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If humans are supposed to fear youkai, why do human-youkai hybrids exist?

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the fear of fatherhood, clearly.

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Because there are people out there who are crazy enough to stick their dick into one. The Youkai on the other hand are ether as lonely and desperate as the humans or are dumb enough to confused hunger with love.

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Yes, I am scared of being killed by youkai.
Yes, I want to impregnate youkai.
Not difficult.

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>the fear of fatherhood
Does such a thing exist?

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The fight, fuck or flight response

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Having children is unethical and morally indefensible from any non-religious standpoint. Nobody has the right to force another person to live without their consent - thus they are directly responsible for all pain that person suffers. Having children is the most evil act possible.

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That's all understandable but it all sounds like bullshit at the same time. Using that logic, nothing and nobody consents.

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A-ha! I don't consent with your opinion that I shouldn't punch you in the neds.

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They can kill themselves if they want, and nobody consents to not live either. The vast majority of people are glad to live, the good outweighs the bad heavily.

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Same reason why the west has stories of humans fucking, or getting fucked by, elves despite them being dangerous in folklore

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My mom is scared of my dad but I still exist.

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You know that guy who got a salmonella infection in his dick? Basically that.

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humans are perpertually horny.

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Because youkais are hot

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Youkai are scary but are pretty fertile and breedable at the same time

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I think you're underestimating just how much freaky sex goes on in Gensokyo.

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fuck the consent. they were born and they'll suffer, get through it or just use the rope. the decision is up to you

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Everyone likes to feel young, even yokai

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Youkai? More like cheap fucking slags, ammirite?

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Fear of responsibility, and raising a child is a huge responsibility.

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Having children is both the most loving and sinister thing one can do.

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Human love to fuck their fear

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Sex with youkai

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vast majority of people are only glad to live since they fear the unknown that is death, and ultimatily dont know what death brings, new live? better place to be like heaven? or just endless purgatory?
Since we dont know we cant really be sure is it misplaced feeling. And good wont always overweight bad, it completly depends situation in which person lives, some people might never have anything good to happen to them in their entire live and they consider it normal, and then some people just get once told how their opinion is shit and they proceed to suicide, that is weird asymmetry that exists in lives of people.

also people are really been stuck with this good and bad bullshit that is even used in morning cartoons, there is no ultimately good and bad, every "bad" deed happens for sake of gain and every people are prety much grey considering every "good" person are as likely to do "bad" deed for gain if given opportunity.

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a youkai drugged on pregnancy hormones would be the stuff of nightmares
hopefully they have as much self control as they have raw strength

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>a youkai drugged on pregnancy hormones would be the stuff of nightmares
It makes you wonder where the parents are and who helps to conceive the child if Eirin doesn't help out herself.

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Is this the preghu thread?

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It should be.

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lmao someone whitewashed the hand
the original is black, I'm not kidding
Well, the artist is japanese so I don't think they intended the hand to be a black man's hand

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Living is suffering, but go out on the street with a gun in hand and ask people if they want to die there and then and you'd be hardpressed finding someone that wants to die right then.

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Some of them are exception. Either their spawn will be a halfling with enormous power like picrel, or be a mediocre like Rinnosuke.

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You don't need a doctor to deliver babies, women for thousands of years would deliver babies entirely alone. Then again many died in the process.
But for powerful youkai they probably wouldn't even feel a thing

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If there is an afterlife then you possibly need to be born first to enter it, your argument does not hold up if the parents live in good circumstances in which their child having a good life is likely - in that case bringing them into what is likely a very good life is something very moral to do

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well again in orginal argument we didnt assume that child starts with good circumstances and those circumstances can also change, also invidual who been living most its live in good circumstances is also really easily broken and most likely death when situation worsens, ultimately living is suffering in sense that there is always hardships but there is also lots of merit in living and i guess when good times hit after those hardships that have been endured it makes living so much sweeter, also if this afterlife exist we can maybe also make tiny amount of logical leaping assuming that people not alive exist there (or atleast their souls) instead of well here alive or well one can atleast hypothesize that but yeah its just hypothesis.

also all of that is only assuming there is afterlife, maybe afterlife is just another live in diffrent body on earth, naturally you cant recall you earlier life since your memories die with your body and so on.

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Sometimes fear is arousing.

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also sorry drunk af so cant type for shit.

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Oh noooo I really hope patche doesn't slam her big fat neet ass onto my cock I'd hate that I'm really scared haha heeeeelp haha

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Realistically in the lore, could youkai like Yukari even be seduced?

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You think that's scary? Wait until she uses magic to milk every single drop from inside of you and then makes you her boy toy slave.

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ZUN never felt the need to detail romantic and sexual interests of his girls, so its up in the air

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obviously, but characters like Yukari are simply not human, which is why I wonder if it's even on the table.

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One could probably argue that at some point even yukari saw humans as alien as humans see youkai and for curiosities sake actually befriended one or few but it might have happend many years in past since she is what? thousands years of old or something along those lines.

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At best, you would probably be loose friends with her as normal humans serve little purpose.

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Then there's Kasen's statement about being unfortunate enough to know both Yukari and Okina. There's probably more that she knows about them that you don't. I'm pretty sure she would also suggest you distance yourself from the Yakumos if possible.

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>a youkai drugged on pregnancy hormones would be the stuff of nightmares

That'd be entirely up to their disposition, though. Imagine a "nice" youkai going full yandere mommydom or something on you.

>Well, the artist is japanese so I don't think they intended the hand to be a black man's hand

Are you kidding?

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Woah. She looks full.

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Which part am I kidding about?

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maybe if she finds you cute

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Could Kasen genuinely fall in love with a human then?

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It's a mystery.

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Not him but Japanese artists draw themselves mighty dark, it's a contrast thing.

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Probably, probably not. She's focused more on enlightenment.

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Gappy will be very happy, and be ludicrously possessive of her husband

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You've tried it many times, there's no removing Reimu!

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She defends her property vehemently.

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being granted the honour of having the Great Youkai Yukari Yakumo carry your legacy within her requires some concessions

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i'm glad i exist, i guess, so i wouldn't feel bad having children, i just hope they never find this shithole

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would a clown make a good mom?

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Every time I see this image, I want to lay my head in her lap and stare at her beautiful face after many hours of "hand holding"

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Lap pillows are the champion's choice.

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>>32184783 #
>Imagine a "nice" youkai going full yandere mommydom or something on you.
H-haha that sounds awful anon could you please describe in a little more detail just so I can really understand the danger?

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You say that, but existing and jerking off to 2d girls is pretty sweet.

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Talk about bruteforcing your way into conquering your fears.

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I dunno, anons, impregnating yukari would probably develop into some procedure 110-montauk shit and you'd be in the receiving end of it.

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My Lady... Might I sniff thine loveliest of feet containers?

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Nah, at least the youkai have a shred of dignity.

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Peace through pregnancy

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Why useth thou the word "thine" as a predeterminer before a noun that beginneth with a consonant? Dost thou even EME, bro?

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The way cute youkai are meant to be.

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>That'd be entirely up to their disposition, though. Imagine a "nice" youkai going full yandere mommydom or something on you.
Is that what pregnancy hormones do? I'm not a gynecologist...

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You have been on many grand adventures, but are you ready for the adventure of parenthood?

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That's a big task for a NEET.
A risk worth taking.

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No, but it's what someone with a lewd imagination thinks an entity that is human fantasy and belief made manifest might do under the influence of pregnancy horemones.

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Not without assistance. There's also her torch, unless she has immunity she can pass down to the child(ren).

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I'm not sure if any of the fairies are unless they mature a lot.

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I want to put a bun in the bun's oven

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Ir people fuck dogs irl, why wouldn't they fuck a cute girls spirit?

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because they're different in the sense that one is irreversibly mental and the other is detached for reality.

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A lap pillow from Yuuka
I won't say it isn't funny.

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>a bun
proceed with caution.

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A lap pillow from Yuuka would probably be supremely comfy, but you probably wouldn't be able to shake the feeling like you're laying your head in a guillotine when you go for it.

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I'm sure Yuuka loves your discomfort despite doing something that should be comfortable.