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I'll be patiently waiting for your return, Peko-chan

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Is not the same without our daily Pekochan. We will wait for your return.

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Who is this menhera rabbit?

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Adorable rabbit

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shes so dark and brooding...

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Waiting for the return of the Princess

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Come back peko.

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heard you guys been missing this smug

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Let's have some Peko pits to cheer this place up a bit.

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>Playing Shiren 5 because seeing her play it made me interested and I've always enjoyed roguelikes
>Dying left and right while she cleared it in two streams
I can't believe that autist enjoyed the game so much she spent all that time off-stream to grind up stuff for a god run that ended with her beating the boss.
I can't believe I'm doing worse than her...

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I was thinking about picking it up but I feel like I have so little time to play games now and I just got something else that'll probably take me weeks to get through once I actually start it.

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i fear there is a male involved with this hiatus, she's moved from being a hikki neet to being a stacy

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Good for her in that case

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I always felt her birthday celebration was a bit off and weird. Could that be part of her frustration?

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Some time she pulls some impressive moves https://streamable.com/ov21cd

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Yeah https://files.catbox.moe/0fq5gp.webm

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I feel the same. What I'm wondering now is if this is also the birthday date of Peko's roommate. I really don't know that...

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The duality of the rabbit. Fucking kek on both clips

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It could be, I mean making her eat an scorpion on her birthday?

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Yeah, there's usually some gentle bullying in the birthday streams but making her do exercise challenges and eat a scorpion while Marine was the only other Holo to bother showing up was very weird for what should've been a huge celebration for her
It's 3/3 according to her Nico profile

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i just want her to be happy

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It felt a small scale but not so much so that I felt suspicious at the time, especially with the covid wave. Moreover I don't really think it's worth speculating about.

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What was she trying to do?

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Hit the thing to her left. She wanted to go down in the menu but accidentally closed it and then pressed down once before reopening the menu, which meant she was facing down instead of left.

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Well yeah that was clear, was it a rare item or something?

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I'm not sure

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I know. Is just that I'm still upset so I couldn't stop thinking about that. To be fair I feel like an idiot for worring too much about, but that's what happen when you obsess too much.

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Nah not an item or something like that but what she used was an ability which can only be used at night, and abilities are the only things that can reliably harm night monsters, and abilities can only be used once per floor so they are pretty important.

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she should have her mom stream in her place

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I totally get it, I worry literally all the time about her over the smallest stuff and almost always end up feeling stupid later. It'd be nice to know what happened from her but I'm not desperate to know. If everyone starts speculating about her birthday or some other event, best case scenario they guess correctly that it was x and... that's basically it. Worst case scenario, everyone decides something was cut from her birthday for example but in reality it went how she wanted it to and now she feels like she messed up her birthday and feels pressured to correct everyone. Obviously there's a range of options between those extremes but even the best case doesn't really help anyone. I'm not really that concerned about posts about it here since she probably isn't reading these threads, but I think it's better for us as well to let her say what she wants to say.

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I have decided to do Japanese reps and art reps every day, this is my first attempt, also I think I'm fairly confident in Japanese sentence structure and kana(lol)

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I don't remember the last time she stopped streaming for so long. It might be before I started following her.

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Well... You tried and that is what matters but keep up those reps because that sentence is not grammatical.

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Pretty sure she hasn't ever taken a break this long. I know she wasn't the every day streamer before, like she is today so her streams were a bit more spacious starting out but this is unprecedent.
I really hope she isn't anxious about her return, because a return stream is always a superchat rain and knowing her worries regarding that it must be a pretty conflicting thing to think about.

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That seems to be 5ch's conclusion. Makes sense considering how important it was supposed to be. I wasn't particularly hyped for it at all and only watched it in the archives.

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For a first attempt the art is alright. I definitely wouldn't be able to draw something remotely resembling Pekora, which is why I gave up on drawabox 3 times in December. The subject is accurate too.

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The only thing I find off about that stream is that only Marine was there. At the very least I expected all of Sankisei but again, there doesn't have to be a negative reason for them but being there.
And other then that I don't think it was super bad, the punishment games were fine and she got to release some good stuff as well as her original song. Just a shame they fucked up the audio.

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Thinking about it some more i can definitely see the arguement that the training and Scorpion bit were both hastily thrown in placeholders for unfulfilled plans but that is pretty heavy speculation.

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It's probably throat cancer all things considered.

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Bros... Is there any risk of graduation...? N-No right..?

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Apparently, there weren't many staff around for her birthday stream, which was likely why they had audio issues in the first place. She probably got the impression that they just didn't put much effort into it. I can see why she would feel resentful especially after learning about the top 4 global streamer thing.

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Technically speaking, there is even a risk of dying in a sleep every night.

You probably asking if there are any known premises - no, there aren't so far

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Is it the best pekora art ever? No, but it sums things up pretty well right now. I've been thinking about this comic lately, and wondering if this is how it was in the build up to her breakdown.

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What are you trying to say, in english?

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I want Peko-chan to be here

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That is better but, for example, は is never written as わ despite being pronounced as such.
Not to be too negative but she did say she had spent her days with a depressive feeling in her, for how long we don't know but it definitely had been wearing her down.

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Or even better drop the "boku ha", it sounds very EOP and it's obvious from context that it's you who wants Peko to be here
now go crack on with your reps and don't rely on anons to spoonfeed you simple sentences

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Who doesn't?

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You're a good girl Kanatan

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Not him but I'm also incredibly retarded in Japanese, why is it が instead of を? At least in English isn't she the object of the sentence?

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She's the subject, she's the one being here

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stay strong nousagi!

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blessed tenshi, i was getting worried that no holomen were interacting with her tweets

>> No.32729008

That sweet Tenshi, I won't forget this

>> No.32729271

Pekora was her first collab outside of her gen. Always loved their interactions, few as they were.

>> No.32729378

The Super Bunny Man collab right? That was a fun stream, definitely one of the best FOTM games they ever had

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Such a gloomy atmosphere here. Maybe chill and stop swimming around in this pile of guesses? It's not a good job to sit and whine, she'll just try to hurry up and return to ease this situation, despite probably still being a crying mess. Won't be any good, right?

Peko is strong, we already know that pretty well. And not alone in any possible meaning. Go watch some archives. Maybe even download the MGS ones, should be enough until she returns.

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To be fair this is probably the least gloomy the thread has been in days, but I agree with everything you said, I'd rather her need a week off and take a month than need a month off and take a week. That being said, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little happy about the thread being a bit more active, I just wish it was about something happy or even just mundane.

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It is weird that there are no interaction with Miko, aren't they best friend?

>> No.32730819

I waited four freaking months for Miko, I can wait even longer for Pekora if I have to. PekoMiko love.

>> No.32730856

probably wasn't happy with her numbers...

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Since it involves into more private stuff she won't mention that on her streams.

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Is a good advice but, If I go somewhere else I am just going to be miserable in a different location. Besides it was far worst a few days ago

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I will never forgive Cover for making my oshi cry.
How the fuck do they not encourage a project from their biggest star? This is like Niji shitting on Kuzuha or other big stars.

>> No.32731492

Pekora has to put on a smile while Cover/managers shoot her dreams down. I feel bad for her. How does she continue with a cheerful outlook if the company is working against her?

>> No.32731546

Unless Pekora address the issue again in a public stream, no one else is going to talk about what happened in a member only stream. But it did made me happy to see Kanata replying to her tweet, is an small but nice gesture.

>> No.32731806

What happened?

>> No.32731820

We are not so sure about that. She probably offer an event that require her work 15 hours+ a day (solo concert for example) because she think she need to work harder for the money she earn because it is nips' ethnic. If that was the case, I'm siding with mane chan schedule her a rest to prevent her commiting karoshi.

>> No.32731843

So she allegedly wanted to do a fan meetup, had some shit planned ahead of asking, and Cover gave her a hard no?

>> No.32731862

i think she has top five holopits
just imo
there is a lot of emotion in those soft smooth curves

>> No.32731911

most of them are stacies pretending to be hikkis...

>> No.32731914

Imagine if there's a booth where she can look out and there's screens projecting a cartoon rabbit in public and you get to talk with that in person.

>> No.32731978

i can see why Cover would say no. She was told (supposedly) in late 2020 to really practice not using -peko in her normal speech, as other hologirls stated she practically gave away her identity because she can't turn off Pekora

>> No.32731984

Who's the rest?
You better have Miko in the list.

>> No.32731991

I wonder if Pecker would enjoy playing Borderlands. I know that is unlikely, but I think she might like the over the top characters, collecting guns, is not a hard game and she can play campaign co-op too

>> No.32732003

Didn't Matsuri and Shion literally do this?

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They're falseflagging to make people think Pekora hates Cover. All we know is she was planning something to give back to nousagi, the plans fell through, she feels bad for accepting SCs without being able to repay everyone in some way.

She's literally already done exactly that.

>> No.32732059

>Gura does this
>break through and enjoy some quality shark skin

>> No.32732133

Isn't Japan currently having a second covid outbreak? Having a fan meetup would be like suicide

>> No.32732159

This is bait, but not a chance Pekora, who is super cognizant of the pressure towards being single, reacts to not being able to make her fans happy by doing something that would make many of her fans feel hurt, regardless of whether they'd right to be or not.

>> No.32732172

miko definitely
ina is there probably
flare and marine have great gen3 pits
lamy and polka are great under the arms

I dunno im gonna have to retire to the pitchamber for some deliberation

>> No.32732190

This is adorable.

>> No.32732195

Yes, although Sora and Aki and maybe others? I don't remember also just did exactly what he's talking about a week or two ago.

>> No.32732243

In her member's video from the 20th, what is the plan she starts discussing at the 43 minute mark? I know people didn't want to share it at the time, but seeing how her member's stream with her crying got leaked, I think just that would be OK. I only ask because I can't fully understand what she's saying regarding the project, and odds are that's the one that was the tipping point for the breakdown when it was declined.
Also, while I never heard it, she never mentions anything about other holomembers getting to do projects she herself has been rejected from doing, right? I only ask because that's a current narrative making the rounds

>> No.32732494

We can all wear latex suits

>> No.32732519

What a lovable dork

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I don't remember her saying anything like that, the few ideas she talked about were all kinda simplistic. Besides Cover as done that before

>> No.32732782 [DELETED] 
File: 2.69 MB, 1455x2500, illust_86293984_20210125_183802.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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File: 1.41 MB, 1187x1741, illust_82480744_20210125_183844.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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They grow back

>> No.32732875

No *public interaction

>> No.32732912

I don't think she ever specific what exactly the project was. Only some speculations that it was either too costly or impractical to carry out.

And that narrative seems to just be a narrative to paint Cover in a bad light. I've seen some Nousagis call out a guy for trying to push that rumor on one of her videos despite not even being a member and he ended up shutting up real quick despite claiming he was 'passing on her words.'

More than anything it seems to be antis trying to stir up shit with false rumors, but at least Nousagis and fans seem to be moving out to quash em.

>> No.32732945

Is it true Cover was initially ogey with what she proposed but then someone rratted out her true plans?

>> No.32732995

>I have the same birthday as best menhera
Then again these idol types tend to fake their birthdates and it's particularly sus when it's the "same month-date" format

>> No.32733114

lol, wheni saw that Coco out of everyone did a double take and asked her to reconsider if doing such a thing would be ok, which Pekora obviously didn't ask anybody about (I mean, the character is not hers, so "modifying" it without permission might be allowed, but probably not in a "violent/gruesome" way lol), which back then only made it more funny when the manager said "it's probably NG, but just do it" because that fit her so well, but right now, that sort of attitude looks so ill advised... god damnit

>> No.32733199

>All we know is she was planning something to give back to nousagi, the plans fell through, she feels bad for accepting SCs without being able to repay everyone in some way.
Sounds like horseshit to me.

>> No.32733262

Probably just your breath. Brush your teeth.

>> No.32733317

Sounds like standard Peko behavior for everyone that as watched her for more than a few months.

>> No.32733320

Stop smelling yourself then

>> No.32733322



>> No.32733371


Yeah, because Pekora is really horseshit

>> No.32733435

In her previous mengen she did give some details about a plan she had but my Japanese isn't good enough to understand it fully and even if it was I wouldn't share members content like that. She also told us to forget it right after, so she definitely doesn't want people talking about what it was. But it's almost certainly the plan that got cancelled because she described it the same was she described the cancelled plan in her most recent stream, as a way to give back. Also this makes me realize it absolutely wasn't related to the birthday stream and all you people are dumb.

I definitely believe this shitposting new ip in a thread full of shitposting new ips over Pekora herself.

You can tell most of them haven't even lurked more than a week let alone watched a stream or even clips.

>> No.32733441

>Minute 43
The video is just 41 minutes long... But I don't remember her saying that she didn't even talked that much either.

>> No.32733490

>practice not using -peko in her normal speech
Whose idea was to get her to say peko?

>> No.32733569

How disgusting. Seems like twisted wumao "art". Why would you post this in her thread, schizo?

>> No.32733668

The member's video before the last one. It's 3 hours and 37 minutes long.

>> No.32733974

How about getting Pekora in a latex kigurumi cosplay of herself, some buff men in latex with a nousagi head and get them to do 24 hour cinderella dance from Yakuza 0

>> No.32734018

Her manager force her to rest to prepare for Bloom, they don't want she collapsed like Miko. "But how can I replay those superchat if I don't stream everyday, Usaken, Akuken is gaining their power, I also want to beat Nijinigga in viewers"
-Nee, Pekora.
-Yes, mane-chan?
-Take some dick and rest.

>> No.32734075

most of the hologirls have a custom intro or departure, think Pekora took it further

>> No.32734143

i want to carry pekora around

>> No.32734197

Almost all of the girls refer to themselves in third person while in character and for some it is a hard habit to break. See; the keyboard incident.

>> No.32734200
File: 981 KB, 959x1400, 1610406052080.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to be Don-chan and be carried around by Pekora. Look at how comfy I could be.

>> No.32734257

i want to pick pekora up and go on an adventure

>> No.32734440

requesting: The keyboard incident copypasta or TL;DR

>> No.32734499

Noel's roommate called herself danchou on stream, smacked a keyboard on the ground.

>> No.32734635

you'd think that guy mistranslated "anniversary" as "birthday" seeing the kind of spelling errors he made in english

>> No.32734676

Correction: she called herself danchou about a dozen times and then practically broke a hundred dollar keyboard in half over her knee.

>> No.32734867

why did she smash the keyboard though?

>> No.32734936

Because she is menhera.

>> No.32735136

Is there a clip of this?

>> No.32735191

Yeah, it's all over YouTube. If you type in "Noel is *Roommate's Name*", you'll get the clip.

>> No.32735691

My knowledge in japanese culture is nonexistent. Is there any nuance or depth to what a menhera is? Is it literally just the "don't stick your dick in crazy bro" kind of women? They look so cute though, what could possibly drive average to pretty looking girls to become nutcases?

>> No.32735867

lurk more newfag, or just go back and ask reddit

>> No.32735895

Bipolar girls.

>> No.32735920


>> No.32735994

In Noel's case, her father left when she was a kids he's, she grew up really poor, and she's been sexually harassed since then6th grade for having big tits. Wouldn't be surprised if she was molested either.

>> No.32736066

tl;dr is East Asian ultracollectivist culture + stigma on mental illness breaks people. If Pekor or Festival were in the west they'd either be scene girls or deviantart/LiveJournal fatties.

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File: 284 KB, 1707x961, pekora nousagi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

me eating the rabbits hair

>> No.32740674

I'm absolutely convinced that normal people just don't stream or give up quickly if they do. All successful vtubers have some sort of mental illness.

>> No.32740733

What the fuck do you mean allegedly? Where do these speculations even come from? I swear I see new fan-fiction popping up every day with no evidence to support it.

>> No.32741177

Guys I got insider news!!!
Marine is at Pekora's house now!!
She's kneeling outside and begging Pekora to come out and have a talk. Apparently they locked the front door and doesn't let Marine into her house. WHAT A SCENE HA HA HA HA.

>> No.32741463

Pekora constructed her entire character to farm superchats most effectively. Trust me when I say she feels absolutely no obligation towards the people who throw money at her since that's the whole point of the act she puts on.

>> No.32741487
File: 722 KB, 2599x4096, 1601805390217.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Remember to not reply to obvious bait, just post Pekora if you feel like you are getting baited.

>> No.32742904


>> No.32742938

You misspelled Rushia

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File: 314 KB, 1200x1679, EsQ7SQ_VkAMLjYm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No need to bring other holos down anon, sankisei love forever

>> No.32745004

I'm the one who munching on her hair.

>> No.32745192

Me too but down there

>> No.32745322

Oh you didn't hear, in her last memba stream she revealed that she is shaving everything down there to 0

>> No.32745418

I was talking about her asshole

>> No.32745451


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File: 347 KB, 2048x1720, EslKddYVEAE7Pv6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Today I think I'll watch her trials rising stream as I've not seen that yet, what are you guys going to watch?

>> No.32745704


>> No.32745743

Either continue catching up with kiwami if I have the brainpower after work or watch other girls' backlog

>> No.32745748

not allowed as you’d see how frumpy she is irl

>> No.32745947

Sounds fun, but I doubt Gearbox would give permissions

>> No.32746101

Her Trials stream was fun, I really want them to do a custom track collab at some point. I started DQV yesterday although only got an hour or so in before having to get back to work.i should probably start watching archives during her normal stream hours because I can already feel my sleep schedule returning to normal which I definitely don't want. It's just so easy to procrastinate with archives though.

>> No.32746421

I know what you mean. If it's live I can sit for hours on end watching her but an archive has me pausing every now and then slowing it down a ton.
And somehow I even get sleepy watching archives when I don't get that way from lives. I need to find some method to lock my attention in place because I also want to watch DQV.

>> No.32747084


>> No.32747276

What'd she say?

>> No.32747399

Nothing special, just the usual encouragement etc.

>> No.32747455

She's so sweet and really looks out for her you can tell, was the only one who came to her birthday too...

>> No.32747546

Pekora mom is telling Pekora to quit vtuber and get a konbini job!!!

>> No.32747864

Who is the INSIDER?

>> No.32747903

At least it's nice to hear something, I'm glad they're talking. I also saw a lot of people saying they just wanted Pekora to rest when I opened the chat which was good to see.

>> No.32747966


>> No.32748023

Me. I came INSIDER nose

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File: 35 KB, 622x541, 1610930921097.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.32748975

She'll come back right?

>> No.32749289

another day without peko~ra..

>> No.32749690

From 5ch, that was on her birthday.
She asked other Holo members for their help with some event segment stuff and whatnot, but on the actual event day management basically said "you ain't doing that" and put Pekora into ignore mode.

>> No.32750182

Aaand where did they suck it up from? Any proofs from their side?

Stop confusing people with such statements when it's only guesses. People will run and spread this information, using 4chan as an authority source, just as you're using 5ch right now.

>> No.32750480

Are there any news about a new stock of Peko booze? Will it be possible to buy outside Japan?

>> No.32750516

Already up for sale but only ships to japan. Not limited anymore, will be sold all year round

>> No.32750760

Cool thx.

Does anyone know any good forwarding company from experience? Tenso sucks ass, they say.

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File: 1.21 MB, 2894x4093, IMG_20201127_122841.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Everytime I think about Peko I get an urge to cry, but I can avoid it. It's been days and I still feel bad.

>> No.32750797

Well that's reassuring. Now I just need to think on how to get to Japan before 2022.

>> No.32750847

>Not limited anymore, will be sold all year round
Fake news

>> No.32750858
File: 277 KB, 848x1200, 1610034585892.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Going to start the DQ5 archives today. Thanks to all nousagi who seeded that. I was going to wait until I was further along in my reps but I'm already missing this rabbit.

There are plenty of services to buy and ship to a Japanese address, the problem is getting it imported to you in most cases. There are places in Europe with somewhat lax rules, but most of North America is pretty much a non-starter.

>> No.32750898

It wouldn't let me order to tenso's address and the shop rejected a lot of different credit cards, will be trying with a different proxy that just buys for you, will report if successful

>> No.32750909

i hate pekor

>> No.32750997

Pekora...tweet....post something on your community tab...like something on twitter...anything...onegai...

>> No.32751025

I've cried a lot, it's fine.

>> No.32751084

No he is right, do your reps.

>> No.32751204

Just heads up that they don't sell them if you visit in person, you need a japanese address and they'll be shipped after a month or two of ordering

>> No.32751360

That's the normal edition version, dumb gaijin.

>> No.32751470

Fortunately I have a plan for an internship there. Don't know how it will turn out though because of this damn pandemic.

>> No.32752028

Is Suisei a Kunrei-shiki purist?

>> No.32752110

Fuck, wrong tab
>Error: You cannot delete a post this old.

>> No.32752123
File: 349 KB, 384x606, 1589114021410.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's not good with western letters

>> No.32752274

wish you the best anon, my 6 months internship to japan got fucked last year

>> No.32752454

that's just how they type, it's easier to type hosimati for example rather than hoshimachi and it comes out the same in japanese

>> No.32752554

Thank you for the kind wish anon. I also wish you an even better chance and opportunity in the future.

>> No.32752562

qwerty keyboard with IME pad

>> No.32752813

I know it's just speculation, but I'll always side with the talent over management. There's been more scandals at cover in one year than from all the companies I've worked for in my entire professional career.

>> No.32753259

Moona keeping Pecor updated about the MC happenings

>> No.32753415

wtf did she become a hermit?

>> No.32753519
File: 251 KB, 1410x2048, 1606088829251.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hope Pekor was there to hear that, Marine is so good...

>> No.32753539

Miko took a day off today after she went to hospital. Maybe she hung out with Peko after that. I wish Miko can fuck her autism and have more time with Peko. Shitty rabbit has been stressed out lately and she worried too much over some small mistakes. Her project canceled maybe not something big but it snap her bubble.

>> No.32753617

しくしく すぱちゃっと貰っても しくしく みんなに返せぬ しくしく
様なことが しくしく 出来てない かなと しくしく しくしく
思ってて ちょっと しくしく スパー しくしくしくしく チャット に関して しくしくしくしく
これからどう使う しくしく どう しようか ちょっと今考えてて しくしくしくしくしくしく
もしかしたら しくしくしくしく ジーーーーーん
つけない方が これから いいのかな しくしくしくしく
ちょっと自分 中で しくしく
考えて みます しくしく じーーーーーーーーーーん

運営さんが何に使ってるのかも 実際ちょっとあのわかってないし
何返せるやつに使えたら しくしくしくしく もらわなくて しくしく いいかなって

>> No.32753801
File: 221 KB, 586x402, a922c64050e96a9fa3bec8118a25ce28999b02ca.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

booru https://hololive.booru.org/

>> No.32753861

I honestly don't think it is Miko being autistic but rather Pekora being so reclusive, she already doesn't want to burden people with her worries and doing that member stream of pure depression was probably one of the last things she wanted to do.
So if she wants to hide completely then I have no doubts she will regardless of invitations from outside, but I too hope she actually seeks out her friends or at least lets them in during times like these.

Also I don't think people should be too anxious about the radio silence on Twitter because remember that what we usually got every day was a pre-stream tweet, a stream tweet/poem, and a post-stream tweet.
Anything more than that is usually luxury so having nothing from her on twitter when you don't count streaming related ones is really not that surprising.

>> No.32754019
File: 185 KB, 1280x720, Esi1N8lUwAEaTK1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Her Dragon Quest gameplay that the archive anon provided a few days ago
She cried a lot for us, is ok to cry for her too. The memory of her crying so much that she got small hiccups like she was a little girl, is a painful memory but I want to embrace it. Because is part of what makes her prescious to us, is the part that people don't know that even exists when they hear about the funny crazy rabbit.

>> No.32754033

SFX expert

>> No.32754116
File: 9 KB, 300x168, sad miko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She needed comfort, that's why she did that mengen. She must feel pretty alone in this quarrel she's having with Cover. That's why she cries so much, knowing almost nobody is gonna side with her even if they claim being their friends

>> No.32754368
File: 291 KB, 842x595, Esp92JQVEAEtBZ5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I agree about the lack tweets even though I was worried about it for a while, she already wasn't a heavy tweeter at all. Even her retweet barrages are usually spaced a few days apart. I'm sure she's been keeping an eye on all the new art and messages and appreciates them, she just wants to lay low.

>> No.32754512

How are you able to watch archives of her? After seeing her like that in her member's stream I just can't see her being happy in her old streams without thinking of her crying. I've really started to realize how much I depend on her streams to get me through the day.

>> No.32754629

What? That is not the reason she did that mengen, it was primarily for our sake she did that because she felt she needed to say something to calm everyone's worries and so she could say goodbye to that depressive Pekora.
If she could get away with it she'd definitely not do a stream like that, why do you think she said it would be the last stream like that she'll ever make?
And you are pushing the "quarrel with cover" angle so hard despite us still not knowing if this is even the case, implying that she thinks her friends are "abandoning" her over it.

>> No.32754699

Good to see that I'm not the only Hoshiyomi nousagi. Suisei's increase in activity is helping get through the lack of Pekora

>> No.32754827

Same, can't watch archives until I know everything is ogey.

>> No.32755023

Stop responding to falseflaggers.

I feel that too. I couldn't watch anything for the first 2 days for that reason. I started the DQV archive yesterday because of her tweet, it reminded me of how much she loves DQ and how hard she's been pushing for permissions for it lately. I also remembered how a few weeks ago she asked what archives everyone was watching during a stream, she clearly wants people to go back and enjoy her old streams. I still had to pause a couple of times because you're right, the difference between then and her member's stream is painful, but I think she'd rather us be watching something that makes us happy otherwise she might feel guilty for bringing us all down.

>> No.32755147
File: 1.40 MB, 3567x2700, 1599678223148.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you know some Japanese and are in need of some laughs just check out the #求婚の日 tag on Twitter right now.

>> No.32755520

I don't know much but thanks for suggested. I can learn some new Japanese.

>> No.32755685

I stopped watching hololive altogether, going back to some indies I followed.

>> No.32755717

>Flare talking about Pekora

>> No.32755770

For me the archives are easy to watch since they are from a time when she wasn't yet stressed out or sad. On the contrary watching current streams is hard because everyone is just smiling like nothing is wrong. At least senchou mentioned Pekora. I don't mean to say others shouldn't keep streaming, it would be rude to their respective fanbases if they stopped and antis would have a fit with "muh oshi is not streaming because of the rabbit, pekora hate!". It's impressive they can stay strong.

>> No.32755788

Another timestamp to check out later, thanks for the info.

>> No.32755792


>> No.32755856

Having to check everyone's takes is so stressful when I can't possibly watch all the streams, thanks

>> No.32755857

Isn't it more sweet than something to laugh at? At least to me these come across as sincere, not jokey like some ichimi marriage proposals to marin for example.

>> No.32755878

Don't know what she said but she started talking about Usaken and then talked about Peko for a bit.

>> No.32755907

It's nice but proposals weird me out a bit. I'm sure she's used to stuff like that though.

>> No.32756006


> nousagis catching any tiny bit of information
It's very easy to hurt someone by accidentally starting a rumor in this situation, or reinforce any of speculations which sprout all around.
Can't watch her right now, but I'm pretty sure Flare said something very neutral, maybe even without thinking by reflex.

>> No.32756130

I'm just glad the other members are talking about her no matter how briefly, it's always creepy when someone has drama or a yab and nobody even dares to say her name as if she died or something

>> No.32756152

I used to check every Peko's stream about Miko during her hiatus. Now it's reversed.

>> No.32756338

Moona is playing MC right now. She's casually referencing Peko here and there. Works for me.

It's no use if you feel like that. Better watch something else to distract yourself. Just don't turn into a sloppy mush, nousagis.

>> No.32756527

Once I watched for a bit I was mostly fine and just enjoying seeing her happy. And frankly there's nothing else I really want to watch right now, everything else I've watched, hololive related or not, has just felt like I was watching it to pass time rather than to enjoy the content.

>Just don't turn into a sloppy mush, nousagis.
Far too late for that.

>> No.32756776

I didn't mean it in the mocking way. I just find some of the tweet's writing style to be hilarious, like that over-the-top anime feel.
It is definitely overall on the sweet side but I feel like it is a lot of humor too it since they know as well as we do that it is a 0% chance of success.

>> No.32758119

Anyone have a summary of what other holos have said so far?

>> No.32758250

Here's what Moona has to say. Moona said that Pekora said she was fine. And Moona and updated Peko on what was happening on the Holosaba. Moona was definitely thinking a lot more than usual when she speaks though.

>> No.32758335

Can you hear the "bun bun cha~"?

>> No.32758454

Senchou https://youtu.be/oOv-Z0A-8Kg

>> No.32758497

>"don't stick your dick in crazy bro" kind of women?
Basically, yeah.

>> No.32758593


I trust senchou.

>> No.32758608

Her project definitely not as big as nousagis think but it burst her stress bubble. She snapped.

>> No.32758625

If you think those tweets are sweet and not disturbing then you need your head checked

>> No.32758636

Glad to hear from some of the other holos.

>> No.32758791

Fuck, this actually worries me more. I do the same thing, bottling up all my grievances inside and collapsing in the end. Every time I've done this, I've ended up switching jobs. Burnout is hard to recover from.

>> No.32758848

Huh? I doubt that anyone that watches hee previous streams thinks that her project was that big. I mean that idea she mentioned in the previous members stream was literally free of cost and very simplistic

>> No.32758995

>Moona is playing MC right now. She's casually referencing Peko here and there. Works for me.
On her stream yesterday when she said "If Shachou was here, Shachou would help me..." Got me right in the feels.

>> No.32759031

Not him but this is really tame compared to other otaku related habits

>> No.32759032

Funny thing anon, "It's ok to worry but don't believe/spread rumours" is the jist of what she said.

>> No.32759068

I'm happy we're hearing some things, but neither of these really reassure me that much. They don't make me worry any more, but I don't really feel better. I guess the one thing that made me feel a little better as stupid as it is is that it seems like she was willing to listen to Moona about the server happenings.

>> No.32759130

At least we know she's talking to her friends anon, and not going full inkya and shutting herself off.

>> No.32759133

why does the knife never plays MC?

>> No.32759146

you literally says nothing in this.

>> No.32759160

That’s kind of sad and makes me rethink this lifestyle

>> No.32759190

That too, yeah.

>> No.32759216

yeah nousagis know what she's like and don't think this was some huge impossible project that would bankrupt the company, that's just /hlg/'s narrative
many of the girls were basically neets or shut-ins before and some are still pretty close to it, we know pekora hasn't really worked much or made many friends outside being a streamer, whether the crazy drove people away or the isolation made them crazy is unknown but the being like this and doing a job that didn't exist until a few years ago in a hyper-conformist society has to be tough on them

>> No.32759264

The worst part is that the rumors are spread by people that you never see on her streams, by now I am sure you can recognize her regular watchers, both EOP or nips, some don't have memberships but you can see their comments after the stream ends or in Peko related vides. But out of nowhere appear people that pretend to be mad at cover on her behalf

>> No.32759380

Well of course anon, you can tell they aren't lurkers who felt compelled to speak up either.

>> No.32759515

Pekora doesn't like to expend too much money, she likes cost efficient projects. Why you think she keeps rejecting the idea of a nousagi MC server, and yet now I see people on YouTube comments suggesting that that was the project.

>> No.32759532

Her shitty PC literally can't run it.

>> No.32759611

What? That "project" was obviously spoken about in jest as she realized that it wasn't feasible with the amount of fans she has.

>> No.32759633

Just remembered pekora playing around with the idea of streaming with a different persona, this suddently has much deeper meaning with context.

>> No.32759635

Moona being an absolute autist really is such a boon.

>> No.32759661

Imagine how many orange sheeps would be needed

>> No.32759707

I've been wondering about this too and the idea that she might and I might not hear about it drives me nuts.

>> No.32759721

Not really, all it means it was likely another one of her ideas that were shot down for very obvious reasons, I'm not sure how she thought that would be approved really.
Don't read too much into that idea as I doubt it is what you seem to think it is.

>> No.32759737

Do you really consider it your lifestyle if you are critical of people heavily invested in it?

>> No.32759866

Hope her sidekick talking about dumb stuff like minecraft happenings took her mind off things a bit, cute effort by moona
This makes me tear up a bit just cause it's marine talking about stuff seriously

>> No.32759926

you people really need to get some fresh air.

>> No.32759927

critical analysis is important and you can like parts of something while seeing how unhealthy other parts can be.

>> No.32760051

Some of you really make me wonder what filled your life before you began stalking and gossiping about e-celebs

>> No.32760079

I don't think she actually plans to do it, but when you're unhappy with your job, you start fantasizing about other options. I might just be projecting, but I'm seeing a lot of parallels with the last time I got burned out on a job.

>> No.32760100

I'd probably lose a lot of respect for her if she did something like that in secrecy with no intent to disclose it later because it completely conflicts my image of her. I've been turned off other chuubas by being out of the loop on things that I'll never get to see

>> No.32760121
File: 67 KB, 850x461, 25012020151244.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He is the culprit

>> No.32760150

Endless covid lockdowns didn't keep my from my friends and other hobbies and interests back then.

>> No.32760207

A bright woman tells kids to shut the fuck up.


>> No.32760210

Anons, did you fully understand what she said during that segment? It was always supposed to be a one-time thing she was going to do until she was found out and then she'd cease that activity.
It was literally just meant to be a fun event that she expected everyone to enjoy, it was never something like creating a separate non-Hololive affiliated streaming account.

I didn't want to touch on this as it is member shit but if you are going to drum up fantasies like these then I feel like I have to stop it.

>> No.32760270

>>>>32760100 (You)
I did, I'm talking about the hypothetical situation anon mentioned, not what she talked about. Because he's hypothesizing about there being deeper meaning behind that idea (there probably isn't, but)

>> No.32760316

She is menhera and had an hard life

>> No.32760320

she told everyone at the end of her past life to find her when she's reborn, and then gave it away with pekora's age, i'm sure if she ever moved on she'd let us know somehow

>> No.32760324

Jesus christ. Get a friend or a job, please.

>> No.32760368

Not that anon but I can't even see the problem if she really wants to go that way considering that Coco and Noel exists

>> No.32760383

>Only some speculations that it was either too costly or impractical to carry out.

Marine want to make a fucking anime

>> No.32760421

In the last months has she even taken a break?

>> No.32760432

How about taking your own advice. Any one of them.

>> No.32760446

Hence the conflicting with her image
I have both, I just don't mind entertaining unlikely scenarios and thinking out loud
If it's basically an open secret it's still fine, it'd suck to find out about it way late though

>> No.32760476

This, it's not that crazy an idea. It's like starting up a new character in a video game for a change in perspective, nobody is arguing that she's leaving for niji or anything. She might just miss the interpersonal relationship she had with a smaller chat.

>> No.32760477

Anon my entire point was that it was never anything like that, speculating on a hypothetical scenario is probably the worst thing you can do in a situation like this, all you are doing is furthering your own worries.
Prior to this she has only taken one day off at most and those were like once a month.

>> No.32760514

She doesn’t want to be friends with you freaks

>> No.32760549

Ah yeah you're right. My mistake.

>> No.32760600

>She might just miss the interpersonal relationship she had with a smaller chat.
And getting that involves 'getting rid' of a lot of viewers, which would suck for fans who didn't get the memo. If I found out I was one of them (unlikely considering how this place works) I'd feel awful about it. Can't please everyone with a move like that for sure

>> No.32760644

too much work little time for herself.

>> No.32760646

I'm sorry, but what did you actually expect out of a hobby defined by the creation of fictionally ideal women?

>> No.32760851

I've also wanted to avoid bring up specifics or even hints in the thread because it's members only, it was supposed to be a surprise, and I specifically didn't want it to lead to these types rumors, but I guess now that it's out I'll say my thoughts. I get why people would be concerned about it. Right after that stream I made a post saying it gave me a weird feeling despite sounding fun. I wasn't worried about her starting a side account or leaving Hololive or anything close to that, I was just worried that it might be motivated by wanting to relive being a smaller streamer again and I felt bad that she might feel that way, even though it's totally understandable.

>> No.32760933

>Inkya doesn't want friends

>> No.32760980
File: 569 KB, 1085x1123, 1588703729306.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I totally get why people could get that idea and isn't illogical, but it feels dangerous to fall into that line of thought since it requires a lot of "What if's" to support since she doesn't confirm it herself.
Considering her breakdown where she also mentions she has been in a state of desperation it just feels like all these random ideas she thought up recently were desperate measures to do SOMETHING for her fans but each and every seems to have been shot down and it just further exaggerated her desperation.
I mean this idea was so obviously not going to be allowed as it is essentially; "Let me stream as my roommate and then acknowledge it with Pekora after being found out".

>> No.32761008

>I was just worried that it might be motivated by wanting to relive being a smaller streamer again and I felt bad that she might feel that way
It was also an idea crafted in a way to make sure nobody feels left out in the end, so if there is more to it might be a serious source of internal conflict where she can't get both ways

>> No.32761022

She literally just lies in her bed and plays with rubber bands in her free time, she needs to find an actual hobby.

>> No.32761084

Heh, people are still getting it wrong. Noone has the whole story. I saw a vid with a pinned comment saying that she was frustrated her project got denieed even though someone else with a similar project was approved. They think it's someone from EN but the initial suspicion fell on Marine.

>> No.32761357

So the End Dragon has broken out form it's prison to fulfill Pekora's promise to destroy the Holoserver...

>> No.32761540
File: 246 KB, 2350x1000, EsiY37zU0AAirh9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a bad habit of falling into "what ifs" but I try to keep them to myself because I would hate to see people spread anything I say as fact or even as a rumor. In this case I wanted to share because my what if is a less extreme version of what people seem to be pushing. I think she loves her place in Hololive more than anything, but it has to be tough.

>it just feels like all these random ideas she thought up recently were desperate measures to do SOMETHING for her fans
Yeah. I get where she's coming from but I wish she would realize she already does stuff for her fans literally every day and that's not counting the idol stuff behind the scenes. I've never once wished she did more than what she's already doing.

>I mean this idea was so obviously not going to be allowed as it is essentially; "Let me stream as my roommate and then acknowledge it with Pekora after being found out".
Honestly, I felt it could go either way. Certainly heavily leaning towards not happening, but I thought there was greater than zero chance of it being allowed. Although seeing it described that way, I think it makes sense it was not allowed.

It can do that?

>> No.32761699

This, she thought it was cheap but shot it down once she was told it can only hold a limited amount of people

>> No.32761944

That's a 2ch anti narrative. A video on NND is spreading it. It has no basis in reality.

>> No.32761971

>I think she loves her place in Hololive more than anything
I'm sure she loves the other streamers, but not so sure about management. 5ch seems to think it's an issue with management and I trust them more than I trust this place or reddit. It's just one fuckup after another with this company.

>> No.32762011

It wouldn't surprise me if one day a bunch of holos just went off after their contracts expired and made their own hololive with blackjack and hookers.

>> No.32762014
File: 825 KB, 1221x1845, 1588254339042.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I've never once wished she did more than what she's already doing.
You, me, and probably most nousagi also feel this way, but we unfortunately can't convince her of that. Hell, I wanted to write this exact thing to her during one of the "ぺこーら大好き!" times on Twitter, where I wanted to say that I haven't ever felt like I wasn't being repaid. But I failed on the production of that sentence and gave up.

>I think she loves her place in Hololive more than anything, but it has to be tough.
To entertain the thought a bit, I wonder if something like an account to do roommate zatsudans on would be good for her, a place where she can talk without having that "I am Pekora, I must make everyone happy" pressure on her.
But maybe she is too far gone and have already merged too much with Pekora that she can't separate the two because she knows that others would combine them.

>> No.32762158

It's going to be tough because they have too much leverage since they own the IP. I think it's more likely that the company is going to fold because of some dumb management mistake before they leave to create hololive 2.0 with blackjack and hookers.

>> No.32762236

>5ch seems to think it's an issue with management and I trust them more than I trust this place or reddit.
My fucking sides.

>> No.32762248

>5ch seems to think it's an issue with management and I trust them more than I trust this place or reddit
5ch is just as bad as this place. Take meds if you are going to satrt beliving rats.

>> No.32762348

Reddit actively censors negative info
4chan regurgitates "translated" narratives from 5ch.
They're not good, but they're absolutely better than this place.

>> No.32762369

Hahahaha my sides

>> No.32762463

People to have brains but I guess that’s asking to much

>> No.32762470

I think being managed is part of why it's tough. I'm not as hard on Cover as most people, they've certainly fucked up a LOT with things like permissions although part of me wonders whether that was such a bad thing because would they REALLY have gotten like Sony, SE or Konami permissions before June if they knew about them beforehand? Their fuck up in that case possibly led to streams we wouldn't have gotten otherwise and the handling of the China situation, but at the same time they're managing a bunch of women and men they plucked off streaming websites. Those people aren't used to being a part of a streaming corporation or dealing with legal bullshit or immediately having hundreds of thousands of eyes on them, it's stressful for both sides of the equation.

I've been trying to write a superchat message with something like that sounds as nice as possible and it's difficult. I also feel bad it'd be a SC since that is part of the source of her stress, but I don't really use Twitter besides to browse and I'd feel weird tweeting with a blank profile. As for your second paragraph, she kind of did that once before early on. I think it might be good for her, but part of the reason I felt bad about my worry wasn't actually because I think it would be bad if she felt that way, because I think that's totally normal, but rather she's so distinct I don't really know how small she could be or for how long. I worry even something like that could blow up beyond her comfort zone.

>> No.32762518
File: 23 KB, 734x174, room.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


do your roommate and nihongo reps, EOP-peko

>> No.32762538

then go back and stay there

>> No.32762542

>They're not good
thats the fucking point
People shouldn't believe any, pekora said not to miss interpret her and marine even said that to not spread misinformation.
Ironic this pekora thread is more full of that that either of the generals.

>> No.32762574

Why are you EOPs even here? Fuck off to global.

>> No.32762672

Management's incompetence isn't exactly a new narrative. People have already forgotten that they chose to sacrifice two of their talent to appease the Chinese before realizing it wouldn't make a difference.

>> No.32762704

t. retard with no Business understanding.

>> No.32762711

You know global is the thread that unironically talks about 5ch narratives, right? You'd be right at home there.

>> No.32762727

They are still active so nobody got sacrificed Zhang

>> No.32762737

neither hato and coco had a beef with management even with the suspension. Stop thinking pekora does. listen to her and marine.

>> No.32762896

Wait, is the members only stream where this all went down archived? If I get a membership right now can I see it?

>> No.32762914


>> No.32762937

Also I should be clear, it's not a fun watch.

>> No.32763136

The members stream was a stupid idea, I know she was trying to confide in her fans and to let people know it wasn't *that* serious like a relative passing but it gives people ammunition to spin mad narratives, I mean they would have done it anyway but now people will just play a guessing game of what the project was or Pekora hates cover management etc etc.
She deserves a rest because she has streamed a lot but I would be lying if I said she didn't handle this pretty badly.

>> No.32763198

>Pekora hates cover management
There is literally zero chance of this

>> No.32763248

The narratives would've been even worse without the stream, everyone assummed it was a family emergency at first, at least we now know roughly what's going on even if people are taking things out of context to post rrats

>> No.32763293

Glitched into the End following Moona and then glitched into the main server following Kanata, but that's a narrative at best, it did glitch into places it shouldn't, I'm amazed that it only destroyed Pororo when Moona saw it

>> No.32763340

>escapist hobby
Do you also think people are weird for RP'ing in character in tabletop games?
Because it's fundamentally the same shit.

>> No.32763390

I honestly wish she hadn't done the member's stream, or not gone for 40 minutes. It was really hard to watch and listen to. I know she did it to give us some relief but her おやすみなさい and 'bye bye' just sounded so sad. I'm sure she expected it to give her some catharsis but I think it had the opposite effect.
I'm also worried about her return stream. The flood of SC will be neverending and that's clearly not what she's going to want or need and may start this whole thing over.

>> No.32763396

There is zero evidence of this.

>> No.32763534

I agree that for as little as she said, she still said too much, debunking family tragedy narrative and some general statements she said about when she'll return would've been enough. I'm worried about her deciding about the timing of her return which is predicated on her no longer feeling bad, I can't imagine just jumping in happily and pretending she wasn't on a break, and the longer it takes the heavier the problem feels

>> No.32763543

Kanata logged in just after the dragon destroyed Moona's pororo to inform Flare that it was the staff that spawned the dragon in the overworld while trying to fix the bugged dragon in the end city

>> No.32763555

I really hope you guys are being dramatic with how sad she was.

>> No.32763657

>but rather she's so distinct I don't really know how small she could be or for how long
I guess that is the permanent curse of popularity. But if she were to stream somewhere other than Youtube it would probably be possible to cut off most of her chaff viewers, especially EOPs if she were ever on a platform that is Japanese.

>> No.32763697

Anon please stop eating up any narrative. I'm saying it not just because it's bad for the community but also for yourself. I know you're feeling uneasy but the best thing that you can do now is have faith in Pekora and be patient. The only person that you can trust here are Pekora and yourself.

>> No.32763792

I actually included that on the survey, about how I don't like she overworks herself. And yes at this point she can't go back to be an small steamer anymore, at least not as she used to be

>> No.32763847

That's pretty funny, did they kill it or is it just unloaded in a chunk somewhere? Or did they just despawn it?

I have a lot of mixed feelings about the stream, I still don't know whether I agree with her doing it that early or going that long, but I think everyone including her would have felt worse without it. I doubt it was the best way to go about it, but it's what we got. Most of it crushed me, but the little bit of laughter was nice to hear, even if it wasn't the happiest. I really want her return stream to be announced at least a day or two in advance so people get their excitement out of their systems first and to give her a chance to cancel if she ends up not feeling ready. I don't want her to just jump into announcing the stream a couple hours beforehand like she usually does. She mentioned turning SCs off, so I wouldn't be surprised if they're disabled for at least the first stream.

Not really...

>> No.32763860

>Staff sent the dragon into the main server
But of course, though I'd be lying if i said i wouldn't love seeing it being hunted there and the reconstruction that followed

>> No.32763870

It’s not the same because onlookers don’t believe that the RP is real. I’m genuinely shocked by how many people still convince themselves that vtubers aren’t putting on a show and are 1 to 1 how they are irl

>> No.32763871

I'm sorry to tell you this but no one is exaggerating things. The stream is just sad cause there's an actual human being that I and a lot of people care deeply being absolutely broken behind that avatar.

>> No.32763874

Anon, I've been in the vtuber hole for a few years, I've been there when disgusting behind the scenes scandals came to light, I've seen many vtubers cry on stream, I've watched ones I love retire, but nothing has given me such gut wrenching heartbreak as that member stream.

>> No.32763977

Remember the time she apologized for being late? The time she thought that making her fans wait was such terrible and unforgivable sin. This is way worst

>> No.32763980

Unfortunately not at all. It was honestly a heartbreaking stream.

>> No.32764047

I think there are different approach on how to be a vtuber. Some plays a character Kizuna Ai, some show a different side of themselves like Noel, others are just themselves with avatar like Matsuri.

>> No.32764050

If you think that member stream was an act then you are lethally autistic or think she is the best actor in the world. Your extreme is equally as bad treating them all as actors with no real emotions.

>> No.32764076

Rushia making Peker laugh so much that she can barely breath https://streamable.com/x9dpbg

>> No.32764113

Not him but that was before my time and I've never seen any clip of it and I'm kind of glad based on how people talk about it.

This whole stream was great but that was the highlight

>> No.32764120


>> No.32764215

I bet you believe she really went to school with bandaids on her nipples too

>> No.32764266

no it was horrible, hearing her bawl her eyes out while the pekora avatar was smiling the whole time and her cheerful upbeat bgm was playing made it so much worse

>> No.32764268

That stream was probably the realest she’s been. If you think I’m referring to that stream you’re lethally autistic

>> No.32764283

I doubt it, but she's the most genuine holo I know.

>> No.32764296

What did you get homeschooled? That's not hard to believe at all.

>> No.32764315

She sounded so devastated and defeated I thought one of her family members had died or something

>> No.32764369

Nobody is saying they are literally 1-to-1, but to go as far to call it acting is laughable considering only a few of them can act, and Pekora is horrific at acting. It is an exaggerated persona but Pekora is very genuine and I really don't care if you respond to this in smug superiority for thinking you can "see through" the act, you wouldn't be the first person to claim it and won't be the last either.

>> No.32764377

I don't doubt it, girls do so much more crazy stuff in school. Bandaid on her nipples is vanilla tier shit

>> No.32764387

No but I’ve dated women before

>> No.32764452

Thanks for that anon, it's been a rough couple of days as a huge fan of both of them and I really needed that laugh

>> No.32764470

I don’t “see through” anything but it’s just the nature of the job. And it’s the nature of the fan to buy into it because no one would send money to a fictional character unless they were legitimately schizophrenic

>> No.32764502

I should not have listen to the members only stream. Holy shit Cover just let the girl do what she wants.

>> No.32764518

We warned you bro, we told you how awful it was but you didn't listen.

>> No.32764545

God, I hope she comes back soon, in between the narratives and schizos everyone is acting like fucking fishwives.

>> No.32764546

>They think it's someone from EN

Obvious haters.

>> No.32764579

You really can't have followed her for a long time if you still can't see how much of herself is in Pekora. Do you just turn your brain off when she literally speaks about herself and her every day life? How do you even say that the member stream is the realest she has ever been while not acknowledging the reason she is that destroyed which also proves this shit isn't an act to her.
What evidence do you even have to support the argument that it is acting when we have literal evidence they can't act for shit?

>> No.32764584

I don't think it's as bad as it looks
This is what happens to people when they keep in their emotions for too long, they snap
I suspected that's what it was before, but Marine said the same thing about her on her stream today
Pekora's never complained about anything or never do anything except pretend to be Pekora

>> No.32764610

I get to have sex with peko roommate each night!

>> No.32764659

She also laughed so much at Rushia's Smash mode that her throat still hurt the next day iirc https://streamable.com/dj0nx4

>> No.32764677

Do you know her personally? How would you know how much of her personality is in pekora if you don’t spend time with her in the real world

>> No.32764701

>This is what happens to people when they keep in their emotions for too long, they snap
That sounds pretty bad to me. People could snap and do the unthinkable sometimes. Thankfully she appears to be sane.

>> No.32764714

Seeing as you are ignoring 90% of my post, you really are one of those retards who think it is wrestling, piss off already.

>> No.32764733

I don't mean that kind of snap, I mean they just snap emotionally and let it all out
Which is ultimately a good thing because they can start to express their emotions in a more healthy way, which hopefully she will

>> No.32764755

Please go hug her for us Jun

>> No.32764818

Cope harder

>> No.32764823

>That sounds pretty bad to me
90% of the time is just a extreme overreaction that follows self reflection. is normal, pekora has been streaming daily and is probably taking to much toll on her. That´s why marine says she deserves a few days.

>> No.32764912

Yes I mean that kind of snap. Given that she's sane she'll seek help in others instead of self-harm. I wish she will always share her frustration instead of bottling it up from now on.

>> No.32764936

I’m sure she does, she seems to have a good support system

>> No.32764979

Everyone will snap from time to time. that doesn't mean self-harm or violence for most people

>> No.32764980

Not him, but Pekora was definitely keeping a decent part of herself seperate from what she was presenting on-stream. This entire... thing is exactly that. She never shows her frustrations if it would get in the way of a good show, and now it blew up on her. Like you said, she's a shit actor but she worked around that by supressing her emotions.

>> No.32765020

That game was just bad... But Pekora's reactions are always good https://youtu.be/GlaENp1pxbU

>> No.32765047

I mean I'm not saying she is literally herself because as you say, she clearly avoids a lot of topics pertaining to herself, in particular her negative outlook on things which she just bottles up instead.
But aside from avoiding topics, which is something even you and me do in certain situations, she doesn't fake herself. It is more lying by omission rather than straight up lying.

>> No.32765090

I'm not anyone in this conversation but there's a clear difference between pretending to be someone else and suppressing parts of who you are. The parts you see are mostly real, they're just not the whole story.

>> No.32765149

I've really been enjoying the increase of Nyaruhodo and all variations of Nya that she slips into her words. Maybe it has always been there but I just haven't paid attention to it.

>> No.32765214

I agreed with this she just avoids certain topics, some times even saying that is nlt something she should talk about it..But she might feel interest in talked about subjects like revenge and death if is related to stream. Is kinda funny that something like that was brought during a fucking MC stream

>> No.32765241

It's more than that, she keeps a lot of her personality inside, the parts that might say more negative things perhaps

>> No.32765276
File: 3 KB, 128x128, 1611681188365.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ban two talents for a month making their fans who paid memberships etc. furious
>chinks still think it's not enough and demand their graduation because you can't appease zhangs ever
>now you made both parties furious
>in the result all your CN branch has to graduate
Yes, keep telling to yourself that Cover made very good decisions and their buisness understanding is good.

>> No.32765320
File: 221 KB, 1447x1624, 1584530758472.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please don't respond to him this time.

>> No.32765445

I think the cognitive dissonance is just easier when there’s an anime avatar in between

>> No.32765486
File: 353 KB, 2048x2004, Esq0I6rUcAE5IAp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Respond to this instead: how do you people organize your image folder? Anytime I try and search for a specific image it takes like 10 minutes to find it because 90% of my stuff is just in one folder. I want to be able to post pekos promptly.

>> No.32765579

I hate when pekora is having a rough time but part of me likes it because she becomes extra willing to please in bed

>> No.32765584

When a folder gets too full I make another one and archive the old one to separate the pics in different categories... But thenI forgot about doing it and now everything is a mess

>> No.32765765
File: 64 KB, 680x543, EsrzZ83VkAAojf0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.32765860
File: 173 KB, 700x700, 1611144324330.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My first attempt at organizing was to create a folder for goofy images like this, which mostly worked well. Then I decided I needed a folder for cute images and I realized I was just moving pretty much everything in the main folder to that folder and gave up on that idea. Since then I added a pekomama folder and a clips folder since those are easy enough to split off. But still, the vast majority is just an unordered mess.

>> No.32765881

oh no no no how nousagis will ever recover

>> No.32765987

I don't think I can after that...

>> No.32766164

I don't wanna

>> No.32766186
File: 19 KB, 480x360, pekomiko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Someone with free time has come
i hope we will get some more pekomiko in the future, sport arc was fun and 2 brats trying to oneup eachother is always funny

>> No.32766431
File: 80 KB, 596x618, EjCaNd3U4AAQM1M.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Of course, instead of firing Coco like the chinks wanted they kept her and lost all the Chinese games instead.

>> No.32766549 [DELETED] 

That's not her account

>> No.32766578

Damn nousagis are fat fucks

>> No.32766603

>write a paragraph and use Google translator
Yeah, that faggot can't do shit. If by any chance you're reading this, let me tell you you're pathetic, bottom of the barrel thrash

>> No.32766758

That stream and the Mio Miko collab this was from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULAuWfIYbek were my favorite streams of the undokai arc besides the actual event itself. I wish I could go back and relive it in real time and pay more attention to what everyone was doing in the leadup.

>> No.32766839
File: 1.99 MB, 2893x4092, 1605887278123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is Pekora finally willing to show us her face? Is that what she wanted to do to thank us for supporting her? I don't want her to be doxxed, so I totally disapprove an idea like that

>> No.32767078

I don't think that was the intent, just streaming not as Pekora until someone called her out.

>> No.32767408

But that would in her first stream as her roommate. She is totally unique and she couldn't hide her identity at all. Heck, she would even say -peko without thinking about it

>> No.32767952
File: 68 KB, 755x720, 28eb2397a1bf331f836cf5e6ecc6b8f8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love my oshi Pekora!

...am I doing this right?

>> No.32768025

Yes you did very good.

>> No.32768129

I think from her perspective the fun part is the scavenger hunt of trying to find a random stream on the internet based purely on their voice and see how long it goes. She's wasn't trying to launch a second channel or actually stay hidden for long besides not saying peko or reveal anything about herself. At least that was my impression.

>> No.32768198
File: 179 KB, 1000x1514, kqv1onae8x051.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The delivery was a little dry, but very good for a first try. Two or three more posts, a cute Pekora image and you'll be a perfect Nousagi!

>> No.32768342
File: 253 KB, 601x765, de392ys-950ea4f9-c2d6-4e32-877e-4e390591b1d6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.32770756
File: 2.65 MB, 1448x2048, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.32771769
File: 2.34 MB, 2860x3978, 1604854522891.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just want my inkya usagi to be happy again...

>> No.32771962
File: 1.61 MB, 2480x3026, EslL6HXUUAAUwDZ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hope she's resting well

>> No.32772030

Same here dude. But she will be, she needs to recharge batteries and clear her mind. She works so hard and deserves to rest for now.

>> No.32772798

I wonder what games she's been playing while resting.

>> No.32774057

Maybe putting down the carrots once in a while might help

>> No.32774430

I hope she isn't stopping herself from playing anything she wants to play for the stream's sake but when I'm feeling down I don't feel like playing anything remotely complex. Likely just gacha or something like that.

>> No.32774444

I have control of the narrative

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