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Suddenly covering Remi's mouth so she panics and accidentally swallows the mouthwash!

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Madam, my mouth is ready to receive your sputum when you're ready.

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thanks, I hate it

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Remi needs to keep her dental health in mind especially since she's a vampire.
Please take care of your teeth as well, /jp/.

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Don't tell me what to do, you're not my mother, or Sakuya.

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That implies you listen to either.
Brush your teeth dude.

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Alright Sakuya, for you, I will.

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I don't get it.

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It's sperm.

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These images gave me depression and I want to kill myself now

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I don't think he's actually suicidal about remilia's tits, anon

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Does Sakuya brush the Scarlets' teeth for them or does Remimi do it herself?

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It's about as logical as most suicides, frankly.

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Remi is a big girl, so she can do it herself.

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she lives having her every whim catered to by countless servants, I think even brushing her teeth alone would be too much effort for her

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True, but I doubt she's that lazy.

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Uh, there's no defending that. That's fucking gay dude.

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Could you really call yourself heterosexual if you won't even brush Remi's teeth for her?

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I want to brush Remilia's teeth with my dick, if you know what I mean.

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You want her to bite and eat your penis?

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I don't understand.

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can you elaborate?

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That's a good fetish, not getting licked or sucked but straight up rubbing my penis in a cute set of teeth

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Her oral or vaginal teeth?

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It's less laziness and more the ego boost of having even menial tasks of body maintenance done by someone else.

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Brush Remi's teeth properly, Sakuya, you're making a mess.

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Sakuya just really loves her job

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>vaginal teeth

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She hasn't even started yet.

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You know, vagina dentata?
Are you really so much of a cherry boy that you've never heard of that before?

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God I wish she would let me drink her vampire spit.

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Some believe that drinking a vampire's blood allows you to become a vampire.
What effect would drinking a vampire's spit have on a human?

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>What effect would drinking a vampire's spit have on a human?
Instant erection?

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But anyone would get an instant erection from drinking Remilia's spit, even if she wasn't a vampire!
We need to perform some sort of experiment to find the truth.
If we get 3 groups of anons and have one group drink Remilia's spit, another drink Flandre's spit, and the last drink Sakuya's spit as a control we can figure this out!

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Depending on the story, a vampire's bite is supposed to be euphoric. So maybe a lessened version of that.

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>high quality loli vampire spit

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That's a weird one.
Some believe that being bit by one turns you into a vampire, others say drinking does.

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so alcoholics are the real life vampires...?

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no, that's disgusting.

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I wonder if it'd be comparable to other minor drugs like coffee or cigarettes.
You have to have that first sip of Remi spit in the morning before you really wake up!
State approved spit breaks at work!

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>I wonder if it'd be comparable
It's not comparable to anything existing outside of Gensokyo anon

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Cigarettes and coffee both exist in Gensokyo...

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>Cigarettes and coffee both exist in Gensokyo
Citation needed

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Kourindou exists

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Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red, Mokou suggests a fire was caused by a cigarette butt to Aya to make her stop asking questions about what really caused it.

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Coffee is mentioned multiple times in IaMP.
Rinnosuke is explicitly mentioned to sell cigarettes in Curiosities of Lotus Asia, although they are noted to be quite rare.

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>although they are noted to be quite rare
That's because Mokotan smokes them all, that brat goes at it like a chimney.

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what a brat! just because she can't die of cancer...!

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She's trying to prevent others from dying of cancer...
She's kinder than you think!

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Wouldn't it be easier to round them up and burn them in a pile

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Don't worry about it.

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I should really read those.
Are translations in MangaDex good or should I just read on wiki?

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She's drinking milk

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Mistress you mustn't behave so indecently

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Why would she gargle milk?

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Curiosities of Lotus Asia isn't on MangaDex as far as I'm aware, so just read that on the wiki.

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The nutrients help her body produce more feet spores to infect her pathetic m*rtal foot slaves' lungs with.

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You should know that's quite impossible once you reach an ascended level of foot slavery, Anon. Eventually you become as immortal as Remi herself, as long as your lungs get regular doses of her sweaty feety odors.

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hang yourself.

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If all of them are burned at once it could give cancer to a youkai flying above.
She has burn them in small quantities at a time, and smoking them herself allows her lungs to filter out some of the carcinogens!

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Ahh, to be in the presence of my Mistress as she casts Feet Sign 「500 Years Without A Single Wash」! Any anons who haven't experienced it should certainly try.

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smol lady
smol mistress

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I want to walk beside her and then casually sling her under my arm, walk away, and take her to my van!

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>if you know what I mean.
I don't, please explain

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He wants to casually sling her under his arm, walk away, and take her to his van.
I don't get it either.

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Just twist the stick. Those things are made out of paper anyway

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I use mouthwash every time I go to the bathroom to try and reduce the munchies. It works.

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Now this is a smell my lungs can get behind. Deep breaths.

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The most beautiful Touhou

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Ahh, I wanna kiss her cute little body!

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one two one two one two

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Flan carrying remi to the dumpster where she belongs!

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Remi is a lovely little girl who deserves to be treated better.