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escape from the hags.

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Instructions unclear.
I ran into these two.

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There is no escape.

>Accept Fate

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I'll just politely tell them that I'm into lolis. Hopefully they will understand.

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I wish a girl wanted my presence

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But I don't want to.

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I didn't need to read that.

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Why not

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I wanna rub their feet

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Hopefully they will tell you they know some

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Hag feet have the most beautiful curves

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Yuyuko pounds your pelvis into tiny little pieces and you die.

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They also have wrinkly soles

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I'd be so happy if Yukari introduced me to Chen.

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good end

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wouldn't it be funny to be in this situation? haha

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Hide from Yukari!

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I'd kiss each wrinkle

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And each curve, like a good boy.

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i want yuuka to kidnap me!

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I prefer the younger, non-hag Yuuka

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She doesn't have to! Just simply meet Yuuka and hope for the best from the Flower Master!

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stupid big fox butt...

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Stupid saggy christmas cake

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Breedable kitsune butt, baby kit factory... Mmm...

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"Haha how are you so short haha"

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PC98 Yuuka!!!

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Yukari, you shouldn't drink!

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God I wish Ran and Yukari would bully me like that.

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Fucking degenerate nancy boy.

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Yuuka deserves pregnancy

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>non-hag Yuuka
She's not that old.
It's a good thing not to know either.

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hag in heat!

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>She's not that old
She's a Great Old One or an Outer God or something. She's older than time itself.

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So she's a primordial

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How is this related to the thread?

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Just report it and move on.
It's happened before.

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>escape from the hags
hags are everywhere

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Not to them!

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Why would I ever want to do that?

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honestly i'm so lonely that i'd only run if they literally pulled a knife out
other than that they can abuse me as much as they want

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>other than that they can abuse me as much as they want
Dude, have respect for yourself. Their attention isn't worth that much.

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it's too late for me
it can't be helped

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There are so many AV based around what to do in this situation.

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Because both of them are bad news for different reason?

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She has gaps, you can't.

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big hags...

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I will save these sexy hags

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Why would I want to escape? ;)

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Hahaha! That's hilarious anon and totally not something that haunts me all the time!

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Imagine the cuddles

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Why are they hags? They're only 17

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A world of hags...

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Please stop calling them hags already.

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Hags! They are hags! They are old! They are ancient! They are grannies! Aunties! They are out of touch with the youth! They have saggers instead of perky breasts! They are fat and old instead of young and lithe! Theeir prime has long past! They aren't expired Christmas cakes, they're stale rock hard Christmas cake!

Old hags!

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Any girl older than 14 is a hag.

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Damn. That's harsh and true.

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escape from the HAGUE

Rated R starts friday

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What are the review critics saying?

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