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Sup guys, I have confirmed that this megaupload link is 100% legit. To prove it, I've uploaded Track 13, which is the Byakuren boss:


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Why did you tell /a/ before you told /jp/?

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Stage 6 theme is creepy in a good way, I like it.

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Because he's a baka.

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Damn, I feel betrayed. I thought we were bros.

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Why do you browse /a/?

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When KoG posted it in /jp/, it was processing, so it was LQ. Now that it's on /jp/, the vid is done processing and is in HQ sound.

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Finally, some tangible proof.

That song sounds AWESOME.

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So who are the bosses?

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Hey KoG upload more

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need more TH12 videos

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Her, for one.

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43fps during a goddamn talk sequence Jesus fucking Christ damn shit fuck

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Her last spellcard is a bitch. It caught me off-guard.

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Thanks KoG.

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Thanks for the trojan bro

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Like I told you yesterday. Captain loli!

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I'm not going to be one of those fags who uploads every single song in a game. I've done enough trolling as it is.

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It's like an easier version of Ran's Tenko and I feel bad about constantly dying on it. but these fucking bullets man, the change speed constantly and randomly. Fuck this shitty comp.

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Could someone make an OST rip?

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Wait! That megaupload link is real?

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Thanks OP, the passwords are working great.

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So wait, are there only 7 bosses in this game? I'm assuming people haven't discovered the rest yet.

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Yes, it's where I got it from.

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Stop being fags, OP's link is real. His proof is concrete.

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Don`t know if I should trust!

Downloading anyways.

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Touhou 12.3 (Hisoutensoku), we get 5 new ones in game: Sanae, Cirno, Meirin, Suwako and Utsuho.

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Just finished downloading it, KoG's right, it's real.

Now to die on Easy Mode!

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Extra Boss is?

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Bosnian Flandre

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One down, one to go. Hopefully an iso image will appear soon, but I'm more than content and twice as thankful right now.

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now translate this shit for us.

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I wasn't meaning to say they weren't, sorry, was just joking around.

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lol ZUN

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it's not up yet

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Thanks OP

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This game doesn't have seperate midbosses?

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Already got a working torrent. Listening to the new music right now.

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Except for the keylogger it is legit.

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There's no keylogger.

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DAMN I almost 1CC'd normal on the first try, died 3/4 into what I assume is the final card unless she pulls out some last word afterward.

I fuckin love how it gets trippier as it goes on. Thanks I love rainbow buddhist shit everywhere.

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That fucking Merupo is back.

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I didn't save and closed the game.
I have to beat normal again.

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Awesome, isn't it?

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my favorite new character is Glowing White Ball

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So new characters only?
Well fuck...

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What the shit.

Normal mode is kicking my ass, even while lagging massively (~50 fps)

And I 1cced fucking PCB Lunatic.

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Stage 4 shits out power ups like crazy.

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Stage 4 theme is fucking awesome, easily my favorite track of the game.
Also, Murasa has some kind of final spellcard, it fucked my shit up.

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weird ufo normal was harder than sa normal for me

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The extra girl has a pretty good theme too. The new music is good.

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206 MB?

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How hard is it?

IN tier?
SA tier?

And is there some new equivalent of Orin?

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the stage 4 theme is by far the weirdest i have yet heard

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the one I got is 350

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fuck that whore

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The last 3 stages feel really cool, although the only song in the 2nd half that jumped out at me was stage 6. Most of UFO is kind of like what you'd find on one of ZUN's music CDs though, it grows well but it's not very catchy.

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Personally I'd say it's IN tier because of how easy it is to get lives. The patterns and such aren't THAT hard either so it's another case of EASY MODO? HOW WEAK etc.

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But there are hardly any bombs as compared with IN.

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SA tier. I can take on Lunatic and consistently clear Hard for other Touhou games, but this thing's Normal floors me like nothing else.

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That's true and there's no OH NO I GOT HIT, wait 2-3 seconds, BOMB TIME. But with so many lives in stock and relatively simple patterns you'd barely need lives anyway.

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Just got to stage 4 and lost. That theme has a funk to it.

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Awesome game.

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No way, it's not that hard. It has a lot of stuff that feels like it belongs in extra mode or StB though. Not in difficulty, just weird shapes or things that make you move all around the screen.

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I've gotta say I've never had such a hard time with a Touhou game since SA. It's definitely easier than SA, but stages 4 and 5 are so heavily flooded with powerups and bullets that you can barely tell where it's safe to move, let alone go out and pursue a UFO. Stage 5 boss made me rage.

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The bosses are definitely a lot easier than SA, but the stages are about as hard. If you fall out of your rhythm of continuously clearing the screen via UFOs, then you're fucked.

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Also when Hijiri pulled out Shinki's main attack on me I cheered. Inside my head.

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It's hard if you miss some good UFOs and some spellcards are 10 times harder than others, but I wouldn't know after only 1 playthrough.

It's just like the first time I fought Parsee: that card is too hard because you shoot the clone and you have to time out that other card because you don't know how it works.

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I cheered as I died. Between her Lunasa ribbon lasers and her Shinki ripoff attack I was more ready to cry than anything...

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Yes, it's legit.

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Oh dear. Okay, I'm terrible, but I so badly wish to see the endings.

Should I just watch a bunch of replays to get an idea about how they do stuff, and try to emulate?

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Well she is sealed in Makai, from what I can tell.

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How do you expect to get better if you just copy what others do? You really want to have to do this for every game because you have no actual ability of your own? Work on your reflexes and keep playing.

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I don't know about you, but watching other people play games doesn't really get me better, playing games myself does however.

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Ignore >>3137030. If you can't figure out the trick to a spellcard and don't want to waste a bomb on it every time, there's no shame in watching a replay to see how some pro does it.

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>How do you expect to get better if you just copy what others do?
Well, they're obviously doing something right that I'm not. I don't mean it in the sense of copying their paths or anything, I think I need to understand even just how to MOVE better.

>You really want to have to do this for every game because you have no actual ability of your own?
Observing doesn't hurt that badly, I think.

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I'm really not liking the way almost the entire screen just becomes a torrent of powers items at many, many different points and makes it fucking impossible to see where to bullets are. The old power system was better.

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Hmmm it appears as though, I'm pretty bad.

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Even more curvy lasers!

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That's taking it to a whole new level of suckitude. enjoy having your corpse eaten by rats.

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Now I don't feel so bad constantly dying at stage 4.

>> No.3137105

Yea that's embarrassing. I'll have to try again

>> No.3137106

Amen, i'm having a terrible time at stage 4.

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I can't even get past Ichirin. Fuck. At least I got up to her without dying this time. I'll go watch replays before continuing so I can do it this time.

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I'm pissing myself in excitement while downloading at 60 kbps. This is nerve wracking.

>> No.3137123

Any interesting replays yet?

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Wait, you weren't trolling? I'm at a loss for words, by randomly hitting directions you should've done better than that.

>> No.3137129

Count me in the same boat. If I do beat Ichirin, I wind up down to my last life after exhausting nearly every bomb on the way there.

>> No.3137151

Just bomb your way through bosses if you can't beat them. You can use practice mode after.

>> No.3137153

There's so many moments with Ichirin where I bomb because I get scared, even though I probably would have been perfectly fine

Those fists are really intimidating.

>> No.3137162

Although me to make up excuses,
I was trying to install Umineko on my sister's computer, I also forgot about bombs and only used 1 at the end, by accident. I've also never cleared a Touhou game on normal, though I haven't played all of them.

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How exactly do the UFO things work? You have to collect all the same colors? Do they all do the same thing?

>> No.3137166

Where the fuck is my homing Touhou? I can't 1cc a Touhou game if I have to focus on where I'm shooting. I can't dodge and aim at the same time.

>> No.3137167

I hate the spellcard where you have to move up and down to avoid the brofists quickly without getting hit by the circular bullets. Too hard for me.

>> No.3137170

So, Byakuren Hijiri is another magician youkai like Alice and Patchu ?

>> No.3137171

Fuck, I meant 'Allow'.

>> No.3137173

that song sucks

>> No.3137176

Raymoo B.
Also, I call that you didnt beat SA.

>> No.3137182

SA had spread shot, which is the same thing, more or less.

>> No.3137185

lol TvTropes is already writing character sheets.

>> No.3137191

Then maybe you should try Sanae/Suwako, she has a spread shot while unfocused.

>> No.3137194

Fuck you. I am not setting foot anywhere near that place for fear of spending the next 16 hours there.

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Captain Murasa's profile is already translated.


>> No.3137204

She looks like more of an onmyouji type, the magicians we saw so far all had a Western theme.

Also the boat you fight in/Murasa captains is apparently one she made with magic.

>> No.3137208

Nevermind, I just captured that one. Lucky me I guess. Although I wasted a life with a stupid fuck up on the previous spellcard.

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Well I beat Ichirin finally. The good thing about UFO is that you can continue as many times as you want, so I'll have it all done eventually.

>> No.3137238

Ah, so she was a ghost. That makes the obvious Yuyuko spellcard much more sensible.

>> No.3137246


Consistent with the ladle-like thing she holds.

>> No.3137247

Welcome to May

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Not unless you want a good end

>> No.3137282

Byakuren will be added to Marisas list of lovers for no reason at all in 3...2..1..

>> No.3137285

Has the music been ripped yet?

>> No.3137286

ZUN is having a hard time making new themes that are actually new.

>> No.3137291


Bombs don't do damage against Byakuren in her final spell card.

>> No.3137301

未確認幻想飛行少女 (The Unidentified Fantastic Flying Girl)

Nue Houjuu

>> No.3137304

Welcome to Touhou.

>> No.3137305


I was wondering what the hell was up with that.

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>> No.3137308

The music isn't as catchy as I fondly remember
Gameplay's ok though

>> No.3137317

ZUN took a different approach with the music. Personally, I like it.

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On some parts Houjuu's music sounds like Richter's.

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Why is Nue so ugly?

>> No.3137338


Her music sounds Castlevania-ish

>> No.3137342


You guys are too fast with everything!

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>> No.3137363


I think I see a sense of humor in that boss. Good to know ZUN still has it.

>> No.3137366

Looks rather easy.

>> No.3137375

I just beat Lunatic 1cc.

Give me something harder, ZUN. :(

>> No.3137376

Weird, I got some constant 1~2 FPS dropping throughout the whole game, which got a bit worse at some parts - and that didn't happen on the demo.
What the fuck.

By the way, any CD image up yet?

>> No.3137382

What's with zun recycling music? That's flandre's theme.

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How very U.N. Owen was Her of you.

>> No.3137386


It's not her theme.

It's better.

>> No.3137387

>What's with zun recycling art? That's flandre with black hair.

>> No.3137390

inb4 somebody posts the nico of ZUN stealing music from other artists

>> No.3137395

So was Native Faith.

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>> No.3137409

Sounds significantly worse to me. It never really goes anywhere, it just kinda flops around trying to figure out what it wants to do with itself, and ultimately decides to just go back to copying UN Owen again.

>> No.3137411

It uses the same kinda thing but it's way more Danny Elfman than UN Owen

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Boy, I can see the doujins now!

>> No.3137420

Eirin Sanae and Flandre

>> No.3137427

Ok there is no friggen Mima or Shinki character appearance in the game. Where is the fighting game?

>> No.3137429

Think of the wingsex

>> No.3137431


I came.

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>> No.3137440

Someone needs to make a pic of her wearing one of the scarlet mansion's bonnets, like remi, flan, and pachi do

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Well, I think I did a bit better.

>> No.3137460


Wait, the ufos were all a lie? Fucking trolled.

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File: 1.50 MB, 1500x906, 5654711.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.3137497

Oh shit, I suck at this game. Haha...

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>She didn't know what Murasa's group was planning, but she thought it would be funny if they failed.

>> No.3137507

>However, Myouren died before Byakuren.


>> No.3137520

Yuyuko rings any bells?

>> No.3137523

Yeah. See Mima, Yuyuko and Layla

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Oh yeah, all the time!

>> No.3137528

He was a man.

He can join ranks with Genjii and Youki in team dead old men.

>> No.3137531

This is so fucking hard :/

>> No.3137533

When I blink or close my eyes at all, I see a wave of bullets.

Yup, that enough Touhou for me tonight.

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File: 268 KB, 1250x1425, 5653083.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.3137545


It has a part 2 LOL

>> No.3137546

No it's not.

It's when you make an attempt to DODGE those waves of bullets in RL is when you truly had enough. Get back to playing, wuss!

>> No.3137547


Hair not gradient enough

>> No.3137555

Two hours of Touhou really tires me out. Goddamn.

>> No.3137556


Grid danmaku? Gee, where have I see that before...

>> No.3137559

I like a lot of the music, but I hope he goes back to the old type of music before long.

>> No.3137568

Wow, I feel so deceived what with the game's very name and everything taken into account. Okay then, I don't care how long it takes me, that bitch is going down.

>> No.3137575


I have yet to hear a single song as amazing as missing power. ZUN, I am dissapoint.

>> No.3137577

What's the moonland reception to the music, characters, game, etc ?

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The timing of the music makes me feel very uneasy.

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File: 49 KB, 400x530, kaguyaimpossiblerequests.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dammit, I so want to disagree, but MP is really THAT damn awesome!

>> No.3137593


You have to admit, the way the final stage is done is epic.

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File: 182 KB, 849x1300, 1250327368599.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.3137602

Not as good as SA.

>> No.3137604


I can't wait to see her combined with Luffy. You KNOW it's going to happen.

>> No.3137638

You are now whistling the Popeye theme in your head. Manually!

>> No.3137653

After countless failures on STAGE FUCKING THREE - HELL WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING WITH ME - I found out that all of Murasa's bullets have pretty large hitboxes.
It's Aya all over again. Goddamn.

>> No.3137656
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Shit's much easier than SA.

>> No.3137658

The weird thing is, I've been hearing Popeye's theme in my head since yesterday.

>> No.3137662


She's Aya in disguise. Look at her.

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File: 334 KB, 700x700, 5655657.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

mai new waifu

>> No.3137667

Yeah, I could have sword I didn't run into some of them, but I lose so many fucking lives on her!

>> No.3137668


UFO, I am dissapoint.

>> No.3137669

Is that Marisa after stealing her clothes? I see no gradient

>> No.3137690



You just know this is going to be a problem in the fanart community

>> No.3137693

I was thinking the same thing.

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File: 538 KB, 640x480, top_090811aoe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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>> No.3137722



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File: 87 KB, 391x334, whatyuka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

New Patchcon!?

>> No.3137725

Oh god is that some Age of Empires?

>> No.3137734

Goths > Gensokyo

that armor against proyectiles is awesome

>> No.3137739

She resembles the girl from Macross F here.

Do we have an idol witch on our hands?

>> No.3137742
File: 732 KB, 1500x2000, 5655781.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nue isn't so bad in fanart.

>> No.3137757

Damn it Japan why are you able to take in crazy shit character designs and process them into rather alright fanart in LESS THAN TWELVE HOURS?

>> No.3137768


Well SA had evil Reimu as last boss, so I guess it was Marisa's turn.

>> No.3137774


It's not that hard. A normal artist could make a good drawing that like in a couple of hours.

>> No.3137791

Ok I read the wiki, let me see if I got this.

Byakuren - Monk magician savior to youkai, got sealed forever because humans are stupid.
Shou - Byakuren's youkai rep to her god to make him leave them alone. Catalyzed unsealing operation when bunch of pals came out of the underground after SA. Also in charge of Nazrin. Also a fuckin tiger.
CAPTAIN MINAMITSU MURASA - Sea ghost shipwrecker that was rescued from sea ghostdom by Byakuren, flew her awesome ghost ship with all their pals on it to the treasure ship to try and unseal her.
Ichirin - Byakuren's sister? I don't know. Also sent Nazrin to dowse for UFOs.
Kogasa - Some idiot who happened to be nearby.
Nazrin - Adorable utility mouse to several youkai and at least one god.
Nue - Formless being who knew some of the others from underground and went around mucking their plans up and made everybody see UFOs but now she's friends with everyone the end.

Team UFO is more competent and interesting than nearly the entire rest of Touhou cast.

>> No.3137792

She gets extra points for having zettai ryouiki. Can't think of another touhou with them.

>> No.3137799



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File: 484 KB, 640x480, ufo_1cc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Those last two spell cards are quite something.

>> No.3137824 [DELETED] 

They also seem to be the only group that's completely succeeded in their goals.

>> No.3137827

Team IN 4 lyfe

>> No.3137837

Suika and Yukari's goal: Make Human and Youkai friendlier
mission complete

>> No.3137841


The funny thing is that it sets up a natural everyone vs. Reimu scenario if Byakuren organizes the locals, ending in a horrifying civil war that obliterates Gensokyo and gives us another world reset.

>> No.3137843

They also seem to be the only group that's completely succeeded in their intended goals.

>> No.3137845

Is ZUN scared of drawing breasts?

>> No.3137850

Well, Yuyuko, Yukari, etc all HAVE them, he just... can't draw them

>> No.3137852

Wasn't Suika trying to lure the other oni out of the underground? That part failed.

>> No.3137854


ZUN is a famous oppaiphobe

>> No.3137855



>> No.3137857

well yeah, but the main characters didn't have anything to do with that, it had something to do with how she wasn't a complete oni or some shit yet

>> No.3137858

Silly Touhous, that's not how you defeat a Nue.

This is how you do it.

>> No.3137861

Was expecting Mononoke.

>> No.3137862

My failures in the game weigh heavily in my heart.

I must rest for now.

>> No.3137863

Yeah like.. if you're a youkai, Reimu will just shoot you until you stop moving and maybe grudgingly have tea with you later

On the other hand Byakuren will break your curse and give you your own flying ghost ship made from the ship you died on and then be friends with you forever

>> No.3137868

UFO also seems to be a direct sequel to SA.

>> No.3137871

Doesn't this just beat all ?

>> No.3137872

So how powerful is Nue?

>> No.3137913
File: 369 KB, 1024x768, 5652805.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Most of Byakuren's first few fanarts don't have the gradient.

>> No.3137924


...although now that you mention it, the purple might be from the glow of her Alien Scroll.

>> No.3137933

Guys is there a link for the fighting game yet?

>> No.3137942

Nues ability is...?

>> No.3137955

Yeah, and 12.3 is even more direct. And in a way, SA is a direct sequel of MoF. In short, Kanako caused everything.

>> No.3137980

The power to hide something's true form. She trolled everyone; those UFOs were really blocks of wood or something.

>> No.3137981


Literally, that's her power.

>> No.3137986

Blocks of GHOST SHIP LUMBER, specifically.

>> No.3137988


Hopefully it stays that way, because having Potemayo as a touhou is too much.

>> No.3137994


Hiding powerlevels.

>> No.3137995

Damn was hoping for Flandre-tier hax.

>> No.3138004
File: 23 KB, 704x396, potemayo10 (44).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck you Potemayo-Touhou is the best thing ever.

>> No.3138013

She might have Flandre-level hax; her power would kind of hide those sorts of details.

>> No.3138014


>> No.3138025
File: 507 KB, 1103x703, 1238360252862.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Even if her true power is hidden it is already in Flandres hand.
She just needs to crush it.

>> No.3138041


Well the nue is supposed to be a high-tier Japanese monster. It's the chimera of Japanese mythology.

>> No.3138047



>> No.3138055


>> No.3138083

So that's what that swirl on her skirt is...

>> No.3138103

Oh god we're going to get Touhou/Earthbound crossover fanart now.

>> No.3138134

Actually nue is pretty much "wild animal" tier, not really high at all.

>> No.3138146
File: 130 KB, 450x550, 1250335805767.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.3138149

>Why did you tell /a/ before you told /jp/?
and why not just post the torrent? I was enjoying this shit HOURS ago

Actually thats a lie, I did download it like I said, but can't enjoy it due to a fried video card

Bad timing

>> No.3138157


>> No.3138164

That crossover already exists.

>> No.3138192

She's "mai imouto" tier.

She seriously looks like a little sister character.

Also is it me or did Byakuren steal all the hair color in this game and put it into her own hair? Outside of shou, everyone's hair is so dull in tone.

>> No.3138225


So, anyone has any idea where this came from?

>> No.3138235
File: 23 KB, 505x460, zabimaru.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's a zanpakuto

>> No.3138242

google says the pic came from this blog. Have fun.


>> No.3138257

Black haired tohos are in short supply, I'm glad we got 2 this time.

>> No.3138278

Google "Age of Ethanol"

>> No.3138279


Thanks a ton!

>> No.3138695


>> No.3138695,1 [INTERNAL] 


touhou 12 UFO download DDL torrent
release thread Comiket C76 initial reactions

>> No.3138695,2 [INTERNAL] 

Thanks for tagging the release threads!

>> No.3138695,3 [INTERNAL] 

No problem.

>> No.3138695,4 [INTERNAL] 

I haven't been following /jp/ the past few days, who are the new Toehoes?

>> No.3138695,5 [INTERNAL] 

Stage 4: Chiyuri
Stage 5: Kagamine Ren
Stage 6: Suigintou

>> No.3138695,6 [INTERNAL] 

We'll get Mima next time, I feel it in my bones. :(

>> No.3138695,7 [INTERNAL] 

Suigintou has Shinki's spellcard, it was good enough for me.