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Get out KS devs

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Get out, KSDev!

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The school uniforms in KS are so fucking ugly.

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get out ksdev

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KS designs are so bad. So plain and vanilla.

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Kill yourselves, KSdevs.

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this is why /a/ is superior

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I don't see it.

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/a/ will never be superior to anything other than Gaia.

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No, it looks like /jp/ is superior. /v/ might have been if the reason it was ignored wasn't because of the fact the board is being spammed.

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>reaction image

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>implying that /a/ isn't better than /jp/

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Get out, please.

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this is why i support the split
so all the butt hurt is gone from /a/

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ITT same butthurt Touhou fan.

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What are you talking about? /a/ still gets pretty fucking butthurt at times.

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The only thing good about this board is Touhou.

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Then get the fuck out.

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newfags of /jp/ can never accept the fact that they were once a part of /a/.

also, KS belongs in /jp/, dumbfucks. It shouldn't be in /a/ in the first place.

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in before 100 replies

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Enjoy your Naruto/Bleach/Inuyasha Threads where they talk which character is the best and how awesome the whole series is.

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No, you see, /jp/ isn't for VNs, it's for the VNs people in /a/ don't care about. That's why we still have FSN and KS threads here.

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That's /a/. We aren't delusional here.

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Hahaha oh wow, this thread obviously shows that /jp/ is single handedly the most butthurt board on 4chan.

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Except we never do that, ever

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It belongs in /co/, I thought we already established that.

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Err, make that "there"

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Unburnt Hanako cutting herself

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>it's for the VNs people in /a/ don't care about.
>Implying those who browse /a/ do not also browse /jp/

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Enjoy your Touhou/Umineko/FSN Threads where they talk which character is the best and how awesome the whole series is.

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If that's true why are you all so butthurt?

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Umineko threads in /jp/ involve actual discussion about the plot.

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this is now an inter-board flame war

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Trying as hard as you are right now to defend yourself = massive butthurt. Any other board on 4chan would just sage and hide the thread, but /jp/ is really that special kind of retarded you seldom find elsewhere.

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Janitor, where are you?

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/jp/ is just /a/ with more elitism.

Fuck the userbases are probably close to exactly the same anyway.

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>this thread obviously shows that /jp/ is single handedly the most trollable board on 4chan.

fixed for accuracy.

Get a grip, you fucking morons.

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But he did sage the thread, moron-kun.

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>Any other board on 4chan would just sage and hide the thread
Sugoi monogatari, Aniki.

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>Hahaha oh wow, this thread obviously shows that /jp/ is single handedly the most friendly board on 4chan.

This is how we show our love.

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>this thread obviously shows that /jp/ is single handedly the most trollable board on 4chan.

This. The whole purpose of the thread and the guy who made it is to troll. Maybe some other guy came here to troll too, and now it is just trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls.
The people here don't really care about /a/ or /jp/, they just want to troll.
Real people from /a/ or /jp/ just don't care about those things and stay in their boards.

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this is the only thread of those three that actually doesn't discuss ks at all, despite being the ideal board. /a/ talks about rin. /v/ talks about rin and how the game is fun(or not). /jp/ on the other hand... does what? take a guess


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Femanon here, let's talk about KS and pissing on the floor

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>Report submitted! This window will close in 5 seconds...

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Then why didn't he just type "sage" instead of trying to bring up another argument?

You will never be japanese. How does that feel?

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It only takes 3-4 loud spammers to shy away everyone else. The majority of people lurk and if making a thread about KS brings out the loud idiots then it is better not to make a KS thread, even if I like it

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There's no reason for you to tell us of your gender.

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Because people who just type sage should be banned.

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This doesn't belong to /jp/, we just don't like the game. /a/ likes it, nothing wrong with it.

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Nobody gives a shit.

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This is why /a/ is superior

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Are you implying that Japan loves the West, and thus, /jp/ should be about all-things-Western?

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>>This doesn't belong to /jp/, we just don't like the game. /a/ likes it, nothing wrong with it.

No. You don't like it. Don't speak for everyone. Go back to spamming niconico streams.

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>Then why didn't he just type "sage" instead of trying to bring up another argument?

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How did a single post without text turn into this? This board truly is awful.

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wwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwww IT'S LIKE I'M REALLY JAPANESE

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there are no threads on /jp/ about it, threads get saged, this tells you that we don't like it.

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Because EPIC RAID XD by /a/

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This is getting ridiculous.

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As a person who frequents both boards I have to say /jp/ is a billion times better than /a/.
that's all, peace

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I sage all off-topic threads, it doesn't mean it's good or bad.

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This thread is hilarious.

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Because sage exists so you can insult someone without bumping a thread.

Idiots on /a/ think it exists so you can show your disapproval. No, good sir, your words do that.

sage allows you to show your disapproval without contributing to a thread that should die.

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i laughed.

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Then why do you go to /a/, amigo?

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I cannot help you. Sorry.
> http://at.com/4i = best site on the Web.
> Get your own 4chan signature at: http://users.xoom.net/~m21gy7e/files/4chansig.exe

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i bet lilly would have not enraged all you trolls so hard :(

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No one in /jp/ actually cares. All the posts over here are because of cross-board faggotry.
Besides, we're all playing Shuffle, Touhouvania and Touhou 12 right now, we don't even have the time to reply.

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And this why nobody takes you seriously, Ren.

>> No.3143905

Because retards lurk here. See: what happened on Yourworldoftext when it was first posted here, the Nico livestreams yesterday.

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Janitor-san... Janitor-san... I'm dying, Janitor-san.

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Nobody takes anyone seriously on here, so I shouldn't ask to be the exception.

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Mai waifu.

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Ironically, I go there to make myself feel better about /jp/
It works really well

>> No.3143917

In this Thread are mostly trolls that try to make it look like /jp/ people post in here.

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This and the fact that there are at least two Rens that can't agree with each other.

>> No.3143921

Retarded tripfag misses the point. He could have just said nothing if he wanted to let the thread die quicker, but he didn't.

Is this tripfag always this stupid?

>> No.3143923

Ironically, I go there to make myself feel better about /jp/'s quality
It works really well

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Sup Touhoufags.

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Yes, but consider that /jp/ has over 22000 threads about Japan, whereas an important thread in your normal imageboard has around 12000.
I think it still equates to /jp/'s being superior even against a 52-board site because even by normal standards it is so infinitely superior.

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The black one is just disagreeable because she's shy.

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damn homie thats old

>> No.3143943

Did anyone else find it funny how the OP only posted a harmless picture with no text and /jp/ creates a massive shitstorm over it?

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page 10 please

>> No.3143952

>Did anyone else find it funny how the OP only posted a harmless picture with no text and /a/ creates a massive shitstorm over it?
Yes, hilarious.

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Whenever outsiders like you kids show up on /jp/, things like this happen - non-NEET scum like yourselves deserve to be permabanned from /jp/.

If you don't spend all of your waking hours on /jp/, hotglue figs or play eroge religiously; if you don't hate 3d, piss on the floor and have a neckbeard, you're a butthurt normalfaggot who needs to get out.

Go back to your job, education and social life, you delusional douchebags.

>> No.3143957

>Did anyone else find it funny how the OP only posted a harmless picture with no text and /a/ creates a massive shitstorm over it by flooding into /jp/ to pretend that there's some sort of shitstorm?

I don't find it that funny, but that's just me.

>> No.3143960

Save for the fact that wasn't the catalyst.
It was the bullshit inter-board posting.

>> No.3143962

>Did anyone else find it funny how the OP only posted a harmless picture with no text and trolls create a massive shitstorm over it?

>> No.3143976

Trolls want to create inter board shitstorm. Nothing new, move along.

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why does /jp/ assume it's a ks developer when somebody does a photoshop?

>> No.3143987

I already did that joke.

>> No.3143988

Don't blame this shit on /a/? It's obviously like 1 or 2 people from /a/ just trolling and all of you fucking morons feeding them and making this shitty board even worse, including you tripfag.

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jfuop? usdarrik ku jiddauf japut ut huhj jugaa?

>> No.3143992

It's a meme.

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>O-o-oh no, I made myself looks retarded on the internet again. Oh I know, I'll just blame it on trolls, that always works! LOL EVERYBODY I TROL U!

Awwww, you're so cute. You're just like Yui from K-ON, retarded and adorable.

>> No.3144007

No, it's faggots like you from /a/, /b/, or /v/ that desperately want to escape your sinking ship that inevitably fill up these threads.

>> No.3144009

>Don't blame this shit on /a/?
Why is that a question?

>> No.3144012

/a/ seems to have more variety in threads since anime seasons change, they also seem to have more promotions
/jp/ seems to be umineko, touhou, typemoon, idol, melty blood, NEET, dawson, japanese bird cooking pasta, and occasional VN threads
i'd say /jp/'s quality has deteriorated these last few days/weeks too

>> No.3144021

They don't, that's just an excuse.
A lot of people vehemently hate the VN here.
Too bad for those who actually like it, but they've learned not to try discussing it here. The only ones who post them now are trolls or newfags from other boards.

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iojdkadsldgkalsdgnö dnads goösdgu8se8uiopjagndasgcaxbaxcbxcb

>> No.3144033

>I'm not from /a/, don't blame this on us, even though I'm obviously from /a/.

You know, I'd agree, but you faggots keep shitting up perfectly good C76 threads, so I'm inclined to think that you all want nothing more than to cause some more "butthurt" so you can all get your "lulz".

>> No.3144034

>/a/ seems to have more variety in threads since anime seasons change, they also seem to have more promotions

This is what /a/ wants to make you believe.

>> No.3144043

Troll detected, nothing to see, move along.

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I don't really get the point of the OP. Was it just simply "I'm going to troll and post KS" or "I want to try and make a shitty discussion about KS". Is there a difference?

Perhaps the world will never know.

>> No.3144048

>/a/ seems to have more variety in threads since anime seasons change, they also seem to have more promotions
Yet they're still discussion the 4 big shounen almost 24/7.
>they also seem to have more promotions
You say that like breaking the rules is actually some kind of good thing.

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>> No.3144064

>/a/ seems to have more variety in threads since anime seasons change, they also seem to have more promotions

hmm lets see my last few months in /a/

-Lanced Jack trolling usually 4 fucking threads at the same time
-Other shitty trolls doing the same
-sporkhead talking about nagi
-bakemonogatari trolls
-naruto threads
-one piece threads
-Bleach threads
-6 different umineko roleplay threads
-Kagami avatarfriend blogthread
-Taiga posting about her life

I could go on forever

>> No.3144065

dude. there's not a single guy from /a/ here anymore. and if op wanted to troll, why did he post that image? think about it

>> No.3144067

Ahaha I actually didn't get this thread until someone pointed it out! She has arms, man it's weird how I didn't even realise that. I like to think that makes me a good person in the sense of not thinking about disabilities.

>> No.3144076

>You know, I'd agree, but you faggots keep shitting up perfectly good C76 threads

/jp/ doesn't mind this one thread, you can easily hide it. I just have it open to see how pathetic /a/ is. It makes me laugh while i read and post on the good threads.

>> No.3144078

Do you have any reading comprehesion?
I asked why was that a question, that's all.

>> No.3144080




>> No.3144096

this is what /a/ poster want to make you believe.

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>> No.3144107

This topic is a summary of the cancer killing 4chan.

Here's a hint: It's not /jp/ or /a/. or touhou. or KS.

>> No.3144112

Not really. I still watch anime, but I couldn't stand to go back on /a/. There's no point in doing so when you can't even discuss anime there.

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just a quick reminder

>> No.3144118

its you

>> No.3144120

unfortunately the 4 big shounens are continuing no matter what season we're in
i wasn't trying to say /a/ is better, just that it has more variety, two different boards for two different purposes
i guess i do prefer /a/ though, i'm mostly on /jp/ for VN news and am not too fond of umineko, touhou, TM power level discussion, idols or elitist NEETs

>> No.3144131

>/jp/ is just /a/ with more elitism.
>Fuck the userbases are probably close to exactly the same anyway.

We were one board at one time. Then the split came and many of the old /a/ poster became unhappy with the direction /a/ went and just migrated to /jp/.
Now the new people that came to /a/ just find it funny to troll /jp/ and just spam here.

>> No.3144137

It's raids. Raiding killed 4chan.

>> No.3144145

>Why did the OP post the same image on three boards, screencap the responses, and then post them on the board that's widely known to hate the VN from which the image is from?
>think about it

>> No.3144161

White Ren is a butthurt tripfag.

>> No.3144162

I don't understand what you're trying to say. /a/ does not have any variety, the same shit keeps posted from day to night. There is no original content.

>> No.3144178

and you are a butthurt anon
Back to /a/, please.

>> No.3144180

If you want to see it that way, of course /a/ has more variety. There are not as many VN translated as Anime or Mangas are.

>> No.3144196

I'm from /a/ and must agree that we absolutely have no such thing as variety. OC is very rare too.

But one thing is clear: We both handle trolling very efficiently. I'm pissing myself from laughter.

>> No.3144197

Oh look another attentionwhore tripfag.


>> No.3144199

whats wrong
are you mad at me?
look at how butthurt you are too
look at you

>> No.3144203

/a/ may be shit and full of Gaia and Cr faggots, but at least they don't care about raiding and trolling.
They want to discuss their Naruto and One piece.
It is just trolls like you who want to start shitstorm for their own lulz.

>> No.3144211

That makes sense.
I'm glad I'm as interested in Touhou as I am, I'd be rather bored here if I wasn't.

Still, for all its variety, I can't tolerate /a/'s pace anymore. Too many fast threads, too many trolls. No one seems to really care about older shows, they all just live in the moment. I gave up trying to lurk it a long time ago.

>> No.3144216

Why? This thread is terrible. It's the same /a/ shitposters trying to convince each other that they're /jp/ posters.

My butt is actually pretty comfy right now. I have a nice chair.

>> No.3144221

on /a/ i occasionally find interest in a new anime or manga, here i rarely really find anything

yeah, that's most probably the reason, very unfortunate

>> No.3144242

This is actually the best month of the year for /jp/ in that way.
Lots of new games and doujin material just released.

>> No.3144250

>here i rarely really find anything
You must not be looking hard enough. I have a huge list of VNs I need to play thanks to those general VN threads.

>> No.3144257

Well no duh you'd find new manga/anime on that board, that's what it's made for. There are plenty of VNs and other things on this board, but if you're not interested in them, you're not going consider them adding "variety" to the board.

>> No.3144260

in a way you could say /a/ has a shorter attention span
most threads about old shows would be like, "hey guys remember this show?" "yeah, i remember that show!" and then the thread dies
i've considered trying some touhou stuff, but i have no idea where to start and just gave up before i began

>> No.3144264

Why was /jp/ so eager to prove him right?

>> No.3144277

>Why was the OP so eager to prove himself right by posting all non-sage posts under the guise of trying to prove himself right?

I wonder.

>> No.3144286

It wasn't /jp/, just trolls posing as /jp/

>> No.3144287
File: 36 KB, 679x604, cirnobig.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why what? Why I am laughing? Dude, seriously. Archive this thread and wait a few years. Then look at it again. You'll have a good laugh as well :)

I just find it hilarious when people get too(!) emotional. It's like soccer fans who start crying when a team loses. It's not even their team. They didn't even play. Yet such an overly display of compassion makes me laugh. It's no different here.

Chill out, relax and get your objectivity back. Helps seeing things clearer.

>> No.3144291

so butthurt in herrreeeee

>> No.3144307

Just stop, please, you're making yourself look more retarded by the second.

>> No.3144309

We have a lot of trolls, we know. We don't need trolls from other boards to point it out.

Start with the games, duh.

>> No.3144311

i can see youre butthurt, no need to announce it

>> No.3144312

Please go back to where you came from, and work on your trolling skills.

>> No.3144319

>But I have no idea where to start


play the games in chronological order starting with Lotus Land Story. You can safely ignore Highly Responsive to prayers and eastern wonderland.

If you can't be arsed to find a PC-98 emulator, play the games in chronological order starting with Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. If you can't beat the games, read the scripts if you want the story.

>> No.3144320

I tried to lurk /a/ for a day recently. In the end I gave up. Remember how moot's sticky on /a/ when /jp/ was created suggested he wanted to make /a/ return to its roots i.e. actual anime and manga discussions? After /jp/'s creation /a/ has strayed even further.

So much /r9k/ garbage and /b/ games, not to mention the troll anime of the season is spammed all over the board and far worse than anything on /jp/ (there are usually only 1-2 KS threads at most at the same time here).

In short, /a/ as a whole sucks, and the worst part is no one seems to care. You get virtually no resistance when garbage threads are made on /a/, but at least that is rarely the case for /jp/.

>> No.3144326

Yes I know you're butthurt but you don't have to announce it.

>> No.3144331

unfortunately i don't know japanese, so i'm only here for the english stuff (which isn't very plentiful)

found most of my VN stuff through vndb, shii, darktranslations, yandere, etc rather than here
most general VN threads here don't seem to be welcomed (recommendation threads for example)
specific VN threads are usually just about people's opinions clashing ("generic", "pretentious", "go read a real VN!")

>> No.3144341

im not announcing it
do you have any reading comprehension or are you just fucking retarded????

>> No.3144346

You do realize that if everyone in this thread was a troll and not filled with with butthurt /jp/faggots such as yourself, then this thread would have died a long time ago, yes?

I wonder if /a/'s tripfags are this fucking stupid.

>> No.3144354

I know you're retarded but there's no need to announce it, dumb faggot.

>> No.3144361

they are.

>> No.3144362

I would say the same of you, but I'm not sure you can make yourself look more retarded.

You might surprise us all, though.

>> No.3144365
File: 25 KB, 300x364, ___Cirno____by_Hikari151.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So you belive I'm a troll because I explain my amusement while saging a thread? I'm afraid to tell you this, but your condition can be considered as paranoid. I meant you no harm. :(

>> No.3144372

haha look at how dumb you are

>> No.3144374

>You get virtually no resistance when garbage threads are made on /a/, but at least that is rarely the case for /jp/.
Huh, that makes me feel better.
I suppose intolerance of shitty threads is considered being "butthurt" on other boards.
But we're slow enough that simply ignoring them doesn't help at all.

Plus /jp/ loves its metathreads after all.

>> No.3144380

It's not like there's anything left for you to surprise us with. Everybody already knows that you're the tripfagging cancer that's killing /jp/.

>> No.3144384
File: 12 KB, 131x225, reported7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/a/ - mad board.

Sorry broskies, but our power level crushes yours like a tiny little insect. You should respect your senpai.

You can't talk that way to Suigintou, bro. I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

>> No.3144385

samefag, go kill yourself please and stop making /jp/ a shittier place

>> No.3144386
File: 48 KB, 167x252, ( ̄ε ̄).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>This thread

>> No.3144394

Hey look, it's a tripfag circlejerk. /jp/ really is shit.

>> No.3144397

A bit better, but still not enough improvement. 1/10
Now could be your best time, make up some shit about Ep5 and write it in the spoiler threads, people will rage and whine if you do it right.

>> No.3144399

You must be mistaking me for ZUN!bar, which is a grave insult in and of itself.

Return to /a/, before you forget how to click back there.

>> No.3144410

please kill yourself and stop making 4chan a shittier place

>> No.3144418

/a/ has even more tripfag circlejerk, if you want to point your finger at other people be sure that you don't have the same problem.

>> No.3144419

loltripfag, y u delete?

>> No.3144426



>> No.3144434

The pièce de résistance of /a/'s intellect.

>> No.3144436

look at how dumb you are
Can you even read?
Maybe if you learned you would be able to read the shit you post before you post them.
Maybe I should ask my friend, Taiga, to make a blog thead in /a/.
Or my friend Lanced Jack to post an obvious troll-pasta

both will get 200+ replies in less than 20 minutes, proving /a/ is a shittier board

>> No.3144441

I don't know what you want to say with this. Don't talk with your /a/ language.

>> No.3144453

you're friends with trolls? what does that say about you?

>> No.3144460

>blah blah blah blah

Yeah we get it, you're butthurt now go cry to your other tripfaggot friends and jerk each other off.

>> No.3144462

That he's friends with /a/ trolls, which you should be quite used to by now.

>> No.3144464

it says im a great poster who can handle them

>> No.3144472

Allright guys, don't you know that if you argue with idiots you will stand there like idiots?
Which you made out of yourself pretty much in this thread. So stop now and hide the Thread please.

>> No.3144473


>> No.3144474
File: 21 KB, 336x331, kuroi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The /a/ and /v/ threads are dead. This one is top of the front page and has abotu 200 replies.

Tou-fucking-che, /jp/.

>> No.3144478

look at how butthurt you are because you got told by me
owned noob
Back to /a/, please.

>> No.3144482

I am loling so hard right now.

I love this thread.

>> No.3144486

It's only on the front page because /a/ trolls keep bumping it, proving that they are so pathetic that they'll do anything to prove their "point," which is that they're pathetic.


>> No.3144490

same butthurt tripfaggot
Back to /a/, please.

>> No.3144493

/jp/ - Most Trollable Board on 4chan

This just proves it.

>> No.3144495

Yeah, serious. White Ren and Suigin arguing with trolls half the thread long is pretty much pathetic.

>> No.3144495,1 [INTERNAL] 

White Ren and Suigin, what did you think of while replying to trolls?
Mind out, now we just turn into mindless idiots?

>> No.3144495,2 [INTERNAL] 

Great, now I have to see this thread ghostside.
Good job.

>> No.3144495,3 [INTERNAL] 

i was metatrolling to kill time
i needed to rest after playing UFO and UNL

>> No.3144495,4 [INTERNAL] 

When is the release date for KS anyways?
Did it get released in C76?

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