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God dammit I am so happy to be able to finally play as Cirno again.

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KoG here. I see you saved the pic I posted in /a/.

Do you want...

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Couldn't you have put that in one post?

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The full version?

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Is this really the kind of conversation we want on /jp/?
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I don't know. YOu tell me.
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lol b&.

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Janitors, I appreciate killing KoG's posts, but can't you take care of >>3162313 too?

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It wasn't our meido, KoG deleted it because of the "YOu" that made it look less like a both (which is what they're trying to get at with this shit). He's probably going to repost it.

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His post isn't violating the rules. I don't see the problem.

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No, I've seen KoG's posts getting deleted all day. Then again, I've seen /jp/ related threads getting deleted while /b/ crap stays, so what do I know.

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Welcome to /jp/.

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I wonder this as well.
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Sup KoG. Enjoying bumping you're thread?

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Actually, no. I just saved the picture because it was Cirno in GAR.

I'm Cirno's Slave, a frequent poster at Doujinstyle. And I'm giving this thread an age because Cirno is superior.

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>I'm Cirno's Slave, a frequent poster at Doujinstyle.

Even if true, this is hardly better than being King of Faggots.