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A tiger jew is fine too

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more like, 牛乳ババア

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She's the onee-sama type, after all.

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You gonna get assimilated.

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Suigintouhou is my waifu, even if she is a hag.

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she was frozen in time she aint a hag

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Those tumours on her chest say otherwise.

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She's not a fucking hag.
Fuck off with your fucking meme shit.
You're just as bad as the SANE IS A SLUT XD crowd.
Just die

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patchy has tumors on her chest and shes a young 100 year old witch

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I shat a brick at the Space Invaders gimmick to her stage

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I don't see how considering all of her portaits either don't show her chest or she's wearing baggy clothes. Her PMiSS portait shows DFC though.

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I did the same. I was just playing along grazing while wondering what the fuck was up with the amount of point drops.. then I realised I was playing Space Invaders.

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Mastermind Boss syndrome.

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Looking forward to a mokou_cosplaying_as_hijiri.jpg.

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speaking of mokou cosplay

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lol u mad? all toehoes are sluts NO EXCEPTIONS! >.>

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Who is this fat bitch?

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I loved the new characters of UFO.
We have little little mouse captain, cute tongue umbrella, bro fist, that anchor, moe tiger and moe cool hair. Zun drank some good quality stuff this time.

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This whole thread is frustrated.

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You forgot one.

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She have nice titts!

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Tiger is mai waifu.

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We could of had a good thread here. But no, /jp/ had to continue being shit.

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mouse, umbrella, nun, cloud, sailor, tiger, monk.
Odd man out (or what it's called again?)

I'd like to see some character development here, but ZUN is really good at avoiding that.

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I think he's trying to be funny because this artist draws faces the same. Except he hasn't here so...

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>We could of had a good thread here.

Yeah, a stock image accompanied by one word in moonspeak. Sure way to start a serious, intelligent discussion.

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>serious, intelligent discussion
>/jp/ - Japan/General


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Nobody cares about shitty lovejustice

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Shimako wearing Suigintou's outfit.

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Nobody cares about anything

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>serious, intelligent discussion

fixed for truth

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You forgot Captain's Clone AKA Flandre mk2

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Call me stupid if you want, but I still don't understand the reason why so many people think Nue is a Flandre clone.

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weird wings, loli. Nue's better anyway.

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Well shit.

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Worst part? I can totally hear Byakuren with Noto's voice.
Before now, there was no other Touhou who I thought she suited.

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Nue's wings and Flandre's wings are completely different, as are their personalities, powers, clothing, danmaku... and well, more than 90% of the cast can be classified as loli.

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Sagat-chan is mai waifu

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Don't try to reason with them, bro.

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They're similar in that they're both weird, I didn't say they looked alike, I said they were weird.

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Well, yeah, both their wings are pretty weird... but still completely different.
I can say their themes are pretty weird too.

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