyway tons of stuff out there
i remember there was a cli program to download anime using xdcc on coom.tech

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finally a good post

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yea me and og r never meeting u now

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this ones probably the closest to how i subjectively perceived the difficulty of shows i watched that are on that list

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haven't been on djt since the beginning of the month
what did i miss?

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now please for the sake of everything that you hold dear stop streaming from bad websites
also that point about the watermark is so bad, if i shit just a tiny bit in your food, would you say "its only a little bit and it's not noticeable in flavor"?

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i think you missed the barrels or was that last month dunno

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ciarans fucking dead
qms about to have a kid
jamal made another $100mil

>> No.33177596

sincerely with a dick this big i would not mind letting him fuck my ass
i am sure he is cute and its only natural for males with lesser dicks to submit to big dick crossdressers chads

>> No.33177599

you sound like moist critikal lmao

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i reported that guys video to the youtube police

>> No.33177609

cool! glad i was able to come up with a formula that spits out half-decent results

>> No.33177614

i've managed to setup yomichan so that if i add cards i scanned with shift the entries from 1 dictionary get added to the card and if i scan with ctrl the entries from the other one get added. pretty based tbqh

>> No.33177618

stop thinking about dicks and pursue long-term satisfaction in the form of learning japanese you fags
hell you wouldn't even say two words to him if you wanted to get knocked up

>> No.33177619

thanks? can promise you my name is not charlie

>> No.33177621

i made a website http://anacreondjt.gitlab.io/

put a couple of brand new things on there too

>> No.33177623

gonna quit djt next month

>> No.33177629

you're not moe, jamal, ciaran, or quiz so don't care

>> No.33177630

wtf dude

>> No.33177631

gonna meet og and go on a mall date and stream it live

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havent watched more than 1 minute yet but how many times have you been to these places yourself

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fuck you the visual novel chart still sucks

>> No.33177657

he prolly went to 0 of them cuz the 1s he goes to are in back alley in a corner of akiba where he "hangs out" with japanese school girls

>> No.33177663

how so? btw jamal decided on the tiers

>> No.33177670

a handful back when i used to live in japan
my tokyo friend was the real sex addict that made this possible
no, i just happen to also love spreadsheets sorry

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removing totemo muzukasii category is the biggest offense tbqh

>> No.33177690

we've been over this, you never linked me which game was in the screenshot

>> No.33177700

its the picture u have to have the picture

>> No.33177708

the fuck, you dont have to wear a condom at the majority of these places? that's crazy

>> No.33177721

oh nvm you say its unknown. seems unlikely you can rawdog anywhere to be honest even here in eastern europe you cant do that

>> No.33177735

lots of Japs loved Trump too, they don't really care a lot about politics at all in general though so it isn't all that deep

>> No.33177737

you gotta patreon? i would pay for this shit

>> No.33177740

>no, i just happen to also love spreadsheets sorry
looool do you track your japanese progress in one?

>> No.33177753

>lots of Japs loved Trump too
is it cuz he fit the white fat loud american stereotype japs have

>> No.33177756

no he just keeps track of where he goes to pay for sex with one

>> No.33177763

anacreon is it true that you're a spic

>> No.33177770

give me the picture then

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ive read like 15 vns and i still couldn't understand shit when i tried reading ruitomo last week
the last third of the vns on 普通 should be on 難しい

>> No.33177791

hey if you are willing to waste money on a guide like this i can set one up yeah
dont love spreadsheets that much

wild how flustered my video made jamal, i always told you i was a fuckboy

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fucking kek

>> No.33177797

just cut it out of the chart image dude wtf cna u just fix the 5th category its a 5 category rating system fUck

>> No.33177799

idk how to get this to work it just says success right after i select an ep and then nothing happens it just creates an empty folder btw im using a vpn

>> No.33177817

how about a way to make both of you happy.
move the second have of normal to hard, move hard to very hard

>> No.33177818

in Canada no condom bj is common, but always covered for full sex

>> No.33177823

nice neko dude

>> No.33177835

>he fell for miniyoga's shill post
you get everything you deserve

>> No.33177838

nobody asked

>> No.33177848

i got nothing though lmao

>> No.33177852

finally a good thread lmfao

>> No.33177854

just wanted to make the point that this isn't something unique to Japan when the other anon made the comment about europe

>> No.33177860

ruitomo is on the right side of futuu which is the harder side of the category

its not good for baby

>> No.33177872

i was referring to penetrative sex, no condom bj is standard here too i think. when i was in amsterdam i asked a whore about it and she said she only does it with a condom which i found odd but it's common there apparently

>> No.33177873

also i put the hardest ones toward the bottom of that 2nd column but theres no way im putting them in the dreaded muzukashii category thats just foolish they dont belong there

>> No.33177874

nobody asked

>> No.33177884

dude if u do something like that this is how its gonna end


>> No.33177887

I am thinking any place in Japan that offered no condom sex would probably have a no-foreigner policy as well.

>> No.33177898

nobody asked for u to be born but here you are in all ur buta glory

>> No.33177899


>> No.33177906

yeah i have never seen a place that allowed no rubber for penetration, but there are some that require rubber for other services like bj
anything marked yes you should assume that all services require it though im sure there are mistakes in that sheet

>> No.33177909

btw really disappointed in my bros who can even actually have a conversation about brothel protocol

u need some healthy relationships in ur life

>> No.33177912

agree yall got problems

>> No.33177927

too l8 for that
every woman is some instagram whore

>> No.33177933

i have a gf though lmao

>> No.33177940

what race

>> No.33177953

from the way eiffel tower guy said gaijin at the start of that video it's highly doubtful he knows any japanese

>> No.33177958

well i dont want to do any gay shit like two columns with some disclaimer about the second column being different and the bottom of it also being different.


>> No.33177960

how long did it take you to make this

>> No.33177976

yaaa tanosikatta ze!

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wtf is wrong with people itt

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>> No.33178010

wtf the new texthooker looks so much better
thx anacreon

>> No.33178013

kill yourself

>> No.33178031

glad you like it dude, let me know if you want any extra features or have any bug reports. it's a lot easier for me to add features cuz of how i built it

>> No.33178035

wow sugoi anacreo sama!!!

>> No.33178047

kill yourself

>> No.33178050

Current thread: #2696

Previous threads:
>>33163629 #2695
>>33144149 #2694

>> No.33178051

nobody cares about your opinion or judgement

>> No.33178054

so anacreon you think you could do something about the av delay or is it not possible with the properties mpv provides

>> No.33178055

cya l8 nerds
gonna go drop some bars

>> No.33178056

hes right

>> No.33178057

i'm blushing

>> No.33178058

Is it worth to learn how to write kanji, or just read?

>> No.33178071

started working on it towards the end of december i think

>> No.33178083

if you want to read cursive or handwriting then yes

>> No.33178087

thats rly not true but at the same time dont let urself be brainwashed that e sluts r the only desirable women bc thats all u see

does she know uve frequented brothels in japan

this is why u should just leave everything intact as it is

when u mess w. other ppls things then its just worse than the original

look heres the compromise u fix category 5 u can link the img to whatever page for saihate no ima and then i can explain the fucking joke

spot 5 differences puzzle
category 5 on the chart (totemo muzui)
ima category 5 (listen carefully to the lyrics and really let it sink in and watch for 20 seconds to finally bring it all full circle)

there u go this is why the 5th category is very important and if u dont understand why refer to vid again

>> No.33178092

damn i thought you were joking back then

>> No.33178096

uh yeah it's an easy fix

>> No.33178108

i didnt link the vid it didnt paste woops i wrote that quickly in a rage


>> No.33178132

just read 火傷 as ひしょう

>> No.33178142

>why are you watching stuff you enyjoy instead of shows for pseuds???

>> No.33178154


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>> No.33178159

dont think ive mentioned it yet but she probably wouldnt care, we are really open with each other about sex and whatnot

>> No.33178161

ive watched my fair share of garbage but theres garbage and then theres that shit

>> No.33178166


>> No.33178172

cool ill wait for v32 ig

>> No.33178195

i dont think most women will respond positively when their partner goes oh yea by the way i used to frequent the brothels in japan

if anything it will reaffirm what they already know about japan which is its a country for sick fucks

>> No.33178204

would be hypocritical of her if shes not a virgin

>> No.33178213

this is definitely going into my top 5 for displays of autism

>> No.33178215

nothing wrong with being sick if youve got some medicine

>> No.33178216

new rule dont @ me unless uve been in a relationship with a woman and had sex

>> No.33178217

and thats why anime died

>> No.33178228

you guys may meme but i am legitimely depressed about the size of that crossdresser cock
why are we advancing so fast in technology but i still cant go through surgery to make my dick bigger

>> No.33178235

its literally a thing only ppl who played ima would get

its an easter egg or "meme" dressed up as a functional part of the chart

>> No.33178243

if anime died cuz people are watching the stuff they enyoy then it deserved to die

>> No.33178244

degenerates always draw the line in strange places
"you cant go to the brothel but casual sex is acceptable" haha kys

>> No.33178251

>you cant go to the brothel but casual sex is acceptable
this but unironically

>> No.33178259

anacreon's texthook page has a fucking horizontal scrollbar fuck him

>> No.33178272

the latest version does not

hey it wouldn't be a remake if i didn't take the soul out of it

>> No.33178275

screw this chatroom bullshit i'm leaving djt

>> No.33178277

id genuinely be happy if you killed yourself

>> No.33178278

good move

>> No.33178288

wow so i can't even converse with jamal any more because i'm a virgin this thread fucking sucks now

>> No.33178308

dudes a 50 year old childless piece of sh1t who cares

>> No.33178317

wow you have issues

or maybe some weird religious bent

either way, you are not the kind of people I can relate to or want as friends

>> No.33178318

she might get upset but if thats a dealbreaker itd be pretty stupid considering we were fwb before we started dating
but again shes pretty damn liberal about this stuff so i would be really surprised if she cared

>> No.33178340

he's been denied by every woman he's ever talked to since he's a chink in canada

>> No.33178342

haven't immersed in a week

>> No.33178348

*holds barrel*

>> No.33178349

let me help you with that *immerses foot up ass*

>> No.33178350

*slaps anon around with a large trout*

>> No.33178352

there's more to life than being happy

>> No.33178355

old relationships and stuff about sex like that is not something that should be brought up in a relationship anyways, you don't have to tell your current girlfriend how you used to deep throat your ex or even how hard you fapped to some graburia last night. some things you keep to yourself in any relationship as it serves no good purpose to bring it up

it is insane to think you need to share every detail and thought you have with anyone else regardless of how much you love them

>> No.33178359

such as?

>> No.33178396

absolutely. most we really said was number of partners, favorite positions, stuff like that. giving out all the details like that is a great way to freak your partner out no matter what

if she asked me if i ever went to a brothel i woultnt lie because there is no need to do that either, but i doubt it will ever come up

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File: 11 KB, 651x179, moe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.33178418

just why

>> No.33178420

fat bitch projecting

>> No.33178425

loving others, serving a cause bigger than yourself, etc. you must have really friend dopamine if you have to ask this

>> No.33178426

wrong on all accounts

>> No.33178439

correct on all accounts

>> No.33178442

thats just stuff people do to be happy

>> No.33178450

how big is your schlong

>> No.33178454

Everytime I use "ore" or "boku" my girlfriend would frown... she does like me to use atashi but I keep telling her you're making me sound feminine! Haha.

>> No.33178455

having a big dick really isnt a blessing trust me

>> No.33178468

for i second i thought that was a ciaran humblebrag post

>> No.33178472

no dude when you push your kid out of the road only to get hit and die from the car yourself it isn't cuz of the happy feelings you get it's because you know it's the right thing to do

>> No.33178478

Use うち

>> No.33178479

click here to die


>> No.33178482

well i think it is but lets get this thread back on track .

>> No.33178490

yeah im lucky then cause im definitely never gonna be too big if i get my big day

>> No.33178506

yeah chinks are known to have huge dicks take it from jamal

>> No.33178511

heres the thing that i never got about that trope

if u can push the kid out of the road then u could have also leaped and avoided getting clapped

hate japan and their shit tropes

>> No.33178529

maybe u wanted to save your kid but you also wanted to die because you sacrificed over a decade of your life already raising them

>> No.33178532

itd take a while to find moes dick from underneath his 10 layered paunch

>> No.33178541

makes sense japanese ppl do want to die after all

btw if u want to die こちらへ >>33178479

>> No.33178543

noticed something weird in your list, gabriel dropout is ranked 99, how does that make sense? also maybe try to come up with some number that is a bit more practical as well than just ranking

>> No.33178549

behead ciaran

>> No.33178559

those are pretty mainstreams show if you got an issue with those the problem is prolly on your end

>> No.33178563
File: 1.05 MB, 1167x562, 1599793057577.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33178570

watch any anime you want every day and never look at a list except this one https://myanimelist.net/animelist/ksesef4?status=7&order=4&order2=0

>> No.33178573

the ranking doesn't matter, only the relative difficulty

nah dude ur like the cue ball you stay still and spinning after you hit

speaking of wasting your time >>22196309

>> No.33178582

>most sensible
if you're actually retarded, just download the shows idiot

>> No.33178596

i hope u dont make 1 of those twitter bots that just regurgitates random posts i made

>> No.33178613

oh youre real smart eh then name a free secure vpn that allows you to torrent without a download limit

>> No.33178623

why you need a vpn no one cares if you download anime

>> No.33178627

yeah maybe if you live in the third world

>> No.33178630

buy three years of nordvpn it's cheap as fuck

>> No.33178638

yea i do live in the usa

>> No.33178649

dude i promise nothing will happen if you download anime from nyaa

but if you're that paranoid about torrent then just use this https://sites.google.com/view/animerawsmasterlist/home#

>> No.33178663

i'm trying to use qm's anime addon for mpv but why doesn't the html texthooker detected embedded subs? does it only work with external subs?

>> No.33178686

embedded subs should work fine.

>> No.33178705

protonvpn is great, not free though, but totally worth it for speed and supporting a good company

>> No.33178715


>> No.33178723 [DELETED] 
File: 1.32 MB, 958x1024, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck it time to save the thread

>> No.33178725

>Japanese Romanji

>> No.33178730

can't understand how moe manages to bounce between absolute asswipe and fucking based every single post

>> No.33178742

yes because it uses roman characters

>> No.33178744

The library is missing rezero 17, anyone have it?

>> No.33178745

that's pretty pathetic jmal

>> No.33178746

im nice

>> No.33178789

let's be real it's not like you've read 1-16
nonetheless, it's on nyaa

>> No.33178796

wow i dont want to fuck her

>> No.33178807 [DELETED] 

holy shit thats disgusting report that shit

>> No.33178817

you can just spam 1 week free trial accounts, i did that for a while till their servers stopped working with netflix

>> No.33178844

rippin some rank ass

>> No.33178853

really fuckin hope jabum got banned for that post

>> No.33178854

date a live is fun

>> No.33178861


>> No.33178882

who was it?

>> No.33178887

didnt see the bums post cause he's filtered

>> No.33178898

if u post about me i still win ur filter was meaningless

>> No.33178904

must suck to be gay

>> No.33178905

guess i'm not the only one who's watching because of the guy who spammed the ost

>> No.33178937

another l for the sex havers of /djt/

>> No.33178952

>number of partners
lets hear them for the both of your

>> No.33178953

idk why ppl would do fwb it always ends poorly

like if u wanna have no strings sex just have no strings sex (dont pay for it) but like fwb is garbage because somethings gonna happen and suddenly its gonna get real for one side and the other sides gonna be like yea no and then it all goes to shit

>> No.33178962

if you're not a virgin before marriage you're a loser plain and simple

>> No.33178967

looks like shit

>> No.33178969

so tired of these retarded sex dicussions kill yourselves normies

>> No.33178974
File: 1.90 MB, 400x600, 1612810489473.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

welcome the 2020s

>> No.33178982

it's been pretty bad lately

>> No.33178988

>only the relative difficulty
the relative difficulty doesn't mean jack shit wtf how do you even interpret it, it's literally just a ranking

>> No.33178989

theyll get what they deserve someday

>> No.33178996

it's all fun and games until you lose your virginity and knock up a german exchange student and she has to go back to germany and raise the boy herself

>> No.33179008

Epub version?

>> No.33179018

it's not just a ranking... a show with a difficulity of 40 is twice as hard as a show with a difficulty of 20. as you can see from the graph at the bottom the curve is kinda flat cuz most anime is all around the same difficulty

>> No.33179020


>> No.33179024

>name a free secure vpn
how about none, tf do you need one for?

>> No.33179027

mental traduction is a sin?

>> No.33179037


>> No.33179038

>if you're not a virgin before marriage you're a loser plain and simple
yeah, doesn't mean she has to be

>> No.33179051

>twice as hard
wtf does that even mean

>> No.33179060
File: 870 KB, 1747x955, a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ok i downloaded an ep from the link and then streamed the same ep from 9anime and took caps at the same point from both sources
both caps have been cropped and named in a random way and im uploading them in no particular order can you tell the difference in quality

pic a

>> No.33179076

clench squad along with their commander captain clench >>33178989 lmao

>> No.33179078
File: 97 KB, 1920x1054, z.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pic z

>> No.33179087

which one of the 1000 disgusting zoomer faggots that are all the same person are you

>> No.33179098


>> No.33179100

clench that fat ass baby

>> No.33179106


>> No.33179116

yea ill clench my ass then blast diarrhea in your face like popping a high pressure zit on your disgusting face

>> No.33179121
File: 646 KB, 1920x1080, デート・ア・ライブ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33179127

read the formula

>> No.33179128

the only thing thats gonna be blasted is my hot load up ur fat ass if u keep squeezin and clenchin on me haha

>> No.33179139

my dick

>> No.33179145

which one is higher quality

ill reveal the sources in 7 minutes

>> No.33179149

what exactly do you think the formula tells you?

>> No.33179155


>> No.33179167

trying to figure out female orgasm right now

>> No.33179173

y not just make a site at that point? also there are some forums where you can find more info on different soaplands.
what's the rest of the guide about?

>> No.33179186

just fucking download it and stop messing around with two-stream setups

>> No.33179192

male given names are literally impossible to read

>> No.33179200

ok you thought you had 7 min but i was only going to give you 5
youre wrong lol so much for the low quality stream argument

>> No.33179205

what happens if u end up remembering names cuz u saw them before

u basically dont ever actually "read" them

>> No.33179206

you're retarded holy shit

>> No.33179218

find it kinda amusing that this tard thinks people from djt are gonna be adding fuckin brothels to his site when like 2 other people itt have gone to a whore house in japan most likely lol

>> No.33179221

yeah get fucked retard lmao

>> No.33179222

yea hed be better off starting a sex tourism thread in int

>> No.33179224

why did you use 10x as many bytes for the "high quality" screenshot lol

>> No.33179258

anyone else have trouble believing that this imbecile is the high iq stem researcher?

>> No.33179264

idk i captured both the same way
the point is theres no appreciable difference some stream sites have really garbage quality uploads yeah but thats why i use a site thats better

>> No.33179278

i don't believe anything posted here but that requires some critical thinking

>> No.33179281

eiffel bro
u should post ur shit to /trv/ they would love something like that

>> No.33179283

use a lossless format to show quality differences wtf dude

>> No.33179293

who are you referring to

>> No.33179306


>> No.33179315

do you think he knows what that is

>> No.33179340

I'm genuinely impressed. Are you actually thinking of visiting one of these? BTW wth does some foreigner mean? I'm guessing Japanese speaking foreigners only or what

>> No.33179345

why would you want more sex tourists than there already are in japan

>> No.33179358

sorry cringe faggot sex tourists but travel will be restricted forever because of the hoax virus LOL

>> No.33179402
File: 32 KB, 640x310, Screenshot_2021-02-14 ミヤサカタカジ on Twitter 精液入りチョコ、精液入りジャム、そういう系の奴って自分で作ってるときが地獄だね。 .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.33179435

gonna start up brothel business in japan catering exclusively to foreigners but have all the girls working there be pozzed

>> No.33179446
File: 2.08 MB, 1920x1080, mega.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ive never cared about my iq or being in stem but apparently some "people" itt cant stop barking and clenching with insecurity at facts they made me spit out lol you can keep all your titles and shove that shit up your faggot banged ass i dont care

uploading uncropped pngs

>> No.33179457
File: 893 KB, 750x1148, 1613252005645.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.33179463
File: 1.47 MB, 1920x1080, 9anime.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.33179472

$500 for 2 hours? i only need about 3 minutes, how much would that cost?

>> No.33179475

tired of this fake moe but also tired of the real one

>> No.33179486

dont care

>> No.33179490

Wouldn't be surprised if Japan gov actually goes
鎖国 because of "Corona virus concerns".

>> No.33179501
File: 630 KB, 932x493, 1606968505108.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw u will never high five with ur bros after making an all time classic op

>> No.33179509

i hope u have some real solid 60 min sessions of sexy time someday

>> No.33179511

wtf gross her hair got on the handrail

>> No.33179525

yeah u 2

>> No.33179530

might rewatch fmab but i know i wont like it as much as i did when i first saw it so im reticent

>> No.33179550

flow was fuckin terrible by then tho and that song was trash

flow had solid bangers in the beginning but on the count of being sellouts they had to make what the label told them to and they got stuck making absolute shit for the next 15 years


>> No.33179554

the first fma was much better lol

>> No.33179561

love watching my favorite things

>> No.33179564

does fmab have the better plot and fma 2003 has the better characters???

>> No.33179566

i hope i can again someday but i think im gonna just freeze it and smash it with a hammer and make it into a tiktok vid instead

>> No.33179569

thank you for the shitty take jamal, don't know what we'd do without it

>> No.33179573

fucking great

>> No.33179574

yeah but ur favorite things are mostly garbage

>> No.33179579

post any flow song post golden coast and i guarantee its fuckin shit the only exception being https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axKpUjUaJ2k

>> No.33179581

i only like the most objectively good anime if you have a probelm its probably because youre the type of retard who likes fma

>> No.33179585

should i watch steins gate? i dropped it twice cause its was so fuckin boring but apparently it picks up at a certain ep

>> No.33179587


>> No.33179595

you have garbage taste

>> No.33179598

speaking of good shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sI5ML8Zwn4w

>> No.33179602

it does get very good. i hear the vn is even better but i dropped that for the same reason you dropped the anime

>> No.33179614

based cringelord

>> No.33179619

noted, random guy

>> No.33179626

good, so long as you're aware

>> No.33179627

first 30 seconds was amazing but i had to turn it off when the vocals came in

>> No.33179630


>> No.33179635

bros its time to take our meds

>> No.33179644

suck my dick lol

>> No.33179649



>> No.33179652

dno dude took some estrogen blockers yesterday and im fucking mad

>> No.33179653

make me

>> No.33179655

when and where

>> No.33179667
File: 39 KB, 739x640, 1601970903673.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.33179673

the best part of old anime is how much less women were respected

>> No.33179674


>> No.33179693

the garbage i want to watch is too comprehensible for me to learn anything from it

>> No.33179699

good thing leraning japanese is pointless

>> No.33179700

i can cum by putting icy hot right on my nuts

>> No.33179707
File: 1.90 MB, 800x3411, 1592268628142.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

for anyone interested in plants, gardening, etc., i found a great japanese youtube channel:

even for people who currently don't really have any interest in plants at all, i think it could be interesting and inspire an interest

here's another more niche one which i think i've posted before in the same vein:

>> No.33179710
File: 89 KB, 267x304, 1541292012675.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.33179715

i cant cum unless i make an appointment

>> No.33179718
File: 419 KB, 690x1048, 1584047227518.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.33179722

wtf these guys dont even grow 大麻

>> No.33179725

old animes have women i can respect

>> No.33179727

the vns art looks terrible

>> No.33179740

hnng can i talk to youre uhmmmm secretary??? ;3

>> No.33179749

the animes art is what looks terrible the vn looks good wtf

>> No.33179754

i've come to the conclusion that i fuckin love body horror and gore in general in manga. too bad theres next to no anime like that though.

>> No.33179757

honestly both look like trash to me

>> No.33179774

the vn's worst crime is that it has a top tier trap but you can't fug him and he becomes an actual f*male in his trve route

>> No.33179778

i love me some elfen lied not gonna lie

>> No.33179779

dont be gay br0

>> No.33179780

4bbc's perceived iq keeps dropping by the second

>> No.33179784

say that to my face

>> No.33179791

why did elfen lie though

>> No.33179792

luka sux they dont even exist in my recollection of the game

wish u elfen died

>> No.33179794

can you please go back to int

>> No.33179797

wasn't he a miko? how does that work?

>> No.33179799

the ending of elfen lied was some bullshit

>> No.33179808

japs have always respected transgenders even before it was a thing in the west

>> No.33179821


>> No.33179830

djt generally doesnt have a good aesthetic sense so im not too surprised

>> No.33179834
File: 242 KB, 904x1280, 1735c1af.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.33179835


>> No.33179838


>> No.33179845

wtf that's messed up

>> No.33179859

by respect do you mean depict them like the comedic objects they are in all media while excluding them from polite society

>> No.33179865

Trichloroethylene sounds like a good time to me

>> No.33179868

yeah bet its male tomodachi too

>> No.33179886

thx bro they dont call me plant guy for nothing

>> No.33179906

dude you make anki cards with 9anime logos on them

>> No.33179998

kill urself normalfag

>> No.33180041

tyaduke looks disgusting honestly

>> No.33180043

is there a way for youtube to remember where i am in a playlist. like if i closed the browser on video 32/80 and i open up the playlist i want it to put be right back at 32

>> No.33180046

how are sushiboys so shit now
its sad

>> No.33180053

is there rule34 of this

>> No.33180058

they were always shit but that really kicks it up a notch

>> No.33180079

Thanks anon

>> No.33180095

oh you mean the 260p quality caps with the giant ass logo watermark in the center >>33179463 lol give me a break dude im just being practical its not an aesthetic choice i can safely start watching a show in like 15 seconds with minimal compromise no extra wait times dont have to use some convoluted irc setup dont have to pay for shit etc

>> No.33180119

what country are u in that is so harsh on torrenting childrens cartoons

>> No.33180130

how much anime have you torrented without a vpn

>> No.33180145
File: 429 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0172.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

cute chink

>> No.33180149

dunno probably around 20gigs

>> No.33180170

ive visited a handful already and yeah some foreigners usually means knowing japanese will open that door for you

>> No.33180171
File: 3 KB, 173x62, 71974.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33180196

thats like one show lmoa

>> No.33180198
File: 4 KB, 267x54, 1606495584180.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wait lmao thats not right this is 1 yo pc so times that by 5 i guess

>> No.33180235

lol thats like nothing if you have bitchy license holders in your country along with stringent copyright laws it could become an issue why take such risks
is that from a private tracker

>> No.33180258

that's just about every public tracker you can think of

>> No.33180325


I think it's really only specific series. You do years of seasonal anime with no issues and then some copyright holder watching nyaa sends your isp 20 strikes while you're downloading 1 series

>> No.33180337

bro u live in uk or another european authoritiarian shithole? i can think of germany thats ass with torrenting 2

>> No.33180370

even if they did give my isp shit about that the isp would be too afraid to bother clients with that shit as to not lose them

>> No.33180434

is that your girl?

>> No.33180438


you say that but the big distribution company has lawyers and more money

>> No.33180450

its a good thing crunchyroll exists so theres no legitimate reason to pirate anime :^)

>> No.33180523

idk i guess some of you are just more daring i dont want to get fucked over ive read the laws i wouldnt want to stream without a vpn either besides if a show doesnt have a dub i usually do end up using one of those direct dl links

>> No.33180542
File: 964 KB, 696x801, 1594267560910.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>save thread
>white trash
what did he mean by this?

>> No.33180566

yeah bro dno about that

>> No.33180569

>dont pay for it
absolute brainlet take, just pay some whore fuck her and be done with it.
Sex with no strings only ever work if you go to a party and then convince one of those bitches to have sex with you(not hard) but outside from it it's a ticking bomb.

>> No.33180578

rather ogs cottage cheese thighs than a holoposter

>> No.33180593


>> No.33180597

no based

>> No.33180603
File: 1.03 MB, 1270x888, sex.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.33180616

that's no 美人 u needs glasses

>> No.33180635
File: 100 KB, 360x402, 1573923746624.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how to end up in a situation like this

>> No.33180648


>> No.33180659

>ive read the laws
this is the high iq takes stembro is known for lmao

>> No.33180698

!!4bc0GDM1jKW is a retard and probably not old enough to post here

>> No.33180711

why would u pay a whore when u can just bend 1 over and fuck her for free

>> No.33180728

is 4bc the streamtard i shit on a few months ago before he got the trip? why didn't he just say he was worried about the legalities of it then instead of bullshitting? what a pussy.

>> No.33180762

jmal condoning rape that's new

>> No.33180773

what do u mean i never said she objects

>> No.33180786

oh wow how did the idea of looking up the degree to which copyright law is enforced around here not occur to me jeez guess thats a 100 iq penalty
for you i mean

>> No.33180806

Shit social skills.
I am actually a gymfag so getting chicks would not be hard on parties, but i am kinda autist, my social skills are pretty bad.
Also, i find parties to be a waste of time so i just skip the annoying shit and pay whores for sex.

>> No.33180840

social skills r an illusion i think at least the way ppl talk about them

when ur thinking about shit like social skills ur interrupting the natural flow of things

u just have to be mindless and retarded smile and laugh and then rub up on her and start kissing and undressing and suddenly youre bussin no barrels held

>> No.33180861

i can't smile unless i hear something funny and women are never funny

>> No.33180866

this desu senpai
my minds blank when i talk to girls

>> No.33180868

rape is good

>> No.33180872

you know its just so funny pretty much everyone who keeps bringing up iq in the thread is a fucking retard severely overestimating their own intelligence trying to bite but getting fucking trashed instead what a surprise

>> No.33180894

glad to have moe back to dispense pearls of wisdom like this

>> No.33180902
File: 442 KB, 720x720, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bless his soul rip

>> No.33180918

at least hawking didn't say iq doesn't matter since it clearly does

>> No.33180948

matters at what

>> No.33180964

>is enforced
except that's not what you looked up lmao as i said really high iq

>> No.33181012

bros im thinkin about the last time i had spontaneous not planned sex and its been kind of a long time

>> No.33181105

i haven't had either ever

>> No.33181119

yeah now youll tell me what i did or did not look up when i looked it up how much i read lmfao hey retard you see this trip its there so that brainless worthless stinking pieces of shit like you can stop wasting my time youre literally too dumb to engage
now do you know how to filter or do you want me to give you a tutorial on that

>> No.33181172

you're already filtered in my heart

>> No.33181327

Have you stopped to think that this doesnt apply to everyone?
I sincerely am not the kind of guy who likes invading other people personal space(and i absolutely hate when they do so with me) but that is essential for "flirting", i'd just rather not go through the hassle.

>> No.33181382

this reads like a reddit post

>> No.33181427

its not invasion its typically mutual attraction girls want u to unhook their bras

>> No.33181441
File: 1.32 MB, 971x753, 1613273776170[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.33181456

imagine never unhooking your gfs bra at school

>> No.33181476

nang eye chimpoh high kin arimas

>> No.33181481

It might be, it's a "social rule".
But i've spent most of my life, including my teenage as a hermit in my home so i am not, like i said, socially adjusted enough to engage in such activities.
Sincerely dont get the whole hate for paying whores, you niggas need stop glorifying pussy, it's merchandise just like any other thing.

>> No.33181512
File: 54 KB, 411x56, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33181518


>> No.33181572

fucking baaaaaased

>> No.33181656

angloids are pitiful beings

>> No.33181675

i dont glorify pussy im too old for that

when ur yung its all about hey i did sex look at how good i am at doing sex im going to have more sex now

when ur old its like look if we cant do this thing in the next 20 mins its gonna have to wait till next week im gaming with the boys tonight

>> No.33181702

delete this

>> No.33181754

great jamals always having sex when he aint gaming with me

>> No.33181770


>> No.33181846


>> No.33181881

>when ur old its like look if we cant do this thing in the next 20 mins its gonna have to wait till next week im gaming with the boys tonight
Yeah, in my experience sex is good for a while, but after some time it gets boring as in, you find thing that you'd rather do than have sex.
I am talking about the no strings kind, sex when it is with someone you actually like is way better.

>> No.33181992

IQ as a discussion started to be discouraged when it was shown that there are large differences in average between different races

>> No.33182004

someone here scored 130 knowing who that person was should be enough discouragement

>> No.33182012

when i picture og i picture orientalpearl and her huge schnozzer

>> No.33182025

djt destroyed

>> No.33182140

fucking nothing.
just download some shitty jp->en dic and start reading some raw mangos by looking up every single word.
you'll never be ready for reading till you've actually practiced reading for hundreds of hours

>> No.33182157

i read that shit translated to spanish back in the obama era.

>> No.33182164

that feels like yesterday

>> No.33182167

does yomichan use https encoding for it's audio?

>> No.33182178

tfw no ookii schwanz gf who will let me put her semen in a jar so i have penisjelly with toast every morning for breakfast.

>> No.33182206

what do you have in mind

>> No.33182229

japanese anime is so cool and jap video games and manga are weird and cool so why the fuck are people who live in japan or like japanese shit so boring?

>> No.33182266

they're not they just act like that cause they don't want to be friends with you

>> No.33182272

this is why your penis will never become a drill.

>> No.33182333

Previous thread
>>33176832 #2696
>>33163629 #2695
>>33144149 #2694
>>33125355 #2693
>>33109143 #2692
>>33094607 #2691

>> No.33182432

>got burned out and left djt & stopped immersing for 20 days
>in that time i got into death metal and ditched the jp songs
>i repaired my old fucked up laptop and installed archlinux (btw)
>accidentally nuked my anime collection so now i have to start anew
>tfw 20 days felt like 2 years
wew lads, i almost became a ngmi but now im back to immersing, mining and shitposting with you all.

>> No.33182461
File: 685 KB, 557x741, 1575585989906.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw havent done anki reps all year

>> No.33182493
File: 144 KB, 256x227, 1572971750740.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.33182509
File: 120 KB, 320x426, 1596326493272.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.33182526

ngmi in multiple ways

>> No.33182531

reminder that: jamal doesn't know japanese. 4bc doesn't know japanese. quizmaster doesn't know japanese. eiffel tower doesn't know japanese.
disregard and filter all namefags and tripfags.

>> No.33182562

not autist enough to switch.

>> No.33182577

I'm impressed by your spreadsheet skills.

>> No.33182585

death metal is low iq def ngmi

>> No.33182601

which metal's high iq then?

>> No.33182641


>> No.33182686

talk about gay

>> No.33182689

anyone know what tanjiro is saying at 0:29
it sounds like ぼっちご飯してからしい to me, but chaining てから and らしい as in てからしい doesn't sound right

>> No.33182697

how many eps do you guys actually watch in a day? been trying to hit 6 on top of an hour of reading and i can’t seem to hit that consistently. 4 is the highest i can seem to hit regularly

>> No.33182715

episode measurement doesn't mean anything

>> No.33182736

i am using it as a rough counter for “time immersing” i guess. on second thought it is kind of retarded to sweat that, too

>> No.33182776
File: 42 KB, 640x424, external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]





>> No.33182794


>> No.33182798

thank you

>> No.33182820

wanna break a bunch of plates in imouto's head

>> No.33182830


>> No.33182873


>> No.33182875






>発生時刻 2020年2月13日 19時33分頃
>震源地 ロシアのKuril'skから南東99kmの地点
>地震の規模 マグニチュード 7.0

>> No.33182876

i have failed at japanese

>> No.33182885

death devil from k-on

>> No.33182889




>> No.33182890

i have failed at life

>> No.33182908


>> No.33182945

read for 7 hours and watched 3 episodes of anime today

>> No.33182959

mal says it's a sol show what's with this song

>> No.33183133



>> No.33183172


>> No.33183327

siran wa

>> No.33183328

well, eiffel tower guy is a disgusting but i guess he gets credit for delivering.

i do thinkmyou probably wouldn't be seeking intimacy with mmf threesomes if you laid off the whores and got a proper relationship, i think its turning you gay.

>> No.33183329

What the fuck is the difference between 人格 and 人物? Even google will only tell me the difference between 人格 and 性格.

>> No.33183340

this is a good one for the guy collecting uppercaser posts

>> No.33183357
File: 33 KB, 474x483, external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.33183372

i commonly hear 性格 for somene's character or disposition. 人物 is "a" personality like a celeb or notable character. 人格 is more technical term for personality as a whole like in psycology.

>> No.33183399

who the fuck are you

>> No.33183430

read more

>> No.33183445

That's where it starts to get even more confusing for me because I also think of 個性 and 人性. Maybe I can think of

人物 > Person (as seen as a figure) > doesn't necessarily match their actual personality, it's just how we see them
人格 > Personality > their actual personality
人性 > Nature > who they tend to inherently be
個性 > Idiosyncrasies > individual quirks inherent to that person

>> No.33183495

人物 > 人 and 物
人格 > 人 and 格
人性 > 人 and 性
個性 > 個 and 性

>> No.33183513


>> No.33183517

this is your idiot brain on kanji literalism

>> No.33183518

stfu > shut the fuck up

>> No.33183525

says the eternal dekinai still trying to translate it into english

>> No.33183527


>> No.33183531

69M > ??

>> No.33183536

nope. im in the "feel out words in hiragana first and get around to kanji if you fee like it later" camp

>> No.33183553

did jamal send you flowers

>> No.33183577

caught in the undertow
just caught in the undertow

>> No.33183584


>> No.33183604

you won't find anything talking about the difference between the two cuz they are so different that no one could possibly confuse lol

>> No.33183624

finished watching monster like 20 minutes ago

>> No.33183651

how did you find it?

>> No.33183653


>> No.33183663

typed monster in the search bar and sorted by size

>> No.33183667

The only distinction I feel like I can make is that one isn't actually a personality, but that person as a figurehead and how they come off to others. Like everyone might call you a faggot, and you may very well be sucking cocks right now and likely are, but that's just the image of what you as Anonymous are, and you might hate sucking cocks but still be unable to stop.

>> No.33183677

if you're making a joke/reference then idgi but if you're extremely new and asking where to find anime then nyaa or if you're curious how i heard of this very popular and renowned series then the answer is idk it's just something i've known of for years because it's always in those "super amazing mature shows that only patricians can appreciate" discussions

>> No.33183681

what makes you say that

>> No.33183690

he posted a pic of you today didn't know you were that thicc

>> No.33183708

or wait rofl you're asking if i liked it or whatever damn i'm autistic. yea it was top notch stuff except there's parts of it i don't understand like what johan wanted tenma to see or what it means that johan is alive in the end but the shit with the mom is fucked up let me tell you

>> No.33183710

maybe hes asking what you thought of it

>> No.33183711

funny this came up because I happened to run into an example right now (an AI is talking)


suppose 性格 would sound weird here

>> No.33183722

i was just about to make fun of your esl level english

>> No.33183754

you should know by now he has no contact with me outside the thread

>> No.33183766

so how do you find traps

>> No.33183770

so when johan was talking to that boy he was really just talking about himself wow...

>> No.33183775

>Someone is going around bumping every single non-autosage thread ahead of this
Severe levels of autism desu.

>> No.33183777

at anime cons

>> No.33183790

funny that people always call my output crippled yet i see my turn of phrase seep into what little output pops into the thread soon after

>> No.33183813


>> No.33183819

what the shit are you talking about

>> No.33183831


>> No.33183868

guess well never know

>> No.33183882

the fucking bitch is deranged

>> No.33183886

just took a post i was hoping to find out when i came back

>> No.33183899

where can I find the VNs in the chart here? nyaa.si either doesn't have them or only has translated versions

>> No.33183907


>> No.33183914


>> No.33183934


>> No.33183948

is this the real moe though

>> No.33183954

only one of the ones in the very easy list is there

>> No.33183960


>> No.33183964

you're overcomplicating it so hard what the fuck 人物 is a person like a person that appears in a movie 登場人物
性格 is personality

>> No.33183966

jamal's? are you retarded?

>> No.33183978

the fact that バグってル is a valid word in japanese bothers me deeply

>> No.33183982

yes spoon feed me please

>> No.33183986

saw the word ポエマー today which i didnt like at all

>> No.33183990

see >>33177933
anyway im really not as fucked up as you seem to believe

>> No.33184006
File: 18 KB, 165x383, eh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33184008

don't listen to jamal, he's an idiot

>> No.33184017

Then what's the difference between the simple 人 and 人物?

>> No.33184024

your relationship is new, the same as quiz. you went off the deep end as soon as someone showed you a bit of affection. you can't wipe out your past

>> No.33184047

there is no difference that you need to know at your level

>> No.33184050

what's that about the mmf threesome?

>> No.33184054

How would you fill in the blank: "Darth Vader is one of the most popular ____ appearing in the Star Wars series"

>> No.33184062

just read and watch more holy shit

>> No.33184077
File: 3.00 MB, 3600x1920, jp VN Recommendations.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33184080

Bros, how hard is One Piece to read in JP? Think it would work as a first manga?

>> No.33184110

character, but I've seen 人物 used in the context of "He is an important 人物 at the company"

>> No.33184111

i have more sense than quiz tho so im not tryna be a father or move in with her and this isnt the first relationship ive been in so im still in control
thats my namesake

>> No.33184129

forgot to @ you

>> No.33184145

i think the uppercaser's confusion stems from the fact that 人物 and 人格 both contain "character" as definition unfortunately those are not the same usages of the word "character" in english lol
anyways his problem would be solved by simply watching more anime

>> No.33184148


>> No.33184189

sure but is that from some story you've told or something?

>> No.33184194

i'm not your bro

>> No.33184202

eigo is impossible...

>> No.33184213

immediately looked for the one with the most ero stars

>> No.33184253


>> No.33184263
File: 325 KB, 800x600, PrimaStella_361.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33184280

that's very little information to work with, since you didn't specify what show you were trying to download and how many servers have you tried. in any case, there are other ways to download through xdcc, like hexchat

>> No.33184283


>genre: death

>> No.33184317

i tried to convince jamal to tag-team og with me and we ended up agreeing to go do it with her roommate instead

>> No.33184329
File: 33 KB, 465x300, 1607545597391.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>download through xdcc, like hexchat

>> No.33184388

im confused what is going on at the other end of the tower

>> No.33184588

>0 ero
Is this because there's no sex scenes or because the characters are so deformed you can't get off to it?

>> No.33184612

i tried multiple shows and multiple files for each show it just gave me success enter to exit right away
when i used a different vpn i got
ssl_client: short read, have only 0: Invalid argument
Success! Press enter to exit...is started!
and like before it just made an empty folder with the animes name thats it

>> No.33184619

imagine rotting your brain with this crap (all except 07th expansion)

>> No.33184674


>> No.33184690

delicious french toast

>> No.33184716

do you have the one with the descriptive text?

>> No.33184943
File: 753 KB, 1280x720, 1573227064090.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.33185019


>> No.33185121
File: 59 KB, 580x385, external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.33185289

then perhaps the problem is with the vpn. try disabling it, or really could just torrent at this point

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