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Any tea otaku here?

Where can I get some good Japanese tea?

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oh wow never imagined a tea thread here sencha or matcha

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Just fyi there's a tea general on /ck/.

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That image is of a Chinese tea leaf.
Japanese tea leaves are long and narrow

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sazentea is pretty cheap and yeah there's a ck thread btw >>33132601

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Ah okay, nice. Just ordered some highest grade tea. Hope it's not a placebo bullshit and I overpaid

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china, not even joking
tieguanyin is so fucking good

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The Last Tea Thread: >>27295127

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Do you recommend a certain brand?
I can't believe it's been nearly a year

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Finally a good thread. Getting good japanese tea is hard, you'll find it much easier to get good indian teas. Thankfully they grown sencha in my country, though I wonder if japanese sencha is any better. I've had proper japanese matcha once. It's good, but also impossible to get.

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>oh wow never imagined a tea thread here

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This thread is in the St. Gloriana thread

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Your local teashop, my teashopkeeper goes to Japan regularly to get the best

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>Japanese tea

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I approve of this message. But seriously, why the fuck can't the jay keep a tea thread alive? Do none of you degenerates drink tea?

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I've always kind of hated green tea, the higher quality it is the more bitter and almost grass-like it tastes to me.
I mean, it's fitting since "green" qualities of tea are relatively low-value leaves, so something being "top quality green tea" is like being the best of the worst.

With that said, I love orange pekoe.

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They dont

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You really must have no idea of how tea is made to post such an idiotic post

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i have been enjoying houjicha during these cold months. it's very pleasant and inexpensive.

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Kill yourself holofag

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Where do you buy your overtly expensive green tea /jp/?

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Huh, that's odd. My tea just got a whole lot more bitter.

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Chinese tea is perhaps fine for the suicidal. For anyone else, please keep in mind that the Chinese generally believe that "business" is defined as "screwing over anyone you can, particularly foreigners." I'm not saying Chinese culture is unique in this, but everything seems to come from China these days, so encountering problems with Chinese merchandise is extremely likely.

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Please explain, tea expert

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Is it real?
I can see some questionable parts.

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The girls now prefer sencha to tea.

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now no membership needed

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I've had good luck with Upton Tea Imports for Japanese and Indian teas.
Locally, find a Japanese market; these will have a good assortment. Non-Japanese Asian markets will usually have a basic sencha.

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i'm fine with store-bought, but i was interested in this topic for a while. do you know how much a good enough for a beginner tea set costs?

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What is the first step to become tea connoisseur?

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The cheap tea stuff is good enough.

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i've really got no clue, i just like to browse around here every now and then.
are you a pottery otaku?

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i want to see if there's better stuff anyway. like good headphones - you live fine without them, but when you try them - it's hard to go back

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Do you feel uncomfortable?
Not even YOSHIKI's features.

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Unlike headphones, the taste of sencha does not change significantly.
The first priority is to try a variety of senchas.

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Having a fancy tea set means nothing without good tea. As I said before, quality indian teas are piss easy to get because brit tea companies. If you want something real cheap and good, Riston and Ridgways will have you covered. I've once paid for a more expensive named farm and it really wasn't all that better than regular brand tea. The only thing I have trouble finding is good Darjeeling and Oolong (But that's chinese anyways). Your best bet is Ceylon/Orange Pekoe, it tends to be the cheapest and the best. If what you really want is japanese teas ... then I can't help with that. Only had proper japanese matcha once, brought by some japanese lady in a culture festival. All the other green tea I buy is grown locally.

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never had any major problems buying chinese tea. what vendor were you using?
shit, even if it were as bad as you're implying, nothing's gonna keep me away from chinese tea. can't get anything like it anywhere else.

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My problem with tea is that many retail shops only indicate 'Ceylan' or 'Assam' or 'Japan' without specifying which farm. Probably because they got low quality wholesale product. No quality or hygienic controls. I don't want to get cancer from the pesticides, knowing how bad the situation is in China and India.

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This shit is pretty based for everyday use.

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we used to have frequent tea threads before the apocalypse

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Based on what?

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just embrace the pesticides and heavy metals, they will make you stronger

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are you opposed to buying online? i've tried some tea from an online shop called what-cha and they seem to share where it all came from.

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Ippodo tea


seriously tho, their houjicha is god tier

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You're in the wrong neighborhood. You should really do something about that.

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I don't really drink matcha unless it's at a shop, just having a single cup of tea without getting to re-steep the leaves is weird.

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If you can't get cheap sencha, Itoen's tea bags might still be better.
If you find this product at your local import supply shop, you can buy it!
The price in Japan is $3 to $5 per bag (depending on where it is produced).
and unless you have a bad supplier, the price should not exceed $10 each.

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Taste and easy availability.

Nice I'll look for it. We're pretty restricted here in leafland. But there's couple of tasty cheap option like pic related and genmaicha is underrated as fuck IMO.

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>drinking Japanese tea
Chinese tea is infinitely superior, only deluded weeaboos think otherwise.

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Who are you quoting?

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piss off meiling

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You came to a Japanese tea thread to shill Chinese crap.
Let that sink in.

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they're made completely differently and have entirely different intentions
only a fool could believe one is better than the other

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Is there a name for those simple tall but slim pottery teacups? My local teashop does not have them and I think chawan only refers to the wide ones.

You buy some green/white tea leaves and put them in hot but not boiling water for a few (~2-3) minutes. Make sure not to buy flavored crap.
I'd say Sencha and Kukicha are bread and butter although especially Sencha might be a bit 'grassy' if not used to it.
Finding a good and trustworthy vendor might be difficult depending on where you live.

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If you find one, give it a try.
One more correction
The one in the bottom right of the picture, with the gold packaging, was a little more expensive than usual.
It was about $6 to $10.
Also, I tried to find out if we could ship internationally...
But it seems to be restricted due to that nasty virus!

In Japan, people of all ages love it.
The roasted rice gives it a delicious aroma.

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Mecha is also easy to drink and highly recommended.

Buds cha?
Sprouts cha?
How do I explain it?

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Genmaicha is quite literally the best tea ever, you can have it anytime of the day and it smells so good.