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With the addition of UFO, what happened to the power level pyramid?

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Lots of new bricks for the bottom.

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Nue is the strongest at misdirection.

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Nue and Jesus are somewhere between Ran and Mokou.
Everyone else is Cirno tier.

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Those UFOs are God Tier.
In annoyance

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UFO is the worst touhou game ever.

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UFO is a big FUCK YOU to us powerlevel fags

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No lolhax tier characters for us to discuss ;_;

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oh boy, here we go again.

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and the weakest characters appear twice ;_;

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Remember when Touhou was good?

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Why, me neither.

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You mean right now?

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I still like you Nue ;_;

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in 9.5

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Pic not related

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but... but...

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Kanako is my favourite too, brother.

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Remember when Touhou was good

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>As Mima is the shit she may simply be regarded as a generic boss enemy.

From Touhou wiki

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That looks like something that EYEMAZE guy would make.

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Come on guys, just because UFO isn't quite up to par with other recent Touhou games doesn't mean you have to insult it by comparing it to the shitty PC-98 games.

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PC-98 games are not shitty.

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I'm afraid I must disagree, sir.

The characters are flat (even moreso than usual), most of the patterns weren't very creative, and all of the games look like they were drawn up in MSPaint. Normally that wouldn't be a huge issue, but when you spend the entire game looking at waves of bullets, I'd rather see something prettier than what appears to be monocolor streaks and dots made from the paintbrush tool.

Of course the music was still great, but I really don't see a reason to play them unless you've never tried them before and want to see how the series started. I personally don't intend to play them again.

lol opinions

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I find UFO to be the hardest Touhou game yet. Easy mode feels more like the normal mode of other Touhou games.

BTW, the PC-98 games aren't all bad. I consider the 4rth game to be the most fun game in the entire series.

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Pic not related because the Phantasmagoria games are shitty no matter which era they were made in.

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You'll get used to it. I actually found UFO to be one of the easier Touhou games after I learned the patterns. Tatara is definitely the hardest stage 2 boss, though.

The PC98 games were mediocre, but I still prefer the Windows ones. I think the worst part about the PC98 games is the "HURR DURR ONLY SECONDARIES DONT LIKE THE OLDER GAMES BETTER" fanbase that they've accumulated.

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PC-98 is shit because of it's graphics is the most fucktarded reason I've ever heard in my life

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As a secondary the 4rth and 5th games are the only ones that I find to be worth playing but the 4rth one makes up for the first 3 by being so darn fun.

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PC-98 games were bad
No good music
No flashy DAMNaku

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the only reason why PoDD was fun was because of how ridiculous Yumemi's fight was
and SoEW is only good if you want to fight Mima but you have to go through 4 levels using a shitty playable character

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Somehow I knew you'd get butthurt about people disliking the PC-98 games.

Normally graphics aren't an issue, but you have to admit that the PC-98 games have absolutely horrible graphics. They're not even NES-style retro or anything- they're simply crude and unrefined.

I don't hate the PC-98 games either, although I do like the newer ones better.

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