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Needs to lose some weight

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I need my face in there.

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Yuuka, the fun youkai. She can be found in or near the Garden of the Sun.

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She looks so short here

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My wife!

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The best Yuuka will always be MORE Yuuka

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Please stop, my heart can only get so erect

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I want to help her

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She's resting now.

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she needs another blanket

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Resting from what?

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A good day of work(Lazing around)

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She isn't lazy and works very hard to take care of her garden from incompetent people.

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She finds value in both hard work and quiet relaxation

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What is she drinking? I would not mind preparing her tea/coffee every day at any time

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Herbal tea of course
If you start spoiling her like that she’ll be very grateful and reward you with heavy smothering at night

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I want to have a dream about Yuuka.

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First you must 1cc lotus land story

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I had a dream once where yuuka took me on a hike up a mountain, and kanako was at the top

then we just all sat there talking about stuff until I woke up. I still wonder if it's true that you can return to a dream if you fall back asleep without moving a muscle.

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What made her do it?

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She wanted short hair and she is still beautiful in any shape

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