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Hag thread?

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i fucked you're hags

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Hags are the cream of the crop.

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Hags are a miracle of the universe.

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I'd those hags.

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With Kanako's arrival, my Yuyuko was booted off the hag team.

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I don't see why Yuyuko is grouped with the hags. She's quite young by Gensoukyou's standards.

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Needs more Kanako.

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If you were going to sort hags by age instead of looks, you'd need to add Tewi to the group.

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She has been worm food for longer than most can remember.

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I think that the little fact that she's 1000+ years old might ahve something to do with it.

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She's at least 1000 years old. Also canon healthy.

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Yuka/Yukari is my favourite hag duo.

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As is Aya. That isn't very old.

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No one calls Ran an Old Lady.

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Yukari is only 100 years older than Yuyuko.

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Yes, it actually kind of is. That Tewi is mentioned in records from over 1300 years ago is considered pretty impressive.

And yes, Aya is also quite fucking old. It's mentioned as special that she was already there when the Onis packed up.

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Yukari's age is undetermined, but confirmed for OG.

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>At the very least she is 1,200 years old and has been involved in various major events in Gensokyo's history.



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>at the very least
That's what we call undetermined bro.

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In more civilized lands, we call it an estimation.

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No, it means we have a range of 1200 years old to an unknown number years old. It's not an estimate at all.

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It would be estimation if there was an upper limit.

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Its both age and looks. That's why Kanako is one, and Suwako isn't.

Also, Newcomer - Hijiri Byakuren!

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And, firmly erasing any theory that she might have been 17 years old, I might add.

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Sadly. She can always be 17 in our hearts.

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she doesn't look old

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Yuyuko has this "airhead outside, sly fox inside" mindset going on, plus the huge tits.

Although the solid old hags are these three.

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Does she really count? She wasn't conscious for most of it was she?

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None of them do. But if they aren't described as looking as little girls, the fandom will draw them as MILFs and call them hags.

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Lots of weirdos here...
> Learn English: http://vtbsd.net/english/
> Use English: http://www.anøntalk.com/ICARE

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You hit it on the head my friend.

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Neither does Yukari most of the time, but she looks adult, and this seems to be enough in this crowd.

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Hey old hags, what's "sex"

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...I hope you really enjoy being a sub in BDSM if they decide to give you a demonstration, dude. Yuka's probably a sadist, as is likely Eirin. Kanako breathes dominance. And Yukari is the Elemental Plane of Tentacles.

However you look at it... you gonna get raped. and yes, Yakumo CAN rape the willing.

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If they were flatter I'd be willing to do this.

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Nah, Kanako is pure and innocent.

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Yes please. This is 100% my fetish.


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Seriously, dude, don't. There's barely a 50% chance you'd survive Yuka alone.


...you might want to rethink that one. Kanako? Innocent?

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I don't think I'd want GENOCIDE IS A GAME Yuka. Most everyone else, I'd take happily though.

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Very likely. Suwako and Sanae are the only sluts at the shrine.

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Eirin is kind and has the patience of a saint. She'd have to be like that to endure being with Kaguya every day for so long.

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Stop that Mokou!

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How she treats Reisen speaks differently to me. If you would know the measure of a man (or woman, in this case), see not how he treats his superiors, but his subordinates.

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You're a fucking faggot for not posting that image sooner. My next six faps are gonna be from this alone.

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But Reisen is lower than a subordinate, she's more like a dog.

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How DOES she treat Reisen? I got from the game dialogue that Reisen was the put-upon hired help but she didn't seem to have it that bad.

Then again, I wouldn't say Kaguya seemed like a bad person to work for.

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She lets Reisen fuck her frequently? Not really seeing a problem here, pretty sure Kaguya doesn't let Eiren fuck her.

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All of you just want this to happen.

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Elephant in the room.

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That's really hot but I'm a sub.

Also, my penis isn't bigger than a bitch's head.

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So where this come from

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I don't know. I think I'd enjoy sucking a smaller dick.

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It is hard to be afraid of anyone who dresses like that.

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Isn't Cirno a hag, too?

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Cirno's too immature to be portrayed as such. Amusingly Utsuho shares her intellect and isn't made fun of at all.

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She is a pretty damn young compared to all the touhous.

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Utsuho doesn't fail at plying pranks, has power, has less of an ego (though still large), and wasn't made fun of by zun in the official documentation (or shopped to make it look like that...hard to tell with this sort of thing.)

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Cirno is around the same age as Yuka. The more you know...

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The point still stands that she's a complete idiot. Generic weapons-wielding person, I suppose.

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Technically, these two are hags, too. Strange universe it is.

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Not by gensokyo's standard. Remilia's only 500 years old.

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1000 isn't really old. Sure it's a long time, but not Cthulthu ancient. Even Jesus is older. ZUN should make a touhou that's like 300 thousand years old.

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Well... Eirin?
Unspecified, but she beats at least the major religious figures by centuries.

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An idiot? She seemed pretty intelligent in the SA dialogue.

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She's at least 60, in my terms that's pretty haggish.

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An incredibly incredibly old hag.

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She has a very bad memory as seen in 12.3 and (I think) SA ending. (worse than the average hag's memory and is 'birdbrained')

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Yeah she's older than the goddamn moon god Tsukiyomi. I don't know the Shinto myth timeline though, so I don't know what minimum age that makes her.

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Beautiful old lady.

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An equally old not-so-hag.

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Yukarin is only 17 years old.

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She's not dumb at all, just forgetful and kind of single minded.

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Doesn't look like a hag to me. At all.

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I want to cum in her while Kaguya mocks us

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Then why does she have gray hair?

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The moon is grey
Eirin is from the moon

All questions answered

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The moon too is extremely old.

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And then on your triple wedding night, you find yourself drugged out of your mind while you fuck your own ass through a gap and choke on Kanako's snakedick, and what's left of your sanity knows that finally... finally you've made it in life.

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There are 5 touhou threads on the front page with a lame image and no/pointless text.

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At least they're not as shitty as your Umineko threads. Go talk about which mom you'd fuck in /a/.

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why is Touhou so shitty?

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is that the Bethesda version?