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haha, oh wow

that's not yumemi

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deleted your first thread?

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inb4 butthurt janitor deletes the thread out of rage

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>Hiziri Byakuren

I like where this is going.

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I believe it's called condensing.

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But we're still going to get plenty of Hiziri x Yumemi yuri, so I'm okay.

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Oh dear, you seem to be making this thread over and over. Are you frustrated?

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I think it's obvious why he deleted the first thread. Good for him.

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Somebody must be new here. You don't delete threads just because there are 2 or more of them on the page at the same time. When it gets to Code Geass levels, final, but come on now.

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The other thread is nearly full.

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Dude, the other thread discussing this is nearly full. Let this one live.

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>implying Touhou isn't already shounen-level garbage

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>38.5 fps

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Aren't you Jones? I mean come one, what is this crap ZUN is feeding us?

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Yuyuko already fills that dude's niche.

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I like the gradient hair. Also, is it just me, or is there nothing on her hair? I can't tell with the lighting.

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What's so bad about Byakuya? She looks cool to me.

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Looks like ALIEN GOO. I think that counts as a hat.

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If you like old women with shitty rainbow colored hair then I guess I can understand somewhat.

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I meant Byakuren

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Byakuren looks awesome

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So what stage does Mima appear on?

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Another hag joins the Troupe.

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She's apart of the "FUCK YO HAT" movement.

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Sup CurryButt.

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I remember seeing what seemed to be the cover art for the CD. If that's real, as well as >>3134021
Then this is simply another Touhou with no hat.

Hey, four games ago, the final boss has no hat, either.

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How is she a hag?

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Or is she an unlockable playable character?

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There's still hope guys. Extra stage.

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She's not, she looks like she's 19 years old to me.

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She roughly resembles PCB Yukari's face.

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It's exactly as I predicted.

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Go away KoG, stop reminding us.


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In fact, I do.

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19 years old IS a hag by Touhou standards.

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She looks kinda fat...

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So is there any fan art yet?