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Bird brain moe....

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Shut your math about my waifu, whore.

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Fucking hell.

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He needs to ruffle the red Eye, slowly, so slowly touch and caress it.

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Also bird brain.

But not nearly as moe

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Do it more or I'll nuke Hiroshima again.

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I'd ruffle her red eye, and leave her unsatisfied so she'd ask for more

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Just tired. Still, shut the fuck up.

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Shitty design moe.

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Head petting thread?


Okuu thread?

You decide.

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Oh god, why is that picture so fucking cute? My chest hurts.

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Ruffle Hair

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Okuu thread.

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Her thigh is reaching critical mass.

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The best kind of moes have shitty design.
I really like her design though

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Oh my god....
Fucking bookmarked

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Head petting thread

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My chest can't take much more of this thread.

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There really aren't enough of these

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Same here bros

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Is it wrong to want to pet little girls?

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So moe...gonna die.

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I only have like two pictures and they've already been posted

Need moar of this

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Of course not!
Pet them everywhere

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If it's wrong I don't want to be right

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*pet pet*

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That's not a bird brain, that's my waifu

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You should be happy.
The best waifus are stupid

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Why is petting girls so adorable?

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I wish to pet the radioactive Japanese bird.

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I prefer heavy petting.

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>I really like her design though
But.. why?

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It's sugoi.

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Missing her cannon arm and weird foot (probably).

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I dunno, giant gun-thing for a hand.
Big red jewel thing between her boobs.
Really gets you.

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Oh god, there goes my nutbladder....

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Is that like petting but with two hands?

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Kinda, but you use your mouth too.

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I like Satori, Koishi, and Orin, but I never cared for Okuu.

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A cannon arm is fine too.

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I like where this is going

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The second to the last face made me laugh too much to enjoy her being petted

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I have nothing to say to a terrible person like you.

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I never cared for that nickname.
It's not a big deal, I guess....

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You shouldn't bite a girl's hair. It's not nice.

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That thing between her boobs is her zipper

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Maybe he's just using his teeth to pick out ticks and other parasites.

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Well, no one said anything about biting her hair...
Great idea though

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So what I've gathered so far is that nuclear sauron bird touhou is called (o)kuu and it likes to be touched.

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She's just kinda lonely, is all.

Also, plotting to unleash nuclear hell across the world or corner the energy market and bring Gensokyo crashing to its knees.

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But if you touch her, you die from the radiation.

Is it REALLY worth it?

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This thread is moe....
It needs a Caution sign

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Yes, yes it is.

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well I only browse /jp/ but touhou has been making it self more and more prevalent thanks to its influence on other boards as well so I'm trying to learn without doing any actual research.

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>so moe

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That's a terrible lie, she simply seeks to bring Gensokyo into the 21st century. There's nothing wrong with this goal.

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Well, you could just.....
play the games.

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It's not like you're not going to die anyways from just being within 20 meters of her. I'd rather die from cardiac failure than cancer.

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Fucking this.
I wish I had a space cape

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I remember when SA just came out, there was an Utsuho thread on desuchan with an image where her red jewel was replaced by the head of a penis.

Damn, I should've saved that. Anyone have it?

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I like Okuu because she's dumb and insane.

And dumb and insane girls are known to be wild in bed.

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It could be, if your version of the apocalypse occurs in the 21st century.

Same if you are the single lynchpin for all the technological advancement. Utsuho is the only one with the ability to handle nuclear fusion in Gensokyo. That makes her utterly indispensable once Gensokyo becomes reliant on nuclear energy for all its technological and medical breakthroughs.

Never, EVER trust the person setting themselves up to be the hand that rocks the cradle. NEVER.

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She's not insane.

Just REALLY dumb

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Nitori was here
Utsuho is a fag

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She's only dumb because she's been isolated from the world her entire life. She's naive and innocent.

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They don't necessarily need her. Not with Kappa technology and Lunar technology availible.

The Kappa reverse-engineer human tech and improve it, the Eientei faction has space-age weaponry and top-of-the-line medical care in the form of Eirin.

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Okuu was here
Nitori can't nuclear energy

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Huh, just realized how similar she is to Flandre

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Yeah but Eirin bailed.

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>Arcueid Brunestud !ARCIkc4cG6

>> No.3222310

Nitori would probably strap Utsuho to some generator in some weird bondage style and use her to power a city grid....

That's a great idea, someone FUND that

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I don't get this dumb stuff. Her dialogue in SA did not make her seem dumb.

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Tricked by Kanako
Wendy and Sanae both call her bird-brain...
The whole (6) thing

>> No.3222332

ZUN describer her as being birdbrained somewhere, I think.

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>Calling Orin Wendy


I must remember that.


Nitori uses Kappa Clean-Burning Fuel!


>> No.3222356

Tricked as in she was given free unimaginable power by Kanako?

I think Utsuho pulled the "just as planned" there.

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This Cheeseburger tastes funny!

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Yeah, if Kanako had nuclear power lying around, why give it to some random hell crow?

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Utsuho: "The geyser can't be stopped. I've taken on unimaginable power and reignited the flames of hell. It can only get worse.

Marisa: "Well, if you were dead, I imagine it would stop."

Utsuho: "Heh. I overlooked that. I'd like to see you try."

Or whatever she said. Didn't sound dumb to me.

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And yet, Marisa still manages to sound badass

>> No.3222422

I like to think they both sounded kinda badass.

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Nitori wouldn't give a FUCK about the environment.

She'd be all badass and invent a Hummer then invent Hybrids just to force everyone to drive them while feeling superior herself.

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I don't even remember Nitori doing anything memorable enough to make her sound as important as you fags make her sound.

>> No.3222449


>Nitori wouldn't give a FUCK about the environment.

Someone doesn't know about Kappa and their environmentally-friendly role in Japanese mythology, it seems...

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Even so, she's still adorable

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Great Touhou household or greatest Touhou household.


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Greatest cast or greatest cast?

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Fucking hell...Who is the artist of these?

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But birds are hella smart, guys. Especially corvids. Isn't Utsuho a crow?

>> No.3222558

Mochiya Marosuke, I'm pretty sure

>> No.3222630

This may be so, but in 12.3 we see that Okuu is canon naive and not very bright, although she somehow has a good grasp of technical terms.

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Problem, Anon?

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...Get the fuck out of here.

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Okuu is canon adorable.

I wish I could hate alphes to death for drawing her so cute.

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i don't see what i'm supposed to be looking for here, mr./tg/hero
was it this thread?

there is pretty birdies in this thread

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Yian Utsu-ku? Yian Ut-ku?

>> No.3223380

I like Okuu, but I keep getting distracted by the giant throbbing glans between her tits.

>> No.3223400

Why is Okuu's nickname Okuu? Rin Kaenbyou -> Orin is clear, but I don't see how you can shorten Reiuji Utsuho to "Okuu".

>> No.3223413

>The character for Utsuho means "sky", and can also be pronounced "kuu". Hence her nickname, Okuu.

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Oh god translation what.

>> No.3223439

Sky Ravensoul? Jesus, she sounds like a WoD character.

>> No.3223440

You might say the SA crew is the closest we'll ever get to a Nuclear family

>> No.3223444

Herp derp, third leg, herp derp.

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Which means, basically, that the Japanese have gone and done that stupidity with making nicknames that only makes sense because their outdated, idiotic writing has similar looking pictures. Essentially a huge "FUCK YOU GAIJIN ROUNDEYE" in our direction.

Seriously, they all have their trollfaces on, while we scratch our heads over why her nicknames don't fucking fit.

>> No.3223449


Don't complain, Touhou wasn't made with Western fans in mind.

>> No.3223459

A Japanese joke that only makes sense to the Japanese?! Blast those Bastards!

>> No.3223469


I'm scratching my head wondering why you think nicknames have to make sense in every language.

>> No.3223471


It really doesn't.

It's a personal pet peeve of mine, though. It grates on the nerves rather. You know? Much like the way 'EVIL WINGED REIMU' irritates Anon, the nickname 'Okuu' makes me cringe.

>> No.3223473

>Touhou wasn't made with Western fans in mind.

Zun has a bizarrely inconsistent relationship with the western world. On one hand, he said in some interview or another that "Shanghai Alice" was chosen as a name because he intended to mix up western and eastern elements in his games (I'm paraphrasing, but the gist was that) and at least EoSD was almost aggressively a blend of both, but on the other hand, he sure doesn't do anything to meet his western audience halfway. You can't even order his games through mail, let alone there being official translations or anything.

>> No.3223479

Amazing, the Japanese equivalent of a pun upsets you. If its this bad over a Touhou character I bet that Bobobo show would send you into a murderous rampage across seven states.

>> No.3223483


Which is why I'm inclined to believe he says he'll do something, then several years later has still neglected to. I'd count that as not having us in mind, wouldn't you?

>> No.3223496

I doubt he actually gets mad.
it's one of these things that are just annoying.
like a fly on your nose.

>> No.3223504

You misunderstand his intentions. He wants to put Western elements in his games, but he's not particularly interested in them being easily accessibly to non-Japanese. Completely separate things. And no, it's not because he's racist or anything, it more likely doesn't occur to him or he's too lazy. I know if I made an English doujin game I wouldn't bother making it easily available to non-English speakers.

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My kind of thread.
Well, sort of.

>> No.3223511

>I know if I made an English doujin game I wouldn't bother making it easily available to non-English speakers.

Bad analogy. There are no "non-English speakers" left in the world.

>> No.3223513

does anyone have the translation for this?

>> No.3223514

Which is still an unusual fact about his psychology. But it's Arc, I mean really, it's not as if I expected him to be remotely normal.

>> No.3223516

If I made a doujin anything - game, comic, anything - I sure as fuck would translate it into every language I can. To maximize the potential sales if nothing else.

>> No.3223521


You'd need to get translators, who'd inevitably demand some of the profits, and you'd also have to print several times as much, with no guarantee of it selling out.

Who the fuck wants Polish doujinshi?

>> No.3223522

>Her right foot is supposed to be encased in concrete (representing the concrete sarcophagus that was built to contain the Chernobyl reactor)


>> No.3223529

>you'd also have to print several times as much

Not really, doujins today use print-on-demand services (or "vanity press" as they used to be called). You can have the copies printed as the orders come, if you ever get any. The only extra risk comes from recruiting the translators.

Obviously a Polish doujin doesn't make sense unless the author is Polish himself, but at the very least there should be an English version of everything. Half of Earth's population can read English. Leaving that audience out is just asking for obscurity.

>> No.3223532

I thought it was the elephant's foot. Or that's what the Wiki said at first.

Fucking people, stop making up shit and editing the wiki.

>> No.3223546

It bothers me slightly when they include something silly in the "Fun Facts" section that's followed only by a few people, then present it as "She is commonly depicted in fanon as *"

However, it's easy enough to dismiss it since the official material is all that matters anyways.

>> No.3223547


>Stop finding new facts, learning is boring

>> No.3223550


Well, are you releasing at a con? If so Vanity Press isn't viable.

>> No.3223553

>However, it's easy enough to dismiss it since the official material is all that matters anyways.

Speak for yourself. As far as I care, "canon" in Touhou is just the name of a below-average doujin. All the good content is fanmade.

>> No.3223556

Here we go~

>> No.3223558

What's wrong with Polish things?

>> No.3223561


Just using it as an example of an isolated, unused language, since Japanese would be a terrible example here.

>> No.3223563

>Well, are you releasing at a con?

Seems like a highly inefficient way to go when the Internet is right there. I suppose some visibility at cons should happen, but there is no point in printing 10 of your Turkmenistanian translations for a con that happens in Kansas. With cons, you can always tell where the guests are coming from just by looking at where it's held.

>> No.3223567

my 2 birds are exactly like this. When I'm on the computer or trying to type, they'll come and nudge their heads on my fingers or nibble them for a head scratch.

>> No.3223568


Well, I was going to use Comiket as an example. You'll inevitably get international visitors at such a large event, so its difficult to gauge correctly.

>> No.3223570

might I also add that they are NEVER satisfied, always wanting more.

>> No.3223572

>unused language
I feel trolled man.

>> No.3223574
File: 78 KB, 350x369, Oy gvald!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3223575


My birds try to kill me whenever I try to enter the aviary. I have no desire to obtain more.

>> No.3223578

cipa kutasa~

>> No.3223583


Most languages have spread past their country of origin, to be used somewhere else with regularity. This hasn't really happened with a majority, and eventually we'll probably be left with English, a single dialect of Chinese, and possibly French or Greek.

Its ludicrous to conclude that languages will always be used in an area, no matter what.

>> No.3223592

Yeah the wiki has a lot of made up shit that nobody actually thinks. The worst one is in Orin's article.

>Because there is another character named Rin [Rin Satsuki], fans often refer to this Rin as Orin, her nickname.

OR MAYBE IT'S BECAUSE IT'S HER FUCKING NAME DISPLAYED IN THE GAME. 99% of the fanbase has no idea who the other Rin is and if they do they don't give a shit because she never existed.

I'm too apathetic to fix anything though. There's probably some kind of editing etiquette that I don't want to get mixed up in.

>> No.3223593

My birds only try to kill me if I don't give them sufficient attention.
Flying straight into my face et.c

>> No.3223596


Umm, what? Although do agree that major languages will eventually dominate minor ones, if globalization continues.

>> No.3223598

I've given up on editting wikis long ago. It only takes one retarded mod (read: all of them) who thinks that your change wasn't necessary to revert it and warn/ban you. Let sleeping dogs lie, I say.

>> No.3223611


Geographically, its spread to smaller islands, meaning its spread at all, which is more than I can say for some other languages. The possibility of it becoming large is minute, however.

>> No.3223616

That seems like a bit of a exaggeration. While there's stupid shit here and there, they hardly make up a majority.

>> No.3223618

More people probably speak Polish in american churches than speak Greek on any island.

>> No.3223621


What, islands in the Aegean Sea, which are part of Greece? You could make similar claims about Scottish Gaelic, in that case...

>> No.3223624


There, I fixed it for you. Took 5 seconds.

>> No.3223626


Okay, so Greek was a bad example. Just using what I've heard being spoken around here with some regularity. Seeing as I live closer to the Greek district than any kind of Polish district this influenced my decision. My point still stands that one day we'll all be speaking three languages.

>> No.3223627

This is the cancer that is killing the world.

People like writing up bullshit just because it makes them look smarter.

Christ, he only lists one other Rin? This is worse than the article on pro-activism.

>> No.3223628

>Her right foot is supposed to be encased in concrete (representing the concrete sarcophagus that was built to contain the Chernobyl reactor)

No, I thought it was the Chernobyl Elephant's Foot.

>> No.3223639

But some of them are really, really bad.

>However, because conditions in Gensokyo still resemble feudal Japan, pants are hard to come by and must be made by a skilled tailor or imported from the outside world and assumably are much more expensive than skirts. This may make pants a status symbol, and given Mokou's status as a daughter of the old Japanese aristocracy, it is likely for her to only naturally insist on wearing them.

I mean, this would be an interesting view if just posted on /jp/ or whatever, but putting it up on the wiki under Fun Facts?

Come on, now. Give me a fucking break.

But I do agree that most of them aren't too bad.

>> No.3223653

>I mean, this would be an interesting view if just posted on /jp/ or whatever, but putting it up on the wiki under Fun Facts?

The cancer killing wikis are people who treat them as just another message board, posting whatever random idea crosses their mind instead of what they should post in a wiki - hard, verifiable (or at least widely known) facts.

See also: TvTropes, a great idea ruined by all the people arguing with each other for entire pages about whether Worf should count as AssBaller or a FuckWaddler.

>> No.3223655


I agree that the Wiki is poorly run, due to people mis-interpreting doujinshi, but what else is supposed to happen? We can't just omit it altogether.

>> No.3223656

>In Utsuho's theme, "Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion", the intro and the verse sound like Yumemi Okazaki's theme, "Strawberry Crisis!!", and Kanako Yasaka's theme, "The Venerable Ancient Battlefield ~ Suwa Foughten Field". Some people says this comes from the fact that Kanako gave Utsuho the power of nuclear fusion, which is related only with Yumemi's physics in Touhou Project; Utsuho is empowered by the two.

Yes, this is undoubtedly the truth. Thank you, wiki.

>> No.3223662

You can most certainly omit stuff like that.

>Flandre was born in 1508 A.D., according to Gensokyo's timeline, and holds the distinction of being one of the few characters whose birth year is known, along with her sister.
This is okay.

>Some people consider her childish, other consider her insane
This is fucking retarded.

>> No.3223668

You can thank pooshmler for all those retarded wiki entries.

>> No.3223675


Oh wow, it is all shitty conjecture.

>> No.3223679

Likewise for stuff like "one of two who attacks like this", or has "a single-word name", or "has nothing on their head", or some other meaningless coincidence.

But overall, the content is decent quality. I'm always referring to its less fluffy sections like the gameplay.

>> No.3223683
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>I mean, this would be an cool story if just posted on /jp/ or whatever

>> No.3223685
File: 290 KB, 700x733, 1220483376044.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I guess it's free.

>> No.3223688

>Flandre was born in 1508 A.D.
I often wonder where they get this. Did ZUN say anything about it, or is it shown in the game somehow? I mean, using the Japanese Wiki isn't really what I'd consider super reference.

>> No.3223690

Here's a good identifier of a shit entry: it has the words "some people say" or something similar in it. If you don't have an actual source, it's probably just bullshit.

In some cases we can let sourceless stuff to pass if it's a fan phenomenon that's too big to ignore and too obvious to challenge (like, I think it's okay to point out that Reisen the lunatic bunny is one of the sanest characters in the series, as she's kind of defined by that) but in general you should refrain from posting anything that looks like speculation or hearsay.

>> No.3223691

I think it shows up in side materials.

>> No.3223693


This is why I only read the translated profiles and in game dialogue for information. They seem to love putting in useless information about each one which is then used as fact by faggots arguing power levels.

>> No.3223697

>Likewise for stuff like "one of two who attacks like this", or has "a single-word name", or "has nothing on their head", or some other meaningless coincidence.

I'm fine with that sort of stuff. At least it's usually a hard fact you can use to distinguish her from the other touhoes.

>> No.3223700


Are you neglecting PMiSS and BAiJR, in addition to other such supplementary materials? They add a lot of depth.

>> No.3223710

"Some people" always means "I"

>> No.3223712

The wiki really needs cleaned up. So much useless shit needs to go, and the actual facts need to be cited. There is absolutely no reason this can't be done, given there isn't actually that many canon sources. The fact that it's run by pooshlmer and shrinemaiden folks is the real problem. Damn, I may actually attempt to rewrite some pages now, it's that embarrassing.

>> No.3223714


no, but its a pain mentioning every bit of material ZUN releases as my preferred sources, but I'd say we can trust thing like the profiles more because it directly from ZUN as opposed to ZUN writing a character's opinion about another character.

>> No.3223722

>> No.3223723

Character related memes should stay. Cirno the nineball, Reisen the useless bunny etc. They are as much a part of the character as official material.

>> No.3223728


Akyu's generally rather reliable. I'd take The Grimoire of Marisa with a grain of salt, however. BAiJR is probably better for the tabloid newspaper kind of comedy than anything else.

>> No.3223732

Keep those fucking fonts in /g/.

No. Just take that shit to /b/.

>> No.3223734

ZUN just does whatever he feels like, some serious, and some not-so-serious.

It's not a very big deal, and is the reason why so many different interpretations and ideas emerge.

>> No.3223735

In that case, articles should be split into fanon and canon sections. Oh, and the lists of bullet points should be blocks of prose. It looks lazy as it is now.

>> No.3223736


>> No.3223739

Seriously, cut it out.

>> No.3223740

It's okay. Too much work~

>> No.3223741


I'd rather trust ZUN's official stuff than the majority of fan works regardless. Some present interesting ideas, but most just end up being watered down garbage.

>> No.3223742

Her right leg is awesome. I don't know why fanartists try to hide it.

>> No.3223743

Well, I might do it then. Kind of been bored lately.

>> No.3223744

Well, I was actually talking about the reliability of PMiSS vs. Profile vs. In-game Dialogue and such.

>> No.3223747

why is this post empty?

>> No.3223748

Factually correct and useful information is a fine line. Pointing out actual references (Agatha Christie, Dio Brando) is fine. Random speculation is not.

>> No.3223753


I don't think a format overhaul like that is something we should be doing, we should just start small and work in fixing what's already there.

>> No.3223760


I'd like to think they comment on different parts of a character, or that character as seen by others.

>> No.3223764

I do mean after the nonsense is removed and perhaps some citations added. There's no reason to leave it looking like crap.

>> No.3223767

>> No.3223768

Some of the differences are pretty extreme though, like Profile Koishi vs. In-game Koishi.

>> No.3223773

It's going to be difficult unless you either create a universal template and share it, or if you work your ass off and do everything by yourself before other people edit it.

>> No.3223778


Well, it'd be good if ZUN actually decided, as opposed to giving us two completely different views. For the most part the major conflicts are "Oh god how did Alice become youkai", and such.

I haven't actually read material in relation to Koishi yet, as she doesn't really interest me. I'll take a look now.

>> No.3223787
File: 180 KB, 720x480, Vash-with-super-angel-arm.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How come there's no art of u-two-ho with Vash's angel arm cannon thing? Her arm cannon always reminded me of that.

I'm thankful there's no her as barret either though.

>> No.3223789

Because Wolfwood is dead.

>> No.3223790

>doesn't really interest me

Excellent, all the more reason for her to love me.

>> No.3223797
File: 480 KB, 800x600, toho_007749_2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, there's this

>> No.3223833

Akyuu's unreliable by admission. Aya is reliable in a "she's reporting what she had seen" kind of way, but she kind of fails all journalist standards.

ZUN seems to love characters who outright make stuff up. CoLA is the grand example, Kourin's theories on the nature of universe are the more awesome the more they are contrived.

>> No.3223840


A recorded history is better than none, regardless. Akyuu isn't that unreliable, she just has a similiar flaw to Aya, though isn't in it for HOLY PENIS WHAT A SCOOP.

>> No.3223843

Has anyone replaced Okuu's third eye with a fleshlight?

>> No.3223853


Did you mean "flashlight"?

>> No.3223863

I'm pretty sure he meant "fleshlight".

>> No.3223870

And I'm fairly sure that there's at least one use of it as a non-artificial-fleshlight.

>> No.3223889

I think its fine as it is, just omit stupid shit like >>3223656

>> No.3223941

>Kourin's theories on the nature of universe are the more awesome the more they are contrived.

Haha, yes, I love CoLA for that reason. I learned all kinds of (probably incorrect) mythology from it, too. ZUN's folklore boner knows no limit.

>> No.3223955


Brb correcting that and having my corrections undone by random IP address.

>> No.3224206

The whole nation of Japan?

>> No.3224332

They don't count, they're xenophobic fucktards.

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