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im tired

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aint we all

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yeah im going with this thread

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id like to dedicate this thread to our lost friend the quizmaster

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i wouldn't

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just another mans life ruined by women

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pregnancy scare arc

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they're not that flat

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really wanna fug an autistic girl rn

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wow cant believe she loves me

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officially ready for genshin 1.3 update

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Guide: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/library/vn.html

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guide: https://learnjapanese.moe/

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made by a 16 yr old

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Current thread: #2678

Previous threads:
>>32937886 #2677
>>32917844 #2676

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File: 2.71 MB, 632x1080, momo [4K] 180717 트와이스 TWICE 미나 MINA Full Cam @ 제헌절열린음악회 By Sleeppage-3629971-[04.47.120-04.52.692].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


i am gonna start sentence-mining songs

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i've stopped creating anime cards and now i can truly immerse in episodes and enjoy them

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I have that jumper in black. H&M. She's too big for that size the buttons are popping.

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ur all fags for bug men

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who is the worst poster on djt?

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rather not name them

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the answer is so obvious i'd rather not give them attention

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any poster i can point out is the worst

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worst poster is (you)

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wanna die alrady tbqh nano desu

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then buy a gun and bite the bullet faggot

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id rather bite ur moms clit ya lil shit

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yeah ok boyscout come around and ill show u how to tie a noose

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cant fap anymore

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i believe in you
you can do it

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anyone else #swervin?

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When I rep Kanji, am I aiming to see the flash card and go through pronunciation, meaning, onyomi and kunyomi before flipping the answer? Or do I want to simply pronounce the character and infer the meaning then move along? Do I learn on and kun as I do vocab?

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i recommend the kodansha kanji deck you get to see both on and kun plus some examples

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yes u will learn on and kun for different kanji whether u like it or not while doing vocab

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no doubt just a bitch haha

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>guess im some kind of frea
whats that bros

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freak, my sweet chillin

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so the official subs are wrong fuck em

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must have been a typo

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remember when pink hair was edgy and hot and not associated with fucking woke art ho cunts. god the world sucks now

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the more i get into japanese history and culture, the more i hate koreans. koreans have none of the good things that japanese people have (except for a high gdp per capita) and all of the bad things chinese people have

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Pretty cool band. Hope they made it.

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you're retarded if you don't see how the former led to the latter

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there was no if

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i agree but dont let the bum hear you or he will start his bullshit "cringe" posting and his simps will follow
oh they definitely made it. 'no doubt' was huge and gwen is still doing well. her solo work in the mid 2000s was ahead of its time and didn't blow up like it should have though. she was trying to push japanese culture and fashion way before it was mainstream

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do you accept btc payment to stfu

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i remember this song wow and shes hawt

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>she was trying to push japanese culture and fashion way before it was mainstream
japanese culture hasn't been obscure or underground since at least the 19th century.
you've been riding on the normalfag wagon of the orientalist train all your life long.

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the whole album was solid and the only track that got big was the joke one "hollaback girl" fucking trash normalfags i hate them. then lady gaga and other copycats cunts came in and did her solo vibe but worse with trash music

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post-80s japanese pop culture then, don't be dense no one knew shit about japan in the early 2000s other than "oh they have money and like to be travel and ask for you to take their picture" or earlier shit like pottery or whatever. gwen was the first mainstream western artist to draw attention to the street fashion scene

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dont care

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no ive always thought people with dyed hair are pieces of shit

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normalfag shit that you can see in shibuya and harajuku is still AIDS regardless of the fact it's japanese.
stfu consumeristnigger

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stfu you deranged piece of shit

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dude street fashion in those districts are basically dead lmao. it was good back in like 2005 when she made the song but you are just self-owning with your ignorance

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this post was typed by a yid

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yall boys got issues

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>implying i give a shit about following your gay subculture trends

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im mentally ill

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ngmi japanese is a culturaly overloaded language

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>ayo i once tried spying on twitter posts written by jap thots so lemme tell you that you're not gonna make it cuz i know fucking everything bout japanese culture

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you're ngmi because you're too retarded

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Am I right in saying ばかのあほ would be translated as "Foolish Idiot" or would it be "The Idiot's Fool"

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nah the reason i know what im talking about is lived experience. i actually give no shits about what zoomer jp whores are up to in the last few years and im sick of their ugly boring straight black hair they might as well be korean but uglier because they dont believe in cosmetic surgery

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>bruh i, a genius, know for a fact that anybody who doesn't think like me is retarded so i know you're never gonna make it because you're retarded and don't agree with everything i say and do
>japanese is only gay stuff women like so if you don't like that, fuck off.

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punch women

>> No.32947834

you're wrong

>> No.32947837

'a retard among fools' is how i would translate it if pressed
this but unironically sorry thats just the bias of language acquisition

>> No.32947838

stupid idiot

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try saying that in japanese then

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Every time I run it through a translator program, it also keeps wanting to change it to katakana (バカのアホ), Is there any obvious reason for this?

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on my 4th week of skipping anki

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on my 11th month

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fuck i read so slow

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is that abomination supposed to be sakura-chan?

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u r a god

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thanks douche

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you sound like you're trying to be as gay as possible even in japanese

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What is that reason?

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cuz that is how those words are speleld

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look forward to these inevitable clenches everytime. i give you permission to finish jerking it to me

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who are you

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he's most likely bunkofaggot/busuposter.

>> No.32948010

i thought bunkoboy was better. 5 minutes to come up with that post fr

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wait, nevermind. it's probably the brazilian guy who forced the cl*nch anti-meme.

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i'm using anki cards to train some german output
i feel like a traitor. i've betrayed myself
how did i get to this point?

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dunno but this is the japanese thread

>> No.32948097

its og, retards

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shit thread its better when all of u stfu

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some schizo bitch who lives in a basement.
female version of an incel
extremely creepy and dumb. do not interact with it.

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which country attracts the worst posters to djt and why is it mexico?

>> No.32948158

hard to do that when you namedrop it

>> No.32948167

does og stand for "onani granny"?

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mexicans living in mexico are actually pleasant. i can always tell brazilians by their entitled rude attitude

>> No.32948222

if you speak honestly because lover is here?

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>> No.32948331

like hell i'm telling you retard

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>TTS reads 美味しそう as びみしそう

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you probably interacted with rich cunts
they usually are the only ones with money for outside country vacations

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broooos....today i realized there's trains in my country

>> No.32948515

nice bro hope u love ur station

>> No.32948521

anime cards take you out of the immersion
distracting and inefficient
it turns anime into a chore

>> No.32948545

made by a w#man

>> No.32948693

how do i start diving into jap culture
also where can i get jp subs for samurai movies

>> No.32948711

bros...i think i'm trans...

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i really like this bitch design
any recommendations of similar waifus bros?

>> No.32948760

that isn't what a waifu is

>> No.32948772

i have a big heart

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if anybody would like to help me subbing, it would be a great boon if others transcribe episodes too. you don't need to translate, just transcribe


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>dont do anki for months
>keep reading and watching stuff
>breeze through my anki deck besides stupid cards like 脳手術
are premade anki decks a meme?

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>> No.32949008

bro you picked a crazy long series

>> No.32949130

time to kys

>> No.32949149

that one is easy: noushujutsu

>> No.32949152

yeah idk how it got renewed for a 2nd season

>> No.32949181

premade decks are boring as hell

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Those with devotion to the mission
Straight devour the weak
An ocean full of competition
Get your action to speak
You can't be strong if you give up
From just a miss in ya streak

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this is your brain on rtk

>> No.32949966

i don't want to though
i think i'll start the hrt stuff...

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dont youll be even more miserable

>> No.32950002

Yes. Premade decks are stupid in more ways than one.
Mined decks are based though.

>> No.32950003

i'm already miserable
what harm could it do

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>> No.32950115

everyone ive followed that started hrt went completely mental and just lost their shit (narcissa wright for example)

just eat raw meat, accept nature and get healthy man

>> No.32950147

you should start trt if anything, i promise that you will feel like a god once on it

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this fucking language lmao

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>matured 8k word
>having a fuctkton of trouble reading my first visual novel
>takes me almost a minute to read a sentence
what am I doing wrong?
I should be breezing through this novel, this isn't right
my brain simple cannot connect the sentences even though I know every single particle like the back of my hand

what do? I've watched every single dolly video and read Tae Kim like 5 times
would using a sentence deck help me?

>> No.32950619

lmfao he fell for the anki trap

>> No.32950638

>never read
>"oh god why can't i read?"

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its time you take off the anki vest for good

>> No.32950661

Should've read IMABI not Tae Kim.

>> No.32950679

At least you're a pro at anki. That's something.

>> No.32950686

which visual novel?

>> No.32950696

today is the day i quit djt and porn
no one can stop me from actually learning japanese

>> No.32950707

fuck off, I'm not a complete newbie, I've matured over 8k words, retards

>> No.32950709

no one but yourself

>> No.32950729

>fuck off, I'm not a complete newbie, I've matured over 8k words, retards
peak of mount stupid

>> No.32950770

should have read more instead of training for the scrabble tournament

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>i mastered masturbation, why i cant have sex?

>> No.32950804

you still can't read that n6 vinnie, so you are a newbie
you just gotta stop being a faggot and read more

>> No.32950808

im glad you're back firby poster, missed ya

>> No.32950811

sex is unitonically easier than masturbating

>> No.32950831

no it's not

>> No.32950841

Maybe if you're an amputee.

>> No.32950856

if youre a girl

>> No.32950937

if its with a pitpiti non loose gyaru maybe

>> No.32950965

read this as pitt-pitty first

>> No.32950969

god my dopamine spikes from the word gyaru alone

>> No.32951001

rise n shine boys its mania monday


>> No.32951055

if the protagonist in your VN is voiced your VN is N5

>> No.32951138

a question for anki drones (ignore if you don't use anki)

some real life shit happened over the weekend and i didn't get a chance to do anki for a few days as a result. i am overdue a few hundred reviews. would there be any harm in setting a max daily review limit or should i just power through?

>> No.32951140


>> No.32951142

yea if both are into it it's so much easier to get an emotional climax

>> No.32951176

just hit space on all of them and wait for the cards to come back into rotation

>> No.32951196

im on a phone

>> No.32951197

how many will die today

>> No.32951203

my instinct tells me i would just power through giving honest answers

>> No.32951214

dunno how anki works on a phone but space is the shortcut for "good"

>> No.32951225

currently immersing with


>> No.32951254

well considering the new message on the is the squeeze squoze site is actually sounding like reality for a change id say this week is going to make a lot of ppl homeless and well be seeing yt vids in the future titled "gamestonk made me homeless"

>> No.32951263

just use the migaku vacation addon

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>> No.32951323

i know what this looks like but i promise i dont go around writing things like that on the internet representing a position that isnt my own

>> No.32951324

>Absolutely incensed
gonna use this line in my emails from now on

>> No.32951358

hate when people nip at me like that

>> No.32951364

I never ever regarded jap as anything racist until jamal made these joke posts last year

>> No.32951378

yeah this is fake

>> No.32951388

kill yourself yoga you fat fuck

>> No.32951407

japper knees

>> No.32951426

>asian race
japanese people don't really consider themselves asian though. they're japanese.

>> No.32951427

i wasnt joking i cant believe ppl just go around saying jap like its a legit abbreviation

youd never see jap on tv

>> No.32951435

der ewige ankidrone
christ this is pathetic

>> No.32951453

dunno how people enjoy being around smokers
that stuff gets on all of your clothes and in your hair
you will smell that shit until you shower

smokers stink and they don't even care it's the most bizarre thing

>> No.32951469

agreed cigs are disgusting but im prolly gonna put my feet up and smoke a cigar this week if things go well

>> No.32951477

yeah, just like the degenerates who drink alc*hol

>> No.32951538


>> No.32951564

both my parents smoke and they smoke on the toilet too, just horrible growing up having to share that room

>> No.32951580

alcohol doesn't stink tho but it makes everyone speak louder which is really annoying
wish i had friends that didn't need alcohol

>> No.32951590

someone hasnt heard of the term 酒臭い

>> No.32951599


>> No.32951629

if you can't tolerate people drinking alcohol you're learning the wrong language

>> No.32951651


>> No.32951701

sentence cards

this language is retarded. 8k is nothing in this language

>> No.32951730

dont wanna hang out with japanese people

>> No.32951736

dno 酒枯れ women sound hot as fuck

>> No.32951769

90% chance this Jap was raised in America, assuming they're even a Jap to begin with
Americans are so fucking dumb they think gaijin is a slur

>> No.32951785

read more

>> No.32951789

gaijin is kind of a slur tho like not even from a westerner point of view lol

>> No.32951817

gonna beat up everyone who calls me a gayjin

>> No.32951840

id rather someone says white piggu go home than call me a gaijin

>> No.32951861

want a cute jk calling me dirty gaijin while peeing on me

>> No.32951869

imagine letting some rice pisser just shower u

>> No.32951887
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>> No.32951899

imagine letting some malodorous whitoid take a shit on your chest

>> No.32951902

>doing no fap
>cant stop downloading porn
how i cure coomer brain?

>> No.32951911

get a job

>> No.32951929

it landed in my pelvic area

>> No.32951956

only right after sex cause that shit only works when you're horny to the max

>> No.32951972


>> No.32951984

imagine going to fuck a jk, u spread her asscheks and find a cute ほくろ right there

>> No.32952022

didn't know this word

>> No.32952050

Here I came looking for some insight into the wonderful world of moonrunes and instead get discordniggers babbling on about whatever shit they concern themselves with. Laughable!

>> No.32952078

>japanese decent
she prolly ate sushi once

>> No.32952117

here's some actual advice
watch jpsubbed

>> No.32952127

am i supposed to care that sasha dies in the snk ep? she was a non character and had 0 development, who gives a fuck lol

>> No.32952159

if you talk about "character development" you're a shitter simple as

>> No.32952161

thats basically how i feel about snk in general so i dont watch it

i dropped that shit like halfway thru the first season bc it was fucking gay dont @ me

>> No.32952169

t. yuri yuri shitchugger

>> No.32952181

found a dupe glitch in maikura

>> No.32952203

snk is the chuuniest shounen for better or for worse

>> No.32952215

id rather watch dragonballz gt for the rest of my life than watch snk once

>> No.32952242

haven't seen a single episode of any dragonball only amvs

>> No.32952247


>> No.32952269
File: 118 KB, 844x1280, 461d880e-8c04-4098-bdef-2b2daca5cece.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.32952274

but she was the goofy relatable potato lady

>> No.32952275

rokka no yuusha

>> No.32952277

at least the dbgt op was a banger

>> No.32952291

Attack on Titan is reddit tier, you aren't supposed to care about any of it.

>> No.32952309

>tan musclegirl

>> No.32952311

when all is said and done the last season of snk will probably stay in the top 5 on mal forever lmaoo

>> No.32952350

great show

>> No.32952361
File: 872 KB, 1024x768, Muramasa_xoeAIbbF3T.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

even the jap shihandai knows of and fears the bbc...
it was over for whiteboys before it even started,,,

>> No.32952373

idk dude bosstones woulda been better


>> No.32952381

yeah it was

>> No.32952383

^I called it when I said discord general

>> No.32952411

how can we compete

>> No.32952421

apare apare apare naaaaaa

>> No.32952427

the art in this looks so incredibly repulsive

>> No.32952469

>apare apare apare

>> No.32952477

you just have garbage taste, it's fine
post supposed good art

>> No.32952516

that old guy on the left has a high t face

>> No.32952529
File: 54 KB, 704x637, 1529631801668.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.32952531

i think the people look fine here but it's the suits and all the mechanical that looks so ugly

>> No.32952532

by art i mean character design
the lips and chins and everything about the faces is just yuck

the actual art quality is good, but it still repulses me as a whole

>> No.32952551
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>> No.32952683

welp cya on the moon boys

>> No.32952697

behead ciaran

>> No.32952733

befriend all djters

>> No.32952786


>> No.32952803
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damn zelgadis looks more like a pretty boy in the ln

>> No.32952804


>> No.32952840

holy frickin basederino

>> No.32952869

tfw ウサーマ・ビン・ラーディン knew more japanese than ciaran, qm and jamal combined

>> No.32952872

is that the ohio flag?

>> No.32952883


>> No.32953016

based miniyoga

>> No.32953054

mined 噤む

>> No.32953094


>> No.32953275

cool word

>> No.32953378

what textbook should i use after genki 2

>> No.32953395

genki 3

>> No.32953418

your favorite isekai ln

>> No.32953426
File: 28 KB, 1137x303, DJT - Daily Language Superiority and some Japanese.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ok one more time since nobody seems like getting tired of discussing it
how do i make cards out of anime subs and why shouldn't i use animecards guide for this
also what about vn hooking under wine

>> No.32953492

nothing wrong with the anime cards guide

>> No.32953517

i literally cannot keep reading, i have a perma boner and just want to coom

>> No.32953587
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you guys confuse me

>> No.32953593


>> No.32953600



>> No.32953642

why does she have ruined ending of samurai champloo as bgm

>> No.32953653

everyone really wants their own n word nowadays huh

>> No.32953656


>> No.32953696

read something else

>> No.32953705

wait does the 'learn ahead limit' setting put the early cards in a different study session? like you have to reclick on your deck to get the remainder of your reviews?

>> No.32953715

紡ぐ but with the last two moras flipped

>> No.32953719

whats with women and big words

>> No.32953750

i ain't waitin for you buddy

>> No.32953768

its from 2001

>> No.32953785

he knows what he said

>> No.32953799
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thanks for making me mad man

>> No.32953825

ill be autistic for meduka

>> No.32954031

not sure what vinnie to read next
maybe i should pick a craazy long one

>> No.32954040
File: 124 KB, 559x600, キャプチャ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what is he saying i cant read it

>> No.32954051

only the most based djters can handle crazy fuckin long vns

>> No.32954074

nirvana tree?

>> No.32954108


>> No.32954115
File: 398 KB, 2048x1536, EpMYh19VoAANoOz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thanks minus the tree tho i guess
mined nirvana

>> No.32954119

it's just nehan you put two trees there

>> No.32954142


>> No.32954145

thanks to my pitch accent colorings i know that 涅槃 is atamadaka

>> No.32954155

probably done my reviews 6 times in the past month

>> No.32954172

btw ciaran if you are here i watched like 10 eps of kinpachi and its pretty good
dont think ill watch more than s1

>> No.32954184

presenting the only good thing queerans ever posted

>> No.32954238

wow ciaran with the classic doramas

>> No.32954385

2 points regarding pronunciation

>> No.32954397

anacreon your script can't into verb conjugations
i added the word うなる(唸る)but on screen there was only うなってるand that's why i can't paste the lines into mpv and get the image and sentence

>> No.32954438

*2 pwaounts reegwawding pwoununseeashyn

>> No.32954450

well it should be teiru not teru

>> No.32954458

not him but it just adds all that stuff to the latest card u created not based on that matching. if u mined 呼吸 but the sentence u copy pasted doesnt have that in it it will still get added to the card

>> No.32954504
File: 191 KB, 402x584, 1385318944042.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.32954512

what makes you think she can read that

>> No.32954531

weird, i'll check

>> No.32954609

What's your opinion on readers?

>> No.32954647

I read a ton of graded readers the first two months or so I was studying. It was useful.

>> No.32954673

the fuck are those m8

>> No.32954749

>down 20% already
better sell before you lose everything lel

>> No.32954753

buy the dip

>> No.32954782

i put like 2k in it
holding since i will easily get that money back in the near future if i lose it all

>> No.32954791

now thats a banger

>> No.32954829

why is the gamespot stock going up anyway? brick and mortar video game stores are dying, i dont get it.

>> No.32954875

this gme dip is tiny compared to the one we had on thursday
hold brothers

>> No.32954876

if you stop then that goal is no longer in the state of being achieved because you stop studying

>> No.32954895

never studied
never will

>> No.32954962


>> No.32954965


>> No.32954970

she had that episode where she ran back to her village and saved a kid from a titan or something. so she's definitely got characterization. the problem is that that was like 2 or 3 seasons ago and despite rereading the manga recently i still don't remember what that meant and what her character is supposed to be.

>> No.32955043

noticing that this thread is much slower since the vtuber board was created. i guess most of the djt bros were vtube fans.

>> No.32955108

noticing that i dont give a fuck about the holofags we lost

>> No.32955138

never heard of it won't mine it

>> No.32955179

vn freq: 27477
narou freq: 39441

>> No.32955239

you haven't read many doujins then

>> No.32955240

it's in amagi brilliant park

>> No.32955270

very common word in anything historical or samurai-related

>> No.32955271

well im still here but i never posted much

>> No.32955294

every time you post a stupid-as-fuck word no one's ever heard before some retard on djt will tell you that it's actually """common""" lol

>> No.32955313

>some retard on djt
you mean ciaran

>> No.32955356

>stupid-as-fuck word no one's ever heard before
epic self-own

>> No.32955367

ngmi behavior

>> No.32955383

the real question is who still wears undershirts in this day and age

>> No.32955389


>> No.32955426

reminds me of that time i read the dialogues of plato in high school and came out the other end having a deeper understanding of the ancient greek language than i do english
wish i used that high school sponge brain to learn japanese instead

>> No.32955445

it's ok bro that wasn't time wasted. learning any new language while young sets your brain up for success with learning other new languages later

>> No.32955448

this dude is weird and im only 30 seconds in
i hate his bald head and his excessive use of his eyebrows and his stupid suave radio dj voice like wtf dude you arent a dj for a jazz radio station just talk like a normal person

>> No.32955452

should I be mining words in the 10k anime and jdrama frequency range or are those safe to ignore?

>> No.32955456

i do sometimes when i put on a buttondown shirt and dont feel like taking off my white tshirt

>> No.32955464

he has a poorly shaped skull

>> No.32955467

why is 兎田ぺこら pronounced usada pekora when 兎田 is usagita

>> No.32955472

why the fuck would anyone want to learn romanian

>> No.32955478

I wouldn't mine super common words because you'll memorize them naturally just by reading and they'll end up cluttering your anki deck.

>> No.32955513

who the fuck still actually has gme lmfao
i got out on friday and went to the movies

>> No.32955531
File: 8 KB, 383x125, unknown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that frequency

>> No.32955535

>In short did you get tired of me

What is this "ちまった" is it just the past tense of ちまう like saying did you accidentally get tired of me or something else?

>> No.32955537

because japanese can do whatever they want with names

>> No.32955645

imagine going through this boring ass shit instead of just reading a visual novel you actually likr

>> No.32955693
File: 52 KB, 774x822, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

its just another melvin tactic to scare noobs and try to mitigate losses

>> No.32955696
File: 6 KB, 972x80, gamestock.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.32955723

almost told him the next earthlike planet isnt in the neighboring galaxy, its in the neighboring star

>> No.32955730

looks cool sadly im no beginner
maybe int will like it

>> No.32955733

he has no idea what he's talking about

>> No.32955740

top kek

>> No.32955743
File: 219 KB, 506x364, キャプチャ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

me nanpaing random bbas on the street

>> No.32955749

that woudla been more accurate

the stock rose like 2000% pretty sure thats intergalactic

>> No.32955764

important to note the post u clipped was before the k*kes jumped in and stole every1s money in plain sight

>> No.32955779

proxima centauri?
no way

>> No.32955797

how are you supposed to know it's pronounced usada by only looking at the kanji, though?

>> No.32955798

finna onkey

>> No.32955802

yeah look up 'proxima centari b'
its in the habitable zone

>> No.32955819

you're not, but you found out anyway
thats how it works

>> No.32955822

bc other names use 兎 as usa
lots of kanji used in names cut out the last syllable

>> No.32955838

finna read

>> No.32955845

imagine being good at japanese AND good looking

>> No.32955848

ok that makes sense i guess, but why is ta -> da?

>> No.32955852

mined 三日月刀 (シミター)

>> No.32955871


>> No.32955873

damn im only one of those

>> No.32955891

this is not ta this is rice field

>> No.32955897


>> No.32955905

damn im both of those

>> No.32955909

misread the question
look up 連濁

>> No.32955923

that's the sex kanji

>> No.32955956

thanks anon you're a good friend

>> No.32955969

is there even a kanji that means sex as in intercourse?
always wondered why they call it セックス did they not have a word for it?

>> No.32956005

wish i was 性豪

>> No.32956013


>> No.32956022

i don't think this old guy is authentic and just reads out something send to him with a paycheck

>> No.32956023

whats his issue

>> No.32956045
File: 551 KB, 1920x1080, まおゆう魔王勇者 第02話.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yes senjougahara

>> No.32956061

he went to a restaurant with his son to enjoy the atmosphere but the son was on his phone watching anime

>> No.32956075

based son

>> No.32956086

hell no

>> No.32956092

my thoughts exactly

>> No.32956099

watasi no seiyuu wa totemo yuushuu desu

>> No.32956136

i mean he has a few good points actually
but at the end of the day he just sounds like he's coping and seething

>> No.32956156
File: 177 KB, 1080x1080, 141768996_1134355536994069_6101269543023356849_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.32956162

stfu bunko

>> No.32956172
File: 848 KB, 1920x1080, 化物語 第13話.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.32956185

i thought he left for good

>> No.32956188

nothing based about his son i'd order him a bowl of spaghetti and then thrust his head inside

>> No.32956191
File: 806 KB, 903x788, 1584562954596.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.32956205

never @ me again you fool

>> No.32956206

i wanna break the legs of everybody involved into making this trash

>> No.32956219

better go see a shrink

>> No.32956224

>i mean he has a few good points actually

>> No.32956231

is this some 4th wall breaking dialogue?

>> No.32956235


>> No.32956239

welcome to the japanese language lol

>> No.32956245


>> No.32956247

clench a bit harder im so close aaaaa

*busts a nut in ur ass*

>> No.32956251


>> No.32956255

What is this? I've been wanting some anime that has Japanese subs with it so I can practice reading while watching and getting the listening practice in too.

>> No.32956265

it's anime downloaded from nyaa with japanese subtitles from kitsunekko played back in mpv

>> No.32956271

finna puff the magic dragon to that one haha

>> No.32956275

stop spoonfeeding retards

>> No.32956277


>> No.32956347


>> No.32956371

guys help some of my retired personas are returning to the forefront of my mind and they are demanding that they be allowed to post again

>> No.32956384


characters speaking in visual novels are soooooooo annoying
I'm reading majikoi and like 30% of every spoken sentence is composed of just interjections
is every VN like this or did I get unlucky?

>> No.32956388

i still check the thread sometimes
waiting for yofukashi rn and dont feel like doing anything else

>> No.32956391

kys and take em with you

>> No.32956400

got rekt by >>32956347

>> No.32956418

wtf i was gonna order a few physical lns that aren't pirated but the price doubled from when i looked at them yesterday stupid nips

>> No.32956420

i mean if you cant look at the cover and tell that game sucks dick thats on u

>> No.32956421

read bottom one as

>> No.32956425

ah okay, thought you were finally free.
i noticed the last two eps were just recap compilations, and they werent even on tver.

>> No.32956427

I want to fuck the girls

>> No.32956439

you can't fuck drawings

>> No.32956456

majikoi is unironically the best vn ever created and the only one that deserves a 10/10 rating and if you don't like it you don't know japanese simple as

>> No.32956461
File: 323 KB, 1318x240, tver.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh hey look at that the one from today is on tver alright

>> No.32956478

based imoto

>> No.32956481


>> No.32956487

keepin up with 5 variety shows weekly is so stressful

>> No.32956488

the VN got translated.... it's shit
It can't be the best VN ever if eops can enjoy it

>> No.32956497

based moogs

>> No.32956498


>> No.32956501

nge got dubbed and it's still the best anime

>> No.32956513

no it isn't but the best anime did get dubbed

>> No.32956517

except they will never truly enjoy it in it's original form and genius cause a lot of the jokes and character quirks are untranslatable

>> No.32956626

i mean i woukld agree w. all those things idgi his message is dont become a subhuman who puts money before life itself or in other words dont become a j*w

>> No.32956627

does everyone who learns japanese inevitably transition

>> No.32956630

when i finish sharin, this manga, gyakuten saiban and my bunko i will strictly only read one thing at a time

>> No.32956638

that's what i told myself and now i'm reading 13 vinnies

>> No.32956640

dont follow any rules just do what i want all the time

>> No.32956650
File: 27 KB, 387x595, anime.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i also watch all this on top of tver
its really not so bad its like 1-2 hours per day

>> No.32956655

god i love jamal

>> No.32956708


>> No.32956716

i cant believe variety bro watches modern anime
only other thing than variety that i catch every week is yutotawa

>> No.32956720

absolute state of anime

>> No.32956760

just made pudding from scratch and put 30% less sugar than the recipe called for and its still too sweet. what the fuck is wrong with americans? how do you guys eat stuff this sweet?

>> No.32956764

i dont

>> No.32956787

would you be even more shocked if i told you i watch holos as well?

>> No.32956795
File: 65 KB, 1024x768, 463102c8-3168-4a5c-a992-0b3e27b13f85.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.32956802

*beep beep*

banger alert

>> No.32956808
File: 410 KB, 2048x2048, 20210129_143319.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

at least youre immersing....

>> No.32956825

been watching so shit anime lately that im even too ashamed to update my anilist

>> No.32956827

how do i change your script from webp to jpeg screenshots?

>> No.32956842 [DELETED] 

https://www.migaku.io/ r.i.p refold

>> No.32956844

i dont like sweet stuff too but when it comes to pastries and stuff you should have black coffee or tea on the side to balance out the taste
making the experience more enjoyable

>> No.32956852

happy black history month bros
would recommend you read an eroge featuring a black heroine to celebrate but there are none

>> No.32956854

2/3 done with my shirobako rewatch and it's so great. the only thing that bums me out is that i can't watch the movie that came out recently raw cause the japanese is pretty hard and i'd get btfod

>> No.32956856

dunno i use mpvacious

>> No.32956859

not sure if this is ババロア or not

>> No.32956865

true but if it's too sweet as is then it'd be sickly unbearably sweet with the original recipe no matter what u have on the side

>> No.32956873

its a バケツプリン

>> No.32956899

gotta eat big to get big

>> No.32956900

lol this is the most generic web-based business page i've ever seen

>> No.32956948

jesus christ

>> No.32956949


>> No.32956959
File: 336 KB, 725x413, 1577006273200.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

btw I must say that I've added a telegram chat link to the site
> see here https://tatsumoto-ren.github.io/blog/index.html
if you don't have money for a Matrix account, you can talk in our Telegram, both chats are bridged together.

>> No.32956964

remember the retarded german from yoga's video i bet he wrote that

>> No.32956971

just hit a year bros im still dog shit though

>> No.32956975


>> No.32956979

i hope you're reading at least 60k err day

>> No.32956981

i gotta say this is a 致命的なミス for a language learning website trying to come off as professional

>> No.32956982

thinking that commas just mean you insert a pause when you're reading it really only illustrates yoga's level of japanese fluency

>> No.32956987

3 years in 12 days
not satisfied at all
anyway yofukasi is on nyaa

>> No.32956991


>> No.32956994

in order to make it

>> No.32956995


>> No.32957023

yo whatup eshan

>> No.32957026

>The Immerse with Migaku Browser Extension keeps track of what you known, and lets you make instant flashcards from Netflix, YouTube, and your favorite websites!
every sentence is wrong!

>> No.32957050

you mad bro?

>> No.32957058

just amazed really

>> No.32957086

it's well established that yoga doesn't know any language at native level

>> No.32957092

more like migayku

>> No.32957096

dont care

>> No.32957111

not too bad, thinking i might cyberbully you later just for fun

>> No.32957116

tired of bullshit

>> No.32957122

cool, can't wait for it.

>> No.32957129

why is google lens ocr so much better when any pc ocr alternatives?

can I use google lens ocr on my pc without emulating a phone?

>> No.32957133

haha gottem!

>> No.32957154

the site just fucking works you fucking hipster retards

I prefer yoga's site 10000x more than hipster bullshit sites like qm and matt's
you are not web designers
stop trying so hard
refold.website design is a piece of shit because it tries so hard while being very very very amateurish work
Yoga's site may be generic but it just fucking werks

>> No.32957165

hi lucas

>> No.32957193

dont use ocr it fries ur brain
use this instead

>> No.32957232

i know you're shitposting but
>"learn languages to native-level fluency"
>can't produce a single correct sentence
>only """""""content""""""" is a list of anki addons
hard pass

>refold.website design is a piece of shit because it tries so hard while being very very very amateurish work
that's literally what this migaku site is doing lol
just read those fucking add-on descriptions they sound like they were written by an esl teenager

>> No.32957238


>> No.32957239

do you have jap subs for it?

>> No.32957244

today I said "fuck mining, I'm just gonna have fun"
surprise surprise, this time I actually over 8 hours reading instead of the usual 1-2 hours
and I actually had fun, a lot of fun

mining is for losers

>> No.32957257


>> No.32957264

>scroll down to screenshots
>safe (0)
now were talkin

>> No.32957277

no stop u cant just acquire nihongo

>> No.32957281

yeah gotta say the 軍配 is 上がる'd towards the refold website for now looking forward to further developments

>> No.32957288

that site is cool and all but do you also avoid using higher dictionaries because they """fry your brain"""?

>> No.32957324

jesus fuck
happy black history month to me

>> No.32957325

the links arent obvious but there are guides for all teh addons

>> No.32957337

no idea what you mean by higher dictionaries but they probably fry your brain as well
use context clues

>> No.32957346

someone FINALLY created an engine that can detect kanji by image processing instead of stroke order?
holy shit this is a godsend
Thank you anon

>> No.32957436

- Become Japanese.

>> No.32957464


>> No.32957482

its bad only if overused which is very easy to do
unless you a use j-j only or something

>> No.32957653

migaku these nuts

>> No.32957683

I really wanna put my ちんこ in quizmaster
Imagine stretching his tight little asscheeks. Quizmaster is for BWC, #changemymind

>> No.32957702

Imagine quizmaster moaning in Japanese and German at the same time. Astounding, to say the least.

>> No.32957703

how are you gonna remember the readings for new words

>> No.32957732

gfs loose pussy....
my gfs pussy is loose....

I want my onahole.....

>> No.32957793
File: 249 KB, 344x473, lucas.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.32957812

no need

>> No.32957831

bros just switched from weed to coffee when doing anki. retention is 10x. bros wtf i couldve been fluent by now. why am i such a fucking LOSER

>> No.32957841

more like luxin

>> No.32957919

thats why you avoid the devils lettuce

>> No.32957997

im done with this shit. applying for the dept of state, so they might hair test me. for the record i hate our govt. i just want to travel and influence foreign policy on uncle sam's dime.

>> No.32958051

blog somewhere else bitch nobody cares about you

>> No.32958064

terrible thread

>> No.32958076

giving the dos an anonymous tip about you now
its over

>> No.32958139

just had a nice stretch and ripped a fat fart at the end, felt great

>> No.32958172

i'm 5 years in and still fuck up the readings of the 1-10 days

>> No.32958186

screech died bros

>> No.32958193


>> No.32958202
File: 304 KB, 2000x3008, comiket-88-cosplay-day2-1-34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.32958213
File: 11 KB, 236x314, screech.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

damn rip

>> No.32958228

dont care

>> No.32958243
File: 213 KB, 960x540, 0002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anonymous ep 2 was alright too
glad i picked up this drama this season

>> No.32958252

i remember when i would hop on djt to actually talk about japanese
lmao i used to be such a nerd

>> No.32958266

yea 2016-2018 was a crazy time for djt

>> No.32958308

reread my post or turn on your monitor

>> No.32958315
File: 1.11 MB, 1190x680, 1586215659335.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.32958326
File: 34 KB, 600x550, Yuck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

when the vn engine has a global keybind on ctrl

why would you think this is a smart thing to do why why why why why why why why

>> No.32958327

u should leave the catchphrases 2 the ppl that know how they work

>> No.32958344

yo u still down for sex

>> No.32958356

ill take that catchphrase with ur concession then thx for playing

>> No.32958359

she was the focus of this episode's case, so i dont think she'll appear again

>> No.32958360

no just came buckets yesterday

>> No.32958385

another l for the bum

>> No.32958419

bum has more Ls than there are atoms in the universe

>> No.32958437

cant really lose when ur at a net positive for yous

>> No.32958516

hes like the og copemaster

>> No.32958534


>> No.32958536


>> No.32958563


>> No.32958567

its like my stock graph

>> No.32958649
File: 8 KB, 480x360, nama.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

where do they stream? help a new negro out

>> No.32958660

srry bro ur 6 months too late

>> No.32958699

i mean i could stream doing my genshin dailies but thatll be over in 5 mins

>> No.32958715

dont you have a cool vn you could stream for us bro its been so long

>> No.32958717

read some of the books from your collection in game

>> No.32958765

coffee is a drug too

>> No.32958773

posting wearing my dare t-shirt

>> No.32958784

we all know what's meant by "drugs" stop being retarded

>> No.32958787

why doesn't anyone stream vns are yall too pussy

>> No.32958797

i dont even play vns anymore its fuckin 2021

>> No.32958820

more like too busy coping haha

>> No.32958822

do you wanna hear me jack off while reading a nukige?

>> No.32958844

sure as long as you have good taste

>> No.32958855

is musumama good taste?

>> No.32958862

dont play vns

>> No.32958872

not him but ill watch if you stream it

>> No.32958873

dont wanna stream or read vns

>> No.32958877

i smoke weed and make more money than u and probably have an all around more fulfilling life than u

>> No.32958893


>> No.32958910

jamal should stream reading some old ass shoujo manga

>> No.32958928

i quit coffee today and i feel really good
was scared of headaches but nothing so far

>> No.32958932

really wasnt expecting people would actually want to hear me jerk off and i dont think i want that out in the ether or permanently recorded in djt history
it wouldnt be pretty for any of us

>> No.32958944

just stfu and stream reading bitch

>> No.32958954

mute your mic for those parts, duh

>> No.32958969

been chugging coffee since i was in the crib

>> No.32958973

dunno how ppl get hooked on porn. pussy is literally half the population

>> No.32958987

why would you smoke weed then

>> No.32958988

a bit more than half

>> No.32958990

got a coffee maker as a gift, put it next to my fridge
everytime i walk past to get something i just turn it on out of habit and think might as well have a cup

>> No.32958997

cuz sluts do freaky things in teh pr0n loLZ !!1

>> No.32959002

cause it makes my life even more fulfilling and fun lol chilling with ur bros and smoking a joint or fucking ur gf while high are both great value adds to life

>> No.32959003


>> No.32959007

not addicted to porn but masturbation for sure

>> No.32959016

this is why i exclusively stick to 2D, theres so much less of it everything about it is precious

>> No.32959017

this i can even jack it off the the walls

>> No.32959021


>> No.32959039

i bet doing meth with friends would be fun too

>> No.32959067

well meth has many downsides while ive found 0 from weed though i know people that do harder drugs like coke and mdma recreationally and still have good lives

>> No.32959077

based love live chad

>> No.32959080

>found 0 from weed
what if smoking weed makes you bad at telling how its fucking you up

>> No.32959096

what if u stop making up dumb bullshit just cause other peoples experiences dont fit in ur own worldview haha

i smoke a few times per week with my friends and gf, that's it. i'd still be hanging out with the same people doing the same stuff regardless of weed being in the picture or not

>> No.32959106

quiz says his gf's pussy is too loose and he prefers jacking off so that's why

>> No.32959110

i mean そんムキになんなくても

>> No.32959115


>> No.32959116

he need more work on his back but other than that sick gains. i might be biased because my aryan back grew faster than my chest.

>> No.32959133


>> No.32959157

how do you feel about all the skinny japanese guys

>> No.32959202

pussy FAGGOT

>> No.32959223

hit a new deadlift pr of 650 lbs the other day and felt absolutely nothing. thinking about just quitting lifting or just doing the very bare minimum to maintain what i've got cause it's not even fun anymore

>> No.32959561

he said he started juicing at 20

>> No.32959566

so glad the benjo boys are back

>> No.32959570

lmfao he also said he never juiced, dude was moving goalposts constantly

>> No.32959581

reminds me of this lmfao

>> No.32959597


>> No.32959621

in this particular case: smaller file size
the drawback being that it doesn't seem to work on all systems, notably mac

>> No.32959644

>lean muscle
ask me I know you don't lift and that you're a woman

>> No.32959675

as i already explained >>32959394
im not pretending that 'lean muscle' is a different type of muscle from 'bulk muscle'
i know that muscle is muscle, bulking just makes you look ridiculous

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