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this looks like it's gonna 404

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Previous thread
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it was a good run djt


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please livestream you killing yourself

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mined デルタゾーン

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anki without reading constantly is useless

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guide: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/

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*doesn't read*

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reading without using anki constantly is usless

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nobody asked

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only listening and speaking matters

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this thread has a nice simple comfy format and to break that format breaks my heart

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maybe try reddit instead

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that sounds like something made up by somebody who's watched too many science fiction anime

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no dont do it

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i don't approve of this thread

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well if you image search it, it seems to be a well established term

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>that first image on google
absolutely disgusting

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you literally saved this sure

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the second pic is the best that shows up tell me otherwise

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results aren't the same for everybody welcome to the personalized internet

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the second pic explains the word incorrectly

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yes they are

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Fluffy fluff

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this is why i use duckduckgo

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I've noticed a few learn Japanese podcasts advertised. Are any good? I don't see how listening could help you learn anything new, I'd think they'd only be good for revision.

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When will you learn to output and become Chad like Matt?

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>not using Yandex

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gotta spend a few more months in the hyperbolic toilet chamber playing my japanese pokemon red cart

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i'm starting to think that khatzumoto never actually got that good at mandarin chinese

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i don't think about khatzumoto at all

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that thumbnail is so sick he just photobombs japanese ppl who are havin a good time and hes just there off to the side i bet they dont even know hes there they prolly think hes in the toilet

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lmfao it's like malcolm in that episode where he just hangs out in the vicinity of people to make it look like they're his friends

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Fuck off you literal piece of shit.

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his mistake was becoming khatzumoto instead of khatzuwindmill

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u know the 友達いなそう comment wasnt really unfounded when u think about it


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that comment wasn't about matt

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i know it was in reply to whatever japanese dude but the guy framed it that way so its the meme now

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Is there always a correct way to pronounce kanji in any given situation, or are there cases where you can read them in your head in multiple ways cause neither is strictly right or wrong?

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how tall is matt?

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can you give some examples

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2 inches taller than jamal

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how tall is jamal?

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i'm starting to suspect this may have been written by khatzumoto
maybe he was really just faking the whole "living in japan and having a japanese wife" thing

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yah 義 is always the same as shown here


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who ever named this streamable doesn't know English.

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fuck matt is taller than me

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you can read some in multiple ways but they usually come with furigana so you can read them as the author intended
for example 一昨日 can be おととい or いっさくじつ

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its called a stylistic choice

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id knock ur teeth down ur little nerd throat if u said that to me irl

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i'm gonna stylistically choice to bang your mom

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those little xyzs in the corner combined with the girl reminded me of that fuckin wrestling minigame in yakuza 0
that shit sucked so much

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pretty sure nothing exists

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this exists

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Cool thanks.
So if no furigana is given, some words/phrases can be spoken in multiple ways?

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lol so random

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yeah it doesnt really matter then

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where is the section on how to have sex with chinese girls?

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ask jamal, he's chinese

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who would win in a one on one between yoga and matt?

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hope eiffel tower anon delivers one day

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the guy with more mass most likely

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yoga loves mma and also he's more of a businessman with more motivation than the fraud jew matt (he's a disservice to his ethnicity) so yoga would really get in there and fuck him up

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matt would just use his superior agility to run rings around yoga

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didn't lick

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yoga would destroy matt w. his bjj skills and general overall weight hed have matts pasty bicep in an armbar faster than u can say kohgoh

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this is how all weak little men imagine themselves fighting larger men

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as if japan couldnt be any more corporate they go and prove me wrong, what a capitalist abomination

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havent posted one in a while

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capitalism is good the problem here is government but this is good cosplay sluts should be killed

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kotaku is gay westernshit

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bullshit clickbait fake news
this will never be a thing, ever

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just outed yourself as a chink dani

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then your anki cards are bad

though having said that, if good anki cards and reps are like the bread and butter, then reading is like the rest of the dinner and meals; you're missing out so much if you don't read

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>telling putin your tastes in anime and hentai
>abusing the quote function

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sucka mofucka suck my deek

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why are copyright holders so fucking retarded
cosplay sluts are literally giving their shit free publicity and they want to fuck that all up

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stupid post by a stupid person

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1st of all kotaku link LOL

2nd of all this might sound bad but i think its actually really good im sick of low effort sluts ruining everything

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Reminder that Japanese children are expected to remember all hiragana in a single day and if it took you longer than that you're not gonna make it.

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i have learned more japanese playing fallout 4 with japanese audio and text then playing japanese games, who would have thought consuming translated western media is the secret to learning japanese

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anki does less than nothing if you don't read

>> No.32711965

it didnt

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damn my dream was to go to japan during Comiket 100 and pokemon snap all the shiro pantsus of all レイヤーs

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they are expected to know them already before they enter school

ive seen many parents on youtube have hiragana teaching wallscrolls on their bathroom wall so they can teach the kids while taking a bath

>> No.32712067

truly learning a word means understanding it instantly and intuitively while glancing at its mere shape, you can only reach that level while reading that word thousands of times across tons of different contexts

anki won't even do 10% of truly learning a word

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This is very important work.

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the better i get at japanese be less i'm interested in their culture

>> No.32712255

where is jamal

>> No.32712274

i'm inside of him

>> No.32712286

opposite for me. the more i get into japanese and the culture the less i give a fuck about otaku interests like anime and games

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yeah and once u know japanese u hate japs

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was browsing the last thread and lmao at a "real girl" using a word like "cis" to describe itself behind an avatar

>> No.32712411

he's a chink living in canada

>> No.32712415

would b happy to hug all the sad girls itt

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probably stuffing his fat face with food as always

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ur gonna make me post a real face reveal cuz my face isnt fat in fact the only part of me thats fat is my dick

>> No.32712481

I'm a trans-cis woman

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if there’s one thing i’d like to dispel in self language learning the most, it’s the idea that fluency = 100% knowledge of the language
because chances are, you don’t know everything the language you are natively fluent in

people take mental shortcuts/heuristics when they read anything
they look for key points and skim the rest because otherwise, whole paragraphs feel overwhelming
you are also just unlikely to know every cultural reference and inspiration a creator can put in too

so fluency imo should be seen as something more about the capabilities to look stuff up by yourself
if you can read wikipedia and dictionary articles in the language you are learning, you’re def fluent in this sense since you know how to navigate resources

you will always find something that is difficult to read
i recently had trouble reading some lines in yakuza 0 since it dealt with property law so i had to read up various pages on it to follow the plot
and i’m not ashamed of it because i ain’t a lawyer lmao
it’s part of learning

just recognize that fluency is much more than knowing the words and feeling comfortable
since it’s mostly about knowing where and how to look
the actual fluency struggles is when you translate and must think about everything
totally not suffering :-)

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u should transition urself into a wood chipper

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is this you?

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you won't even post a picture of your non-white skin let alone your face

>> No.32712551

post ur fuckin white skin then

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its equivalent exchange i learned it in in full metal whatever

>> No.32712587

who is the guy that made thos core anki cards?
i own him my life

>> No.32712600

ive got chocolate skin

>> No.32712610

i already did pretty sure a lot of jizz was spilt over it

>> No.32712621

lie to this
*unzips pants*

>> No.32712628

yah i know i was tryin to get somethin good this time

>> No.32712642

you first, shitskin

>> No.32712647

what does it feel like to know that people have jerked off to your feet?

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>> No.32712678

actually glad there are more actual girls here. now you can proceed to be inferior to me so i can take my place as queen bitch of djt

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i hate jamal i hate moe i hate mary i hate djt i hate mia i hate matt i hate yoga i hate anime i hate japanese i hate women i hate niggers i hate brazil

>> No.32712700

i will never learn this language

>> No.32712719

i agree w. the last part and some of the other parts

>> No.32712736

becuse it has words?

>> No.32712743

knew all of the readings and meanings
just read more bro

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>> No.32712763

maybe try hating less

>> No.32712768

still can't believe qm has a 極太絶倫肉棒

>> No.32712777 [DELETED] 

Kill yourself chink

>> No.32712809

based even if im in there

>> No.32712819

id love 2 arm wrestle u and look u straight in the eyes as ur hate is no match for my strong kindness

>> No.32712833

i usually get pissed off at how you jump at every opportunity to talk to women who post here because you're a huge simp but this made me lol

>> No.32712839

no there really arent i just took the audio from this clip

>> No.32712853

I'd laugh at those two slits in your face you call eyes

>> No.32712862

nah ur just jealous that i showed the other girl attention its natural ur stock is crashing hard now in light of this new development

>> No.32712871

wow so this is the power of a 140 iq

>> No.32712887

jabum btfo

>> No.32712893

this is completely false and i'm not a grill

>> No.32712898


>> No.32712904

can u relax i knew it was pro cut audio from the getgo im trying to bait og here cna u fuckin relax

>> No.32712916

jamal the canadian chink getting exposed and taking L's all day today

>> No.32712918

let's be honest qm would steal her away from you by using his big dick energy aura

>> No.32712948

there is a girl here?

>> No.32712955

It's so disgusting of youtube to ban creators purely because of colour of their skin...

>> No.32712959

i dno i thought qm would be hotter after losing his v card but somehow i find him even more pathetic than before.

>> No.32712977

stfu nigger
"she" doesnt want u

>> No.32712980

qm never had sex it was all ruse u insolent fucks

>> No.32712989


>> No.32712994

i know jamal loves hololive but doesnt wanna admit it so he probably recognized that voice instantly

>> No.32713004

yah i also reaped what i fuckin saysew

>> No.32713007

this is one of the more hilarious memes the "incel" community has come up with. its like the flat earth tier and i love it

>> No.32713043

is there anything comfier than listening to an isekai audiobook

>> No.32713071

i got really mad imagining 30%+ of this thread enjoying stuff like this.

>> No.32713139


>> No.32713152

same but i take refuge in the fact more humanity has a lot of suffering on the horizon so hopefully pain will come to quickly to the zoomer filth that watches hololive

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but you don't hate george, right?

>> No.32713202

holy shit george is a hairy piece of shit lmao

>> No.32713214


>> No.32713224

so long as you dont hate tkyosam im with you

>> No.32713225

youre just a fucking chink
chink men are basically f*males anyway

>> No.32713228

yeah watching ciarans head roll of his body

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>> No.32713246

im a hairy piece of shit too i have hair on my knuckles

>> No.32713247

why do men think collections of toys is a good look? when did they start decorating their rooms like teenages girls?

>> No.32713261

i shave my nipples and armpits

>> No.32713271

sounds like you have anger problems

>> No.32713303

sounds disgusting

>> No.32713308

post a photo of yourself

>> No.32713315

og is such a loser

>> No.32713340

answer his questions first. they're valid questions to be asking

>> No.32713382

can't complain about the emasculation of men if you're a femboy yourself

>> No.32713415

id go to ogs disgusting pig room with stuff all over the floor and dirty dishes everywhere and spoon w. her watching 80s anime while we fart on each other and eat doritos out of the same bag our hands occasionally meeting when we both decide to take a potato chip and eat it and then we abort our potato chip eating operation to just hold hands inside the bag

>> No.32713418

you think were buying these because we actually want them?
mine are all presents so i cant throw them away or the person that gave them to me will be sad

>> No.32713419

anyone know where to find raws for the ln version of 回復術士のやり直し?

not in the library and all the torrents on nyaa seem to be for the manga

>> No.32713427

just answer his questions already

>> No.32713432

>audio cards are useless if you don't read

>> No.32713474

are these the people i get weed from in nippon?

>> No.32713477

wow cute

>> No.32713490

LMAOOOO just looked at the archives

>> No.32713557

no thats the ppl the weed man in nippon gets his weed from

>> No.32713561

doritos aren't potatoes u stupid burger

>> No.32713576

found jamals youtube channel

he tries hard to sound a bit younger here to appeal to the zoomer audience

>> No.32713583

man we really forcing the thread number autist to work hard
wonder when he will snap

>> No.32713606

i remember seeing some crazy shit when i was looking upon this stuff as a 15 yo 10 years ago

>> No.32713635

now this is autism

>> No.32713672

look light yagami in death note doesnt say "i take a corn chip and eat it" and i cant imagine eating some fuckin lays barbecue garbage chips with og it has to be doritos

>> No.32713674

fuck, i thought "tier" was pronounced differently

english is such a dumb language

>> No.32713679

why you gotta ruin what we have by being gay?

>> No.32713692

if you could press a button that teaches you japanese perfectly but you would have to unlearn english and never be able to speak english again would you press it

>> No.32713696

nah man its all about dem oven baked lays
best shit on the market

>> No.32713709

friends gonna be hanging out and i cant cause i live with people over 60. so sick of this shit, if i wasnt a lazy sack of shit and got a job right after uni instead of fucking around for a year id have my own place now and the past year wouldnt have been so miserable.

>> No.32713733

just go, the elderly are a drain on our economy anyway

>> No.32713734

thats how i am the status quo has gotten boring so i gotta do something otherwise were just going thru the motions at this point

>> No.32713735
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if i went to japan with a black friend, who is a rapper, would they want to hang out with us? like if we wore gucci and other chief keef esque accessories? or do those hip hop nips not like negros?
t. grew up only white kid in the belly of the beast. DC

>> No.32713740

I'm sorry if there's a more suitable place to ask this, but where should I start? I learned Kana and a few Kanji a couple of years ago, but then I stopped. I've learned several other languages through official in-person courses, but I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to go about it without a set course of action in front of me

>> No.32713753

kys sociopath

>> No.32713766

if u walk around lookin like a big deal japanese ppl will wanna be around u cuz they pathetic like that lol

>> No.32713789

u should start here >>>/int/djt tell them quizmaster sent u

>> No.32713831

clearly not jamal he didn't review the children

>> No.32713848

like tie and r?

>> No.32713876

or tee air

>> No.32713899

Thanks, I think!

>> No.32713913

as much as it pains me, not knowing english in today's world is like cutting your legs

>> No.32713930

he got a girl really fast once he made the choice to hunt them
so i dunno his game might be good

>> No.32713930,1 [INTERNAL] 

showing too much they won't hang around you.
besides if you hang out with a black they will think you are from another tribe trying to conquer their turf so they will beat you to pulp.

>> No.32713943

finna review ur face with my fist

>> No.32713957

learning japanese is sort of like math
once you know the fundamentals, you'll never forget them
but if you didn't understand the basics very well, you'll always struggle in the more advanced concepts

>> No.32713985

read 温もり as おんもり

>> No.32714002

read tier as tee air

>> No.32714010

japanese isnt like math japanese is a language and if any of u fucken poindexters w. quad focal lens glasses try to say but ackshually jamal math is a language i swear to god im gonna give u a wedgie so hard ur gonna be post op by the time im done with u

>> No.32714045
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>learning japanese is sort of like math

>> No.32714055

dont need any dumb pointless language learning analogies

>> No.32714068

matt doesnt know japanese or math but somehow he got that one right

>> No.32714069

shut the fuck up moe you don't know shit matt walks and talks circles around you with his deep wisdom

>> No.32714083

i already know japanese so that doesnt seem like a smart move

>> No.32714131

He was making an analogy on the learning process he didn't it was math, captain autism.

>> No.32714142

you can rush through the basics and acquire them naturally without doing shit
you don't need a good grasp of the basics at all, only a rough idea of the most bare fundamentals

>> No.32714152

>watching videos of people's everyday lives
are you a homo?

>> No.32714166

/ˈtaɪ.ə(ɹ)/ instead of /ˈtɪɚ/ but apparently that's also a word which means
>One who ties (knots, etc).

>> No.32714172
File: 20 KB, 553x517, 1596580084336.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

where were you when matt fell from grace

>> No.32714181

language is very logical
all languages are like math
if you understand the basic grammar, you will just have to learn to stick the words together correctly then the only thing you need to know are all the exceptions of grammar and the vocabulary

>> No.32714191

you probably got too early into this

>> No.32714200

need some burger to come up with a food analogy to japanese

>> No.32714208

>stalking japanese single moms on youtube makes me homo
sure thing bro

>> No.32714214

fuck matto

>> No.32714226

god i hate japs

>> No.32714230

you dont need to think about grammar at all ever to be 100% fluent in speaking a language

>> No.32714234

he probably took that from krashen.

>> No.32714252

i mean he told people to switch to the refold patreon

>> No.32714280

language is about

relations between words

>> No.32714282

why are you so threatened by the idea of someone other than you knowing japanese?

>> No.32714287

nobody is 100% fluent in speaking a language

>> No.32714293

theres plenty of ppl i have endorsed as knoiwng japanese what r u on about

>> No.32714296

hes right so that doesnt apply here

>> No.32714306

such as

>> No.32714315

shitposting on djt

>> No.32714318

i had a dream that i was poisoned and slowly dying but everyone around me carried on as if nothing happened and i took it as an analogy for my life as a neet

>> No.32714329


>> No.32714337

why didn't you reply directly you subtweeting tranny?

>> No.32714347

what we call "grammar" is just an attempt to formalize rules based on how native speakers use the language.

>> No.32714352


>> No.32714355

og getbackers girl the fugly ign dudes the anime man loretta w. the weird face and more

>> No.32714363


>> No.32714365

me, i knew 十八番 is おはこ
jamal approved

>> No.32714376

>>og getbackers girl
you mean the one who btfo'd qm on twitter or is this another girl

>> No.32714388

o yah ciaran i forgot abt him cuz i didnt see him down there lol he knows japanese

>> No.32714395

no it isnt

>> No.32714413

o yah sarah moon but im not 100% sure cuz i never saw her do anything but talk in english about translating but i mean shes from my generation she should know japanese by now

>> No.32714442

uh gonig out on a major limb here but he did live in japan and is also as old as me that guy who did the 6 hour tokimemo review i suspect he likely knows japanese despite being painfully white

>> No.32714447

what do you think it is then?

>> No.32714473

it just is what it is

>> No.32714523

never heard of the tower of babel?
god made grammar

>> No.32714558

think god fucked up when he made me

>> No.32714582

dab on jesus

>> No.32714620

deuude... grmmar doesnt exist and is useless but you should learn it anyway *grinds herbs*

>> No.32714627

i'm the only white person i know irl that speaks japanese at my level so you might be on to something

>> No.32714628

mined 粗朶

>> No.32714643

why are heritage speakers able to learn so much faster its not fair bros whats happening in their brain

>> No.32714655

same cuz i never saw a fellow white speaking japanese in my life nor have i seen any variety of brown or nigger speaking japanese

>> No.32714670

>language is very logical
yeah, no

>> No.32714680

dno maybe crack ones skull open

>> No.32714701

so you guys think that grammar rules fell from the sky and then people started speaking according to these rules? this is brainlet city

>> No.32714724

no grammar is more like a feeling invoked when people wanna say things

>> No.32714745

i've met blacks who speak good japanese funny enough but fellow whites just suck at it pronunciation wise but to be fair i have met some who are otherwise conversational. its just hard to get past ear-grating hatuon and im not even obsessive over pitch

>> No.32714751

they dont

>> No.32714766

grammar is a social construct

>> No.32714784

there was no grammar

>> No.32714819

so is japanese

>> No.32714827

grammar is just a cheap tactic to make weak vocabulary stronger

>> No.32714854

>the fugly ign dudes

>> No.32714857

i want to be grammar

>> No.32714871


>> No.32714873

you are both right. grammar conventions naturally evolved over the why people spoke, but as soon as we progressed as a society enough to write books have schools we quickly formalized the internal logic into grammar rules which was then reinforced as new speakers grow up. over generations this makes the grammar even more universal and standardized.

so basically yes, modern languages have their grammar and logic handed down from whatever we were speaking when the scholars started writing treatise on it just like how the italians codified music

>> No.32714887

VN Freq27006
Narou Freq40198

>> No.32714911

almost everything is a social construct

>> No.32714920

if u knew every word in japanese but had no idea of grammar u still couldnt speak so moot point

>> No.32714923

faggot ass scholars have 0 influence on how people talk

>> No.32714939

translating is not a static process but a dynamic one i.e. you cannot simply do a 1 to 1 translation using a dictionary and grammar rules
essentially language translation cannot be modeled by a deterministic finite automaton

>> No.32714962

>my dick
your mom Freq1

>> No.32714975

no point in watching this stuff since westerners don't so you can't discuss your favorite shows with them

>> No.32714988

he could start a new movement

>> No.32715003

yes, but you would still need to know the grammar perfectly.

>> No.32715027

uh this person? >>28859052

>> No.32715047

dont care about discussing shows, especially not with westerners

>> No.32715065

idk who that is but seems unlikely

>> No.32715066

what do you mean

>> No.32715082

probably not

you should since making media consumption a group activity makes it more enjoyable that's why you share streamables

>> No.32715085

you still need to subconsciously know the rules of a language to be able to speak it

>> No.32715096

western discussions be like "this show is edgy and pseudointellectual"

>> No.32715112

false. education acted as a filter for "proper" anything and before universal education, only the upper classes learned to speak their language correctly. even so, everyone wants to ape their betters so middle classes also learned how to more or less speak properly. so you have a society that is top-down language wise via books written by language scholars and this manner of speaking which was already more or less the rule only saturates further socially. of course, the insulated and lowerclasses speak so horribly its hardly recognized as the same language.

as soon as most children of all classes started attending school, languages around the world became very rigid in their standardization or spelling, definitions, and grammar rules, but even today you still have class distinctions in most languages.

>> No.32715127

yeah dno bros

>> No.32715131


>> No.32715137

very well

>> No.32715143

damn the al bhed thread, good times

>> No.32715158

he means this:

the but would perfectly grammar to need still you, yes to know

>> No.32715168

like literally this is the plot of My Fair Lady even if they focused more on diction and pronunciation her grammar was shit as well

>> No.32715189

you write like a really dumb person

>> No.32715225

so what

>> No.32715230

The Refold® method™ is a map to fluency; a free, step-by-step guide explaining how to combine immersion™, strategic study™, and educational technologies™ to achieve high-level language fluency faster than any other method in the world.

With Refold®, you’ll learn to understand a language before trying to speak it. Once you can understand a language, speaking is a piece of cake.

The best part, for the low price of $19.95 you can understand a language, then you can have fun in the language. Learn through TV shows, movies, books, comics, and enjoy them in the language they were intended for. No boring textbooks, drills, or language classes. Just immersion™ in authentic™ language content.

>> No.32715247

i think hses still about 125-132 iq but her communication skills lead u to think shes a 110-120 iq pseud lol

>> No.32715254

you criticize like a really insecure person

>> No.32715260

>eng subs
epic fail

>> No.32715289

nukige and news: the true path to fluency

>> No.32715298

*only the upper classes learned to speak the prestigious variant

>> No.32715301

i hate the look on the eyes of this guy

>> No.32715304


>> No.32715326

never had the desire to discuss any form of media in my life

>> No.32715334

ok i actually found the mental fortitude to read this post >>32715112

i dont think scholars matter anymore twitch streamers influence how ppl talk now

>> No.32715338

add me

>> No.32715345

They also (proactively) learn kanji all throughout primary school, which fits right into Japan’s simultaneously advanced-and-backwards society.

>> No.32715371

this thread is poggers

>> No.32715388

p sure the twitch that influences the streamers and then they influence the chat

>> No.32715390

can u give narou freq download link thnx

>> No.32715419

meant twitch chat

>> No.32715431

yeah but it still filtered down. you listen to older slum tenants interviews from like 1960-70 and hear how even they spoke a heightened version of english
that's true i didn't get into the changes in language acquisition and influences in the modern era cause most languages are still fundamentally the same as before that shift, other than slang and slipping standards

>> No.32715438

no 80-90 iqs dont engage w. this kind of material in the 1st place generally

the middling iqs where the majority of pseuds reside is what makes ppl seem so combative and invested in coming across like they know what they r talking about bc they have a innate need to assert their own perceived intelligence which is actually nothing more than a direct manifestation of the danny krieger effect

>> No.32715479

you are describing 4bbc to a t
i hate that i come off as monoshiri for the sake of sounding like a psued when really im am just autistically invested in certain subjects

>> No.32715489

danny kruger isn't a real phenomenon

>> No.32715519

How do the Nihonjin pronounce pixiv?

>> No.32715531

og is retarded all women are ill

>> No.32715535

well the only other point i sort of wanted to make was the technology really closed the gap between classes

there are no classes in the public forum on the internet we have direct access to rich ppl and even poor ppl bc chinese ppl r so gracious as to produce electronics for next to nothing

>> No.32715542

tommy-krieger effect

>> No.32715546
File: 106 KB, 640x800, dab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

gotta do it
in the spirit of flintstones anon

but djt deserves a dab right now

>> No.32715547

caareful bro if you make fun of him hell throw an autistic shitfit at you

>> No.32715560

yeah my finishing school was wasted i don't use any of those skills in mixed company anyway. everyones a moron now even the wealthy

>> No.32715564

tfw your suffering from the freddy kruger effect and dont even realize all your japanese gains were just a terrible dream

>> No.32715570

i didn't even know that women could be such losers. i thought only men drop to such levels of loserdom

>> No.32715576

>technology really closed the gap between classes
this is why the class divide nowadays is increasingly driven by ideas like being anti-white than material goods

>> No.32715589

life must be really easy for 4bc
although i guess being a genius prodigy has its own problems

>> No.32715598


>> No.32715603

im og ama

>> No.32715623

what that smell like

>> No.32715624

og is ocd and depressed, be careful around her

>> No.32715631

which anon are you? you always make good posts

>> No.32715633


>> No.32715640

literally who/what

>> No.32715649


>> No.32715659

ogs autism and willingness to engage hard on certain topics way beyond the level of investment of her peers is certainly her charm point i know what its like to care abt shit no1 else does..

>> No.32715668

u are creepy and need help

>> No.32715669

anxiety not depression, ocd could be right but thats such a "teehee" thing to claim

>> No.32715687


>> No.32715727

most wrong post possible

>> No.32715734

og is an infp

>> No.32715740

so someone else has finally noticed it too

>> No.32715750

how long have u been learning english and how much of this do u understand


>> No.32715774

no need to sign your posts

>> No.32715778

how so

>> No.32715801

let me guess you suck at japanese

>> No.32715806

kinda cringe u went in for that one but i see u lol

>> No.32715811

this has wounded me more than any other insult ive had on djt. seriously gonna take a hard look at myself and stop posting here laters

>> No.32715830

anyone wanna explain how languages are not logical or is it just brainless guru fluff matto told you

>> No.32715837

gonna make you squeal like the fucking pig you are

>> No.32715840


>> No.32715863

because even if you produce grammatically correct sentences the correct and appropriate usage of words in different contexts isn't logical at all

>> No.32715875

i dont think about languages i just think in them

>> No.32715878

if i say to you "what's up" how is your understanding of that based on logic

>> No.32715896

why not

>> No.32715898

dont even know u og i am just able to sense personalities i have a psychic memory of u being fucked in a car as well

>> No.32715904

ちょうど makes me laugh because it sounds like chode

>> No.32715938

and stay out youre worse than qm saying youll "quit"

>> No.32715944

wow pretending to be og is gonna net me a lot of (you)s

>> No.32715950

saying languages are logical is the same as saying people are logical

>> No.32715988

languages are logical but you need to figure out how brains work in great detail first before you can comprehend how languages work

>> No.32716007

so if they say ちょうどいい u think they r sayin what a fine chode this is

>> No.32716031

knowing what ctrl+d does in many editors made my life so much easier

>> No.32716038

Languages are logical to the persons using them

>> No.32716050

betraying our kind and calling me out in front of these fucks? ok thats cool you can be the new creepy one they call a pseud for knowing shit. i only pop in evey 2-3 threads a brief second anyway not hard to just stop altogether

>> No.32716067

i just use ctrl+shift+l/r arrow key

>> No.32716078


>> No.32716088

told u its psychic

>> No.32716111

dont care about some hole

>> No.32716124

wow i wanna fuck her

>> No.32716126

ogs "knowledge" on any subject clearly isn't to be trusted. she has a extremely overinflated sense of what she knows and talks a lot of nonsense

>> No.32716157

og is my favorite sex toy dont make fun of her

>> No.32716183

hope she dies fr

>> No.32716187

they've made an attempt to create one that is logical:


>constructed, syntactically unambiguous human language

>> No.32716201
File: 1.51 MB, 3767x2218, 1574336677535.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

let's get this thread back on track
how many バトルハーレム have you watched

>> No.32716205

who is og?

>> No.32716215


>> No.32716228

my wife

>> No.32716229

original gangster
used to roll with the yakuza a while back

>> No.32716249

only 2 from these, seems i don't watch that much shit anime

>> No.32716250

3 or 4 from here and they were all horrible

>> No.32716257

4 out of those i havent seen cuz they were rated too low even for me

>> No.32716280
File: 156 KB, 954x662, logic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.32716293

who would of thought the key to getting rid of a whore is just to call her キモい

>> No.32716294

all of these mcs look like those mcs from my favorite ntr comics who get ntred always without fail

>> No.32716310

what is your point

>> No.32716323

you can weed out the good shit simply by locking onto the silver haired females

>> No.32716344

if you actually think shes gone prepare to be disappointed

>> No.32716358

it's easy to weed out the good shit when there is none

>> No.32716364

lmao just crashed my compiler

>> No.32716374

Imagine learning a useless language like that when you could learn chinese instead

>> No.32716381
File: 65 KB, 721x201, logical.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

engage your brain

>> No.32716420

hey eiffel bro hows it going with ur new girlfriend lol

>> No.32716424

try making a point instead of copy pasting shit i dont care about

>> No.32716428

red hair has the highest ratio of unironically decent shows there
silver has masou gakuen and fafnir which were both terrible

>> No.32716454

stay safe sistren and don't go to japanese 女湯

>> No.32716473

just read 一生懸命 as いちなまかいのち

>> No.32716479

i don't need to make a point. it's right in there, read and learn.

>> No.32716488


>> No.32716492


>> No.32716499

let me guess some erojiji did some nozokima

>> No.32716507

What's your point though? Some mathematicians created a language and nobody uses it?

>> No.32716514

thankfully none

>> No.32716517

all those are shit if you want to find good anime just work your way down the list

>> No.32716523

bitch dont make me ask you again

>> No.32716524

dating is weird lmao
been busy because of it

>> No.32716539

lmao ok i was in the wrong but how the fuck do guys get these ideas from and just execute them like it will totally go all according to keikaku lmao

>> No.32716584
File: 214 KB, 900x1200, EHvCG8MVAAERzMC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.32716610

>elfen lied 7
>flcl 3
awful taste

>> No.32716620


>> No.32716652

subtract 1 from flcl and give it to elfen lied then we're good

>> No.32716668

Hope she's doing okay <3

>> No.32716676

FLCL is the closest you will ever get to a perfect original anime.

>> No.32716702

dropped FLCL mid 2nd episode

>> No.32716712

i used to date an asian girl.

>> No.32716726

i think moe called her ugly once and jamal flipped out and told him to die or something

>> No.32716731

ew, sorry to hear that

>> No.32716733

if someone from djt has a problem with your taste it's probably a good thing

>> No.32716760
File: 100 KB, 328x238, 無題.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.32716777

ya i vaguely remember something like that happening

>> No.32716790

this filters djt lol

>> No.32716840

i don't think jamal has talked about moe in months even though they both post daily what gives

>> No.32716848

very depressing image

>> No.32716849

speak for yourself

>> No.32716867


>> No.32716871

i cant read katakana bc if i could it would make me able to read gaijin characters dialogue in vns and that would cripple me

>> No.32716896

is this a cope post?

>> No.32716942

>converts to hiragana
>converts to kanji hoping they picked the right ones
>translates kanji to english
>translates english to their native language
>ignores grammar
>yosh, figured it out bros!
djt in a nutshell

>> No.32716972

i just understand it

>> No.32716975


>> No.32716999

i would have voted for biden if he knew japanese

>> No.32717028


>> No.32717042

thats why i love japanese politicians they all speak japanese fluently 偉いね

>> No.32717084


>> No.32717103
File: 246 KB, 360x450, 1591946484119.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

truly the best genre and the salvation of anime
the isekai fad cant die quickly enough for BHs to make a comeback

>> No.32717143
File: 1 KB, 240x224, bda6ae44e926270665ad2d5eef6e8b52.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.32717149

that's on purpose
why do you think ntr boomed so much?
hatred for low test mcs

>> No.32717155

i acquired katakana more easily than hiragana because i started out reading menus and character names in imported games, plus generally wasei-eigo vocab was easier to remember from 0 japanese

>> No.32717164

watched three, dropped one
all of them are in the top row

>> No.32717186

is that a transitive doushi?

>> No.32717207

Legit start to think anki is fucking up my gainz
after i finish anki my motivation vanishes
probably because my brain thinks i am done studying for the day
fuck that gay app

>> No.32717211

yeah katakana is ezpz once you play a single jrpg

>> No.32717230

world needs more soft seinen
hoping togashi releases a new issue of hxh this year

>> No.32717245

plus one of the first flexes you make in japanese is writing people's names in katakana for them

>> No.32717264

no such thing

>> No.32717269

my favorite part of OCR is when が turns into 力ヾ
so majestic

>> No.32717290

lmao i remember these days

>> No.32717293

mahouka, rakudai kishi and shinmai maou
you probably dropped shinmai maou

>> No.32717323

my favorite part of the sharex ocr is when it says "ocr failed or returned empty result" and by that time i already figured it out without the ocr

>> No.32717345

never used ocr never will

>> No.32717350

scholars have already established the existence of soft seinen

>> No.32717376

close, i dropped asterisk war
first two are correct

>> No.32717380
File: 6 KB, 1300x32, power level.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

can't trust djter who's level is below mine

>> No.32717394

i remember when people enjoyed anime without even being aware of the genres and categories outside of "shoujo"

>> No.32717414

i don't

>> No.32717420
File: 516 KB, 1254x974, 1357007189117.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.32717422

first season of asterisk was pretty good

>> No.32717441

no it wasn't

>> No.32717444

he isn't wrong

>> No.32717458
File: 661 KB, 1920x1080, 1575361442288.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if you drop this you are positively gay

>> No.32717462

my eyes hurt

>> No.32717488

sorry i prefer 3d ass
2d titties win out tho

>> No.32717492

won't even pick it up

>> No.32717500


>> No.32717503

this does nothing for me
it's just flat pixels

>> No.32717506

just read 零様 as reisei

>> No.32717521


>> No.32717533

the target demographic and the magazine a story is published in does not determine the demographic it appeals to. the appeal is determined through the maturity and depth in the story itself.

>> No.32717554

based fuck those bitches

>> No.32717603

that's 澪 so you didn't

>> No.32717626

no i wanna fuck dem bitches while they wearing their cosplay

>> No.32717637

t. plotfag

>> No.32717644

low test

>> No.32717681

kys you arent high test for watching any trash show and you are an annoying retard

>> No.32717708

behead otaku shitbags

>> No.32717729
File: 451 KB, 1920x1080, 1571908263898.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cope and seethe

>> No.32717772

my biggest japanese redpill was realizing that reading a text in higarana/katakana leads to more advanced gains than reading shit with kanji

>> No.32717777



>> No.32717782

what are the benefits of getting my dick wet before 腹切り

>> No.32717791

cant into cellulite and stretch marks so 2D always wins

>> No.32717798


>> No.32717804

what game

>> No.32717814

please teach me how senpai

>> No.32717828

depending on ur world view it either non or 損

>> No.32717832

don't care

>> No.32717842

post pics

>> No.32717856

you will always be a virgin
you will always be lonely
you will never have sex

>> No.32717862

that looks nasty

>> No.32717865

should have just watched raw anime

>> No.32717872

he's been coping with that very effectively

>> No.32717889

its impossible if you're not in college

>> No.32717903 [SPOILER] 
File: 407 KB, 920x900, 1611601262909.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.32717920

dont care

>> No.32717947

the worst thing is not being ignorant of a word meaning
the wost thing is knowing all the words and still not knowing what it means which shows a lack of understanding of how the language works
this is what you want to acquire. this is what kids acquire before all the vocab

>> No.32717959

asses are so boring big tits are way more sexy i don't even mind if she has a flat ass if she's got huge tits

>> No.32717986


>> No.32718007

how fucking new

>> No.32718045

yes you do

>> No.32718048

this post feels very unmanly therefore og's hands typed this one

>> No.32718061

you don't acquire a writing system retard, you acquire a language.
like how children acquire their native language, but later, at elementary school, they LEARN how to read and write.

>> No.32718076

checked, kek'd, based and nip qt3.14 waifu-pilled fren.

>> No.32718085

see below u

>> No.32718099

nice hairy manko > everything else

>> No.32718122

reinstalled my operating system and now my anki progress is gone

>> No.32718124

i feel like i would be a productive member of society if i had a stay-at-home wife and she kissed me every time i get home from work

>> No.32718136

nothing better than getting all handsy with a good ass

>> No.32718139

japs have the perfect amount of pubes naturtally. its also thinner. just an elegant bush imo.

>> No.32718140


>> No.32718159

my nigga
both in 2D and 3D hairy is always the hottest

>> No.32718176

fuck it's another aspect of life where the japanese win at yet again

>> No.32718177

Deleted Discord and all distracting apps. Time to AJATT my way to 大王

>> No.32718204
File: 276 KB, 1326x1080, dbz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.32718205

should have put your programs on a different drive or partition
always get the portable versions when possible
never install into c:program files

>> No.32718266

japanese women take way better shits than malodorous white whores, just the shape of it, the perfect density and smell. japs just can't stop winning..

>> No.32718276

haven't done anki today and it's almost 22:00

>> No.32718280

every time you fuckers talk about sex and shit like this it brings me back to my time in niigata
good god i wanna go back

>> No.32718282

its funny i looked throught the website of some historic japanese travellers exhibition a while ago and one of the first polaroids in the list was the hairy manko of a geisha

>> No.32718476

school was poggers today
did anki reps at lunch

>> No.32718479

these dudes that preach raw to beginners are silly

if you can't pick any text and understand it written then listening to raw audio is simply a waste of time

>> No.32718516

dead wrong

>> No.32718521


damn why do the japanese get to have all the fun while we don't

>> No.32718588

you will never learn japanese

>> No.32718628

already did

>> No.32718637

wrong and probably samefag

>> No.32718715
File: 251 KB, 1080x1786, Screenshot_2021-01-25-14-27-12-187_org.mozilla.firefox.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wrong and you still don't know japanese

>> No.32718736 [DELETED] 

absolutely hate being an american

>> No.32718777

dunno i started off raw, basically japanese found me i didn't seek it

>> No.32718788

a phoneposter spreading lies who would've thought

>> No.32718824

really easy to pick up simple nouns when listening
say you watch a drama, someone gets shot and they call an ambulance
they would have said じゅう and きゅうきゅうしゃ at least a couple times in those scenes
enough times to pick up those words together with the context and on screen imagery
they might even go きゅうきゅうしゃ what a silly sounding word haha

however in a text they'd see 銃 and 救急車 and would say fuck it i dont know these kanji yet

t. started with listening

>> No.32718827

yea reading is great when you dont know any japanese but this is the intermediate thread

>> No.32718854

would be funny if joe biden got raped by a nigger

>> No.32718870

reading is essential in any stage

>> No.32718872

if i was at a presser if he said this id ask "what about white businesses"

>> No.32718878

dont care whats optimal what i did worked and thats the end of it

>> No.32718893

intermediate? i thought this was the advanced thread.

>> No.32718895

no it isn't

>> No.32718916

ok, retard.

>> No.32718927

you can start watching raw anime after doing genki and only about 2k words in core to be safe. simple as

>> No.32718941 [DELETED] 

finally proud to be an american again
for the first time in 4 years the national anthem doesnt make me puke

>> No.32718983

so it's been like 3-4 months since og showed up, has she learned any japanese in that time? or is it still just a tsunami of excuses?

>> No.32718987 [DELETED] 

whats worse than baldfuck biden is the swarms of retarded niggerlovers justifying legal discrimination with their made up equality metrics

>> No.32719000 [DELETED] 

would be funny if a nigger raped you

>> No.32719001

depends on the anime, there are anime that you can understand just from looking at what's happening on screen

>> No.32719048 [DELETED] 

bald faggot biden won't get raped by a nigger but he still gets to suffer as his brain shrinks to nothing

>> No.32719053


wrong board

>> No.32719055


>> No.32719066

heck yea

>> No.32719092

give me tips for listening bro what did you do

>> No.32719132 [DELETED] 

obama would be rolling in his grave. he was a true president and didn't discriminate against huwhite people

>> No.32719152


>> No.32719155

he would if it were more acceptable at the time

>> No.32719179 [DELETED] 

I miss ジョージ・W・ブッシュ

>> No.32719186 [DELETED] 

no us progressives dont like obama
he was a coward

>> No.32719199 [DELETED] 

he said on the internet from his basement

>> No.32719271

i'm gonna wait for moe to weigh in on this one because he watched a lot of raw anime over the past year or two so i should listen to his opinion over yours

>> No.32719272 [DELETED] 

i dont have a basement

>> No.32719309 [DELETED] 

also my pronouns are xe/xim

>> No.32719320

moe here watching raw anime without knowing any vocab is retarded and won't get you anywhere

>> No.32719339

im maybe a bit of an outlier but i just picked a random drama and started watching like one or two episodes per day
whenever i picked up a word i would first try to guess the meaning, then look it up by hearing on jisho

think the first drama i watched was gokusen

>> No.32719342

my real post >>32718927

>> No.32719360

i believe ritualposting on general threads is some kind of autism, flintstones anon is retarded

>> No.32719363


>> No.32719433

don't ask "moe, is it ok"
ask "moe, when did you start doing it?"

these fags/gurus/whatever always like to "sanitize" what they really did

>> No.32719452

no they don't

>> No.32719457

stfu baron

>> No.32719461

just realized there's not really enough room to trust hard with just 4.5

>> No.32719471

key to learning japanese? watching RAW anime. it has to be 100% RAW, no condoms allowed
please watch RAW anime

>> No.32719510

quiz watched a lot of jp subbed anime+raw anime whereas moe mostly when raw so it seems like it's not too important to do strictly one or the other so long as you get some raw input

>> No.32719532

no one cares about queef, he sucks

>> No.32719550

ty ily

>> No.32719561

quiz watched like 60 anime and almost all of them have subs

>> No.32719590

dont watch shit, just read

>> No.32719632

this but the opposite

>> No.32719649

dont watch shit dont read dont listen just behead ciaran

>> No.32719653

do i care

>> No.32719687

don't agree with the hate comments on ciaran he's the most humble of all the successful djters i've ever seen

>> No.32719698

hope you arent thinking im ciaran lmao

>> No.32719728

dont hate him but kinda miffed he wont tell me the name of that 時代劇

>> No.32719757

he's fake humble

>> No.32719765

i said most humble not humble

>> No.32719792

mined 樹皮

>> No.32719871

i want to see him in pain

>> No.32719875
File: 151 KB, 617x1015, matt_patreon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

can someone please take one for the team and get us this video

>> No.32719889

exsanguinate ciaran

>> No.32719902

he better get his dick out in this

>> No.32719918

you're fucked up like that one nsfw poster, i wish you guys would just kutabareru at this moment
the world would be a better place without you people.

>> No.32719948


>> No.32719985


>> No.32720095

the fuck's low anime?

>> No.32720136

p sure everybody except you knows it lmao

>> No.32720147

rowing anime

>> No.32720154

why is there a porn website called dogfart

>> No.32720158

noooooo konnichi what's up is kill

>> No.32720171

never heard of it

>> No.32720216

'raw' you daft cunt. ---- jk about the daft cunt part, but it's 'raw'

>> No.32720225

prove it

>> No.32720226

yes you definitely have

>> No.32720235

all anime is low anime

>> No.32720283

yeah but does it matter if it's gonna run in the background anyway

>> No.32720294

lmao i though that was a typo and it should be ノー because then the sentence would make sense

>> No.32720311
File: 81 KB, 640x480, mpv-shot0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.32720323


>> No.32720341

some1 post hard reading(not too hard) so i can test myself

>> No.32720354

I wasn't giving my genuine opinion on watching raw anime, I was just making a dumb sentence using katakana
>it should be ノー
ノー it shouldn't

>> No.32720411

do 1級 have fun

>> No.32720413
File: 52 KB, 1615x189, 1522604684770.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.32720417


>> No.32720426

is there any need for this font

>> No.32720429

ㄒ卄乇 ᐯ卂几丨ㄒㄚ ㄖ千 乇乂丨丂ㄒ乇几匚乇 丨丂 尺乇ᐯ乇卂ㄥ乇ᗪ 丨几 ㄒ卄乇 山卄ㄖㄥ乇 千ㄖ尺爪 乇乂丨丂ㄒ乇几匚乇 卂丂丂ㄩ爪乇丂: 丨几 ㄒ卄乇 丨几千丨几丨ㄒ乇几乇丂丂 ㄖ千
ㄒ丨爪乇 卂几ᗪ 丂卩卂匚乇 匚ㄖ几ㄒ尺卂丂ㄒ乇ᗪ 山丨ㄒ卄 ㄒ卄乇 千丨几丨ㄒ乇几乇丂丂 ㄖ千 ㄒ卄乇 丨几ᗪ丨ᐯ丨ᗪㄩ卂ㄥ 丨几 乃ㄖㄒ卄; 丨几 ㄒ卄乇 千ㄥ乇乇ㄒ丨几Ꮆ 卩尺乇丂乇几ㄒ 卂丂
ㄒ卄乇 丂ㄖㄥ乇 千ㄖ尺爪 丨几 山卄丨匚卄 卂匚ㄒㄩ卂ㄥ丨ㄒㄚ 乇乂丨丂ㄒ丂; 丨几 ㄒ卄乇 匚ㄖ几ㄒ丨几Ꮆ乇几匚ㄚ 卂几ᗪ 尺乇ㄥ卂ㄒ丨ᐯ丨ㄒㄚ ㄖ千 卂ㄥㄥ ㄒ卄丨几Ꮆ丂; 丨几 匚ㄖ几ㄒ丨几ㄩ卂ㄥ
乃乇匚ㄖ爪丨几Ꮆ 山丨ㄒ卄ㄖㄩㄒ 乃乇丨几Ꮆ; 丨几 匚ㄖ几ㄒ丨几ㄩ卂ㄥ ᗪ乇丂丨尺乇 山丨ㄒ卄ㄖㄩㄒ 丂卂ㄒ丨丂千卂匚ㄒ丨ㄖ几; 丨几 ㄒ卄乇 匚ㄖ几ㄒ丨几ㄩ卂ㄥ 千尺ㄩ丂ㄒ尺卂ㄒ丨ㄖ几 ㄖ千
丂ㄒ尺丨ᐯ丨几Ꮆ ㄖ千 山卄丨匚卄 ㄥ丨千乇 匚ㄖ几丂丨丂ㄒ丂. ㄒ丨爪乇 卂几ᗪ ㄒ卄卂ㄒ 卩乇尺丨丂卄卂乃丨ㄥ丨ㄒㄚ ㄖ千 卂ㄥㄥ ㄒ卄丨几Ꮆ丂 乇乂丨丂ㄒ丨几Ꮆ 丨几 ㄒ丨爪乇 ㄒ卄卂ㄒ ㄒ丨爪乇
丨ㄒ丂乇ㄥ千 乃尺丨几Ꮆ丂 卂乃ㄖㄩㄒ 丨丂 丂丨爪卩ㄥㄚ ㄒ卄乇 千ㄖ尺爪 ㄩ几ᗪ乇尺 山卄丨匚卄 ㄒ卄乇 山丨ㄥㄥ ㄒㄖ ㄥ丨ᐯ乇, 山卄丨匚卄 卂丂 ㄒ卄丨几Ꮆ 丨几 丨ㄒ丂乇ㄥ千 丨丂
丨爪卩乇尺丨丂卄卂乃ㄥ乇, 尺乇ᐯ乇卂ㄥ丂 ㄒㄖ 丨ㄒ丂乇ㄥ千 ㄒ卄乇 ᐯ卂几丨ㄒㄚ ㄖ千 丨ㄒ丂 丂ㄒ尺丨ᐯ丨几Ꮆ. ㄒ丨爪乇 丨丂 ㄒ卄卂ㄒ 乃ㄚ ᐯ丨尺ㄒㄩ乇 ㄖ千 山卄丨匚卄 乇ᐯ乇尺ㄚㄒ卄丨几Ꮆ
乃乇匚ㄖ爪乇丂 几ㄖㄒ卄丨几Ꮆ几乇丂丂 丨几 ㄖㄩ尺 卄卂几ᗪ丂 卂几ᗪ ㄥㄖ丂乇丂 卂ㄥㄥ 尺乇卂ㄥ ᐯ卂ㄥㄩ乇.

卞廾ヨ レ丹几工卞と 回乍 ヨメ工己卞ヨ几亡ヨ 工己 尺ヨレヨ丹しヨ句 工几 卞廾ヨ 山廾回しヨ 乍回尺冊 ヨメ工己卞ヨ几亡ヨ 丹己己凵冊ヨ己: 工几 卞廾ヨ 工几乍工几工卞ヨ几ヨ己己 回乍
卞工冊ヨ 丹几句 己尸丹亡ヨ 亡回几卞尺丹己卞ヨ句 山工卞廾 卞廾ヨ 乍工几工卞ヨ几ヨ己己 回乍 卞廾ヨ 工几句工レ工句凵丹し 工几 日回卞廾; 工几 卞廾ヨ 乍しヨヨ卞工几呂 尸尺ヨ己ヨ几卞 丹己
卞廾ヨ 己回しヨ 乍回尺冊 工几 山廾工亡廾 丹亡卞凵丹し工卞と ヨメ工己卞己; 工几 卞廾ヨ 亡回几卞工几呂ヨ几亡と 丹几句 尺ヨし丹卞工レ工卞と 回乍 丹しし 卞廾工几呂己; 工几 亡回几卞工几凵丹し
日ヨ亡回冊工几呂 山工卞廾回凵卞 日ヨ工几呂; 工几 亡回几卞工几凵丹し 句ヨ己工尺ヨ 山工卞廾回凵卞 己丹卞工己乍丹亡卞工回几; 工几 卞廾ヨ 亡回几卞工几凵丹し 乍尺凵己卞尺丹卞工回几 回乍
己卞尺工レ工几呂 回乍 山廾工亡廾 し工乍ヨ 亡回几己工己卞己. 卞工冊ヨ 丹几句 卞廾丹卞 尸ヨ尺工己廾丹日工し工卞と 回乍 丹しし 卞廾工几呂己 ヨメ工己卞工几呂 工几 卞工冊ヨ 卞廾丹卞 卞工冊ヨ
工卞己ヨし乍 日尺工几呂己 丹日回凵卞 工己 己工冊尸しと 卞廾ヨ 乍回尺冊 凵几句ヨ尺 山廾工亡廾 卞廾ヨ 山工しし 卞回 し工レヨ, 山廾工亡廾 丹己 卞廾工几呂 工几 工卞己ヨし乍 工己
工冊尸ヨ尺工己廾丹日しヨ, 尺ヨレヨ丹し己 卞回 工卞己ヨし乍 卞廾ヨ レ丹几工卞と 回乍 工卞己 己卞尺工レ工几呂. 卞工冊ヨ 工己 卞廾丹卞 日と レ工尺卞凵ヨ 回乍 山廾工亡廾 ヨレヨ尺と卞廾工几呂
日ヨ亡回冊ヨ己 几回卞廾工几呂几ヨ己己 工几 回凵尺 廾丹几句己 丹几句 し回己ヨ己 丹しし 尺ヨ丹し レ丹し凵ヨ.

イん乇 √ム刀ノイリ のキ 乇メノ丂イ乇刀ᄃ乇 ノ丂 尺乇√乇ムレ乇り ノ刀 イん乇 Wんのレ乇 キの尺ᄊ 乇メノ丂イ乇刀ᄃ乇 ム丂丂ひᄊ乇丂: ノ刀 イん乇 ノ刀キノ刀ノイ乇刀乇丂丂

>> No.32720457

no one but you knows what this is ciaran
also not even sure thats the same one, i only remember that geisha ass chick and a crucifixion scene

>> No.32720458

i don't care what moe the fatso or ciaran did
we have different brains. i know how i learn languages

i learn by reading

>> No.32720512

wow wtf first time seeing this usage of kimochi in the vn i'm reading rn

>> No.32720524

im only fucked up cause i haven't se7en'd ciaran

>> No.32720547


>> No.32720676

damn konami is officially dead

>> No.32720683

this is fucked up when u can see japanese

>> No.32720736

not konami but video games in general

im pretty sure every japanese company saw what genshin did and went theres just no point to make video games anymore

>> No.32720751 [DELETED] 

IT'S UP!!!!!

>> No.32720771

dropped a dislike

>> No.32720800

thanks, I was waiting all week for this!

>> No.32720829


>> No.32720873

i like the guy i remember connecting with him when he did that video on the movie signs

>> No.32720884

konami has been a shambling corpse for like a decade, nothing of value was lost

>> No.32720951

the frequency of good games per year is approaching zero

>> No.32721024

that's the digital era for you, hope you enjoy your blazing 5g speeds when there's nothing to use them for

>> No.32721075

stopped playing video games after high school

>> No.32721090

theres plenty to use it for

a cheap 200 dollar computer can basically do every fun thing from around 2005 backwards to the beginning of computing

thats easily enough stuff for a lifetime

but yah in terms of fast internet u could download it all in less than a week

>> No.32721123

either binge vidya games, anime, or anxiety for about a month straight and then switch to one of the other categories

>> No.32721132

cant enjoy gacha games and will never understand people that do, tried genshin and it was absolute trash

but jamal is right
games were at their best when they were made by small studios that just made what they liked and joked around trying to one up each other and put in funny stuff the other members might enjoy.
now everything is either big dev teams with no communication happening, everyone just soullessly working off their list of tasks
or indie devs that want to make a quick buck by shuffling some assets together

>> No.32721175

at least nukige is safe for at least another 10 years

>> No.32721192

i bought a new pc a year ago, tried 2 games, got bored of each within half an hour and never played anything since

>> No.32721219
File: 39 KB, 361x569, firefox_CsFsamNgAo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if you'll allow me to cope for a second over some of these ive been awake since 5am

>> No.32721229

my last pc was 400 dollar but it did everything i asked from it. only issue i have is some ps2 games don't emulate well @ under 60fps

>> No.32721241

game devs will never remember to make a game thats just fun again
"deep" shit and brand recognition sells so theres no incentive to make something fun
this absolutely is becoming true even for japanese games

>> No.32721250

wasnt me but you're right it's not that one

>> No.32721275

>now everything is either big dev teams with no communication happening, everyone just soullessly working off their list of tasks
same with anime but also massive outsourcing to other asian countries

>> No.32721279

theres still some good indie games that make it through

stuff like terraria and rocket league were small time games and look how big they ended up because they were just solid ~games~ initially

ive also played stuff like cross code and was pretty dang impressed

the problem now is just when there isnt the filter that tells u what to play and u just have a billion things out there its really hard to find things and be hyped up ahead of time

>> No.32721315

yea i personally wouldnt bother emulating anything past n64

like u still need a real saturn u definitely need a real dreamcast u need a real ps2

>> No.32721333

any language

>sentence cards with the 1000 most common words to familiarize yourself with the language
>read a book in english then the same book right after in the target language. you can do it sentence by sentence, page by page or chapter by chapter

these is how you make gains in any language without suffering with dictionaries

>> No.32721360

not true ps2 emulation is excellent for the majority of games

>> No.32721389

>like u still need a real saturn u definitely need a real dreamcast u need a real ps2
why does jachink talk so much about things he knows so little about

>> No.32721406

learn english

>> No.32721429

okay esl monkey

>> No.32721455

Anyone else have experience forgetting all the Japanese you learned after brain surgery? Had a decent sized tumor removed seemingly without complication, except for the fact that basically all the Japanese I've learned over the past 3 years disappeared into some kind of black hole and I can't remember any of it. Even if I look up the words/kanji again they just disappear immediately after again to the same place and I can't hold onto them at all... Wondering if this will be temporary or what.

>> No.32721472

this must be a reddit post

>> No.32721500

i swear someone has posted this before

>> No.32721503

a good ass can make up for no tits, but no level of tits can ever make up for a lack of ass

>> No.32721546

wish i woke up and didnt remember this site existed honestly
finna go get a brain tumor and hope for the best

>> No.32721566

when will jamal learn that being a boomer is never cool?

>> No.32721574


>> No.32721611

tfw all the japanese you acquired solidified into a pulsating mass in ur brain like a fuckin cronenberg movie

>> No.32721644

imagine willingly letting someone cut out a part of your brain

>> No.32721645

The word I learned today is 我々

I learn one word a day

>> No.32721672


>> No.32721676


>> No.32721690


>> No.32721699

actually feeling sorry for that redditor

>> No.32721728


>> No.32721754

now this is a wise man, heed his words carefully

>> No.32721776
File: 412 KB, 998x684, chrome_oJYRlsocdd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

jesus christ someone put this together for me, this is aids to look at.

>> No.32721815

that's fucked up

>> No.32721817

use your ocr bro

>> No.32721828

queef was a cancer to me

at the time, i was reading stuff and mining sentences which i found interesting. i was doing everything right

then i read his posts and went on an autistic state of mind where the number of cards became more important than reading. it took me a while to realize my mistake but it was too late, the damage was done. i've only recovered completely now

>> No.32721848

hows that anyones fault but your own

>> No.32721883

take responsibility for your actions you spineless fuck

>> No.32721899

the only correct thing quiz ever did was create a new type of card that doesnt have a sentence on the front
all hail animecards

>> No.32721902
File: 192 KB, 960x540, file.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

to that anon here that talked about sewing, maybe youll enjoy this

>> No.32721906

ano toki. mama ni otosareta toki

chanto shinanakatta kara dame dattansa

>> No.32721910

i wanted to rank these but they are all equally amazing in their own way

>> No.32721924

don't have to be into sewing to enjoy this

>> No.32721930

3 > 4 > 1 > 2

>> No.32721935
File: 32 KB, 379x600, 20200403180721420959_6a1492f0b9a4bdb7bb1927f858a174c8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the isekai fad cant die quickly enough

>> No.32721988

forgot ぱくる also means しょっぴく for a second

>> No.32722108

current options arent even close to accurate ps2 emulation even if they play ok or whatever


>> No.32722144


>> No.32722228


saturn emulation is pretty good with mednafen nowadays, only thing i tried that completely shit the bed was burning rangers and that was almost 2 years ago now

ur right with ps2 being a crapshoot, while u can make some games play even better through pcsx2, a lot of games have weird issues that probably won't affect you too much but definitely not as good as just having the original console

dont know shit about DC emulation the only game ill ever play on that shit one of these days is sakura taisen 4

>> No.32722316

pcs will stop getting faster in 2025 when moore's law dies
what we got now is basically the 関の山 of technology

>> No.32722333

dc emulation is mostly dead i think but why bother the dchdmi mod is really nice but admittedly if u dont wanna spend upwards of 500 bucks on a riced out console maybe u just settle for the emulator but emulation cant even do what the dchdmi mod does

>> No.32722334

Reposting from earlier now that the thread is more active. Has anyone used any podcasts to help with learning?

>> No.32722342

dunno played a few games on both hardware and emulated and the differences were less than negligible

>> No.32722350


>> No.32722364

moores law has been dead for like 10 years bro

>> No.32722396

this is false

>> No.32722405

cant believe ive acquired turkish grammar this entire time

>> No.32722415

For a while I listened to ひいきびいき, but they stopped their podcast some time ago. Last time I checked they're still available online. They talked about pretty regular topics like movies, sports, arts, etc, and talked in regular Japanese. Maybe they would interest you.

>> No.32722441

that would nice if it were true, as processors stop getting faster maybe programmers will actually start getting better

>> No.32722493

programmers aint gonna get better, its gonna turn into the equivalent of a mcjob now that all the actual mcjobs are getting automated away and literally everyone is being pushed to learn2code

>> No.32722642

i mean they can code all they want but someone's gotta program

>> No.32722664

oh you can code? its only a matter of time bucko

>> No.32722706

lol this fool thinks that programming is easy

>> No.32722746

>pcs will stop getting faster
Quantum computing will change that.

>> No.32722752

if the 90 iq manlet can do it it must be

>> No.32722782

quantum computing can only performce certain opcodes faster the rest stays the same

>> No.32722788

only people who can understand recursive backtracking can learn japanese

>> No.32722834

there are levels, my friend

>> No.32722842

sometimes i read my vinnies for a few minutes without actually understanding anything, even though i know all the grammar and vocab
this language sucks

>> No.32722869

>a good ass can make up for no tits
it can't because asses don't matter.
>but no level of tits can ever make up for a lack of ass
there's nothing to make up for. asses aren't very attractive while bigger tits are.

>> No.32722936

there will probably be more visual coding stuff like scratch or drag and drop interfaces so the masses can do it
already a thing with shader graphs

>> No.32722938

then it can still be a mcjob for the lowest level

>> No.32722953

sorry to say but quantum computing is just a meme physicists use to get that juicy defense department funding
it will never be the next big thing

>> No.32722968

its not the language that sucks in this scenario

>> No.32723022

didnt read

>> No.32723090

anyone here have or pursuing a phd in difficult subject like math or electrical engineering
wondering if that's harder than learning japanese

>> No.32723227

very true

>> No.32723285

converting all my savings into quantum computing stocks

>> No.32723290

>wondering if that's harder than learning japanese
Yes, of course it is and that should be obvious. Internalizing and applying concepts is much harder than memorizing rules. You could make the argument that getting to the point where you could effectively write in Japanese, to the level of a novel or at least a short story, where you actually create something new with what you've learned is on the level of a engineering bachelors. PhD, definitely not true.

>> No.32723364
File: 1.53 MB, 582x540, chinohug.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not him but I am

>> No.32723365

now rewrite your post in japanese

>> No.32723394

phd in engineering more like phd in lack of self awareness lol

>> No.32723408

i have a phd in being fucking gay

>> No.32723419

we know

>> No.32723570

phd at my uni seems like a joke but also extremely dull
bachelor was pretty hard, all the master's courses were a huge step down in difficulty

>> No.32723635

ive never met a phd dude that wasnt weird and insufferable

academia types are the worst they r all the 120 iq pseuds with autism

>> No.32723780

haven't read anything in 2 days
i already can feel my japanese going back to n5

>> No.32723796

>Internalizing and applying concepts is much harder than memorizing rules.
the fact that you think learning japanese is about the latter and not the former lol fucking uppercasers

>> No.32723809

write that in japanese

if u cant it was never even n5 in the 1st place

>> No.32723941


>> No.32723986

jlpt has no output so comparing your japanese to it makes no sense

>> No.32724002

feel like eating some greek yoghurt with jam mixed in but my asshole turns into the battle of the somme the next day if i do

>> No.32724003

rarely seen mou so far at the end in literal works but i can see it being used like this in every day speak

>> No.32724039

greeks can't make yoghurt for shit they suck

>> No.32724051


>> No.32724108

sometimes reading japanese feels like seeing a random tweet without knowing the context

>> No.32724111

no one says 俺 outside your cartoons

>> No.32724130

this is og levels of stupid

>> No.32724159

well i appreciate u playing but id say ur already back at n5 for sure

its only up from here tho

>> No.32724187

in this thread given the atmosphere weve cultivated together saying 俺 is not only acceptable but its encouraged

>> No.32724206


>> No.32724235

what about 儂

>> No.32724261


>> No.32724354
File: 594 KB, 765x633, unknown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.32724378 [DELETED] 

How do I say "gas the Jews, race war now" in Japanese?

>> No.32724407

speaking of 俺 anyone got that george trombone streamable

>> No.32724454

what do you have to do with that?

>> No.32724493

i'm also a ホントにええヤツ

>> No.32724523


>> No.32724562

djt makes my japanese worse

>> No.32724583

george is cringe af

>> No.32724599

this puts a big smile on my face and a bulge in my pants every time i watch it

>> No.32724612

to me as a youngster he definitely is

>> No.32724632

nah its the other one where he says he's doing mia

>> No.32724637

nuke is more cringe

>> No.32724644

not reading more makes your japanese worse

>> No.32724713

whyd you copy-paste my post?

>> No.32724714

young people think so much faster than old people
this is even more accelerate through smart phones
i wonder which changes this will inevitably cause in the near future.

>> No.32724788

i didn't

>> No.32724836

cant wait to see what form dementia and alzheimers take with technological competency

>> No.32724874

oh now i get it
i'm dumb

>> No.32724886

haven't even read a grammar guide yet, let alone native material. I'm 700 words into core6k

>> No.32724887

is dis read as ふつかかん

>> No.32724913

i still think fast but my body doesnt keep up im slower at everything physically than i was when i was younger but the wierd thing is u think ur still goin at a good pace till u realize u spent 15 mins on task that shoulda took u 5 mins lol

>> No.32724927


>> No.32724988

they say yung people be dumb cuz they don't read n shiet but i don't think old people do either

>> No.32725035

i only read stupid fucking trash on the internet

>> No.32725118

you don't know much, do ya?

>> No.32725160

people think all the old people used to have a library inside their homes and used to read hundreds of books a year like in the movies

>> No.32725230
File: 111 KB, 848x882, more negative number = more getting dumber.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>young people think so much faster than old people
>this is even more accelerate through smart phones

>> No.32725268

he's right

>> No.32725280

nah but people used to have bookshelves that weren't just filled with funko pops and other toys for manchildren

>> No.32725311

only person i know who was well-read was my chemistry teacher
i remember my female history teacher giving him props for that on a few occasions but yeah don't know a second person that reads a lot of books

>> No.32725313

each generation is literally getting dumber on a genetic level and this has probably been happening since the industrial revolution in europe but was offset for awhile by increased standard of living

>> No.32725365

interesting, could you link the doi?

>> No.32725442


>> No.32725494


>> No.32725538


>> No.32725603

there wouldn't be advance of technology if that were true

>> No.32725684

incorrect, since to build on something someone else already invented you dont necessarily have to be smarter than that person

>> No.32725702

does anyone have patricks old youtube videos?

>> No.32725709

not at all since knowledge is easier to come by today than 500+ years ago. also technological advancement is slowing which is probably a combination of the low hanging fruit having been picked, and dysgenics.

>> No.32725739

there are new technologies not built on something someone else invented

>> No.32725794

Name one.

>> No.32725844

the wheel. now you name one

>> No.32725866

how come when i make the asian eyes with my hands i get called a rac*st??
i never said i think asians are inferior i was just fooling around?

>> No.32725881

only retards think the wheel is a good invention

>> No.32725898


>> No.32725960


>> No.32725966

Wrong, the wheel could only be invented because someone else first figured out how to work wood and developed tools to do it.

>> No.32726020

I'm mentally retarded and gay: can I learn Japanese?

>> No.32726043

knew literally anything I would say you'd come back with a retarded pedantic response lmao

>> No.32726065


>> No.32726124


>> No.32726144

why do you talk like a fag. nothing you said was funny stop saying lmao

>> No.32726146
File: 39 KB, 739x640, 1599423567631.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dab? dab.

>> No.32726162


>> No.32726176

alright looks like you might be reading this wrong
this paper is saying that educated individuals have less children (decreased fertility, hence negative numbers). the correlation is strongest in developing nations where not everyone can get higher education so uneducated individuals are spitting out 5-6 children while the few educated individuals in their society are spitting out like 2
this does not mean that humans are getting more dumb, this is natural and every developed society has gone through this before their correlations become smaller (less negative number)

>> No.32726184

get owned niggers
baited by a fucking wheel LOL

>> No.32726226

kys piece of shit

>> No.32726229

not gonna lie i havent thought about og in hours until just now

>> No.32726312

how are you gonna tell someone they're reading it wrong and then explain exactly how they're right? yea every developed society goes through the process of lowering fertility among its smartest people.

>> No.32726417

>each generation is literally getting dumber on a genetic level
that's not what it says at all you absolute fucking retard, it's about education being negatively correlated with fertility rate

>> No.32726444

because as i said, the issue gets corrected after the nation finishes developing
the average birthrate for developed countries is low, regardless of education
the average birthrate for developing countries is high, but drastically decreases with education
this means that the birthrate for even uneducated individuals decreases substantially when a nation finishes developing and is why developed nations have the lower negative number

>> No.32726465

i should've bought those 10 bitcoins i was gonna invest in back in 2010
i remember talking with my geeky friend about bitcoins while walking our rounds in school

>> No.32726515

>my geeky friend
did you guys ever do anything sexual together?

>> No.32726535

i almost started mining bitcoin as a hobby in high school, woulda been uber rich now yeah but thats the problem with speculative markets and hindsight makes you kick yourself

>> No.32726540

yeah we had group jerk off sessions but never anything gay

>> No.32726541

wtf what makes you think this way

>> No.32726575

>it's about education being negatively correlated with fertility rate
wait i think i see what the problem here is. you have no idea about the heritability of education, iq, and ses. you think a random sample of people receive education. you really shouldn't post about this.

>the issue gets corrected after the nation finishes developing
no it doesn't. fertility is still negatively correlated with education and SES in developed countries.
>this means that the birthrate for even uneducated individuals decreases substantially
the uneducated still have a higher fertility.

>> No.32726591

I'm gay, what do you expect?

>> No.32726641

>heritability of education
so glad my dad passed down his education to me

>> No.32726677

ur seriously the dumbest mother fucker if u didnt see bitcoin and go yah i got a 100 bucks i dont need lets buy some bitcoins at $3 a piece back in like 2012

>> No.32726681

imagine your japanese dude living in the early 90s and you lose everything when the bubble popped
forever investing in boring bonds

>> No.32726738

-0.006 vs -0.313 on table 1 you absolute idiot
that small negative correlation is screaming "no real correlation"
look up the average birthrate in europe vs ghana
then maybe youll understand what im saying

>> No.32726992

nice self own

>> No.32727020

>is screaming "no real correlation"
lol wtf. -.100 is a significant effect and a "real correlation". it doesn't matter if it's small. all that means is that protestant europeans have more time than others to develop eugenic technology to stave off dysgenics.
>then maybe youll understand what im saying
if you're talking about modernization lowering fertility for everyone then that's completely obvious and yet completely misses the fact that people who receive more education (and who are already smarter) have fewer kids. this is dysgenic.

>> No.32727049


>> No.32727089

this nigga really do be thinking education is heritable

>> No.32727100

jamal doesnt have a massive bitcoin vault so he just called himself "the dumbest mother fucker"

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