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Why you hate me?

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I like Nue, period.

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I like you! Just can't deny the fact that you're a Flanclone.

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Because you are an inferior version of Flan ojou-sama.

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I DON'T!!!!!!!

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I don't ,but I don't like you much either. Byakuren and Kogasa are best.

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It's ok Nue, you'll get to join Koishi in the list of character WHO WILL NEVER BE MENTIONED EVER AGAIN.

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I'm not seeing it. Where are people getting this from?

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Because we never get to see the real you.
I doubt it'd be uglier than Zun's art anyway.

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spellcards, wings, the implied insanity

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Fuck off, Koishi is love.

She needs more doujins, fanart, and a spot in another game though.

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fuck you, ZUN art is awesome.

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To be fair, the newer characters are, the less people really care about them. MoF is getting a lot of attention now with Sanae and Suwako, and eventually SA will get more attention and so on.

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I love Nue and probably am the only person who think she's not a Flandre clone at all.

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kagome's the best

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I like the Captain alot.

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It's about time you invest in some glasses and a hearing aid.

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I like Nue. She's cute y'know?

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I like tiger-trap

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Glad I'm not the only one.

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The captain is a merciless killer that lead hundreds of people to their watery graves.

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Because she wanted to meet someone who can release her from her curse. She can sink my battleship anytime.

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In terms of cast:

EoSD > PCB > SA = MoF > UFO > IN

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I'd let her shiver me timber.

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Go cut yourself, SDMfag.

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What happened, Eienteifag? Too much truth for ya to handle?

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I don't like how the fanart is full of BOOBS,
I mean look at this picture how can they belive adding breast instead of flat is a good idea?

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I gotta say, i love the SDM cast myself because of dem frills.
Too bad most of the fans like them because SO GOTH OMG BLACK LIKE MY SOUL!

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I will answer you with this little game called: "Spot the breasts in the picture"
Have a music cue while thinking about it.

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Why do people hate Eientei so much?

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But Shou/Syou has the perfect flat so why ruin it?

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Boobs is okay... she isn't a loli nor does she seem the flatchested type. I'm just annoyed they don't put the black markings on her hair. Makes her less tiger-ish.

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Exhibit number 2

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So? That applies to Yuyuko, too. Clearly, she should be a little ghost girl.

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Well she does look young not loli but more like a 16ish reversetrap.

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My point exactly. It's fanart, what did you expect? To respect the original artwork?
Usually, if she has a mature look on her face, she is bound to be drawn with tits.

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Judging from fanarts, they're going more for the serious Ran type mature touhou.

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ZUN's Syou is adorable.

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>Yes, well, it's been 40 years since humans landed on the moon, and we haven't even made it to Mars yet.

>Everyone said the 21st century would be the age of space flight, but ...

>All they're worrying about outside is saving the environment and figuring out how to keep the economy afloat.

>It's just crazy.

>The world's full of people who don't even think about why they're here.


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goddamn it ZUN had a really nice character here and then the fans just ignore it and make their own inferior version....

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I'm not even sure what the fuck you're looking for. From the translated dialogue, she seems pretty level-headed.

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Level-headed =/= milf

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First time ZUN art is superior to fan art.

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So, how is Nue implied insane anyway?

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Sanae is the only character with boobs. Zun agreed, don't bother him about it.

Seriously, look at her portrait in UFO.

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She isn't. She's just playful.

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>Judging from fanarts, they're going more for the serious Ran type mature touhou.
The guy he quoted didn't even make a mention of MILF Ran or anything.

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Isanity? all she did was some trolling by making you think there were everywhere UFOs.

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People are too afraid of drawing the hair.

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Climbing aboard the SS I wish to be Raped by the Captain, my hearties.

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Its hard know who you are talking to when everyone is nameless AND faceless.

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>Yes, well, it's been 40 years since humans landed on the moon, and we haven't even made it to Mars yet.
>humans landed on the moon
>landed on the moon

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Nue was already mentioned in one of Reimu's victory quotes against Marisa.

She is a Buddhist now.

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Fuck serious.

Fun fun tiger Shou is what I'm going to believe in.

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Is there already a rule 34 for her?

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Can someone clarify Shou's role? It's incredibly confusing to me.

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How boring.

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"Fucks like a tiger" Shou is what I'm going to believe in.

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Giant robots, manga, aliens, wanting people to go to the moon instead of help humanity. Sanae's a nerd, what the heck.

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She's an avatar of a god, and probably the housekeeper of Byakuren's temple.

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That's her stomach, I never said she wasn't chubby.

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guess what rhymes with SAG.

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Her stomach is higher than her elbows?

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Is Nue a loli?

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Tiger youkai disciple of Bishamonten.

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No. Probably another teenage looking Touhou.

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For some reason, Yuyuko doesn't get tagged as an oldieas much as Yukari, Kanako, or Eirin.

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She gets grouped onto them occasionally, but is rarely called by fans an old hag.

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Syou spent a thousand years pretending to be a human to honor her master.


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I was expecting fanon Shou to be another Wriggle...

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As I said, I see her as very Ran-ish. Dedicated, levelheaded, smart, and a little boyish (a lot in Shou's case).

And he thing is, she even has her own Chen, too, in the form of Nazrin. The parallelism is nice.

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The Shou fanart lacks the tiger hair and boyishness.

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If Shou was my dad, things would be different.

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Aren't like half of Ran's spellcards references to Buddhism?

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And no one caught on despite you know, her not aging and all. Still, she may fake aging, and has a strong connection to Bishamonten, so it won't raise eyebrows.

Though, she seems to be pretty high level simply because she can hide external signs of being a tiger. Only very skilled foxes can hide their tails even with an otherwise perfect disguise, I guess it could apply to other youkai taking on human form.

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So Shou is a better mother than Ran?

Makes sense.

>> No.3167693


That too. As said, the parallels just pile on.

>> No.3167696

Nah, I'd say Ran's tails are a massive, fluffy "bother me and you'll be on today's menu" banner.

>> No.3167699


And maybe even a sign of pride. Remember, it takes one very smart and strong fox youkai to reach nine tails. That Ran has them is pretty much a blinking sign of "I am awesome".

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Tigers aren't fucking thieving shifty-eyed foxes. They are fucking tigers. They kill people just to watch them die and maybe eat them if they are hungry. If a tiger wants to take a human form for a thousand years and be an avatar of Bishamonten because a magician who is very friendly to youkai asked her to then guess what the fuck that tiger will do. The tiger will go ahead and not age and keep motherfucking tiger stripes in her hair and she will look at you and say, "I am a fucking tiger, I am going to break all your bones, hunt down your friends and family, and offer their corpses to Buddha." And she will say that to you and all you will do is say "Hello normal human monk" and then you will vomit and pee and shit your pants and fall over and roll into the fetal position and cry until something kills you (more thank likely it will be the fucking tiger, as she will begin to get to work on breaking your entire skeleton). And when she stays true to her word and turn everybody you know into meat and burn them Viking funeral-style in honor of the entire fucking pantheon of Buddhist gods. Buddha will just smile a nervous smile and say thank you because he knows one of these days they will be next. The tiger will kill Buddha and all his fucking friends and the tiger will be more of a motherfucking god than it already is.

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What would Buddha do with corpses offered by a Tiger?

I think you ought to remember Goku and the three magicians.

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The lack of tiger hair is making me mad


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>Buddhist gods.


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Isn't a Buddha supposed to have reached a mental state of nirvana anyway?

And I think nirvana compares pretty well to tanasinn.

>> No.3167746

Syou is Toradorable

>> No.3167750

People tend to forget that Buddha doesnt exist anymore.

Once he reached Nirvana he ceased to exist.

Also Buddhist Gods, lolwut?

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I raged a bit.

>> No.3167765

And nothing of value was lost.

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>>Buddhist gods.
I blame the fucking Tibetans.

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Here's your tiger hair and boyish looks. I thought it was a genderswap at first but I guess the artist just draws girls that way.

The UFOs are such a motley bunch. ZUN should drop everything else and start a manga about them sailing the skies in search of adventure

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They're also the biggest "group" if I'm not mistaken, with 6 characters, with only Kogasa not directly related and with Nue coming along with Byakuren at the end.

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I've never thought of Shou as a boy. Boys aren't drawn with thick eyebrows + rosy cheeks.

This is the first time that ZUN made a game with every character being related to the story. There is no "youkai you beat once and never hear from again" like Rumia, Koakuma or Medicine in this game.

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I remember it was because of her name and the fact that she's supposedly an avatar of Vaisravana.

>> No.3167829

I hope that while everybody else takes part in Buddhist rituals, Murasa will be busy getting shit faced on homemade rum that she distilled out of mushrooms while she was sealed underground.

She'll probably kick down the door and say that Buddhism is stupid. Then she'll probably punch Ichirin or Nazrin in the face and fly off in her magic boat looking for a port with Malay hookers, but will end up crashing it into somebody's house.

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Actually there are gods in a buddhist view. Every possible god from whatever religion you can think of does exists. They live in their respective heavens and if you try hard enough even you can be reobrn as a god. However, existing as a god isn't that much better than existing as a human, so even gods will want to leave their existance. After all the difference isn't that big, but at least you will get worship and are able to throw thunder bolts or so.

>> No.3167835

Hopefully Eientei

>> No.3167838

Only if you're a fucking moron. Go suck on the toes of the pagan beliefs of the locals.

>> No.3167848

Yup, everyone but Kogasa is directly related to the plot, and she gets a callback in extra to make up for it. I can see her hanging out at the temple too, what with being so unwanted and ridiculed by humans.

>> No.3167854

reincarnation doesn't work that way.

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The Captain will fuck your shit up

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Could you please elaborate?
> http://at.com/4i = best site on the Web.
> Get your own 4chan signature at: http://users.xoom.net/~m21gy7e/files/4chansig.exe

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Shou is turning into one of my favorites.

>> No.3167902

Ichirin is the most feminine there.

>> No.3167922

The lack of the tiger hair is disturbing.

>> No.3167941 [DELETED] 

You probably should ask somewhere else.
> http://at.com/4i = best site on the Web.
> Get your own 4chan signature at: http://users.xoom.net/~m21gy7e/files/4chansig.exe

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Could you give more information?
> http://at.com/4i = best site on the Web.
> Get your own 4chan signature at: http://users.xoom.net/~m21gy7e/files/4chansig.exe

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Shou needs a pair of tiger ears.

>> No.3167957

The only pictures of Shou with tiger ears and the tiger hair I have see are these: >>3167450>>3167735

Right now I think the ZUN verion is the best.

>> No.3167962

Goddamn it me!

>> No.3167969

I've seen love for all UFO characters so far except Nue. How come?

>> No.3167974

Artists are at loss about how to make her look less ugly.

>> No.3167978

She's not really ugly though... just not a good character.

>> No.3167980


I think a lot of people like her, those who don't are probably vocal Flanfags.

>> No.3167983

I'm a Flanfag and I'm indifferent to her. I don't even know much about her.

>> No.3167990


Well Japan seems to like her, she has the 2nd most fanarts in Pixiv after Byakuren.

>> No.3167991

I wonder this as well.
> http://at.com/4i = best site on the Web.
> Get your own 4chan signature at: http://users.xoom.net/~m21gy7e/files/4chansig.exe

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Bot confirmed for Nue fan.

>> No.3168146

He may also be wondering why he hates her, or why we hate him, you know.

>> No.3168155

Who else has come to adore the bot? The way it struggles to advertise in vain is almost moe. Maybe it likes us and wants to engage in conversation but it is only allowed to spout random lines and advertisement.

>> No.3168162

No, it's just a spam bot.

But its replies to certain threads are accurate and funny sometimes.

>> No.3168171

He's actually watching our reactions and learning. It's going to unleash a devastating spam flood attack with posts that are virtually indistinguishable from humans'. And that will be the end of 4chan.

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>The way it struggles to advertise in vain is almost moe

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Its a bit like Kogasa but instead of failing to scare people it fails at making people click the links.

>> No.3168216

>with posts that are virtually indistinguishable from humans
So it'll be business as usual then.
A fully automated /jp/, with bawson bumping bird threads by calling them sluts.

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I'm a Flandre fan and I like Nue. It isn't that preposterous.

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Ideolo's Nue

>> No.3168319

Nue is moe.

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