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Who would you join to bully the other one?

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Obvious choice

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I'd join both and let them bully me instead.

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Remi to bully Flan. Flan wouldn't be used to it so her reactions would be sweeter.

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I would tell them both to be good and not bully the other and I'd make them hot cocoa instead!

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I'd bully Remi out of the room so I could enjoy the superior sister's cute smelly feets.

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Smellfags deserve to be gassed and I'm not talking about feetgas I'm talking about sarin.

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only correct answer

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God, i want to help spread Flan's foot spores.

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You may call Flan stupid or insane, but god forbid you insult her sister.

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Can't the three of us team up to take down a greater foe?

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Time for the shovel?

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Smellfriends deserve to enjoy their favourite Touhous' infectious foot spores. That said, I'd obviously team up with Flan to bully Remi, because Remi is made only for bully.

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I don't get it, what drives people to ruin perfectly good images and post them without worry?

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Shovel is the least of the worries.

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it'll drag out much longer.

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I'm glad you asked.


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Flan can take care of it herself

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I think Flan mistakened her sister for the lolicon she was supposed to pummel.

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Do not die die the Remi.

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Flan to bully Remi. Charisma breaks are cute and hilarious.

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Do not die die the Remi

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I refuse to believe that Flan would ever hurt a lolicon.

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Damn, you're right.

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This. Flan loves her lolicon onii-sans.

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I can't believe these "noble" sisters would eat from the floor!

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They might be really really small and eating off of a very big plate dude.

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Can it be anyone else?
I want to team up with Genoskyo and bully Alice.

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Once you ascend to a high enough level of foot slavery, you'll only be coughing when you're NOT inhaling Remi and Flans pungent feety smells.

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it hurts my chest. Look at this poor town, forced to breathe in.

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worst poster on this board

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I'm working towards being the mayor of that town!

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Flan's Ferocious Feety Fumes!

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Kill yourself.

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The who?

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The other.
The other can be either, or anyone.

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Imagine holding onto Remi's wings to keep her in place whilst her sister beats her up

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Imagine holding onto Remi's pantsu and suspending her on a flagpole while her sister beats her up!

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I'd get Flan to help me rape Remimi.

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She'll force you to step away while she rapes Remimi.

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Taking turns raping the Remimi sounds great. Maybe we could have a competition to see who makes her orgasm the most.

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Imagine holding onto Remi's Pichuuns and making fun of how soggy and smelly they are!

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I doubt anyone can love Remimi more intensely than her very own little sister of 465 years! But you're welcome to try.

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The sister she kept in the basement for 465 years? I think I have a chance.

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That's nasty.

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Don't knock it till you've tried it, Anon. Many of Remimi's fans find the smells and tastes truly delectable!

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Hang yourself, literal shit eater.

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Most Remi fans would kill you on sight.

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Flan would be pathetically easy to bully. She's been coddled her entire life. You could probably call her a dork and she'd break down crying.

But I'm a nice guy, so I have no reason to do that to someone.

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You don't have to pretend, anon. I know you want to do it.

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We can spitroast Remimi. I'll get the ass because she wouldn't dare bite her sister.

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Is it weird that I'm hard as a rock from looking at crying Flandre

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I don't think that's weird. Crying Flan produces all kinds of boners.

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Flan all the way

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same goes for Remi, but she's genuinely much brattier which makes the bullying more cathartic

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Fuck remilia

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I'd conspire with Flan to livestream myself changing Remi, for all her admirers to see!

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Poor remi, wish I could keep her company and then frick her in the butt.

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Fuck off.

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She's not getting friends until she leaves that mansion and gets off her high horse.

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I would

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Turn both of them into lawnchairs?

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God, I wish I was Sakuya. I could bully Remilia all the time.

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It's for her own good