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Previous thread: >>32161888

This thread is for the discussion of untranslated Japanese visual novels.

What are you playing? What are you looking forward to? What have you finished? You know the drill.

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Sakura moyu or asairo?
I want to bawl my eyes out.

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Asairo would probably get to the point way faster.

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I'm reading Sakura Moyu and I'm almost done with the first route I think. It does have some emotional moments but the worldbuilding stands out to me more at the moment. Also it's slow and the writing gets very repetitive in some scenes

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Is Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku o good?

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Depends on the route, but generally yes.
Umi best girl with best extra story epilogue.

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Font's fucked for me.

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werks on my machine

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Same, but at least it's not unreadable or anything.
The older version worked just fine on that regard.

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Personal heroine preference (route same):
Umi > Rinna > Saeri > Naoko > Miyaho > Shizu

Shizu: I secretly I confess I intentionally skipped through her entire route, because
1. it's hard to look at her character cg as a heroine
2. I don't like her heroine traits
Though her route doesn't feel very central when I am skipping through it.

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Wagahime looks pretty good. The non-blood-relatedness of the sister is a shame though.

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That's my ranking too.
How about Akane? She was cute even if all she got was a side route because Maruto wanted to screw the girl of the promise cliche over.

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I'm on a non-jp Windows with locale emulator and it works fine for me.

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and finally, Akane's true route:
I guess this is designed as a bonus route, almost like a BAD END for the previous 6 heroines, but it really brings a smile to my face, because it is the only one route where Wataru decides to change the fate of the town permanently by talking his grandfather into running for the office of mayor, confronting the antagonist face-on in the most satisfying kind of way. What's more, it's strongly hinted in the end that the girl that Wataru made a promise to 10 years ago is actually (revealed to not be Rinna in Rinna's route)... Akane!! What a troll, giving this theoretically important position of "childhood promised heroine" to the most insignificant heroine out of all of them. But you know what? I like it.

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> it's strongly hinted
I mean, you can't even call it that when the menu screen completes the charm which is about the nicest closure the game gets after how depressing the farewell is.

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anyone got the big tiddy patch for 歪んだ恋愛模様? All the links on 2DGF's torrent page are down

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Can anyone speak to the general trend and quality of visual novels in recent years? Is it growing/dying/none of the above?

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it's a classic

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Shame about the 1 month delay

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Unchanged, unless you're a plotshitter or impotent then you have nothing to read

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Read nukitashi

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Yeah, I'll try with Locale emu.

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How much will you seethe when Sakura no Toki comes out and le "plotshitters" praise it to high heaven?

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IF it comes out I will say good for you. Enjoy it while you can. Meanwhile I'll read and enjoy all the other games that released that are not life-changing philosophical experiences. And I'll continue reading dozens, hundreds more games while you wait another 5+ years for your next game still talking about your 1 (ONE) game.

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Okay, Locale Emu works. Problem fixed.

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I'm too busy playing Gamecube and Wii games I missed out on to discuss stuff online, desu.

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Nah, people will be disappointed it doesn't meet whatever expectations they had and then claim that eroge is dead because the one game they waited for years isn't what they wanted, like the guy complaining about kns3 last thread.

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Oh, and whether it is "praised to high heaven" or not I might read it as well because unlike you I'm not limiting myself to 1 type of game. Tata, plotshitter.

Good for you? Discussing is pointless anyway. GC and Wii had some really good games but imo too few great ones compared to other consoles at the times.

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do people really start vns without locale emu lol

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Yes. Not many actually need it. Most are fine with just non-Unicode set to Japanese.

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i never use it.

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usually the combination of japanese locale + japanese date and time format gets you passed everything

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It's for dramafags tho. Sca-ji said it is going to have passionate drama revolving around ethics iirc.

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Reading VNs is pointless too if you go by that retarded logic

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Yy, anons

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No? Reading is entertainment = not a time waster. Discussion has no point unless you enjoy "exchange" of ideas lol. It is a huge waste of time. Like nothing you say to me or I to you will change our mindsets, nothing comes off it. It's just meaningless blabber. Instead of writing this I could've read several lines of moonrunes and listened to some granny voicing a cute pettanko loli stimulating my brain and dick. But no I have to waste time ranting to some random anon who thinks discussion has merit.

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Where to dl 月姫 without english?

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The type moon general.

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>I have to
Man, that must suck.

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thanks a ton

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Btw to get looping music you'll have to use _inmm.dll. That allows to set up any music you want actually, which is helpful cause there are three versions of the Tsukihime soundrack (orig, Tsukibako, Ever After). Personally I like the orig the best. Tsukibako is the worst in my opinion.

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The owner of jitsumai blog, the ultimate site about imoutos, has fallen to the v*uber menace. Almost all the posts are about that cancer.

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no one gives a fuck about your blogfags anymore, faggot

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It's really crazy how obviously you stick out with your posts, dude.

Knowing you'll never amount to anything in life must be really harsh, eh?

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It gave great insight into eroge with blood-related imoutos.

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wooow you hit me so hard imma gonna kms asap loooooool faggot aha

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>underage b& niggerspeak and unironic complaints about "gatekeeping" and "elitism"
This place really has gone down the shitter.

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Someone decided they wanted to spend their spare time making the general unusable and they have mostly succeeded.

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nice racism, white boi

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Truth be told, that's the entirety of /jp/ anyways. There are no janitors that care, so it was bound to happen eventually. Normally obvious trolls and shitposters would be banned, but not here. Like some of the crap that happened here and literally nothing was banned is just insane.

This kinda happens to any general of anything at some point. Unless you do your gatekeeping community where you delete the shitters, the shitters will come and stay. That's what happened.

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A few smaller chans I'm in have word filters(the contents of which aren't entirely known to the userbase besides the obvious slang like lol and whatnot) that give out instabans, for example, and the moderation is quite strict. Avoiding a fate like this is well worth the cost

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First it's all ages and now making it worse for no reason, they're being really retarded with this new 9-nine episode.

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That's how you piss off your fans

>> No.32385595

Game is pretty much finished withing ep4, just forget about this crap.

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>Truth be told, that's the entirety of /jp/ anyways. There are no janitors that care, so it was bound to happen eventually. Normally obvious trolls and shitposters would be banned, but not here. Like some of the crap that happened here and literally nothing was banned is just insane.
And yet it's still a lot better moderated than our retarded cousin over on /vg/ lol

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If you mean the eroge general on /vg/, they are far more on topic and have less shitposting then we do.

>> No.32386064

At this point, I have to disagree. They have some ability to stay on topic for periods of time, and they aren't flooded with "people" who complain about being excluded despite the separation from EOPs being in the fucking title.

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I disagree with you both. They have just as much (and far more) off-topic bullshit than this general. Also they're much faster burning through threads. When there's some retard spergout like >70% of all posts can be OT and spam. And on the rare occasion a mod bans people/mass deletes crap you can have hundreds of posts gone. All they have going is speed and number of posts. Sure, when they actually discuss a game for once or have decent blogposting it's nice but those days are mostly gone. They also have a ton of avatarfags, ritualposters, actual schizos, discord invasions etc. that ruin everything. And some trolls that hate certain games/devs/whatever will always repost the same bait and lies that newfags fall for, which derails threads. There's much more crap to /vn/.
The one thing this place is lacking is actual discussion. The number of posts is pretty low and there's almost never any blogposting, reviewing or exchange of thought. Instead you get repeats of "le hookfags fuck off" and "dead industry" and other crap. Why not someone post about what they're reading and how they like it with others chiming in what they (dis)liked about it or with scenarioge discuss theories and interpretations? Because nobody cares. It's just whining, begging and reacting to twitter news. On /vn/ it's all the same just about translated games or games they want to read but never will.
>they aren't flooded with "people" who complain about being excluded despite the separation from EOPs being in the fucking title.
What separation in the title? It only states this general is about untranslated games. That doesn't exclude EOPs. Current OP is a translated game btw so.. If you want to exclude EOPs then change the subject title or description to be more clear. Like "only games that are not translated, only read in original Japanese and in no way read with machine translations, only read by le JOPatrician who doesn't use hookers or dictionaries etc." Right now it looks like "anything that's in JP and however you read it."

You could also argue that /vn/ complain about JOPs posting in their general despite having their own. Happens often when someone posts untranslated screenshots. No different from EOPs and MTLers posting here. Also while I don't have proof I'm absolutely sure that at least 1 guy (you know who) that derails this thread with his insane bitching does the same over there.

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A little hate hour is good every now and then, but let's not go overboard. Sometimes posting nothing at all is the best option.

>> No.32388028

i havent dl kns3 yet but how's the ost?

>> No.32388518

i think both of them were talking about /hgg/ though, not /vn/. at the very least i know the latter is a straight up autism fest with those retards defacing their own OP for like 2+years, maybe even continuing now, to try to keep untranslated discussion out. and this was after mods came in and said untranslated discussion should go to /jp/

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Where do i have to go for translated ero VNs?

>> No.32390516

/h/ has a thread for translated VNs

>> No.32391780

Pretty good, best eds in the whole series too.

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Her hair is dumb but it's growing on me somehow.

>> No.32395033

All the JOPs who care about gatekeeping and elitism fucked off to discord, pal.

>> No.32395142

the fuck, age made this?

>> No.32395934

I've been playing Hamidashi Creative and it is quite entertaining. It feels like it should be a generic moege judging by the art but the writing really makes it fun to read. I'm even able to get over the protagonist being so obsessed with vtubers and gacha, which is surprising since shit like that is an immediate turn off for me.

>> No.32395981

Apparently it's written by the Tsuriotsu writer

>> No.32396064

Interesting to hear. I've never played Tsuriotsu but i may have to check it out after this

>> No.32396104

where did you get that from

>> No.32396206

Yup. Can't tell from the text?

>> No.32396243

I heard it's a really good moege from people with good taste. I didn't pick it up because the art looks like garbage.

>> No.32396327

I think there were some rumors, also the names
>甲木 順之助

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Always watch out for neighbors that have a silhouette for a sprite.

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how to install vn if you have the .bin and .cue?

>> No.32401143

.bin is a disc image
you mount it with a program like virtual clone drive

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File: 1.22 MB, 1920x1080, 嫁探しが捗りすぎてヤバい。_2021-01-18_23-14-04.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Weird, I like it when they're in pain. I don't enjoy defloration scenes where the girl feels it right away and, God forbid, even cums at the end.
LxC2 was very good in that regard, IIRC.

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File: 229 KB, 1600x900, 抜きゲーみたいな島に住んでる貧乳はどうすりゃいいですか?2NUKITASHI2 (34).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Finished all the after stories in Nukitashi 2. They were pretty fun, but my big complaint with all of them is that they felt like the authors really didn't have any ideas for an after story so they just took a random thought they had and fit a short story around it, i.e. fatty's after story is "the characters make a VN so we can make meta jokes about our own vn", and Fumino's after story is "Fumino adopts a cat, and it's cute, then she goes on a date, and it's cute, and that's about it". Nanase's route is the worst about it, because her route leaves huge plot elements unresolved and her after story ignores them until the last five seconds with the Fumino rescue mission, which retroactively makes the comedy antics much harder to enjoy when you remember that Fumino was literally being torured offscreen the whole time.
Just the imouto and Susuko routes left - are they full routes the length of the Big 3's routes, or shorter ones the length of the after stories for the previous heroines? I'm very curious to see what the fuck a Susuko route could possibly even be. Also kinda woulda preferred a Rin+Ran shimaidon route instead of Susuko, but whatever.

>> No.32405446

I haven't finished the game, but other anons have said that Inami's route is full length.

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File: 175 KB, 909x894, 抜きゲーみたいな島に住んでる貧乳はどうすりゃいいですか?2NUKITASHI2 (17).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I genuinely don't understand how that's possible, but I guess I'll have to see. That said, giving a never-ever routelet a full route in DLC is a really admirable practice and kudos to them for it.

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Yeah, tsuriotsu is really nice, i love writing.

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File: 1.12 MB, 1280x720, ハミダシクリエイティブ_-_Ver1.00_『プラタイアの戦い』hamidashi (6).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It IS a generic moege, but it's a very well done one with some exceptional girls. There's some silly drama in the routes, but aside from that it's one of the best moege of 2020.

>> No.32410637

what's with the tsukihime link on the dead type moon thread only for music and not the game?

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File: 1.51 MB, 3767x2218, harems.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any recommendations for a battle harem with magitech weapons/mecha suits?
I'm looking for something like the ones in pic related but in VN format.

>> No.32414307

Sorceress alive.

>> No.32416266

damn two of these i havent seen yet
but to answer your question, koiken otome and kizuna kirameku koi iroha

>> No.32418355

That shitty game by that one guy who's going to write that La'cryma game announced ages ago.

>> No.32418786

I keep seeing VN protag throw around the term feminist a lot these days but I don't think they understand what it actually means.

>> No.32418919

Rance is a self-proclaimed feminist.

>> No.32419672

Haha I like cute girls so I'm a feminist haha

>> No.32420277

Zero Infinity

>> No.32420610

It means something different in Japanese. Except when it doesn't, like in Nukitashi 2.

>> No.32420849

Oh god, is it not fucking dead? I mean given the writer, I guess it may as well be anyway. They should just let the main writer of Fortissimo do that shit (he's still the only one who managed to write chuuni that I actually kinda liked, with clear rules that are followed and stakes for battles with actual meaning, and not the "always status quo" shit that 3rd eye does for example), but I guess he doesn't want to. Kieta Sekai's biggest weakness was how they literally outsourced the writing of the story to some random dude. The main ideas and main plot was actually nice (because this writer had nothing to do with it), but going from one plot point to the next, aka the writing, was hella awful.

That game could've been absolutely great, but ended up being utter shit. Not sure if I'd ever wanna touch Kanotsuku, even if it ever comes out. A game needs a capable writer, the rest can be as fucking good as it can be, if the writing sucks, everything sucks.

>> No.32420877

>with clear rules that are followed
>infinite bullshit powerups

>> No.32421034

That's chuuni battles my friend. If you can't even stand that, play other shit.

The point is that the actual story has clear rules, that are followed. I take chuuni shit in battles, but asspulls left and right in the story is dumb. You can read Steins Gate for that or whatever. (no chuuni battles, just a chuuni story)

>> No.32421702

Speaking of Tsuriotsu writer, has anyone read Sekai Seifuku Kanojo? Is it any good?

>> No.32421883

No, Yumeko is super irritating.

>> No.32422231

I was talking about Seiken Tsukai no Proposition, which had a different writer than Kieta Sekai.

>> No.32422316

I know, still just as shitty though as far as I know. That's why it's a very similar situation.

>> No.32422338


I only read the trial of Kieta Sekai and I remember being baffled by some story progression beats.

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File: 3 KB, 275x84, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why some japs are so dumb?

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File: 3.13 MB, 720x3240, Under the Blossoming Cherry Trees.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Since yal''ll speak Japanese could you maybe help me out with a short request? I'm encoding a DVD of "Under the Blossoming Cherry Trees" from 1975 and wish to include the chapters with titles but OCRing software can't recognize the text.

>> No.32423905

Ask on /r/translator. Subreddit right for that. Don't post here.

>> No.32424139


>> No.32424181

Thank you, I didn't know about reddit

>> No.32424220

Not sure what's worse. People putting requests here or people pointing to reddit.

>> No.32424255

worst is that no one is able to read just 24 lines of japanese here
sad state /jp/ 2021

>> No.32424304

anything that vents people to other sites is a plus for the community

>> No.32424406

Again, you're really damn obvious, schizo.

>> No.32426162 [DELETED] 

wow you guys just exposed yourself as fucking mtlers, since you can't even help him

>> No.32426707

Jesus, at this point you should be liable to be banned under the rule against instigating flamewars.

>> No.32427594

no, you should be banned from life for mtling

>> No.32429072

The bell curve is a thing after all.

>> No.32432897

nice, i wish i dropped asairo too

>> No.32433015


>> No.32441640

I like Japan's definition more.

>> No.32441812

But those are the fags I want to gatekeep out of this thread.

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File: 569 KB, 1280x720, 571.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.32442527

>FD about a single heroine
>her voice acting is apparently so bad that the devs make a free patch that replaces the seiyuu with another high profile one
Would you read it with the original voice that was also in the main game or use the patch for a seiyuu you know you like but kind of makes the heroine into a different character?

>> No.32442571

Is the VA really that bad?

>> No.32442576

the former obviously

>> No.32442595

The bad seiyuu tried too. This is bullying.

>> No.32442617

Read it twice, once for each voice.

>> No.32442947

Going by MCs that called themselves feminist I'd say the Japanese definition seems to be "gigolo manwhore who saves girls to get laid and then moves on to the next girl, also incapable of loving." Western definition of male feminists is "incel/cuck simping for any woman to get laid/cucked but never winning because loser, also often turns out to be a pedo or faggot."

>> No.32443227

I liked it quite a lot. Its one of my favorites.

>> No.32446085
File: 8 KB, 1281x75, 1581489306340.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can i have a link for it? I searched on warosu but found nothing...

>> No.32446250

Did you follow that reply chain? It linked to it. Anyway that description is incorrect. The patch merely ports all the voices from the all-ages version to the original version while keeping the original Japanese text (because the patch of this was English-only). I believe the all-ages release has a handful of extra scenes/CGs which were not replicated or anything. It's not that sophisticated. Anyways for reference:

>> No.32446519

Oh yeah, i did download the patch and found about it being a voice patch for the +18 version.
I think i'll read Kishin Houkou then, since i've already read Zanmataisei years go.

>> No.32446622

I should actually read Kishin Houkou one of these days. I have it downloaded but the window is completely black (the sound and everything else works though) for some reason for me. Haven't bothered to figure out why.

>> No.32446988

it could be a directx error, i'll test the game on my old laptop and see if that's the case.

>> No.32448795

The song of my eroge life.

>> No.32449554
File: 23 KB, 701x60, oh_no.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.32450178
File: 5 KB, 394x144, broke.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what's this?

>> No.32450284

failed to open that "graph_bs" file

>> No.32450463

yeah but what do i do?
the game folder has the file

>> No.32450632

reinstall i guess.

>> No.32450742

Use procmon. Some sort of permissions or locale problem, or hardware/driver failure.

>> No.32450911

i changed my date and time to japan time, apparently it happens some visual novels

>> No.32451509

The waseigo meaning is closer to what we'd call a 'gentleman' or 'chivalrous' man who opens the door and offers the seat to women.

Japanese is fun.

>> No.32452793

Does this patch have the same problem as the English one where voices cut off or don't play?

>> No.32452846
File: 1.13 MB, 1366x768, 1583619227577.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The download took longer than expected, it works fine on my toaster. The intro is a bit laggy, but i think is a codec problem.

>> No.32452941

No I fixed that all manually when I played through it. The English patch did not enter in voice files for certain lines for whatever odd reason. I swear I played a fully functional and working English version way back in my EOP days but maybe my memory is wrong.

Is it Windows 7? I only ever tried it on that VM.

>> No.32453023

>Is it Windows 7? I only ever tried it on that VM.
No, my laptop OS is Windows 10

>> No.32453207

Jesus, newfags. This happens with every Favorite game if you don't to this >>32450911

>> No.32453231

Probably some directx bullshit. Thanks.

>> No.32453234

the EOP voice patch was fucked as well, but looks like a /vn/ anon is using your patch to fix it kek

>> No.32453274

never had this issue myself, I had my windows set to avoid shit like this years ago

>> No.32453362

Poor anon. I didn't actually originally intend to remove all the english lines in there (just comment them out), but N2system or whatever acted really strangely with extra newlines. There was a lot of bugged text, formating, and shit so I ended up just deleting it in the process.

>> No.32453503

Did you make two versions of the patch?

The download you linked is
nss.npa CRC32: CA031B28
voice.npa CRC32: D77E84AF

But I also have
nss.npa CRC32: 227D97E2
voice.npa CRC32: 050DFDA0

And the timestamps are the same.

>> No.32453628

The wonders of japanese code.
But since you did the hard work, anon will only have to manually copy-paste, a tedious but easy task.

>> No.32453685

no one cares about your selfish wishes you're fucking idiot

>> No.32453704

Maybe you downloaded an old version while I was still in the middle of doing it? Hate to be a pleb here, but uh apparently my distro doesn't package anything that does crc32 checksums (doesn't seem common). Mind doing md5 or sha256 instead?

>> No.32453722

The only people who don't agree with me are discord trannies, and they should make like Conjuror and off themselves already.

>> No.32453882

I just checked my old EOP version and it's fucked with a few voices here and there not playing. It doesn't seem to have that bug where only half a line is played though.

That's random. I say he either gives up or won't share it.

>> No.32453916

Based. Fuck discordtrannies. Keep up the gatekeeping.

>> No.32453954

Ones linked above in this thread:

Ones I had from before:

>> No.32454000

nice seething, guys

>> No.32454135

>uh apparently my distro doesn't package anything that does crc32
FYI rhash or cksfv can calculate crc32. As does libarchive-zip-perl (Archive::Zip), which may put the crc32 command in a vendor_perl folder which may not be in your PATH.

>> No.32454354

Looks like I fucked up. What's linked in the thread is incorrect. I'm going to go kill that link actually. What you downloaded before is the correct file. Thanks for noticing. The correct link for reference:

>> No.32454387
File: 56 KB, 1287x593, 1592909745406.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's mean. I'm already past The Gate, so i'll probably release the patch next week after proofreading...

>> No.32454423

EOPs are less than human.

>> No.32454637

you are less than a human, fucking elitist
ever tried not to be this insecure?

>> No.32454662

Stop ban evading.

>> No.32454695

no need for ban evading since no one gives me ban in the first place, stupid

>> No.32454714

Almost had an heart attack, thank god i'm using the right patch to fix the EOP patch lmao

>> No.32454796

Speaking of demonbane, I actually like the sequel game way more (even despite the shitty game play). Not sure how common this opinion is, but it helps that it's way less repetitive and the scenario is more unique. Also turning セラエノ断章 into a loli was genius.

>> No.32454880

Wouldn't surprise me. Mods do fuck all on /jp/ in general.

>> No.32454962

Well good luck then. English Demonbane's been fucked for too many years, fuck JAST. I just checked that linked thread and noticed the date. I thought earlier that you just started this after that other anon posted his patch.

>> No.32455654

I'm the anon from pic related >>32446085 reply chain, i found about the JP voice patch and start working on a EOP fix on the same day. So i've been working on it for like ten days.
JAST is a disgrace, i wish a competent publisher would assume Nitro+ titles.

>> No.32456047

>JAST is a disgrace, i wish a competent publisher would assume Nitro+ titles.
Like NekoNyan, most ethical company.

>> No.32456055

Are you only fixing the voices or also adding the console stuff? If the latter then afaik the console version has modified/censored CGs and sprites. And yeah JAST sucks. Never understood why some people suck them off when they take decades to release games, have tons of typos and gamebreaking bugs, cut "controversial" content, cut voices, barebones releases, their translators that are not Makoto all suck, moogylol, tons of trash licenses and now even that retard hapa works/shills for them. Maybe that still counts as a "better" EOP company lol.

>> No.32456076

>retard hapa

You mean Hata? Loooool

>> No.32456277

Yup. He started doing QC for them "for free" and even before he was involved in some discord spec-op to shill some Venus Blood game but he denies being involved. One time he posted a screenshot of his messy desktop which showed his secret JAST work files mixed together with his pirated games lol. The guy can't keep his mouth shut and leaks info all the time and brags how today's JAST is now FAST since his buddies took it over from the Peter guy. I cringe every time I see the retard shilling crappy JAST games anywhere and telling people to buy shit like butchered Majikoi that has "a much better TL than Takajun's bad TL" when screenshots have proven they're almost the identical and often worse.

>> No.32456295


Drama like that can be fun to followw.

>> No.32456317

Exactly haha.

>> No.32456472
File: 34 KB, 601x319, 1606195351323.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For now only the voice pack, but i plan to port the old translation to the all-ages PC port one day, that if pic related doesn't happen, but is JAST we're talking about, so i shouldn't expect nothing.
I think making a patch to add +18 content to the all-ages remake should be more easier than the opposite.

>> No.32456619

>almost the identica
> often worse
I compared them and jast tl is much worse.

>> No.32456818

I wouldn't count on JAST doing that. Porting the script shouldn't be too hard unless the engines are fucked. Adding 18+ content on the other hand would be troublesome unless you really know what you're doing. Even then a ton of work likely.

The screenshots I've seen sometimes only had a few words rewritten or slightly changed grammar. The editing is more liberal though, typical "we write it how akshual AMERICAN teens speak." With all the voices cut out I don't see any reason for anyone to play the new one. And their unacceptable behavior should not be financially supported, fanpatch or not. Doesn't it also cost like 60 bucks for that butchered crap? lol
Oh, one thing is better, official demosaic instead of fanmade redraw. Maybe that can be patched into the fanTL. Mosaics are still the best.

>> No.32456861

Be sure to match up the voiced lines with the right text (although I guess if you don't know Japanese you can't do this). In this screenshot, you have two voice lines one after another. I forgot what exactly happens but you'll probably get a weird, wrong result.

>> No.32457141

That's not waseigo. That's just wrong usage. I see people using it correctly on twitter all the time. It's just chancucks and eroge fucks who misuse it.

>> No.32457228
File: 11 KB, 600x173, 1591903924345.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I copy-paste that quickly to show anon that "i'm working"
I corrected that later kek, i'm using deepl for the lines that aren't like the JP script format.

>> No.32457264

> That's just wrong usage. I see people using it correctly on twitter all the time.
Both usages are correct. Read a fucking dictionary, the "incorrect" usage is in 広辞苑

>> No.32457373
File: 1.32 MB, 1593x627, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>With all the voices cut out I don't see any reason for anyone to play the new on
Voice can be restored easily with just few files swap, but i see no reason to bother with jast crap version to begin with.

>> No.32457599

>I wouldn't count...
There is a guy that was translating Demonbane to his mother language, portuguese i think, and he started to rip off the ps2 assets to make an patch with the all-ages content. If he succeeds, i think i'll try do the same, since the ps2 script should be pretty much identical to the +18 version.
I'll give a look on the remake scripts as well. maybe is the same case.

>> No.32457833

Dictionaries record every type of dumb usages, idiot. If it was your average word no one would bat an eye. But this is a term for a planetary level real social movement.

>> No.32458005

It's a sarcastic joke usage, you dumb fucks. When ツイフェミs accuse otaku of being anti-feminist on twitter, they jokingly say "haha I love girls how I can be against feminism".

>> No.32458030

you mean that nukitashi 2 may not have been a 100% sincere portrayal of what feminism is actually like in Japan?

>> No.32458182

I'm just saying I don't think the 1998 edition of koujien has the definition because of "chancucks and eroge fucks."
It's obviously an old usage of the word and not modern internet slang.
Not every japanese dictionary records every dumb usage. 広辞苑 is a very elitist definitive dictionary and doesn't casually adopt niconico slang or anything like that.
The 「女に甘い男」definition is used very commonly. Maybe more commonly than the academic usage, since they may say japanese phrases like 女権拡張論者 instead.

>> No.32458226

Didn't play nukitashi 2. Feminism in Japan is overwhelmingly spearheaded by anti-otaku terfs(your average ガルちゃん user).

>> No.32458444
File: 1.25 MB, 1600x900, 抜きゲーみたいな島に住んでる貧乳はどうすりゃいいですか?2NUKITASHI2 (27).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd imagine they likely strongly dislike nukitashi 2.

>> No.32458463

>The absolute state of dictionary retard
You're completely out of touch with the current reality.

>> No.32458636

This sounds like an insult used by right wingers lmao
"males who support feminism are dumb limp-wristed pussy-whipped faggots"

>> No.32458831

Japanese left back in the day was also pretty conservative and hated feminism so that usage making it into the dictionary makes sense but things have changed these days and you'll be seen as a netouyo or otaku if you treat feminism like that.

>> No.32458984

>Japanese left back in the day was also pretty conservative
But Masada's grandma was pretty progressive

>> No.32458992

The weird definition is in dictionaries that are older than twitter and even older than 2channel (est 1999). So the assertion of >>32457141 that it's intentional misuse by "chancucks and eroge fucks" is just flat out wrong. It's an old and bizarre misinterpretation of an english word and the internet is probably correcting this misinterpretation more than it is promoting it.

>> No.32459009

I would think her horrible death would indicate her opinions were not shared by the majority.

>> No.32459160

She's an anarcho-feminist of pre-war era. There's a reason many feminists seem to have aligned with anarchism movements in early 20th century. Anarchism is for the removal of all kinds of oppressive hierarchies and dismantling related power structures so they were okay to appropriate feminist causes. Marxists were different and conservative on the other hand. Anarchism was severely clamped down and only Marxist/social democratic strands of leftism remained in post-war era. Imperial Japan really hates anarchists because they ruthlessly criticized their actions and in the name of direct action threatened to kill politicians and even the emperor himself.

>> No.32459288

>it's intentional misuse by "chancucks and eroge fucks" is just flat out wrong.
Just cause people making fun of males who supported feminism and thereby bending the definition of feminism existed before chans existed doesn't refute this lmao

>> No.32459397

>Imperial Japan really hates anarchists because they ruthlessly criticized their actions and in the name of direct action threatened to kill politicians and even the emperor himself.
They have a cameo in sakuretto

>> No.32460317

Sakuretto's portrayal of political climate of 大正 is pretty cartoony as fuck.

>> No.32462299
File: 1.72 MB, 1280x720, Sakura_2021-01-20_00-15-39.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.32464390
File: 102 KB, 1280x720, biman5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Finished the last biman. As a nukige it fails in every way. The story was mostly nice though. Climax was way too exaggerated, with the MC starting to act out of character, but alas. The entire final arc post climax however was way too long and completely nonsense. And that's also where all the damn ero of the game was chained together in.
They did put in a lot of effort with the game, that's for sure. But they definitely forgot what they were making until it was too late. With how shitty and out of place that weird Renge arc at the end is, I can't blame people for not liking it. Haven't bothered with the 2 early ends. No matter how shitty the Renge arc was, if you remove that, the story was finished okay.

I quite liked the dilemma of Moyoka, which is quite believable. Society has failed really hard here and she needed some real heavy psychological attention after all that happened with here family and the circumstances. I think Japan however especially, but still the world in general, underestimates psychological damage. And she was rather young there, too. Society can only blame itself, and hope she gets some real help. A lot of the game could also be seen with the Mouryou explanation, in that "getting possessed" is ultimately just a big metaphor. The ending in general felt rather weak, so some of this might've just been coincidence, but whatsoever.

>> No.32464685

AB has it,

>> No.32466132

And now her great-grandson is a misogynist and has written a chuuni-character based on her killer

>> No.32466590

You're way too obvious, dude.

>> No.32466789

Masada is a cringe misogynist. He's a sexist nazi. Must cancel him.

>> No.32466832

I wasn't trying to bait, just shitposting really...

>> No.32467077

He's actually telling the truth.

>> No.32468795

So true.

>> No.32469621


>> No.32469675

So how many futa scenes is sakutoki getting?

>> No.32469804

Sakuuta lacked in this factor

>> No.32470737

I keep having this fantasy I can't stop thinking about... Is there any game where two friends swap their imoutos because they love them but think incest is wrong, so they swap and watch their friend fucking their sister while also falling in love with the friend's sister?

>> No.32470830

Incest is right.

>> No.32471219

See >>32470830

>> No.32471650

Is it recommend to play KnS with a walkthrough? I heard the system is extremely obtuse but it seems like it would kill the fun of piecing the mystery together

>> No.32471904

Then why are you asking this? Zoomers in this thread will tell you yes and ruin the game for you.

>> No.32472627

That sounds hot. I need this right now, Japan.

>> No.32472699
File: 265 KB, 505x405, 御心の儘に.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how do i cope that haku story is never getting a sequel and all we will have is the open ending we had since his va died?
can anyone recommend a vn as good/ a protag as based?

>> No.32472753

Muramasa, duh.

>> No.32472833

people say muramasa is hard as fuck so i am not confident enough to read it...

>> No.32473288

That's just a djt meme. What's really hard about it is going through the bloated prose with too much unnecessary descriptions. It's pretty normal language wise.

>> No.32473369

Might give it a try then, thanks.
Saw a pic of the dark elf dying once though, such a shame she looks best girl

>> No.32473572

Since Himanatsu, Makura has the most fappable H-scenes of non-nukige for me, but I see most people complaining about it here.

>> No.32474201

Because they aren't properly placed and also feel unnecessary most of the time in sakuuta.

>> No.32475352

I know and I fap to incest, but for some reason I have this fantasy in my head. Like imagine you watch your little sister getting fucked while you masturbate to her and she keeps looking at you and says "Onii-chan, don't look" and you know she loves you as well. I know it's a cuck fantasy and I don't care anymore. I just want my imouto happy and getting drilled by someone else while I drill his imouto. And while she will never come close to my imouto, I'll still treasure and love her.

>> No.32475837


>> No.32476327

lol why did you faggot post that in the EOP general? Amusing and disappointing that there's a rec from them but nothing here.
Anyway that's disgusting rotten milfs, not cute lovable imoutos. Why would I want to fantasize about my mom getting fucked by someone else (again)? At least make it shota+onee-chan.

>> No.32476491

All the JOPs who read VNs post there. This thread is for pretentious JOPs who just want to show off and accuse each other hookcucks. Also they are cucks.

>> No.32476544

I am not memeing when I say that you saw that is honestly irrelevant

>> No.32478597

because he's a faggot who wants to shit up this thread

as for what you want, there's a game sort of like that but with daughters iirc, from bluegale or bluedevil? there might be something closer to what you want but nothing comes to mind right now

>> No.32478956

Protagonist's Younger Sister as a Heroine + Swinging gets:

>> No.32479136

Oh yeah btw. I remember someone here complaining about Moyoka not getting an animated scene in biman 5. She has one. Probably an update necessary though.

>> No.32479224
File: 137 KB, 800x600, 25239.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't see any game like that from bluegale or bluedevil but there were a bunch of other fine looking games so thanks.

Beautiful butthole:

That actually looks nice, thanks.

>> No.32479266

He's talking about: https://vndb.org/v13723

>> No.32482841

Is there a bypass or something for rapidgator premium?

>> No.32485362

premium link generators.

>> No.32485389
File: 10 KB, 425x30, 2021-01-20-175201_grim.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's culturally insensitive.

>> No.32487075
File: 122 KB, 495x700, c1083607package.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you're a mommyfag you have more options than ever.

>> No.32487403

>VN as good/protag as based
By the end of Uta 3 I was quite disappointed in both. I don't think they were making an Uta 4 even before his seiyuu died either. But if you're looking for a long VN style RPG with no ero other than Uta you're kind of shit out of luck. Eiyuu Senki or Evenicle I guess but they both have ero.

>> No.32489439

Next time don't be so obvious.

>> No.32489623

I know that what I am saying is pretty obviously true it doesn't need to said.

>> No.32490259

So don't post here.

>> No.32490377

Maybe you and your friends don't post here so that this place can become better for once. Currently this is the worst general of /jp/.

>> No.32491529

what are the best vns to coom to? im new.

>> No.32491563

Maiden Rape Assault: Violent Semen Inferno.

>> No.32491569

anything by anim team mm or jinsei tsuukodome.

>> No.32491839

Is the system in Furuiro Meikyuu Rondo as annoying as it seems to be? I have a whole dictionary of keywords to throw at characters. If the hints are pretty obtuse it seems that it would be pretty hard to pick the right one and I hate using guides.

If it's hard and annoying to use the scenario doesn't really seem interesting enough so far to justify it

>> No.32491868

Fuck off, Vtuber cuck.

>> No.32492897

where to download

>> No.32492957

The internet.

>> No.32492959


>> No.32493029

ricotta for vanilla cooming. If you dont like pee avoid i guess.

>> No.32493043

anything in english? i read somewhere id have to change my system locale to jap. i dont wanna do that.

>> No.32493055

Sorry bro, you're in the wrong general, try asking in the other one. Apologies for the mistake.

>> No.32495150


Though it seems you can't handle English either. Must be the shade of your skin.

>> No.32495836
File: 516 KB, 800x600, malie_2kwbMc5cbK.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is there some secret epilogue or something in gunjou no sora wo koete i missed or does it really just at that speech?

>> No.32495858

just end at that speech?*

>> No.32496765

You are just too stupid and got filtered.

>> No.32497476

>You are just too stupid
im not going to deny that possibility, I still managed thoroughly enjoy it but i'd be lying if I said i was entirely satisfied with it just ending there.

Also im missing some CGs like the one where takako is consoling a crying wakana and kanako holding a grease gun(?), if a genius like you could help a peabrain like me get these at least, that would be nice

>> No.32497734

I don't know who Takako is but I have 100% and see no such CGs. You can follow a guide on any of the normal sites to get whatever it was you missed.

>> No.32497875

>I don't know who Takako

They are in the ehentai cg gallery for the game, weird.

>> No.32498452

ok nevermind i was just missing some early cgs in kanakos route.

Wonder what those CGs on ehentai are though.

>> No.32498625
File: 42 KB, 275x679, {4166ABE4-84A4-4B93-8C80-F9A9A51FCA53}.png.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

holy fuck

>> No.32500417

And yet his posture is good.

>> No.32500572

They are also both shit. Okay, maybe Utawa is as well, I haven't played them.

Also there is some other stuff. Trails (not like I'd recommend that). Most people would probably be fine with Persona as well. Also Gust's Surge Concerto.

Of course if you want to have a good protag, you generally have issues with Japanese media. While I do think the protagonist SHOULD be the best developed character, given that they are in the center and as such hog a ton of screen time, Japanese media tend to not do that. So at that point you can only really point to maybe Rance, who at least is quite.. iconic?
But yeah, good protagonists in Visual Novels. I'm not confident I could make a list with more than 10 games on it, without being very lenient. Most VNs are simply not written with that in mind. So you can be lucky if they are at least funny or something.

>> No.32501508

>this post

>> No.32502732

It baffles me that anyone would willingly fly something like that with a fully glass cockpit. All it takes is one serious software issue that wasn't caught in testing to essentially force anyone who doesn't have many thousands of PIC hours to bail out.
God those things look like fucking deathtraps.

>> No.32503319

>fully glass cockpit
pretty sure they are usually acrylic plastics but still, if this games depictions are anything to go by, you are pretty much fucked if you get locked on to no matter how good a pilot, especially in large, long range engagements

>> No.32503485

I dont mind ero but i am more interested in interesting plotges than in a wank

>> No.32503999
File: 305 KB, 1920x887, 1920px-Saab_JAS-39C_Gripen_MFD_at_ADAS_2018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was more referring to the fact that everything in the JAS-39 seems to be shown from three giant LCDs, the HUD, and I'd presume some some sort of HMD. These are generally controlled by the same computer/set of computers, and if something causes these to go out, everything gets a lot harder. Fighter jets in general are essentially lawn darts with jet engines strapped to them. As such, they're usually very finnicky at low speeds (i.e., when landing) and taking away any means of checking things like airspeed or altitude will just make things worse.

>> No.32505901

>Is the system in Furuiro Meikyuu Rondo as annoying as it seems to be?
It isn't particularly difficult, it's just kind of shit. The keywords aren't that hard to figure out and you can also get in-game hints for what to do if you get stuck. There's only few points in the entire game where you need to get a keyword from whole another route and it's made obvious you can't advance without them, otherwise it's mostly the game just asking whether you've been paying attention for the last few minutes, like repeating some verb you were just told. As I remember, the vast majority of keywords never get used and you'll just get penalized if you use them. The flowchart looks really convoluted, but the story is actually really linear, and the map is designed in a misleading manner that makes it looks complex.

Fate point system is absolutely retarded as well: every character has their own health bar and even getting keywords correct can lower them, and there's no correlation whatsoever which keyword does what in terms of fate points. If you get someone's points to zero the game just instantly throws you a generic game over screen, then restores a checkpoint with said character's fate points higher than they were before, meaning you can brute force those parts. Additionally there's few forbidden keywords that also instantly throw you a similar arbitrary game over regardless of context. For all intents and purposes you can ignore the point system, because I'm pretty sure the devs didn't bother thinking it through either.

Plot wise the mid-parts have few okayish ideas, but they're not really developed well and the whole game wraps up with a bunch of cliches you've probably seen ten times in other titles already, while not bothering to flesh out how its own stuff even works apart from complete non-explanations like it's magic, I ain't gonna explain shit, so it's not like the game offers its own unique twist on the formula.

>> No.32513751
File: 908 KB, 1920x1080, むすめーかーHD_version_1.18_2021-01-21_16-34-22.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can't wait to whore her out to fat ugly oji-sans.

>> No.32515358

Just started this too. Where did you get the 1.18 update? I only found the 1.15 on sukebei and AS.

>> No.32515652

I started the game after installing and it offered to download the update by itself. Spooky.

>> No.32515776
File: 30 KB, 295x443, 1580768367371.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You think that's spooky check this out. You can also download the patch from... the developer's website!

>> No.32515871

You idiot, you know what I mean. A pirated copy connecting to the dev website makes me paranoid.

>> No.32516179

I thought the flowchart looked very complicated so and confusing compared to something like Extravaganza so I'm glad it's actually not.

>every character has their own health bar and even getting keywords correct can lower them, and there's no correlation whatsoever which keyword does what in terms of fate points

This sounds really dumb and frustrating, but good to know it's not too bad picking the right keyword. I already messed it up because I forgot the order of the steps for making tea but that was like the next day.

I'll probably stick it out for a few more hours at least.

>> No.32519468

>it's not too bad picking the right keyword
You get a couple bonus scenes at the end if you don't screw up enough to get any generic bad ends.

>> No.32520159

I for once really glad about the Remake trend that's happening now in eroge. Hope it keeps up for a while

>> No.32520232

Because you're too much of a faggot to read the originals or because you like encouraging the death of creativity at the hands of profit?

>> No.32520248
File: 1.83 MB, 1366x768, pieces 渡り鳥のソムニウム.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.32520343

Is it mostly so that they run on newer os? I was looking at the comparisons august had for yoake on their site and couldn't tell much of a difference

>> No.32520371

Not him but the first one, too many old games have shit art.

>> No.32520382

>old bad, new good
>old bad, old in shiny new coat good
zoom zoom. yikes

>> No.32520588

Do you not read old games at all and just hope they get remade eventually?

>> No.32520768

there's practically no difference for yoake and the old version even runs on win10 i just installed it the other week
though when anon says "remake trend" he probably means releases of games with stuff like redone art and modern qol changes rather than just compatibility versions

>> No.32520883

yoake is just an HD remaster. tsui no sora would be a remake. a rerelease that only adds modern OS compatibility is a port. people tend to call everything a remake because language is dead and clear definitions are muddled nowadays.

>> No.32520964
File: 5 KB, 180x42, BGI (54).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And dropped

>> No.32521142

yoake is not an hd remaster it still runs at 800x600 native
there's 1600x1200 option but it's just a resolution doubler similar to using https://tanalin.com/en/projects/integer-scaler/

>> No.32521189

Fun fact: between 2000 and 2010 especially, eroge had more budget than today. Animated opening movies, cutscenes, animations in rather gorgeous backgrounds, all of that happened. The only problem with old games is the resolution. But nowadays, where simple animations and lipsync should be a lot easier to have, the industry almost gave up on that entirely.

The medium regressed, in a lot of ways. Doesn't mean you can't have fun with newer works, but in general everything is a bit more lazy. There are still exceptions and it looks like recently things get a little better, but we'll see how that continues.

>> No.32522206

Who is gambs?

>> No.32522576

>download game from 2008/09
>comes with 10 zips for OST, drama CDs, insert songs, booklets, 4koma etc.
Yeah I can believe the budget thing. At least some devs had it or put more effort into goodies and marketing. It all went downhill with the switch to 16:9, same for anime.

plebbit tranny who's translating sca-di games, irrelevant to us.

>> No.32522643

And what is his quarrel with the cartel?

>> No.32522772

A cool guy, he's kinda autistic though.
He's hated by a bunch of losers for not sucking moogy and his retarded friends' dicks.

>> No.32523241

How is Yoake Mae yori Ruri Iro na in terms of comedy? I read a few hours of Daitoshokan a while ago and found a lot of the jokes were trashy for a moege, are most August games like this?

>> No.32523843

Daitoshokan is the fun august game.

>> No.32524275

Well, before I played Yoake I read often that it's extremely boring and lacks the humor of Daito. Then I read and loved it. I'd say the comedy is similar in style but less in your face. The main difference between the two games is the setting. Daito is school-focused whereas Yoake is broader (family at home, neighbors/job, school, other places in town). Yoake being more "boring" might be because of how relaxed the mood is generally. Like you get many scenes that might seem irrelevant like going to the riverbank with your sister to lie on the grass and listen to her playing the flute, or taking walks with your dogs, or dinnertime with food autism etc. But even those "meaningless" scenes contain enough comedy and everything helps bringing the themes of family and bonds together.
TLDR: if you dislike the comedy style of Daito then Yoake might be the same for you. If you didn't like it for other parts then you might like Yoake because it has a different feel to it than Daito. Similar yet different.

>> No.32524773

That stuff you listed makes it sound even more laidback, will be trying it tonight. Definitely prefer the variety over just taking place in school, too. Mainly I thought Daitoshokan was going to be full of the comfy things you mentioned, but there were a lot of lewd jokes in the beginning and not to mention the picture of the main girl being groped circulated throughout the school. Hence while I called the comedy "trashy", basically a mismatch of expectations when I was hoping for something a bit more meaningful.

>> No.32525761

I think I get what you mean. Daito always seemed laidback but didn't feel really comfy for a number of reasons. And it had a few scenes shoving oppai in your face or the accuse of sexual harassment etc. Yoake doesn't really do that, it's more SoL. The MC is also very different. Kakei is an intellectual loner whereas Tatsuya is a hardworking responsible family guy. He's also quite a crybaby in a positive sense.
I'd also say between the two games the music is VERY different. Daito has this jazzy electro pop style(?) that can get annoying/boring/samey, and Yoake has a more oldschool BGM with different styles. Always felt right be it the character themes, relaxing everyday music, slapstick themes, dramatic or emotional themes.

Expect a slow start in Yoake. I immediately got into it, but I like this style of game. There wasn't a single character I disliked. Feena's route is a really good intro. Other routes really depend on what you're looking for. Mai is an excellent imouto route, Natsuki is a rare good osananajimi, Sayaka is comfy love. Mia I didn't like too much but still made me smile often. The all-ages routes are also good. Midori might even be the best route and romance. Estel's route is LONG (~9h), like twice other routes and it can be extremely slow, but she's one of the best heroines and the ending is perfect.

For my route order I tried to avoid "character conflicts" which mostly worked out fine:
Feena > Sayaka > Mia > Estel > Natsuki > Mai > Midori > Wreath > Feena2
In hindsight I'd say space out Mai/Sayaka, Mai/Natsuki and Natsuki/Midori. Estel and Midori I used as filler so I could get breaks from H-scenes lol. Estel might be better before the final 2 routes though. Feena/Mia I spaced out because of their close relationship, would've been weird to date one after the other.

>> No.32527332

Thanks man, this is a surprise since I was expecting nothing but the usual "all August games except Daitoshokan are boring" shitposts. Definitely sounds up my alley, from the themes and characters to the overall atmosphere. Also, isn't Estel an all-ages route? So that's 9+ hours without h-scenes? That is some effort.

Seems like a fairly long game but hopefully I can post some impressions when I'm done.

>> No.32528153 [SPOILER] 
File: 253 KB, 800x600, 1611272532235.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.32532438

>isn't Estel an all-ages route
Pretty sure she had her own h-scenes.

>> No.32532475

lol tard

>> No.32532843

Is Keyorina worth playing if I loved Aiyoku?

>> No.32537256

tried not to be trannies?

>> No.32538771
File: 435 KB, 1280x720, BUKKAKE ドシコリングMINUKIマックスアクメしてもいいですか ドエロいポーズして貰って見抜きぶっかけしたらお互い興奮がドチャクソヤバイです.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As someone who isn’t particularly big on bukkake and always picks 中出し when given the option I didn’t expect to enjoy this game as much as I am doing.
Covering in jizz the girls eventually becomes sex which is varied, fun and lewd, which destroyed the impression I had from the title but didn’t let me dissatisfied. The setting feels well executed. It doesn’t have the useless padding other nukiges have always in the narration and the scenes (both H and not) are just the right length.

>> No.32540371

Just as Daitoshokan isn't like Eustia, neither is YoakeMae.

So perhaps. But don't expect Eustianess.

>> No.32541053

It's terrible actually. Don't understand why many JOPs worship it.

>> No.32541123

You want to share why you thought it was terrible or you just going to plop that fat shitpost there and call it a night.

>> No.32541175

Don't bother, he's just going to cry about how terrible it is that the game focuses on club activities.

>> No.32541196

No. I already did that multiple times. Not in the mood for that. Just as you guys can share your one-liner opinion about how fun it is, I can do the same too.

>> No.32541240

Focusing on club activities isn't the problem. How it fails to do anything fun with the available context and just makes character go through club activities in the most boring way possible is its sin. I mean remember how the best it can do at the end of common route 1 is fucking power outage.

>> No.32541476

Fuck off, uggo.

>> No.32541579

bet they're fucking eops lol justl ike fucking eops worships fucking yuzusoft rofl

>> No.32541606

nice seethe eop

>> No.32541803

I think it's mostly because these people read daito when they were newfags.

>> No.32542310

daito still better than your average yuzuge desu

>> No.32542343

Or literally every yuzuge for that matter, which in itself is an extremely low bar to clear.

>> No.32542362

not wrong

>> No.32542574

Stay mad that yuzusoft is the most popular moege company.

>> No.32542610

why ur so mad, tranny?
nothing wrong with eathing yuzu trash, just don't be so fucking proud about it lol

>> No.32542633

Based on your lack of capitalization, you are the hookfag. Go spread your wisdom to /vn/ where you belong.

>> No.32542672

so ur proud about reading ur trashy yuzuge w/o hooker?
nothing to be proud of desu

>> No.32542726

You fuckers lied to me. After years of reading without texthooks I finally picked them up after 3 jop discords told me its not a shame to use them.

>> No.32542748

Those are EOP discords then.

>> No.32542770

So you spend years attempting to read without texthooking, yet still need it afterwards?

Maybe the problem is your lacking mental capabilities?

>> No.32542801

> taking advices rom elitist ill trannies on /jp/

>> No.32543687

Yuzusoft at least has ichacha in their routes. What about daito? Short heroine routes filled to the brim with dumb bland drama and then it throws at two soulless H scenes and 2 ichaicha scenes at you just to fill the quota.

>> No.32543743

JOP hivemind likes daito.
Simple as

>> No.32543901

caught faggot
>Yuzusoft at least has ichacha in their routes
not really, just some lame ass friends banter, no ichacha
> dumb bland drama
sounds like yuzusoft

>> No.32543934

Daito is probably the worst case of boring club shit I've ever seen

>> No.32544852

>not really, just some lame ass friends banter, no ichacha
Routes means heroine routes, not the common route.

>> No.32544918

exactly, and yuzu fails to deliver proper ichacha in heroine routes
especially bad in rj and stella

>> No.32544961

Not that your opinion as a hookfag EOP is relevant in any way, but son of a bitch's Meguru is the greatest ichaicha of all time. The whole fucking route is ichaicha. Read it newfriend.

>> No.32545051

> i'm worthless moefag, my taste is shit and i eat yuzutrash, but i'm out of arguments so time to appeal to him being hookcuck instead
pathetic, try reading something actually good, moecuck
bet you're one of self-insert cowtits fags

>> No.32545087

Revealed your true colors. Plotcuck talking about ichaicha as if they even know what it is. Hilarious.

>> No.32545099
File: 2.16 MB, 1532x861, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

mfw yuzufag defending THIS
truly pathetic, bros

>> No.32545155

bet you can't read shit without texthooker, so that's why you're worthless moeswine

>> No.32545202

This is a thread for Japanese readers only. Only people who read in Japanese without training wheels are allowed to discuss eroge here. Please leave and never return.

>> No.32545229

> This thread is for the discussion of untranslated Japanese visual novels.
is your english comprehension as bad as your jp comprehension?
do you have 90% at least, lol?

>> No.32545572

Still better than fucking daito

>> No.32545659

not really

>> No.32545671

Jesus fuck, you all disgust me.

>> No.32545845


>> No.32546101

if you read Japanese with texthooks and have to look up words you don't know Japanese. That's how it is.

>> No.32546195

Sadly for you most people around here use text hooker and we are not leaving, sweetheart.

>> No.32546252

True, if you don't use texthooker, but need to look something up via radical search or kanji drawing, then you don't know japanese either.

>> No.32546416

>most people
Only now that all the people who actually want to discuss untranslated games have left for other places because of the endless shitposting from hookers. You can't even blogpost any more because you'll post a screenshot from a game and no one can read it since they can't hook images.

>> No.32546502

Are you suggesting to post eroge screenshots along with parser screenshot?

>> No.32546690

Good, this thread is for discussion and not blogposting, though I can always use a translation app for screenshots.

>> No.32546832
File: 1.11 MB, 1920x1080, むすめーかーHD_version_1.18_2021-01-22_12-39-29.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Time for pachinko

>> No.32547002

Most routes took me ~5 hours, one route is ~2 hours, and a few are like 8/9 hours. Overall I'd say 50+ hours long counting the two all-ages routes. I'd definitely recommend reading those as they're good and continued (with H-scenes) in the FD.
Estel's route is a good example to show the difference between original 18+ routes and console routes. Her route was clearly written without having to shove H-scenes in and the romance takes a long time to happen unlike the normal routes. You can tell the writer wasn't confined to the same structure. Normal routes have 1-3 H-scenes that have to happen, so the romance and drama need to be spaced out a certain way. For the console routes this doesn't apply and they could focus on other things and take their time with romance. That's not to say it's better or worse. I think Estel deserved more romance but the route works as is, whereas Midori had a ton of romance and decent drama just no H.

>two soulless H scenes and 2 ichaicha scenes
Wow if you think the H in Daito is soulless and bad you just proved how retarded you are.

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