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Post this absolutely adorable werewolf!

Funny fishe friend and strange head friend allowed.

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Lovely super long brown hair!

Fluffy and soft wolf ears!

Red and hypnotic eyes!

Shiny red brooch!

Long dress!

And a fluffy warm tail!

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It's a disgrace for a predator to associate with prey!

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Borgar under the moon! A burg date with Kagerou!

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im actually catgirl here's selfie rn

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I want to steal her brooch.

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But then her clothes wouldn't stay up. How terrible!

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Is it really all that's keeping her clothes up? Maybe just her scarf bit would slide off.

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Yes, Kagerou has breeding, she comes from a prestigious line of werewolves.

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Fuck off, Elon. You're not even a Touhou fan!

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I've heard someone say that wolf-women breed through paizuri. Is that true?

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Hey, leave him alone.

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I think I'll go with tea, thanks Kags.

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But she stinks

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She doesn't, she takes good care of herself.

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Richest man on Earth posts a 2hu picture on Twitter. What a timeline

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Actually, I'm the richest man on earth since I have Kagerou.

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All 2hus reproduce through paizuri or naizuri.

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I want to call this old, but it was probably made a year ago.

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the Lewd Boobie Wolf

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2hus are for turning into baby factories

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Mating press the titwolf while she tickles you with her tail.

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File: 1.04 MB, 1488x1212, __imaizumi_kagerou_and_shiun_in_sora_touhou_yuu_gi_ou_and_yuu_gi_ou_arc_v_drawn_by_hakuro109__b857e9ce8580bb6cd80712502e4075a1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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chill dude

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Kagerou's Kagerous

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>while she tickles you with her tail.
I don't know if that would work.

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a strange head friend here

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Game night with Kagerou.

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Kagerou taught me how to find bare shoulders attractive

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how could one ever not find bare shoulders attractive? they're amazing.

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Kagerou is marriage material. Don't you just want to give her a big litter of puppies?

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Pet the wolf!

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strapless bra makes me diamonds

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>Kagerou taught me how to find bare shoulders attractive
I still don't see the appeal.

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3000 children is quite high
good thing youkai are immortal

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Imagine grooming the wolf.

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What about 3000 humans? That's the Village on a good generation

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Where us she from?

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The forest in the woods.

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She lurks nearby... in a village near you! Beware the wolf!

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The Beast!

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She scares my penis stiff!

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flesh fang

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lose weight dude
you're gonna fuck yourself up later

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Beware of wolf.

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Everybody smile!

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The werewolf that is somehow afraid of humans

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I don't understand this post, what does it mean?

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OP image and link are both smiling.

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Did it warrant making an image of? It's not that big a deal, she's smiling in alot of images.

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I'll have a triple scoop.

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Is she eating out of the garbage? Does she have any dignity at all?

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Click on the link and tell me what you see then.

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Shadow Wolf? What kind of name is that?

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remember to love your Kagerou no matter the moon's phase

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but she gets really hairy at times...

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I want to see her armpits when she's in the phase on the right.

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One can't say they love her if they don't want to put a baby in her

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Can't she just stay inside to avoid a bad hair day

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what 2hu game is she from?

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14 DDC

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Japanese Wolf eating noodles.

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These are spaghetti

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I don't see any sauce

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post the "the wolf is coming!" one

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You mean this one?

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Rabbit crying wolf.

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That's the one

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Is that an option?
I thought you could only have one.

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Happy Valentines Day!

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The full moon is a long ways off. Today's Valentines is with a shy, bashful wolf!

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Tight, wet, plump wolf pussy!

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You can't see her tail, but you can tell she's excited. Just look at her ears.

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where did she get that bow?

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Give her bellyrubs!

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I don't know.
I didn't even realize she had one.
Either way, it looks like her date is ruined. That's the only explanation for the way she dressed.

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Good woofie!

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Wolves also like petting irl!

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Do you think she's uhhhh hairy?

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I don't know. but I think there's hair under her sleeves. Kagerou doesn't look hairy though.

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A wolf in cow skin.

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Looks scary.

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poor Kagerou. I hope she has spares.

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Cute and Scary.

>> No.33258519

Her youkai regeneration ensures it'll stay tight as a vise even after pushing out a dozen children

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Is that an actual wolf?

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What a hairy mofo

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lovely wolftits glowing under the moonlight

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The wolf scares me

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tits too big

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Reminder that elon musk is nothing more than a salaryshark doubling as PR personality for a glorified car company

>> No.33309631

Imagine putting your face inbetween those things.

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Hairy slut

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File: 519 KB, 1000x1000, __ex_keine_imaizumi_kagerou_and_kamishirasawa_keine_touhou_drawn_by_dl__fb80a4379962e190b062cbec3e6600bb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The 2hu with the mightiest pubes.

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I am slowly starting to dislike them.
I was indifferent before, but little or next to none is a must. Forests are unacceptable.

>> No.33332507

Pat her on the head!

>> No.33332646

It must be tough being a homo.

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imagine having to navigate a forest just to find a hole

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Kag's sags

>> No.33348418

But that's already what I do when I go out to visit Kagerou.

>> No.33354162

I misplaced my Kagerous

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What's so funny? Orin isn't any better in that regard.

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File: 293 KB, 827x678, __inubashiri_momiji_touhou_drawn_by_tatsumiya_kagari__e1bac301a9bac54a6b9fa35135fe526b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A belly made to grow hybrids

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Looking for something right now.
Have a Kagerou I found in the search.

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e roo

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looks like a terrifying wolf to me

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what series is she from?

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Touhou Project 14 DDC (Double Dealing Character).

>> No.33404726

Touhou Project.

>> No.33404796

Crimson Slasher Chronicles 14

>> No.33417625

>Crimson Slasher Chronicles
That needs to be a thing.

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What's wrong?

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Red Riding Hood?

>> No.33459515

The mole is a nice touch

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Ah~ Large, sagging wolfwoman breasts that perfectly fit in the hands of human males!

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Even if she's moderately sized, thats too big.

>> No.33468035

We will never see her again in anything official...

>> No.33468880

There's no Kagerou fanfiction, and that makes me sad.

>> No.33469276

>That one doujin where Kagerou meets another wolf and realises the two of them are the last ones left in Japan.

>> No.33470216


>> No.33470670

I've been through them all. They don't understand the appeal of fluffy tails and ears

>> No.33471117

Who are you quoting?

>> No.33476428

Their content is highly limited and often terrible

>> No.33483090

The manga probably.
Reimu was headed to the Bamboo Forest of the lost so seeing someone like Wriggle would have been inevitable. Kagerou is no exception.

>> No.33486786

There's oddly little touhou fanfiction in general, despite its age and volume of other fan content
Art aplenty, but a fraction the writing

>> No.33488870

>There's oddly little touhou fanfiction in general
Drawing would be much easier, and more fun by comparison so I don't really blame the lack thereof on anything. Writing that kind of stuff would be a waste anyway since some posts can be written to the same length.
I honestly forgot fanfiction existed because I hadn't seen it in so long.

>> No.33490712

No one likes WORDS.

>> No.33497256

i like hairy girls

>> No.33500732

I wrote some Kagerou fanfic, but I didn't include much tail/ear fluff, because I already wrote some Momiji fanfic with that and I didn't want it getting too repetitive.

>> No.33500807


>> No.33501108

post the fanfic

>> No.33501253 [DELETED] 

I don't like to shill it, especially as I procrastinate so much with updating it. It's harem smut with a male OC protagonist, started as a request fill for /wfg/ on /trash/. That should be enough for anybody who actually wants to read it to find it on AO3.

>> No.33501272

I don't like to shill it, especially as I procrastinate so much with updating it. It's harem smut with a male OC protagonist, started as a request fill for /wfg/ on /trash/. That should be enough for anybody who actually wants to read it to find it on AO3.

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Seconding this.

>> No.33509254

Then why do the horse fuckers have hundreds of millions of words worth of fanfiction

>> No.33509523

Kagerou is the last wolf in Japan, period. She kicks the bucket, that's it. End of the line.

>> No.33515721

All the more reason to make her a baby factory

>> No.33516700

Sorry, I only write wolf-woman porn.

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>> No.33522545

Sex with Kagerou in the doggy style position.