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Ran thought she can go shopping with her mommy’s clothes without getting spotted.

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I hope she gets away with it ;D

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As long as she isn't hurting anything, I dont see why not!

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Glad there finally is another Ran thread!

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Lets face it, Ran looks great in anything! ;D

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kill everyone itt

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pls no

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You know what? Fuck this! I'm giving up on Ran's threads.

If we can't have a thread without MMDpedo, then it's better we won't have a thread at all.

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Peace and friendship! Just like the Yakumo Klan.

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I will only say this once in this thread. Stop shitposting and we can have alot of fun. :)

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pls stop

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Alright. Ill let you guys post for awhile. I don't want to hog all the fun.

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My filter filtred almost every post in this thread…

It's no longer Ran thread, it's MMDpedo's shitposting thread.

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I gave you a couple hours, and nothing. I guess I can wait till the next thread. :) Ill leave it up to other Ran friends!

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>ran friends
It's only you posting 3d.

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There are other Ran friends out there. I'll slow down my posting or only bump a few times to let some of our Ran friends come out. They are just shy ;P

Only 11 months left in the Year of Ran! Lets all stay positive and have fun!

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poor Ran deserves a thread, and she gets paid by schizos

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Please don't post NSFW things. :)

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I guess I will give this thread one last bump and hope it'll stimulate some good conversation not just random quips and nonsense. It sure would be nice if there was some new development with Ran going on. Oh well, cheers to us Ran fans!

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Well nighty nighty Ran fans, still lots of fun in the future for you and me. Cya on the flip side!

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Yukari thread

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Yes but... what do you want to talk about?

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Oh wait, no no no... you peeps make the thread! ;D

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I want the real posters back

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They will come. The real fans will always come. Don't despair.

But we need your help to keep the thread alive!

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Is there anything about what's going on with Ran that you would like to share? I'm listening. :)

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What kind of sleep schedule do you have dude?
Why are you here 24/7?
Are you a bot or something?

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To the other nice posters
I was OP for the last few threads over the months and kept them bumped, but no more
i've been banned 3 times in the last 2 weeks for calling out that piece of shit

We've tried for months to reason with him but it's too far now, as soon as he posts the thread dies. Through a combination of his spamming and people getting angry it's impossible to have a nice thread anymore, his connections to the moderation team is too much

I won't be making ran threads or contributing anymore, it was nice but he ruins them with his spamming (just look, 14 posts of the same pictures he always posts)

through my cultivation of the threads we got pretty close to comfy times but im out guys, if he wanted to kill ran threads forever he's done it

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>i've been banned 3 times in the last 2 weeks for calling out that piece of shit
What kind of posts did you make to warrant bans?

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Can't y'all just talk about Ran and ignore posts that don't interest you? I mean my Bob Ross...

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If I had to guess, its probably shitposting or trolling. It's always seemed like one or two fans rather bitch than just carry on for some reason. I don't get it, but hey... If that's what makes them feel complete. I just wish they did it somewhere else. I guess you can't always get what you want huh? Maybe be a little less of a dick next time and we can all get along.

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Still got a long time left in the year of Ran, we are only in it's infancy. :)

It's never too late to have a fun Ran thread.

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Full stop, just don't reply to Ran threads anymore, it's over.

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Ok but I wasn't asking you

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Ran thread will be fun again when you finally die, or at least get severly crippled.

I wish you from the bottom of my heart painful death, or painful vegetative state.

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So much shitposting... guess thats the way they want it. I know some real fans are out there and wont shitpost eventually.

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I'll never understand why people hate Ran so much. I think she is adorable. We gotta just plow through the shitposting. It's worth it though. Very worth it.

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Holy shit, they did something.

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Would Ran ski or snowboard?

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Perfect figure!

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