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Utsuho is in 12.3.

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/r/ goes in /r/

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You make this sound like news. Everybody here today already knows.

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*Tries to ignore topic

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Ask more politely and I might think about it maybe.

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When was this confirmed? I saw the earlier thread today, but it didn't seem to have any conclusive proof.

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The patch files

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Why she?!
Why not Orin???????

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Oh, ok. Just woke up from a nap, guess I must have missed some stuff.

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>someone but me posting orin.jpg

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This I agree with.
I was so looking foreward to running my enemies over with my catcart.

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Still no Yuuka or Mokou?

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DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!
I WANT FLANDRE!!!!!!!!!!

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You get Flandre when you get Mokou, Yuka, or Mima.

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How much longer till 12.3 now?

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Because she has shitty powers as opposed to awesome Utsuho?

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i don't care what data files say
i don't even believe for a second that the other new character is solo suwako

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That's just denial, bro.

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No. Go back to your cell.

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For some reason that makes me want to see a picture of Orin in a wheelchair.

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Me neither. She can't be both an assist and a single character. I'll never believe it.

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Script files are pretty clear, ribbit.
Has her own win quotes and everything, ribbit.

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doesn't matter
it's not even a little believable

the second unannounced touhou is still unknown
logic is on my side

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Well, welcome to reality!

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Where the hell are you people getting this stuff?


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It's Utsuho.

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They could add the entire cast and it'd still be a shitty game.

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no, that's the first one
the second one is just not-suwako

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The patch files

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That's not proof. She could have win quotes and still be an assist. It's not impossible. Sure seems more likely than her being a separate character as well.

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As said from a translated patch that doesn't mention Suwako's name!
You sure are good at assuming anon!

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Stuff gotten from the day 0 patch:

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You're a good girl, Utsuho.

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Oh, it's from the patch? I thought it was from the game or something. It's not very definitive at all if it's just the patch.

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She's too radioactive to not be.

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Tell that to the suwako lovers.

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It's quite definitive, this information lines up perfectly the information we have.

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So its clear... Cirno is really the final boss. There's no character, whatsoever.

I'm somewhat disappointed because I'd like to see a new character.

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didn't the guy who made the frame viewer hack the exe and find the character slots for utsuho and suwako?

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be gone

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The last thing we need is yet another new touhou.

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>lines up perfectly the information we have.
And the information we have is...?

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The characters that are announced already.

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I hope you're wrong.

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What would be the reason to hide a playable Suwako anyway? How the hell would a Suwako vs Sanae Suwako assist work?

It's not working anon.

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Sanae, China, and Cirno?

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Isn't Yuka supposed to be the physically strongest touhou?

Why isn't she in yet?!

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Mid-boss in UFO.

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But yeah, I'm not expecting a standalone Suwako.

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oh deer

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ZUN!bar would be so happy...RIP

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Elaborate, please?

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Yeah, he did. She's THERE. Suwako has move data and everything, she's just missing sprites to fill them in.

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Melty blood has every Tsukihime character in it, whereas there are loads of Touhou characters that aren't in the fighting games. It would stupid to use the same one twice.

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But to fit in every Touhou character, you would have to play something like mugen.

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Wouldn't she be hax to the others then?
She'll be in the Top Tier special...with Mima, Shinki, Mokou and everyone else in my dreams ;_;

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Reimu 8 = mima

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Isn't it possible that, when summoned by Sanae, Suwako becomes playable for a certain period of time?
At least it would make more sense than she being both a summon and a playable character.

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Only plausible alternative that's been presented so far.

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...That sort of makes a good deal of sense.

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this is what i believe, she might even have a couple separate spell cards in story mode

native faith has to be playing in order for me to believe that she's a solo character
nothing else is even close to convincing

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This is what I was thinking too. It's the only conceivable option given all the facts.

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No, they're too busy making Umineko Daybreak.

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Because shes supposedly the last boss.

Someone on 2ch posted a dialogue of story mode with the a character saying "So it was all your fault" to Suwako. But that could be bullshit, since its not like I've looked in the files myself.

Also, Suwako being the boss doesn't necessarily mean Sanae will fight her. Its not like Tenshi was the last boss for everyone in SWR.

And it doesn't really matter for VS mode since theres already mirror matches.

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Are you dense...? The proof is RIGHT THERE in the data. Why you have to see it with your eyes is beyond me.

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Why am I reminded of Malcom from Jurrasic Park

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No, there's a sprite and win quotes and attacks. It needn't mean a stand alone character.

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worst forced meme ever

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Plenty of fighting games have final bosses that never appear as playable characters. Your argument is hollow and devoid of reason.

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Yeah, I see that Suwako playing with a ring - and I don't know what's what anymore. Still, that doesn't disprove >>3132991, does it?

Either way, we'll eventually find out the truth later this night.

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What about this?

[from 1.01 exe, characters nobody cares about snipped]

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Namazu is mai waifu

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Great use of numbers and letters and symbols there.

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The sequence numbers at the bottom say it's an air normal, and not a special like an assist would be. She also has her own slot seperate from Sanae, unlike Kanako. I don't see reason to believe that it could be anything else, or who could possibly fill the slot. The game will be out soon enough anyway.

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What's with the gaiafaggotry...

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>>3133222 says stuff.
My head hurts.

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screenshots: http://loda.jp/kouzatsu/

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not loading
either upload them or get out

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Hurrrrr. Too many people went there, site blew up. Wait a few minutes.

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Uploaded at >>3133222.

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well goddamn it was just loading a few minutes ago.

anyway, the images in there are mostly posted here already

most noteworthy is the character select screen posted in >>3133222