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Patchouli you are a whore and no one will love you.

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I disaggree with your opinion.
Its hard to be a whore if you spend your whole time in one room without seeing anyone but one meido who just gives you tea and one female demon who helps you with books.
Also, I'm being trolled and I'm retarded.

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i wouldn't have said you were either before you mentioned it

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plus the fact that she is like the 13th most popular touhou, therefore a lot of people love her. Including myself

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Dr. House loev Patchy too!

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fuck that shit, why bookworms are always popular ?

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Touhou ranking ? I'm interested in that. Link please ?

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She's popular because she's old, really.

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Koakuma loves her.

Marisa loves her books

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no joke ?

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Not in the way you're thinking, I think.

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Last night I had a dream with Patchy in it. I don't know why, though. I don't even like her that much.

Pic related. My favorite Touhou who should have been in my dream instead.

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She's still more popular then that terrible Crowslut

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look at that 2nd rate slut.

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I like how the disgust is over the fact that she's a second rate slut. If you're going to do something, you might as well do it right, right?

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Funny. Had a pretty fucked up dream involving Ran a while back.

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Oh, do tell.

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i once had a dream involving youmoe, but I wanted to see yuyuko. it was strange.

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Highly abbrevated.

So Ran wakes up in a strange castle, naked for unexplained reasons, apparently in JAPAN since Omachi's there having her tails brushed by a small army of miko. The miko leave, Ran tries to leave with them, not very happy about being spirited away. Omachi pulls an extremely overdone seducing act and Ran remains reserved and unemotional even as the other kitsune is down eating her out. Then all of a sudden Omachi's whining inhumanly as Ran returns the favour, all the time teasing her about being afraid of getting pregnant (or as it was worded, "heavy with kits") and going through so much trouble to spirit away a dedicated servant to satisfy her needs. Then suddenly Ran is back and fully dressed in the Yakumo kitchen cooking dinner, with Chen sitting on the sink with her nose halfway down in the stir fry. Ran wipes Chen's nose and sends her off to "do homework". Then there's a pretty bloody graphic flashback or something of Ran getting shot up by samurai, and back in present day Ran stands crying over the sink. The End.

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I AM NOT A SLUT!!!!!!!!!
YOU ARE A SLUT!!!!!!!!

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Oh wow. My dream only had Patchy at the tail end, after some other weird things happened, like my friend planning to crash into a liquor store so we could get free booze and where I was wearing a tuxedo with pants that were too short. In the end, I go looking for someone's apartment / classroom and knock on a door asking for someone. They tell me to go somewhere else and then I go behind me where Patchy is and ask her for advice. I ended up just laying my head in her lap where she pet me and told me things would be okay.

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Not sure if I understand you correctly. Please explain.
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