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She may be horribly weak to play as, but SWR sent Suwako straight to god tier on the moe scale. It's no exaggeration when I say that I have never seen a touhou whose in-game representation would come even close to her miraculous cuteness.

Give praise unto her, the mountain, the lake...

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The best fighting game character evah.

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She doesn't look like Dudley.

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The girl who is always with Suwako is cuter.

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I wish the girl had a name.

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She's a slut, give it up.

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>may be horribly weak

She's is definitely not weak. No, I may go as far to say that she is top tier, as her defensive capabilities can completely diffuse pressure, leaving opponents impotent. Infinite flight? Grazing under melee? It's almost unbelievable how broken those two things can be if used correctly.

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Sanae is the hottest girl. Seriously, just check out her curves, man.

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Sanae is a pure virgin. What are you talking about bro?

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She's also batshit insane.

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Slut jokes are still not funny

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This. As far as we know Sanae is a virgin. Suwako is canon non-virgin. If anything Suwako is the slut.

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The blonde girl that always lurk beneath Suwako, who else?

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Going from the normal world to Gensokyo, I think I'd snap too.
That's beyond severe culture shock there.

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Like them all past customers say, "Crazy in the head, crazy in bed".

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It's not like Suwako had sex with a human anyways.

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we already knew Suwacko is god-tier moe.

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Oh, you mean the locomotion droid.

It's not alive, it only moves Suwako around.

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Then how was Sanae born?

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Doesn't matter ,she's not a virgin.

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>locomotion droid

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Who knows? She's a fucking god.

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Sanae's ancestors were born when Suwako got drunk one night and Kanako was still a man.

Kanako, being a god, later changed her gender in shame.

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Nice boat!
Suwako's Ni-nice boat!
Virgin birth is a good theory, like Mary with Jesus.

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Suwako may or may not be a virgin, but she didn't have a dick in her. She's a goddess.

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How can you not be a virgin without having sex?

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I'm pretty sure your hymen gets torn the fuck up when you give birth.

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Virgin birth would mean that her descendants would be kamis too. Sanae is a human therefore Suwako got a cock up her vagina at least once.

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Well, hymen can get ''torn the fuck up'' in many other situations that are not sexual.

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brb giving praise in 10cc offerings.

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So... does that make her a slut or not?

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I need Sanae and Suwako porn.

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I'm sure it was Rinnosuke's cock.

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Sanae has powers too.

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All humans in Gensokyo have powers especially Mikos. Furthermore she still has some diluted blood from her Great Great Great Great Great Great grandmother.

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Who the fuck cares?

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I give praise unto her, the mountain, the lake
Respect and fear her, and offer her my faith
I celebrate her miracles, the winds, the illusions
I sing and dance for the figure I revere

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Suwako was impregnated by frogs.

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I've been praising Suwako non-stop since I first saw her. Only now does everyone see the world through my eyes.

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I liked her way before 12.3 ಠ_ಠ

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Suwako is impregnated by every male worshipper who gives praise unto her. She's a friendly god, open to all kinds of followers.

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Well I didn't. Back in MoF I just regarded her as an easier-than-usual Ex boss with a sillier than normal hat.


Whoever got the idea of making her squat all the time, croak, move in little hops... Whoever got that idea and went through with it was a fucking genius.

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Suwacko looks better without the retarded thing below.

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Clearly you haven't been saving 700 pictures of her.

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Suwako is god tier game-wise because the opponent would have trouble attacking something so moe.

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You probably should ask somewhere else.
> http://at.com/4i = best site on the Web.
> Get your own 4chan signature at: http://users.xoom.net/~m21gy7e/files/4chansig.exe

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Suwako is god tier because she is a god.

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Suwako's a frog, biology 101 guys, how do frogs breed?

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Suwako is a God who chooses to take the form of a woman behaving very much like a frog.

She gets raped any way she wants to. Why? Because she's a god. Give praise unto her miracles.

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Wacko dump.

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I think Suwako was always small, small but powerful, like a hard bodied small breasted wirey athletic fuck. But now that she is not the chief god, she is taking it easy.

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More adult-type Suwakos please.

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Looking kind uguu there

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Have you guys heard the joke about the frog that ate the snake.

It is

very funny.

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I'll feed my snake to her frog, if you know what I mean.

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I like to think of Suwako as the Dick Cheney to kanako's George W. Bush.

They share the same sort of messed-up ideology on how to rule things and get faith, but Kanako would probably mess up because she has her head in the clouds and needs Suwako's grounded sense of judgment to pull things off and keep them together. Kanako's neurotically flamboyant sense of style makes her a better figurehead for everything.

The Suwako=Cheney is further supported by Suwako having control of a nightmare curse god that she bested in battle.

This is an A+ post.

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I prefer to think of them as VI Lenin and Joseph Stalin.

Which makes Sanae a very, very sexy Nikita Khrushchev.

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So, sexy.

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Horribly weak my ass
Japan's already breaking Suwarakune down.
All I need to do now is draw (∵) with the hat

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I'm sure there are other nice pictures of Suwako in this doujinshi, anyone care to share them?

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nice vid, I'm learning tons from it already

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Sorry, wrong asshat.

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in before Kannagi crossover

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Only thing I have to complain about is they didn't put in Suwako's bgm in the game.