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Just 2 more kills to go.

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Only 2 kills left for his 100 endurance. I hope he doesn't extend it.

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Seaweed punched his way to champion

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I'm gonna concernfag here but I hope he gets a good enough rest for the damn tournament.

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They’re finally complete...

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dumb riznote bringing their instruments to bed

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I can't stop staring at Loba's lower-half.

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Is he fucking chocking

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He turned up his dpi really high for the game

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kek I see it now

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9hours dude

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Last 2 kills going to be harder than the upcoming tournament .Kamaneko has a really cute laugh.

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He does. What’s with vchuubas and nice laughs

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Now to the rest for the real thing.

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Good work Seaweed. It would be fun to have Kamaneko pop up again in the future.

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Hey, I only watch a couple of rounds before it ends. Did Astel get carried by Kamaneko or both of them can follow each other just fine?

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They played well together, and even with some playing around rounds Astel was consistent, I dont feel like he was carried but they complimented one another well, it was a very relaxed road to 100 compared to the others.

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>it's the time when they were cheering Fubuki on and celebrating her win with Roboco
I love this so fucking much

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Just wondering. Are the ENs considered Hololive?

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Their name is "Hololive EN".
You tell me, Sherlock.

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obviously anon

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I've done nothing but watch APEX for a week straight.
I don't even like APEX.

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Why not give it a try? It's pretty decent fun.

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competitions like this really get you pumped

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It's been almost a month now...
But I do play the game though
videos that are mid way are moments scrolled to clip, I pretty much watched every video complete

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Goddamn anon you’re strong. I love Astel but I dekinai
Ps post the clips please

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apex saiko... I admire your dedication

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not him but i find team based multiplayer games with randoms completely intolerable now and don't care enough to get my friends to play

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my SSD died, had to re-download everytrhing, for now I'll do hightlights of the scrims
did this yesterday to test though, maybe some of you saw it in the threads from earlier:

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They why are they not included in this thread

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Buddy I think you should take a closer look at the thread title

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forgot the source:
pretty much recorded the chat on screen, cropped it and choroma-key'ed the gray bg, at first I did 100% transparency but the text merged with the game, so this semi-transparent chat worked pretty well

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is it really that hard for you people to do 5 minutes of katakana reps?

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I dropped Apex during the Christmas event. I couldn't take playing with dogshit players where ever I went. Now I want to play again after watch our boys play all week.

Aruran playing nothing but Apex has caused Shien and Oga to pass him in subs..

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I'm like this too, I fucking hate competitive team games, but the gameplay is enough for me to put up with it.

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Mori calls herself your boy, so she's a star too.

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Anon you are very dedicated, are you the video maker? Just how much is all the Apex downloaded?

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It's today brothers. It's time for our boys to shine.

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about 25gb rn, wanted to do the 100kill challenges but I don't have time for that anymore, start University classes on Monday (burgertime)

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That KINNIKU ONEGAI part is gold

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Damn. Thanks for your effort still, love the clips

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Jesas, also I never said so but did enjoy your first video and left a like. Make sure you link the highlights when youre done, please. Thank you for your work.

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both Shien and Oga had big inclines of their own in form of DDLC and English streams for the first and the Risu collabs for the second

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Just get someone to rig you a l2d avatar so you can play with all the indie vtubers who are crazy good at the game.

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This whole bit was amazing. Astel's JC voice especially at 3:41-3:50 is fucking dangerous.

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i also loved your first video and was hoping you'd do one for this tournament. thank you for all the effort

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>so you can play with all the indie vtubers who are crazy good at the game.
this reminded me of that vtuber who couldn't find anyone to collab with him so he collabed with his mom... it was very heartwarming tho

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Wasn’t that Maeka?

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I don't have a YT channel for clips kek
It's fine if others re-upload the streamables, idc, but the originals are 1080p with considerable better quality
I saw a twitter acc. the other day promoting Holostar fan submissions, maybe I'll give it to them too

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oh i think it was. just realized since he has shorter hair now

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I never expected Izuko would be so good. He sounds like a real joshi at times

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Do you know why he had no one to collab with?

>> No.32621181

not sure. maybe he was new at the time and hasn't made any connections yet?

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Holy crap Izuru could easily pass as a girl. Boner why.

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also here's an english translation with more clips if anyone wants:

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Was he independent before joining upd8?

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thank you for thinking of us EOPs

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Here's a funnier version of Astel's container play, followed by HAL's reaction to Izuru winning by doing nothing.

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Timestamp please? It’s like that function works not more often then it does

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It doesn't work when opening the external player for whatever reason,but should work when opening the link directly.

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>when the POV switch to Izuru and he's just sitting there

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Wouldn’t it be DuoShiro

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the Tanaka Shouhei bit was hilarious

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File: 1.18 MB, 4500x4500, img_L1JhTjMrMWVvV3BZbnlGOXFvd0ZrbmVuTGx6dkxOdDg1czUzbllXNmNVZ2h0YVdTemdpakxRPT0.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some random song clips:
Astel 津軽海峡冬景色/Tsugaru Strait: Winter Scenes
Temma Kousui 香水 / 瑛人
Temma 心拍数0822
Miyabi Matryoshka
Miyabi and Miyako 嗚呼、素晴らしきニャン生
Rikka 月光花/Gekkouka
Izuru Isnt she lovey
Miyabi King
Temma King

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Thanks anon

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>couldn't sleep
fuck i guess i'm sleeping today

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>less than 5 hours until the tournament

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something to watch to for now. thanks

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not sleeping* i meant
doki doki

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Bossu and his subordinates

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The kansai boys are quite funny

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Dawn of the final day boys. Here's to hoping the goddess of luck and victory smiles upon RAG today.

Timestamps don't work on embeds. You have to copy the link on another tab for it to work.

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I'm 100% sure they'll win the "having most fun" prize

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Fall guys knight

>> No.32632139

ah sweet.

>> No.32632734

An angel, a cat and a skunk walk into a lab.

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>> No.32632830

Roberu isn't good, but Inui and Makea are some of the best players in the tournament. They might place higher than expected.

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The ojou, the maid, and their dog.

>> No.32632980

Knight missing his snipers is very cute.

>> No.32633015

did you hear him try to sign with braces on?

everyone pls listen to this shit

>> No.32633131

calm down, anon, i listened to
it it's very cute and soothing

>> No.32633285

I hope Roberu at least makes a proper thumbnail...

>> No.32633340

Youre going to get your white void with the words Apex on it and a laughing Roberu and youre going to like it, anon.

>> No.32633552

Roberu please....there's so much good fanarts... just slap one on as a thumbnail its enough

>> No.32633580

>that graceful finish line cross
smug cocky cute bastard

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>> No.32633744

I'm very happy to have been wrong.

>> No.32633843

nice. thank you, son

>> No.32633945

Always hated those players who would grab you during that jump minigame when there's still more than 2 people left. 90% of the time the person grabbing would end up falling too so it's not even a good strategy

>> No.32634084

It's probably more to just mess with people than even trying to win.

>> No.32634257

Knight roleplaying in civ would be some fun shit

>> No.32634807

Narrative : Marine is only playing this because she thought it was about rimjobs

>> No.32634854

I hate to say it, but wrong thread

>> No.32634868

Isn't it actually the saddest shit that this community is so fucking garbage and filled with retards/children that Marine has to have that disclaimer on screen at all times

>> No.32634905

Wait FUCK it actually is the wrong thread. And i made two posts in a row. I guess i should keep the tabs more separate.

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>Roberu cameo on meme review
>while Polka was the guest
one day... it's getting closer and closer

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indeed beggar, the day of the rope is getting closer and closer for you

>> No.32635079

Rikka utawaku

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keep seething, schizo

>> No.32635278

Coco was really a bitch to put in her face Aloe when her gen is trying to move on with this and Son when you know Polka avoids to mention the stars on stream, and him in particular.

>> No.32635372

Keep schizoposting to /hlg/ please

>> No.32635445

https://twitter.com/kageyamashien/status/1353205040383574018 Shien is team KSN

>> No.32635481

Izuru, your crush...

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>less than 1 hour

>> No.32635549

Silly knight what were you thinking

>> No.32635607

>shilling the stars' APEX tourny
based knight

>> No.32635663

How is my post is me being a schizo?
I was just annoyed that she pushed Polka in an awkward situation when Coco is being an hypocrite by pretending later that there was nothing on her Bingo. Nothing more, nothing less.
And I will stop here, since it is almost off topic

>> No.32635697

>I will stop here

>> No.32635739

Watch the robot while you wait for the tournament, he just sang Only My Railgun

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>best singer in HoloPro maybe second after AZKI
>the second biggest Holostar channel
>the least popular one in this thread
>anons barely celebrated his 100K milestone
I'll never forget this, /hst/

>> No.32635898

He hasn't done his 100k celebration yet, I was happy for him when he hit it during his short endurance.

>> No.32635922

Sorry anon, I'm doing my APEX reps while waiting to watch some APEX. what has this seaweed done to me

>> No.32635935

I was there and was happy for him, since his milestone was reached by sheer talent and barely by memes.
Hopefully, even more opportunities will be available to him now.

>> No.32636079

Hey, I watched some of your endurance old man, even at 3am. I'm happy for you!

>> No.32636204

APEX soon....

Shibuya Hal for commentary

Aruran: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9H5eiYurjY
Izuru: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h47vznJxbhU
Astel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWuIBM4lODk

Roberu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4o0k5GEe-s
Meika: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeUFUwHxc8g
Inui: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeUFUwHxc8g

>> No.32636279

oh oops this is Meika's

>> No.32636290

Honestly watching old man Hollow Knight has been pretty good

>> No.32636327

Time for Aruran to drop his weights like in a shounen anime and help carry RAG to a victory

>> No.32636349

Shouldn't it be /hsg/ instead of /hst/?

>> No.32636452

That tag is a really cool idea to give incentive to have fans engage with the lore.
Was this initially Shien's or his fans' idea?

>> No.32636638

Yeah i fucked up

>> No.32636681

Now there's a whole army of skunks

>> No.32636706

Aruran's is probably the best team art I've seen for the tourney

>> No.32636757

Boss is cheering for all of them...

>> No.32636788

Hold me, homobros...

>> No.32636794


>> No.32636803

Hope everyone in Holopro has a good time, I don't want to see a repeat of HPS.

>> No.32636813

I hope the boys and girls do well

>> No.32636831

Please i just want Kuku to kill Roberu just once

>> No.32636880

Is Roberu muted?

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>> No.32636969

Do not post XXs in this thread please. Gross

>> No.32636989

Recommended POVs to look out for aside from Holopro ones?

>> No.32637007

Someone from BIG, NSN, or APW if you want winners perspective

>> No.32637010

keeps us updated with all your POVs.
i can't watch everyone...

>> No.32637011

Nose, Gorilla, Pakael, Chihiro.

>> No.32637050

I'm just tabbing into Shibuya Hal if RAG or KSN goes down.

>> No.32637088

Aruran has the LION costume on!

>> No.32637109

I hope Rag does well and holopro as a whole does well. I know I'm going to fall asleep instantly.

>> No.32637114

Shibuya Hal's POV. You get commentary from a Predator player and he's generally good with keeping up with the action across the map.

>> No.32637115

I'm going Astel's POV first, then switching to Roberu's POV whenever Astel gets tilted, then HAL's stream when not much is going on

>> No.32637254
File: 1.96 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot from 2021-01-24 16-16-55.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have this setup, with Astel's POV being the focus with max volume.

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File: 816 KB, 935x529, aruu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the final boss

>> No.32637326

I've just got them all open on two monitors, focusing on astel and swapping to Hal if RAG and KSN goes down

>> No.32637371
File: 1.28 MB, 1260x718, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want some maguro too... Too bad this only applies to nip viewers

>> No.32637391

lol Matsuri just wants the snacks

>> No.32637417

My poor toaster won't be able to keep up...

>> No.32637472

Taking refugee here for the RAG boys.

>> No.32637512


>> No.32637524


>> No.32637531


>> No.32637546

I just want one of the 5 holopro teams to do wel...

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I have Astel on my main screen and this thread on another screen. Pretty comfy.

>> No.32637638

No has gone down yet...bros. They're all gonna rat their way into a small circle with chaos everywhere aren't they?

>> No.32637681

>round already started
>Waiting for Nakiri Ayame
>Shion's waiting screen
I have no respect left for those girls

>> No.32637700

Everyone is going to be somewhat cautious on the first game of the actual tournament. Desperation will set in for the teams that don't get enough points this round. It's going to get more and more hyped unless one team gets a huge insurmountable lead.

>> No.32637723

BAM once again narrowly escapes getting RAG'd

>> No.32637731

RAG nearly destroyed BAM already... FBK... RBC...

>> No.32637793

Not that place again. Big star always come past there.

>> No.32637802

TMS is already down 2 members, just Towa alive.

>> No.32637897

>Astel kills MRVN
What the fuck Astel, why

>> No.32637908

watch them get top 5 somehow for hiding the whole game

>> No.32637918


>> No.32637931

Do not jinx it!

>> No.32637935

Vampire guys team coming around.

>> No.32637942

what is this seemingly upgraded holotools?

>> No.32637953

What team died first?

>> No.32637983

Tomari Mari's

>> No.32638001

Bigstar is going hard

>> No.32638045


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Alternate watching option on jetri with the sportsfes3 layout.

>> No.32638082

Why did Astel commit suicide...

>> No.32638110

Big Star is annihilating every team they run into now jesus

>> No.32638119

That area was too hot. Shouldn't have pushed like that in the open.

>> No.32638137

>13 squads left in round 3
Christ, closing into round 4 is going to be hell

>> No.32638139

Astel choked so hard. That push was just suicidal.

>> No.32638148

yeah i have no idea what the plan there was, that area was a perfect crossfire between the two other teams

>> No.32638162


>> No.32638170


>> No.32638171

All the hope for this tournament lies with Roberu now...

>> No.32638181

Hopefully that cools his kill hunger a bit for the future rounds.

>> No.32638184

Fuck that sucked. Ganbare.
TMS down just now too.

>> No.32638192

It was 2 teams nailing them right? The second they pop out of cover they lost their armor...

>> No.32638233

>APW gets dismantled by BIG STAR
looks like BIG STAR is locking in #1

>> No.32638236

Yeah they were between two teams that were fighting, both of which were smart enough to recognize RAG as the easier target

>> No.32638265

Korean niji and little robot girl from 774 got them.

>> No.32638271


>> No.32638287

Honestly RAG just needs to go hard on BAM. They keep landing near them but playing it a bit cautiously, when they can pretty easily clean them up.

>> No.32638308

pretty frustrating that they ended up placing higher too

>> No.32638369


>> No.32638394

What team was that...

>> No.32638433

ygr first champion

>> No.32638445

Big star got 17 kills total WTF

>> No.32638456

>19 kills
Yeah, Big Star is winning this one.

>> No.32638471


>> No.32638506

Seto Miyako team from Niji

>> No.32638527

At this point I'm more interested in seeing who top 5 will be, since 1st is obviously locked

>> No.32638535

let's not forget chibistars placed 20th first round and managed to get 5th overall

>> No.32638562

To be honest, wasn't it locked from the very start? Big Star is easily the most powerful and balanced team. The fact they meet the "requirements" is almost stupid.

>> No.32638570

YGR average finish over the last week of scrims was 15th place. Anything can happen.

>> No.32638620

If Kira being in the team would that do any difference?

>> No.32638629

Dunno Why they decided to try for a push when the enemy finally bunkered down. rather than when they were still running across the map.

>> No.32638652

im guessing people had hope after big star performed pretty bad in the scrims. maybe it was just them saving strats after all

>> No.32638657

Yes, they would be able to rotate faster, plus Kira would've improved from the previous tournament. No point thinking about it though.

>> No.32638677

fightning early game might be the safer option and avoid mid game fights because everyone is just camping with so many teams in a small area in mid game

>> No.32638681

A lot. A damn lot. It's not even a question.
Yeah pretty much.They didn't even perform "bad", their kill points were still fairly high.

>> No.32638684

NSN and APW could have possibly gotten an upset, had they not gotten such an insane gap already. They needed Big Star to not get 1/3 of the kills in the game round 1

>> No.32638734
File: 212 KB, 1927x982, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>big star performed pretty bad
they were #1 in kills and placement over the last week of scrims anon.

>> No.32638760

How do you do this? I just have like five firefox windows open.

>> No.32638770


>> No.32638772
File: 157 KB, 1872x140, 1611478788418.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they had a similar game in scrims
still lost that day to apw

>> No.32638790

i know, but there were a few days were they placed "bad" by their standards (placing way higher than top 5 which they were expected to be at) which i guess i shouldve clarified, my bad

>> No.32638797

It's ogre.

>> No.32638835

delete this

>> No.32638844


>> No.32638847

Anyone can place "bad" if they get taken out early by another strong team.

>> No.32638860

Fucking KSN kek

>> No.32638872

They lost with two massive outlier games of 0 points each. I wouldn't count on it again

>> No.32638904

Who cares about winning when you're having fun

>> No.32638914

watch pakael rape them

>> No.32638933

It's weird how everyone has a set landing spot now and no teams fight for the first couple of minutes. Is this a rule so every team has a chance or did the teams just end up doing that naturally?

>> No.32638954

They're just Japanese.

>> No.32638970

They're playing safe, it's what always happens. Scrims are always more aggressive than the real thing.

>> No.32638991

They would have a chance at 1st place instead of having a chance at top 5 not even a question, pizza dad is fucking shit.

>> No.32638997

Uruha's stream and APEX crashed fucking hard

>> No.32639056

Are you really going to risk possibly getting 0pts for that round by going for hot drop fights? That is basically free points for anyone not in that fight since they secure a higher placement for each team that dies early and all they are doing is looting instead of fighting.

>> No.32639074

Pizzadad gets first blood!

>> No.32639084
File: 225 KB, 1200x1200, 1606215972328.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's right, kill her game

>> No.32639108

>kansai noisies

>> No.32639127


>> No.32639165

Woah Pakael got taken down by TMS. Anything can happen.

>> No.32639177


>> No.32639202
File: 45 KB, 202x128, 1593201339976.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.32639216

h-he will get you next round!

>> No.32639217

That's 2 rounds where his team goes down early but this one was even worse.

>> No.32639247


>> No.32639252


>> No.32639258


>> No.32639273


>> No.32639274


>> No.32639275


>> No.32639276


>> No.32639294


>> No.32639311

Towasama i kneel

>> No.32639317


>> No.32639398

And they immediately push into a crossfire again

>> No.32639402

fucking crossfired again...

>> No.32639406

bruh why

>> No.32639408

RAG... sandwiched again...

>> No.32639423


>> No.32639426

Fuck that was an insanely bad position

>> No.32639445

Bamboozled....took out big star to get fucking bamboozled...STOP RUNNING INTO CROSSFIRE IN THE OPEN!

>> No.32639451

aqf and rag shouldve ganged up on reid and dont let him slip away
then disengage and walk away like true gentelmen

>> No.32639466
File: 168 KB, 266x248, astel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.32639516

Their positioning has been really bad in both rounds so far, that was one of the worst places to be in especially when they already knew the other team had a sniper

>> No.32639522

and BIG STAR gets free points by finishing 10th...

>> No.32639540

They knew one team had a sniper, and that there was another team posted up to the left watching them, and still chose to run in

>> No.32639564

is there any way to view these so called points

>> No.32639591

That was better though. I mean they fucking took down Nose. That position was just really fucking bad for them.

>> No.32639598

that little place astel push towards unless your team are absolutely good and know the line of fire on where to take cover, you just don't go there, more ppl die there than survive anyway

>> No.32639616


also an anon from either /hlg/ or /hlgg/ posted a whole google docs link

>> No.32639635


>> No.32639637

It doesn't mean much to take down the big team so early and then just die like that. Morale boost I guess.

>> No.32639640

thank you

>> No.32639647

Everyone was kind of worried about Aru weighing them down. But Astel's shot calling needs work too. Happened last tournament too. His skills are god tier but his decision making has only improved slightly from last tournament.

>> No.32639650

Watch Hal's stream

>> No.32639662

Holy fuck Astel's chat is retarded

>> No.32639672

Gasoji is doing work, I'm surprised more teams didn't pick him up considering how many fights are in small spaces. his gas counters gibby domes too

>> No.32639673

Holy fuck Leona

>> No.32639682

I don't know what went wrong, his shot calling was a lot more patient in the scrims

>> No.32639699

He just gets too hype when things are real

>> No.32639722

I'm watching Aruran. What's happening in Astels?

>> No.32639781

Retards complaining about people talking about other teas when he's literally spectating and talking about them

>> No.32639809

Yeah, Astel is too hot-blooded. He's the best captain for his team, but he's not really good at it. He'd benefit a lot from a strong captain.

>> No.32639830

i keep saying that by the way the teams are playing Caustic was going to be having lots of success.

>> No.32639832

Luckily they're smart enough to not pay attention to it right now. There's no room for that shit.

>> No.32639844

The issue is there's no one really in holopro good enough to shotcall, but also stern enough to reign him in when he goes full retard

>> No.32639866

Welp, I was hoping for a top 5 for RAG but looks like they can maybe get a top 10, rip

>> No.32639870

There actually is one. But she doesn't want to play Apex. Her name is "Former literal Esports coach" Shishiro Botan.

>> No.32639881

who is this nervous cutie

>> No.32639908

The issue with his orders is that it only works when everyone follows up immediately as intended. He has an idea in his head that would most likely work if it was pulled off, but his teammates cannot follow up at all.
They can potentially finish top 5 if they perform well in the last 3 rounds, just like chibistars in the previous tournament

>> No.32639930

>He'd benefit a lot from a strong captain
gen 4 onegai...

>> No.32639952

i feel like astel rotate timing is off, either u try to rotate early or rotate late, he tried to rotate mid timing and face fire then the team who rotate late just sandwitch them with the guys who already bunkered down early

>> No.32639957

Kira was the best with him. He actually was able to keep up with Astel and back him up. Izuru is not as good as this as Kira was.

>> No.32639991

desu I was hyped for her Apex stream after her debut. Can't have it all huh

>> No.32639995

Based on the current standings, 1 win for almost any team will bring you to top 5 instantly.

>> No.32640035
File: 329 KB, 1650x927, 1608340238469.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.32640056

Jesus those score....Boys..please don't let roboco beat you like that..

>> No.32640079

Even Hoshikawa is doing better than the holopro teams...

>> No.32640082

>Absolutely abysmal first two games
It's Chibistars all over again, only this time they don't have Kira...

>> No.32640095

They literally just need to make it to top 10 instead of getting sandwiched. I hope Izuru/Aruran stop Astel from pushing into dangerous spots.

>> No.32640099

Even slut team!?!? wtf

>> No.32640110

Some other anon pointed out that she's actually rather famous in the Japanese R6 and Apex scene, so she playing it seriously would bring too much attention to her previous life (even if everyone already knows). She seems like she wants to lay back anyway. But man.. I want to see Botan going full power one day.

>> No.32640112

They're not that far behind the middle of the pack. One decent round and they're suddenly top 10, 3 good rounds and they can take top 5

>> No.32640213

if they still can't get good placing this round, might as well go yolo and play aggressive.

>> No.32640252

playing too aggressive was pretty much the reason why they keep dying early

>> No.32640254

If they are really desperate for points, they can farm kills by dropping where weaker teams tend to drop.

>> No.32640271

Isn't that exactly what they've been doing? They might need to go back to pocking, but it's too late for changing strategies in such a drastic manner imo.

>> No.32640291

Probably got carried by master gyaru chick

>> No.32640348

uhoh, RAG is dropping near some teams

>> No.32640440

i don't feel so good...

>> No.32640487

RAG takes out yayuyo

>> No.32640511

Their nerves are really too high , notice astel isnt giving more instructions compare to 1st and 2nd day scrims.

>> No.32640601

They out in the open again..

>> No.32640654

Every time I see the current standings I remember Astel's gacha stream. Ledakun... your luck reps... I still want RAG to win but part of me wants to see KSN get a high placement somehow too.

>> No.32640655

They're taking out the weaker teams!!

>> No.32640661


>> No.32640684

Papa really likes grenades huh

>> No.32640688

They messed around so fucking much on that last YGR guy. You can feel the anxiety.

>> No.32640698

Third round is always their good round.

>> No.32640716

They were worried because going into a room with a caustic is suicide even if he's alone. A bad move will get everyone taken out

>> No.32640721

if you cant aim for shit might aswell throw some nades.

>> No.32640751

All bad players do. Even when you miss they at least create space, so if you cant aim you might as well throw them like candy to scare people

>> No.32640761


I was really worried someone might 3rd party them with how long they are taking to take down ygr, also astel not telling aru to scan behind to see any 3rd party.

>> No.32640778

this is a bad fucking spot

>> No.32640787


>> No.32640788

Fucks sake

>> No.32640827

Uge and Boran again. I have no clue how Izu went down like that...

>> No.32640848

It's looking worse than the last tournament lol.

>> No.32640865

Stop jinxing

>> No.32640868

Astel your reloading reps...

>> No.32640896

The teams they have this time around are faaar stronger.

>> No.32640900

Not having mastiff rounds definitely fucked him over

>> No.32640909

inb4 roberu wins

>> No.32640924

First tournament had fucking Predator team, this time is more balanced than anything.

>> No.32640933

lmao gorilla

>> No.32640948

Had RAG somehow stopped the push, Marianne would have gotten sandwiched.

>> No.32640952

KSN takes out BAM...

>> No.32640967
File: 20 KB, 115x114, 1610713996597.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm so tired guys, I can't make it. Please keep cheering on the boys for me, even if they don't place high. I-I hope they at least have fun

>> No.32640975

Positioning is seriously their worst enemy right now

>> No.32640992

No preds last time right? Gorilla was only Master at that time.

>> No.32640997

what a fucking clutch by ibu

>> No.32641027

KSN is a lot of fun to watch but if you're trying to do your sleep reps you won't get any sleep at all.

>> No.32641033

Roberu better EMP the shit out of that final ring

>> No.32641038

How many rounds do they play in total?

>> No.32641042

Does Pakael use a voicechanger? Cute voice.

>> No.32641058

Feels like astel is playing more slower as in his movement is smaller compared to his normal streams, not trying to outmaneuvered opponent in duels

>> No.32641074

Gorilla was only Master because he didn't play much that season. He was already Predator before.

>> No.32641104


>> No.32641109

APW catching up in points, BIG STAR is sweating now

>> No.32641137

So... it's over, right?
Is there at least a chance for BAM or KSN?

>> No.32641209

Not jinxing it anonchama... can't afford any jinxes...

>> No.32641212

bam can get top5 if noah goes rapemode

>> No.32641222

Getting 2 champions still puts most teams into 1st place. it's technically anyone's game, but realistically the winner is between APW, NSN, BIG STAR and JMY

>> No.32641260

Stop blaming the posters, it's not our fault that the holopro teams are sucking dick. I want them to do well as much as any of the people on this thread do.

>> No.32641263

Just ONE good game gets them into top 5 still, but the way they're playing and their luck today...

>> No.32641340
File: 396 KB, 893x908, Screenshot from 2021-01-24 18-04-41.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.32641348

Astel taking Robel's place in Meika/Inui's team would actually be really good

>> No.32641387

The losses are taking a toll on us, I don't blame you or the other anon at this point. We all just want HoloPro to at least have a good placement somewhere in the rankings.

>> No.32641405

>RAG 2 placement points
Come on

>> No.32641434

eh, only if ibrahim didnt choke there

Rag STILL can win but ill be a miracle

>> No.32641483

otaku killers have 17 fucking placement points. Astel, just suck it up and hide after you get some kills.

>> No.32641539

Oh boy here we go

>> No.32641550

The 4 teams above them have way less kills. Please take the damn hint.

>> No.32641599

Astel really needs to focus more on staying alive. He's being way too reckless. I honestly hoped he'd have learned this from the past tournament.

>> No.32641631

As much as I hate to say it, this outcome is actually predicted by some of the homos here. A newly formed and unbalanced team jumped straight to a tournament usually wont end well.

>> No.32641637

RAG's highest finish is 13th despite having 9 kills... their highest finish is 2nd last overall

>> No.32641672

What the fuck did TMS do?

>> No.32641695


>> No.32641709

They took a risk by landing near NSN and got rekt instantly.

>> No.32641711


>> No.32641745

>landing closer to one of the best teams
Holy shit at least land near someone bad

>> No.32641751

wait WHAT THE FUCK?? i went away for two minutes and TMS is gone

>> No.32641774

feeding NsN so chihiro and ibrahim dont feel bad about choking last game

>> No.32641817

i don't know anything about apex but they sure do fidget a lot
izuru seems to be pretty decent

>> No.32641842

OK Astel, you got kills, now play for placement for fuck's sake.

>> No.32641864


>> No.32641891

not that fucking place again, that place is hard to def

>> No.32642014

Picking off rats is a good strategy for kill points as well, you get both kill points and placement points

>> No.32642047

Rag is like the wild card, can wipe big and nsn alone lol

>> No.32642077

They can wipe any team if they get a good fight, Astel plays like a Master tier player. I'm surprised he hasn't tried pushing for it yet.

>> No.32642104

Astel is a Master player who occasionally brain swaps with a Bronze

>> No.32642164

also astel has chihiro number 2 times already lol

>> No.32642178


>> No.32642197

Asamura time

>> No.32642204

Astel please your ult...

>> No.32642236


>> No.32642239

nice holy shit

>> No.32642250


>> No.32642252


>> No.32642275

sorry for mass quoting
but losing to hoshikawa's team is a bit too much

>> No.32642293


>> No.32642314

Hoshikawa's team took out BIG STAR
literally anything can happen

>> No.32642328

fucking moooooove

>> No.32642329

Watching Astel run through these squads with KSN laughing so hard in the background is a REALLY weird experience

>> No.32642361

At least they got top 10 this time but fucks sake MOVE NIGGA MOVE

>> No.32642363

Gyaru is actually good, so it's not like they're 3 shitters

>> No.32642388

Damn, who was it that took RAG down?

>> No.32642399

Kanae's team

>> No.32642404

Aruran trying to recharge in the middle of that...

>> No.32642469

Papa your game sense reps...

>> No.32642481

Part of me wants to commend Astel for being such an agressive hothead. He's by far the most agressive player in the tournament. 17 teams alive and he's calling for full send pushes. I respect it, but it doesn't win games. You need more discipline seaweed... but i can't fault your enthusiasm

>> No.32642520

They badly need a good leader.

>> No.32642522

goddamn nijis

>> No.32642535

At least RAG doesnt seems to take the results too hard. Others full blown sobbing rn.

>> No.32642567

That team only have one Niji though.

>> No.32642576

The gas gambit didn't pay off unfortunately, NSN WINS
I think RAG entered top 10 with that game, so at least they aren't finishing completely terribly

>> No.32642587


>> No.32642590

Chihiro's team going for one of the same strategies they did on the scrims and grabbing champion again. This last round is gonna be fucking intense.

>> No.32642592

I'm glad the boys are taking the losses pretty well at least. They're still having fun spectating especially KSN, while other teams sound completely distraught

>> No.32642608

New holostar gen onegai. Someone that isn't that skilled but a natural leader.

>> No.32642623

>Meanwhile on KSN

>> No.32642641

Goddamn Niji

>> No.32642663

I mean they knew through scrims about what to expect, and Aruran isn't draining the energy away even if he's playing bad. Both the holostar teams are playing with guys who are virtually new, so they didn't come into this expecting to win, just to have a good time

>> No.32642687

Honestly they should just rat when they already down 2 teams

>> No.32642699

Oda Nobunaga is based

>> No.32642726

agreed, but sometimes it's really hard to do since the previous gunfights would have already attracted so much attention

>> No.32642758

how many games is this?

>> No.32642775

next is last

>> No.32642793

Even if RAG's feeling down they're taking it quite well. Then you have KSN making the absolute best out of their situation; my sides hurt just watching them.

>> No.32642809

5, next one is the last.

>> No.32642842


I rarely see izuru portal too, they aren't using that to escape, they are tunneled vision into fighting when someone pushed them.

>> No.32642849

Fucking lmao, I seriously did not expect this.

>> No.32642875

All we have now is to hope for a good after party with some fun combinations

>> No.32642877

They really should but Astel insists in picking fights all the time. I'm not shitting on him. I'm not even frustrated. I love the boy, but he's too hot-blooded for this. At least he's taking it in stride. Compared to the girls who are very mopey, the boy's chats have a very real "boys locker room" vibe

>> No.32642907

Jesus....imagine getting beat by sluts and a lesbian whore teacher..

>> No.32642928

>The sluts will bring APEX home
it would be a fun outcome

>> No.32642937

KSN reminds me of watching Sweepers

>> No.32642944

> threads faster then during the Costume reveal relay
s..sasuga APEX
>Someone that isn't that skilled but a natural leader
Roberu seems to be fulfilling that role perfectly fine on KSN

>> No.32642952

Isn't Mirei bi or some shit like that? I know she's coupled with some other guy after killing off Roa

>> No.32642962

The Gyaru is actually good

>> No.32642973

The next one is the last and I don't think we're getting better placements for HoloPro but I sure hope they at least have fun on the 5th round. If any of the HoloPro teams get champion somehow I'll buy a lottery ticket or something. Being able to join tournaments is a pretty nice experience you can learn a lot from.

>> No.32642995
File: 27 KB, 281x328, 1601011455815.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm jealous, you don't have to rub it in.

>> No.32642999

is kyupi a whore too or is it just the avatar?

>> No.32643019

I'd assume some refugees from the other thread not having too serious discussion about the games.
I actually thought that the first scrims, but then they were absolute bottom trash on the last two. Weird stuff.

>> No.32643022

Probably because he's too used to playing with Kira this entire time. Where Astel goes, Kira follows, and they're both good enough that they win through sheer aggressiveness and skill most of the time.

>> No.32643050

Nah, Gun-Kan is always her main pairing.
Roa came after

>> No.32643078


>> No.32643116

Who could realistically reel in Astel's hothead behavior from outside of the company?

>> No.32643123

she is adomin's whore

>> No.32643141

KSN just screaming their hearts out, probably most fun team to watch

>> No.32643186


>> No.32643191

Anyone who he respects. Any of the coaches, Gorilla, Makae, etc

>> No.32643194

I still rewatch this video from time to time...

>> No.32643253
File: 359 KB, 694x620, 1610279341323.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.32643254

I probably think izuru isnt suited to be wraith, wraith should focus on surviving and escaping and getting own team out of sticky positions and his portals is just too slow. Aqua's always portal instantly when someone is in trouble, also always prioritize herself surviving and rat when needed.

>> No.32643265

Fuck man, it legitimately hurts. Together i'm sure they would have been unstoppable. CHIBISTARS LOVE

>> No.32643300

KSN will get 50 kills and win the tournament.

>> No.32643304

Lmao Kuzuha team try to cockblock Leona's team to help his Nijis bros but donated kills instead

>> No.32643308

And some people thought Qu was far worse than a TST guy. She has godly aim.

>> No.32643313

fuck they just fed leona kills
now im anxious for nsn

>> No.32643328

Yeah, which is why usually the best player in the team is the one playing Wraith. But Astel HAS to play Gib because a good Gib is just mandatory.

>> No.32643375

Also Astel is frankly not that practiced on Wraith. Izuru has been playing it for so long that he's not practiced it much

>> No.32643386

Good, I'd rather have Leona winning than NSN.

>> No.32643405

Inui-dono calls the shots in actual gameplay but the absolute morale boost Roberu brings while being with Meika is insanely huge. Maybe if Roberu gets better he could fulfill that role in-game too but that's only gonna happen if he gets proper practice. Robesan's skills really aren't the best but he has promise based on the one other shooter he used to play and was good at. A few Regulars noticed his skills there and I'm wondering if that's why he never brought back that one archive.

>> No.32643409


Pretty much, most shot callers are also the wraith in their team. Gib isnt too hard to play though

>> No.32643446

> and I'm wondering if that's why he never brought back that one archive.
Mind explaining? Am lost here.

>> No.32643449

>Robesan's skills really aren't the best but he has promise based on the one other shooter he used to play and was good at. A few Regulars noticed his skills there and I'm wondering if that's why he never brought back that one archive.
What archive?

>> No.32643506

Oh yeah been meaning to ask but since everyone is spoiler texting shit anyways what do you guys mean by roommate? Is it just slang for something?

>> No.32643512

Lurk more.

>> No.32643513

I don't remember what game, but he was doing pretty well on a game he'd never played as Roberu but had on his other account

>> No.32643520

well she definitely deserves it after 1v2 aqf and apw

>> No.32643611

kek KSN

>> No.32643616

KSN my fucking sides...

>> No.32643635

Aaand Roberu's gone

>> No.32643655

fuck that was hilarious.

>> No.32643811

Fucking sniper elite Astel

>> No.32643830

If I'm thinking of that one shooter, Roberu felt like he was nerfing himself on the first few streams. He kinda seems like he's actually pretty sneaky about controlling his power levels on some things he's actually good at or whatever? i.e. lying about his TRPG experience and saying he's never been in a session before. That one really made me lose my shit lol.

>> No.32643846

>Hoshikawa suicides to not give stars any points
So this is the power of Gyaru...

>> No.32643870

She has a big head for a reason.

>> No.32643976

Just like Kuzuha dropping on Leona earlier, scummy moves to feed Chihiro's team. Trash.

>> No.32643982
File: 437 KB, 446x588, 1603333016833.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

these three idiots, KSN bar robel needs to happen

>> No.32644029

So this is what a losing team supposed to sounds like...

>> No.32644046

Good thing lamys 3d is up next because this tournament made me go limp

>> No.32644106

Holy fuck that JMY throw

>> No.32644119

looks like chihiro just won
>inb4 jinx

>> No.32644147

fuck, i wanted them to win after what happened last round...

>> No.32644207


>> No.32644209

Wait when did he participate in a TRPG?

>> No.32644224


>> No.32644238

Is anyone in fubuki's or towa's team crying with disappointment?

>> No.32644298


>> No.32644299


>> No.32644300

His roommate plays TRPGs literally every week

>> No.32644305

leone deserves the win because of aqf' scummy moves, but ultimately it didnt matter as they just got fed kills
btw TMS also fed chihiro a few rounds before lol

>> No.32644342


>> No.32644345

On stream?

>> No.32644449


>> No.32644460

RAG 2nd!

>> No.32644463

Damn, good fucking end for RAG

>> No.32644478


>> No.32644487


>> No.32644517

Let's fucken gooo!

>> No.32644525


>> No.32644529


>> No.32644532


>> No.32644570


>> No.32644573

I saw the champion's perspective and that shit was impossible to win. Getting second is already godly.

>> No.32644578

>Astel not using the peacekeeper to see through that fart cloud

>> No.32644584


>> No.32644588

Damn, I doubt roboco will participate next year, she plays a lot of apex but it doesn't really seems like she's improving enough.
I don't watch matsuri so I don't know about her

>> No.32644624


>> No.32644630

A damn good end for RAG

>> No.32644633

Please don't spoiler the winner ;_;

>> No.32644654

A quick decision to revive Astel immediately could've won that match. But it was a nice try. Nice fight.

>> No.32644669

Wait did that put them in 5th? Fucking holostars do it again

>> No.32644678


>> No.32644685

hows the final ranking?

>> No.32644732

This round? Yeah, final standing? Doubt

>> No.32644751

God i'm so fucking proud of them for that last game. Fuck.... imagine if they actually won the match. It's so bitter sweet. I'm sure Kira was looking down at them then and there. And sure enough, this was a repeat of the first tournament, Astel Izuru team clutching a 5th place again.

>> No.32644778

Agreed but good try either way

>> No.32644787

Spreadsheet has them at 5th.

>> No.32644795

Odanobu crying again lmao, what a lad.

>> No.32644829

Only if the 5th and 6th choked this game

>> No.32644836

Spreadsheet has them pulling 5th thanks to kills

>> No.32644839

Google docs shows RAG at #5 and JMY and NSN tied for first place.

>> No.32644845

Never doubt our boys
Love that dude, pure soul

>> No.32644866

JMY and NSN are tied at 67, with JMY having better overall finishes (1 1st 2 2nd vs 1 1st 1 2nd),
BIG STAR is 3rd with 51, Deep Kiss is 4th with 46 and RAG is 5th with 39.
RAG IS TOP 5!!!!

>> No.32644892

Astel's disney comeback story is fucking complete, good shit boys. Getting 5th(?) with a significantly weaker roster from before is no joke

>> No.32644904


>> No.32644905

You're shitting me, that's damn cool.

>> No.32644929
File: 118 KB, 900x900, gao.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.32644961

Come back of the FUCKING century, I love these boys

>> No.32644963

Also they got 5th after a frankly terrible first few rounds

>> No.32645023


>> No.32645024

God i actually fucking love Astel. He gave his best, he didn't abandon his hotheaded ways, he never stopped having fun. Down to the very last game he embodied truly HOTBLOODED MANLINESS. HE ISN"T CRYING.... IT"S RAINING

>> No.32645034

God fucking damn Astel...

>> No.32645060

Nakanaide... Seaweed...

>> No.32645131


>> No.32645140

Look how fucking well they do when they have fun and go nuts while communicating. You CANNOT be a bundle of nerves during these events. It screws you over.

>> No.32645218

Top 5 with those terrible first few rounds is fucking amazing

>> No.32645278

Exactly the same shit happened with chibistars.

>> No.32645280


>> No.32645281

Damn they managed to hold it together til the end, and instead of being a morale drain Aruran is now the morale booster. He can't fuckin aim, but at least he can be there for the boys

>> No.32645319

I am 31 and i am crying for astel team...

>> No.32645413

I started crying when he mentioned kira

>> No.32645418

Astel don't do this to me

>> No.32645451
File: 96 KB, 1651x260, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Astel, you did it. You made your mark on the tournament.

>> No.32645498

How do you fuck up the points. You had one job.

>> No.32645525

Dude, when he said this >>32644342 during the final ring my hype levels went through the roof. What a beautiful display of friendship.

>> No.32645555
File: 168 KB, 1001x1489, Esc-xo2VkAIY7Ze.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

space seaweed you're making me cry too...

>> No.32645561

Fuck i'm so happy for them, that last round really turned this tourney into a massive success

>> No.32645570

>Robel asking the girls to give him the PC

>> No.32645657


>> No.32645679

when the fuck is seaweed and shogun opening membership, i wanna support them so bad

>> No.32645692

Did something happen with the point counting?

>> No.32645711

Is the whole squad crying lol
I only saw the last round but it's really good for them

>> No.32645716

>Astel guilting me into superchatting
You win this time seaweed boy

>> No.32645725

Seriously that was so fucking hype

>> No.32645752

JMY should be tied with first and has more kills.

>> No.32645761


>> No.32645770

God damn Asteeeel

>> No.32645782

Please stop crying arupapa... it's making me tear up
Astel has scheduled his for april since late november iirc. He said that he would open it if he hit 50k by then, looks like he might hit 70k - 80k by then.

>> No.32645823


>> No.32645825

Yeah dude, that moment really was hype as fuck and I loved how they communicated at that moment

>> No.32645868

My heart was beating so fucking fast, what a damn amazing last round.

>> No.32645880

That last round was everything they needed. They went hard, got kills, and Aruran was Tsuyoi. They didn't win, but god damn did they do their best.

Terrible day for rain when Astel mentioned Kira though, but they made him proud

>> No.32645894

This is why tournament arcs are the fucking best. I can't wait for the afterparty, if there is one.

>> No.32645907

I'm tearing up with the boys and I'm not ashamed. Arupapa's growth this past month has been a thing to watch. It must be a rollercoaster of emotion for him right now since it both paid off with 5th, but I understand his frustration that with a little bit more 1st place was within reach.

>> No.32645908
File: 350 KB, 496x508, 05729526.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

KSN bros...
at least we had fun

>> No.32646014

Glad I followed RAG the whole period of the tournament, truly soulful ending.

>> No.32646266

Damn straight anon, the last time i was this invested on a single team was back during peak navi dota 2

>> No.32646273

Is there an afterparty?

>> No.32646312

I thought I would at least check out TMS but I stuck to Arurans streams the whole time (even at the start of all that training). Glad it ended on a good note. I don't wanna go to the girls streams....may be depression central.

>> No.32646365

Towa is holding TMS together at the very least

>> No.32646369

TMS was the worst performer but they got the PC so it's not that bad.

>> No.32646388
File: 407 KB, 2048x1444, 1593422929440.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've invested so many hours into watching their practice games but that 10/10 ending made everything worth it. Best stream I've watched in a while no doubt, the start was really rough but that made it all the more satisfying in the end

>> No.32646461

Aruran crying hit me different man

>> No.32646464

They might not get the PC, their kill points were calculated incorrectly. It might end up going to KSN instead if TMS gets moved up a place or two

>> No.32646470

The thai re:act girl got the most kills and on the interview she couldn't understand what Hal was asking her kek.
Hal you need to step it up.

>> No.32646548

You have to see it to believe it. It's what made that lie insanely hilarious.

>> No.32646579

It was so good but also so frustrating. Like, it was fucking amazing. But imagine if they actually had won. So fucking close, i get why Astel is frustrated. Still, great job by our boys

>> No.32646736

I imagine it must be even more frustrating for Aruran, since he's the one who's going to feel the most like he let the team down. Having been in that position, it's very easy to think that if you had been just a little bit more skilled you could have given your team the W

>> No.32646738

Are all tournaments this kino? Cause if so then I've been missing out

>> No.32646767

Yeah, this. Fucked from the start. Nijis landed on them and fed each other afterwards.

>> No.32646818

When is the after party?

>> No.32646826

Apex tournaments are at least. Last time we had the Chibistars redemption and the Controller Boys having a good time

>> No.32646840


>> No.32646851

Yes, the previous one was fucking kino as well. I don't know about non-chuuba tournaments though

>> No.32646862

Yeah, i guess so. Honestly Astel could have played a bit differently in those final moments and he might have lived, and he might have won. Those seconds replay in your head like an eternity on loop, as you think about what you could have changed.

>> No.32646921

KSN filled the ControllerStars role, I do wish they called each other before the tournament matches began like last tournament

>> No.32646957

Yes, Chibistars' redemption arc last tournament was also fucking amazing.

>> No.32646974

The first one was really good too, you should check it out if you haven't already. Honestly vtubers + competitive battle royales is the absolute perfect storm. Characters backed by real people fighting in a big arena in a fake fight to the death. It's so exciting, probably the closest we'll get to big gladiatorial fights nowadays.

>> No.32646993

TMS really needs a coach to tardwrangle them, a good one can make all the difference, look at otakukillers

>> No.32647007

I'm not pointing fingers. They all did great here with some slip ups. The main issue was Astel leading them into crossfire on open ground in 2 rounds and that cost them greatly.

>> No.32647072

Is there not going to be an afterparty this time around? That's a shame.

>> No.32647085

Astel's brain is focused on "Where can I move to get more kills", which is fun to watch, but ultimately gets you into dangerous positions. His calls did get better over the course of the tournaments as they did better and better. I believe that if they had a game 6, RAG could make their way to a top 3 finish.

>> No.32647088

Wraith should be the ones making the movement calls to be honest, but Astel gets too pumped

>> No.32647130

The way that they fucked up the points counting completely kills this shit.

>> No.32647153

It should come later, the previous tournament afterparty also started an hour or 2 after the tournament itself.

>> No.32647178

last time it started near midnight.
Some teams probably haven't ate during this whole tourny

>> No.32647180

So Leona DID end up winning?

>> No.32647199

I think they said something around 2200-2300 JST?

>> No.32647213


>> No.32647227

Keep on your toes anon, we might have something from 22:00 to 23:00 JST after the recount.

>> No.32647287

Their average placement points was better than JMY, though JMY had better overall finishes. I guess they'll justify it through average placement points

>> No.32647293

From what I'm understanding, they're bailing out and declaring BOTH Leona and Chihiro as winners. Also TMS's points count is still wrong, they have more kills than 3. They wiped out Pakael's team and Ayame's team.

>> No.32647309

Well, that's good. I'll watch it later though, almost 9am here and i haven't slept yet. Have a good time anons.

>> No.32647324

Fix your shit HAL.

>> No.32647338

Aight, so who's watching that last fight from multiple POVs? I know I am.

>> No.32647344

That is fucking retarded, Jesus. Come on Hal.

>> No.32647371

this is embarrassing HAL...

>> No.32647392

The fanmade spreadsheet tracked it better than their own tournament...

>> No.32647407

And we were just praising Hal for doing a better job casting since last time lmao

>> No.32647438

thats so fucked up if they don't get the PC but that would mean KSN would get robbed. there's no winning here

>> No.32647450

what the hell thats fucking weak

>> No.32647509

Both of them will get the PCs most likely, HAL and co. will have to pay up for the fuckup.

>> No.32647526


>> No.32647551

losing son...

>> No.32647559
File: 725 KB, 2876x1080, EsfrxZDXYAAfmA0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

someone on twitter also said that they didn't count RAG's round 4 kills...

>> No.32647593

Honestly, there is no better option besides the extra round tiebreaker. But the other teams are probably gone by now and he can't just make a new game while the other teams are gone.
It ruins the tournament's integrity

>> No.32647633

gotta love that hal's stream dislike jumped from tens to 1k

>> No.32647679

LOL this seems rigged as fuck

>> No.32647694

Can Japs not do math!??!

>> No.32647699

They fixed RAG for round 5, at least, so they did actually take 5th

>> No.32647754

this can't be real, they couldn't fuck up this much, right?!

>> No.32647794


>> No.32647815

are there no tiebreakers?

>> No.32647916

I wish they were consistent and went off highest finishes (most 1st place finishes, then 2nd if that ties etc.) but they probably don't want to get hated by the nijis, so they let it slide.

>> No.32647953

Kills were the tie breaker, but imagine the shitstorm if they denounce NsN from getting first. They went the safe route to and just declared both of them winners.

>> No.32648067

>9am here and i haven't slept yet
1 pm for me...

>> No.32648186

Just look at this >>32644603
Sumire has 3 kills. Towa had another 3 kills when she killed Pakael and got kill leader >>32639177 https://youtu.be/xjzc92Mg5bY?t=3552
, yet Hal's stream only shows 3 kills for TMS across all matches. It's a massive fuck up and we still don't know deep it actually goes. Also, it kills any excitement for the fucking tournament.

>> No.32648196

A full pro predator stat team literally can't into basic math. Poor Hal will get slaughtered on twitter

>> No.32648228

i'm checking the end there. anons said even Ayame's team was cheering our boys

>> No.32648243

Ironically I'm pretty sure the fan tracker is 100% accurate

>> No.32648265

Well time to sleep and hopefully catch the afterparty because it's 9AM. Was fun watching RAG, the boys and girls with all of you.

>> No.32648278

After a recount that includes tiebreakers KSN actually might win that 16th place PC. Of course, Hal's in a boatload of trouble though... if you saw the live chat it was full of deleted messages near the end.

>> No.32648281

Wow that's fucked. I guess compare with anon's spreadsheet to see, really.

>> No.32648317

Hopefully this doesn't deter him from doing another tourney later, since overall it was super fun

>> No.32648324
File: 140 KB, 802x1024, cutebelly.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is what peak performance looks like.

>> No.32648365

cant wait for ANOTHER narukami video

>> No.32648442

Night night

>> No.32648457
File: 217 KB, 360x450, 1601302091885.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My boy is about to shit on Hal for bootlicking Nijisanji

>> No.32648508

He needs to admit the mistakes immediately and do whatever is needed to make it up to the participants so their fans don't form their own narratives. I don't want Hal to get fucked for any reason, he's amazing for setting up the tournaments and it would be a shame to see him get harassed for shit that the chuubas don't care about.

>> No.32648517

please gas me leona

>> No.32648542

Why is Fubuki still playing APEX? And Why i'm i still watching her

>> No.32648547
File: 575 KB, 1000x1000, FSDFrp4rpdM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

First place and they didn't even have a gibby player.

>> No.32648574

He needs to do it ASAP, but since part of it is a sponsored reward that's something he can't make the decision on, and has to talk to the sponsors about

>> No.32648587

I'm just guessing here but it might be Splatoon? Roberu's skills for it could easily pass for S+ and I'm not even joking. The man went on killing sprees with support weapons in that one splatfest it was funny.

>> No.32648588

Who was the protagonist of this tournament?

>> No.32648603

it's like pekora after the fall guys tourney

>> No.32648611


>> No.32648616

Oh the collab with Shien?

>> No.32648628


>> No.32648671

hal himself

>> No.32648702

He issued his statement, so hopefully people calm down.

>> No.32648793

Qu and Leona.

>> No.32648794

Responses look generally positive, so at least Hal probably won't have to seppuku for it

>> No.32648862


>> No.32648887

Hal is probably going to age a couple of years from the stress... Hopefully he can relax a bit during the afterparty and play a few games himself

>> No.32648961

https://twitter.com/yukokuroberu/status/1353310032629141506 please do, son

>> No.32649043

Yeah, I think. I'm not that anon but I can say his movement was top notch there. He can't hide his kill counts with Shien's POV up but he's really REALLY good.

>> No.32649102

Why does this feel good but painful at the same time

>> No.32649153

Hopefully Astel has fun playing around with various teams during the afterparty. I'm unreasonably excited to watch it.

>> No.32649203

Time for him to spill spaghetti again

>> No.32649232

I wish he gets more collabs with other chuubas in the future.

>> No.32649289

I hope she plays with him one day. Skill wise they're around the same level, so should be good shit.

>> No.32649365

rewatching the last few moments and holy shit, that soft "I believe in you" from astel to izuru before he clutched 2nd was such a good moment

>> No.32649376

She's good and it should be fine if they keep it to simple Japanese. She had a hard time understanding what Hal was asking her in the interviews and Leona had to put what he was saying in simpler terms.

>> No.32649397

>Astel spilling spaghetti while making super aggressive plays
Yes please, I would like to see that.

>> No.32649437
File: 2.06 MB, 1656x1080, 1598029302095.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Last time it was painful as fuck man

>> No.32649446

Yeah, it's those little moments that make it so fucking amazing. Timestamp here for anyone curious.

>> No.32649625

God times like this I absolutely abhor being an EOP, I hope someone out there translates all the kino moments soon. Also boys crying hits much more deep, goddamn

>> No.32649750

>boys crying hits much more deep
I remember feeling some things when watching Gorilla's team cry in the last tournament, even though I barely followed their POV at all. Managed to make me a little emotional, even if they did fuck over our holo teams early on.

>> No.32649840

why so desperate with trying to hide your roommate like that. it's already public knowledge?

>> No.32649895

Maybe contract requirement.

>> No.32649988

that's a shitty contract that requires you to nerf yourself at your best games but then again it could be why Botan won't touch APEX anymore...

>> No.32650129

now i feel bad for leona, haru and chihiro

when is the afterparty?

>> No.32650174

"The party will be held soon as Hal is ready"
Pinned on Sumire's stream right now.

>> No.32650200

23:30 JST. Less than 2 hours

>> No.32650228

Might take a while, HAL is probably crying to himself because he has to spend his money on 12 high-end PCs.

>> No.32650293

It changed to this one. Sorry I didn't notice.

>> No.32650385

but think about all the ad and sponsorship revenue he got from these streams
7 days of scrims with 20k+ viewers, and the final day with ~110k. i dont want to numberfag but this is just insane for an indie.

>> No.32650401
File: 484 KB, 479x680, CHADeru.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

His connections just keep growing

>> No.32650458

That's still a lot of upfront cost he has to pay up if he really is going to hand another 3 PCs. Not to mention there might be some sponsors breathing down his neck for his fuckup.

>> No.32650500

isn't that the girl who played Among Us with him and threw him under the bus when they both got impostor?
she showed up in his chat a few times after that.

>> No.32650519

>Kuzuha started streaming with #AQFLOSE as his title
This vampire grass.

>> No.32650561

He's not the only one. Astel's tweet also got a fair bit of replies from other chuubas.

>> No.32650567

He already collabed with her

>> No.32650631

I'm sure he can probably cut a deal with the sponsor for a discount given the tournament pulled great views

>> No.32650749

>Astel's god was watching over him the whole time
That's really sweet and heartwarming

>> No.32650845

Speaking of Kaneki, do you guys think that they intentionally aimed for Leona's team to try to take her out early and boost NSN's chances of winning?

>> No.32650884
File: 111 KB, 238x311, 1605825095927.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

whatever their intentions were, they fucked up

>> No.32650915

Coach is proud of our boys. Even retweeted Astel's 2nd place kill ranking too

>> No.32650985

It's plausible. By that point they knew they had no chance, so might as well help NSN. Her team still fucked them in the ass for trying.

>> No.32651009

They were in absolute denial, they were like "if we kill leona and 27 other people and get champ we can still win"

>> No.32651042

JMY were fighting both Tokyo Ghoul and Pakael and still came up ahead. It was hilarious and well deserved.

>> No.32651052

probably yes
but it is also a viable strat. pakael and tms did the same thing, but failed as well

>> No.32651056

He's actually been hyping them up the whole time. They got a good coach

>> No.32651088

I mean if you want even the .1% of winning you kinda have to take out one of the two top teams on the drop

>> No.32651112

I wonder how hands-on other coaches are with their teams. Do they just give advice after the team wipes or do they actually guide them through the entire game?

>> No.32651145

they all thought the same, and this is why they failed, they went full tribal mode and ended up killing their hopes

>> No.32651156

Official Tournament stats here
Detailed breakdown will be given soon.
Note that KSN is officially 16th and TMS is 15th. However, based on Hal's tweet ( https://twitter.com/ShibuyaHAL/status/1353319065465442304 ), both teams will get the PC prize.
In any case, enjoy the upcoming afterparty!

>> No.32651230

admin san gave pointers to KSN mid scrim matches

>> No.32651250
File: 50 KB, 468x429, 1609242436207.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They got a good coach. Also
>RAG got 5th as well
>Astel 2nd in total damage
>Astel tied with 2nd-5th in total kills
Is like an almost perfect mirror of how they did when Chibistars had their go.

>> No.32651259

And talk shit, don't forget the important part
God KSN was funny as hell

>> No.32651266

Depends on the coach I assume, I didn't see everyone's scrims. Usually the coach would only talk to them after the game, unless he was in game with someone, at least for RAG

>> No.32651272

Astel was also in the top 5 SCs at the end which is crazy considering lamy 3d and the nijis that were live at the time. Glad they were able to bring it home in the end with all that support

>> No.32651298

14 Famichikis incoming for Astel

>> No.32651303
File: 244 KB, 477x477, 1609245202523.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Roberu actually got his PC

>> No.32651337

Fuck computers, Astel is the real winner today

>> No.32651353

>2 holo teams get the best price
what are the chances though? pulling the math to get those results seems pretty hard, a TON of RNG elements
also, pretty sure they opted to give both prices on a tie so the top two teams could get first place, IMAGINE what could've happened if instead they only gave one PC and declared the Nijisanji team a second place

>> No.32651393

Technically they could have, given they had already set the tiebreaker of kills in advance, it was just poorly communicated. They opted not to since it would be terrible optics

>> No.32651412

Hal would be in the process of getting cancelled by nijifans now.

>> No.32651422


Towasama already made the room for the after party. I assume the boys will follow.

>> No.32651442

ksn and tms truly are the real winners
nsn got their win spoiled and jmy didnt get to celebrate properly
while ksn just had a shitton of fun and even won an expensive prize

>> No.32651467

>RAG ranked 5th
>KSN get PC
>TMS get PC
His winning aura spread to all holopro

>> No.32651492


>> No.32651527


>> No.32651530


>> No.32651551


>> No.32651572

Fuck GON, I bet Yomi is regretting inviting those 2

>> No.32651623

not dead last
not dead last

>> No.32651625

Yomi deserved better. Watch Ayame and Shion skip after party like they did yesterday.

>> No.32651627

Whores get jack shit

>> No.32651649

People that don't even put a shred of effort into it deserve no winning son luck

>> No.32651689


>> No.32651704

Maybe FBK should've played a decent legend

>> No.32651734

If you have to drop your waifu/husbando to win, you lost before you started

>> No.32651764

Astel had to abandong his gunfu, but it was worth it in the end

>> No.32651835

He's always been a Hemlock main though. If anything, he had to abandon Horizon for Gib since they really needed one and he's the only one that can fill the role.

>> No.32651874

Nice, Towa getting connections

>> No.32651973

That's and improvement!
The first tournament:

>Happy Set, 19th place
Roboco, Ayame and Matsuri
>StarSweeper, 20th plalce
Rikka, Miyabi and Shien

>> No.32652112
File: 319 KB, 696x750, 1601187295971.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How does this man always do it? His luck is on another level, even when he loses he's winning. He's coming for your PCs, Hal.

>> No.32652170

And Controllerstars were leading until the last match, where HPS managed to land 1 lucky kill to pull ahead.

>> No.32652567

will finally get a Towa/Astel APEX Disney duet?

>> No.32652702

Robechan made a room

>> No.32652775

So what is the after party like? Do all the teams play another match for fun?

>> No.32652788

Forgive me for wanting Son to be in the same team with Hoshikawa.

>> No.32652838

They might do matches like punches only, shuffle team members, play on old maps, etc. The last one was really fun so I expect this one to be the same.

>> No.32652850

Son, Hoshikawa, Kuku.

>> No.32652851

You watch your filthy mouth!
He should definitely be in the same team as Kuku

>> No.32652854

I'm hoping they do another team shuffle like on the first one. Having Matsuri + Astel & Shien + Pikamee + fucking Kawase was hilarious.

>> No.32652887

The previous after party consisted of teams randomly scrambling their members and doing weird challenges. it was really fun since no one takes it seriously and its a good time to do some networking. Most of the holos are limited to female only interaction so we'll have to see, but the boys tend to have fun if they show up

>> No.32652901

This fucking seaweed. At least it looks like he's calmed down enough to start cracking silly jokes again.

>> No.32652943

I hope shogun doesn't ditch the after-party. Didn't he want to reach out to more people this year?

>> No.32652951

leave hoshikawa to astel

>> No.32652971

Roberu's already made a frame, and I'm pretty sure RAG would also join in going by Aruran's tweet that he's making one as well.

>> No.32652980
File: 25 KB, 224x42, 1611413026793.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.32653114

>RAG having their tournament arc with tears
>TSM winning a computer and Towa avoiding Matsuri to commit suicide, she still cried tho
>HAL fucked up the counting and is awakening the narratives of rigged against holos
Damn I missed a lot, I'll be there for the after party tho

>> No.32653157
File: 125 KB, 1034x1162, ErNw_W4U0AAuH-0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aruran has a members-only zatsudan going while waiting for the afterparty.

>> No.32653197

Looking forward to Astel spilling his spaghetti in the afterparty.

>> No.32653247

>inb4 makea leaves him alone with a girl while hes laughing his ass off again

>> No.32653293

I think a lot of the holos here will be fine to play with guys. Matsuri did it last time, as did FBK. Besides, they're being coached by dudes in a for fun tournament, so even idolfags will be forced to fuck off today

>> No.32653309

>rigged against holos
Rigged for Niji more like. The team with holo members in them weren't really doing so hot until RAG's last round.

>> No.32653332

I want him to get partied with 2 girls again, and for the Weather deck and Favorite Food deck to make a comeback.

>> No.32653338
File: 66 KB, 607x606, 86325324.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

seaweed... take care

>> No.32653350

Honestly the no boys allowed mentality is super dumb, Sora herself said she wanted to do stuff with everyone

>> No.32653398

Please no that was painful as fuck last time

>> No.32653413

All the holos involved are going to be fine with it, except for Ayame/Shion (but I'm willing to bet that they're going to skip the after-party just like they skipped the practice scrims anyways)

>> No.32653422

Ayame and Shion are for sure not going to join. The other girls are cool with the guys, but FBK might be drowning in her tears.

>> No.32653460

I'll laugh if Astel ends up with Towa and Shiina.

>> No.32653505

How is Astel simultaneously a pussy slayer but incapable of talking to egirls

>> No.32653532

>Join tournament
>Never show up to scrims
>Never practice together
>Show up late
>Basically dead last on charts
What was the goal here you kusogaki's?

>> No.32653557

He only followed half of roberu's lessons

>> No.32653570

I still remembered when he kept spilling his spaghetti when around matsuri and leona.

>> No.32653579

They didn't even get the PC they were aiming for.

>> No.32653595

>literally muting himself and asking help from the chat
God that was fucked up

>> No.32653597

to try to get the 16th place for free highend pcs

>> No.32653656
File: 391 KB, 598x486, 1606496461687.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.32653675

Just usual Ayame things honestly. I stand by what I said the other day, it would be much better if Aqua was in place of Ayame, since the first would have motivated kusogaki to play together due to autism.
In a more narrative version, they decided to get last place so Matsuri doesn't feel bad about poor performance or have HPS ptsd attacks

>> No.32653708

Aqua is literally incapable of playing as a team

>> No.32653735

Nobody's posted it, but here's RAG's coach's POV.
Dude was cheering for them hard, especially in that last round.
https://www twitch tv/videos/886069083

>> No.32653738

The fuck is he doing out in the wilderness, and why is he so cold?

>> No.32653759

thanks, I didn´t know about this one

>> No.32653826

A majingumi squad would've been fun and could have possibly worked well, but oh well.
Thread is inclining hard, guess a lot of people came from the main thread.

>> No.32653860
File: 170 KB, 288x298, 1598904161604.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Kensai Noisy?
>more like Kensai Campers

>> No.32653907

RAG's coach is also a manager of a newly founded Apex esports team.

>> No.32653950

Who was the dude that played with Astel and Matsuri last time? Is he still active?

>> No.32654036

Is Izuru not joining again? Is he just not comfortable playing with non-stars or something?

>> No.32654089

I still remember that weird moment in the last afterparty where he joined the lobby for 10 seconds and quit immediately

>> No.32654100

Gotta be more specific there.

>> No.32654107

He is really bad at socializing with other people but I do hope that he shows up.

>> No.32654108

>coach literally dying of happiness when Astel called the team at the top of the building in the last match

>> No.32654128

>Matsuri not being left alone in the afterparty

>> No.32654142


>> No.32654152

Towa is based

>> No.32654163

I just heard his voice in Astel's stream so he's there at least.

>> No.32654178

No it wouldn't. If it was a casual game, it would. But Aqua takes her competitions very seriously, and she sucks at teamwork. She would break down harder than she did last Mario Kart Tournament.

>> No.32654180

For now, he's here. I hope he stays.

>> No.32654214

He's not in this tourney.

>> No.32654249

Yeah, I was about to post that. He probably won't stream his POV but hopefully he participates. I want him to grow out of his shell...

>> No.32654299
File: 1.50 MB, 1280x782, 1609828110453.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Probably means Momose from the legendary FIELDO FIELDO team.

>> No.32654348

What would Festival had done if not for Astel's turboautism to break the ice

>> No.32654377

continue crying for another hour

>> No.32654396

>KSN only just found out that they won PCs
Big 草

>> No.32654427

More crying, he actually managed to cheer her up, before that team was assambled you could tell she was still feeling destroyed over HPS performance and that got ditched by her teammates

>> No.32654435

Even Hal doesn't know who actually won

>> No.32654436

草 i love these hyenas

>> No.32654439

Nice Izuru's here!

>> No.32654496

>Maths are too hard, please understand...

>> No.32654551

Roberu confirmed to be joint 16th with towa and matuli

>> No.32654565

Damn, my internet is too shitty to watch 3 streams at a time. Watching Towa, Roberu, and Astel, I hope they got some interesting team combination.

>> No.32654609

son is with gorilla? lol

>> No.32654611

>Astel gets in a team with Kuzuha
how would you die?

>> No.32654618

struggling here too. hoping the holo teams pair with each other to cut down on POVs

>> No.32654635

They've actually interacted before

>> No.32654647

I'm expecting the weather deck to be emptied within 3 minutes.

>> No.32654659

First he stole Sora, now he's stealing Roberu. Chad Gorilla can't keep getting away with it

>> No.32654661

Four teams missing?

>> No.32654682

>RAG's coach wants to invite Astel to a pro tournament
holy shit

>> No.32654704

Ayame's probably won't show, so that's one of them

>> No.32654719

Astel is going places.

>> No.32654745

If that goes through Astel might legit cry. He was happy just to be invited back to this, and not being invited to the CR cup depressed him.

>> No.32654747

kuzuha's not planning on staying for the shuffle match anyways

>> No.32654766

It's kinda hard not to get noticed after the great performance that he had. Top #2 DMG and kills.

>> No.32654877

Holy shit really? source this shit, faggot

>> No.32654920

Why did ayame even join lol, you'd think she cared more when Apex is the only game she regularly streams

>> No.32654934

Izuru cute

>> No.32654959


>> No.32654961

Probably from the twitch stream that got linked earlier. Anon needs to post a timestamp though.

>> No.32654995

What are they even doing? When does the shuffle start?

>> No.32655008

He has the brain, but the thing is that a pro or even semi-pro team takes A LOT of time and effort, I'm talking the autistic levels Astel pulled this past month, this means he would have to change his singing reps for Apex reps for a bit.

Astel briefly mentioned it on his current stream, I was tabbed on other stream but catched a bit "Kamaneko-san called me and invited me", didn't sounded too serious though

>> No.32655027

You solve both problems with an APEX Karaoke stream like last time.

>> No.32655034

Who the fuck is FL Hotoke

>> No.32655036

10 to 1 says Hal sent out X number of invitations to Cover to fill with whoever, and Ayame got forced by her manager to join.

>> No.32655051

Read the ingame chat

>> No.32655068

who won the PCs?

>> No.32655072

Round 1 is a normal custom World Edge's match. Each team just is just talking about their landing spot

>> No.32655081

>2 birds with one stone and you don't have to clog up your archives with APEX since you sang Disney

>> No.32655087

I actually believe he could pull that off, but he would have to be full time on that, idk if he has school or other irl stuff but that's a BIG bet

>> No.32655096

Hal was the one who reached out to various chuubas he designated as "Team Leaders" and got them to form teams with other vtubers iirc.

>> No.32655133

>I'm gonna check this Astel guy out
>Heard he was a god at Apex and singing
>Why's his last video 1 month ago?

>> No.32655137

I have multiple streams open on one half of the screen with the thread on the other
it's way too small for me to notice gomen
I see, thanks

>> No.32655161

His algos are probably fucked beyond belief after so many deleted videos.

>> No.32655395

>Aru asking for information from the chat
>Izuru telling him he can't look at the chat

>> No.32655411

Octane Watson Caustic
apart from Octane, it's actually a pretty scary defensive setup, especially in WE where there are so many buildings.

>> No.32655451

With laser aim like that Astel has potential to become something amazing. He just needs to be polished into something better

>> No.32655498

His only issue is that he needs someone to reign him in and position his team. He's in charge of depleting enemy resources by out-sniping a charge rifle with a r-99

>> No.32655546

D- did he check the chat through the while thing?

>> No.32655547

I don't envy the team that ends up taking on alelu, does he have any restrictions or is he allowed to go all out?

>> No.32655610


>> No.32655619


>> No.32655632

No, they were tryhard mode during the tourney

>> No.32655633

They're trolling

>> No.32655687

It's all in the SHOGUN'S hands now

>> No.32655691

Solo shogun one more time.

>> No.32655708

No it was just now in the lobby because they didn't know when the custom would start and Aru was curious if the viewers had more information. He probably didn't even check the chat after asking them.

>> No.32655803

>Gas cannon
Time to break the Geneva Convention

>> No.32655852

It looks like he's just going sicko mode, since he's got two weapons

>> No.32655873

>Astel literally alerting everyone to his presence because he wants to go out fighting
>no one is showing up

>> No.32655937


>> No.32655943

>gets killed by gorilla again

>> No.32655958
File: 142 KB, 701x806, 1611477195830.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.32655960

Gorilla vs Astel is my favourite rivalry

>> No.32655962

UGE wants ABO's sword

>> No.32655969
File: 1.13 MB, 1254x1771, chickan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.32655975

More like he just wants to fuck around and he's looking for teams that might want to join in. Unfortunately, everybody else was taking it seriously.

>> No.32655993

It's just an afterparty, people need to calm down

>> No.32656002

I guess he wanted to experience the party he missed last time.

>> No.32656103
File: 106 KB, 531x527, E2D95C92-436E-4608-9FA4-A39032DBF4DE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Am I reading this right? Does he say “i’m sorry i couldn’t show a cooler side”
Seaweed..i’m sure your papa is proud of you. Probably

>> No.32656143

Kawase with the classic melee range sniper

>> No.32656213

Otaku Killers are STILL ratting even in a for-fun afterparty, what the hell are they doing lmao

>> No.32656217

>Astel watching Kuku and Gorilla get bullied

>> No.32656228

Semen demons never play fair

>> No.32656255

Pekora is a crying mess right now. Looks really serious

>> No.32656263


>> No.32656292

Big Star is a tragic team. Nice champion.

>> No.32656304

can we scramble teams yet, I'm burnt out from the serious games, I need some for fun shit

>> No.32656321

Yeah, theyre trying too hard

>> No.32656331

Yeah, you are reading that right.
His papa replied that he was cool from start until the end.

>> No.32656354

I want to see Kawase/Aruran/Kuku

>> No.32656367

How is that related to this thread?

>> No.32656383

You're giving me Shien Pikamee flashbacks anon

>> No.32656400

She's Roberu's sister so she's loosely related

>> No.32656414

Teams this tournament are just more competitive because the skill level is around the same. Last tournament people just said fuck it because no one wants to join an after party just to get killed by the same 4 teams again.

>> No.32656456

>Astel and his equipment are tired
>Izuru wants to take a shower
>Arusan wants to eat something
I love the boys so much

>> No.32656524

Its like 12am in japanland how long has this been going on for?

>> No.32656532

I should have watched Gorimare's POV more, they're fun

>> No.32656545

5+ hours.

>> No.32656573

Oh god the pro's are joining in

>> No.32656611


>> No.32656626

Pizza dads membership post.....

>> No.32656646

>all these coaches

>> No.32656656

There are always so many must-watch POVs that it's overwhelming. That's why i hope someone makes highlights for this day
That one anon who did it with his commentary for the last one was pretty fun to watch

>> No.32656683

time to kick admin's ass for being a shitty coach

>> No.32656691

Is there a link to that? I might have missed it.

>> No.32656719

Shuffle... onegai...

>> No.32656748

Jesus Aruran didn't sleep at times....after he ended his practice streams...he just kept playing. This is going to make me tear up again. Damn..

>> No.32656749

5th match

>> No.32656777

It's sorta sad sorta happy. He's clearly a bit torn up over being the weak link in the team, but also his fanbase was super supportive. Not surprised at all to hear he was secretly practicing off stream as well.
Glad to hear he's interested in running it back in the future though

>> No.32656802

I think anon is referring to this one
Just one game then? Damn.

>> No.32656814
File: 57 KB, 847x424, s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Was afraid of people calling him shit and not improving but only got supportive comments

>> No.32656845

I hope RAG takes a day or 3 off they deserve it inb4 afterparty ends and astel does another 100 kill endurance

>> No.32656854

Yup that's the one. Thanks for saving me the trouble of digging for it

>> No.32656892

Thanks anon. I'll watch it after the after party.

>> No.32656906

>Just one game
ikr? if they did it for all the matches it would be fantastic content

>> No.32656988

>astel laughing manically as he charge rifles someone dropping
i love this alien.
Also Kawase just murdered the creator team

>> No.32656998

for real? shuffle is the best part of this

>> No.32657050

Yes, it was only one match last time too.

>> No.32657116

It's fun to see so many rampart walls in action

>> No.32657142

All four of the homos screaming and dying at the same time...

>> No.32657144
File: 113 KB, 241x258, 953864295.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this piece of shit of a coach

>> No.32657151

Admin killed his own boys.

>> No.32657154

Wasn't it two? Astel got paired with Matsuri and then with 2 boys.

>> No.32657166

Ah god my heart. ARUPAPA LOVE!

>> No.32657168

Astel & Kanae shuffle please..
Izuru gracing us with his yelling.

>> No.32657170
File: 185 KB, 480x266, 20170623_015231.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.32657206

And with Matsuri he played a normal game and then one only fists

>> No.32657238

Who killed Kawase?

>> No.32657250

Technically, only 1 game was shuffle. It just so happens that Astel and Matsuri went into the afterparty solo so they got thrown together.

>> No.32657261

Damn, coaches got murdered.

>> No.32657279

Ah you're absolutely right.

>> No.32657299

Izuru dropped out and Astel is asking Kamaneko to join It's okay it seems he is writing a test tomorrow ;_;

>> No.32657305

Izuru is going to sleep.

>> No.32657315

Makes sense. I completely forgot that controller stars played together for most of the after party

>> No.32657335

What the actual fuck are the kansai boys doing

>> No.32657350

>that alelu Rampart wall at the barrier

>> No.32657360

Leona's team is in fucking hunting mode.

>> No.32657362

Ah true, thank you anon

>> No.32657378

You shouldn't have expected the communication disorder cat to participate in the shuffle anyway

>> No.32657387

KSN gonna win by slumming outside the ring

>> No.32657433

>that pathetic excuse
SHOGUN, you're showing weakness...

>> No.32657485
File: 363 KB, 471x566, Screenshot from 2021-01-03 15-51-50.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

At least one of HoloPro's kusogakis is taking their studies seriously...

>> No.32657492

What the fuck was that on Roberu's POV

>> No.32657493

It's hilarious seeing hell break loose everywhere and looking to their POV and they're just chilling a lot of the time

>> No.32657522

failed attempt at stealth

>> No.32657527

Usual KSN shenanigans

>> No.32657535
File: 6 KB, 242x220, u8qc0h216ma61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this apex tournament really makes me sad that there will never be a vtuber fighting game tournament

>> No.32657536

meant for>>32657387

>> No.32657551

Hide a tree in a forest but the forest never existed in the first place

>> No.32657553

Kamaneko laugh is great to hear again

>> No.32657561

>spend half the round running around in the ring
>finally make it back in
>roll 1 on stealth
Not sure what I expected

>> No.32657580

A scrub tournament would be fun.

>> No.32657598

Taking a test for what? I know izuru is young but not THAT young right?

>> No.32657616

He's in university.

>> No.32657642

Has he ever mentioned what his major was?

>> No.32657687

I like how they get along well with kamaneko not just as a coach but as friends

>> No.32657690

He's the youngest star, he's somewhere between 18-20. Not sure about the entirety of HoloPro, but he's probably Top 5 youngest, if not Top 3.

>> No.32657693

Don't remember hearing about it. He has done homework streams and played Apex from home with his mic muted on Astel's stream during his remote class.

>> No.32657729

omito get on it

>> No.32657737
File: 238 KB, 900x900, EsBAqvAWMAE43m8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

knight zatsudan

>> No.32657744

It would have been nice to see but it's fine. That's part of his charm point after all. Also
>communication disorder cat
Discommunication Alien cover when

>> No.32657757

>apex during his remote class
dangerously based
i sometimes did the same

>> No.32657811

Same but with league and I actually forgot to mute the mic.

>> No.32657826
File: 41 KB, 280x80, 1609253839348.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>That relief in Astel's voice that their coach is gonna take over shotcalling
He's said it multiple times already but he really dislikes being the shotcaller, doesn't he?

>> No.32657850

It's been a long time since Knight used this bgm

>> No.32657898

>youngest star
>first gen
Damn how old was he on debut. And how the hell did yagoo find a teen countryboy?

>> No.32657900

He'd much rather just be pointed in a direction and told to kill, shotcalling splits your focus and adds a lot of pressure

>> No.32657904

whats this match rule?

>> No.32657939

I think seaweed just wants to focus on fucking shit up and not the logistics of it

>> No.32657954

there are narratives that he wasn't even out of high school at the time

>> No.32657955

https://twitter.com/ShibuyaHAL/status/1353351517953167360 fixed

>> No.32657962

>300 word essay due tomorrow
>can't stop playing Apex

>> No.32657968

Apex combat racing i think so we are getting a repeat of astels 100 kill with kamaneko

>> No.32657996

fuck me. for>>32657898

>> No.32658003

>matsuri vs kuzuha
They'll end up being lovers huh?

>> No.32658016

No one likes being the shotcaller. Shit is stressful.

>> No.32658018

Don't quote me on this, but I believe he barely had any internet popularity or anything before joining Holo, at least compared to the big names YAGOO got in general.

>> No.32658042

Wraith should be the one doing the shotcalling anyway

>> No.32658076


>> No.32658090

He had one video that blew up I believe and that was it

>> No.32658100

>get in the car anon, we are apexing

>> No.32658114
File: 5 KB, 326x80, 1606563409025.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can sleep in peace...

>> No.32658134

Yagoo has great sense for picking people

>> No.32658139

It was enough to get picked up by YAGOO

>> No.32658166

They really weren't, and still aren't. I can only assume he heard about Izuru through another Utaite, or through his single successful video. It must have been a fucking banger in YAGOO's eyes to hire him for it

>> No.32658170

Now show your comment!

>> No.32658217

>They really weren't, and still aren't.
They're big enough that they would be comfortable with their own stuff. And I meant Hololive in general, not just Stars.
But yeah it was a really good scout from yagoo.

>> No.32658224

Anyone have link?

>> No.32658243

Lurk more.

>> No.32658266

KSN my sides

>> No.32658267

Wish Temma felt confident about the dbd tourny, I know he is busy but he would probably do well. I want to see it.

>> No.32658281


>> No.32658288

So that's how the interaction works...

>> No.32658310
File: 20 KB, 300x300, 1604281557013.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we're really gonna talk about his roommate while he's sleeping huh

>> No.32658335

They're just fucking around with cars, I love this

>> No.32658340

Shogun hates EOPs anyway, so it's not like he'll ever find out

>> No.32658346


>> No.32658357

Ain't doxing myself anon, but he liked every comment where people were thanking him for coaching RAG

>> No.32658374

Oga will find out and tell him

>> No.32658426

I still have no idea where they found Oga. There's no way someone with a voice like that had any streaming career of any kind and not have people immediately recognize him
I wouldn't be surprised if he was a Fubuki nepotism hire since they seem like they were close even before hololive

>> No.32658466

Oh it’s a roommate vid. Thought NND or something

>> No.32658474

Wasn't an anon asking for something like this yesterday? Just Twisted Metal APEX.

>> No.32658486

There is an EOP that commented in JP during his roommate's stream with the same account they use to interact with the stars. The only saving grace is that Izuru hides names when reading chat.

>> No.32658539

I wish he was more confident in general. This Fue guy is literally in his chat all the time and we still haven't gotten a DBD collab or anything. Dude needs to stop waiting for people to approach him.

>> No.32658559

Being Oga is literally his first experience with streaming. It's partly why he's one of the few who hasn't been doxxed yet. Source would be the first TriNero collab, but it's gone now...

>> No.32658572

I have sinned shogun...

>> No.32658596

Why have all the stars not opened memberships yet? I don't get the justification for waiting

>> No.32658646

Poor Knight at the same time I understand. It would really give Temma a chance to shine at something he is really good at and start networking a little though. He could even have Miyabi there as a buffer/glue if he really needed to.

>> No.32658658

If you watched them you would know
Lurk more

>> No.32658707

Aah... Big Star, monster of scrims and after party.

>> No.32658711

Astel probably thinks he can't give enough in return and my personal delusion for Izuru is that he doesn't want to give out stamps that his viewers could spam.

>> No.32658787

The "I want to give content worth it" is a dumb thought process. You don't see twitch streamers talking about needing subscriber only streams, it's just offering a way for people to support a creator. Trying to force yourself to give value for it is a trap

>> No.32658792
File: 72 KB, 263x268, 1609246405180.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tendency to get smug and get bullied for it
>A crippling aversion to collabs outside their comfort groups
Temma is kinda like a male Pekor without the popularity.

>> No.32658817

kinda sad for them that they choked a pretty big lead in the actual rounds, but then again it was astel's team that screwed them over that one round so i guess i cant really talk...

>> No.32658831

They gonna open one by one each month. So that when your other membership expire, you can jump to theirs on day one.

>> No.32658858

Even inside his comfort group he was apparently nervous as fuck to meet in person

>> No.32658883

I haven't slept for 28 hours so please just get to the shuffle game and get this over with...

>> No.32658900

Part of having autism is having anxiety to not be enough to meet other people's expections ;_;

>> No.32658920

I managed to sleep 3 hours and even then I was fucking dreaming about APEX and the afterparty, I woke up by pure chance.

>> No.32658924

Is this recent? I remember a fan of his who used to do that. But that was before the EOP purge and I haven't really payed attention to his roommate's streams since then so it could be another person.

>> No.32658989

Shaking knight...
Drunk as fuck knight...
Man his gachis would've paid a fortune just to see that scene.

>> No.32659000

astel please... i dont have it in me for another "a-chan" skit this late at night...

>> No.32659020

>OdaNobu is the hime
Thats pretty close to someone...

>> No.32659045

Next time just take a nap and set an alarm

>> No.32659063

I wish there was some kind of mid-level vtuber wolf/among us/winter group that someone would invite him to for a game as Temma. He would never do it himself and I feel even if he were invited he would probably turn it down.

>> No.32659073

Yeah. A shame really, expected to win it all by almost everyone but choke on the main event. At least they get 3rd. or second. whatever the fuck they ranked.

>> No.32659078
File: 621 KB, 3000x2000, 1582768062405.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.32659146

All the hype and fun of both the event and the threads really envelopes you especially when sleep deprived. Only other time this happened to me was during EN debut.

>> No.32659152

What's the game mode right now? Protect the princess?

>> No.32659163

What's the theme for this round?

>> No.32659178

Yeah every team has a princess and that player cant use weapons

>> No.32659203

Protect the princess. Watson's the princess with no weapon, I assume if she dies you kill yourself

>> No.32659204

homo bros i must admit
the RAG tournament stream was one of my favourite streams of all time, regardless holo or not

>> No.32659217

Taking naps when i'm supposed to properly sleep just makes feel like utter shit when i force myself to wake up

>> No.32659253
File: 158 KB, 1486x1321, yaranaika.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You know who else was up the entire time for the EN debuts?

Yes, they need to protect the Watson. There's additional rules but sadly I didn't catch the specifics.

>> No.32659312

>regardless holo or not
Watching other vtubers is fun too. I can never understand people who just stick with one company or branch.

>> No.32659326

KSN has a pretty good strat hiding the hime in the boxing ring

>> No.32659340

The tournament arc has been amazing, following the holopro teams and watching them succeed/fail every day has been taxing but rewarding. Probably the most involved I've been with holopro in a long time.

>> No.32659344

Tribalism is the dumbest shit ever.

>> No.32659360

>temma - pekora
>miyabi - lami
>astel - aqua
Who else?

>> No.32659370

>You know who else was up the entire time for the EN debuts?
Ah yes. He enhanced the whole experience

>> No.32659380

Same. Chibistars apex tourney, HoloUters 1 and 2, and this tourney have been some of my all time favorite streams

>> No.32659394

it literally played out like a fucking story, rising action, stakes, climax i sure didand a pretty happy ending

>> No.32659399

KSN engaging on hot-blooded diplomacy

>> No.32659445


>> No.32659484

Brainwashed consolewar fags

>> No.32659556

I missed the member schedule stream wasnt expecting all this hanakishi. I always wanted Temma asmr.
Also randomly Visage is back on Temmas channel, I cant remember what else was missing.

>> No.32659562

Astel is really into the bratty hime roleplay

>> No.32659563

It played out like a fucking sports manga.
>Aruran starts weak and clueless
>Gets introduced to strong friends and mentors
>Undergoes a hardcore training arc
>Day of the tournament, underperforms due to inexperience
>At the do-or-die moment, they rally together with the POWER OF FRIENDSHIP
>They manage to turn it around and get a good result
>But not win, so now you have a plot hook for the next season/arc

>> No.32659565

It's been 9 hours already... please go to the shuffle round and let me go...
Watching the other chuubas has been very interesting and fun, too. I didn't know some of the others like Gorilla, Pakael, Chihiro or Leona but watching their progress from the first tournament to this one has been very fun.

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