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which touhou character has the most mentally ill fanbase?
I say ran

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probably chen or dog girl the weird zoomer kids that dont know what touhou even is really took to them.

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the fairies with Clownpiece in particular
Remi gets a dishonourable mention too

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Hatate fans are not sane.

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according to america it's cirno

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remi no contest

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besides the 3D poster derailing, Ran threads seem like typical mommyhu threads.
I can imagine awoofags are seriously fucked but I don't go on pol, twitter or discord
Fairyfags definitely have issues. Clownpiece alone is a good contender for the title.
Though idk if you'd consider any character having a "sane fanbase"; some are just worse then others.

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Deep breaths, mortal.

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Remilia or clownpiece. Those threads are disgusting.

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t. Sumirekofag

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>Remi gets a dishonourable mention too
>remi no contest

Her threads weren't always like that. The two feetfags were never removed, and the diaperfags weren't culled either. Her threads would still be a marvel today if it never fucking happened.

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The thing that gets me is that they don't actually give a damn about Remi, they just use her as a vessel for their shit fetishes.
Pay attention and you'll see that they know next to nothing about her and never played any of the games.

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I don't think anyone who lewds what he likes can be considered a fan. This thread is kind of pointless because there are always people like that who shout the loudest just to prove how terrible they are or something.

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>I don't think anyone who lewds what he likes can be considered a fan
Hirasaka made some rather lewd fairy doujinshi.

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It's really sad that there are people who claim to love the Mistress but would never be dedicated enough to change her.

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that's asinine
how can you say you love your waifu if you wont make a happy family with her

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Because it would involve a disgusting 3dpd such as yourself. Now begone.

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There is a reason why Ran has the nickname “Mommy Ran”

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Alice. Though that would imply there Alice fans.

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Junkofag, easily.
Jokes aside probably Remilia on the jay and Cirno everywhere else.

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We show our love for Alice by bullying her to tears! ... I think!

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I dunno, some of you Ran people are pretty nuts.

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I mean, you take a sexy fit, top heavy kitsune fox girl computer and you would rather say "Mommy" than Hello Nurse! Something is off in your programming. More like compensation for a shit childhood so they compensate by acting like babies towards a fictitious fox girl for the amusement of attention from other anons.

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In defense of Ran posters, I think most of them in the wider group of Touhou fans aren't that bad. It's just some of the /jp/ posters are really fucking weird. Even the Ran threads on here aren't too bad, it's just the MMD poster who derails threads and the occasional guy who takes the mommy fetish a little too far.

I'm in the same boat, where I'm a Rumia fan. Within the wider Touhou fanbase, it seems like Rumia fans are something like two parts people like me who just like her because they think she's cute and they like her aesthetic, one part goth kids who like her because she's the most goth Touhou, and one part horny-on-main lolicons with weird fetishes who will fuck anything under 5' with a pulse. However, on /jp/, it seems like the weird lolicons are a majority, or at least an extremely loud minority to the point where I don't even go in Rumia threads because they're all fucking disgusting.

You can get a pretty decent way to judge how mentally ill a Touhou's fanbase is by looking at this chart. The higher the percentage of R18 works dedicated to a Touhou, the more fucked up their fanbase probably is. It's a little outdated, but I don't think the numbers would've shifted that much.

Yup, all the NTR doujins and yandere fetish shit has taken a toll on them.

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Friendly reminder that Ran MMD falls under the same Ran umbrella. Literally thousands of Ran MMD videos means its obviously not just me who likes it. Because a few people fail to accept it and shit their britches isn't my problem.

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Yeah but you don't have to be an asshole and derail threads over it

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I would give my left nut to get to watch you die screaming

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But to answer your question. Probably clownpiece. They get pretty sick sometimes. I don't have any issue with people sexualizing kids, but they go into very graphic detail which just seems unnecessary.

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I don't. They do. They get their panties in a knot. They have for years dude. At least since 2016. You gotta just rock on and ignore them.

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That's a cute Remirya. I really wish I had one.

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Lol see? >>31659307

Just plain venom spitting for no reason. Getting worked up because you don't like other peoples art or creations is just hilariously sad. Ive tried to make peace with the one or two of them, but they want nothing of it. So here we are. We couldn't all just get along and admire Ran for the beautiful fictional character she is, we gotta fight with each other? Well, not so much me anymore. You either like it or fuck off I guess.

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I think 3D Ran is quite fetching.

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Sumirekofags use her as a self insert. They're probably all just as big losers as her irl

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The idea is that you self insert onto some other 2d gigachad
Your escapism powers are weak

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The MMD guy was nice when he actually made threads and didn't overtake others, and it's not even like I'm completely appalled by the idea of MMD being posted in a thread, but the reaction here is pretty telling of how much he's degraded even for those who've never been in a thread before. It's a bit sad, but what can you really do.

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Do what you guys should have been doing in the first place. Discussing and funposting Ran. Not in-fighting squabbles. It is literally pointless because in the end we are all fans of the character in one form or another.

You are right though. What can you do? The answer is truly nothing. None of us have any power to effect meaningful change on a imageboard. If you really love the character, continue posting and discussing what you want irregardless of others. That goes for other characters as well.

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If we convert the question to which 2hu has the most mentally stable followers who would it be?

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So does this mean Kasen fans are the most degenerate? Poor hermit.

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those who've been on /jp/ for some time know what I am talking about

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someone on twister posted an screenshot of your post and the possers started their cringefest

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Clownpiece by a mile

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Bullshit faggot. It's obviously Clownpiece(Toot-queen) or Remilia(Diaper supreme. Just look at the catalogue for proof.

What the fuck happened man. Did some mad scientist launch a psychic attack on humanity to make them more degenerate?

This new wave man.

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It's basically Aya. She has all kind of posers being her "fans".

i remember a degenerate dude who draw chris chan tier Vore


>> No.31676544

>What the fuck happened
They literally just showed up one day and never left.

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still upset about the mmd fag i take it

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He just cheerily declared total war upon the Ran threads, through his proclamation that he was going to post even more frequently than before, so we're not having a good time

>> No.31676840

it's because you lot keep giving him oxygen, if you had the capability to ignore him then he'd get bored and go away

>> No.31676963

we tried that, the fucker seems to have reached a point of being self sustaining
he derives his pleasure from the act of posting itself
god help us all

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Remember I extended friendship in 2016.

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I honestly think you kids like the drama more than Ran herself. There is no compromise is there? For you I mean.

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and absolutely nobody wanted it nor you since what you post is absolutely abhorrent
yet since you're mentally ill, you took that as a casus belli to simply torture everyone forever

becoming a jannie was definitely a clever move, cause that total exemption from getting banned greatly helps you in your systematic destruction of all Ran threads

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Same. And ten times since then.

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This guy is delusional and wrong on all all accounts. Cant we be friends dude? I am not a Janitor. I am a serious fan who actually loves MMD Ran. Get that undrr your skin because its true. She is beautiful and unique as much as 2D art ok?

Alright? Are you ok now? Are we clear?

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You're the one that declared war on us
no amount of pretending to be the good guy will change history
You are as disgusting as the things you post and you can fuck off

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And so the beautiful posts of Ran continue.

I don't get you. If only back in 2016 you gave a reasoning for why you were so disgusted, I'd let up for a day or two. You guys post Chanta horrors like they are nothing. I have tried dude... we must learn to live separate I guess. Take a few days. Think it over.

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By the looks of this thread Ranfags are leading contenders for most mentally ill 2hu fans

>> No.31679096

The Ran thread is explicitly "no 3D", so you spamming in it is intentionally trolling
You can very easily make a 3D only Ran thread, but since you gleam your pleasure from making others miserable, we both know you'll never do that

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I am honestly saddened that you are incapable of seeing some of the heartwarming works of Japanese fans making hilarious works in MMD. your loss.

>> No.31679207

I told you. No. There is no reason to have a 3D only thread. What is your problem? Seriously?

>> No.31679208

yes indeed, a true tragedy
weep over the loss somewhere that isn't the Ran threads, please and thank you
Curate the works where they will be properly appreciated, because we clearly can't do so

>> No.31679248

I am going to try now and then. Why not?

>> No.31679580

is this you agreeing to an armistice and withdrawal from the Ran threads, creating your own MMD only Ran threads instead?

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You treat posting a 3D version like some kinda war. Its more funny than anything!

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As a Hatatefag, we are all severely ill and we love it.

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MMDfag should choke on his own feces in hell!!! I hate this retarded faggot so goddamn much, he should get global ban!!!!

When someone makes a new Ran thread, name it 2D ONLY, so we can report this stupid asshole for being off-topic.

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A lil bit annoying but at least they're self aware about it

>> No.31702683

Seem legit

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Not going to lie, I don't tend to visit Ran threads. I primarily stalk game and news threads. I didn't know we were this bad.

>> No.31706615

You know, there's something refreshing about this thread. Seeing a buncha autists on the jay yell about and at other autists in the jay makes me feel like maybe, just maybe, we'll get through this.

>> No.31708944

This really has been an oddly soothing thread. Too bad I'm a Ran fan though...

>> No.31709623

Nah there are some autists that don't do it for attention, Barneyfag's another one kind of autist who will appear if you so much as even post a pixel that ever went through derpibooru - there is no solution, everything will remain shit.

>> No.31712232

Pretty much.

All you can really hope for is for them to leave on their own terms or be presented with a situation where they're forced out against their will.

>> No.31713255

I'm a sumirekofag because I want to molest a bullied plain-cute girl like her.

>> No.31713744

Me too. I love nerdy girls with short hair and glasses.

>> No.31714787

Go back and never return.

>> No.31714955

Imagine Sumi trying to tell on you but everyone tells her to stop lying for attention, because nobody would molest somebody as plain as her

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No one is mentioning jaku, huh. I guess we're alright after all.

>> No.31719602

There's an artist who almost exclusively draws Ran pictures. https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts?tags=chanta_%28ayatakaoisii%29

>> No.31720349

He's also an American film fan if you check out his pixiv.


Been following him for a bit.

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Oh, so it's Danbooru that is actually autistic...
Is it just me, or is their moderation unpredictable and questionable, at times? They will approve one picture, but then reject minor variations of it.

>> No.31722400

Sure they're overreacting, but to be fair, 3D has always been extremely polarizing, especially in works that start out 2D.
Moreso when the 3D is poor. I tend to agree with >>31690020 when he says

>When someone makes a new Ran thread, name it 2D ONLY

Of course, a thread for 3D Ran would be perfectly okay, but coexistence just makes everyone butthurt.

>> No.31725220

>there's hard, mathematical evidence to prove that Sanae is a slut
Sanae apologists BTFO!

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File: 703 KB, 1200x637, 84808232_p0_master1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They are. I rarely use Danbooru for anything at this point, opting for gelbooru or pixiv itself when browsing.

So even though Ran Fag 3-D is a bit of a proven weirdo, I can't say that's enough to call the entire group the most mentally ill; even with the frothing haters, who may be somewhat justified in their ire as this issue seems old with them.

I do however see some nasty shit in Remilia threads. I don't get why it's so bad with her really. Repetition begetting habit?

Any Remilia thread seniors that can shine a light on this?

Maybe I've just been well unlucky and have a knack for popping in at bad times.

>> No.31737220

its less about the mmdfag and more about the mommy shit
but yea Id agree that the mmdfag is more mentally ill than anybody else

>> No.31737685

Ojou-sama's threads use to be great, but then a few footfags and scatfags started spamming their garbage every single day.

>> No.31740249
File: 289 KB, 872x1080, 85890645_p0_master1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How did it get so ridiculous though?

If it started with just a few then how did they so thoroughly grow in power?

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File: 455 KB, 800x1033, __hecatia_lapislazuli_touhou_drawn_by_fusu_a95101221__1750f8400fea622eb581ec4440f968d5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's Hecatia, because I love her, and because I am literally the 'Top Schizo' on jaypee at any given moment.

>> No.31740691

Prove it.

What's your story?

>> No.31742121
File: 808 KB, 750x1000, __hecatia_lapislazuli_and_pyonta_touhou_drawn_by_zounose__33a47f2a6d61d6070865241160f06d4a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was traveling in rural Greece and I was certain that I was being threated by the ghosts of Pompey Magnus' legionaries as well as Albanian gypsies and I was caught by my traveling companions out side our lodgings making sacrifices of the local "liquor" (called tsipourou) to Hecate/Hecatia trying to convince her to use her magic to put an end to the ghosts and to drive away the Albanian gypsies with a curse as well as ask her to marry me (because why the fuck not? LolK was just released and I loved her) and it didn't end well.
The ghosts of the legionaries are non-obvious, so it was really easy for them to convince me that might have been my imagination or a dream, but the Albanians really worried them and they suggested that I had imagined a alchohol-induced notion that I had been stalked. I thought so too for the longest time so I stopped drinking but the albanians kept coming back at the wee hours of the morning, and I kept hearing those legionaries whenever I tried to go to sleep; even when I got back home. Everyone who caught me agreed never to speak about it again. but embedding all this was a long bout of depression with lots of anxiety attacks at work and University, so I went in to see a counselor who referred me to a proper psychiatrist. Turns out I had been suffering with precursors to "The Schitz" for years in terms of what was thought to be dyslexia, procrastination and disorganization. My grandfather might have had it but was never diagnosed before he died.
The psychosis, the "classic hallucinations", have stopped entirely since I've been on fanapt and I've been living a productive life under close supervision with my sister for the past three years.
I still love Hecatia, though. I can laugh about the libations and proposal now, but she's still my favorite 2hu.

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>how did they so thoroughly grow in power?
Because like many other autists on 4chan, they decided that spamming an imageboard was the most important thing in their lives.
They probably got kicked out of /d/ for posting loli, then tried to flood Koishi, Yama and Remi threads, then realized that they could have their on little space if they focused their efforts in one thread, and Remi has the victim. Probably because it already had the footfag, who is also from /d/. They started simple, just saying that diapers looked cute, then kept pushing it further and further to see how far they could take before getting banned. By the time I stopped browsing Remilia threads, posts like "I want to rub my face on remi's diaper after she takes a dump in it!" were quite common.
Ojou-sama deserves better.

>> No.31742620

Ah. The Ol' migratory degenerate posters. So many boards and generals have been ruined this way.

Sucks it had to be Remi. A tragedy.

>> No.31743406

I think you're pretty cool, Hecanon. Keep on keeping on.

>> No.31744731
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