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Tonight I fapped to wriggle nightbug. Shortly afterwords went to upstairs for a drink. As soon as I turned on the basement lights, I saw seven, that's right SEVEN crickets in my general area.

Should I be scared?

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you live in a basement?

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I think you're supposed to post some pics first.

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My computer is in a basement. Which has リグル・ナイトバグ images on it. Apparently over seven crickets live in my basement. But I swear weren't there until afterwords.

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Yeah, I'd be scared too. You might be turning gay.

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Hold on, I'll try to herd them all into one picture. They're kind of spread out. Some on my stairs, others near my seat.

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Yes, because Wriggle will appear in the night and wrap her tits around your cock.

Then you will no longer be a virgin and you'll have to get out of /jp/ before everyone gets jealous of you and your new bug girlfriend and subsequently kills themselves.

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Alicia is correctly demonstrating that Wriggle has a penis.

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fappin to doujins or pics?

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pic related, 'tis what OP will be visited in the night by

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Lora? Kelly? I don't want no womens working on my aeroplane.

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You'll get whisked to Gensokyo.

Touhou 13: Wriggle gets a cricket youkai underling.

A locust swarm youkai would be pretty cool, though. You'd split yourself into locusts and back like Remilia does with bats.

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Inside of the warthog, is this.

And she will find OP while he's sleeping, and steal away his virginity.

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I've never seen cum do that. It's like she spread that whipped cream in a can shit all over her pussy.

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Don't look for realism in pornography.

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I would be perfectly OK with that.

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No you wouldn't because then she would want little Wriggles and you'd have to experience THE PLEASURE OF CUMMING INSIDE.

Or if you don't mind being a normalfag, go right ahead.

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But who would ever draw cum like that? It doesn't froth like milk. It's like drawing chocolate as a gas to be inhaled, it doesn't make sense. I can only assume that the artist has never seen anyone having sex before. Even if you go again after cumming inside, the cum just kind of oozes out, and it clears up real quick anyway.

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>I can only assume that the artist has never seen anyone having sex before.


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Guys, seriously, it's not that hard to find pornography.

People watch other people having sex all the time.

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Why would the artist bother to see pig disgusting 3d?

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>But who would ever draw cum like that?
A virgin girl who's never seen a penis.

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I'd become a normalfag for Wriggle.

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Visual reference?

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I failed. They wouldn't cooperate and all for different places along the wall. So you'd just have to believe me. Entered basement, no crickets. Left basement, over seven of them.

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However, I accidentally killed one of them when I was trying to herd at least seven into one single photo.

I'm so fucked screwed now aren't I?

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Wriggle doesn't like it when you know she's arriving, so she sent her emissaries away.

She might never come now that you're aware.

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Looks like your virginity will remain untouched!

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Leave food for the crickets. Insects make nice companions. I had an assassin bug "pet" for a while.

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You'll be fine until this one shows up.

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Listen to this person.

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