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Extra long post, as promised. 30 threads, wow, what an achievement. I would like to take the time to tell you all this wasn't supposed to last this long. There were never going to be any continues, and it would have lasted only 4 threads, then died.
But anon loved it, so more was made.
So here's to you, /jp/, as I make this 30th thread. It's so long? It takes TWO POSTS.


You relax into the bed with a long suffering sigh, and your eyes droop shut as the world becomes hazy around you. There is a certain serenity as you drift off into your dreams, tired after the overly long day; feels more like several had passed.

"How about a round two, sir?" Came a sultry yet sweet voice from your left side of the sleeping roll. It hadn't been quite your idea, but both girls had been insistant about the outdoors in for the location of their tantric pleasure, and who were you to deny them such? Meiling snuggled up closer to you, her rounded chest pressing up against your side as her lithe finger traced it's way down your own, far flatter chest. There was a soft pout from your right side.

"Stop hogging him, he's mine too." Came a softer and quieter, yet no less passionate voice from the right side, as Keine's arms wrapped around you possessively. Despite lacking as much of a figure as Meiling, she was far more skilled; it had not been her first time, unlike the chinese youkai. Both of their naked bodies were gently rubbing against your own.

"Oh, yes, ladies, I can definitely do a "Round Two"." You smirk. In reply. Hell yes, best threesome EVER.

"I was thinking of a... Better location." China glanced over at the schoolteacher who nodded, and both of them smiled before standing up. "Come on!" She encourages, taking you by the wrist despite your state of undress, and no protests are issued as they cover your eyes, giggling about a secret. You hear Keine whisper in your ear to sit down, and you do so obediently.

"Now. Open them."

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You begin to, but as soon as you do, your wrists are pinned to the ground by Meiling as your head is shoved under the water by Keine, both of them laughing. You attempt to scream, but all you do is loose oxygen. "You thought you could use both of us, didn't you?" Came the psychotic reply, as both of them resumed laughter, and there's nothing you can do as you gulp in water, and your lungs burn as your conciousness fades, leaving only the sound of their distorted laughter...

You open your eyes wide, still hearing laughter. Flandre is laughing as she rips the head off of some plush toys before disintegrating them into oblivion. She doesn't seemed to have noticed your awakening.

[ ] Scream

[ ] "Hello Flandre."

[ ] Pretend to sleep

[ ] Go back to sleep

[ ] Get out of bed without a word

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[x] Scream

>> No.327473

[x] Get out of bed without a word.

We want to be there should she want us, but we don't want to draw attention to ourselves.

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[X] Get out of bed without a word

Lake end :(

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[X] Pretend to sleep

I...I love you, GM.

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[X] "Hello Flandre."

>> No.327481

[x] Get out of bed without a word

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[x] Scream

>> No.327484

[x] "Hello Flandre."
We die in the next post anyway...

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[ ] Get out of bed without a word

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Hence, CAVED time.

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[X] Get out of bed without a word

>> No.327494

[ ] "Hello Flandre."

>> No.327496

[X] Pretend to sleep

Also: LAKE

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If you are really GM, put on your trip. The fact that you didn't put

>Thread 30, Day 3/4

In the title makes me suspicious.

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wait a second, wasnt the last reply [X] "Greetings, Miss Sakuya."

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[X] Pretend to sleep

>> No.327508

[x] ;_;

>> No.327509

[X] "Hello Flandre."

up from a nightmare and into the arms of a psychotic loli

Welcome back GM

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[ ] "Hello Flandre."

>> No.327511

Fags complained, so I made an undeniably long post as proof without my trip.

>> No.327515

[ ] Get out of bed without a word

>> No.327519

[x] "Hello Flandre."

Also, who's the lucky bastard that got Keine's dream virginity?

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>You begin to, but as soon as you do, your wrists are pinned to the ground by Meiling as your head is shoved under the water by Keine, both of them laughing. You attempt to scream, but all you do is loose oxygen. "You thought you could use both of us, didn't you?" Came the psychotic reply, as both of them resumed laughter, and there's nothing you can do as you gulp in water, and your lungs burn as your conciousness fades, leaving only the sound of their distorted laughter...


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[X] "Hello Flandre."

>> No.327529

[x] Get out of bed without a word.

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Fake thread is Faaaaake.

I still lol'd at the fake dream sequence.

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Shouldn't that trip be Alice Margatroid instead?

>> No.327548


It is. What was GM's trip again? I know he never used:

>Gensokyo Man !!k66EGoRouzG

>> No.327550

Even in our dreams, LAKE!

[ ] "Hello Flandre."

>> No.327553

he doesn't

>> No.327555

I did. I changed the name, but not the tripcode. Look back.

>> No.327565

so that's 2 and 1/2 lake ends + a subtle hint that harem = bad end

my vote goes for keine


[ ] Get out of bed without a word

>> No.327573


Fuck, okay, I believe you now. I have a few of the threads saved, and they match.

>> No.327574

Actually "Hello Flandre" wins:
by 3 posts of distance.

>> No.327576


What was the last choice we made before this thread?

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[ ] Get out of bed without a word

Oh lol the greatest dream of anon ends up like a crazy nightmare...

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>shoved under the water
The lake haunts us, EVEN IN OUR DREAMS

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3.5 lake ends

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[X] Get out of bed without a word

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You silently rise from your bed, after the trippy dream, your head still reeling. Flandre seems to ignore you in favor of mutilating and decapitating the stuffed animals.

You slept in your clothes, but at least the dress was off. You stand up and yawn; Flandre seems too intent to make any comment, so you're probably free to wander.

[ ] Visit the library

[ ] Find Sakuya

[ ] Talk to Flandre

[ ] Head to Remilia's study

[ ] Visit China

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Dream #2. Nobody knows what the other two might've been.

>> No.327593

[x] Visit China

>> No.327596

[x] Find Sakuya

>> No.327597

Forget that. We barely know Keine and she's already showing signs of Yandere; at least China's willing to date us first. Besides, while China's attraction to us is understandable; she IS ronery; Keine's isn't. She lives in the Human village. How come she hasn't been taken yet? I can only see downfalls to a Keine relationship; although she is a good friend to have. She lets us live at her house. And we're even with her now, anyways; we've saved each other's lives.

>> No.327598

[x ] Visit the library

>> No.327601

[ ] Visit China

>> No.327602

[X] Head to Remilia's study

we haven't talked to her once. Might as well she what she thinks of us

>> No.327603

[x] Visit the library

>> No.327604

[ ] Visit the library

>> No.327605

[X] Visit the library


>> No.327607

[X] Visit the library

>> No.327608

[] visit the library

assuming it is already the next day

if not, ignore this post

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[x] Visit the library

>> No.327611

[x] Head to Remilia's study

>> No.327613

[X] Find Sakuya
We need to apologize to her. Or something.

>> No.327614

[ ] Visit China

>> No.327620

[x] Visit the library. At the very least, we can get more info out of Patty; like about Sakuya.

>> No.327621

Liblary wins.

>> No.327627

[X] Visit China

>> No.327632

[x] Visit the library

Magic tiem

>> No.327633

[ ] Visit the library

>> No.327637

[X] Visit Meiling

>> No.327646

[x] Find Sakuya

>> No.327651

[x] Visit China

>> No.327652

[x] Visit the library

>> No.327656

>She need to apologize to us. Or something.

>> No.327665

[ ] Visit China

>> No.327676

>Hong Meiling 門門 !!CkFE91f1n9T [X] Visit Meiling
>Sakuya !jOmBcI54aU!!GIv5D7XGx07 [x] Find Sakuya
>Magic !EoFJjFcCco [x] Visit the library


>> No.327678

[x] visit china

Didn't you guys promise to visit Meiling?
Okay, seriously.

>> No.327688



We should have probably gone to see China first. Patchy's lessons could take hours.

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Patchu offered magic for today, and we promised to visit China.
Honestly, I expect nothing less than a Persona 3 like situation when you accept more than one Sunday date.

Not.. not that I ever did that.

>> No.327693

We'll do it when the sun's up and we're released from playing with Flandre. Flandre's still awake with the lights on, so that must mean that it's still night.

>> No.327698


>> No.327699

[X] Visit Meiling

>> No.327700

I've missed most of the threads.


>> No.327710

as always

>> No.327711

[x]RAEP, I mean visit, AND RAEP, China, TENDERLY.

>> No.327726


Yes, but Patchy's lessons are more important. I'll give up the China route if it means we can survive the lake indefinably with the power to fly.

>> No.327727



>> No.327734

No it isn-- oh.

I see what you did there.

>> No.327737

I'm not content to give up the China Route, but I'm sure she'll be happy to see us no matter the time, as long as it's during the daytime on day 4.

>> No.327738

[x] Visit China.

This style of choose-your-adventure is a new one to me. I will emulate at my home base.
0 . 0

>> No.327742

>0 . 0
Fuck off.

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>0 . 0

>> No.327753

>> 0.0

>> No.327756



Added to the list of people I automatically sage.

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I think we're all a little magic-focused because of constantly revisiting the library yesterday.

Also, just watch. The magic Patchy teaches us will be how to pull a quarter out from someone's ear.

>> No.327769

Crap. The previous thread is still alive, right?

>> No.327770

that's pretty awesome actually, I never knew how to do that.

>> No.327772

Nah, she'll teach us how to fly, for sure.
....except that the magic fails when flying above water.

>> No.327777

Not at all

If we manage to befriend Patchy, she can let us read her magic books, who give power instantly if you can read them

>> No.327781


Alice became a semi-powerful youkai by just reading a book. Marisa learned from Mima in a short time period. I think that if someone has a good teacher (IMO you don't get too much better than Patchy), they can learn useful and powerful magic in a short period of time.

>> No.327783

And besides, anything Patchy teaches us will be most likely used to Impress Cirno without getting us killed. I'm sure the Quarter will impress Cirno.

>> No.327785

even with patchy as our teacher, I don't think anon will learn how to use even the most basic magic within just a few hours

unless he has some sort of hidden tallent he will need weeks to learn even the most basic stuff, and even then he will be not even be level 1 mid-boss material

just one of those fairies that die after teh first hit

>> No.327791

Anonymous is already immortal.
The only thing that can kill us is the fucking lake.

>> No.327792

Yeah, nipple spark, sexy beam

That's all we need

>> No.327795


Anon has a circuit.

>> No.327798

Yes, but those fairies can FLY, and that's the important part.

>> No.327800


They have the potential to learn it. On the touhou wiki, it says you can only be able to read certain magic books if you have to potential to use it. (powerlevels?) Not to mention most of the books are written in OMFG GOD WORDS.

>> No.327802

No worries, anon is skilled in tracing.

>> No.327804

China Reverse :(

>> No.327809

One bullet can kill! Just one bullet!

>> No.327814

Those fairies can kill a touhoe by durkadurkaing at them

>> No.327819

[X] Visit Meiling

>> No.327821

Humans are generally more powerful than basic fairies, last I heard.

I propose that happening upon a good grimoire (which Patchouli is unlikely to knowingly give) could raise one up to at least being able to get away from a midboss intact.

>> No.327822

Whoa. That's a lot of hostility.

>> No.327827


>> No.327833

Welcome to 4chan!

>> No.327837


Fairies>Humans>Greater Fairies>Youkai.
There are always expections. Cirno, Reimoo.

>> No.327843


>> No.327847


Got your Greater-than/Less than signs backwards there.

>> No.327849

You got that > facing the wrong way. Think of it as a bird, it would rather eat the better one.

>> No.327853


/jp/ - Elementary school math.

I lol'd a little, though.

>> No.327856

My teacher referred to it as Pacman wanting the power pellets.

>> No.327857

Please GM, we need to at least be able to cast Fly and Magic Missile Lvl 1.

>> No.327866

My teacher referred to it as an alligator going after two humans.

It om noms the fatter one.

>> No.327867

I learned it as an alligator.

>> No.327868


>Magic Missile Lvl 1

Fuck that, we'll just get big heads if we think we are somewhat powerful, and go get ourselves killed. We need no offensive spells.

>> No.327874


>> No.327876

B-b-b-but sleep is such a better spell! You can make those annoying fighters fall to your feet... and then Coup de Grace them.

I suggest for our 1st level of Wizard, we learn Sleep, Charm, Magic Missile, for cantrips Flare, Electric Shock, Endure Elements, and frost ray (For CIRNO!).

>> No.327878

We need some sort of defensive magic

>> No.327887

Gensokyo Man stop having a life you're a 4channer! Act like one!

>> No.327889


Gensokyo =/= D&D

>> No.327891

We need wind magic so we can combo attack with Cirno!

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You sleepily drag yourself over to the stairs and ascend, stumbling through the halls as you come once more back to the quiet peace of the library. Passing by a window, you move a blind aside to peak out; It is definitely the next morning.

You push open the large iron doors, yawning as you gaze around.

[ ] Look for books on your own

[ ] Whistle for Koakuma

[ ] Call for Patchouli

[ ] Search for Patchy on your own

[ ] Depart elsewhere

>> No.327898


No, we need to do some hax magic up in this.
Like Lightning Ice.

>> No.327901

[x] Search for Patchy on your own.
I'd feel terrible whistling to call a person.

>> No.327902

[x] Whistle for Koakuma

>> No.327906

[x] Search for Patchy on your own

>> No.327907

[ ] Look for books on your own

>> No.327908

[X] Call for Koakuma
Whistling is kinda...

>> No.327909

[ ] Call for Patchouli

>> No.327910


Shouldn't we know where Patchy is by now? Oh well, let's do this again.

[X] Whistle for Koakuma

>> No.327915

Better yet, Burning Ice.

That spell sounds like the kind of failure we'd use.

>> No.327917

[ ] Whistle for Koakuma

>> No.327918

[x] Look for books on your own

>> No.327920

[x] Search for Patchy on your own

>> No.327921

[x] Look for books on your own

>> No.327922

[x] Whistle for Koakuma

>> No.327923


[x] Call for Patchouli

>> No.327924

[X] Whistle for Koakuma

>> No.327925

[X] Whistle for Koakuma

>> No.327927

[X] Search for Patchy on your own

Since we are already here. How big can the SDM library be anyway?

>> No.327928

[ ] Call for Patchouli

whisteling is mean and will get us killed
searching on our own in this maze is bad too

just searching for a book could result in sudden fuckwin and a power gain beyond all measures, but I won't risk it

>> No.327929

[x] Whistle for Koakuma.

We're gonna get lost in this place by ourselves, and that bitch owes us for trying to kill us. She started it.

>> No.327930

We need:
Fly, protection from blue(lake)

>> No.327931

Level 1 Commoner
10 DEX
12 INT
14 CHA

Proficiency (Knife)

((Class Skills(Special): Cooking, Diplomacy, Bluff, Use Rope, Knowledge(Local), Listen, Handle Animal))

>> No.327932

Don't act like we're thieves.

[ ] Whistle for Koakuma

>> No.327935


Winner- [X] Whistle for Koakuma

>> No.327937

[x] Whistle for Koakuma

>> No.327940

My best friend.

>> No.327944

That's the kinda question that leads to bad ends.

>> No.327945

[X] Look for books on your own

>> No.327952


>> No.327954

Hey, me too.

Endure Elements sounds good, we can shrug off the cold while we swim the fuck out of the lake, should we fall in again.

>> No.327955

[X] Whistle for Koakuma

She likes being used.

>> No.327957



Plus, more options for routes if the China route falls through is always good.

>> No.327958

Wrong person to get hax powers from any time soon, Anon. You need a bitch with history altering powers, I'd have suggested bitches with TIME CHAMBER powers, but you pissed off those.

Oh yeah, from now I'm I'll be trying to kill you. Good luck.

>> No.327968

Rain Danmaku is pretty powerful. I'm all for Burning Ice.

>> No.327971
File: 17 KB, 300x309, 1206653411211.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Oh yeah, from now I'm I'll be trying to kill you. Good luck.


>> No.327975

I think I'm late.

[X] Call for Patchouli

>> No.327981
File: 31 KB, 300x468, 1206653450421.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

maybe we'll stumble into the doctor

>> No.327985
File: 296 KB, 600x600, 1206653490173.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Poor Koakuma is underappreciated.

>> No.327989
File: 358 KB, 598x953, 1206653531995.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Our last encounter with a doctor....did not end as planned though.

>> No.327996

Fine, fine. We'll be POLITE when we tell that bitch to take us to her leader. If she's even awake.

You know what would make Patchy love us? An inhaler.

>> No.328008

She can inhale my penis anytime, if you know what I mean

>> No.328018


>You know what would make Patchy love us? An inhaler.

Oh fuck, that's right, we are proficient with outside world medicine. Strangely enough, she can't seem to conquer her asthma or anemia, but we can defiantly help, especially if we can get to Rinnosuke (find an inhaler in his shop, he probably doesn't know what it does).

>> No.328022

>You know what would make Patchy love us? An inhaler.


best idea ever, anon

>> No.328028
File: 68 KB, 1200x1596, 1206653923343.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.328036


So we're Solid Snake, Emril Lagasse and Dr. House now? Awesome.

>> No.328038


>> No.328044
File: 58.00 MB, 1124x1600, 1206654064710.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You would think your knowledge of modern science and technology would fascinate someone like Patchy, I mean, this is the girl who built a rocket out of wooden planks and doesn't even know what the equator is.

I'm sure she would be interested in a society that manages to do some of the same stuff she does but without any magic.

>> No.328045


Anon is not a tolerable douchebag enough to be House.

>> No.328051

Uhh, thanks? I'm surprised nobody thought about this sooner.
Fucking GAR. I'd fap to Gensokyo anon.

>> No.328055

Lets start talking about the outside world, like cars and cellphones. We need to keep her interested.

>> No.328058

Hey, could someone archive today's threads and either email me said threads or put it up on rapidshare or something? I'll be gone for a good, long time.

>> No.328061


No, we explain COMPUTERS.

>> No.328065

Explain the motherfuckin internet.

>> No.328069

Lets tell her about a game called uohouT

>> No.328070

series of tubes

>> No.328074


>> No.328075



untill now I was never bothered when I missed YWUIG tread, because I knew I could just check the archieves the next day...

>> No.328076

So, did Flandre actually sleep in the same bed that we did?

>> No.328077


I've been saving them, as I go, I'll RS what I have at the end of the day.

>> No.328079

Explain the 4Chan!!

>> No.328080

i thought we selpt under her bed arm in arm with our lovely skeleton

>> No.328081
File: 169 KB, 550x558, 1206654547130.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oddly enough, there is no response. Your piercing whistle merely seems to irritate the austere and silent atmosphere of the library.

[ ] Try again

[ ] Call out for Patchouli

[ ] Look for books on your own

[ ] Seek her out alone

[ ] Depart elsewhere

>> No.328082


Constant powerlevel suppression must always be ON.
In Gensokyo, the rule still applys.

>> No.328083

Ah! Thanks a lot! Could you tell me what you're going to call it on RS? (I'll get around to updating the archives around 12:00-2:00)

>> No.328084

[x] Depart elsewhere

>> No.328085

[ ] Call out for Patchouli

>> No.328086

[X] Depart elsewhere


>> No.328087

[X] Seek her out alone

Why are you such a dick, anon?

>> No.328088

[x] Call out for Patchouli

>> No.328090

[X] Look for books on your own

Please let us find a good book

>> No.328091

[X] Depart elsewhere

It's a sign. We go find that inhaler NOW, and then we come back to Patchoulli.

>> No.328092

[x] Call out for Patchouli

>> No.328093

[x] Look for books on your own

>> No.328100

[ ] Depart elsewhere

>> No.328101

Alright, so the plan is that we gently lead her into being curious about our world by slowly introducing ideas of things from it; including the inhaler? If she can become dependent on us for her medical needs, I'm sure she'll be more attatched to us.

>> No.328102

Emailing me the rapidsearch name would be ideal, actually. It's pubcrawlin' time!

>> No.328104

[x] Depart elsewhere

>> No.328105

[ ] Depart elsewhere

>> No.328106

[X] Depart elsewhere

>> No.328107

[X] Seek her out alone

>> No.328108

[X] Depart Elsewhere.

we'll be lost without her.

>> No.328109

[x] Depart elsewhere.

She's probably sleeping. Let's go see China or Sakuya.

>> No.328110


I'll call it:

>> No.328111

[X] Depart elsewhere

China first, Patchouli later.

>> No.328112

[ ] Seek her out alone

>> No.328115

[x] Try again

>> No.328119

[ ] Seek her out alone

>> No.328121
File: 106 KB, 893x432, 1206654754187.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do I have the feeling that our expectations are going to be cruelly and painfully subverted?

Picture tangentially related.

>> No.328122

[ ] Call out for Patchouli

>> No.328125

[X] Call out for Patchouli

>> No.328128

Don't call out, we don't want to break the silence of the library

>> No.328130



>> No.328134

[X] Seek her out alone

>> No.328135

[x] Depart Elsewhere
Preferably to China, where we get to witness danmaku of Marisa vs SDM.

>> No.328141

And get impaled by a stray shot.

>> No.328142

[X] Depart elsewhere

>> No.328143

[X] Depart elsewhere

>> No.328147


danmaku is nothing but stray shots

>> No.328154

Brace for ⑨

>> No.328160

speaking of
how do we impress cirno?

>> No.328169

I'm hoping we can just casually stride into the middle of it all and break up the fight in a display of manliness.

>> No.328173

Show her our penis

>> No.328177


Say something witty

>> No.328181

whip out your cock

>> No.328187


I thought we impressed her by actually surviving a Reisen Danmaku blast

>> No.328192

did you know sakuya wears pads?

>> No.328205
File: 422 KB, 800x800, 1206655292722.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You shrug; without Koakuma, you'd just get lost, and obviously there must be a reason if she would not arrive when you called. You turn back to the wraught metal doors with an irritated, sigh, before you hear a slight crashing sound, followed by a hushed "Oops".

[ ] Investigate

[ ] Search for Patchouli

[ ] "Who is there?"

[ ] Proceed out; Ignore it

>> No.328209


>> No.328211

[x] Investigate

>> No.328212
File: 160 KB, 894x1110, 1206655333433.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Oh damn you Anon, you should chose me, I can torture you in many ways with my knives, endless with my time stop magic..."

>> No.328213

[x] Investigate
Probably Marisa

>> No.328214

[x] Investigate

>> No.328215

[ ] Investigate

>> No.328216

[X] Investigate

>> No.328217

I was gonna suggest using magic if we learned any. If not, the Quarter trick?

>> No.328223


We have to see what happened.

This must be our Chance. If we help, Patches will definitely teach us Magic, now!

>> No.328225

[ ] Investigate

>> No.328226


[x] Investigate

>> No.328227

[x] Investigate

>> No.328228

[x] Investigate

>> No.328231

[X] Investigate

>> No.328234

[X] "Who is there?"

>> No.328235

[X] Investigate

>> No.328238

[X] Investigate

>> No.328240

[ ] Investigate

>> No.328243

[X] Investigate

>> No.328245

[X] Investigate

>> No.328248



>> No.328249

[x] Investigate

>> No.328250

[X] Investigate

>> No.328262

Looks like Cirno got tired of waiting for us.

>> No.328265

Autosage has been reached.

>> No.328266
File: 589 KB, 733x733, ze.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Could it be?

>> No.328274

It's likely Marisa.

1) Turn her in to Patchy
2) Save Patchy the trouble of dealing with her
3) ????
4) Magic!

>> No.328275


Marisa route fuck yes

>> No.328280
File: 93 KB, 600x700, 1170465133720.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guess who ~ze

>> No.328282
File: 85 KB, 280x492, Cirno - Dioxin - flying.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyway, the hell with Marisa.

Cirno is the strongest.

>> No.328285
File: 39 KB, 300x324, 1205341707439.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.328289
File: 288 KB, 492x1000, 1205787364879.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mr Dumbass missed this scene...

>> No.328299

[x] Proceed out; Ignore it.

What we don't know won't hurt us, Anon.

>> No.328308

lakes don't say oops

>> No.328328


>> No.328365

New thread?

>> No.328381

Is dat some autosage?

>> No.328442

Needs sum new threads!

>> No.328458

Did GM disappear again?

>> No.328470

Don't leave us GM ;_;

>> No.328535


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