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"I will... Attempt to teach you. It could not waste too much time, after all." She leads you back deeper into the library, into a small, quiet study with a bed...

--- Hours Pass ---

"... And so I have determined that you have the magical potential of a clod of dirt." Patchouli finishes after a particularly frustrating amount of time. You sigh, relatively disappointed, and she looks over at you with what appears to be slight pity. "Look, I will give you something to supplement your pathetic weakness..." She reaches back into a chest at the foot of the bed, hacking into her sleeve as she pulls out a small necklace. "Older amulet, designed by an expert artificer."

[ ] Take it

[ ] "What does it do?"

[ ] "Thank you."

[ ] "Thanks, Miss Patchouli. What is its' use?"

[ ] "I couldn't possibly take that."

[ ] "Hey, I'm not weak! I don't need that."

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[ ] "Thank you, fuck you, I need you."

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[x] "Thank you."

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[X] "Thanks, Miss Patchouli. What is its' use?"

>Hours pass

Alright anons time to go visit China.

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[ ] "Thanks, Miss Patchouli. What is its' use?"

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[X] "Thanks, Miss Patchouli. What is its' use?"

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[X] Rape the maids

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>magical potential of a clod of dirt

Ah well.

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[x] "Thanks, Miss Patchouli. What is its' use?"

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[X] "Thanks, Miss Patchouli. What is its' use?"

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[x] "Thanks, Miss Patchouli. What is its' use?"

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[ ] "Thanks, Miss Patchouli. What is its' use?"

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[x] "Thanks, Miss Patchouli. What is its' use?"

I'd like to know what the fuck I'm accepting, please.

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Oh, Anon. No magical hax powas.
[x] "Thanks, Miss Patchouli. What is its' use?"

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[X] "Thanks, Miss Patchouli. What is its' use?"

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[x] "Thanks, Miss Patchouli. What is its' use?"

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[x] "Thanks, Miss Patchouli. What is its' use?"

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[X] "Hey, I'm not weak! I don't need that."
If we take any help like that, Patchy will only look down on us, and it will ruin any chance of a Patchouli route!

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[ ] "Thanks, Miss Patchouli. What is its' use?"

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[X] "Thanks, Miss Patchouli. What is its use?"

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[ ] "Thanks, Miss Patchouli. What is its' use?" for the win (If it hasn't already)

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welcome back

[x] "What does it do?"

shouldn't all these choices be available? wwwww

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[x] "Thanks, Miss Patchouli. What is its' use?"

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[ ] "Thanks, Miss Patchouli. What is its' use?"

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>into a small, quiet study with a bed
>with a bed


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[X] "Thanks, Miss Patchouli. What is its' use?"

Also, there's a chance for a Shirou "I suck at all magic EXCEPT for..." type ability.

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[x] "Thanks, Miss Patchouli. What is its' use?"

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>The thing is that Sakuya hates normal humans. Her dialog with Siki in PoFV reflects this: "...the only thing I touch humans with would be my cold steel." Merely being polite, like the humans in the village, doesn't mean she'll see you as anything other than a tool or emergency blood supply.

Right, the way to warm a cold bitch up is through force! Screw apologizing! Screw politeness! A real man takes what he wants by force, and a good woman respects a man who takes her by force!

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It was an implied mana transfer scene.

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All right, find out wtf it does, thank her (again), get the hell out of the mansion, and go see our lovely gate guard.

And hope Cirno or Keine drops by.

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Or she'll get fucking pissed for turning down her generous offer

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>"... And so I have determined that you have the magical potential of a clod of dirt."


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[ ] "I couldn't possibly take that."

Damn my politeness.

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[X] "Hey, I'm not weak! I don't need that."
Come on anon, have so damn pride. We don't need sympathy from a little anemic woman!

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China next, do not get distracted, not even Flandre will stop us.

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Nah, this is how women work. She's offering to us, while secretly hoping we reject it. It's a test.

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Low magic potential? Not enough mana? I have JUST the thing for you.

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but that wouldn't help us at all.

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But I don't recall any dragons.

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>FOE lake

EVEN IN /jp/


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age for your faggotry.

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You wouldn't get it even if I explained it to you.

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>this is how women work

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[ ] "Hey, I'm not weak! I don't need that."
Come on, her panties will be soaked when she see's our manly determination!

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I like how you're the only one saging every thread

I can tell because you bring up shrinemaiden every time

seriously, /jp/ likes those threads, fuck off.

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"Consider it a charm against most youkai. Only those who you wish to can even approach you. Keep in mind, however, this doesn't protect against long distance attacks, but most of the younger and lesser youkai are either foolish enough to attack in melee combat or incapable of using long ranged attacks. Very uncivilized." She sniffs. "Either way, this should allow you to travel somewhat freely. Is that not what you wanted?" She inquired, sitting on the bed. Now that you can see it, the amulet is made on a thin, light blue string with a iolite gem as it's pendant, set in silver. It appears to faintly glow a deep indigo color.

[ ] Take it

[ ] Decline

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Nigger, you've been watching too much harem drama. Playful antagonism is a way of maintaining a woman's interest. Dere dere is much more attractive when preceded by tsun tsun. Also, hatesex.

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And double-age to mock your sage.

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most likely, seeing as how she was already pitying us and just trying to help.

[ ] "Thanks, Miss Patchouli. What is its' use?"

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I put on my robe and my wizard hat, ~ze.

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Gah, mispost.

"Consider it a charm against most youkai. Only those who you wish to can even approach you. Keep in mind, however, this doesn't protect against long distance attacks, but most of the younger and lesser youkai are either foolish enough to attack in melee combat or incapable of using long ranged attacks. Very uncivilized." She sniffs. "Either way, this should allow you to travel somewhat freely. Is that not what you wanted?" She inquired, sitting on the bed. Now that you can see it, the amulet is made on a thin, light blue string with a iolite gem as it's pendant, set in silver. It appears to faintly glow a deep indigo color.

[ ] Take it

[ ] Decline

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[ ] Decline

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[x] Take it

>> No.330488

[ ] Decline

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[ ] "Hey, I'm not weak! I don't need that."
She is a master elementalist. She knows your limitations and would think you are arrogant, stubborn, and stupid for refusing it.

[ ] "Thanks, Miss Patchouli. What is its' use?"
There is no romance in calling her by such a formal name. Also, asking questions about magical items will only confuse you, and she will be forced to talk down to you to explain.

[ ] "I couldn't possibly take that."
Possibilities. This forces into her acknowledging your presence and she will realize that she is helping you, which is strange for her to do.

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[X] Take it

>> No.330494

[x] take

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[ ] Take it

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... We're never leaving this fucking mansion.

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But you're my wife ;_;

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[X] Decline
Let's impress her with our manliness!

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[x] Take it

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[X] Take it
No more random battles? Fine with me.

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[X] Decline! BE MANLY

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[ ] Take it

>> No.330511

[ ] Take it

>> No.330512

[x] Take it

Better than nothing. Let's be off to see China now.

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[ ] Take it

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[ ] Decline this shit

>> No.330516

[ ] Take it

>> No.330517

[X] Decline

>> No.330519

[X] Take it

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[x] Take it

>> No.330526

[X] Decline

Decline, that'll make it boring.

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[ ] Take it

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>> No.330534

[X] Take it.

It'll be somewhat useful. With this and Cirno, We can't lose to anybody.

Except Reimu, Marisa, Sakuya, Pathouli, Flandre, Remilia, Mystia, Mokou, Reisen, etc...

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[X] Take it

>> No.330536

[X] Decline

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[x] Take it

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[x] Take it, thank her, go see delicious gate guard.

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[x] Take it, SIMON!

>> No.330549

[ ] Take it

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Love couloured master sparks are in the air...


Love is in the air !

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[X] Take it

>> No.330556

>with a bed

>> No.330560

[ ] Take it

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This is a test! She's trying to see how determined we are! She doesn't want us to take her help!

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>> No.330569


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It repels weak Youkai.

>> No.330574

Even considering teaching us magic was an extraordinary display of compassion on her part. Declining this gift would be spiting in the face of this, and reify the notion that humans as a rule are stupid, arrogant ingrates.

>> No.330576

>>Only those who you wish to can even approach you.

>> No.330577

[x] That's not like you. Sure I'll have it...

>> No.330579

it only repels youkai that we want to repel. We can still hug China.

>> No.330581

And Meiling is...oh you said weak, I thought it said dumb.

>> No.330583

>Only those who you wish to can even approach you.

Only repels people we don't want near us.

... I hope.

>> No.330584

>Only those who you wish to can even approach you.

>> No.330585

So basically, we can stand next to Cirno while she uses Icicle Fall -Easy- to pick off anybody who tries to get in the way?


>> No.330586

>Only those who you wish to can even approach you.
learn to fucking read

>> No.330590


Only if we wouldn't want to see her.

In adition: [X] DECLINE !

Patch wants to see if you are willing to go through the pains of learning magic.
(And maybe also the pleasures...)

>> No.330591

>Only those who you wish to can even approach you.

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It repels anyone we don't specifically allow near. In other words, no new encounters.

>> No.330606

Good point....

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take it, you idiots

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She's giving the us the easy way out because she wants to see how much we really want to learn magic. She's a woman, she really wants us to learn magic, and eventually surpass her so she can have a husbando. This is how women work, trust me.

>> No.330612

We did.

>> No.330615


Your solution is flawed.
Patchy is not a HUMAN FEMALE.

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I'd probably politely decline and thank her for wasting her time. Then walk out and enjoy China.
Then probably go back to Keine or something.
But this isn't me.

>> No.330625

Good! Maybe now as opposed to Anon trying to chase down every pussy he comes across, we'll work on the relationships we already have.

>> No.330628

>So basically, we can stand in front of Cirno while she uses Icicle Fall -Easy- to pick off anybody who tries to get in the way?

Fixed for ⑨

>> No.330630

So? Even if she is a Youkai, she's still a woman. It's a woman's joy to be held down and violated.

>> No.330633

The more important question:

Could she have enjoyable consentual intercourse if she wanted to, seen from a biological point of view, despite that procreation would never occur ?

>> No.330635

Its a Shiny.

but if you take it, you appear weak.

but then again, you are a first level commoner, so you ARE weak.


>> No.330638

>"... And so I have determined that you have the magical potential of a clod of dirt."

>> No.330639

We can impress Cirno with this by repelling her.

>> No.330641

Why do people keep voting after the winner was decided? You're just making auto-sage come quicker, guys.

>> No.330643

Holy fuck! I just remembered! We said we wanted to learn magic because "I want to know", signifying that we have a desire for knowledge similar to herself. Taking the item will show her that we simply want to learn for mundane reasons. ITS A TRAP!

>> No.330644


Sup Gilgamesh

>> No.330651


Yes, but by Marisa, not some beardo in women's clothing named Mr. Dumbass.

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Probably that asshole who was butthurt over losing the Sakuya route, and said he'd do his damndest to kill us.

>Keep in mind, however, this doesn't protect against long distance attacks

So, no ranged protection.

>> No.330664

Does anyone else think that this is a good idea? I'm pretty sure it with confuddle her quite well.

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>> No.330667

Pussy anons ruin the patchy route, fuck

>> No.330674


This is just the first step. Dumbass is on his way to becoming an epic level commoner.

Next feat should be Weapon Focus (plowshare).

>> No.330677


China is superior, go fuck yourself.

>> No.330678

having the desire is not the same as having the talent.

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You carefully grasp the old, simple piece of jewelery and put it on. You can always take it off should you choose, after all.

"Do-" She coughs viciously for a minute, gasping for breath afterwards. "Do you wish to return now?"

[ ] "Yes. Thank you again, Miss Patchouli."

[ ] "Sure. See ya, Patchy."

[ ] "Are you alright?"

[ ] "Actually, I have some other questions."

>> No.330682

Icicle Fall'd

>> No.330684

Nah. We tried to learn. We failed. I doubt it's a trap.

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If you took it, you wouldn't have to worry about youkai in the forest and so could actually get to Alice on your own.

As for no more random encounters, that is a good point. But its already Day 3, which is a little late in the game to be worrying about that.

Don't reject Patchi. She is giving you this out of her own kindness. She will see it as you being spoiled and snubbing her kindness. If you want to reject it, say "But this must be something old and precious to you. I couldn't possibly take it."

>> No.330687


Don't know how that works, but sounds good to me.

>> No.330688

[ ] "Are you alright?"

>> No.330689

[ x ] "Are you alright?"

>> No.330690


[x] "Are you alright?"

>> No.330692

[ ] "Are you alright?"

>> No.330694


[ ] "Are you alright?"

>> No.330697

[X] "Are you alright?"

>> No.330698

[ ] "Are you alright?"


>> No.330701

[ ] "Are you alright?"

>> No.330702

you're absolutely right now that I think about it.

She's offering us safety, and if we accept, we are just showing her that we are learning magic for our own intentions.

>> No.330703

[x] "Are you alright?"

>> No.330705

[x] "Are you alright?"


>> No.330706

[X] "Are you alright?"

Be her slave and bring her medicine every day for great justice !

>> No.330707

[X] "Are you alright?"

Not much of a choice here.

>> No.330709

[x] "Are you alright?"

I remember one anon had the idea of getting an inhaler from Rinnosuke.

>> No.330710

No fucking contest. Caring anon is caring.

>> No.330711

[x] "Are you alright?"

>> No.330712

[ X] "Are you alright?"

>> No.330713

[ ] "Are you alright?"

>> No.330714

[X] "Are you alright?"

>> No.330715

[x] "Yes. Thank you again, Miss Patchouli."


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You know, if we really wanted to learn magic, we should have asked Marisa instead.

>> No.330729

[x] "Are you alright?"

>> No.330730

Except for the part where we got her lake'd

>> No.330732

[ ] "Are you alright?"

>> No.330733

Fuck her.

>> No.330734

Cop a feel

>> No.330735

[ ] "Are you alright?"

it seems every anon thinks this is a flag

>> No.330736

HOLY FUCK, That was fucking quick.

>> No.330738


>> No.330739

no more voting, for protection again Autosage

>> No.330741

Marisa would probably be a better magic teacher. If Anon is to be able to do anything, he probably needs something like the mushrooms Marisa uses to fuel her magic.

"A genius can't understand the difficulties of a commoner" and all that.

>> No.330744

[x] "Are you alright?"


>> No.330746


The look she was giving was one of pity. I don't think she has any expectations.

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We didn't brave the horrors of SDM to learn magic, you know.

>> No.330751

All you alright.

This is the beginning of the end.

GM is bringing us to a climax now. There is only this path left.

>> No.330752

Thanks again, GM! These threads are 110% awesome!

>> No.330759


May I humbly request where this "Generator-Yberhax-Mushroom"-Stuff is taken from, and how does it work?

>> No.330776


>> No.330777


That's a fucking great idea.

Now with the amulet we can travel safely to the Forest of Magic. We can collect magic mushrooms with Cirno (freezing them for freshness) and offer them in apology.

Also, Kourindou & Alice.

>> No.330779

Vat about China?

>> No.330787

"As the fuel for her magical powers is phantasmal mushrooms, she is constantly looking for fresh ones to pick.

Moreover, she has a peculiar way of preparing them that involves boiling them for several days in a concentrated soup.

She'll blend a few types of these soups together and dry them into a solid mass over the course of a few more days."

I'd guess they're in the Forest of Magic.

>> No.330788



>> No.330789

it's call kindness and care, faggot.

>> No.330791

Women don't want an apology! That will make us look weak. We just need to find her weakness, exploit it, and watch with joy as she goes from tsun-tsun to dere-dere!

>> No.330792

No it isn't!
There's still Meiling!
We may have a chance with Keine!
Hell, we may not have even even pissed off Eirin that much! We were in the middle of a battlefield and she had a bow!

It's not that I don't like Patchy, I just want more of these threads!
They're like crack!

>> No.330801

So if Patchie kicks us out, the stop after talking about China would be the Forest of Magic, I assume?

>> No.330805

I was just about to bring that up again, myself:
Should Anon ever stop by Rinnosuke's, make sure to look for an inhaler.

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Mushroom route! Mushroom route!

>> No.330815

Need to check up on Keine first.

>> No.330816


>> No.330819

I think this is, Gensokyo Man is fucking tired of SDM and wants to get back to Keine, IMO. Take the Ammulet and leave. There are still many other tapable youkai out there.

I think we need to sex up Patchy before we go, She did invite us back to her room after all. I think she will be displeased if we do not give her some loving after all the help she has given us. You know she wants it.

>> No.330828

so does everyone agree? Head to Magic Forst for Librarian pussy.

>> No.330837

After Meiling

>> No.330838

>It's not that I don't like Patchy, I just want more of these threads! They're like crack!


>> No.330840

Yeah, but trigger the H-Scene with Patch before.

>> No.330844
File: 169 KB, 500x500, 1206670616658.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


No, we have to focus on China or Keine, maybe both.

>> No.330846

Okay, list of things (not particularly in order)

-inquire about Patchouli (depends on GM's next post)
-get an inhaler from Rin
-Find Cirno and go to the Forest of Magic to find some mushrooms (and the repel her idea, too)
-go to Alice's house and apologize

anything else?

>> No.330850

since when was there a librarian in the magic forest?

>> No.330860
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I see why Anon likes mushrooms so much

>> No.330861

we did not meet Alice yet, so why would do we need to apologize?

>> No.330864


>> No.330865

The H-scene doesn't come until the promised day.

>> No.330866

And thus the real reason why Anon hops from Touhou to Touhou instead of sticking to one is finally revealed.

>> No.330867

cause, we're looking for Marisa there.

>> No.330868


>> No.330869


If by Alice you mean Marisa

Anyway, it's likely the only way to unlock Alice at this point is to be introduced by Marisa

>> No.330870

F5 does nothing.

>> No.330873
File: 332 KB, 1075x1517, 1206670809958.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Error: Gensokyo Man must depart for the night and sleep.

Save Slot 5?

[ ] Yes

[ ] No

>> No.330877

[x] Yes

>> No.330878

[ ] Yes

>> No.330879

[X] No
fgt can't tell me what to do and when to save

>> No.330880

[ ] Yes

>> No.330881



>> No.330883


[x] yes


>> No.330884

-Find out more about Patches' condition
-Talk with Meiling
-Have Cirno fly us to Magic forest
-Find Kourindou
-Buy Inhaler
-Return to SDM talk with China again
-Go to library, give Patches Inhaler
-Bang Patches, Meiling, and Cirno

>> No.330885


>> No.330886

[ ] Yes

>> No.330888

fuck, forgot, sorry.


>> No.330891


>> No.330894

Well you could try wandering around the Forest and hope to find her house since she lets "lost" people stay over.

>> No.330896

[x] no

>> No.330897

Does saving actually do anything?

In theory, if we don't save here, would we reload at Save 4?

Well either way;
[x] Yes

>> No.330898

[X] Yes

Good night GM.

>> No.330900

"Hey, Alice! This is my boyfriend, Anon-ze!"

>> No.330902

So, can I get a summary of threads 28-32?

>> No.330906


>> No.330907

[X] Yes


>> No.330908

good list
fuck no

>> No.330910


>> No.330912

28-19 can be found here.
For the rest, you'll have to wait till someone archives it.

>> No.330915

If we eat the magic mushrooms, will we have enough magic potential to cast Unlimited Egg Works?

>> No.330917

We already left the Alice route back in day one. It's a little late to start any new routes on day 4 since day 5 seems to be the make or break day. Best bet is to strengthen our ties with Cirno and pick either China or Keine since dream indicated bad end if we try for both at once.

>> No.330918

Dammit all!
Okay, fine.

[X] Yes.


>> No.330920

goddamnit, right after I get home from work you leave.

[x] yes.

>> No.330930

If we're on the right route, we'll get Leviatien Egg Works instead.
Or something, I can't think of a better reference.

>> No.330931

That was a dream, nothing more. We were tired and stuck in a room with Flandre.

>> No.330945
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Here are all the threads up until now:


>> No.330954

Okay, thanks. I'll add them all to the abridged archive now.

>> No.330999

Let's see how comprehensive we can make this:

1) Finish conversation with Patchi, expressing concern
2) Get out of SDM by talking to Remi
3) Chat with Meiling and promise to return
4) Impress Cirno with youkai repelling device
5) Pick mushrooms with Cirno
6) See Marisa, apologize, ask her to go to Kouridou with you, while Cirno is busy tripping balls.
7) Search for inhaler/nasal spray. Have Marisa steal it for you in exchange for shrooms.
8) Retrieve Cirno, head to Keine's
9) Cook magic mushroom omelets for everyone
11) Have Mokou guide you to Eientei with Cirno. Apologize. Ask Eirin if the inhaler can be filled with an anti-asthmatic. Also an iron supplement.
12) Return to SDM, give Patch the meds
13) Ask Sakuya to use the kitchen, pretty please
14) Have dinner under the stars with Meiling

>> No.331010


Done yet?

>> No.331020

What? Acutally, I was missing a previous option, so I was trying to add that in...

...But it's missing from this .rar. Go figure. I'll go do the proper archiving now.

>> No.331026

15) Have a climactic battle with the embodiment of the lake, AND WIN.

>> No.331029

>>Pick mushrooms with Cirno

Nothing could possibly go wrong, could it?

>> No.331062

I really want Patchy to transfer her mana to me.

>> No.331073


The lulz of seeing a fairy on psychotropics is worth a possible BAD END.

>> No.331074



It would appear I'm missing threads. Disregard that then... I thought I had them all. --

>> No.331082

Er, would you happen to have the other ones somewhere? I'd really like to find those two options I missed.

>> No.331108

Christ, it's like looking at a Zelda fetch quest chain.

>> No.331127


I'd like to know where they are too. I think I might be missing a few of Monday's Flandre threads

>> No.331162

Okay, it's uploaded. Load up the archive page, hit refresh, and enjoy.

>> No.331195


>> No.331258


ah, ah-ahn, ah, ah-ah ahn

(You set it up.)

>> No.331265

But with more drugs and sex.

>> No.331333


Building a harem is hard work, son.

>> No.331336

Even though I did that on purpose, I can't help but feel a small amount of shame.

>> No.331373

If we take magic mushrooms, can we get a Nasulike incomprehensible WALL OF TEXT?

>> No.331375

It's actually an MMORPG grinding chain. You need to gather no less than 724 mushrooms with Cirno, and there's a 30% chance they fight back. Also, Eirin tells you she can make the inhaler anti-asthmatic, but only after you kill the Giant Mushroom boss that only spawns once a day.

>> No.331421

>You need to gather no less than 724 mushrooms with Cirno

Jesus, if only her pathing AI wasn't such shit

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