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The artist has some kind of bottom lip fetish huh?

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What did they do to you...

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>no Mukiroze

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ARK is pretty comfy, hasn't felt like 4 hours passed at all

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Collab drinks!

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>milk in bossu's drink
isn't he lactose intolerant?

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https://youtu.be/Ndxo86kvU9M waiting room is up
no monoe this time

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Hopefully there'll be surprise visit from other VTuber like Tomari did last time

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Izuru Aishite Aishite Aishite cover

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Get in bros

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I hope so too, tomari was a great wingman
maybe desuwa can show up

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izuru's new cover soon https://youtu.be/P1GH-04ebzo

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Dang, this is great.

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Goddamn this is amazing!

>> No.32871464

im so glad he did the whole song, his voice is perfect for this

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Izuru mixed this himself?

>> No.32871663

Yeah, one day he stayed up until late for this and later mentioned that mixing himself was no fun and he'd rather ask someone else to do it.

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aunties lining up to drink temma's white milk...

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His drink is literally just milk + sugar + cream + white choco sauce, what the fuck

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what else do you want? a dash of hiyamaru's cum?

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Oga sure likes to perv on his fix boxing trainer...

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>> No.32873782

Balder is twisting Aruran's ass.

>> No.32873822

Well, shit.

>> No.32873831

is the boxing trainer's VA Tanaka Atsuko?

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so... are we moving?

>> No.32874200

Staying until force to.

>> No.32874213

wait until we know how good the jannies over there

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Will mods actually enforce it? I still see mobage threads on /vg/, despite them getting their own board.

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He's picking up Nier: Automata

>> No.32874715

He couldn't resist it 2butt.

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I don't want vshojo whores and literal /trash/ touching our boys...I don't like this new board idea.

>> No.32874735

my daily Apex fix...

>> No.32874779

You mean 9shorts

>> No.32874827

too late mousey already tried to do it with Pizza dad

>> No.32874838

Just chill out and don't over react

>> No.32874868

Should we keep the katakana OP?
I always thought it was pointless for a thread this small but then again, i can't deny it looks cool.

>> No.32874884

Tried and failed. She was able to get the Nijichad Belmond.

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it's okay, vshojo already took started taking niji dick instead. our boys will remain pure.

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if we don't stand put too much, we won't be noticed so let's keep our homoposting to hololive related threads

>> No.32874949

We are small enough as it is, I hope you guys don't create individual threads for each Star
It doesn't hurt to keep it that way

>> No.32875025

It's always funny to see people from the main thread post in the wrong thread, and how they're almost always shitposters who will never do their reps.

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>individual threads for each Star
just make the ホロスターズ thread and people will naturally flock there.

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Who's laughing and why does she sounds like stereotypical witch?

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bare shoulders...

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It's babiniku

>> No.32875447

Thanks anon

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Man, his mama isn't making it easy huh?

>> No.32875871

Tsubamama should really move on... or design another boy for gen 4

>> No.32875895

She should design a boy for Holostars Shota

>> No.32875915

Get to your new board, shitheads.

>> No.32875923

this isn't hololive thread

>> No.32875939

Thanks, I didn't know it was up

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To the new board we go, homobros.

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I guess it's time.
bye bye /jp/

>> No.32876434

why not both?

>> No.32876452

i think any new threads will be deleted once this one is archived

>> No.32876474

meidos are gonna prune any new threads that come out

>> No.32876556

For now the other board is just a mess with people spamming new threads.

>> No.32876602

It'll die down after a few hours once the novelty wears off.

>> No.32876629

I was there for 5 minutes and I already encounter people that make me want to puke.

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I predicted it would become a circlejerking general and here we go

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meidos didn't kill new hololive thread, we can stay here

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I'm not moving until Meidos start to exterminatus any new threads. Hiroshimoots board creation spree has fixed 0 problems and just made more dead boards

>> No.32879304

Warosu doesn’t have /vt/...

>> No.32879336

More old man playing Hollow Knight soon

>> No.32879337

I'm not moving until we're forced to do so, I don't enjoy sharing a board with some of the shit I had to see on that catalog.

>> No.32879444

To be fair, I think most of that is new board shitposting. I'd give it a few days to see how it looks

>> No.32879487

son, why are you flirting with old man?

>> No.32879536

All those lost posts in the other board...

>> No.32879571

Might be a good idea to bump the vt thread every now and then as we watch and see how the board will become over a few more days.

>> No.32879841

>Aruran plays Bayonetta
>Rikka hollow knights
>Astel Nier
This is some based shit from the boys lately.

>> No.32879969

Better stay here and not post on /vt/ until a ban takes effect. It avoids bad posters and archiving is already in place

>> No.32880002

I really was expecting them to prune new threads, Ill keep an eye on both and make sure if any unarchives happen to post them here so they go into archive. Theres bound to be at least one that picks up /vt/ eventually.

>> No.32880161

Good point, gonna observe things from here for a while until things calm down.

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Report the angry spammer >>32875915

>> No.32880921

this is going to be a 10 hours tutorial endurance isn't it

>> No.32881054

Astel... Please..

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Report the autistic angry spammer >>32875915

>> No.32881321

Stop trying to make your post relevant

>> No.32881983

Many are actually fine in the other board.
I don't understand, it was comfy here, no need to move on while it is still possible to stay here

>> No.32882334

Let's just keep both thread alive

>> No.32882678

Yeah the thread may be active right now but during slower days there's no way it's going to outlast all those shitposts. We're fucked.

>> No.32882720

You dumb fucking seaweed. Back to the start with you.

>> No.32882750

if the thread starts going to shit, we should secretly just move back here without announcing anything and leave the shitposters on their own there

>> No.32882817

We'd have to be smart with our bumps there so we don't get outsped. I'm surprised the thread on /vt/ still survived somehow. I don't want the thread to be reduced to shitposts too but it's gonna be the new normal if the shitposts keep going.

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>> No.32883023

I think /vt/ is going to slow down a lot once the early shitposting stops honestly. Most of the autism should theoretically be contained in a small handful of big threads, with a bunch of slower threads for indies and what not

>> No.32883241

Dumb retards stop offtopic and doomposts, your drama chasing is what’s wrong with 4chan

>> No.32883258

It should slowdown after new board shitposting passes, if the thread has trouble staying up there can always be a few picture bumps during dead times. At 1500 posts I think its going to be hard for it to fall off after the first week.

>> No.32883513

Anyone wanna bet how soon the collab between Roberu & Desuwa will happen?

>> No.32883540

I dont know about Desuwa schedule? Is she a busy person?

>> No.32883620

the week after valentine's day, once roberu's schedule clears up again

>> No.32883928

so when is astel going to make it?

>> No.32883953

He need another 3 hours.

>> No.32884047

it's pretty open, she doesn't stream on days where she needs to work but when she's not she'll stream do her hour long morning program and maybe 2-3 streams after that (Minecraft, ETS2, TRPGs, Among Us collabs, that VN series she's been going through)

>> No.32884087

Hah maybe on two or three weekend?

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>> No.32884919

astel is back

>> No.32884930

Astel boy.....No, nevermind. He's been through harder shit.

>> No.32884976

It would be nice if someone played ETS2, nobody can ask one of the boys someday?

>> No.32885092


He isn't sleeping. He's playing Apex.

>> No.32885164

who would probably play it, anyways?
despite SCS keeping pretty good feature parity between ETS2 and ATS, I prefer some of the mechanic changes in ATS personally

>> No.32885197

what's the source? I couldn't find by image searching. super pretty

>> No.32885202

Seriously looking forward to see RAG participate in another tournament after papa's training arc.

>> No.32885214

I could see Roberu making a fun/wierd chat and drive stream out of Ets2 or Ats, probably as a one off though.

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>> No.32885426

I actually want him to make a Yurustars team while Astel and Izuru add another teammate from gen 4

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File: 514 KB, 1707x2048, F93D05D7-419C-4F67-88DB-58DCE5F26C82.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bosstel is so fucking cute

>> No.32885548

Wait, he's all the way up to plat now? The last time I saw him he was fucking bronze. RAG training arc is a miracle worker

>> No.32885555

I could picture anyone from Suntempo or Yurustars playing it.
It would also give some exotism to japanese viewers while wandering in the European roads.

>> No.32885584
File: 304 KB, 1573x1920, EmuZENRUwAIXnQz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's pretty cute yes

>> No.32885588

He was a gold well before the tourney and a low to mid plat when he was registered

>> No.32885596

I get you, I also think they'd make a good team. Unlikely to happen though as Towa said she planned to avoid male collabs.

>> No.32885626

He meant Gen 4 Holostars, right?

>> No.32885642

To me, it seemed clear that he meant a new Holostars gen...

>> No.32885650

Ah got it.

>> No.32885677

this>>32885626 >>32885642
>Towa said she planned to avoid male collabs
she said that she wouldn't do one-on-one male collabs but is fine when it's in a group setting

>> No.32885771

Hirasak Mei followed Roberu desuwa

>> No.32885794

Strange timeline

>> No.32885798

that is very gay and cute

>> No.32885807

The latter part of that seems false given the recent Apex tourney team shuffle

>> No.32885853

It was mostly up to Hal and the fact he was probably told by management not to put the girls with guys especially if you take in account what Matsuri said.

>> No.32885915

Festival seemed legit angry about that too. No clue how she got caught up, given she's always been collabing with dudes

>> No.32885949

i guess management started getting more uptight about it for some reason

>> No.32886091

They’re putting the girls on a pedestal, that ‘untouchable’ aura

>> No.32886134

With all the dramas from last year, you can't really blame them for being more cautious. 1-2 more yabs could end up being fatal to them.
Someone clipped what Matsuri said, and the JP comments also seemed to understand the situation.

>> No.32886159

Would the backlash for having girls-guys collab even be that big? The Nijisanji girls do it all the time.

>> No.32886238

what's funny is Aki collab with Gori, a babiniku and a few others a day later without any issue...

>> No.32886269

Not that many people care, but those that do are the most likely to send superchats so it's a delicate situation.

>> No.32886469

How does Astel feel about 9s?

>> No.32886476

Not that especially in fine. They are being stupidly cautious, but you can never predict when an incident happen on stream and the income source is not really reliable enough to make it worth the risks
You can check the clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_Ez_Y8VQ7g
Most people don't care about male collabs and some find it regrettable to isolate them, but it's clear that most money come from these unicorns, you can't simply ignore them.

>> No.32886807

He's got Tanjiro's VA voicing him, so he really likes him so far.

>> No.32886883

I guess I understand the reasoning, it's just kinda annoying to me. Feels too similar to obsessive j-pop and k-pop fandoms.

>> No.32886907

(double posting, sorry)
Btw, should I be posting here or on /vt/, what's the consensus right now?

>> No.32886953

Mainly here, but when the time come there but occasionally post there too to avoid newfaq bad culture reside[//spoiler]

>> No.32886961


>> No.32886966

This thread is most likely here to stay so there's really no point in the other one

>> No.32887034

My opinion on the subject >>32879969
and that anon makes also a good point >>32882678
But you can't really force anyone, so you better watch both threads until a definitive conclusiob

>> No.32887041

Astel saying "NACCHAN" was pretty cute, too bad his first reaction to 9s was lost due to the sudden ban

>> No.32887068

staying here might kill the thread's growth but with growth also come shitposters and schizos so is it really worth it?
i kinda want to stay here but i won't resist to also post in /vt/

>> No.32887153

he instantly died to the boss...

>> No.32887206
File: 407 KB, 2480x1748, Es7LkFbUwAA2mic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

one day we'll escape the tutorial...

>> No.32887652

Mods don't seem to be forcing anything so I guess it depends on how /vt/ turns out. If it doesn't end up drawing too many newfags then it'll be fine. I'll be primarily using the /vt/ thread for now though.

>> No.32887999

Worst part about /vt/ for now is it doesn't get archived

>> No.32888105

Small inconvenience, but there might be one by the time the 7 internal archive days are up anyway
Do people use the archives often?

>> No.32888156

i probably gonna miss out on tomorrow's streams and threads and i would like to be able to see the reactions on this thread especially to the Among Us collab

>> No.32888197

I do, not as much as when everyone posted in hlg since being in a separate thread makes it so I can look at and respond to post about things I missed. Its useful and a big con but I expect someone to pick up archiving it.

>> No.32888745


>> No.32888771


>> No.32888811

poor seaweed

>> No.32889161

Finally he do it after too many try.

>> No.32889230

hope someone clips the "i'm a loser" part?

>> No.32889257

I don't think you can. It was previous stream, no?

>> No.32889304

It was this one

>> No.32891146

I think it's better to just use this thread for now.

>> No.32891204

What happened to the /vt/ thread?

>> No.32891209


>> No.32891214

How new

>> No.32891228

the village is spared from astel (for now)

>> No.32891260

I mean it was spared a better fate than the one that he ran into during minecraft

>> No.32891296

Not new but I'm dumb. I thought threads only get archived when they are inactive enough to fall to the bottom

>> No.32891318

Oh so very new

>> No.32891326

So you are new

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File: 15 KB, 140x54, A9519661-DFDA-4EDF-AD92-57AB405ADEDB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.32891378

Wipe the smug off, Temma.

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File: 124 KB, 303x281, D3908488-0544-466F-B608-50725628EECE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 394 KB, 1440x810, 1610682048795.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Since Astel is streaming Nier.
I want to have, will, know, make, must, take, come, want, give, look, find, need, like, tell, keep, help, work, feel, show, read, seem, play, live, meet, move, hear, call, stop, turn, talk, hope, stay, hold, wish, lead, love, wait, send, form, sell, open, join, save, fall, mind, deal, face, lose, walk, tend, draw, pick, cost, pass, seek, grow, care, note, beat, bear, shut, kill, wear, cope, pull, fill, gain, hurt, miss, rise, fail, vary, hang, drop, push, cast, ring, test, last, rely, plan, hate, mark, sign, fear, vote, deny, hide, sing, dare, earn, rest, suit, lift, sort, roll, wash, ride, jump, cook, step, view, risk, wake, pray, slip, link, name, lend, head, land, blow, burn, rule, shed, warn, kiss, ease, pour, knit, back, free, lack, stir, kick, list, copy, hand, fuck, quit, swim, fund, pack, sail, slow, rush, sink, grab, calm, fire, drag, flow, pose, time, spot, obey, wipe, bind, harm, hire, bend, urge, lock, warm, tour, halt, cool, bite, heat, melt, lean, load, hunt, tear, line, fish, shop, race, cure, swap, stem, wind, snap, damn, bake, fold, base, host, curb, fade, book, bang, leap, wrap, date, boil, flee, park, bury, echo, edit, ruin, 'ave, ship, fool, heal, cash, chat, seal, suck, plug, trap, file, tick, spin, wave, plot, trim, peer, bomb, part, rain, undo, scan, defy, weep, tidy, soak, dump, rock, tape, chew, cite, team, mend, chop, skip, type, long, reap, rank, exit, tuck, pity, mate, peel, prop, envy, toss, dine, slap, pump, haul, sack, lick, grip, mess, soar, tack, dash, bail, piss, tune, spit, star, gaze, rear, roam, whip, omit, fend, dial, fare, rate, bond, term, curl, dust, iron, rape, bank, emit, near, lure, pile, duck, poke, clip, mask, moan, bust, hook, tire, bump, root, busy, bowl, raid, slam, mock, levy, heed, veto, glue, crop, jail, tilt, glow, leak, site, sway, skin, nick, boot, ward, tone, hail, bark, gall, slit, thin, bulk, pipe, fuel, hack, bare, comb, fret, nest, lurk, stab, slot, deem, sift, diet, oust, ache, pave, flip, code, dawn, film, rake, blur, fuse, zoom, wage, bash, loom, coat, trot, hint, clap, joke, post, brew, coax, yell, snow, nail, flex, foul, wade, blot, drip, inch, hurl, seep, roar, cram, soil, peak, lash, limp, claw, bait, mash, foot, damp, gasp, drum, seed, grin, rack, bask, jerk, wilt, shun, fake, rust, peck, rage, prey, beam, tame, snip, bath, flap, mail, fuss, skim, dart, keel, flog, ally, dish, jack, wire, hiss, dull, slim, boss, milk, weld, vent, hark, prod, howl, wean, down, peep, puff, dock, foil, wing, sigh, bolt, spur, bung, thaw, rave, farm, wane, veer, plod, trip, grit, even, clog, home, butt, grey, stun, bide, lump, swop, cock, slay, carp, whet, rein, chip, shag, mime, writ, yawn, port, side, pool, fink, toil, moor, coil, stud, gang, dent, cede, warp, mull, cart, gulp, loop, edge, bale, reel, goad, coin, idle, pare, sulk, snub, flop, hush, abut, bias, slag, wail, flit, fine, toll, riot, leaf, heap, ooze, perm, itch, camp, wink, neck, trek, stew, quiz, mine, cull, shoe, skid, fray, moss, zero, loot, putt, doze, scar, true, stow, spew, muse, maim, peek, gnaw, pine, bill, jest, purr, lull, knot, fart, flay, jeer, snag, duff, yank, slop, word, shit, herd, slug, room, surf, brag, pout, puke, tile, seat, worm, silt, hone, sour, fume, pant, romp, tank, clot, slog, 'elp, pair, 'ear, laze, gybe, flag, firm, belt, rout, soap, suss, jolt, swat, funk, veil, hash, hoot, beep, mush, waft, pulp, balk, gear, loaf, buff, hole, don', pawn, biff, gush, drat, fave, loll, mart, case, clam, reek, buck, rile, mist, gape, doss, hike, perk, bawl, rove, size, sear, 'ope, cosh, hump, numb, dole, etch, wend, sire, pain, huff, band, toad, loan, musk, dote, wast, abet, whiz, wank, club, moon, chug, gird, char, rasp, pall, spar, burp, tout, bone, thud, rend, ford, plop, scum, zing, bonk, dose, foam, tail, diff, leer, toot, mint, mute, maul, germ, busk, whew, tink, void, dupe, yarm, slum, smog, redo, bunk, hawk, bray, dope, vest, skew, eddy, bate, mill, pale, purl, daub, cane, dill, brim, riff, fist, gild, wong, lord, sand, turf, jive, weel, bong, nose, game, lank, lace, page, gawp, hoof, mace, blue, fizz, snog, coup, scud, dunk, woof, mete, pong, haue, hoax, blub, 'old, rail, yoke, cask, laud, junk, beef, tint, frag, rote, mope, cube, lisp, darn, stub, pimp, stat, drug, fand, punt, tamp, lark, bing, quip, ball, doff, nuke, hoop, raze, poop, loft, yelp, pelt, ping, duct, sate, swot, vibe, jock, trow, teem, fawn, boom, snot, cord, tock, swab, twig, faze, hose, crib, poll, foal, ruck, rope, sled, hype, taxi, blab, mass, mire, faff, gash, cage, yang, tusk, boat, aver, keen, slur, lame, knee, cave, kiln, maze, blag, vill, welt, pike, ogle, card, roof, honk, geld, meld, sock, diss, twat, adze, bike, heft, smut, whop, swig, peal, lope, jell, rill, pouf, vamp, spud, lair, goat, nosh, fast, lint, rant, wisp, swan, pell, cass, gore, visa, lard, plip, meow, lave, luff, pole, mesh, chum, cuss, salt, sole, tonk, dink, tote, wain, wile, crap, gawk, hare Astel

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>> No.32892266


>> No.32892267

why the FUCK does Astel's stream keep shutting shut down

>> No.32892281

Fucking hell, why does this keep happening. Was anyone downloading that?

>> No.32892282

why another nuked stream? and how isn't he banned yet?

>> No.32892287

what the fuck youtube

>> No.32892430

he's back

>> No.32892464

Seaweed is one stubborn guy

>> No.32892471

Pretty fucking sad that all that gameplay is lost, I'm not sure how he's not more bummed by that.

>> No.32892610

maybe they can get them back if they appeal to youtube?

>> No.32892643

Does youtube even care about the little guys

>> No.32892711

This twink alien is unbreakable.

>> No.32892725

He will be able to get those videos back eventually, just might take a while.
Astel is also just really fucking immersed into the game, he's super into it, so that stuff kind of falls by the wayside.

>> No.32892785

if he wasnt loving the game so much he'd probably have quit after the second time
he's been playing this for like 12 hours straight now

>> No.32892841

>10 hours of Minecraft
>break for meeting
>12 hours of Nier
Funny to see no sleep police, given that he streamed for like 20 something hours since yesterday.

>> No.32892872

He slept between MC and Nier.

>> No.32892873
File: 553 KB, 1403x390, 1596058753679.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i'm off for a month and a half so please take care, anons and please clip any cool and nice moments from streams so i may stumble across them every now and then when i'm back.
and hopefully like the last time i was away, i'll come back to find a massive incline like Roberu during the fall.

sorry for blog-posting

>> No.32892888

Because they’re retards that can’t do math with all his banned streams

>> No.32892906

Godspeed anon

>> No.32892936

he said he took a nap before starting nier

>> No.32893152

See you homobro, the last time I left for a month someone started using a photo i called seyana for schedule stuff lol. Lots of stuff to look forward to in February so you'll have a lot to look back on once you're back and ready to watch them again.

>> No.32893511
File: 516 KB, 414x878, big bang.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

More Ark

>> No.32893740

>temma and astel streaming at the same time
gotta multitask

>> No.32893820

With how addicted he has been to Ark lately its surprising that this overlap hasnt happened until now.

>> No.32894210
File: 308 KB, 459x466, 1602008321250.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Temma has always been the ARK staple of the boys, like Aki and Choco. Just what it is with blondes and dinos, I'll never know. Not that I mind, I actually enjoy ARK streams.

>> No.32894278

I know I just mean his interest in it has been fired back up to high for the past month or so.

>> No.32894759

When Astels into something he’s REALLY into something

>> No.32894784

He's gonna finish the entirety of Route A at this rate, then probably B and C tomorrow after a short nap

>> No.32894791

Now how his fan trick him into liking other female vtubers

>> No.32895142

Thank you for the toliet fanservice Temma

>> No.32895548

Since they can play square enix game, hopefully one of the boys pick a Dragon Quest games soon

>> No.32895581

I think its only for Automata and dragon quest builders for now or I'm sure Miyabi would be lining up some se things. I really want to be wrong though.

>> No.32895606

Highlights from Roberu Minecraft collab

>> No.32895852

That's make sense, since if they got permission for all SE games, Pekora wouldn't pick DQ Builders over all mainline DQ game. I was hoping for Dragon Quest Monster stream, hopefully they can get permission for other games soon

>> No.32896381

There was an anon who questioned if Izuru would thank Ollie for advertising his new cover. Here's the answer.

>> No.32896482

>Mei-sama started out her Minecraft stream talking about the MC stream last night and Roberu

>> No.32896703

Not sure about all of SE, but it seems like all DQ games are fine as long as they get the OK for their channel

>> No.32896770

I hope bayonetta 2 and nier means someone will play vanquish
Just tell them it's kinda sorta not really but close enough if you squint to Apex

>> No.32896789

Owh yeah vanquish is by sega too. They suppose have Sega's permission.

>> No.32897727

I see that the thread doesn't exist in the other board, which is nice.
But now, there are also individual homos threads. Why guys can't behave?

>> No.32897903

Aru fall guys, pay him a visit for me, time to sleep.
New board spam.

>> No.32897922

It's gonna be chaos for a little while, so I guess it's best to hunker down until it blows over or we're forced to move.

>> No.32897961

has aruran ever won at fall guys ever since that time he was carried to one by miyabi, temma and astel?

>> No.32898067

tonight's the night i can feel it

>> No.32898078


>> No.32898140

no thanks

>> No.32899054
File: 311 KB, 1255x701, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

let's fuckin go

>> No.32899478

I guess the plan is to stay here until meido bans us

>> No.32900888
File: 72 KB, 263x268, 1609246405180.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The Carry vs The Carried.

>> No.32901546
File: 241 KB, 2500x1500, 1603084173309.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In ~10 minutes...

>Aruran 60k/70k celebration stream

>Roberu Among Us collab

>> No.32901638

The noisiest HUMONGOUS

>> No.32901785

ropert kamikai

>> No.32902400

This Among Us is a lot more serious than I though. Even Roberu was surprised that these guys don't play as chaotic as Holostars.

>> No.32902416

KSN alliance didn't last long...

>> No.32902437

Makea's laugh is so damn distinctive even among the other laughs. I love his hyena laugh

>> No.32902681

Since when roberu also follow desuwa?

>> No.32902740

pro gamer among us championship "no suspicion left unanswered" edition

>> No.32902857

>Died twice to O2 edition

>> No.32902883
File: 618 KB, 1280x720, 6264237.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if only splitting up wasn't so hard

>> No.32902921

It's bound to happen with all these loudmouths.

>> No.32902937

Shien MH Rise Demo: Electric Boogaloo He's using the low-freq massager again, activated every time he takes a hit, he turns it off when he uses a potion

>> No.32903021

now he's just bullying poor inui
first he takes his sis, then he lies to his face

>> No.32903435

Papa revealed the truth, he actually has a roof, what a surprise.

>> No.32903626

KSN keep dying or getting imposters.

>> No.32903855

Robe vs Meika
KSN Civil War

>> No.32903856

there can be only one noisy boy

>> No.32903949

holy shit he just gave up hahahaha

>> No.32904015

Roberu got him good.

>> No.32904111


>> No.32904116

the lord has had enough of roberu's detective work

>> No.32904173

Akkun got away with it lmao.

>> No.32904191

I spoke too soon.

>> No.32904290

Dammit kosaka, stop discussing every single thing

>> No.32904614

While son and Shien are having fun playing detective and hunter, papa is slowly torturing himself on stream...

>> No.32904716
File: 217 KB, 377x763, 1604131610417.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's the only way to maintain such a heavenly body
barfuran incoming

>> No.32904810

Tenkai forced himself into KSN to become Kantai Noises.

>> No.32904835

Kanten Noises*

>> No.32904857

kanten noises mahjong soul stream soon onegai

>> No.32904906

>mahjong soul
I doubt a holo can play chinese made game. If they can surely meika or hajime already invite roberu

>> No.32904936

just have kaiji stream it

>> No.32905343

Well anon I have good news for you
Its APEX tho

>> No.32905447
File: 378 KB, 560x656, pain.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

goddamn monkey's paw
oh well, better than nothing, though sad that meika can't join
cicada drone time it is

>> No.32905532

lmao meika got the boot

>> No.32905820

How did he even take down so many slices, Pizzadad truly is a pizzaman. He has 20 left and started with 42 slices for context

>> No.32906096

Pizzadad...give me some...

>> No.32906172

The pizza grease is starting to seep into his brain

>> No.32906189

That was a solid announcement.

>> No.32906479
File: 48 KB, 596x419, DESU WA~~~.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she followed him yesterday morning JST, he followed her back sometime yesterday afternoon

>> No.32906908

Oh I'm excited for this, I love competitive knight. I almost wish I had brought the game now to be able to join in to bully.
I'm really pleased he hasn't dropped that gimmick.

>> No.32907247

>aruran apparently already played vanquish
>archive is still private
son of a BITCH

>> No.32907285

Things have been slowly getting unarchived, maybe it'll come back in a few months, I didnt know he did it already either.

>> No.32907608

I didnt know slime asmr was still a popular thing to do, wonder exactly what age demographics Miyabi is getting.
We might be getting some Escape from Takarov soon

>> No.32907663

Haven't found the stream here, but I don't know the JP name of the game so I'm not sure.

>> No.32907844

>Aruran's Hajimete no Chuu
Chuubros get in here.

>> No.32907853

A-chan sugoi...

>> No.32907877
File: 1.71 MB, 1280x720, chu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.32907948

Aruran's streams are a strange experience. He keeps alternating between sounding half dead and doing something really interesting.

>> No.32908379


Astel gunning down that Tokyo ghoul collab

>> No.32908439

Hunting for Kanae you mean.

>> No.32908536 [DELETED] 

wrong board

>> No.32908758

kek that sudden realization mid laugh
don't worry meika that KSN bar robel is coming any day now

>> No.32908802 [DELETED] 

https://dec.2chan.net/84/res/15513.htm holy based

>> No.32909048

Grats Arupapa, finished all his pizzas

>> No.32909106

I can't believe he did it. He's probably going to crash from all that carbohydrate

>> No.32909119

brb throwing up due to the mere thought of eating that much pizza
the next celebration better be variety streaming again and not this torture shit

>> No.32909151

My body hurts just thinking of it.

>> No.32909215

My respect for him grows everyday, even more since what all he went through RAG

>> No.32909429

What a beast.

>> No.32909610

Yes. He did a bilibili stream right after and got one iirc.

>> No.32909763

Im surprised that hes thinking about playing Tarkov of all things. Especially considering how stressful and slow it is compared to Apex

>> No.32910426

Wanna get close to Kanae for sweet sweet apex collab

>> No.32910464

I don't know if you're being in any way serious or not but Tarkov is just popular right now, it doesn't necessarily mean he wants to play it with anyone.

>> No.32910724

It's just joking around anon.

>> No.32910780

I figured, but I know that there are a lot of people in these threads who don't really pay much attention to things outside of this bubble (which isn't necessarily a bad thing), so I was just making sure.

>> No.32910805
File: 1.08 MB, 718x824, 48262A88-8F95-41AF-87AA-0504DD074007.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cute yome

>> No.32910847

The fuck is this slut saying

>> No.32910867


>> No.32911617
File: 157 KB, 1600x1600, naisu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.32912201 [SPOILER] 
File: 19 KB, 209x214, 1612039292627.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.32912353

Ring the alarm.

>> No.32912451
File: 331 KB, 383x399, 6BD049EC-7F8D-46BE-87BC-72A0AC80FF3E.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.32912512

? What are they talking about?

>> No.32912738


>> No.32912758

Damn Gorilla AND tst guy.

>> No.32912768

Get in there

>> No.32912827

Never expected this. What even instigated this

>> No.32912851

Oh never mind I just read the tweet. Damn pretty bold move on Astel's.

>> No.32912865

Fucking cheaters

>> No.32912874

Astel and Gori haven't played together before right?

>> No.32912888


>> No.32912994

Is Mildom chat always this dead? It's just a bunch of users entering.

>> No.32913003
File: 564 KB, 1200x1292, 81859250_p16.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

good for astel to take the initiative. make some friends space seaweed.

>> No.32913033

Is this a champion strat?

>> No.32913059

There's a cheater, so no choice but to hide.

>> No.32913065

Gorilla's chat is usually slow

>> No.32913115

The tourney really did open up doors and there were anons saying it would not amount to anything

>> No.32913147

I mean they've been acquaintanced with each other since the last tournament but maybe this one did push him to expand his horizons a little more and actually play with more people

>> No.32913149

Eh, he could've slid into his tweet even without the tournament. The shuffle match is there to make connections. We'll see if he ever collabs with Kanda or Leona again.

>> No.32913160

They have. With makae

>> No.32913183

Was Astel invited or did he play part in initiating it?

>> No.32913205

Oh...someone already posted it! Gori and Space boy action!

>> No.32913215

He was with Meika first and meika invited Gori later

>> No.32913231

Ah okay. So yeah, this is still a good step up

>> No.32913232

I really wish we had an Astel POV.

>> No.32913239

Gori is speed

>> No.32913250

Yup it is, based socializing seaweed

>> No.32913258

Watching this, and damn Gorilla really got gimped during the tournament.

>> No.32913267

shiit they just wiped them out

>> No.32913293

1st time watching from Gorilla pov. He's fast...and none of his movements look like they're wasted if that makes sense.

>> No.32913366

Sasuga former predator.

>> No.32913396

He's not predator anymore?

>> No.32913418

You can see it right there hes a diamond 3. He was counted as a pred for the tourney cause it was his highest rank from the past 3 seasons

>> No.32913422

Ranks reset.

>> No.32913446


>> No.32913470
File: 129 KB, 1791x743, 91CD4972-F421-4437-8D0B-5AD8F9823E08.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hows the boy doing

>> No.32913474

Has Astel ever reached Master before?

>> No.32913488

His highest rank was diamond 2

>> No.32913494

damn good team. strong enough to push, intelligent enough to make a stand.

>> No.32913508

Ah got it. I heard somewhere that after a certain rank, you mostly kept your rank but I guess that was wrong.

>> No.32913622

Isn't that the cheater again

>> No.32913648

It is they are already on a hunt for as many kills as possible

>> No.32913670


>> No.32913771

Race against the Cheatergumi

>> No.32913806

I think I heard Gori will move the stream to his yt channel.

>> No.32913812

Wait why was gorilla on mildom in the first place if hes just moving to youtube to continue the stream?

>> No.32913833

I think Mildom pays you to stream for like a couple of hours.

>> No.32913835

At the end of the day, it's up to him to make the move.

>> No.32913880


>> No.32913883


get in here bois

>> No.32913892

Wish space weed would stream his perspective.

>> No.32914309

Seaweeds laugh is dangerous

>> No.32914409

Time to hide chat lol

>> No.32914516

The cheaters are really prevalent in the higher ranks huh

>> No.32914668

Astel and Gorilla get downed, Hachiten gets away to bring their tokens to beacon. I feel like I have seen this before...

>> No.32914725

How many cheaters have they faced again? including the mildom stream.

>> No.32914814

Cockroached their way to the top 2 lmao

>> No.32915364

what server are they playing in?

>> No.32915419

Just thought about it by watching the stream, but would waiting that teams kill each other outside the ring with healing items be a valid strategy in Apex?

>> No.32915949

American servers. Its still pretty early in Japan so America would get them shorter matching times

>> No.32915965

Can't watch right now, how are they doing as a team? Any wins?

>> No.32916164

They got one champion, got destroyed a few times by cheaters, and otherwise work alright together.

>> No.32916254

>Astel: please carry me to master
Really hope he makes it soon.

>> No.32916316

>cheating in a game like apex
What’s the fucking point. Might as well not play at all

>> No.32916466

To show off the points you got

>> No.32916494


>> No.32916664

I feel like most cheating is either just to get a rise out of others or because little timmy got shit on and now he's mad

>> No.32916672

They also are boosters that people pay to get their account to a higher rank just so they can say "Oh I got to master rank so I have bragging rights and know a lot"

>> No.32916727

Astel your aim... still an amazing placing though

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