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You are walking home and you come across a box.

In this box are Chen and Rin.

You only have space for one cat at home.

Who do you take home and why?

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Rin because she's better.

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Rin because Chen is a useless little kid without Ran and Yukari.

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Both have owners and can fucking speak. Ask them if they're lost.

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I'll take the box and leave the two behind.

Because the box is actually USEFUL.

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Orin because she is made of evil and wicked.

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Wendy, of course.

She can cook, provided I let her go get some fresh meat. And she has four ears. What's not to like?

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Chen because she's not likely to be after me only for my earthly composition.

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What kind of faggot needs "space" for a cat? It's not like they're going to become fire hazards and block doorways when you bring them in.

Regardless, cats need companionship more than they need food, so I'm taking both!

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I like both!
Chen = sooooooooooooooooo moe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111
Orin = SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111 fapfapfapfapfapfapfap

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The black cat of good cheer

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I tape the box shut and throw both into the river. Fucking furries.

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Both are flesh-eating monsters so I turn around and try to find another route to my house.

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Rin is Chinese Fake so you can have Chen the cat and Rin the fake at the same time.

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Take Chen, rape her, throw her on the side of the road.

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I'll take Orin so that in the event of my death I know my body will be disposed of at no cost to my next of kin.

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because fanon made me hate chen

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Chen is super cute.
But Orin is better for fapping.

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This is Ran's true form.

Which you will shortly be seeing after Chen runs home crying and shows her superiors her torn, bleeding orifices.

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Then I just rape that, too.

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Congratulations. You may have won, but you're now a furry.

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Give one of them futa medicine, make them fuck, and take their child.

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Orin, because if I take Chen I'm going to have to spend money on diapers.

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I would take home the slut, then never touch her and never let her outside

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You guys are only thinking of raping them, instead of giving them a home full of love.
Sometimes you disgust me, /jp/.

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♥ Chen ♥

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Return to sender.

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wtf is with that face? It's fucking everywhere.

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Hail the Emperor, death to his foes!

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It's hot.

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I'd take Rin home and drown Chen.

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Note: This is a more accurate depiction of a female orgasm than the tearful depictions shown by doujinshi artists who have never studied human sexuality. Orgasm results in a general tensing of the body. Hentai depictions of female orgasm, however, look more like the results of torture.

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> implying that hentai should be related to reality in any way

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Why does Yukari have shark teeth? It makes her look bad.

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Take both.

If parents/landlord/partner have a problem, they're gonna get wheelbarrow'd

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Chen because I don't intend to have sex with either.

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You got a problem with shark teeth?


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Chen, only because I am not a fan of floating spirits in my house.

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Hell's traffic accident thread?

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Because she is A HUMAN-EATING DEMON?

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I would let them decide between themselves.

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It depends, are either of them a A TINY TINY CLEVER COMMANDER?

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I imagine chen would be tighter

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Chen. Rin isn't a real cat.

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Hi there!

You seem to have made a bit of a mistake in your post. Luckily, the users of 4chan are always willing to help you clear this problem right up! You appear to be a faggot who loves Touhou, but Touhou is fucking stupid! Whoops! You should always remember to stop being a faggot who loves Touhou when posting, unless you want to be known as that faggot who loves Touhou! Posting Touhou when it isn't necessary is poor form. You should always try to post things other than Touhou, even if the topic at hand is Touhou!

Now, there's no need to thank me - I'm just doing my bit to help you get used to the touhousux image-board culture!

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Which ever one came first, I would give a good home, best 2 out of 3.

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Chen because Orin has breasts.

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What the fuck.

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That cat doesnt have 4 ears like the real Orin has. That cat is an impostor.

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Well first I find some other fine fellow who would also like a cat, someone I can trust, maybe Rance.

Then I'll take Chen.

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We call her Orin for a reason.

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Rin will be able to carry me once I die of extreme moe.

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needs more this

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>someone I can trust

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Doesn't do loli's on principle, man.

Of course, if he gets smash-drunk one night...

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He said he'd take Chen, so Rance is getting Orin.
Orin isn't a loli.

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Choose Orin -> endear myself to Orin and get access to Okuu -> lie to Okuu to get her to do what I want -> nuke major cities

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does the rape come after part 3 or after part 4

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Neither, cats are disgusting animals

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I take aya and put her in a cage

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>Choose Orin -> endear myself to Orin and get access to Okuu -> endear myself to Okuu -> Nuclear Bird/Cat three-way orgy
Fixed that for you.

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I was being sarcastic, I'm giving her to him to get raped.

God, you'd think I care about Orin? I hate her, she's a bitch.

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If we think like Rance, it should first come once in part 1, then again in part 3.

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Orin because if I take Chen and Ran finds me, I is dead. If Satori finds me, cue mind-sex+cat.

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When I see "Tiny tiny clever commander" I always hear it being said in the voice of the Heavy Weapons Guy

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Enjoy your sterility, Stalker.

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Good. Consequence-free sex.

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and tumors

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The answer is obvious. I'd take both home, and buy a bigger house. Getting both of them would be worth going into debt for.

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Take both in. Acquire Okuu. Sell nuclear energy, pay off debt.

And ???? PROFIT!!! and all that.

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The only choice.

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This box proves that Gensokyo is real. I'll get there with their help, and then spend the rest of my life subsistence farming in the human village and failing to woo any of the girls.

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A thousand times, Orin. I am finding myself increasingly incapable of fapping to any Touhou that is not Orin.

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Orin would probably murder me, but I can't help but find her awesome. Seriously, have you seen Heartful Nekoromancer? She can fucking Thriller.

On that same not, Chen is so adorably cute that she causes kittens to explode into Texas-shaped candy. My younger sisters love Chen, so I'd probably adopt her just for them.

And I'm with >>3312311 , Let's go UT-SU-HO! Let's go UT-SU-HO!

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chen, both will probably eat me, but chen wont use my corpse as fuel.

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Best thread on /jp/, I love it so much.

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In a box, you say?

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Inaba, you say?

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Are you fuh- This is juh- Whoa.

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Chen. Because Ran will find me. And the moment she breaks my door down I will blow Chen's head off with a double barrelled shotgunCHeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!

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i keep the cat I already have. it doesn't poop human size poop.

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I'd love to take Chen, but she's the pet of Yog-Sothoth, so no.

I'll go with the box too. I fucking love boxes.

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Rin so I can be of good cheer. If I took Chen Yukari would just gap in and take her back home anyway.

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But do you love FUCKING boxes?

>> No.3313564

What kind of stupid question is that?
Of course

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It's tough, really. I'd take Chen just to simply befriend her in hopes that Yukari will come to get her and hopefully take me along. Otherwise I'd take Orin so I could be of good cheer and have a tiny chance at getting Okuu and/or Satorin too.

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>Yukari would just gap in and take her back home anyway.
Jump in it.
A one way ticket to Gensokyo

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This silly thread made me dream about Orin. I went to visit her at her university, but when I was right outside the building she was in, a random friend from high school accosted me and I spent too long talking to him and then I woke up without ever seeing her. I was so, so close to being of good cheer. I basically never have 2d dreams, so odds are I won't get the chance ever again.

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If Shou had cat ears, we'd be talking about her in this thread.

Isn't it sad, Tiny Tiny Clever Commander Commander? ;_;

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I would take Schroedinger's cat

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Which one can cook?

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Chen then. Bitches need to stay out of my kitchen.

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I wouldn't take either. I would report said box to the local Youkai Extermination Miko.

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You like eating microwave ramen every day?

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