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Is it just me, or the powers of he new characters in UFO sound... underwhelming?

>Nazrin - the power to find lost objects and treasure
I guess it's dangerous if you are a lost object or treasure...

>Kogasa - the power to surprise humans
"HOLY SHIT! Oh, it's just you, Kogasa. How's it going?"

>Ichirin - the power to use illuminated ghosts
This actually sounds dangerous, if all lluminated ghosts can deliver BROFISTS.

>Minamitsu - the power to cause shipwrecks
Only dangerous if you fight her on a boat, I guess.

>Shou - the power to attract treasures
Perhaps if they smack you in the head on their way...

>Byakuren - the power to use magic
This actually sounds useful.

>Nue - the power to hide her true form.
I don't see how this could be dangerous. Like, at all. Seriously, the Three Mischievous Fairies have powers that actually sound more powerful than this.

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It's not like Touhou characters really do much more than throw danmaku at you anyway, and they can all do THAT more than sufficiently.

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Well as I understand, Nue can hide anything's true form. Now if this also means that it takes the properties of the thing it becomes, then it becomes pretty powerful. You could turn a piece of wood into Cthulthu.

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Nue is an elder being, the only thing she would need to do is show her true form for a split second and your mind would be seared clean.

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ZUN doesn't design all the Touhous to be awesomely threatening or anything, you know.
It makes more sense that the majority of them will have fairly mundane powers.

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Oh no my powerlevelllllssssssssssssssssss

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SA was pretty weird too - flinging down demon fire, manipulation of illnesses, manipulation of jealousy, control of supernatural phenomena (what), mind reading, the power to carry away corpses (what), manipulation of nuclear fusion (fuck yes) and manipulation of the subconscious (oh wow).

They might not be the usual manipulation of the five elements, or any other usual things actually, but their fights are still pretty cool.

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Nue can hide the true form of her BULLETS


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So is that the newest Touhou final boss? Oh god that zettai ryouiki I have to play this

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A Touhou player shouldn't underestimate "the powers to carry away corpses" and "the power to manipulate flowers".

Perfect for a sneaking mission

Her true form makes you laugh instead.

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There's only so much powers you could give without some overlapping. Heck, Kanako's power to create sky seems pretty useless, but she's acknowledged as pretty powerful.

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VEGETA! What does the scouter say about their powerlevels?

It's less than NINE THOUSAAAND!

WHAT NI- Oh wait...

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Kogasa surprised you when she appeared as an extra boss so her power works.

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>manipulation of illnesses
When you think about it, Yamame can be either really helpful or really deadly.

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Nue may look cute, but she's a slimy monster!

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Boo! It was me, all along!

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But, at least in one case, they overlapped.
Tenshi and Suwako have almost the same powers.

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But we already know that the manipulation powers youkai get aren't necessarily a measure of strength. Sure, it helps if you've got some broken manipulation power, but they all have spiritual and physical strength and constantly pull shit off not mentioned in their actual powers (with considerable plot effort).

Yuka is the best example of this. Pretty useless manipulation power given for flavour, terrifying actual youkai power in terms of strength and magic.

I like Nazrin's power. It fit perfectly for the scenario and has a really useful application, she's a stage 1 boss so she's not expected to be a combat monster and the ability to find lost items and treasure is handy in a world where magical items of great power exists.

Captain Masura seems like she's kind of strong without having a sea nearby to shipwreck you into. Huge anchor danmaku is awesome and gives the impression she's throwing them at you. Her power and backstory are a rather nice element to her character. Chiyuri as much as I love her is pretty much just a subordinate that pilots her interdimensional ship, Murasa is a lost soul that died at sea rescued by Youkai jesus.

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Tenshi also has her hax sword though.

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Reimuuuuu... It feels g o o d....

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>A Touhou player shouldn't underestimate "the powers to carry away corpses" and "the power to manipulate flowers".

Yuka's power to manipulate flowers is pretty useless, ZUN agreed, don't bother him about it.

Only doujin artists make it out to be actually dangerous.

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Nue can`t kill servants. Discuss.

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Tenshi uses keystones to make earthquakes.

Suwako is an earth god.

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Play PoFV against Yuka and look at your screen.
Then you'll know what I mean.

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That's danmaku bro.

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Never understood her power.

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Manipulation of PEW! PEW! PEW!

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Flower danmaku

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The treasures Shou attracts seem to have magic power.

>Maybe I'll test the power of this Vaisravana pagoda on you before I hand it over to my master.

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Shou is the richest touhou. Here's Reimu trying to search for treasure.

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Actually that treasure was hers to begin with, she's a disciple of Vaisravana.

Also Nue's conceal true form shit is a broken danmaku ability, she can decide to be a dick and send you bullets with twice their apparent size.

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I came buckets.

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Oh you!

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Anything that apparently lasts forever, is because she commands it to.

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She already found it, if you ask me.

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Or rather anything she commands to last does it. Her house does that to become the single most boring place in Gensokyo where nothing ever happens. At least it doesn't need repairs.

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Boring? An army of rabbits and a trap-laying bitch live there.
Not to mention the Lunar Expos.

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That was a security measure. Do you realize how much rebuilding that hugeass mansion would take if it got brought down as regularly as Marisa's house?

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Can Kaguya make an orgasm last forever?

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So she can command people to freeze in time FOREVER?

For me her power loked more like superfast time jumps.

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She is female.

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We need a Tohoe with one specific suggestion power: can command you to shit on the floor.

Then we can all become true NEET bro's.

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Why do you think she's a NEET?

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Almost all of the touhous have this power

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>Sarin, also known by its NATO designation of GB, is an extremely toxic substance whose sole application is as a nerve agent. As a chemical weapon, it is classified as a weapon of mass destruction by the United Nations in UN Resolution 687.

>The short- and long-term symptoms experienced by those affected included:
>loss of bowel control

And it even comes with a feminine name!

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She can make you think you are sitting on the toilet.

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Nazrin&Shou: oh look, a magical machinegun!

Kogasa: surprise throatslitting!

Minamitsu: you are fighting her on a ship.

Nue: it becomes more useful when you stand there wailing away at something which isn't her, while she stabs you in the back.

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Where is my manipulation of bowel function touhou?

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Her danmaku would be truly a shitstorm

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Bowel girl: "Give up or you will shit bricks!
Reimu: "Shut up bitch."
Bowel girl: "OK I warned you."
Reimu: "OH SHI...!"

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Then all these youtube touhou fans that are suddenly on /jp/ could pretend she is their favourite just like they pretend to not use the bathroom.

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She's so lovely.

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Mr. Hankey already did that.

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Then Reimu shat bricks.
And then she died of internal bleeding.

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It's just like Arakune!

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Violation of Danmaku rules.

She has to do it like him.

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Not a direct violation. If she has 'manipulation of shit' she can make Reimu shit herself and then use that shit for perfectly legit danmaku attacks.

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I will never forget this guy.

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