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I like to think that when no one is around, ryukishi07 dresses up as Bern and pretends he is a witch.

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>as Lambdadelta

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a bald witch

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I like to think that when no one is around, ZUN dresses up as Sanae and pretends he is a shrine maiden.

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Bernkastel is a shitty character.

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>as Reisen
oh /jp/, you fail me today

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I like to think that ryukishi07 isn't really a huge rikafag, he just likes the idea of the Bernkastel character and the direction he could go with her by turning her into an emotionless monster, whose only interest is winning.

I like to think she will meet with a terrible end, in just payment for her murder of countless pure and cute Rikas from different kakera as well as that of Ange and her mental torture of Natsuhi.

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Did someone just say... PRETEND?

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what is this i dont even
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I wish to be the little witch

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>using an appropiate meme

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everyone on 4chan is a bot

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Ryukishi07 made a contract with a witch to gain fame as a writer in exchange of his inheritance, which includes anyone who has played Higurashi or Umineko. The witch has returned to collect payment, but wants to give the readers a chance so she wrote Umineko as an analogue to what happened in real life.

Ryukishi is Kinzo, the witch is Beatrice, the epitaph is Umineko series and the Ushiromiya family is the readers.

Can Anonymous deny the witch or will he be taken to the golden land?

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Don't fuck with me, witches don't exist!

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Super intelligent robots "exist."