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Mokou thread go! Lets see some rivalry

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I like that one

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Why does Mokou hate Kaguya so much?

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Mokou is superior

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Impossible requests, (kind of) forced immortality, and she humiliated mokou's family

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Kaguya caused Mokou's father to an hero himself.

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5000 years ago, Kaguya told Mokou "I FUCKED YOU'RE MOM"

She's been butthurt ever since.

Alternately, she wrote it on a stone tablet and spanked Mokou with it, making butthurt a double entendre.

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at least she has a buddy now

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I hear they constantly fight over who loves the other more.

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indeed she does. too bad she'll die one day

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What do those two even have in common, anyway?

Also, all of Kaguya's friends will outlive Mokou's only friend.

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I like your explanation better than the canon!

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Canon-art, anyone?

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Keine's kind and an outcast, Mokou's a tsundere (i.e. kind but doesn't want to show it) and an outcast. They're like The Odd Couple. I can imaging right now Mokou throwing down a cigarette butt only to have Keine pick it up with the point of her umbrella.

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That's Kaguya's grave after Mokou buries her alive.

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They have sex. In common.

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She's only tsundere in fanon.
In the IN script, and in CiLR, she was very different. Her own kind of personality

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Yeah, she's basically a good girl who gets picked on by Kaguya and Reimu, although Kaguya seems to like being around her.

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I never saw Kaguya and Mokou together in IN.

Mokou didn't seem particularly imbalanced in IN. She mostly seemed like an average crazed Toohoo.

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Yeah. It's said Kaguya's "obsessive" about strong fighters (IN script). By the looks of it, and the looks of the novel, even the most assumed fact that Mokou is the one who fights Kaguya is untrue. In fact, the opposite is true. Kaguya fights HER. Mokou is annoyed by it altogether.

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I thought that a little odd, but since none of these conversations end with "Well, I'm not here to kill on behalf of the moon bitch, so you have a nice night, now" that Mokou still isn't a NICE person.

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She rescues lost people. How is that not nice?
And wasn't it the youkai/human team that are trying to kill HER? I think you have it backwards. All she's doing is self defense.

^this guy is right

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They kill each other.
It's like the reasons why haven't mattered for years. To each other they are partly omni-present enemies, and partly a way to pass the time.
The only thing that stirs them from the malaise and boredom of having done everything they can think of in their long lifetimes.
Be it hate, love, or something else all together, the only thing that can honestly motivate them is their passion for each other.

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quoted from CiLR

"That's right, the reason I was no longer afraid of the boredom of immortal life was because she was here!

The terror of immortality is eternal solitude. An endless reality tormented by consciousness of one's sins.

The only one who could sympathize with that was my old immortal enemy.

I was afraid that she would no longer be at Eientei."

Holy fuck, maybe the whole Kaguya-Mokou friendship just might be canon!

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Know what? Mokou should be a playable character in a Touhou game. She definitely fits the standards, backstory and everything

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But having infinite lives would be cheap

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Personally I like to think of it this way:
After hundreds of years and leaving entire worlds behind (the moon, the Earth) there is little to nothing for them to anchor their identities too. So in order to fight the madness and maintain sanity (come on, they live in a mind warping bamboo forest in a fantasy world) they end up anchored to the few people/behaviors/things left from their origins.
It's a sort of creepy dependency/intimacy where they validate and confirm each other.

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Extra stage bosses have way too many lives.

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The recent touhou's are pretty much unlimited lives anyway

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I like Mokou more than Kaguya.

But I'd like to making sex to Kaguya more than Mokou.

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It more or less is, because besides being implied in canon CiLR, it's really there in semi-canon IoTM&IoTE.

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There's only one problem.

Keine, or Kaguya?

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Not even a question.

Fuck the moonbitch.

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Keine is a cheating bitch.

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You'd have double the lives as usual, and if you lose all of them Mokou just goes "Ah, fuck it." and gives up.

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Is that a serious question, or are you just being a stupid cunt.

9 out of 10 Touhoufags choose Keine

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You're the stupid cunt.
Kaguya is the best Touhou. Keine can go suck a dick( not like she doesn't already suck 37 dicks daily.)

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Kaguya. Royal, lunar perfection. She probably tastes like strawberries.

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Gentlemen. Prepare to fap.

I attach the legendary Kaguya/Mokou hatesex writefaggotry. Bon appetit.

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Anyone see that new doujin that desudesu translated?
Kaguya futarapes Mokou to death/pregnancy.
It was pretty awesome until it became guro.

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As far as I know, IotM&IotE is completely canon, as ZUN writes it.

Anyway, Mokou & Kaguya are a fated couple, ZUN agreed, don't bother him about it.

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>It was pretty awesome until it became guro.
You and I have very different definitions of awesome, my good anon. I will now download this doujin.

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More like, Moonbitch fucks her...

Princess gets what princess wants.
Like Meganekko Mokou!

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Oh god, I couldn't hold back my boner after the second post.

brb fapping

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I would gladly pay money to see a well-done, high-budget live action version of this.

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>Unlike other Touhou print works, ZUN is credited as "原案" (the base of setting and character design) instead of "原作" (scenario).

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Oh, I guess I was just confused by the scanlated versions giving ZUN credit for the original story, and Toshihira Arata credit for only the illustration.

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>Kaguya futarapes Mokou to death/pregnancy.


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Glorious, isn't it?

I'm not a fan of helpless HELP ME EIRIN Kaguya but that's the only thing I can complain about.

If I could write fapfiction that good, I would NEVER STOP.

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Because it's hot?

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Yeah, this Kaguya is the best.
The Kaguya in that doujin mentioned earlier is pretty cool too.

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The guro was awesome too.

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that doujin was boring and ugly

why can't desu spend time translating something good instead of all this fetish shit

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desudesu does commissions.

people who like good things apparently are all penniless NEET

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Instead of guro they should fight until exhausted then cuddle up and kiss each other better.

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Mokou has been neglected from the Touhou games for far too long.

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But...but kissing someone twice means they have to get engaged!

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According to this author, this doujin is part of a series of experiments performed by Eirin.

This is the result.

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I just want Mokou in a fighting game.

She'd be perfect for one.

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What the hell is this moe shit

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'Til death do they part.

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Mokou may be hanging with Keine for now, but ultimately she and Kaguya have something between them beyond their rivalry. Not quite love, but something very intimate nonetheless. The sort of intimacy you get from knowing, certainly and beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you ARE fated to be together. Soon enough.
Time always seems short when it is in the past. Aeons from now, as Komachi harvests the last fading star, Mokou and Kaguya will remain alone in the world of the living. Alone, yet together, eternally.

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>Mokou may be hanging with Keine for now

The tears...they won't stop. ;_;

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Finally got around to reading IN's Extra Stage Story.
My impression is that Kaguya is a type of manipulative mastermind, having Gensokyo's best act as gardeners for her usual bout with Mokou. Hence why I think the whole HALP ME EIRIN!! is just Kaguya using Erin cause she finds it troublesome to, you know, go outside.

Still, I'm a supporter of KaguyaxMokou since, first of all, it's cannon that Kaguya is constantly picking on Mokou. And second, cause it's just really amusing to me since it fits their characters really well.

Well, better than the reverse since I just don't see Mokou going into Eintei to annoy Kaguya.
Hence why, although nicely done, I can't readily agree with the MokouKaguya hatesex since it's more Mokou domineering Kaguya than them screwing each other.

Still think Touhou Enchantress Dance 6 that was mentioned exemplifies the kind of relationship I'm talking about. Well, if it turns sexual anyway.
Mokous dominating Kaguya sexually but only because Kaguya manipulated her into doing so.

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We all know Keine can just devour history of her aging.

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>Mokou and Kaguya will remain alone in the world of the living. Alone, yet together, eternally.
Until horrors of unspeakable, unknowable evil flood into the now empty realm.

And Kaguya and Mokou share one last knowing look in each other's eyes, smile wickedly, and scream at the top of their lungs...


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And then the universe is reborn.

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But what if I prefer MokouxMystia?

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I'm still going with my idea that millenia from now they end up captive in an Alien zoo, the last remaining examples of humanity and a spectacle to the galactic public.
Eventually they break out and form a lover's suicide pact to find a way to travel back in time and kill each other before they become immortal.
It would be an epic space opera, a trip into madness and an eternal love hellbent on destroying itself.

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A beautiful, beautiful universe created by some hot toohoos.

I still maintain that Kaguya must taste like strawberries.

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But will they be a part of this new universe like Mr. Immortal? He's going to be a god in the next universe. What will happen to Kaguya and Mokou?

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Beautiful. Like Clarke and Heinlein got together and had a baby.

I'd fund it.

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This is so hot.

Normally I'm not one for painful stuff like that but Mokou and Kaguya make it AWESOME.

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One is Allah, the other is God.

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Also there really is an easy solution for you Keine fans.

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Reimu is Jesus.

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I thought bearded Kaguya was Jesus?

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holy shit, kaguya should shave that neckbeard. what a lazy neet.

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That's a full beard though...

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The appearance of the immortal fated lovers signals the imminent end of a universe. They are the lovers who pull the curtains down on an aging, dying universe, and then birth a new one. This pair of souls will perform this duty eternally, dying in each other's arms as the flames of a new universe being born consume them, only to be reborn to fall in love with one another again.

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This sounds totally awesome. Brace for writefaggotry once zip stops being fucked up.

>> No.3215785

Is this board letting me post shit properly yet?

There is no thing in this world that does not someday end, and no burden too great that it cannot be borne when taken willingly upon one's back. Even eternity is not an exception to this rule. These were the last words the women who was her guardian, mentor and - although at the time she would have been loath to admit it - friend had spoken to her, and she was not compelled to doubt them easily.

Still, the princess mused, in the half-light of the fading universe, it could be that "someday" had already been and gone, long past, back when the idea of "day" still held some meaning. Perhaps her ability to still maintain her faculties even in the face of the long march of empty aeons was a product of her power over eternity, or perhaps the cursed elixir she had unthinkingly taken all those infinite millennia ago protected her mind as well as her body, building it once more anew with every death. Regardless, watching the dark emptiness around her, she could still recall those times times as if she were still there - and perhaps that, the inability to forget, to lose one's mind within itself even after all these years, was in itself another kind of madness. Eirin... both a teacher and a friend. Reisen and Tewi... her retainers, faithful until death. Keine... the friend of a friend, and eventually - but all too late - a friend in her own right. Reimu and Marisa... the first humans who had beaten her... would you still be able to fight me, as I am now? Somehow, despite herself, she liked to believe that somehow those two would have found a way. She had been there as each of them withered away and passed on to their reward, some of them millennia after she met them, the first of them mere handfuls of decades, while she watched them, stoic and constant as eternity itself. She had been there, too, when her world had died, watching from a distance as the empty shell of the planet was cooked and eaten by its sun.

>> No.3215787

Of course, even back then, there had been other worlds, other things to do. She smiled fondly as she turned her gaze to the peaceful countenance of the slightly older-looking girl leaning against her, sleeping quietly. The things they had done together! Bizarre alien races, interstellar war, the mall planet of Sancta-7 – she blushed slightly at that memory - all of them gone now, their people extinct, their planets burnt away or crushed to dust, even their memories all but forgotten. There were no other worlds left, now. They were both currently sitting on a small chunk of rock, perhaps a mile across, brought together and held there by the combination of most of both of their considerable powers. Even now, in the ashes of an entropic universe, a small wonder, a last bastion of order in the face of mindless chaos.

The girl next to her shifted in her sleep, letting out a small sigh.

"Nnnn... Keine... Kaguya..."

"Ah... finally getting up, sleepyhead? You took your time."

"Hmm?" The girl's red eyes fluttered open and shifted, scanning the person next to her, "Oh, Kaguya. Is it almost time, yet? I'd hate it if you let me sleep though the big event, you know!"

Kaguya, princess of a moon which no longer existed, closed her eyes and reached out with her sense of eternity, developed long past mortal means in the infinity of her existence. Her long black hair fluttered in a non-existent wind. At length, she opened her eyes.

"Yeah... yes, it is. At long last, this eternity is nearing its end. I'd give it... seven minutes from now, perhaps." To the white-haired girl next to her, Kaguya's normal, light voice carried the strange inflections of a prophet.

>> No.3215789

"At long last... I mean, after... after all this time..." The girl's ordinarily brash, confident voice trembled, and Kaguya noticed that her hand were trembling. Reaching out, she took them in her own, and gave them a reassuring squeeze.

"It'll be alright, Mokou. We can do anything together, right?" At that, Mokou's trembling quieted, and she relaxed, smiling slightly and leaning into her friend.

"Yeah... if we're together, we can do whatever we want, can't we, Kaguya?" Mokou frowned slightly. "Still... what we're doing... doesn't it make you think?"

The dark-haired princess' expression turn to match Mokou's confused look. "Think? About what?"

"Oh, I don't know. Eternity, perhaps? Existence? The meaning of life? Ah, geez, whatever!"

"Mokou." Kaguya cupped the other girl's face in her hands and turned her head, so that she could talk looking straight into her soft, ruby eyes, deepened by the passing of infinite years. "The meaning of everything we do... is that we do it for each other. We agreed that, right?"

Mokou sighed. "...Yeah. It is."

The lunarian giggled, a strange, musical sound in the empty void. "You never change, do you?"

Well... the nearly empty void.

>> No.3215795

In the fading universe, a single faint point of light burnt in the sky. The last star was shining out the very last of its life, unknowing that all of the universe that might need its light had already been and gone long ago. Two figures were watching it silently, their arms held around each other. They said
nothing. At that time, there was nothing that could be said. Seven minutes passed and took longer than all the eternities that both of their lives had lasted.

The light winked out, and the universe ended.

The two girls let out a breath that they had barely noticed they had even taken.

"Is it time, now? We only need to do this if you want to." The princess spoke.

"I want to, Kaguya. But it isn't time just yet."

Kaguya's face bore a puzzled expression. "What do you-"

She danced back as Mokou jumped forwards at her, a barrage of fire and explosions answering her question, her confusion quickly turning to a smile as she dodged to the side, sending a blast of rainbow-coloured power into the other's path.

A slash that trailed flame quickly pierced the cloud of dust this brought up, as the fire-user charged back into the fray, sending her burning power furiously at the laughing princess.

>> No.3215797

hey both danced in a seemingly endless display, putting on a celebration of light and sound and life worthy of the end of everything itself. They waltzed across the rock they called home, and then their dance took them from the ground and into the empty skies. Regardless of what came later, right now was a dance just for the two of them , alone. Dazzling explosions of radiance shot through the black nothingness, as if they would never stop. A stray ball of flame, the size of a planet, whizzed by Kaguya, singeing her hair and vaporizing the rock they had carefully built together. Oh well, they would hardly need it again after this. But even such a joyous dance must end some time.

"Too slow!"

Kaguya tried to dodge, but it was too late. One of Mokou's fiery claws was at her neck, just inches from her throat.

She grinned. "Is it, now?"

Mokou frowned, and looked down. Kaguya's jewelled branch was at her chest, just above her heart, and glowing with power. She broke into grin, too.

"Well? Do we kill each other now?"

Kaguya paused for a moment. Then she sighed, closed her eyes, and pulled back, putting the branch back into the folds of her robe.

"There hardly seems like there would be much point right now, does there?"

Mokou mimicked Kaguya's actions, the fire dancing across her hand receding into her body as she lowered her arm.

"I thought as much," she said, smiling as she watched the other girl, "Are you ready?"

"We've had all the time in the world, already."

"We have, at that. Let's go."

>> No.3215799

The theory of what they were planning had been worked out years ago, back when they had first created the asteroid to live on. If Mokou's power could create heat and fire, then she should be able to work that process in reverse, changing the heat diffusing the ended universe back into matter. Kaguya's power could manipulate the matter's eternity, giving it a second existence before entropy claimed it once more.

A new, fresh universe.

Hanging in the void, neither was sure what compelled them to start, but after an interminable length of time, Mokou stretched out her arms, closed her eyes, and began to work.

As raw power coursed from the silvery-haired girl's hands into the infinite emptiness about her, slowly, matter began the take form. Rock, metal, gases, all slowly faded into view as Mokou's power grounded itself in them, before rushing together at impossible speeds. As each came into existence, arcs of rainbow-coloured eternity pouring from all over Kaguya's body crackled into each one, fixing it's existence in time with a luminous lightshow.

This was all nothing new; at this level, they had done all of this long ago. But could even their power hold up as the entirety of the universe pushed back against them?

Mokou doubled over in exhaustion, the power coursing through her falling to a mere trickle. Opening her eyes, she saw Kaguya, eternity arcing from her body like a firework. Suppressing her body's urge to curl up and sleep with sheer will, Mokou stood up straight once more, her power once more becoming a torrent.

>> No.3215800

As more and more matter came into being, Mokou heard Kaguya let out a cry.

“Time... eternity is-!”

Reaching out, she grasped the princess' hand in her own strong grip. Even though her eyes were closed, she could still feel the girl relaxing slightly, her face turning to a small smile.

Neither could say whether it took minutes or millennia, but then, suddenly and with no fanfare, their work was finished. An infinitely small point of matter and time and space, held just barely in check, for now, by their power.

“Is... that it?”

“Yeah... we did it, Mokou.”

Both seemed hesitant to say anything. In the face of what they had done, what was there to say?

Oh, yes...

>> No.3215803

“Hey... Kaguya.” Mokou spoke first.


“This... might actually kill us, you know.”

“Yeah. That's true.”

“But... even knowing that... even so... someday, let's meet again, okay? It's fine if we don't remember each other, or are in some afterlife, or are even in new lives then, but we have to see each other again, okay?”

“It's a promise, Mokou. No matter what happens now, we'll see each other later. Right?”

Leaning forward, Kaguya slowly, almost sensually, brushed her lips lightly across Mokou's.

And then the entire universe became light and heat and fire and force and energy and, with any luck, life.

>> No.3215806
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There, le ende.

Fuck this board for going batshit just as I finished writing this.

>> No.3215830
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Rivalry? I think you mean sex.

>> No.3215831


And that is how ZUN was born.

>> No.3216014

A Mokou/Kaguya thread without endless discussions of what "immortal" means? Astonishing.

>> No.3217162
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Fuck you, it's Kaguya/Mokou!

I like it!

One thing I've always wondered is why does Kaguya keep getting drawn with red eyes even though canon has her with brown...

>> No.3218090
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>> No.3218139

hello I would like to subscribe to your website/blog/whatever

>> No.3218304


Go back to fanfiction.net

Post reported

>> No.3218440
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Bumpin', with pic, to counter jealous /a/-tard.

>> No.3218448

Arcs of rainbow-coloured eternity, eh?

>> No.3218449

What rule has been broken?

>> No.3218468
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I'm guessing he's trolling.

>> No.3218477

>Because clearly, someone who thinks fanfiction is poorly thought-out wish fulfillment written by subliterate shipper faggots must be from /a/, right?

You're an embarassment; take it to Pooshlmer, touhouproject, fanfiction.net or whatever other awful site you use, but keep it out of /jp/. If you think fanfiction isn't awful, your kind isn't welcome around here.

>> No.3218496

Protip: Any Touhou discussion not directly about the games is fanfiction.

>> No.3218510

I'm not trolling. I simply think that /jp/ is better than all of the other touhou boards out there because it isn't populated entirely by underaged retards or gaiaspawn and that the promotion of garbage like YWUIG, yukkuri and/or fanfiction would only serve to cause the immigration of unwelcome elements in the same way that a rotting corpse draws flies.

Either way, take it somewhere else.

>> No.3218535

Don't forget all those doujins! Fanfiction with drawfaggotry, I can tell /jp/ absolutely hates them because they're... DOUBLE FANFICTIONS.

>> No.3218536

The only unwanted element is YOU. You're being elitist about what is quite literally the anus of the internet. Crappy fanfiction IMPROVES this place.

>> No.3218547

>quite literally the anus of the internet.
You must be new to the Internet.

>> No.3218569

See see, Now Anonymous Jones is posting.

Good job hypocritical sagefag. Thread ruined.

>> No.3219248
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Awesome, apparantly I can cause a trollfight while still being asleep in bed.


You make me sad :(
But good point, I may take the time later to clean this up somewhat and make an account to put this on.

Polite sage for irrelevance.

>> No.3219367
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You must have missed the BAKA CIRNO 9 threads or the thousands of drooling MAI LOLI PEDO WAIFU PEES HERSELF threads.

Anon writefaggotry is a net positive and you're a fucking retard if you think otherwise.

>> No.3219397
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Too late, it's already been reposted.

Ha ha ha ha ha

>> No.3219435
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>> No.3219478

Is that the doujin that was mentioned earlier? DOWNLOADING AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT.

>> No.3219485

translated source?

>> No.3219499

I remember this one. Quite good
It's all full of futa and guro

>> No.3219506

You know it does have Mokou getting raped with a dick that grows so big it comes out of mouth

>> No.3219515
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>> No.3219520
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>> No.3219522

provide link someone, im a blind.

>> No.3219526


>> No.3219533


>> No.3219541
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>> No.3219618
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I like how manly Mokou is. Does that make me part gay?

>> No.3219623


Not really, just a limp-wrist, emasculated bitch.

>> No.3219653

>37 dicks

In a row?

>> No.3219786

That reminds me of that doujin which features mostly Tenshi but shows Keine being fucked by a gang of villagers and is loving it.

>> No.3219884
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>> No.3220329
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>> No.3221992
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>> No.3222711
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>> No.3223292
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>> No.3223399
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>> No.3223414

I had a poster of Mokou on my wall and my mom saw it and asked if was Inuyasha. :(

>> No.3223491
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Cheer up. Here, have a kitty version.

>> No.3223617
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>> No.3223648
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Holy shit...
I thought you guys were kidding...

>> No.3223718

Her being a virgin and being a regenerator begs to wonder if the hymen regenerates each time she's penetrated

>> No.3223749


Why not both?

>> No.3223784


Why no "Mokou/Male RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE! "?

>> No.3223804


Because we don't do gay.

>> No.3223804,1 [INTERNAL] 

Why don't we just pair Mokou up with Kamui Gackupo!? Cause... there's already enogh canidates..