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But where is her penis?

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Under the matted fur.

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Ah, I see.

By the way, if ZUN's games had this artwork in them, I'd be less leery of playing them in public.

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Annoys me a bit how everyone renders her as a cow when the hakutaku is actually closer to feline than bovine but... oooh, Kei-nuh.

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Accurate to the Hakutaku, who's body was covered in eyes.


So watch out of she bites during sex, because you'll become a Were-Hakutaku as well.

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Oh, man, I would not like to have all those eyes on my body.

It'd be a dead giveaway to a policeman if they were all red and swollen after I got high.


I think the ones who seem to think Hakutaku = COW have been looking at artwork like pic-related.

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>So watch out of she bites during sex, because you'll become a Were-Hakutaku as well.

Never thought about that before.
Fuck yeah.

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Hakutaku is depicted, generally, with nine eyes, two pairs of three on the back, a regular pair where it would be on a normal bovine, and a single eye on the forehead. I have yet to see a mention of it being covered full of eyes, leave that for dodomeki, backbeard and Argus.

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[ ] Remilia bites you on empty stomach, become sentient vampire.

[ ] Keine bites you under full moon, become were-hakutaku.

[ ] Reimu bites you, become walking dead.

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Well... come to think of it, to be fair it doesn't say anywhere that the hakutaku is strictly "feline" (since that is most likely limited to modern classification). It just says it has "the body of a lion". I've seen it depicted with both hooves and paws. Only thing that stands out is they always have that big bushy tail that doesn't really connect to any real animal. The bovine tail seems to be a recent invention.

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What about Rumia?

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Rumia bites you, become food.

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[ ] Rumia bites you, you lose fingers.

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Remilia isn't strong enough a vampire to convert humans.

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You lose a pound of flesh, unless Youkai can turn you into a Youkai.


True. Also, I'm surprised that you only now knew that being bitten by Keine would turn you into a were-hakutaku. It's why I've always been leery about the idea of Keine teaching kids. If she nibbles on them...well.

And, I was under the impression that you knew about it all along, hence why you wanted to be with her during the full moon...

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Are you retarded? Keine can't nibble on kids because she has human teeth. Not exactly best for biting into raw flesh, neither quite convenient for disguising oneself as human.

>You lose a pound of flesh, unless Youkai can turn you into a Youkai.
Not unheard of. Sea spirits like Murasa drown people by pouring water on boats with their ladle thing. When the boat sinks the drowned victims turn into more sea ghosts to sink more ships with fucking ladles.

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I was under the impression "hakutakuanthropy" was transmitted upon the death of a previous hakutaku.

One among many fan theories since there is no canon explanation how Keine got the mooncrazies.

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[] Murasa drowns you, become sea ghost.

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Seeing this picture, I briefly imagined Keine as Yomi Isayama.

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>Keine can't nibble on kids because she has human teeth. Not exactly best for biting into raw flesh

Right, and that's why people end up having to go to the emergency room after a human bites them.

>Human bites can be as dangerous as or even more dangerous than animal bites because of the types of bacteria and viruses contained in the human mouth. If someone cuts his or her knuckles on another person's teeth, as might happen in a fight, this is also considered a human bite.



The instant 'were-' was mentioned, I assumed bites would transfer the disease. Oddly enough, she seems to do a good job at not infecting anyone else.

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>I was under the impression "hakutakuanthropy" was transmitted upon the death of a previous hakutaku.

Ain't that the gyuuki curse?

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>hurp durp disease equals pressure of the bite.

What. Humans are decent at biting, but you won't go around breaking flesh while nibbling, which rowdy housecats do with ease.

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>implying that a 'nibble' means an innocent little nibble and not a full-blown chomp

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Not sure, I'm not familiar with a lot of curses. To tell the truth, I'm not familiar with how Western/Eastern curses relate, even.

The way I thought, the hakutaku/were-hakutaku are one and the same, only confused by differing accounts and the millennia-long gaps in time between their appearances.
There is possibly only one hakutaku - not immortal, but imperishable. Upon the death of the previous hakutaku, its knowledge and possibly memories (along with transformation at full moon) are transferred to a suitable host, who may have been marked from birth.
Notable incarnations include The Sorcerer (stone age Europe), Bai Ze (China, legendary past), Cernunnos (pagan Europe) and most recently Keine.

... but as said, I'm just making this up. There is no canon explanation for ANYTHING involving the touhou hakutaku.

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* Main Entry: nib·ble
* Pronunciation: \ˈni-bəl\
* Function: verb
* Inflected Form(s): nib·bled; nib·bling \-b(ə-)liŋ\
* Etymology: origin unknown
* Date: circa 1512

transitive verb 1 a : to bite gently

>obligatory greentext

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>trolling with dictionary entries
>purposefully taking words out of context

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In the grim darkness of distant Gensokyo, there are no dictionaries.

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Then say "bite". I don't have to know what goes in that delusional head of yours.

I think it was touched in Gegege no Kitaro. If you killed the original Gyuki, you would transform into it next. I see no English mention of this, but given Mizuki Shigeru is amongst the best modern authorities on Japanese ghost stories, I wouldn't be surprised if it had local folkloric basis.

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Never heard of it, but it seems to come from a decently relieable source.
After all, folklore is just a collection on stories collected and added to over time. I wouldn't be surprised if elements from modern media start showing up as part of "genuine" youkai lore in a couple of decades. It's already happened, for example with how the nurikabe is almost always portrayed as a walking stone slab in media, even though the original myth specifically states it's invisible.

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Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if Sekien pulled half of the youkai he drew up his ass and he's only a mid 18th century artist.

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not nearly enough porn featuring these two together

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I'd prefer more of the OP's sort of picture, myself.

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Mokou and Kaguya hatesex is better.

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Oh, well...

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Time travel.

11.000+ BC, Europe: First sighting. Unknown male hakutaku (labeled as "the Sorcerer" from his appearance in cave art) appears to one or more tribal leaders, inciting the change from family groupings to city states. His birthplace is unknown and may have been anywhere in southern Europe, from the Pyrenees to Anatolia. He is instrumental in the eventual erection of the Göbekli Tepe, the decline of which may have been hastened by the appearance of a "fox spirit".
Date of death and successor unknown.

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26th century BC, China: Hakutaku of unknown gender appears to instruct Huangdi prior to his ascension. The species is labeled as Bai Ze, the original Chinese name for the hakutaku. It may have been the individual's name.
Bai Ze may have reappeared to advise Haungdi during the Chi You coup, possibly perishing in the confusion.

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First millennium BC - 54 BC: Cernunnos (human name unknown) is born in Denmark, becoming the hakutaku at a young age. He crosses pagan Europe, inciting the rise of the various Celtic cultures before settling on the British isles. He instructs the young tuatha de danann/human Merdwynn (remembered by history as Merlin), as he will not live to instruct Artorius as intended. Having scryed into the future he has foreseen his death opposing Julius Caesar's invasion of Britain, and so happens.

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Roughly 300 AD - 500 AD, Japan: Unknown hakutaku appears to instruct "Koutei", an unconfirmed legendary Japanese emperor. The story is highly similar to that of Huangdi and Bai Ze and may be a retelling rather than a recent event.

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Kamakura period, Japan: Birth of Kamishirasawa Keine.

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