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Hello there, /jp/. It has come to my attention that Anon likes playing interactive stories. Anon`s Nice Day, Wake Up In Gensokyo, many other (almost always shitty) mini-stories. What am I getting at? Well, some time ago I started writing a novel-like thing which later was converted into a movie scenario (never made it into a movie though). The project got lost after I spilled water on my laptop, but I still have the overall idea in my head and 2 first chapters of the scenario on my HDD (which I uploaded before losing the full version for my friends to read [also, in b4 not friends]).

MY POINT IS, why not become a GM-like deity on /jp/? I know most of you play YWUIG only to
fuck China\Keine\MANnosuke, but I`m sure there are people who just enjoy this kind of thing. So, here we go - let the "RIFT - interactive novel by Anon for Anon" begin. Let`s see if you`ll like it.

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Monday evening.
After a tiring day in school, you relax by surfing internets and occasionally taking a break to play your favourite TPP slasher. Another usual day. Daily routine. Almost like a never-ending dream that makes you live through the same days over and over again.
You smile at the thought.
- "Who am I? Nanaya? Cut me some slack there..."

Caught in a circle of everyday life, you entered High School with many hopes. "High School years are the golden days of youth", they say. Well, whoop-dee-doo, no shit. After you hunted down a place in a school with "Advanced Computer Science" programme, you were very enthusiastic. Come on, 3 years filled with ComSci awesomeness? That`s just what you need, right? Well too bad.

Your classmates turned out to be freaking assholes that don`t know shit about Pascal or C++. Bah, they couldn`t even properly resize an image in Photoshop! What kind of ComSci class is that? Teachers weren`t better. These 3 years were a torture. Only thing that kept you from going insane was hope - maybe for meeting interesting people, maybe for meeting your destinied girl? Hope that after finishing school you`ll move somewhere else and start a new life, full of win and awesome? In the meantime, January of new year approached, constantly reminding you of end-term exams. What will come next? That doesn`t matter now. You decide to stop drowning in melancholy and self-pity and relax completely.

- "Okay, let`s try that boss once more."

Grabbing a pad, you prepare for a fierce duel.

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Hours have passed and you suddenly notice that it`s already 2AM. Huh. Where does the time go? You close your browser windows and music player. Stretching on your old, sturdy desk chair, you take off your headphones.
- "That was refreshing. Now to disappear until the next day."

You stand up, heading for your wardrobe, wanting to change, when suddenly--


A loud crash comes from downstairs and your heart skips a beat. What the hell? A burglar? Nah, can`t be, your house has anti-thieving systems and last time someone tried to rob your home, police came shouting STOP RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL SCUM only 3 minutes after the alarm went off. What was it then?

You live in a two-story house on the outskirts of the city. Your room is one the first floor. There are 2 rooms on the second floor. On the ground floor there is only living room, kitchen and a bathroom.

[] Listen closely, maybe it was just a random noise.
[] Check desk for useful items.

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[X] No dogs will keep you from sleeping. Go to bed.

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[X] Approach the door to your room and try to hear more.

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[] No dogs will keep you from sleeping. Go to bed.

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[x] No dogs will keep you from sleeping. Go to bed.

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[X] No dogs will keep you from sleeping. Go to bed.


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[] Approach the door to your room and try to hear more.
The sleep option is a trap.

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Come on, I`ll continue after 5 votes for one option.

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[X] Approach the door to your room and try to hear more.

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[x] No dogs will keep you from sleeping. Go to bed.
fucking dogs

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[X] Check desk for useful items.

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[] No dogs will keep you from sleeping. Go to bed.

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Ignoring whatever caused the noise, you change your clothes and go to sleep. You`re not some fucking VN protagonist to investigate every little noise you hear.

Whole day`s tiredness suddenly falls on your head and you quickly fall asleep.

You didn`t have any dreams. Maybe that`s a good thing. Most of your dreams leave you with your mouth wide open, wondering "What... the... fuck was ... that?

Am I that fucked up?". Yeah, thank 4chan.

Anyways, when you wake up, you feel relaxed, but still, the thought of going to school again was a nail in your conscience. You slowly sit on your bed. What

should you do? It`s 7AM, school starts on 8AM. You have to leave at quarter to eight if you don`t want to be late.

[] Kick the reason to the curb and sleep more.

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[X] Stand up and go downstairs to see if anything is missing.

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[] Stand up and turn on computer. Preparations can wait.

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[X] Fap

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[x] Stand up and go downstairs to see if anything is missing.

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OP here.
That`s included in "Main PC Turn On" option.

BTW, since you screwed up my initial scenario, I won`t be able to provide BGs. I had the ones for the night prepared (maybe they`ll come in handy later), but I didn`t have any for the day. Whatever. I`ll manage somehow.

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[X] Kick the reason to the curb and sleep more.

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[X] Stand up and turn on computer. Preparations can wait.

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in that case

[X] Stand up and turn on computer. Preparations can wait.

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[x] Stand up and go downstairs to see if anything is missing.

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bad writing is bad

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[X] Stand up and turn on computer. Preparations can wait.

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your story lacks something catchy

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It`s because you went to sleep. What the hell is interesting in going to sleep?

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it's comfy and warm

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Oh well, what the hell. You still have time. You turn on your computer and a log-on screen comes up. What was the password again? Ah, yes.

You enter the password and see a familiar desktop. There are many icons, but you use only a little percent of them. When you`re about to click on the "MOONbrowser" icon, something weird happens. Monitor flickers and turns off. Suprised, you try hitting the top of it, but nothing happens.

Knock, knock.

You hear knocking. Door? No, your parents don`t knock, so it couldn`t be them.

Knock, knock.

Yoi localize the source of the knocking which seems to be balcony door. Windowblinds are still down, so you can`t see the outside.

[] Open the balcony door

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[X] Stand up and turn on computer. Preparations can wait

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Open the blinds. Not fucking stupid.

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[x] Open the balcony door
50% chance we're going to get killed.

>> No.318220

[X] Ignore it
obvious choice

>> No.318221

[X] Open the balcony door
Throw caution to the wind! Being careful is what gets people killed!

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[x] Open the balcony door

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[x] Open the door

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You fail at writing

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[X] Open the balcony door

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Well then do it yourself, smartass.

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I cant fail if i dont do it, plus, i actually can write better than you

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The only problem is, I'm not OP. Fuck you.

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[x] Put it in.

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this is so painful

"You wake up and you are underage Anonymous. You do nothing and are lonely and bitter about high school, and even your internal monologue makes you sound like a douchebag. A cliche approaches. Command?"

and real Anonymous votes to sleep and troll the internets

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Then show us your skill, anon. Good writing is always welcome, amirite?


You open the balcony door. Or, at least try to. Because as soon as you turn the handle, someone on the other side of the door rushes in. Arm in a black sleeve reacher for your face from the other side of the door. You try to scream, but there`s already something in your mouth. You try to escape, but your hands are already being held behind your back. Hand on your face retracts. Using this split second, you try to free yourself.

And then white haze covers your eyesight. You feel you`re losing consciouness. Not fair! You still haven`t fapped!

Last things you remember were aqua-blue eyes, black hair and a soft smell of lavender.


You wake up in a white void, standing in the middle of nothingness. You try to look around but everything seems the same. Some time passed - maybe minutes, maybe hours. Suddenly you see a dark point in the distance. Someone seems to be walking in your direction in this empty world.

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[X] Ignore it

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[X] It doesn`t matter, I want to get out of here!

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[X] A manly, purple man approaches you. He is on a collision course. Brace for impact.

>> No.318431

What, we have a choice?
That makes no fucking sense! Choose your own fucking characters!

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could != is

>> No.318446


What, you think you will spend the whole story in this white void?

>> No.318450

[x] It doesn`t matter, I want to get out of here!

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>Not fair! You still haven`t fapped!
ok, you lost me. That was the final straw.
Fucking underage writing

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[x]Shiki Nanaya

The only correct choice. YOU GUNNA GET CHOPP'D UP.

>> No.318483

[x]Nanaya, hoping he doesn't though.

>> No.318496

Flandre Scarlet.

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[X] It doesn`t matter, I want to get out of here!

>> No.318508

[] Manly, purple man

>> No.318515

[] Shiki Nanaya

is it actually Nanaya version though?

>> No.318529

[x] It doesn`t matter, I want to get out of here!

>> No.318533

Here's hoping you're right>>318463

[X]Shiki Nanaya

>> No.318544

[x] sage

>> No.318558

[] It doesn`t matter, I want to get out of here!

>> No.318589


You don`t give a flying dog`s dick about this person walking towards you in this dream-like world. You need to get out of here. But how? How? What would Tohno Shiki do? Rape the loli, but it seems that`s not an option here. Oh well, you may as well try punching your own stomach, which you do, hoping that this will get rid of this white vision.

"FAWLCOWN..." you chant

"PAUNCH!" your fist goes deep into your stomach. You feel like vomiting, but before you can do so, white becomes black and you slowly open your eyes.

You wake up. Above you, there are tree branches. Looking around, you see that you`re in the middle of a forest. Cold chill runs down your body. It`s fucking winter and you have nothing but your pijamas on.

"You woke up. Good"

Someone behind you say these words. Voice seems to belong to a female, but you`re not sure.

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[] Manly, purple man
[] Manly, purple man
[] Manly, purple man
[] Manly, purple man
[] Manly, purple man
[] Manly, purple man
[] Manly, purple man
[] Manly, purple man

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just kill yourself

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[] Turn around and genuflect before she(?) can do anything to you

>> No.318607

[X] Turn around and genuflect before she(?) can do anything to you

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>> No.318616

[X] Turn around and genuflect before she(?) can do anything to you

>> No.318627

Turn around.

>> No.318638

worst namefag ever

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here, is this better?

shit, I`m supposed to be dead. sorry.

>> No.318656

I reiterate my observation from earlier today.
Just use links. It's not that hard, and it saves all this voting for a route thing.

>> No.318657

[x] Turn around and genuflect before she(?) can do anything to you
>It was a great humiliation to be genuflecting before the woman who raped my little sister and scooped out my best friend's eyes.

>> No.318668


Ever noticed how ALL namefags are "worst namefag ever"?

>> No.318682

Worst tripfag ever,also, PIME TARADOX

>> No.318695

and isnt that true? without taking into account the obvious paradox

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[] Turn around and genuflect before she(?) can do anything to you

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It was a mistake to genuflect before the girl who broke into your house and used your disinfectans.

"What are you doing, silly?", you hear from the girl dressed in black tracksuit, with a black trenchcoat (who wears trenchcoats these days?) on top of it.

"Here, let me help you up."

She reaches out her hand, but before you can grab it, she kneels and kisses you on the lips, while embracing you tightly. Being a douchebag you are, and a virgin at that, you feel excited and embarassed at the same time.

Soon she breaks the kiss. You just sit the dumbfolded while she stands up, smiling.

"I have to tell you something" she said
"W... What?" you ask, still confused
"I`m a carrier. Enjoy your AIDS"

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>> No.318941

AIDS do not work like that.

>> No.318950


I couldn`t care less.

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it's never a mistake to genuflect
i'm doing this on a daily basis and never got a bad end

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ITT Magical AIDS that spread through kissing and fail.


>> No.318976


Hey, it was supposed to be a SF story, so why not?

>> No.318997

that's fucking it.
Never disrespect SF in that way. Just because you added a few fictional elements doesn't make it fine to explain everything with magic.
Truth is, shit sucks. The ending has no momentum, and leaves the sense that it was written in a rush.
And most importantly, one couldn't care less for the main having a bad end.

This fails, hard. Fuck off OP

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>leaves the sense that it was written in a rush.

Well it WAS written in rush. And I pretty much wrote the first thing that came to my mind.

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Plus, I wrote "it was SUPPOSED to be a SF story". I wanted to make an SF out of it. But shit happened.

>> No.319049

you're doing it wrong.

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>> No.319053


If by SF you mean "shitty fiction" then yeah, I'd say it's SF.

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>shit happened

That would be the whole thing about you being a fucking faggot, right?

>> No.319064


Yep. Other anons` influence`s fault.

>> No.319071


I didn`t even try to do it right, fuck you very much, captain obvious.

>> No.319127

and that's what's wrong with most of original content, here and everywhere in the internet.
Everyone thinks that it just good enough, and that everyone who thinks otherwise is just a hater or doesn't gets it.
Hence, a billion Linkin Park AMVs.

It's never good enough. Saying "I wasn't even trying" just shows that you can't do well enough, and that your life is nothing but a pathetic series of excuses as you limp through the world, thinking that doing something halfway is at least better than doing nothing. It's not.
So, fuck you OP for representing all that's wrong with the world, and fuck you for making me rage for the first time in 3 months.
You should feel proud of yourself, you fucker.

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>> No.319214


>> No.319219


Fuck yeah! Now I really feel proud.

You know, I was planning to do it right, but since the very first reply, I lost motivation, so I just wrote whatever came to mind.

Rage moar?

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Best tripfag ever

>> No.319228

i dont get

>> No.319236


if u dont get just rage, itll solve all the problems

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>> No.319251

its the ultimate force of the universe

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/jp/ needs a rage vn

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eh, guys? what the hell? Why there are so many people acting as if they were me? Everything after >>319042 isn`t written by me. srsly u guize

>> No.319276


Stop impersonating me, dipshit. I am the OP and I wrote all the messages that were answers to AoColombia. Fuck you.

>> No.319279

they are all you, in different quantum states

>> No.319285

So youre the one that fails hard, i see

>> No.319286


What the fuck, it wasn`t me. This is why we can`t have nice things on 4chan.

>> No.319295

because people try to be like you? you got problems

>> No.319314

I am a huge faggot rape my face.

>> No.319326

The problems of being a namefag

>> No.319344


Eh, dude, I wouldn`t sage my own thread.

>> No.319392


Way to fail, IMPOSTOR

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